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Security chiefs launch probe on Jomo Kenyatta International Airport fire, and ask why a small blaze was allowed to grow into a raging inferno
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DAILY NATION Thursday August 8, 2013

AVIATION RULES | Firms have to provide alternative transport or accommodation

Huge costs as airlines soothe furious clients
Travel plans for thousands of travellers disrupted by morning inferno

Thousands stranded in Arusha, Entebbe
Thousands of passengers are stranded at Entebbe and Arusha airports due to the fire at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport yesterday. Flight plans of more than 500 passengers destined for, and from Entebbe were thrown into disarray after the blaze. “We have advised some passengers to go back home while others have been booked in hotels,” Kenya Airways Uganda country manager Rose Kiseli said. Some passengers headed for Kenya via Jomo Kenyatta airport remained stranded at the Uganda airport all day. “My flight was scheduled for 10am. I was going to Nairobi for a meeting,” Mr Nicolas Opiya, the secretary-general of Uganda Law Society, said. Worst hit were Air Uganda and Kenya Airways that have regular flights to and from Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta airport. In Arusha, no flight heading to Nairobi had taken off even as the Kenyan Government made assurances the airport would be opened in the evening. “All flights to Nairobi remain cancelled following the fire outbreak” said Mr Mattijs Smith, the managing director of Kilimanjaro Airports Development Company — a private firm that runs the second largest airport in Tanzania.


irlines were yesterday appeasing thousands of passengers whose travel plans were disrupted in the wake of the fire at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Airlines will have to dig deep into their cash boxes to provide alternative transport or compensation to passengers. “There will be huge costs. Airlines cannot abandon their passengers and they will provide alternative transport and accommodation,” said Kenya Association of Air Operators chief executive E.K. Waithaka yesterday. Kenya Airways diverted 1,080 passengers to Mombasa yesterday morning while 200 were taken from Mombasa to Nairobi by road. Emirates said it would provide free rebookings. The financial repercussions of the fire will extend to tourism and horticulture. August is a peak month for international arrivals.

On the insurance front, APA Insurance, which provides cover for the Kenya Airports Authority, said it had sent a team to the airport. “We have sent loss adjustors to the site,” said APA chief operating officer Suresh Kumar in a statement. “Jomo Kenyatta Airport has been a major problem for Kenya Airways and the aviation industry here,” said Standard Investment Bank analyst Eric Musau. British Airways commercial manager for East and Central Africa, Mr George Mawadri, said: “There will be a huge ripple effect in the region because Nairobi is a link to many other cities on the continent.” Domestic flights resumed in the afternoon and the airport cleared airlines to receive international arrivals through the domestic terminal from this morning.

Businesses suffer heavy losses in dawn inferno
Business people were yesterday counting their losses following the fire at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Losses could run to billions of shillings as the fire destroyed several forex bureaus, banks, shops and ATMs. Those not affected by the fire could not open them as the airport was shut temporarily. Taxi men were also counting their losses. Mr Elijah Njoroge, said all taxis had no work. For Mr Paul Rege of Micro City Computers, the fire came just when he was about to complete a contract to install security cameras at the airport. “According to our agreement, the cameras were still under my custody until the work has been completed and handed over to them,” he says. Mr Rege quantified his loss at more than Sh98 million. “It’s a loss for me even though I have insurance,” he says. Electricity supply at the airport was also disconnected. However, by last evening, officials from Kenya Power had indicated that they had put a team of electrical engineers on stand-by to assist in restoring power supply. A Kenya power manager, Joshua Mwangi, said his technical team switched off power at about 5.30am.

The number of passengers who pass through the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport every day

A police officer knocks down a wall with a hammer to create a hole to fit a water hose.

Crisis could have been prevented, say experts
Yesterday’s inferno could have been avoided with prompt response, according to aviation experts. International standards require that airports respond to fires in less than three minutes. “For such a sensitive installation to be brought down by fire, the JKIA disaster preparedness, contingency planning and even response capabilities stand highly questionable,” said Captain Ahmed Taib, an aviation safety and security specialist. He continued: “The cardinal rule of contingency planning, particularly within an airport is that rescue and fire fighting services respond below three minutes.” Capt Taib said testing of the plans, preparedness, prevention, response and recovery must be done periodically. According to the director of the National Disaster Operations, Col Nathan Kigotho, the unit sent fire engines between 30 and 40 minutes after the fire broke out. “We mobilised fire-fighting resources and the first to arrive were from the National Youth Service, the Nairobi Fire Brigade and the Kenya Defence Forces,” Col Kigotho said. Twelve firefighters were sent to the scene. Col Kigotho said his team expected the airport fire-fighting engines to have arrived at the scene immediately after the fire broke out. The airport has only three fire engines instead of the recommended eight and only two were in working condition when the fire started. “When the fire broke out there was only one engine at the scene,” said Mr Francis Liech, Kenya National Fire Brigades Association secretary. The airport’s distance from the nearest fire stations also makes it difficult to salvage much in the event of an emergency such as yesterday’s.

One fire engine

DAILY NATION Thursday August 8, 2013


National News 3 BRIEFLY

THE NIGHTMARE | We could feel the heat 100 metres from the building, says witness

Travellers’ pain, missed chances
Passengers accuse airline of failing to inform them of their fate after journeys were cut shot by the blaze

Three admitted after JKIA blaze
Three casualties were admitted at the Mater Hospital early yesterday after sustaining injuries during JKIA fire. Three of the people received at the hospital at about 7am had burns. However, none of the casualties were in critical condition. One patient, identified as Mr Martin Juma, suffered cuts and fractures and was taken to the minor theatre. Another, Mr Harrison Langat suffered multiple burns, cuts and fractures and was also admitted.


e was on a mission to win souls for ‘Jesus’ in Tanzania. Armed with his passport and luggage, Bishop Fred Ratory set out to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in the wee hours yesterday, arriving at 4.30am. He did not want to miss this journey as his Kenya Airways flight number KQ 482 had been scheduled to depart at exactly 7.25am. “I went through the normal security process, checked my luggage in,” he says. “Everything was going on as planned until, out of the blue, one of the airport staff came and told us to abandon all we were doing and get out because there was a fire. “We were quickly shepherded out of the departure terminal. Many people were running helter-skelter as thick black smoke billowed from the arrivals terminal. It was a shocking experience.” Once outside, they witnessed firsthand the magnitude of the inferno that consumed the entire arrivals’ terminal. “The blaze was intense. We could feel the heat 100 metres from the burning building. Once in a while we could hear explosions,” he says. Even though he is glad to have come out of the incident unhurt, Bishop



Fire-fighters came ‘40 minutes later’
Mina Wadhia arrived at the airport at 5am and was there for less than 30 minutes before she saw smoke, and then was told to evacuate. Once outside of the terminal, she could see smoke and flames rising from the building. “It was a small fire at first, and then it gradually grew.” Wadhia says it took about 30 or 40 minutes after the evacuation before rescue workers arrived on the scene to help fight the blaze.

Talks called off as flights are delayed
Passengers arrive at Eldoret International Airport after their plane, which was to touch down at Jomo Kenyatta airport, was diverted.
what to do. There is no indication as to when we shall travel. We will just have to wait.” The bishop was just one of the many passengers, workers and others who recounted their ordeal of the inferno that started at 5am— affecting, among others, forex bureaux, KAA security offices, banks and their ATMs. “This is a big shame for this country. How do we have an international airport with very few working sprinklers and fire hydrants?” asked Mr Tony Kamau, whose flight to Germany was cancelled. Another passenger to Germany, who only identified himself as Mr Horst, said from the slow response of authorities in containing the fire, Kenya is still way behind in disaster management. For Mr Parmar Ramabhai and his wife Bain Khemi, their holiday to Kenya has started on a sour note. Aboard KQ221, they set off on a journey from India with plans to sample the country’s tourist attractions at the Coast. “We do not know what has happened to some of our baggage,” says Mr Ramabhai.

The East Africa Law Society has cancelled a conference scheduled for today due to yesterday’s fire at JKIA. The conference on emerging electoral and constitutional trends in East Africa was to be held at the Serena Beach and Spa in Mombasa. The fire that broke out at dawn JKIA’s terminal 2 led to the closure of Kenya’s main airport. This caused the cancellation of flights by majority of the international delegates who were to fly in yesterday.

Ratory is clearly a disturbed man. “I am stressed. No one is giving us any information on what is happening. We are now stranded and we don’t know


KQ resumes some domestic operations
Kenya Airways last evening announced that limited domestic operations at the airport had commenced at 17: 00 local time. A statement from CEO Titus Naikuni announced the resumption of limited domestic flights between Mombasa and Nairobi. Airlines were also exploring the possibility of flying affected passengers out of Wilson Airport read a statement sent to Nation last evening.

Social media keeps Kenyans updated on airport inferno
Kenyans took to social media to air their views on the fire at JKIA, with some taking a humorous approach, especially over the possible cause. Most were quick to point out that the date coincided with the 15th anniversary of the 1998 US Embassy bombing in Nairobi, fuelling the belief among some Kenyans that August is a cursed month. On twitter, #JKIAFire was the trending topic while the humorous #ReasonsforJKIAFire was second. Politicians, drug lords, a football club, Britain, businessmen were some of the “suspected” causes of the inferno though officials insisted the cause remained unknown. Kenya Airports Authority took to social media early on Wednesday. Their first tweet was posted at around 7.00am and it simply read: @KenyaAirports: “We confirm that there is a fire at JKIA. International Arrivals Building affected.” Three hours later, KAA through their Twitter feed, announced that the fire started at 4.35am. They didn’t say the cause. On the Kenya Airways official Twitter account, @kenyaairways, the airline announced the cancellation of flights and rerouting of others. “Kenya Airways @KenyaAirways Esteemed Guests, JKIA is closed due to the unfortunate fire incident, all flights cancelled please don’t come until we update soon ^ HL”

The airport is located 18 kilometres from the capital and stands on close to 70 acres.nationmedia. Directorate of Criminal Investigations boss Ndegwa Muhoro said forensic and explosive experts would be part of the investigations. There was serious disruption of aviation operations at this airport.25am Huge flames are visible from outside the building and KAA fire engines arrive. I ‘‘ Contingency measures have been put in place to stabilise the situation. SCAN THE CODE OR GO TO www. The fire caused massive air traffic disruptions as the busiest airport in the region was shut down.000 passengers annually when it opened. National Intelligence Service chief Michael Gichangi.000 travellers were affected. National Airport Services. Unit 3: Serves domestic flights. After 3pm. Passengers who were caught up in the early morning incident were hurriedly evacuated.5 million passengers annually. Last evening. including the area connecting to Units One and Two. including Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo.” the President’s spokesman said in the statement. until then known as Embakasi. and spread through the baggage area. Dave Opiyo. Immigration and Customs department were destroyed. All this came as top security officials. which is almost a kilometre from the main airport building.30am A few travellers notice smoke near the Airport police bosses are alerted and an alarm sounded at the JKIA police division headquarters as smoke rise above the airport. and the enclosed bridges connecting Units One and Two. Planes were diverted to Mombasa and Eldoret in Kenya and Kilimanjaro and Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania. ©Google maps Airport has grown significantly since ‘58 BY NATION REPORTER JKIA has expanded rapidly since May 1958 when the first flight took off from its runway.4 | National News AIRPORT BLAZE DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Immigration desk 1 Where the fire started. The airport serves six million passengers every year. 6. Among the new installations under construction is a Sh8 billion terminal that would have seen the airport handle even much bigger planes — including direct flights from the US. The expansion funded by the Kenya Airports Authority is being undertaken by several Chinese firms. Baggage hall and arrivals exit: The area was completely destroyed and its roof caved in. Contingency measures have been put in place to stabilise the situation and return airport to normal operations. Yesterday’s fire came at a time when the ongoing expansion to modernise the airport was nearing completion. banks. “The cause of fire is being investigated and at this point there’s no reason to speculate. One theory was that it took too long for anyone to respond to what had initially started as a small fire which witnesses said could have been contained had the response been quicker. Nine flights had landed before the airport was closed. President Uhuru Kenyatta earlier led a high-level team of government officials to JKIA. the airport is now the largest in the region. the international flights schedule remained suspended even after Unit 3 was cleared for use. Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku said a team comprising police detectives and intelligence officers had been formed to carry out the investigations. Zadock Angira HOW THE DISASTER UNFOLDED Duty free shops and departures: Fire contained before reaching the departure lounges and boarding gates. The project started in 2006.” he said. overshooting the projected 2. 4. and some watched helplessly as their luggage was destroyed in the blaze. In 1978 the airport. President Kenyatta was showed around the ruins and later issued a statement through his spokesman Manoah Esipisu. It remained intact and was later certified to serve international flights. travel agencies and airline offices. Explosions are heard from outside the building.662 to 552. a British engineering firm which came up with a report on air traffic forecasts and the master plan which has largely informed the ongoing expansion.” the President said. The ongoing expansion will double the size of the airport from 236.30am. Kenya Power technicians were also called in to help in the investigations. was renamed the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport after the country’s founding president. Offices belonging to Kenya Airports Police Unit. was opened to serve domestic flights. Reported By Fred Mukinda.5 million in 1960 to four million today. the cargo terminal. The fire started at one of the Immigration booths.222 square metres. “We are not leaving anything to chance. which have since been suspended. Travellers evacuated and gather on tarmac. Teams of forensic investigators.nation. as well as shops. The fire that started at dawn destroyed huge sections of the international arrivals terminal. They were exploring the possibility of arsonists seeking to destroy immigration records or other sensitive security data at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.ke/ 08082013 TIMELINE Immigration booths. immigration and others had been interviewed and recorded statements. intelligence officers and explosive experts were at the scene to establish the cause of fire. 2013 INFERNO | Debris holds key to establishing whether the disaster was an accident or the work of saboteurs as airlines count the cost Was sabotage to blame for the JKIA fire Fire and emergency teams took too long to respond after travellers raised the alarm BY NATION TEAM newsdesk@ke. forex bureaux.00am 5.com nvestigators were yesterday examining the possibility of sabotage as they combed through the debris of a fire which destroyed the international arrivals terminal at Kenya’s largest airport.co. in a statement on behalf of President Kenyatta There was no loss of life. controversial businessman Kamlesh Pattni. “The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority has granted clearance for use of Unit Three for departures and arrivals of international flights. authorities said 120 witnesses from KAA. We want to guarantee security and safety of all passengers and it’s our most important consideration at this time. Though it used to handle only 250. The incident comes days after duty free shops in Units One and Two were demolished and traders evicted after many years of legal tussles between the airport management and Kenya Duty Free Ltd owner. at around 4. translating to about 16. CID boss Ndegwa Muhoro and officers from the anti-terrorism unit held a series of meetings at JKIA the whole day. Its first expansion study project was undertaken by Sir Alex Gibb and Partners. TO COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLE.30am .000 travellers passing through it daily. Plans were being made for international planes to Kenya to first land at Moi International Airport in Mombasa for clearance and then the passengers to fly to Nairobi on domestic flights. More than 16. By last night.” Manoah Esipisu. Five flights were diverted to other airports and two others were stopped from flying to JKIA before leaving their destinations. It is connected by an enclosed foot bridge to Unit 1 where international arrivals and departures are situated. 5. The numbers have grown from 1.

