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July 24, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: Adequate notice of this meeting held the 24th day of July has been provided through electronic mailing of said notice on July 16, 2013 to the Star Ledger, the Daily Record and the Record, through posting on the County website, and by filing a copy of same with the Morris County Clerk and the Clerk of this Board. ROLL CALL: Director Mastrangelo Deputy Director Scapicchio Freeholder Cabana Freeholder Cesaro Freeholder Grossi Freeholder Krickus Freeholder Lyon SALUTE TO THE FLAG 4:30 p.m. PROGRAM: None ADMINISTRATORS REPORT COUNTY COUNSELS REPORT CLERK/DEPARTMENT HEAD REPORTS REVIEW RESOLUTIONS

FREEHOLDERS REPORTS _____________________________________________________________________________ _ CORRESPONDENCE: None DISCUSSION: Road Opening Permits: None CLOSED SESSION: Identify Topic PERSONNEL Labor Negotiation Strategy: PBA 151 -Status Council 6 Mosquito Commission Update Personnel Requisitions APPOINTMENTS One - Morris View Advisory Committee Three - Morris County Advisory Committee on Women CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS MCIA - Solar Update Steve Pearlman Solar Round 1 Solar Round 2 Highview Ave. Property HealthCare RFP to be distributed in August PURCHASE, LEASE OR ACQUISITION OF REAL PROPERTY PENDING OR ANTICIPATED LITIGATION MATTERS FALLING WITHIN THE ATTORNEY CLIENT PRIVILEGE
*Additional information about any resolution or ordinance that appears on the agenda can be obtained by calling the office of the Morris County Counsel at 973-829-8060.

The public informal work session of the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Morris was called to order by Director Mastrangelo at 4:33 p.m. on July 24, 2013 in the Township of Washington Municipal Building, 43 Schooleys Mountain Road, Long Valley, New Jersey. Deputy Clerk of the Board Susan Allard read the open public meeting announcement as to the scheduling resolution and the publication of notice as required by law. Freeholders In Attendance: Director Mastrangelo Freeholder Cabana Freeholder Cesaro Freeholders Absent: Freeholder Grossi Freeholder Krickus Staff Present Administrator Bonanni Assistant Administrator Buchanan Clerk of the Board Ketchum Deputy Clerk of the Board Allard Assistant County Counsel Bush Others Present: The meeting was open to the public and press Freeholder Lyon Freeholder Scapicchio

Director Burd Director DiGiralomo Director Hammond Director Leary Director Pinto Director Roe CIO Tugman Public Information Officer Garifo the proposed agenda and asked for any suggestions from the Board. Congressman Frelinghuysen has reached out to the FCC as it pertains to the radio frequency disturbances and has set up a meeting with them. Over thirty children have signed up for the Jr. Public Safety Academy Program . Mr. Roe has received correspondence from the State on reimbursement to the County for the two special elections. This is the responsibility of the Board of Elections and Mr. Roe will work with them. Assistant Administrators Report Assistant Administrator Buchanan reported that the Facilities Committee met on July 15th. The major agenda item was reviewing past, current and requested capital projects with the Park Commission. The Park Commission has reduced their 2014 capital request by $200,000. The next Facilities Committee meeting will be held on Monday, August 19th at 4:00 PM with the County College of Morris. Ms. Buchanan reported that the Morris View Advisory Committee met on July 15th and discussed statewide initiatives, advocacy efforts, PR/marketing efforts, third floor revenue generation possibilities, and establishment of a 501 (c) 3 for fundraising purposes. The next

At 4:35 p.m. Mr. OMullan read the following: WHEREAS, pursuant to P.L. 1975 Ch. 231, the Open Public Meetings Act, the Board may exclude the public to discuss matters as are provided under the Act; and WHEREAS, said Act provides that this Board exclude the public from the discussion of such matters, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that this Board hereby excludes the public in order to discuss such matters. The general nature of the subjects to be discussed is as follows: 1. Solar Energy Project.

