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Latest Current Affairs from second Week of June 2013 in PDFuseful for all competitive Examinations!!!!!
Q1. Who is the winner of 2013 French open men's title? Ans. Rafael Nadal

Q2. World Blood Donor Day was observed on 14 June 2013 across the world. What was the theme selected for this year? Ans. Give the Gift of Life: Donate Blood. Note: This day is observed every year on 14 June with an aim of creating a worldwide culture of voluntary blood donation. Q3. Recently BSNL decided to put an end to one of the communication system being offered by it, which 160 years old. Name it? Ans. Telegram Services

Q4. World Day against Child Labour was celebrated on 12 June 2013. What was the theme this year? Ans. No to Child Labour in Domestic Work.

Q5. Which team won the Men's Doubles Title at French Open 2013? Ans. Bob and Mike Bryan (USA)

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Q6. Name the new software unveiled by Apple for its computers, smartphones and tablets on 9 June 2013? Ans. iOS7

Q7. Name the Indian who clinched the Thailand Open Grand Prix Gold Badminton trophy on 9 June 2013? Ans. Srikanth K

Q8. Who on 10 June 2013 won the Canadian Grand Prix racing? Ans. Sebastian Vettel

Q9. Where will the Asian Athletic Championship 2013 be held from 3 to 7 July 2013? Ans. Pune, Maharashtra

Q10. Name the Indo-Russian military exercise which is scheduled to take place in October 2013 at Mahajan field firing range of Rajasthan? Ans. INDRA 2013

Q11. Indian Railways on 11 June 2013 decided to start offering train tickets via mobile phones through which service? Ans. SMS

Q12. Name the online mapping service bought by Google in the month of June 2013? Ans. Waze

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Q13. Apollo Tyres Announced Acquiring ......................... company for 14500 Crore, recently? Ans. Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Note: This is the third crucial foreign acquisition of Apollo Tyres. The first two were Dunlop South Africa for 290 crore Rupees which took place in 2006 and Netherlands-based Vredestein Banden BV in the year 2009. Q14. The Government of Pakistan on 14 June 2013 decided to declare which place as a holy city? Ans. Panja Sahib

Q15. The Union Government of India on 12 June 2013 announced that it has set a target to achieve ............... percent literacy rate in the country by 2017? Ans. 80 Note: The literacy rate of the country at present is 74 percent.

Q16. Name the new feature announced by Facebook on 12 June 2013 which are basically the number signs used on services such as Instagram and Twitter for identification of topics for discussions? Ans. Hashtags

Q17. Name the former Union Minister and Congress veteran from Chhattisgarh who passed away on 11 June 2013, being a victim of Maoist attack on group of Party leaders on 25 May 2013 in Chhattisgarh? Ans. VC Shukla

Q18. Name the co-owner of Rajasthan Royals who was suspended by BCCI for betting in IPL VI?

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Ans. Raj Kundra

Q19. Name the banks which were penalised by RBI for violation of KYC norms and anti-money laundering guidelines recently? Ans. Axis Bank, HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank

Q20. Name the Carnatic vocalist who passed away on 9 June 2013 in her hometown Udupi? Ans. Ranjani Hebbar Guruprasad

Q21. Dubai in the first week of June 2013 inaugurated the tallest twisted tower of the world. Name it? Ans. Cayan Tower Ans. It was built at the cost of 272 million US dollar. Earlier it was called the Infinity Tower. It was inaugurated in Dubai Marina. Q22. Name the 24 hours news channel launched by Media firm TV18 Broadcast on 13 June 2013 in UK? Ans. News18 India

Q23. As per the data released on 12 June 2013, Retail inflation stood at .................. per cent in May 2013? Ans. 9.31

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