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Subject: Complaints regarding the lack of basic amenities for PPG students Regarding the above mentioned subject

I would like to air a few complaints as follows; lack of some basic facilities at the suraus/prayer rooms, not enough parking lot and the cafeteria fail to accomodate students` needs 2. At the suraus/prayer rooms, there are not enough prayer mats to cater for the students' usage at any one time. Not enough water pipes for the students to take ablution or they are too far from prayer rooms. There are no partitions to seperate the area for males from females. I suggest the numbers of prayer mats to be increased to 30 pieces or more; build enough water pipes near any prayer room as to facilitate the devoutees to take their ablutions; erect partitions such as curtains or moveable ones. 3. At the moment, classes are held at various lecture venues. About 60% of these lecture venues are far apart and students need to take a ride in their cars to move between classes. Thus at least 20 minutes are needed to move to the next classes and to find a parking space. If we choose to walk instead, the distance is too far and a longer time is needed. As the intervals between classes are very short, most of the time the students missed valuable minutes for the following subjects. To curb these problems I suggest a zonning mechanism to be devised; each course be assigned to a certain wing of the campus. For example for BM course lectures are confine to wing A. So all BM students park their cars near wing A. By doing so students' movements between classes are kept minimal and it would save a lot of time. 4. In the first semester, there were five times/sessions students attended classes. The cafeteria were opened for bussiness only twice. The students had only one hour break in the afternoon to take their lunch and did their Dzohor prayer. There were not enough time to go to outside restaurants to buy their lunch, let alone finding parking spaces there. They had to attend afternoon classes with empty stomachs. I suggest the campus authority to allow hawkers to sell foods and refreshments on portable stalls (stalls-onsmall lorries) in the campus compound at specified corners to cater for the students' needs. The stalls operators must be choosen on a strict criteria during the bidding process such as licenced by MPJB, healthy, hygenic and as such. They should be made responsible for the cleanliness of the compound. They should operate only during PPG classes. I believe all students will appriciate if you will look into all the above complaints and will become a great motivation for us to work harder towards achieving good result and uphold the good name of IPGKTI.