00am Security helicopter flies over burning airport 8. . By that time the fire had been contained and the President examined the damage. the Inspector-General of Police. 2013 AIRPORT BLAZE National News 5 and thousands of travellers stranded after airport is shut down disaster? Investigators seek answers Fire fighters at the damaged JKIA terminal yesterday.56am Interior Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo says the blaze is “so serious.40am President Kenyatta arrives and joins security bosses.” and announces that JKIA has been shut down.” as multiple fire engines surround the building. BILLY MUTAI | NATION 7.000 travellers were inconvenienced after the airport was closed following the morning inferno. With them are Internal Coordination Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku and other security officials. 8.00am Head of security Eric Kiraithe describes the inferno as “so big by our standards. TONY KARUMBA | AFP President Uhuru Kenyatta gets a briefing from Mr David Kimaiyo. 7.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Over 16. SIMON MAINA | AFP A stranded traveller waits at JKIA after flights were cancelled following a fire at the arrivals terminal.

Turkana Mineral Exploration Company. I am not fronting for any company. 2008. a Mr Collins Kiprono Bett and Alison Holdings Ltd. 11 Mining firms which applied for licences on March 8 this year The licence. Mr Balala accused Masibo of breaching a government directive not to issue any licences during the transition period. this year. Many of the affected firms applied for the licences as the country waited for the March 4 poll results. valid for two years and expiring in April 2010 allowed the company to prospect for niobium and rare earth minerals at Mrima Hills. “Some of the licences were issued after the government had ordered all commissioners not to issue any travelled to China and met Chinese investors but dismissed the allegation that he was fronting for them. Chinese are investors like any other and they have a right to do business in the country but the right procedures must be followed. Instead.” said Mr Balala. AQ Kenya Ltd. Others are Dangote Kenya Ltd. the company was awarded a special licence that was revoked on Monday. 2013 and signed by Mr Masibo stated that the 11 companies had applied for special licences to prospect for precious and base metals in various parts of the country. The companies which applied for licences to prospect for the precious and base metals include Wacho Investments Ltd. “Yes I was in China recently and the President will be in China next week. However.6 | National News DISPUTE | Cabinet secretary’s move may lead to court battles with affected firms DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. On Tuesday. In the notices. Kenya Chamber of Mines chairman Adiel Gitari said that Mr Balala’s action had gone against the spirit of collaboration between the government and investors in the mining sector. Mr Balala admitted that he indeed . he ought to have waited until the end of the 30 days before issuing the licences. The Nation has established that 11 of the companies whose licences were revoked on Monday applied for them on March 8. Industry analysts have cautioned that Mr Balala’s actions may lead to court battles which may cripple activity in the mining sector. Mining Cabinet Secretary Najib Blala said yesterday that the permits were given before the expiry of the 30-day window for members of the public to raise any objections. it is up to him. The licence was renewed in 2011 for a further three years meaning that it was set to expire next year. Mineral Ventures Ltd. an area that has been proven to contain multi-trillion shilling deposits. Mr Kipsang Biwott on April 4. he rushed to issue the licences long before the period ended. a director of Cortec.” Mr Balala added. 2013 Mining licences were issued in a rush. Mr Masibo stated that the applications had been “accepted for consideration” and gave members of the public 30 days to raise any objections.com any of the companies at the centre of Kenya’s biggest mining scandal were hurriedly issued with licences without following the laid down law. Gichoya Mines Ltd and Nobis Company Ltd. four days after the General Election and a day before the presidential election results were announced. M Mining Secretary Najib Balala at a past press conference. African Line Transport. He blamed suspended commissioner for mines and geology Moses Masibo for the breaches. if Juma wants to politicise this matter. Yesterday. failing which the licences would be given. this year. licences until the Cabinet was sworn in. on March 7. Regional Bargains Ltd. “He breached his own gazette notice. claimed he was keen on issuing the licence to Chinese investors. Cortec says it was given a special prospecting licence number 256 in 2007 which was executed by the then commissioner of mines.nationmedia. Mr Masibo could not be reached to respond to Mr Balala’s accusations. says Balala Permits given before expiry of 30-day window allowed by law within which the public may raise objections BY NATION TEAM newsdesk@ke. Mr Jacob Juma.” Mr Balala stated. one of the companies affected by Mr Balala’s move. A gazette notice dated March 8. He said Cortec was aware of Chinese interests in the mineral resources in Kwale. adding that Mr Balala recently made a trip to China where he could have brokered a deal to bring Chinese investors to Mrima Hills. It also emerged that many of the firms affected applied for the licences as the country nervously waited for the results of the March 4 presidential election. FILE | NATION Yesterday.

DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. 2013 7 .

Mr Oswago confirmed the raids which. The special force named Elite Inter-Agency Anti-Poaching Unit is made up of officers from Kenya Wildlife Service. “I can confirm that my city and rural residences were raided by police officers. Siaya County. SEE STORY ON PAGE 22 PAUL WAWERU I NATION .” IEBC CEO James Oswago Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero at the High Court yesterday during the hearing of a petition challenging his election filed by ex-Embakasi MP Ferdinand Waititu. ANXIOUS WAIT | Submissions end Special force set up to deal with poachers BY NATION REPORTER The government has formed a special unit of security officers to fight poachers in the country’s leading national parks and reserves.8 | National News INVESTIGATIONS | Anti-graft chief declines to give details DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Tsavo and Isiolo. which comprises 121 officers. were timed at 6am. However. I had some properties. KWS said the unit would be supported by the governments of Kenya. it should be known that I wasn’t a pauper when I joined the commission in 2010. 2013 Police raid IEBC boss houses in tender probe Detectives ransack homes in search of documents on voter registration kits BY BERNARD NAMUNANE bnamunane@ke. sources said. a house of his former wife in Loresho and other estates in Nairobi looking for the documents. It is very unfortunate. the anti-graft commission vice-chairperson. the US. “I cannot tell you now. by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.com nti-corruption commission agents raided houses of the electoral commission chief executive in search of documents which could assist in investigations into the electronic equipment which failed during the March 4 elections. shall be under the command of KWS and will first undergo training at KWS Law Enforcement Academy.nationmedia. It can jeopardise investigations. The parties concluded their submissions yesterday. Administration Police and the General Service Unit. They will be later deployed to poaching hotspots like Narok. Ms Irene Keino. The special unit. The officers will be officially unveiled today by Environment. had raised questions about the manner in which the EACC was conducting its investigations. The Ethics and AntiCorruption Commission (EACC). it was understood. Reached for comment. The formation of the unit comes a week following the launch of a campaign. Hands Off Elephants. the electronic voter identification devices (Evids) and the solar lamps. It was also understood that the EACC had written to all banks seeking details about Mr Oswago’s bank accounts. sent police officers to Mr James Oswago’s residence in Fedha estate. declined to confirm the raids saying that it could endanger the investigations. The drive aims at protecting the jumbos from poachers. Ten police officers also raided Mr Oswago’s rural home in Uyoma. in search of more documents. stating that they did not find anything in properties which had been listed in Kileleshwa. on the strength of a search warrant from the courts. However. he said. All the raids. A Undergo training ‘‘ I wasn’t a pauper when I joined the commission in 2010. The EACC is investigating the IEBC over the Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) kits. I had some properties and people should ask themselves what I have acquired since I came to the IEBC. China and the UK through their respective embassies in Nairobi.” he said. Why can’t you wait until the full report is ready?” she asked. Parklands and another estate near the airport. Water and Natural Resources Cabinet Secretary Judi Wakhungu at KWS headquarters in Nairobi. Each raid team was made up of at least five officers.

The survivors said the Kenyan and US governments had a responsibility to compensate them. Mr Philip Musolino. with the first group of 120 teachers.378.673 printers and 20. after placing flowers at the Bomb Blast Memorial Park in Nairobi yesterday. Potential suppliers have complained the bond is too high. S Ms Jane Thama.000 from his salary to pay fees for children orphaned by the blast. The tender project’s technical committee has also set up 17 unique features for the laptops. which has been turned into a memorial park.” Mr Lengoibon said during the launch of Curriculum for ICT in Nairobi.622 laptops. places flowers at the site. A pre-bid meeting has been scheduled for Friday next THE NUMBERS week and the tender is set to be opened on September 3. said compensation for the victims could be paid before the end of the year. Kenyans also remembered the dark August day in 1998 when terrorists killed 224 people as survivors appealed for compensation. “I have hired two lawyers to represent them. Several international computer solutions firms have been camping in Nairobi scouting for the tender but may be locked out by the stringent conditions. Teachers Service Commission Chief Executive Gabriel Lengoibon said 61. STEPHEN MUDIARI | NATION Specifications beat Rwanda’s Obama pays tribute to blast victims BY KEVIN J KELLEY New York AND CORRESPONDENTS US President Barack Obama yesterday paid tribute to victims of the Nairobi and Dar es Salaam embassy bombings. “We want this process to be very successfully and worthy.” Mr Obama said in a statement on the 15th anniversary of the twin terrorist attacks. Media reports indicate the American Government might compensate the victims before the end of the year. The exercise will start next month and continue until November in 300 centres across the country. Yesterday.” said a member of the laptop tender committee. a victim of the 1998 terrorist bombing.000 Unit price in shillings 160GB Required hard disk capacity. also a victim. whose screen size is seven inches and 256 megabyte-memory compared to Kenya’s two gigabytes. Potential bidders in the international tender would be required to put up a Sh228 million bond as a security. A Washington-based lawyer.” he said. 2013 National News 9 BID | Teachers training curriculum unveiled. The government is ordering 1. Survivor Douglas Sidialo said he was optimistic. A tearful Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi pledged Sh300. the rules and specifications listed in the laptop tender documents will require suppliers to manufacture high resolution 10-inch screen machines with five-hour minimum battery life. Experience in having handled over Sh500 million or same capacity tender in a previous deal is also a mandatory requirement. Kenyans are entitled to share between $10 million and $20 million” Washington-based lawyer Philip Musolino .351— three teachers per school — would be trained by January 2014.” he said. 20.” he said. “We continue to stand with our East African partners to bring terrorists to justice. Bidders with less than Sh8 billion annual turnover have been discouraged from applying for the tender. For that matter the rules will remain as set. The Kenyan specification if not varied is much superior than that used by the One Laptop Per Child programme in Rwanda. They will be master trainers who will be used to train trainers of teachers. I have also spoken to President Kenyatta and he told me to bring their representatives to State House.com tringent tender rules and detailed specifications have been set as the government’s plan to buy 1.000. “Kenyans are entitled to share between $10 million and $20 million. Though each piece is set to cost Sh15.nationmedia. This came as teachers’ training curriculum was launched and Kenya National Union of Teachers confirmed its support for the programme.637 projectors for learning in public primary schools at a cost of Sh15 billion. Knut backs plan Tough rules for firms eyeing laptops tender Bidders required to deposit Sh228m bond security as bidding starts BY ISAAC ONGIRI AND LILLIAN ONYANGO newsdesk@ke. scores of survivors and relatives of victims thronged the site of the blast in Nairobi. Right: Ms Grace Kiuna. “We join with the people of Kenya and Tanzania in honouring the sacrifices of the victims of this heinous act.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. This is something children will use for a long time and we must insist on quality. 1. while those participating must also show proof of Sh3 billion annual cash flow in the businesses. “I am hopeful that the current government will hear our cries. with a demand that the solution must have one year maintenance-free lifespan.” he said.3 million laptops for primary school children started yesterday. “The training will be done in three levels. who are already ICT champions being trained.3m Number of laptops to be bought 15.

Mr Macdonald Lijoodi Maraka and Mr Noor Mohammed Hassan were directed to amend their case in 15 days and add Mr Moi as a defendant alongside three others. from whom a company alleges it bought the disputed 16-acre piece of land in 1996. . He invited the Efficiency Monitoring Unit to investigate how construction tenders worth Sh10 billion were awarded to companies between March and May this year. The two men were part of a group that was demolishing a building when it collapsed and injured them.. He was appointed as the managing trustee on November 28.thoughts and prayers of the entire American embassy community are with you.” American embassy message The letter which was dated July 12. Allowing an application by four businessman to amend their case and name Mr Moi as a defendant. he said.10 | National News AT STAKE | Firm claims Head of State sold it 16 acres DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. who could help the fund achieve its goals and fight corruption. However. Ms Latifah Naiman Mariki lost her husband in an accident in which a speeding diplomat rammed a minibus killing Mr Haji Lukindo and injuring eight others. They said they had title documents issued by the Commissioner of Lands in 1998 and that Tulip irregularly acquired their land. “…. Mr Mohammed Koriow Nur.nationmedia. They say Mr Moi “was not entitled to own land since he held in trust all government land on behalf of the public. Nairobi County. However. The hearing start on October 19.com INJURED | Workers receive first aid US embassy sorry over accident BY NATION CORRESPONDENT The widow of the man killed in a traffic car crash accident by an American diplomat has received a letter of condolence from the US embassy. where the poor would enjoy social benefits as well. proportionate and affordable resolution of the civil dispute.” The plaintiffs want the court to compel Mr Moi to produce title documents to the land and a copy of the bankers cheque he received from Tulip Properties for the land.” The incident has generated a lot of rage and Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs Amina Mohammed wrote on Twitter saying that Mariki’s situation was a “sad state of affairs” but the Kenyan Government was handling the matter. is required to file title documents to the property and evidence to show that Tulip Properties bought the 16 acres from him. The message by Larry E. Mr Moi. 2012. she concluded that the court can exercise its discretion in favour of the applicants. expeditious.thoughts and prayers of the entire American Embassy community are with you and your family during this difficult time. A judge has directed that retired president Daniel arap Moi be enjoined in a Sh1 billion land dispute in Embakasi. Mr Kambi has appointed corporation secretary Hope Mwashumbe as managing trustee in an acting capacity. JACOB OWITI I NATION Kambi defends decision to sack pension fund boss BY NATION CORRESPONDENT The sacking of social security fund boss Tom Odongo was due to the under-performance of the parastatal.” Justice Nyamweya said after carefully considering the submissions by the four traders. did not state whether the family would receive any monetary compensation. The Cabinet secretary said there were a number of “talented” people at the NSSF.” The judge noted that witnesses had testified in the case and Mr Moi did not have the opportunity to cross-examine them. The pension fund also plans to adopt a social security model borrowed from the US. The four told the judge that under the law “Mr Moi was not entitled to own land since he held in trust all government land on behalf of the public. at a press briefing in his office after a meeting with officials of the public servants trade union. The four businessman want the court to kick out Tulip Properties from the land they claim to own. Mr Odongo has contested his sacking at the Industrial Court . At the same time. 2013 Moi sucked into legal war over Sh1bn land Group of traders seeks to amend case and enjoin former president as a defendant BY RICHARD MUNGUTI rmunguti@ke.” answer the allegations against him. Labour Cabinet Secretary Kazungu Kambi said NSSF was collecting only Sh600 million a month yet it should be collecting up to Sh12 billion. . who was given 30 days to WHAT’S ALLEGED Ex-leader linked to irregular sale The traders want former president Daniel arap Moi (right) to produce titles to the land and a copy of the bankers cheque he received for the land. It was not until yesterday when she received the letter which stated that the embassy extended its deepest condolences to the family.” Justice Nyamweya directed that the case filed in 2004 starts de novo (afresh) and bring on board Mr Moi. Andre partly read. One of the workers who was injured when a Kisumu building collapsed receives first aid inside an ambulance yesterday. She said if it starts afresh he would be given an opportunity to do so. a day after Mr Haji Lukindo died. The businessmen. 2013. a Cabinet secretary said yesterday.. saying it was done without involving the NSSF Board of Trustees. But Tulip insists “it bought the property from Mr Moi for Sh25 million in 1996. for a term of three years. Mr Simon Kiprono Laboso. They were rushed to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral hospital. the court had wide discretion to grant the prayers sought at any stage of the proceedings “notwithstanding that the effect may be to add a new party. The embassy delivered the letter to the police who had not yet delivered it to her. Mr Odongo has protested his sacking two weeks ago at the Industrial Court. She ruled that under the provisions of Order 8 Rule 3 of the Civil Procedure Rules. Lady Justice Pauline Nyamweya said the High Court had “a wide discretion to grant the request for a just. Mr Kambi (right) noted that NSSF would stop collecting money and the job would be performed by the Kenya Revenue Authority in proposed reforms.

