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Optimization of SH/RH and RH Metal Temperature

With the new technology evolution and the giving the emphasis on the environment pollution, the efficiency is played important role not only in increasing the efficiency of power plant but also reducing the green gas emission by reducing the fuel burning for same output of the industry. To maintain the higher efficiency with same input fuel, the metallurgical, techno economical aspects, the parameters are maintained within the design parameters. In Power plant, the boiler which is used to generate the steam as per the requirement of pressure and temperature. Different way and mode of heat transferring takes place in between the boiler tube and to the working fluid water, steam and mixture of water & steam. The boiler efficiency depends on the flue gas out let temp, the boiler O/L temp, Boiler out let pressure within the design parameters. TSTPS, Kanhia, is the station of 6*500 MW, stage I is once through boiler and Stage-II is conventional boiler. In stage II, in different RH and SH temperature maintained, which is not as per the design value, To maintained the design parameters, the affecting factors are adjusted and controlled by visualize the parameters. The main aim is to maintain the SH/RH steam parameters at boiler outlet without the raising the SH/RH metal temp resulting the increase the life of SH/RH Metal temp and maintaining the load without compensating the SH/RH temp.

SH/RH steam temperature depends on basic design factors Total surface area Ratio of convection to Radiant heat absorbing surface. Besides above these factors, other factors are also responsible affecting the SH/RH steam and metal temperature. Excessive air Feed water temperature Changes in fuel that effect burning characteristics Ash deposits on the heating surface Specific burner combination Opening and adjusting the OFD( over fire damper) Changing the Furnace- WB-DP Changing of BT (Burner tilt) and biasing of boiler burner tilt in every corner. Fuel Flow ratio of higher elevation to lower deviation. Variation of pulverized fuel air in each burner.

There are two ways to maintain the SH/RH metal and steam temperature, (a):-Adjustments, (b):-Control. Adjustments is a physical change in the arrangement of heating surface that effects steam and metal temperature but cant be used to vary steam temperature during the operation, this is the addition or deletion of heating surface, which is done in UNIT:-3. In other way i.e. control, it is the regulation of steam temperature during operation without changing the arrangement of surface like attemperation, gas R/C fan, In stage I, to control the SH/RH temperature, attemperation is provided in two stage for SH and single stage for RH and also Burner tilt is provided to maintain the RH temperature. Attemperation is an apparatus for reducing and controlling the temperature of SH/RH. This is accomplished by spraying high purity water into the interconnecting steam pipe between SH stages and upstream of a Re heater inlet.