At 5:23 p.m. the meeting returned to open session. Those present were Director Mastrangelo and Freeholders Cabana, Cesaro, Lyon and Scapicchio. Also present were Administrator Bonanni, Assistant Administrator Buchanan, County Counsel OMullan, Assistant County Counsel Bush, Clerk of the Board Ketchum, Deputy Clerk of the Board Allard, Director Burd, Director DiGiralomo, Director Hammond, Director Leary, Director Roe, CIO Tugman and Public Information Officer Garifo ADMINISTRATORS REPORT Mr. Bonanni reported that Governor Christie will participate in the dedication on Monday, July 29 at 9:30 a.m. to dedicate the Clerk of the Boards Office to Ilene St. John. He distributed

meeting will be Monday, August 26th at 6:30 PM as the group wanted to meet more frequently due to the urgency of the issues. COUNTY COUNSEL'S REPORT Mr. OMullan reported that his office has reviewed forty-two resolutions for tonights meeting. There is one ordinance for introduction, $2,500,000 for various renovations and improvements at County College. The other two, for second reading, are a $76,000 capital surplus ordinance for the purchase of a MAPS vehicle, and a bond ordinance for $148,000 for a one call/one click system for the paratransit vehicles, replacement nutrition vehicles and radio systems. He sent out an e-mail about the JCP&L/BPU situation. Nothing is happening significantly that cannot wait until next meeting. FREEHOLDER CABANA He learned at the Park Commission meeting that they lost twelve days of golf in June due to the rain. This will affect revenue. He noted that the NJAC Statehouse News has the most up-to-date information on what is going on with the state and the latest one is an update of funding for the special election. Freeholder Mastrangelo asked how the privatized running of the Berkshire Valley Golf Course is doing. Freeholder Cabana responded that it is going well. FREEHOLDER SCAPICCHIO He reported on Public Works Projects: Resolution 11 is for the award of the repaving of Bartley-Flanders Rd, Mt. Olive, Park Ave, Morris Township/ Florham Park, Ridgedale Ave, Florham Park and Howard Boulevard, Mt. Arlington/Roxbury. One contractor was the low bidder on all four projects. Work has started on the reconstruction of the bridge on Rt. 24 in Mendham by Sammys. That work will take approximately 6-8 months to complete. Fox Chase Road in Chester Township will be closed beginning August 12th for the replacement of a bridge. That closure will last two months. Six milling and paving projects are out to bid and bids will be taken August 1st and awarded on the 14th. They are: o Boulevard in Pequannock from Lincoln Park Rd. to Sunset Road o Green Pond Road, Rockaway, from Rt. 80 to Commons Way o Long Hill Road, Harding, from Lees Hill Rd. to Pleasantville Rd o Main Road, Montville, from Fulton St. to Nowak Lane

o W. Hanover Ave, Randolph from Black Birch Drive to W. Hanover o Berkshire Valley Rd Jefferson from Elro Dr. for 1.5 miles north In addition Ridgedale Avenue paving from Troy Rd to Dorian Ct will be advertised on July 26 and will also be awarded at the August 14th meeting

He would like to add on to Ms. Buchanans report regarding the Morris View Advisory Committee meeting. At that meeting Mr. Pinto reported that the County has entered into a contract with Horizon BC/BS to provide in-network services which should be helpful for the sub acute unit. Regarding rental of the third floor at Morris View, he noted that Mr. Pinto is reaching out to Morristown Memorial Hospital as well as non-profits to see if they have any use for the space. Also it might be a good idea to market the third floor through a real estate agent FREEHOLDER LYON Capital Budget Meeting the Park Commission came in $200,000 less for the 2014 request. Overall we are working with about $27 million in requests and a target of $20 million. If we could get to the $20 million goal this could help on our long term goal of reducing our debt. The next Morris View family meeting is scheduled for July 25. He asked about scheduling closed session first followed by open session for the work session meetings. Mr. OMullan responded that there was a ruling on a Rutgers case a few years back that it would not be appropriate to routinely begin work sessions with a closed session. DEPARTMENT HEADS REPORT Mr. Pinto reported that the resolution for the BC/BS contract with Morris View will be on tonights agenda. He is hoping for an August 1 start date. We will track this once it begins. Mr. Pinto has reached out to the Morristown Memorial Hospital about the space on the third floor. There may be interest as they currently lease office space. Mr. Hammond reported on the flooding situation on Cook and Central Avenues