Ainamoi MP Benjamin Langat of the Committee on Finance.9 billion will get the biggest share of the money followed by Turkana (Sh7. Cord MPs and senators also called on the government not to impose taxes on basic foods. Only about 55 out of 349 MPs were present. Budget and Appropriations committee chairman Mutava Musyimi had prepared a raft of amendments that could have delayed the approval of the Bill.9 billion) and Mandera (Sh6. Police chief Peter Kabii said no one has been arrested in connection with the crime and investigations have been launched. Branch Closure Following the fire incident at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Arrivals Lounge.tnbl. Agricultural pest control products. Majority Leader Adan Duale said they exempted taxes on foods like maize flour and bread after listening to the cry of Kenyans. The pupil at Good Hope Nursery went missing on Tuesday only to be found dead by herders. equipment required by the disabled. journals and periodicals.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. An attempt to include chalks and textbooks as proposed by Buuri MP Kinoti Gatobu (Independent) was rejected.” The Bill now awaits President Uhuru Kenyatta’s assent. TRANSNATIONAL BANK CUSTOMER NOTICE J. the senators approved the proposed law and sent it the National Assembly for adoption as required by the Constitution.co. Trans National Bank Website: www. Kakamega (Sh7. wheat flour. mosquito nets. Women MPs lauded the zero-rating of sanitary pads.A.co. As per the Bill.5 billion and Isiolo Sh2. Mr Duale (above) said the Constitution allowed two thirds majority to adopt any changes — a number he said could not be raised at that moment.nationmedia. The Bill brought to the National Assembly from the Senate last week was approved without amendment following a request by Majority Leader Adan Duale. We wish to inform our Esteemed customers that we remain open for business as usual at all of our branches nation-wide: • City Hall Way branch • Kirinyaga Road branch • Sheikh Karume branch • Export Processing Zone (EPZ) branch • Nakuru branch • Olenguruone branch • Kabarak branch • Eldoret branch • Kabarnet branch • • • • • Narok branch Nandi Hills Branch Kitale Branch Mombasa branch Moi International Airport branch • Kericho branch You can also access our Banking services through our alternative touch points: • • • Mobile service on Chapaa Popote Online via Internet Banking ATMS on the Kenswitch network Call us on 0720-081772 or email communications@tnbl. However.com asic foods have been exempted from fresh taxes after amendments were made to the Value Added Tax Bill. Last week. The Consumers Federation of Kenya (Cofek) spearheaded the demonstrations.” said Mr Duale. wheat flour.8 billion). maize seed. rice. milk. “We will be the first country in the region to enact the first VAT law at the same time cushion our people from higher costs of basic foods. Planning BACKGROUND Groups say new law will hurt the poor Several groups objected to the proposed taxation on basic commodities which have been exempted from the tax bracket. our J. branch will remain closed until further advice. A grouping loosely called Unga Revolution organised demonstrations in Nairobi in July to oppose the Bill. The MPs went on a one-and-half month break after passing the Bill. JIMSON NDUNG’U I NATION Treasury gets nod to release counties’ cash BY NATION REPORTER MPs have given the Treasury the greenlight to release Sh210 billion allocated to counties after passing the County Allocation of Revenue Bill without amendments on Tuesday night. VAT BILL | Proposed law now awaits President Kenyatta’s assent MPs drop plan to tax basic foods Maize flour.ke Regulated by Central Bank of Kenya @tnblkenya . maize seed. bread.K. The proposed VAT law had been opposed by many Kenyans because it targeted essential foods. newspapers. bread among commodities that have been exempted BY JEREMIAH KIPLANG’AT jkiplangat@ke. Meru County women’s representative Florence Kajuju (TNA) said: “Some women consider them more important than food. sanitary towels and tampons. rice.I. The House will resume on September 17.ke for any further enquiries.4 billion. and Trade said they consulted widely before arriving at the decision. Those to get the least amounts include Lamu Sh1. The National Treasury hopes to collect more than Sh10 billion from the new taxes. infant milk and preparations B for infants. were also zerorated.A. The items exempted are maize flour. Nairobi with Sh9. including the blind.4 billion). Nakuru (Sh6. President Kenyatta will have to assent to the proposed law before the cash can be disbursed. before going for their recess. However. 2013 National News 11 GRUESOME | Body of missing five-year-old pupil found by herders Police carry the body of five-year-old John Thing’o who was found dead at Tayari Forest in Molo yesterday.I. Members of Parliament made the amendment and passed the Bill on Tuesday night.K.9 billion). needles and other surgical equipment. Also spared the new 16 per cent tax are syringes.

*cobbo@ke. which broke out in earnest after those August 7. The investigation must go beyond the cause of the fire. A PUBLICATION OF NATION MEDIA GROUP LINUS GITAHI: Chief Executive Officer JOSEPH ODINDO: Group Editorial Director MUTUMA MATHIU: Group Managing Editor Published at Nation Centre. and that once the fire fighters were on the scene. how we all became ‘children’ of terrorism Y muzzle the internal opposition. tourists. the regime would have fallen five to 10 years earlier than it did. if Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt hadn’t emerged a leading anti-terrorism state. She is not alone. As always. Until then. tour operators. because it was not an activist security state. and especially 9/11 in the USA. she said. Shortly after 9/11 she was returning to Entebbe on a South African Airways flight. So after the September 11. yes. It is therefore a good time to examine how the fight against “international terrorism”. If it turns out that the disaster yesterday was made worse by critical failures within JKIA operations. a robe. This apparently limited the fire-fighting effort to only the water carried in the fire trucks and what could be brought in on bowsers. One big winner was the government. It may also be emblematic of the casual manner in which many of our strategic installations are managed. Fax 221396 editor@nation. Investigations are in the very early stages. It can come up with valuable findings and recommendations that should be relevant to all other strategic facilities that also serve large numbers of civilians. the momentum swung in favour of governments. by the end of the 1990s human rights activism was the biggest thing and many African governments with dodgy records were finding themselves diplomatically isolated. together with the appropriate responses in the event of anything untoward. and also meant that while South Africa was There was this guy. Rickety African states institutions also got a new lease of life.nationmedia. was wearing a fez.12 | Opinion DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.” richer than the rest of Africa combined. has impacted our societies and politics. the fear of terrorism forced us to add another layer of hypocrisy to our lives. “Officially. especially a busy international gateway. was wearing a fez. and thus considered better partners in the fight against terrorism. and was pacing up and down the aisle suspiciously”. she said she was so scared. Privately. not just patchwork repairs. as long they had become “partners” in the anti-terrorism fight. especially at the onset of the peak tourism season. Any airport. to restore full functions. those culpable must be called to account. and the country was imprisoning and torturing terrorist suspects the West was too embarrassed to handle. That will take a great deal of time and money. While it may be too early to start apportioning blame. there are reports that the automatic sprinkler systems did not work. to a wider enquiry on the security and disaster prevention and response readiness at the JKIA and other airports across the country. for example. Paul Kagame’s Rwanda and (then) Meles Zenawi’s Ethiopia that had arisen from victorious rebel armies taking power. It also seems that it took too long to deploy the airport fire brigade. are incalculable for an airport that is the main gateway to Kenya and a vital air transport hub for a vast hinterland across the wider East and Central African region. I guess it was another matter. The effects. increased. That means a state of eternal vigilance to prevent any incidents. he had a long beard. I have a friend who is otherwise a committed human rights activist. Nairobi 00100 Tel: 3288000. and was pacing up and down the aisle suspiciously. If there were indeed such glaring failures. I think.” she said. it had less influence on geopolitical issues on the continent than poor Ethiopia. but before the Nairobi and Dar es Salaam attacks. Security must be paramount against all manner of threats.ke Registered at the GPO as a newspaper T WHAT OTHERS SAY | Charles Onyango-Obbo esterday. draconian anti-terrorism legislation easily sailed through the Parliament. and was saying that people like US President George Bush at the time were tarring all Muslims unfairly with the terrorism brush. From preliminary assessments. The introduction of computers and deployment of electronic fingerprinting led to the retraining of immigration officers. but we expect that no resources will be spared in the effort to discover what caused the fire. there were winners and losers. is not just a stage for airplane passengers to embark and disembark. Progressive as she was. In Dar es Salaam 11 people were killed and about 85 wounded. All of a sudden red carpets were being rolled out in Western capitals for African leaders with the worst governance record. with 212 people killed and an estimated 4. All the skills and expertise available must be deployed in this very urgent exercise. it will take a complete rebuilding of critical areas of the airport. Things were uncomplicated. All these various initiatives meant that African governments that were besieged by popular protests and democracy movements renewed their technical and intelligence capacities to push back. The anti-terror war led to extensive security sector reforms. This led to the further relegation of fairly successful democratic nations like Botswana. as suggested by early eye witness accounts. airlines. transit passengers. the international value of military-party led states like Yoweri Museveni’s Uganda. immigration desks at most African airports didn’t have computers and a majority of security checkpoints didn’t have scanners. These states had a more activist security policy. That fire was thus a major disaster affecting business travellers. Unlike today. the hydrants that should make available powerful jets of water from underground reservoirs turned up empty. and the recruitment of the younger officers you see today. Nairobi by Nation Media Group Limited POB 49010. the favoured countries in Africa were those seen as a “model of democracy”. he had a long beard.000 wounded. She represented the duplicity on terrorism that most of us live with. she drew the attention of a steward to the man’s “strange” behaviour. 0719038000. MANY INDEPENDENT REPORTS SEEM TO concur that a small fire in the Immigration area at arrivals was allowed to spiral out of control as airport staff failed to take prompt action. The immigration officers tended to be older because they had a “wiser and more experienced eye”. a robe. and counter-terrorism units where the officers were spirited off to leading security institutions all over the world. 2013 Probe entire disaster preparedness at JKIA he Jomo Kenyatta International Airport will not resume normal operations for a pretty long time after the massive blaze yesterday morning that destroyed the international arrivals unit. Many TV presenters and voices on social media noted that the day was also the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. 2001 terrorist attacks by Al-Qaeda on the US in New York and Washington. a key area for the investigators. Younger educated computer savvy operatives were hired. The steward told her that another passenger had already complained to her about it! I asked her if she still believed it was wrong to profile people as “looking like terrorists”. Governments started working on anti-terror laws that were also targeted to 15 years after Nairobi bombing. were formed. In Uganda and Tanzania. must be on whether there was an element of negligence. And once the fire started getting bigger.com & twitter:cobbo3 . part of the arrivals terminal at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport was gutted by fire. For us ordinary folks. Kimathi Street and printed at Mombasa Road. they stand as severe indictments of the JKIA and the Kenya Airport Authority management. It is easy to forget.co. but also the efforts to contain it and the general emergency response and disaster preparedness. The fight against international terrorism changed all thought. Also. “There was this guy. There must be some lessons to learn from a disaster of such magnitude. Investigations must look not only at what caused the fire. Nairobi suffered the most casualties. 1998 bombings. cargo transport and a vast array of businesses and services that serve the airport.

