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25 minutes

Directions (Qs.

7'a)t Answer the questions

based on the following

pie chartst

Blstritidlofi sf m6tera6, ot Sar<rcerr.J b@dy (as a pe.centage of tdal 6odv reiglht)

Affuecce qf Prsteln in di{reert crgsns oI S.ndee9"s bedv


Srkr dn. tsial 20*

L. What

fraction of Sandeep's weight consists of muscular and skin protein? (a) 1/so (b) 2/2s (c) 3/s0 (d) cannot be determined.


Ratio of distribution of protein in muscles to'the distribution of pr,oEQrnin eyesli5,ll;,,1; (a) 11:25 (b) 12:50 (c) 10:25 (d) None of these

l. What percentage of Sandeep's -body weight is made up of bonis? (a) 0.15olo (b) 10o/o (d) cann=gl be deter.min$" {c) 4 o/o E .:.:r'i: ..::::,:::i::-::::t::= i. In terms of total body weight, the portion of mater:ial other than water and protein











is closest to


i. Mrs. Ranga has three children and$as difficulty.remembering their ages and the months of their
birth. The clues below may help hdr iemember: ,,,, (a) The boy, who was born in June, is 7 years old.' (b) One of the children is 4 years old, but it is not Anshuman. (c]-Vaibhav is older than Suprita. @) One of the children was born in September, but it was not Vaibhav. (e) Suprita's birthday is in April. (f) The youngest child is 2 years old.




lased on the above clues, which one of the following statements is true? (a) Vaibhav is the oldest, followed by Anshuman who was born in September,.and the youngest is Suprita who was born in April. (b) Anshuman is the oldest being born is June, followed by Suprita who is 4 years old and the youngest is Vaibhav who is 2 years old. GLVaibhav is.the oldest being 7 years old, followed by Suprita who was born in April, and the F youngestiS'.Anshuman who was born in September. (O) ' - Suprita is tha aidest who was born in April, followed by Vaibhav who was born in June, and Anshuman who was born in September.



Sarojlni's 6sss,fuives he11 letters !o;{ype at v.a *t*-i*.=;11i91$gd,g=i ;rfte.i=da.y.;':F,Itre.r,iF; top of the other letters ih hei in-box every ti ti .e.j" the iop lettg1 off ttrq,pileana iyBes it,One day, her Uois Oefiveri fiv6 letters in alt, in,.&;ora;i (d)23L4s

Which of the following cannot be the order in which Sarojini types them? (a)24351 (b) 1 3s42 (c)45231


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Directions (Qs.7-lA): Read the text and the statements carefully and answer the guestions: Four people of different nationality live on the same side of a street in four houses each of different
colour. Each person has a different favorite drink. The following additional information is also known: (a) The Englishman lives in the red house. (b) The Italian drinks tea. (c) The Norwegian lives in the first house on the left. (d) In the second house from the right, they drink milk. (e) The Norwegian lives adjacent to the blue house. (f) The Spaniard drinks fruit juices (g) Tea is drunk in the blue house. (h) The white house is to the right of the red house. (i) Cocoa is drunk in the yellow house.

Milk is drunk by: (a) Norwegian of these The Norwegian drinks: (a) Milk juice


(b) EnElishman

(c) Italian

(d) none
"5rti1f -:a''-



(b) cocoa



(d) fruit


The colour of Noruvegian's house

(a) ..J_ Yellow

(b) White



10. Whiah of the following is not

(a) Milk is drunk in the red housq* . -,r1i (b) Itarian lives in .i.$siS.$ti' (c) The Spaniard lives in the coriiiiiihg,.usE'. '"\j,i,'..:.,. ri '";.*n ($fne Italian lives next to Spaniardffi




"Jr: ).a;

(d) red


d;;i;; h;;J:*
"' ,,


45 minutes



Directions (Qs. 1-4): Answer the eues.tiOns based on the following informationt In 1984-85, vdue of exports of manufactured articles exceeds the value of exports of raw material by 100%. In 1985-86 the ratio of perdentage of exports of raw material to that of exports of . manufactured articles is 3:4. Exports oflood in 1985-86 exceed the 1984-85 figuies by Rs. 1,006



Manufactured articles
Raw materials

Total value of exports in crores of Rs.



1. In 1984-85, what percentage of total values of exports (a) 23o/o (b) 29.2o/o (c) 32o/o (d) 22o/o

accounts for items related to food?

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was exported? During 1984-85, hoW muCh more raw material than food


was how much per cent less than that for 3. Value of exports of raw materials during 1984-85



(b) 46.180/o (c)





4.ThechangeinvalueofexportsofmanufacturedarticlesfromlgB4-B5to1985-86js: (a)Rs.296crore(b)RS.629crore(c)Rs.2,064crore(d)Rs.1,792crore ..:. / i -i::r::lii= (Qs. 5-9): Answer the questions bas-ed on the following pie-charts:

W*atil'l1.=. irl

tri:.:,',i:lSiri 2g*


ffi;-*a. *REaat.i,.*.'*' 2* d;rFdt1*hc




5. The operating - profit

(a\ 23o/o


in 1991-92 increased over that in 199O.91 (c) 25o/o (d) 24o/o io) zzvo



6. The interest burden

:r;:+i\.; 'i $il ct'i'Neq;irn niiitY:g ffiilA;' then the total borrowed 7. rf on an average, 20olo rate of interest was to: .. iunas used bylhis company i.9Jhe giv=e-S+.g=.,9^Ye3Js--q,.-r-nounted -


in 1991-92 was higher than-that tn.1990-9{:' gRs.25lakh (c) 90o/o (d) Rs'4llakh


iui nr.zzrrurir.r


8. The retained profit

'in 1990-91 was: in 1991-92, 3f;.fuared t'61 by 1.5olo (a) higher by 2.5o/o (O) hrn#tV=@.,, (c) lFder by 2.5o/o p-lo*e,

n!.idsrar<n iO " ) .'



g. LJJL J1 is; Y' The dividend in 1991-92 '"iu)



il;;;th";;;"1; ?,';:t:;:',Y'fffi;',.;T;ffi;' c is now"' B r-wa3 when he w1s as old as is T?y5::::il.:::ol"j; ^'."1f"":;:,'9" v+ v'u sJ vrtv ttr!! wlle[t
3'*";rl;i';,li'"#i*I;;.lil';:"i.;'unli'iriu" L WaS !,!Ercri, "r'"ro A; 'Y", *"v be older than F, but'G i: as,9ld as I we en,y ;"il;" is." bs G is' L.a ac alrl ic Frrr:q urhen Fwill be aS old OldbS .:,*r!

( Answe' in"

was when F will be as


J+R-':1,l.Bl*1,-,_ questions.based6n anoyi-11'::?:y:':?l^,,

(d) Rs.15.6lakh


-arl l-\ will D rer ^- f io and -- ^ll pOl41aS13_jS,

be as old



10. Who is the,.eldest brother? (b) ":.1 (a) A

(c) c (c)

(d) Cannot

be determined

11. Who is the Yourige'St brother?




(d) Cannot be determined (d) Cannot be determined

f Z. Wnicn

two are ProbablY twins? (b) E and (a) D and G

13. Which of the following is false?

(a) G has four elder brothers (Oi n is{otaer than G but younger than E $,) B has three elder brothers fr-; ftru." is a pair of twins among the brothers

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Directions (Qs.74-16): Answer the questions based on following information: Five of India's models are posing for a photograph promoting 'y' know, world peace and understanding. But then Rakesh Shrestha, the photographer, is having a tough time getting them to stand in a straight line, because Aishwarya refuses to stand next to Sushmita for Sushmita has said something about her in a leading gossip magazine. Rachel and Anu want to stand together because they are 'such good friends, y 'know'. Manpreet on the other hand cannot get along well with Rachel, because there is some talk about Rachel scheming to get a contract already awarded to Manpreet. Anu believes her friendly astrologer who has asked her to stand at the extreme right for pll group
photographs. Finally, Rakesh managed to pacify the girls and sot a beautiful picture Bf five girls smiling in a straight line, promoting world peace.

14.If Aishwarya is standing to the extreme left, who is standing in the middle?







(d) Cannot say


15. If Aishwarya stands to the extreme left, who stands second from left? ri!-i., ,,ir ':'\,. :, (a) Cannot say (b) Sushmita (c) Rachet i "t* uS {$$$'anRreet

16. If Anu's astrologer tells her to stand second from left unO nirn-w-"fuciaes@id second from right, then who is standing on the extreme right? , ":,. (a) Rachel (b) Sushmita (c) Cana.Q-t-say g (d) Manpreet



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Directions (Qs.77-2O): Answer the questions based on following information:

A leading socialite decided to organize a dinner and invited a few of:her friends.4nly theJ,ibst and the hostess were sitting at the opposite ends of a rectangular table, with three,-persons along eagffijde. The prerequisite for the seating arrangement was that each person must be seatCd sgtn th\t pt leastiffifit side it has person of opposite sex. Maqbool is opposite, of Shobha, who is not thd"ho$ess. ($*Cd'ti has a woman on his right and is sitting opposite of a woman. Monisha is sitting to the hostess's right next to Dhirubhai. One person is sitting between Madhuri and Urmila who is ns1.{1g.fusteSS.-Tfre',.men are,:lv!!(bool, Ratan, Dhirubhai and Jackie, while the women were Madhuri, Urmila, Shobha and t4onisha. :iir:,0

17.Theeighthpersonpresent,Jackie,mustbei I. The host II. Seated to Shobha's right. III. seated opposite of Urmila (a) I only (b) III only

(c) I and II only

(d) II and III only

18. Which of the following persons is definitely not seated next to a person of the same sex? . (a) Maqbool (b) Madhuri (c) Jackie (d) Shobha

19. If Ratan would have excharrged seats with a person four places to his left, which of the following would have been true afteithe exchange? I. No one seated between two persons of the opposite sex (e.g. no man was seated between two

II. One side of thd,,table consisted entirely of persons of the same sex. III. Either the host or the hostesses changed their seats. (a) I only (b) II only (c) I and II only

(d) II and III

20. If each person is placed directly opposite of her spouse, which of the following pairs must be married? (a) Ratan and Monisha (b) Madhurirand Dhirubhai (c) Urmila and Jackie (d) Ratan and Madhuri

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