in Madison. He met with the town engineer and administrator. They concurred that this is a low point in town. His department will work with them to increase capacity of the storm drains. Engineering is still moving ahead with completing the paving of Ridgedale Avenue before the opening of school. Freeholder Cabana noted that Zoetis has offered artwork to the County that no longer is needed on their premises. We will gladly accept it. Ms. Leary reported on the flood residence buyout program. Ninety-six homes have either been preliminary approved, final approved, or closed. Lincoln Park and East Hanover are in the process of making applications. She reported on the open space tax issue for 2014 and is coordinating with Freeholders Grossi and Cesaro. Freeholder Mastrangelo was asking about open space applications for 2013. Ms. Leary reported that there were three open space applications made for 2013. The distribution of the 2013 Historic Preservation funds was decided earlier this year; 26 applications received funding. Freeholder Lyon inquired about the demand for the Historic Preservation funds. Ms. Leary responded that although this year the awards were less than the funds available, that historically the demand for the 11-year-old program has been tremendous. Ms. Burd reported that they are completing insurance renewal applications for next year. Mr. DiGiralomo reported that there is one more resolution to complete the radio system which is moving funds from soft to hard costs with no net change in the budget. Director Mastrangelo asked for an update on the ITD and the Communication Center. Mr. Hammond reported that ITD equipment is now in place and the Communication Center 911 call set up will be in place by August 7. They still have some issues with contractors and the Certificate of Occupancy. The grand opening date will probably be the end of September or beginning of October. Mr. Tugman noted that one of the topics discussed at the IT Governance Committee was the use of Splash Screen. He discussed this with the Board and Mr. OMullan noted that we have had a policy in place to permit monitoring since 1997; the law requires us to put employees on notice that we can monitor. The Splash Screen appears a fair way to do that. Our policy also helps law enforcement agencies. We are about to enter a related cooperative MOU with the Morris County Prosecutors office.

Mr. Tugman reported that Resolution No. 6 with Hewlett Packard is for laptop printers for the emergency operations center. RESOLUTIONS The Board reviewed and discussed the resolutions. At 5:50 p.m. Mr. OMullan read the following: WHEREAS, pursuant to P.L. 1975 Ch. 231, the Open Public Meetings Act, the Board may exclude the public to discuss matters as are provided under the Act; and WHEREAS, said Act provides that this Board exclude the public from the discussion of such matters, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that this Board hereby excludes the public in order to discuss such matters. The general nature of the subjects to be discussed is as follows: The meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m. 1. Labor Negotiations - PBA 151 Status 2. Personnel update on Council 6 Mosquito Commission 3. Personnel requisitions 4. One Appointment - Morris View Advisory Committee 5. Three Appointments - Morris County Advisory Committee on Women 6. Contracts Property at Highview Avenue status 7. Contracts - Healthcare RFP status Respectfully submitted, Susan Allard Deputy Clerk of the Board The meeting returned to open session at 7:09 p.m. Those present were Freeholders Cabana, Cesaro, Lyon, Mastrangelo and Scapicchio. Also present were John Bonanni, County Administrator; Dan OMullan, County Counsel; Mary Jo Buchanan, Assistant Administrator; and County Treasurer, Glenn Roe. Also present: Mayor Kenneth Short, Washington Township; Tracy Tobin, Committee Member, Washington Township; Bill Roehrich, Committee Member, Washington Township; James LiaBraaten, Committee Member,

Washington Township; and Andrew Coppola Administrator for Washington Twp. Mayor Short welcomed the freeholders to Washington Township. He is very happy with the openness of discussions. He discussed a couple of issues: - Weight limits on Schooleys Mtn. Road, which handles a lot of traffic volume. There have been a numerous amount of accidents on this road. He feels it has the steepest incline on any road in New Jersey. Recently the County has sent letters to both Senator and Assemblyman Bucco concerning this problem. The Mayor feels if the bypass issue is off the table, we need to address the weight limits. Director Mastrangelo said it is up to the Board of Transportation to lobby to see if we can get this done. Administrator Bonanni said the Department of Public Works will look into having an engineering company make recommendations for safety concerns on Schooleys Mountain Road. Freeholder Cesaro asked if there are existing signs regarding weight limit. The Mayor said there is for 20 Ton Limit. Mayor Short said Schooleys Mountain Road is very much in need of repaving and asked the Board to consider it in their 2014 budget. Mr. Hammond said the James Trail section will be done in September of this year. Another issue for the Mayor is the Park Commission and the very poor communications. He felt it took too long to get a crosswalk for Patriots Path and Columbia. Park Commission Director Helmer will speak to the Mayor afterwards about his concerns. The Mayor said that there should be a safe pedestrian walkway to the high school. County Engineer Hammond will look into this matter. The Mayor spoke about costs that recently went up 12% for tipping fees. Glenn Schweizer of the MUA said it will take some time to meet with Washington Township to discuss this. All waste in Morris County is directed to either Mt. Olive or Parsippany and the County charges a tipping fee. Morris Countys rate is comparable to other counties. The Director asked Mr. Schweizer to reach out to Mayor Short regarding all his concerns and come back to the Board. At 7:38 p.m. Freeholder Cabana made a motion to adjourn and Freeholder Cesaro seconded the motion. Respectfully submitted, Diane M. Ketchum Clerk of the Board