We all agree that a professional. Thus miraa is known to be a drain on critical household income of the poor. Broad coalitions of civil society. retain. before jumping over a guard rail in the middle of the highway to get across.com. says John Kimeu. But at the high-skill end. Kiplimo Kosgey says. the government cannot retain qualified technical people. reduction of permits and licences and revising public procurement procedures. Therefore. transparent. who faults SRC boss Sarah Serem and Education and Labour Cabinet secretaries Jacob Kaimenyi and Kazungu Kambi.com. . he claims. is that just after the March 4 General Election. This situation leads to high rates of food insecurity and malnutrition. In Kenya today. Shame on Cotu for suggesting that they be paid retirement dues!” His contact isjkimeu@pins2planes. the socio-economic destruction of lives and livelihoods resulting from khat use far outweighs the perceived economic and the concerns of the farmers in Meru County who can diversify to horticulture farming like their counterparts in Kirinyaga County. ultimately leading to its diminished cultural and economic acceptability and a future without miraa. require transparent. paying terminal dues to people who are still active on the political scene would amount to fleecing the nation. age limits on usage and provision of alternative means of livelihood. Miraa is indeed a drug as rightly classified by World Health Organisation since 1989 and locally by Nacada. Squarely to blame for many of the accidents that have been occurring near the Fig Tree Hotel on Murang’a Road. Combating corruption is not straightforward or easy. Office of the Deputy President (Rgesami@hotmail. a piecemeal approach.com. promotion based on performance. change lanes without indicating. Dr Gesami is secretary. as the costs and consequences of corruption have become more publicly known.com DOUBLE STANDARDS. He wishes a hotline could be given to the public to report wayward matatu drivers. Improved governance is the best way to reduce corruption in the public sector G Ethics and Anto-Corruption Commision chair Mumo Matemo has his job cut out.000 to 2. or use the wrong lanes. he would also like to know how many points he should be entitled to. Her contact is ruthmuhiuha@yahoo. he adds. Just as other state institutions need to adapt to changing circumstances and be made more efficient. and nobody penalised them. With an average expenditure on airtime of Sh3. Yet even as Britain has seen the need to ban miraa. elimination of price controls. because what works in one country may not work in another. For the details. all should know that the chest-thumping we have been seeing doesn’t augur well for the education sector and it’s the attitude of these officials to blame. over-emphasis on legal measures. and those whom complaints are made against barred from the road for some time.” His contact is onyangokalare@yahoo. they also have to be Kenya-specific.000 in the recent past. We need to embark on a multi-pronged strategy for discouraging use of miraa that involves the media. Pay policy in public sector has especially been challenging since independence. so does the public service. stop-start efforts. Social negative consequences of miraa use include high divorce rates. sound management. efforts at civil service reform have mostly been in the context of adjustments. he adds. and where the independence and professionalism of the public sector have been eroded. going by the trends where countries have imposed a ban on miraa” in Kenya on the loss of livelihoods. prostitution. Political commitment at the highest level is also needed if reforms are to be successfully implemented. National Treasury) there has been little progress developing public service institutions. Once entrenched. a situation which might even exacerbate current iniquities and poverty. cost effective. there is a likelihood that this will be picked up by other countries which are major miraa market destinations. “Whether they lost or the election was stolen is not the issue. Specialised agencies and anti-corruption bodies can only be effective if they have sufficient independence. (Central Bank. we all know that Kenya has made a lot of progress by reforming to some degree. tax laws and investment codes.com BAD ATTITUDE. underpinned by reforms that increase accountability and transparency. we in Kenya will only be doing the responsible thing with the benefits accruing to our people. By contrast. The biggest national asset is our human capital and for sure miraa is a drain and an enemy to our human capital asset. Revitalising public service agencies will. In the past. President Uhuru Kenyatta deserves thanks for convincing the Knut top brass to call off yet another strike by teachers. Fax 2213946. increases the cost of public investment. and sporadic anticorruption campaigns are unlikely to yield lasting results.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. While capacity has increased in some areas i. won’t you! INTERNATIONAL TRADE | Abdullahi Diriye hile miraa (khat) plays a critical economic role for households and traders involved in its cultivation and sale. But it is not impossible. The public sector has been subjected to severe wage compression. county representatives from around the country boycotted work for several weeks. Today. While no in-depth study has been done Let’s think of a future without miraa W We could be approaching the beginning of the end of unrestricted use of miraa.ke or write to Watchman. therefore. human capital and man hours as a result of use of miraa. Kenya needs to adopt anti-corruption strategies that are realistic. it is evident that were such a study to be conducted. And they not only got their salaries.com) An Airtel shop on Banda Street in Nairobi. To say the least. for wanting to deny teachers their July salaries. ‘mnyonge hana haki’ (the lowly have no rights). earnings are often far below market levels. and interlocking checks and balances to counter corruption. irritability and violence. They must have known when they went into it that they could either win or lose. Unless a way is found to improve pay at the higher levels. where the rule of law and formal rules are not rigorously observed. and makes it burdensome for citizens to access public services. Horticultural production would be a credible alternative which would fetch miraa farmers the same level of income. at the heart of efforts to improve governance.000. says Mohammed Fazal Hussein. and yet his total has also “miraculously” dropped from a princely 7. it would reveal a shockingly huge loss. It also undermines the legitimacy of government. THIN AIR. achievable. In doing this.com. ARREST PEDESTRIANS. It is time leaders engaged on objective discourse as opposed to reactive rhetoric. Miraa contributes to theft by its users to satisfy their craving. There is a need to use the currently available arable land for cultivation of food instead of miraa. she adds. community campaigns. The attempt to deny teachers their July salaries. if not more. meritocratic. therefore. I strongly believe that immediate steps should be embarked on with the ultimate objective of eliminating the use of miraa. and government are required to combat corruption. and consistently implemented. “Why the double standards?” he asks. authority and resources. corruption hinders economic performance.co. WAR AGAINST GRAFT | Rachel Gesami overnance is the institutional capability of public institutions to provide the public and other goods demanded by Kenyans in an effective. communities and the country. Ruth is now appealing to traffic police to arrest and prosecute pedestrians crossing roads at the wrong places to discourage this deadly habit. cannot be redeemed. the private sector. Its adverse effects on health include tooth decay. Recklessness is a word that aptly describes how matatus are driven and hence the need to rein them in. but their remuneration was also increased. and accountable manner. subject to resource constraints. it will be impossible to attract. public agencies – our most direct point of contact with government – is synonymous with poor service and inefficiency. Internal rules that deal with professional ethics have to be consistently and impartially applied. impartial. Have a skilful day. programmes negotiated with Kenya’s development partners and have focused on reducing the wage bill rather than on improving quality. The man hour loss from self-induced addiction will compromise our development at all levels. have been shunning a footbridge and ambling across the road. Zawadi Points. his contact is Mohammed78611021@Hotmail. decreases government revenue. Users of miraa normally give priority to buying it over food for the households. here in Kenya. its production and final consumption has many negative effects that far outweigh any apparent gains. In Kenya. Policy Coordination. only reminded him of the Swahili saying. But the height of irony. low self-esteem and under-achievement among the persons. According to him. Nairobi 00100. Nairobi. which Isaac Kamau Maina says he is having serious misgivings about? The points. Ineffective bodies that lack real power can undermine rather than enhance public accountability. in service-training and career development. “Now that they are going to be paid. We could be approaching the beginning of the end of unrestricted use of miraa since going by recent trends where countries like Britain and the Netherlands have imposed a ban on khat. His contact is kkosgey@fmdea. Accountability and transparency are. POB 49010. merit-based recruitment procedures. especially in provision of education. there’s no serious discussion on the adverse effects of miraa use on individuals. and assure the integrity of highly skilled public officials. civil society organisations and the media have made corruption a public issue and challenged government to address it. Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and former Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka shouldn’t enjoy retirement benefits as they have not retired. Popular dissatisfaction undermines confidence in public institutions. REPORT WAYWARD DRIVERS. this will require a fundamental change in orientation. Most drivers. They. are the pedestrians. Provision can be made to introduce high value alternatives to miraa. 2013 Opinion 13 THE CUTTING EDGE BY THE WATCHMAN DON’T PAY RAILA. respectively. undermining government legitimacy.e. where political patronage is rife. Corruption often flourishes where institutions are weak. lack of appetite and insomnia leading to psychosis. Indeed. and qualified public service is essential to ensure effective and efficient delivery of public services and to combat bureaucratic corruption. says Wilson Onyango. His contact is Tel 0733565002 or kamauronald@yah oo. Mr Abdullahi Diriye is Wajir South MP E-mail: watchman@nation. Piecemeal reforms are unlikely to be more than short-term palliative – what is needed is an over-arching strategy for sequencing changes. neglect of family. lowers the quality of public infrastructure. even after a recent trend toward widening differentials as part of the reform programmes. As a result. says Ruth Gituma. especially with increased public awareness of the problem. He also suspects that some of them are incompetent people who never went to a driving school. and accountable. efforts to fight it have intensified. Although results take time. Can Airtel shed some light on the workings of its customer loyalty scheme. households.

who refuse to pass important Bills until their will is done on earth. Yet when you do a careful. and there is nothing they can do about it. As always. This is yet to be actualised. More worrying is the threat of using tyranny of numbers in Parliament even when debating crucial Bills. Nairobi 00100. Instead of motivating teachers. It’s bad when a promise from the highest office ends up in vain. JOSHUA GITUMA.nationmedia. Could this be the “punishment”? And this happening on August 7. the government has put teachers where it wants them. who ought and would play an important role in ensuring that the young people do not take a path of self-destruction. Nairobi The editor welcomes brief letters on topical issues. Even as our President works to win the hearts of African leaders. the same date as the 1998 bomb blast and after the US warned its citizens to be on the look-out in various countries across the glboe. I do you” seems to be the order of today. Devolution is about taking certain governance powers from the centre to the people. Write on e-mail to: mailbox@ ke. is Emails from correspondents SHORT TAKES T LINE 999: Mr Okiya Omtatah should be praised for the strides he made towards ensuring that the police emergency line is restored for public use during emergencies. cases of murder. and will obey the President’s directive. Uhuru should be the last to comment. Mombasa Democracy taking a back seat in Africa Many signs point to the fact that Africa is gradually losing its grip on democracy. and the society as a whole. be sacked and replaced. Teachers now know that they can be denied salaries. something the security chiefs should have by now uncovered. cover up such a serious crime then come up when the crime has been discovered? Several lives could have been saved. In Kenya. August 7).com. Our children are somehow made to believe wrongly that accepting homosexuality or being a homosexual is a sign of modernity. demoralised and humiliated teaching fraternity will continue to bite the society. but our disaster management is wanting and the government must wake up. What should be done to prevent fire outbreaks at JKIA and other airports? Send your comments to mailbox @ke. Nairobi. The laptops issue was totally different. last weekend. The teachers also now know their place in the animal kingdom. other than producing grades. you will have to face a barrage of insults. but let not their mouths be shut from giving views on how best to implement the project. and the society is paying the price. Many young people are leaving school without an iota of morality. This is tantamount to inducement. Letters may be edited for clarity. DAN TUMBO: This UhuRuto leadership style is worrying. It has left no shadow of doubt who is the boss. The value of human life and morals have gone to the dogs. Residents who have held several security meetings blame the Kiamunyi police patrol base for laxity. we must all reflect on the future of this sector. If you question the ravenous manner in which the public funds are being used. BOB OWINO: They aren’t right at all to accept the July pay with conditions. The gang is reported to be using a pick-up to ferry the loot. The effects of a disgruntled. devolution is the talk. And in Egypt. On what legal base are they advocating this? CHARLES NZIOKA: Teachers should get their July pay without conditions. This is an international airport! How exactly are the CCTV cameras in the airport helping if there is no one to monitor activities and warn authorities in good time? Are there smoke alarms in the buildings? Is the fire brigade at the airport equipped and capable to tackling a fire? How come the management can’t contain a fire for more than four hours? How come the international media like BBC reported this incident at around 5am earlier than our local media who by 6am were still struggling to reach the scene? This came a day after flight interruptions caused by shortage of jet fuel due to a questionable fuel pipe blockage. space or legal considerations. I feel she is just as bad as the serial killer by not reporting the incident to the police. salaries will be in teachers’ bank accounts.com . sober analysis you will realise that the majority of those “devolution saviours” are actually not cognizant of its true spirit and noble ideals. I think the woman and the neighbour who saved her have a case to answer before the law. but I doubt whether they can be pushed to mould the children — which in my opinion. but too demoralised to go the extra mile hrough threats and intimidation. I sympathise with Mr Omondi and hope his bosses gave him some few days off to rest and watch proceedings of Zimbabwe elections from a TV set just as Mugabe prescribed. TALKING POINT Teachers will return to class. The Public Order Management Bill could turn that country into a police state and make it a dangerous country for free expression.nationmedia. my perception of Omtatah was that of a person desperately in need of public sympathy and attention. we have seen immorality and crime soar to unimaginable levels among the youth. that’s betrayal. It is sad that such a suggestion has come from a civilian. They know they are not MPs. more important than grades. he should be careful not to eat on the same table with dictators. MPs and county reps is appetite for the public purse. teachers are expected to mould pupils to be responsible citizens. August is cursed. Everyone is talking about protecting or supporting devolution. In the recent times. The Jubilee Government can now rest. and many are wondering where the rain began to beat us. Previously. DAVID MUNGAI. You see. EMMA KABIRU. with the central government refusing to fully cede powers to county governments. Nairobi POLICE LAXITY: Violent robberies in Kiamunyi. One needs only to visit Facebook and see how this Western-funded “right” is destroying our society especially naive children by spreading evil gay propaganda to convert them. goods stolen and owners beaten. In the latest robbery a young woman was raped and is fighting for her life in hospital. Sidindi No money yet Just too many unanswered questions about the fire at JKIA It is not clear when exactly the JKIA inferno broke out. The teachers can be pushed to produce grades. What we need from them is to compensate the wasted time. Was it really an accident? Also this happened a few days after demolitions of duty-free shops and a stakeholder warning that “God will punish them”. Nyeri Serial killer: Woman should have reported I refer to the story (Nation. Throwing tantrums and issuing threats to get the government’s attention is a preserve of the MPs. What they think is their right may be not be so in the eyes of the government. Like Kibaki. Maseno YESTERDAY’S QUESTION DEBATE TOPIC Are teachers right to accept July pay provided they support laptops plan? BRUNO MP MWIRIGI: Let them accept and support laptops because it will be done through all means. JAMES WAKIBIA. AMBIRA. You can also mail to: The Editor. POB 49010. 2013 To the editor Leaders are yet to fully understand devolution Devolution is in vogue. MWENDA MBITHI. VINCENT ONOKA. NJENGA MAINA. In a period of one month more than 10 households have been broken into. the soldiers have overthrown a democratically elected president. AMBROSE MUTHAURA: Teachers are right to accept July pay on condition they support laptops as it is already a government project. knowing that the teachers are less likely to go on strike for the rest of its term in office. It must clap for itself for a job well executed. and not the office of the IG or Intelligence officers. especially in Eden Estate are worrying. The Kavuludi team should also feel challenged on why such an important emergency line has been overlooked by his reforms team. Unfortunately what we are seeing from the governors. As calm returns to the education sector. and all manner of chilling events have become common news. Nakuru County. young people flocking to join terror gangs. Why did she and the neighbour who saved her. JAIRUS K. regarding a young woman who escaped death from the Kisumu serial killer. KANYI NDEGWA. Ngusishi President Uhuru Kenyatta with Knut officials at State House. BURUGU ISAYA: No. The teachers are glad to receive their July salaries. Mombasa It was refreshing when the President engages teachers’ union to forestall a standoff with an assurance that come Monday. They see devolution as decentralisation of greed and corruption. Nairobi BAN GAY PROPAGANDA: It’s time the government legislated against spreading homosexuality in the name of “human rights” . Nakuru POOR NMG JOURNALIST: Reading what Nation’s Charles Omondi went through in Zimbabwe leaves me wondering why President Uhuru Kenyatta had to congratulate a president elected on a dictatorship platform. On Monday. Animals and children have been defiled and sexually assaulted. government after government has demoralised them. Perverted individuals spread the “crusade” in the print media and social networking sites. the Ugandan parliament passed a Bill against dissent from opposition and civil society groups. ELAIS JUNIOR: If that is the case then teachers have lost the moral ground. Daily Nation. LINCOLN KINYUA: “Do me. but the wounds inflicted will be hard to heal. and may be we can get more from them about this ruthless act if there are other serial killers out there. JACOB ODHIAMBO ODIPO. FILE | NATION To expect the demoralised tutors to go the extra mile to produce good citizens is asking too much.14 | Letters DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. senators.

2013 15 .DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.

• HALITOSIS IS ALSO BAD BREATH The breakdown products of proteins in the body used for energy are exhaled through the lungs. Surgery turns cancerous when done repeatedly. Some of the Complications include: • LIBIDO FAILURE Amoeba affects libido among married couples. JIMSON NDUNG’U I NATION The shooter gave Ogolla no time to hand over the money yet he offered no resistance” Police spokesman Jeff Cotner Police spokesman Jeff Cotner said Mr Ogolla briefly went up to his apartment with an acquaintance and then went back to his car. We do not carry out any surgical procedure. patients should be warned that the most common recourse used in Conventional treatment modes.com | SMS your queries to. MYSTERY| Fire guts BP village Kenyan falls victim to US gunman BY BMJ MURIITHI Nation Correspondent Atlanta A Kenyan has been shot dead in what police say was a robbery attempt in Dallas. In the Ogolla case. Docks Road.16 | National News HEALTH | Plan to improve women’s performance at work DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. their Rectum come out-retracting it in is a fight that last several minutes.” Cotu secretary-general Francis Atwoli (left) said in a statement. who was in the US on a student visa and has a wife and children in Kenya. 32. US. is being treated as homicide. The Central Organisation of Trade Unions (Cotu) said yesterday the industry “is on the verge of collapse due to the unprecedented dumping. Head of nutrition in the Ministry of Health Terry Wefwafwa (left). We cure Amoeba in a record FOUR WEEKS. improves IQ and reduces the risk of obesity” Health official Terry Wefwafwa A scene where fire gutted down a house at BP Village in Molo yesterday that left one person injured. thrived on political patronage. The killing of Felix Achoch. 0700 007500 @dr_murugu murugunatural&nutritionalclinic .” Ms Wefwafwa said. 2013 MP seeks to establish breastfeeding zones Proposal will see special rooms where mothers can nurse babies in the House BY MIKE MWANIKI mmwaniki@ke.com | www. Its symptoms are predominantly pain and gurgling sounds in the lower abdomen. said the introduction of free maternity services in public hospitals had resulted in increased numbers of women delivering in hospital. Texas. This was expected to improve productivity among breastfeeding mothers. fatally wounding Mr Ogolla. Cotu calls for action on ‘massive sugar dumping’ BY NATION REPORTER The umbrella workers’ organisation has urged the government to act with haste and stop the importation of cheap sugar. both the energy and useful nutrients needed to boost Libido goes to waste due to Amoeba. We cure it in record FOUR WEEKS! GOOD NEWS All is not lost because we treat all these.nationmedia. reducing maternal mortality. the leading cause of arthritis is malfunction in calcium metabolism. the founder of Murugu Natural & Nutritional Clinic OPEN DAILY Nairobi Contrust House. A ‘‘ Breastfeeding promotes child survival. 7th Floor Moi Avenue Next to Nairobi Sports House Mombasa Rex House. the best advice we give is that you should never wait until the body suffers all these because it would lengthen treatment time. Also. “It is estimated to prevent 13 per cent of all under-five mortalities. AMOEBA COMPLICATIONS ASSOCIATED WITH AMOEBA There are several lethal complications associated with Amoeba. contributing to the achievement of Millennium Development Goal 4. NB: AT MURUGU NATURAL & NUTRITIONAL CLINIC we rely on conventional diagnostic procedures to determine what a patient is suffering from before treatment commences. Only last week. • ULCERS Is another condition brought about by Amoeba due to unregulated secretion of Hydrochloric acid that corrodes the stomach wall. Police have offered a reward of $5.000 for information which may lead to the capture of the suspect. therefore. He said the organisation had on several occasions cautioned the government against cartels in the sugar industry which he stated. This is caused by among others. Exclusive breastfeeding (for the first six months) is not outdated or awkward and is the best thing a mother can do for the baby. Ms Sarah Korere said at the launch of the Kenyatta National Hospital breastfeeding support group yesterday. improves IQ and reduces the risk of obesity. “It is absurd that these cartels are now hell-bent on driving hundreds of Kenyans out of employment and stifling the country’s sugar industry. four MPs are breastfeeding and this is expected to boost their production and their babies’ health.com nominated MP plans to introduce a motion in Parliament seeking special rooms in the National Assembly and Government offices for legislators and civil servants to breastfeed. Mr Elisha Ogolla. In the parking lot. Presence of Mucus in the stool is another sign. • HEMORRHOIDS Hemorrhoids are painful. was found in a parking lot with gunshot wounds. 3rd Floor room 11 along Moi Avenue. the nine sugar factories and their workers will be seriously affected. We administer wound healing herbal drugs that have tissue generation ability. next to Safcom Customer Care Nakuru Gate House along Nairobi-Eldoret Road 4th Floor room 416 Eldoret Rieti House (New Coop Bank Building) 2nd Floor room 7 along Uganda Road next to Kogo Plaza Tel: 020-2241001 / 0722-99 77 88 | Email: pemurugu@yahoo.” Ms Korere said. Ms Korere. However. The general wastage of nutrients due to a compromised digestive system is responsible for this. Profuse bleeding by patients when passing stool eventually leads to anemia. Dkt Murugu.” she said. a 21-year-old Kenyan died after an assault in Indianapolis. Mr Cotner said “the shooter gave Ogolla no time to surrender the money yet he offered no resistance”. The cause of the fire was not immediately established. who is also a committee member on Land and Regional Integration. two men ordered him to hand over his money. assimilation of nutrients in the body is hampered with. The assailant fired several times. “Breastfeeding promotes child survival. this then opens a flood gate for other diseases due to malnutrition. I would.” The warning comes after sugar factories raised the alarm over massive dumping of duty-free sugar from Uganda and Tanzania. At MURUGU NATURAL & NUTRITIONAL CLINIC we have cure for all these. Dallas police said they were called to a block of apartments on Sunday morning and found Mr Ogolla lying on the ground dead. Its patients are subjected to impossible pain when passing stool as during this process. urge fathers to support mothers in this. calcium-deficient diets. threatening to tear them apart. swollen veins in the rectum or the anal canal. “Currently. Amoeba is caused by a parasitic protozoan spread through contaminated food and water we take.” “Unless the government moves with speed to arrest the trend. a student at Ivy Tech College. • INDIGESTION/MALNUTRITION And because it’s a gastrointestinal infection.muruguclinic. said in a speech read on her behalf that breastfeeding was the “single most effective preventive method” for ensuring child survival and development. poor calcium assimilation due to indigestion. a mechanical engineering student. for example. Most dentists recommend the usage of mouth wash to contain this yet it does not tame it. “This has also resulted in decongesting wards at Kenyatta National Hospital as no mother is detained for non-payment of bills. despite the fact that the two countries have a shortage of the commodity.

Late bids will be returned unopened. SCG/39/2013-2014 Pre-qualification for supply and delivery of sports equipment. KWS Headquarters. 2013 17 REPUBLIC OF KENYA THE COUNTY GOVERNMENT OF SAMBURU INVITATION TO TENDER Kenya Wildlife Service wishes to invite interested and eligible national candidates to tender for the following. Maralal FORMATION OF SAMBURU COUNTY BUDGET AND ECONOMIC FORUM Pursuant to the provisions of section 137(1) of the Public Finance Management Act. Langata Road P. P. works and services will be procured on “As and when required basis.kws.00am-5.com Applications should reach the Secretary on or before 16th August. SCG/31/2013-2014 Provision of air travel services (IATA registered) 7. 2013 Interim County Secretary Samburu County P. SCG/28/2013-2014 Provision of legal services 4.00 a. All applications should be submitted in any one of the following ways in a sealed envelope:i Posted application should be addressed to:Interim County Secretary Samburu County P. SCG/45/2013-2014 Pre-qualification for supply of medicines. Nairobi on or before 12: 00 Noon on 27TH August 2013. Interim Head of County Supply Chain Management Samburu County Government Applications are invited from the following categories of persons:(i) Professional bodies (ii) Business Community (iii) Labour based issues organizations (iv) Women organization (v) Persons with disabilities (vi) The elderly people and (vii) Faith based groups at the county level. Tenderers must: • Attach a copy of VAT/PIN Registration Certificate • Attach a copy of Certificate of Business Registration/incorporation • Attach a copy of valid Tax Compliance Certificate • Attach a copy of Registration Certificate with Ministry/Authority/Board where applicable • Complete and attached any other document stated in the Tender Document • Attach copy of official receipt given Duly completed tender documents in Plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with relevant tender numbers and description should be addressed to: The County Secretary Samburu County P. renovations and decoration of government buildings 9.O Box 3. so as to reach him on or before Monday 19th August. Hand delivery applications should be delivered to the Secretary in former Samburu County Council block.kws. 16. SCG/27/2013-2014 Supply and delivery of airtime calling cards and internet bundles 3. shall be deposited into the Tender Box located at the entrance of Main Reception. the Samburu County Government is required to establish the Samburu County Budget and Economic Forum.O. delivery and servicing of fire fighting equipment 14. SCG/33/2013-2014 Repair.O. Tel. 2013. SCG/22/2013-2014 has been re-advertised. MARALAL ii. Headquarters between 8am-1pm & 2pm-5pm during weekdays. NOTICE Tender documents with detailed specifications and tendering conditionalities may be obtained from the office of the Supply Chain Management upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs 3.000. Note that. SCG/44/2013-2014 Pre-qualification for supply of veterinary drugs and related services 20. or email: hps@kws. SCG/30/2013-2014 Provision of sanitary bin services 6. A pre-bid conference shall be held on Wednesday 14th August 2013 at 10. works and services for the 2013-2014 Financial year.Item No 1 Tender reference No. Interested candidates may seek further information from the Procurement office. SCG/38/2013-2014 Pre-qualification for supply. Online applications should be emailed to: info. Box 3 – 20600 MARALAL . SCG/43/2013-2014 Pre-qualification for staff medical cover 19. drugs and non-pharmaceutical items 21. for one to qualify as a member of County Budget and Economic Forum. Bidders are informed that goods. (a) (b) Preparation of County Plans. the economy and financial management at the county level. 000 (three thousand only) per set of tender documents either in cash or bankers cheque payable to County Secretary. 020-3991000 Cell: 0726610508/9. competent and interested bidders for the supply and delivery of the following listed goods.20600.O Box 3-20600 MARALAL Or deposited into the tender Box situated at the main entrance of the office of the Governor. tender No. SCG/22/2013-2014 Pre-qualification for Civil Engineering and road works construction Tender documents containing detailed specifications and requirements can be downloaded for free at our website. SCG/26/2013-2014 Supply and delivery of foodstuffs 2. Prices quoted should be in Kenya Shillings and MUST remain valid for ninety days (90) after the closing of the tenders. SCG/35/2013-2014 Pre-qualification for delivery and supply of equipment and machinery 11. Note that. and Matters relating to budgeting. SCG/41/2013-2014 Pre-qualification for supply and delivery of tree seedlings both indigenous and exotic 17. The County Government reserves the right to reject or accept any tender either wholly or in part and does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender or give reasons for the rejection.samburucounty@gmail.go. Box 3 – 20600. KWS Headquarters Bids must remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of tender opening. Those who had applied need NOT to re-apply. Box 40241.ke. he/she should not be a County Public Officer. protective cloths and other related items 15. The completed bids in plain sealed envelope marked with tender reference number and tender name. KWS/OT/SEC/17/ 2013-2014 Tender Name TENDER FOR SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF COMPO RATION ITEMS Bid Security (Ksh) 100. SCG/36/2013-2014 Pre-qualification for farm inputs 12. Head of Supply Chain Management REPUBLIC OF KENYA SAMBURU COUNTY GOVERNMENT OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR Samburu County Headquarters. Submitted bids will be opened publicly in the Presence of the bidders/representatives who choose to attend at the Samburu County Government offices. SCG/29/2013-2014 Provision of consultancy services for strategic planning 5. www.go. at Vet Boardroom. TENDER NO.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. The tenders shall be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of bidders representatives who wish to attend at KWS Vet Board Room. The tender is also open to small and micro enterprises and to disadvantaged groups registered with the ministry of finance Further information is available at www. The purpose of the Forum is to provide a mean for consultation by the county government on .00 Closing Date 27th August 2013 OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR P O Box 3-20600 Maralal TENDER NOTICE & PREQUALIFICATIONS Samburu County Government invites sealed tenders from reputable. SCG/42/2013-2014 Pre-qualification for supply of power generators 18.O. SCG/34/2013-2014 Pre-qualification for printing services 10. TENDER ITEM DESCRIPTION 1.ke.ke. Samburu County Government at the cash office during normal working hours. SCG/37/2013-2014 Pre-qualification for farm tools and implements 13.00pm) iii. during official working hours (8.” S/No.m.go. the County Fiscal Strategy Paper and the Budget Review and outlook Paper for the County. equipment and generators etc.2012. SCG/40/2013-2014 Pre-qualification for repair and servicing of office machines. Kenya Wildlife Service. SCG/32/2013-2014 Provision of garbage collection 8.

He said the plans would also be extended to matatus and trucks. which is among the first in Africa to get a new Constitution peacefully. “The government has paid every school child participating in the festivals Sh250 per day for food and accommodation. The suspects are being held at Kisima Police Station.com upils celebrated the country’s achievements since independence at the Kenya Schools and Colleges Music festival in Nakuru yesterday. which in its third day.” chief inspector of Administration Police Barnabas Kimutai told the Nation at Lions Primary School venue. some said the toilets should have been built far from the water tank. Their Kiganda folk dance Akaroi thrilled the audience. In fact the issue of special stages was brought by their association after we sought ways of decongesting the town. of his mobile phone and Sh4. Nkrumah and Digo. Instead. Mr Irungu (above) said priority would be given to serving teachers. Police are hunting for five more men who fled. the festival’s executive secretary Benson Abwao announced that 47 talented children from every county would be awarded scholarships to study in high schools. the last day of the fete. Mr Abbas said. they will not be allowed to use main roads like Moi. Many listed education. designating routes without consulting them. Mr Sparks said this in a letter to Nairobi County Assembly speaker Alex Ole Magelo who paid him a visit last week.” the governor said in Nyahururu. But Mwingi District Water Officer Kasaine Munke said the toilets have a septic tank and would not pollute the water reservoir. “We want to pay more than the Sh2. P MBOONI Police hold nine after businessman robbed West Pokot’s Lokichar Primary School pupils with a trophy they won yesterday.000 and slashed him with a panga on the head and hands. Mr Daniel Kyalo.” he said. LAIKIPIA County to employ all nursery school teachers It’s not a ban but new routes for tuk tuk operators BY NATION CORRESPONDENT Tuk tuks won’t be banned in Mombasa town centre from September 1 as reported in some sections of the media. He called on the operators to be patient as they consulted the county government over the issue. The vigango can then be returned to the coast. The men had robbed the proprietor of a supermarket.” said Mr Abbas. He called on the secretary to rescind his decision. The organisers pledged to train 100 students later this year. Area police chief James Baraza said they arrested the men after a tip off from residents. BRIEFLY KITUI Residents oppose bid to build public toilet Mwingi residents are opposed to the construction of a public toilet near a reservoir that supplies water to parts of the town. Businesspeople in the town have also set up kiosks selling food and snacks to cash in on the expected boom. Police yesterday arrested nine suspected notorious robbers at Kisima shopping centre in Mbooni West District. designated stages and routes would be allocated for the taxis to decongest the town.” Mr Abwao said. Jomo Kenyatta. Tuk tuk welfare group chairman Anwar Said accused the county government of setting up new stages and We know the city is small and the county government wants to decongest it but there is also a need to involve all parties in the plans” Tuk tuk welfare group chairman Anwar Said. Tuk tuks have been blamed for endless jams. which were improperly removed from the Giriama. the teachers are employed by schools and paid by parents.18 | County News FESTIVAL | Chairman says team will award scholarships to children across the country DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Left: A Kodik AIC Primary School dancer belting out a Karamojong song. This is a new category introduced this year when the country is set to celebrate 50 years of independence in December. Springboard Academy of Busia County urged Kenyans to be proud of their own country. “We shall pick a child from every county. NAIROBI US museum to return 30 Giriama artifacts A museum in the United States has offered to return to Nairobi 30 artifacts taken from the Giriama people in 1990. Light House Primary School pupils dance to a Kiganda folk song. The event’s national chairman. Denver Museum of Nature and Science in Colorado president George Sparks. . has attracted thousands of students and pupils. and in the new arrangement.000 a month they earn. In their winning choral verse. adding that another 100 would be picked for more training in music in December in Nairobi. There was tight security in all the four venues as secondary schools participants started trickling in to begin their performance tomorrow (Friday). sports and the Constitution as some of the achievements in performances during a special category dubbed Kenya @50. said they had received complaints to return the vigango (burial poles) donated to the museum. Top: Pupils at MM Shah Academy from Mombasa present an Oriental dance on the third day of the festivals at Lions Primary School. Together with Nairobi’s Hospital Hill Primary who came second in the same category. 2013 Pupils celebrate Kenya at 50 Secondary students start arriving for the music fete as organisers warn traders and motorcyclists BY ANTHONY NJAGI anjagi@ke.” Mr Wanjohi said. The festival. “We held consultations with every one of them. Mr Peter Wanjohi. We are trying to decongest this town and we will be working closely with the concerned bodies to ensure drivers adhere to the new laws. In yesterday’s event. Laikipia County will absorb all nursery school teachers from October this year. they reminded the audience that the achievements the country had made in free primary education needed to be celebrated despite the challenges it has faced like shortage of teachers. He was treated and discharged.nationmedia. also said that hawkers and mobile kiosks would not be allowed to operate until they were cleared by the public health office and the national executive committee organising the festival.” read a verse in their narrative. Currently. The toilets are funded by the national government through the Mwingi District Water Company and would be the first one in the area. The scholarships would be presented on Thursday. But Mr Abbas denied claims. PICTURES BY ANTHONY NJAGI | NATION 47 The number of talented pupils who will get a scholarship “Kenyans need to go back to the drawing board to learn how to appreciate achievements made so far and the good environment they have enjoyed since independence. saying they consulted the lobby. governor Joshua Irungu said yesterday. county transport secretary Mohammed Abbas said yesterday. The governor added that the county would venture into maize buying business to end the farmers’ exploitation by brokers. “We want to ensure that all the motorcycles and tuk tuks are restricted from entering into the premises where the festivals are taking place as the number of participants increase. warning that it would lead to job losses. “They must adhere to the new rules.

the governor called on Administration and regular police together with security intelligence officers to work overdrive to arrest runaway crime. which attracted the attention of police officers who later arrested some of the people who had followed us” Witness Ahmed Badawy. The medical superintendent at Naivasha District Hospital. The gangsters escaped into the bush.” he said. the witness claimed. Robbers ‘erecting illegal roadblocks’ BY NATION CORRESPONDENT Police in Ruiru are grappling with increased cases of robbers erecting roadblocks on main roads and robbing motorists. Mr Badawy said they reported the incident to Central Police Station. Migori Governor Okoth Obado has decried the rising insecurity in the county. he was assaulted again. He said the guide was aimed at ensuring a focused and effective utilisation of resources. who works at President Kenyatta’s private secretariat. “Police ordered them to stop but they defied the orders. “A church close to the road was destroyed. “There was commotion outside the police station. NAKURU Family of missing manager appeals for help Mr Shahbal follows the proceedings of his petition against the election of Mr Joho at High Court in Mombasa on Tuesday. with a promise that no money would be used on projects not in the document. “There was commotion outside the police station. he claimed. At the same time he disclosed to the court that Mr Shahbal spent close to Sh200 million on his campaigns. accusing the families of occupying their land. At that point. which attracted the attention of police officers who later arrested some of the people who had followed us. In that incident. “I cannot verify this because I could not see what was happening inside. four people in a Kampala-bound bus were seriously injured when the vehicle collided with a lorry near Delamere Estates on the Naivasha-Nairobi highway. while there. 200 The family of an insurance manager who has been missing for last two months has appealed for information on his whereabouts. A REACTION Police ‘arrested our attackers’ “I cannot verify this because I could not see what was happening inside” Witness Samuel Mgandi. education. The officers found a lorry and a motorcycle at the scene and rescued a driver and motorcyclist who had been tied by the gang. Page 22 THE COUNTIES MOMBASA | Petitioner’s supporter claims he was assaulted by governor’s agents BRIEFLY BOMET Witness retracts rigging claim in Joho’s poll case Man who had accused governor of colluding with IEBC officials to alter vote count now withdraws allegation BY EUNICE MACHUHI emachuhi@ke.” he said. said they were yet to know the motive of her husband’s attackers. Two people were injured and taken to Meru Level Five Hospital. Another witness. The lorry driver and his loader were slightly injured. clarified that he was not able to see what Mr Joho was doing inside the polling station since he was denied access. MERU KIAMBU Driver dies as truck ploughs into church BY NATION CORRESPONDENTS One person died and six others were seriously injured in accidents in Meru and Nakuru counties. Four passengers were treated and discharged at Gilgil District Hospital. energy and health.nationmedia. renting and branding motor vehicles. The accident occurred barely two days after another crash claimed four lives on the busy highway on Saturday night. While in the company of his brother-in-law Swaleh Shahbal. Naivasha police boss Charles Kortok said the bus had maximum number of passengers but only a few were slightly injured. The county has given priority to roads.” said Mr Sang. Central director of police operations Ephantus Kiura yesterday said officers on patrol came across a roadblock at Bob Harries area but the men who were manning it ran away on seeing the police. His wife. In Nakuru.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. LABAN WALLOGA | NATION Some of the funds were spent on buying. security agents ordered all party agents to leave the room after which Mr Joho colluded with Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission officials to manipulate vote count. the driver of a Nyanza-bound bus lost control of the vehicle near Kikopey and it rolled after hitting a culvert. claimed he was attacked by people allied to Mr Joho on the voting day. “Fifteen were treated and discharged while four men and six women were admitted for observation. Mr Samuel Mgandi had told the High Court in Mombasa that he saw Mr Joho and his security detail storm Vijueni polling station in Likoni armed with guns. . Grace Wangare. He said the attackers followed them in two vehicles with eight occupants each and. The witness. saying Mr Mgandi had not raised the issue during cross-examination. he added. the driver of a trailer died on the spot after the vehicle rolled several times at Gitimbine on the Githongo-Meru road and ploughed into a church. Meru traffic police boss Jackson Sang said the vehicle ferrying electricity poles ploughed into the church after the driver lost its control. Dr Joseph Mburu. Lawyer Mohammed Balala. The attackers have threatened to strike again. Luckily. they were accosted by certain individuals at a petrol station as they refuelled. strongly objected to the evidence. In Meru. its driver and loader were rescued. forcing the officers to shoot at them. A lorry. 2013 19 TNA ACTIVIST SEEKS TO BLOCK PARTY NOMINEE Petitioner accuses IEBC of favouring Lesuuda on the nominations list. They later encountered another roadblock near Furahia Primary School on their way back to the station.” he said. Villagers accused the police and provincial administration of failing to arrest the bandits who are well known to them. Speaking during the swearing-in of members of the county public service board. Dr Shahbal jumped out of the vehicle and shot in the air after which the individuals retreated and got into their vehicle.com witness has withdrawn a claim he made against Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho in a case challenging his election after he failed to prove it. The officers have stepped up patrols to fight the menace after they came across two illegal roadblocks on Karamaini Road on Tuesday afternoon. water. Rutto unveils county growth master plan Bomet Governor Isaac Rutto yesterday launched his government’s five-year integrated development plan. Mr Obado (above) yesterday said gangsters were giving residents sleepless nights and demanded that security enforcement agents “wake up from slumber” . Mr Ahmed Badawy. campaign billboards and other logistics. Once inside. for petitioner Suleiman Shahbal.” he told lawyer Gikandi Ngibuini. BARINGO Fear grips village after gang steals livestock Residents of Kokwototo village in Baringo are living in fear after they were attacked by a neighbouring clan and their livestock driven away on Tuesday. MIGORI Governor asks police to arrest crime wave Busy highway Rescued driver 4 The number of people injured in the Nakuru accident involving a Kampala-bound bus and a lorry. there were no worshippers at the time. agriculture. The family of Cannon Assurance Nakuru branch manager Joseph Mbugua yesterday said they were living in fear after he disappeared “mysteriously” on June 3. for Mr Joho. said 25 injured people were brought in.” he said. “The lorry driver was trying to overtake when the vehicles collided head-on. Millions of shillings that Mr Shahbal spent on his campaign.

stood committed to the Departmental Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs for consideration and thereafter make a report to the House. Previously. Nairobi Opposite Kahawa Barracks. and there was no guarantee that it would take good care of animals in the Mara. 2013. Kenyatta Street. hand-delivered to the Office of the Clerk.Matrimonial Property Bill.nationmedia.20 | County News DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. 2nd Floor Old Sansora Building. 2013 have undergone First Reading as stipulated in the standing Orders of the House. Ghana Street. Hurlingham 3. Village Market 5. Had declined REPUBLIC OF KENYA THE AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION OF KENYA KENYA NATIONAL ASSEMBLY ELEVENTH PARLIAMENT In the Matter of consideration by the National Assembly of the Marriage Bill 2013. 1st Floor Simphi House. Defence: MPs have hit back saying the fund is here to stay. 2013 Senators renew push for county cash Governors ready to perform their duties. REASONS Skewed distribution Leaders differ on role of fund Opposition: During a forum in Kwale. They also agreed on the func- ISAAC WALE | NATION tions that will be performed by county governments. Meru 13. P. Mr Kuyoni said the review was aimed at containing the grazing menace that posed great threat to wildlife. Naivasha 16. Kitale 18. Kericho 20. Ground Floor Jubilee Mall. The 10 member team has been on a tour of western Kenya. The representations may be forwarded to the Clerk of the National Assembly. Thika 9. devolution and was playing politics. The Bills. 2nd Floor Ndege House. Nairobi Shop No. Nairobi Aggiz Plaza. was facing poaching menace in the Tsavo conservancy and Lake Nakuru park. Mumias Road. Main Parliament Buildings. 2nd Floor Annan Annex Building. the county used to fine offenders Sh10. Kakamega 22. Kiambu 8. he said. 1st Floor Koja Flat. said devolution must be actualised and asked the government to devolve all the functions stipulated in the Constitution. MICHAEL R. Narok County deputy senior warden Moses Kuyoni yesterday said the county had approved fines of Sh200 per cow or bull and Sh50 for a goat or sheep found illegally grazing in the reserve. 2013 Article 118(1)(b) of the Constitution provides that “Parliament shall facilitate public participation and involvement in the legislative and other business of Parliament and its Committees. Kitui 25. Box 41842-00100.com enators have renewed their criticism of the Jubilee Government accusing it of plotting to kill devolution. the Committee invites interested members of the Public to submit any representations they may have on the Marriage Bill. He said after the committee’s tour of the western region. They may also be downloaded from our website www. Narok chief warden James Sindiyo said they would not hand over the reserve to Kenya Wildlife Service. BRANCH OFFICES FOR 1. the Matrimonial Property Bill. 1st Floor Ambwene Plaza. Please note that only paid up members will be eligible to vote.” SUBMISSION OF MEMORANDA The Marriage Bill. He also asked leaders both in national assembly and senate to work together and avoid partisanship.000 per herd of cattle. SIALAI FOR: CLERK OF NATIONAL ASSEMBLY NOTICE TO MEMBERS OF THE AA OF KENYA We wish to inform our Members that Ballot Papers for election to the Governing Council on Friday 23rd August 2013 may be collected from the under listed stations effective 8th August 2013. KWS. Chuka 14. 3rd Floor. Mombasa COLLECTION AA House. A Gazette notice outlining the agreements is expected to be published tomorrow. Kanisa Road. 2013 and the Election Campaign Financing Bill. Teachers and doctors have in the recent past opposed attempts to place them under county governments.2013.O. 2nd Floor. had declined by 70 per cent as they had to compete for pasture with cattle entering the reserve. Kisii 23.go. saying they preferred to remain with the central government. Nairobi Gemuwa House. to be received on or before Thursday. 1st Floor John Ngonde Building. having been read for the First time. Westlands 4. Nyeri 11. Ground Floor D N NJOROGE DIRECTOR GENERAL . 2nd Floor Koineei Plaza. Mama Ngina Street. senators and governors opposed the channelling of CDF and other grants through constituencies.ke. Kakamega County senator Boni Khalwale accused the government of derailing devolution by claiming that some counties were not ready to take up specific functions. Members of the Senate committee on delegated legislation also asked county leaders to safeguard devolution and oppose efforts to scuttle the Constitution. Nairobi. 3rd Floor Wedco Centre. Buru Buru 6. Pursuant to Article 118(1) (b) and Standing Order 127(3). 2nd Floor. Machakos 24. Ground Floor Muthui Building. “People are tired of imperial leadership and the skewed distribution of resources. Argwings Kodhek. 2013. governors held a meeting with Deputy President William Ruto during which they agreed on how the money for devolution will be shared out. Nairobi Sarit Centre.” Standing Order 127(3) states that “the Departmental Committee to which a Bill is committed shall facilitate public participation and shall take into account views and recommendations of the public when the Committee makes its report to the House. 2nd Floor Rhino House. Kilunja Street. August 15th . The chairperson of the Senate Committee on delegated legislation Ms Mvita Mshenga(in black coat) flags off Miss Tourism beauty contest when her team visited Vihiga Governor Moses Akaranga(holding flag) this week. Nakuru 17. Kwame Nkurumah Road. Next to Ibis Hotel. Ground Floor Willy Jimmy Road. 2013 and the Election Campaign Financing Bill.co. Ground Floor Kimjoy House. Matrimonial Property Bill.ke. AA Headquarters 2. Ms Mvita Mshenga. 294. Kisumu 21. Kenyatta Avenue. The committee’s chairperson. especially the Big Five.aakenya. Eldoret 19. Airport North Road Embakasi. Last week. Nanyuki 12. members were convinced that all the counties were ready to take up their functions. Kahawa 7. Ground Floor Twin Oak Plaza. Nairobi. say leaders BY JACKLINE MORAA newsdesk@ke. Karatina 10. Ground Floor Gatehouse. 2013 and the Election Campaign Financing Bill. 2013 at 5:00pm. Threats of suit: Homa Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang’ also threatened to move to court to challenge the channelling of funds through CDF.” Ms Mshenga said in Kisii County during a tour of the western region. Ground Floor Murango Stalls. Embu 15. Experts recently told a workshop that the population of animals. or emailed to clerk@parliament. 3rd Floor Konahauthi Building. Nairobi Nyaku House. He also said the Transition Authority had failed to midwife POLITICS | Team accuses central government of delaying the march to devolution NAROK S County raises illegal grazing fines in Mara BY NATION CORRESPONDENT The Narok County government is set to introduce higher fines for illegal grazing of livestock in Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. 2013 21 .

Mr Hassan is scheduled to testify in court today in defence of the commission.” This request was opposed by lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui for Mr Waititu. the High Court heard yesterday. Referring to a letter written by the commission indicating that it “promoted” Ms Lesuuda to position three in the list before nominating her. “I can represent the marginalised youth in my county. another Kikuyu who was in the list. Mr Hassan is expected to testify in the defence of the commission. Dr Kidero will have to wait for a month to know his fate. in his closing submissions.” she said. 2013 Kidero to know his fate in one month BY NATION CORRESPONDENT Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero romped to victory on a clean slate and claims to the contrary cannot be substantiated in law.” The petitioner added that she could not understand why the commission decided to remove her and not Mrs Beth Mugo.com n election petitioner yesterday accused the electoral commission of illegally nominating journalist Naisula Lesuuda to the Senate. claimed that she was ahead of Ms Lesuuda in the party’s priority list but the commission by-passed her based on ethnic considerations. when the court will give a judgment in a petition challenging his victory in the March 4 polls.” SUIT | IEBC accused of favouring Lesuuda IEBC chairman Isaack Hassan leaves the High Court. However. who submitted that he had proved to the court that ‘“non compliance to election rules as cited in the hotly contested seat interfered with a free. A ‘‘ The reason that the IEBC gave me was that I was removed on the strength of the fact that I am a Kikuyu” Ms Lydia Mathia .” she said in the witness stand. “The reason that the IEBC gave me was that I was removed on the strength of the fact that I am a Kikuyu. said the governor was validly elected and urged the court to disregard the tallying discrepancies as “acceptable arithmetic errors. 13 could not be verified. Ms Lydia Mathia has sued the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and Ms Lesuuda over changes it made to the TNA nomination priority list. “The IEBC did not have any right to nominate or promote anybody in the list submitted by the party.” Lawyer Tom Ojienda for Dr Kidero.nationmedia.” she said. Former Embakasi MP Ferdinand Waititu moved to court seeking nullification of Dr Kidero’s win claiming “the election results became tainted when it was revealed that out of 17 constituencies. PAUL WAWERU | NATION TNA activist seeks to block party nominee Petitioner claims she was ahead of Lesuuda in party priority list but IEBC by-passed her BY BY PAUL JUMA pjuma@ke. Ms Mathia.” she said. she argued that the Constitution or election laws did not provide for anything like promotion. equal and level playing ground for the contestants. “The IEBC had no powers to alter lists including the one submitted by the TNA on March 15. too trifle to qualify in nullifying the overall election results.22 | County News NAIROBI DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. which is also facing numerous election petitions across the country arising from the March 4 General Election. Nairobi yesterday after the hearing of a petition challenging the nomination of journalist Naisula Lesuuda to the Senate. in her oral evidence at the High Court in Nairobi. adding: “The constitution does not give the IEBC any such powers.

8. 9 10 11 Lesanjir Mavan. YOUTH AFFAIRS AND SPORTS NB: .Paul Leirana Simon. TOURISM. Maralal and Wamba). 3. 3.Tommy Lepatoiye Davoli Lenanyokie Andrew Lerugum Marios Leshimpiro Charles Lesingiran Mark Lenadonger Koty Lalaikipiani Muruta Lasangurinkuri Sarafino Letipila Naanyu Lesimirdana Jarson Lempushuna Dirop. 1. Rose Lenarerei Joseph Lolchuraki Jackson Lentoijoni Letinina Jacob Andrew Lesiapadei Chris Lolmingani Selina Lepurcha Stellamaris Sarafin Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelor Degree Masters Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Masters Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelor Degree Bachelors Degree Masters Degree Bachelor Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree M M M M F F M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M F M M M M F M M M M M F M M M M M F F 17/08/2013 “ “ “ “ “ “ “ 15/08/2013 “ “ 16/08/2013 “ “ “ “ 17/08/2013 “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ 17/08/2013 “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ 16/08/2013 ” “ “ “ “ “ “ 9:00am 9:40am 10:20am 11:40am 12:20am 2:00pm 2:40pm 3:20pm 2:40pm 3:20pm 4:00PM 4:00pm 4::40pm 5:20pm 6:00pm 6:40pm 9:00am 9:40am 10:20am 11:00am 11:40am 12:20pm 2:40pm 3:20pm 4:00pm 4:40pm 9:00am 9:40am 10:20am 11:00am 11:40am 12:20pm 2:00pm 2:40pm 3:20pm 4:00pm 9:00am 9:40am 10:20am 11:00am 11:40am 12:20pm 2:00pm 2:40pm North North East North East North North North West Kirinyaga West North West East East West SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES FOR AGRICULTURE. 9. 5. Lepariyo Joseph Dr. 8. INDUSTRY AND ENTREPRISE DEVELOPMENT 1. Lenaseyian Sammy Lenanyokie Bobby Lepilale Bernard L. 2. 2. 7. 7. 6. Lekalja Julius Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Masters Degree Bachelors Degree Masters Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Masters Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Masters Degree M M M F M M M M M M M M M M M F M M M M 16/08/2013 “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ 16/08/2013 “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ 9:00am 9:40am 10:20am 11:00am 11:40am 12:20pm 2:00pm 2:40pm 3:20pm 9:00am 9:40am 10:20am 11:00am 11:40pm 12:20pm 2:00pm 2:40pm 3:20pm 4:00pm 4:40pm East North West West West North West West North North North West North West West East North North North West SHORT LISTED CANDIDATES FOR SUB COUNTY SAMBURU EAST SHORT LISTED CANDIDATES FOR EDUCATION. Lerantilei Josphat.O.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Secretary . 1. 7.All candidates to come with original academic certificates and other supporting documents. 4. 7. Lesurmat Lelekoiten Thomas Lesimirdana Jarson. 8. 3. 4. Lesuyai James Letoiye Daniel Lesiamito Duncan Lekodesa F. 3. 8. 1. 3. Silas Lodeke Lesikel Kurumbe George Eluji Lenaipa Mary Ekai Paul Lolmingani Tommy T. 4. 10. 5. SERIAL NAME NO. 4. 3. 3. Lengironi Lysson S Lesileele Names 1. 8. Leshomo Komitu. Petrina Lelenguya Naftali Muikia Susan Lelemoyog Charles Leleruk Lysson Lesilele Sammy Lenanyokie David Lekunte Lelelit Lesaam Lekimain T. Lesiamito Gabriel Lesororo Catherine. 10. 2. Lolonyokie Simon. Lekalesoi Patwell Lekimain B. 3. 1. 4. 2. 1. 6. 2. 6. 5. 5. Lekimain Julius L. 4. Lemunen Solomon Letinina Ngini. 1. 6. 2. 5. Lepatoiye Davoli. Lekempe S. 2. 7. VETERINARY AND FISHERIES SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES FOR HEAD OF TREASURY SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES FOR HEAD OF REVENUE SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES FOR MEDICAL AND SANITATION SHORT LISTED CANDIDATES FOR SUB COUNTY SAMBURU NORTH SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES FOR TRANSPORT AND PUBLIC WORKS SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES FOR PHYSICAL PLANNING AND HOUSING SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES FOR ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES SHORT LISTED CANDIDATES FOR SUB COUNTY SAMBURU WEST SHORT LISTED CANDIDATE FOR COOPERATIVE DEVELOPMENT. 2. 9. 2. 4. Daniel Lenolkirna Susan Lelemoyog Patrick K. 7. 5. Lempoore Rumenye Lemagas Sammy Lekula Michael LomiKo E. QUALIFICATION GENDER SERIAL NAME NO. 2. 5. 3. Lekaldero Margret N. Lengewa Leonard. . 9. 6. Box 3 – 20600 MARALAL . QUALIFICATION DATE OF INTERVIEW INTERVIEW REGION TIME. 6. 5. Leterewa P. 3. 4. 2.Head of county Supply chain management will be re-advertised . 3. North West North Narok East West West 1.Samwel Lemunyete Rueben Lekenit Boreya Lolokuru Edward. 1. 5. HEAD OF DEPARTMENTS AND SUB-COUNTY ADMINISTRATORS (INTERVIEW VENUE WILL BE AT JOSEPH ALLAMANO PASTORAL CENTRE MARALAL) GENDER DATE OF INTERVIEW INTERVIEW REGION TIME. 2. Leshore Kenneth Malen Evans R.Paul Lempei Jackson. 3. 4.Christine Lempei Jackson. TRADE. 4. Jemen Lentoijoni Saura Lemoosa Philip Lekarkar Marmalei Loronyokie Daniel Lelenguya Linus Lenolgenje Julieta Z. notice boards ( Baragoi. 7. East North West East West North West West West East East East West North 1.Nadede Lekembe S. 8. SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES FOR FINANCE 1.All shortlisted candidates for ward administrators shall be displayed at sub-county headquarters. 5. 6. SHORT LISTED CANDIDATES FOR CULTURE. 4. 2013 23 REPUBLIC OF KENYA SAMBURU COUNTY GOVERNMENT PUBLIC SERVICE BOARD SHORT LISTED CANDIDATES FOR THE POST OF COUNTY CHIEF OFFICERS. 2. Selina Akiru Masters Degree Masters Degree Masters Degree Masters Degree Masters Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Qualification Bachelors Degree Masters Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Masters Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Masters Degree Bachelors Degree Masters Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Masters Degree Masters Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree Bachelors Degree M F M M M F M Gender M M M M M M M M F M M M M M M M M M M M F M F 15/08/2013 “ “ “ “ “ “ Date 15/08/2013 “ “ “ “ 15/08/2013 “ “ “ 15/08/2013 “ “ 17/08/2013 “ “ 15/08/2013 “ “ “ “ “ “ “ 9:00am 9:40am 10:20am 11:00am 11:40pm 12:20pm 2:00pm Time 9:00am 9:40am 10:20am 11:00am 12:20pm 2:00pm 2:40pm 3:20pm 4:00pm 9:00am 9:40am 10:20am 3:20pm 4:00pm 4:40pm 11:00am 11:40am 12:20pm 2:00pm 2:40pm 3:20pm 4:00pm 4:40pm North North North East West West East East West 1. SOCIAL SERVICES AND GENDER Lenanyokie Andrew Lempushuna Dirop Lepoora Jonathan Lekesike Thomas Lenasalia Josphine Lenaseiyian Juliana Lerugum Marios Leshimpiro Charles. 3. 6. 7. 8. 1.County Public Service Board SAMBURU COUNTY GOVERNMENT P. 3. 2. Lelenguiya Daniel.

Employee Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction and Integrity Surveys. The County Assembly of Trans –Nzoia reserves the right to accept or reject any application wholly or partly without reasons for rejection.000 fake money at Chwele market in Bungoma..I. Provision of Tents and Chairs Provision of General Insurance Services FILE | NATION A woman who was assaulted by her son has died.00pm during normal working days. Branded Material. Disinfectants and Cleaning Materials Provision of Repair and Maintenance service for Generator/Lighting Posts Supply of Electrical Materials and Installation of Local Area Networking(wired and wireless) Provision of service on Environment Audit and Impact Assessment Provision of Cleaning and Sanitary Service Provision of Training Service for Staff and MCA’s in Strategic Planning.. Solar Panels. “We work closely with other institutions such as the Directorate of Public Prosecutions and the police to enforce the law. Provision of Staff and MCA’S Medical Insurance Service Installation and Support of CCTV Security System Installation of Hansard System/ Conference Facilities Provision of Website Designing and Hosting Provision of Exhauster Service Supply of Hardware and Building Materials Supply and delivery of Timber.Qualification documents from Trans-Nzoia County Assembly office HQ. Ms Lwanga said. Ms Magdaline Wangui was then admitted in hospital but later succumbed to the injuries..” she said...... Thus exceptionally excluded from past experience but attach V.NZOIA INVITES INTERESTED ELIGIBLE SUPPLIERS TO APPLY FOR TENDER/ PRE. KITALE E-mail: Countyoftransnzoia@gmail. UPS. Membership registration where applicable. National Cohesion and Integration Commission vicechairperson Milly Lwanga yesterday said 10 counties would be involved in the first phase of the project..com must therefore be adhered to by all government institutions. Beverages and Soft Drinks Provision of Energy. should be addressed to: THE INTERIM COUNTY ASSEMBLY CLERK COUTY ASSEMBLY OF TRANS NZOIA P. We have stepped in following challenges that most counties faced. Tax Compliance Certificate. CATN/16/13-14 CATN/17/13-14 CATN/18/13-14 CATN/19/13-14 CATN/20/13-14 CATN/21/13-14 CATN/22/13-14 CATN/23/13-14 CATN/24/13-14 CATN/25/13-14 CATN/26/13-14 CATN/27/13-14 CATN/28/13-14 CATN/29/13-14 CATN/30/13-14 CATN/31/13-14 CATN/32/13-14 CATN/33/13-14 CATN/34/13-14 CATN/35/13-14 CATN/36/13-14 CATN/37/13-14 Team writes hiring guide for counties Cohesion team steps in to ensure tribalism is not entrenched in the 47 devolved units BY ELISHA OTIENO elisha_otieno@yahoo... Natural Stones.. Copies of mandatory documents which must be submitted with Tender document: Certificate of registration/ incorporation. NYERI Help my sons get land. .... Corporate Governance. Tender/ pre-Qualification document will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend.O.e. Photocopiers and Accessories.Training.. Sand.. Strategic Planning Financial. The man allegedly sold the parcel after Nyeri District Land Registrar lifted the caveat in June against the woman’s wishes.. Team Building and Report Writing Procedure and Report Submission Supply and delivery of Fire Fighting Equipment and Training Repair and Servicing of Motor Vehicle Supply of Bottle Drinking Water. prosecutor Rhoda Kanyi asked for time to amend Mr Kanyi’s charges to murder.. Youth and Physicaly challenged groups from Trans Nzoia County are encouraged to apply. The official defended the commission against claims that it was as a toothless dog.. Business Cards. Women. 054-30302 P. The team is targeting the eradication of tribalism in counties... especially M-Pesa agents’ shops. Scanners. Or be deposited in the tender box situated at County Assembly’s Office on or before Thursday 29th August 2013 at 12. “With details of Pre Qualification/ Tender NO.. Wind Power etc.E/PA System/LCD Projectors/Tele-conferencing Equipment Repair of Plants and Machinery Electrical/Mechanical Provision of Catering service.... This is prompted by the realisation that some devolved units may be dominated by certain tribes or gender in violation of the law. BOX 4221 .... His accomplice escaped.Qualification of suppliers” or” Application for Tender No.. Payment may be by cash or bankers cheque payable to the County Assembly of Trans. Lighting System i..A. Hardcore. Binding Service Diaries. He had promised to double the woman’s cash before police were alerted about the deal. “Our notices bear the weight of court orders and Why NCIC stepped in n NCIC decided to guide employment in counties after some county governments decided to only employ local tribes. Murang’a South police boss Anthony Onyango confirmed the incident saying the woman was found abandoned at Kabati area . And category No. Murang’a South district on Tuesday night.. Monitoring and Evaluation . Contrary to public perception. Ms Lwanga said they would issue compliance notices to county government that would flout the guidelines.. ISO Certification and Devolution) Supply of Telecommunication Equipments and Air time/Calling Cards Provision of Repair and Maintenance of ICT equipment Supply and delivery of Computers. MURANG’A Abducted woman found near home A woman who was abducted by a gang that had raided her house..24 | County News REPUBLIC OF KENYA DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. CATN/07/13-14 CATN/08/13-14 CATN/09/13-14 CATN/10/13-14 CATN/11/13-14 CATN/12/13-14 CATN/13/13-14 CATN/14/13-14 CATN/15/13-14 TENDER ITEM DESCRIPTION Supply and delivery of General Office Stationary Supply and delivery of Fuel..” she said. n The fear is that the dominant tribe may end up taking up all the jobs at the expense of minorities. The three were arrested by the Special Crimes Prevention Unit following a tip-off by the public. Concrete Blocks and Allied Products (building material) Supply and delivery of Detergents.. Feasibility Study for Product Development......com TENDER/ PRE-QUALIFICATION OF SUPPLIERS OF GOODS/ SERVICES FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR 2013-2014 THE COUNTY ASSEMBLY OF TRANS. n Speculation is also rife that some counties may lock out women out of employment. NCIC’s efforts were yielding fruit. Printer.000 fake cash A man was yesterday arrested for possessing Sh82. Yesterday. Murram..... 2. including county governments. Team Building. a Nyeri court heard yesterday. National Cohesion and Integration Commission vice-chairperson Milly Lwanga addresses the media at a past event.O BOX 4221-30200. Mrs Shelmith Wambugu from Ragati village in Nyeri accuses the man of selling family land despite a caveat by the ministry of Lands.000. Conference Hall and Workshop Facilities (from 3 to 5 Star hotel/ restaurant) Provision of Consulting service(Work Environment. People should not expect too much from us. Tender Purchase receipt.QUALIFICATION FOR SUPPLY AND PROVISION OF THE LISTED GOODS AND SERVICES FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR 2013/2014 ON “AS AND WHEN REQUIRED BASIS” CATEGORY A.. Duly completed pre.. “The three have been linked to break-ins at businesses..” she told journalists in Migori Town.00 Noon. 2013 MIGORI | Bid to ensure gender balance BRIEFLY NYERI Mother dies after panga attack by son COUNTY ASSEMBLY OF TRANS NZOIA TEL: 054-30301. Police also seized equipment used to make the counterfeit currency after the suspect attempted to con a woman of Sh10. “We want to make sure that nobody is discriminated against on the basis of tribe or gender during recruitment... 75 was kidnapped by a gang of eight armed men at her home in Mangoto village. Calendars and Visitors Cards PREQUALIFICATION Supply of Office Furniture and Equipment Provision of Support and Maintenance of Website services Provision of Travel Agency and Ticketing service (iata-registered) Provision of Legal Service Provision of General Building Repairs and Maintenance service Provision of Conference Equipments(S.... Ballast. The interim clerk to county assembly dated 1st August 2013 he cohesion team is developing an employment guide for the country’s 47 counties. Ms Jane Rose Njoki.. Trade License (single Business Permits)... Mr Nahason Kanyi had been accused of attacking his mother with a machete at Githakwa village on May 29. V. PIN and registration certificate.. Laptops. TENDER TENDER PRE EQ NO CATN/01/13-14 CATN/02/13-14 CATN/03/13-14 CATN/04/13-14 CATN/05/13-14 CATN/06/13-14 CATEGORY B.A.. In case tenderer chooses to use a reliable courier service. urges woman A 64-year-old woman is appealing for help to stop her husband from disinheriting their sons. She said decreased cases of violence and hate speech witnessed during the last General Election were a result of their efforts. She said Migori was among counties earmarked for the first phase of the project because it is cosmopolitan. Upon payment of Non refundable fee of Kshs..Nzoia between 8. Oil and Lubricants Supply and delivery of Uniform and Protective devices Provision of Security Service Provision of Medical Cover (HMOs/Insurance underwriters) Supply of Staff Identification. Suppliers may obtain the tender /pre.000 /= per set for both categories. a few kilometres from her home..T and PIN certificate..00am to 5.. REASONS TRANS NZOIA Crime masterminds seized after tip-off Three people have been arrested on suspicion of being the masterminds of a series of robberies in the past month. saying it only adhered to its constitutional mandate. BUNGOMA T Man arrested with Sh82.. Baked Bricks..30200 KITALE.T... should ensure the documents reach the tender box before the closing date. Video Camera.” said Trans Nzoia police boss Lillian Ombeka.

Anne N.” said Mr Joshua Kimani. he said villagers continue to herd their cattle in the forest.com he Nandi county government wants Britain to pay the local community for the lives and property lost during resistance against colonial rule. Land use and land cover change / sustainable land management 2. would not go unpunished. Culture and natural resources management 9. Nairobi. Conference deadlines • Submission of abstracts should reach the conference organizers not later than 30th August 2013 • Those whose abstracts will be accepted will be notified by 20th September 2013 to work on the full papers • Full papers should reach the organizers not later than 6th December 2013.go. The Senator said he had forwarded a list of beneficiaries of the deals to Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu. which is now three days old. their leaders and planners.nema. Land tenure systems. Department of Geography and Environmental Studies UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI (For The Organising Committee) T Growing bhang ‘‘ The county government is seeking support.000.. In addition. as a researcher who is currently working in Tana River County or might have completed your research on this County. Dr Lagat said his government would hold a stakeholders’ consultative forum to get the community’s support for the case. “We normally charge Sh2. “The participatory forest management system involving communities is good but some people are sneaking into the forest at night to cut trees for charcoal burning.nationmedia. The community was assembling teams of lawyers to sue and seek compensation from the British Government for the losses. have protested to Britain and demanded that the local community must get compensation from multinationals that have “been taking away all their profits” instead of assisting locals. “If you bought a plot through the back door. Elias H. Supermarkets are unusually busy while hawkers have set up camp around the venues of the schools music festival. Mr Mukuu said efforts to conserve the forest and involve communities in a campaign to protect its resources were being undermined by those engaging in illegal activities. land use change.000 visitors and more are expected for self-proclaimed prophet David Owuor’s mega crusade.com or ehoayiemba@uonbi. which starts tomorrow and ends on Sunday. Dr Owuor’s crusades usually attract top leaders. NEMA in collaboration with the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. National Environment Management Authority UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI CALL FOR ABSTRACTS INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE ON THE TANA RIVER COUNTY Preamble The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) is established under the Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA) No. will host an international scientific conference on Tana River County from 11th to 13th February 2014 in Mombasa at a venue to be decided later.O.ke We are counting on your support for the success of this conference. Kenya. .ke and anomambia@nema.” In addition. Environmental disasters and coping strategies 6. set up a team of competent lawyers to pursue the case” Nandi Governor Cleophas Lagat. ushered a new devolved system of governance which created 47 counties.go.go. and his government would not give up until the matter was addressed. resource use conflicts. including Tana River County at the Coast Region.000 for a double but we are now charging a flat rate of Sh3.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Tana River County has been selected as a pilot study to help the people of Tana River County identify their full natural and human resources potential for harnessing in order to achieve sustainable socio-economic development and human well-being. The theme of the conference is: “The Impact of Climate Change on Natural Resources and Human Activities in Tana River County.500 people to cultivate half an acre each in a section of the forest for food. In February. Irrigation and the environment 3. be sure we are coming for it and we will not spare anyone…” he warned.. said area forester Daniel Mukuu. your contribution will help the people of the Tana River County to prioritize their development agenda by sharing such information with the people of this County. Integrated water resources management in a changing climate 7. Charcoal burning alarming: Forester BY NATION CORRESPONDENT Charcoal burning has been blamed for the wanton destruction of Kakamega forest. Population dynamics and livelihood systems 5. • Updates on the conference will be made available on the NEMA website on www.ac.Geopolitics and development issues 11. demographic and cultural data. ii) Establish a data base for the Tana River County to help the people of Tana River County prioritize resources for their sustainable development iii) Publish excellent research work for knowledge sharing iv) Use the Tana River County model for other counties in the country. amongst others. Speaking during swearingin of eight members of county public service board. according to Governor Cleophas Lagat. Ayiemba Department of Geography and Environmental Studies University of Nairobi P. Illegal cutting of trees by villagers was rampant in Shamiloli and other parts of the forest. The community accuses Britain of killing more than 10. It is suspected those behind the cultivation of the bhang have taken advantage of the lapses in patrols to enter the forest. adaptation. with some owners taking advantage to increase rates. Biodiversity. the county government is seeking support from the Senate and Nandi County Assembly to pass legislation and set up a team of competent lawyers to pursue the case against Britain. The objectives of the conference are to: i) Enable scientists who are working or who have completed their work in the Tana River County to share their experiences and knowledge on the resources of the region.O. The National Schools Music Festival has attracted about 100. Sonko warns grabbers of court action BY NATION CORRESPONDENT Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko Mbuvi has warned illegal plot owners in Nairobi County to brace for “bruising” court battles as he moves to honour a preelection pledge to reclaim public land leased to private developers through “underhand City Hall deals”. Almost all hotels are booked up to Monday. Last month. a lodge manager. The Kenya Forest Service has allowed 1. led by Mr Alfred Ketter.000 for a single room and Sh3. Each county is expected to design its own best practices of environmental governance in harmony with the Constitution. Email: olayiemba@yahoo. Climate change adaptation and mitigation. He assured the community that justice would be done. Box 30197-00100 Nairobi.O. Mr Ketter and team of 12 MPs from North Rift have ganged up against tea companies operating in Nandi. • The conference will be held on 11th to 13th December 2014 • Abstracts and full papers should be addressed to all the emails provided below in PDF format. destroying the bio-diversity. administration police officers also found bhang in a section of the forest.000 were killed by soldiers’ Leaders want UK to pay for Nandi losses County leadership plans to sue Britain for atrocities meted out on community before independence BY TOM MATOKE tmatoke@ke. Therefore. 8 of 1999 as the principal instrument of Government for the implementation of all policies relating to the environment.000 people. Kenyan laws and guidelines for resources management as stipulated by NEMA regulations. University of Nairobi (UoN). 2013 County News 25 KAKAMEGA NANDI | ‘10. Dr. ecosystems and tourism 10. Dr Lagat said. Box 67839-00200. conflicts and community livelihoods 4. President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga were among thousands of people at his crusade at Nairobi’s Uhuru Park. Samuel Owuor Chairman. Agriculture and food security 8. stating they occupy huge hectares of fertile land yet the British colony never compensated the community over loss of lives. Kenya Email: dgnema@nema. Omambia 2) Prof. also. Dr Lagat said they would take a twopronged approach to the case — seeking compensation from Britain and filing the case in an international court. burning houses and grabbing thousands of hectares of fertile land and dishing it out to multinationals. NAIROBI NAKURU Visitors flood town ahead of religious fete BY NATION CORRESPONDENT Hotel owners have re corded brisk business as visitors flock to the town for a religious crusade at the weekend and the ongoing schools music festival. the sub-themes for the conference have been identified as follows: 1. The Kenya Constitution 2010. Nandi MPs. Atrocities committed by colonialists against the Nandi.ke 1) The Director General National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) P. “For justice to prevail.” he said yesterday. Kenya.” said Mr Mukuu. Governor Evans Kidero and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. This cannot be effectively realized without the contribution of researchers and civil societies who are on the ground collecting and synthesizing data on biodiversity.ke Attention: Dr.

his running mate.Correspondent) . “We must go from a showdown on the squares and in the streets to a confrontation through arguments.co. (AFP) TO COMMENT ON THESE AND OTHER STORIES GO TO www. Chokri Belaid. And the suspension of the assembly’s work throws into question Larayedh’s target of the ANC adopting a new constitution and electoral law by October 23 ahead of a December 17 election. “we would address you after we have read through your address. Ennahda can not carry on without taking on board the fact that the (economic and social) forces in the country do not agree with it. More than 40. But the stalemate showed no sign of ending. “The hour of compromise has come. Justice William Atuguba said today. President Mahama. with the Ennahda-led cabinet criticised for not doing enough to prevent them. chairman of the panel. protests marked the biggest anti-government rally since the assassination. Meanwhile..000 people gathered to demand the resignation of the government led by the moderate Islamic movement Ennahda. was killed sparking off protests unisia’s political crisis neared its “moment of truth” today after tens of thousands of people poured onto the streets of the capital to demand the government’s resignation. Since the ANC was elected in October 2011.’’ BRIEFLY MONROVIA Weah to contest Senatorial poll The political leader of the main opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC).” Defence Minister Rachid Sabbagh said that the armies of Tunisia and Algeria would “reinforce their cooperation. offering instead to broaden the coalition.” stressed political scientist Slaheddine Jourchi. Assembly speaker Mustapha Ben Jaafar said the ANC’s work would be halted until the government and opposition opened negotiations to break the deadlock “in the service of Tunisia”. which heads the ruling coalition. Suspension: The National Constituent Assembly has been suspended until the government and opposition open negotiations. soccer legend George Manneh Weah who currently heads the Peace and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia has declared his intention to contest the 2014 m-d-term Senatorial election for Montserrado County. Prime Minister Ali Larayedh has refused to quit. Analysts say the moment of truth has also arrived. took over the mantle to finish the unexpired term of President Mills who died on July 24 last year. MrBrahmi’s murder. He was sworn-in on January 7 this year after the contested election and has since been the President in spite of the challenge in court. Weah in 2005 contested presidency. “There are red lines that can not be considered. The court decision would either end President John Dramani Mahama’s seven month’s tenure as the country’s leader or retain him in office in the seven months old petition filed by the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP’s) 2012 presidential candidate.” he said. Dr Mahamadu Bawumia and the chairman of the party. Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou said around 40 people suspected of belonging to the group had been arrested since December and that another 58 were being sought. Tunisia has been wracked by political unrest since the July 25 murder of opposition MP Mohamed Brahmi. The opposition has been holding nightly gatherings since Brahmi’s slaying and has pledged to keep up the pressure during the fourday Muslim holidays starting on Thursday to celebrate the end of the fasting month of Ramadhan. the ANC — a body elected in 2011 to forge consensus on drafting a new constitution — was suspended.ke Mr Nana Akufo (pictured above). to make real concessions. Le Quotidien. Tough talk: Islamist ruling party chief Rached Ghannouchi has said the government will not step down under pressure. including Ennahda. can ignore the position of the UGTT (Tunisian General Labour Union)’’ Political scientist Slaheddine Jourchi. as well as that of another opposition politician. “No party. The powerful half-million strong UGTT has organised a general strike to try to force the government’s hand. Alongside the political instability.nation.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. with the opposition refusing to talk with the government until it steps down and Ennahda ruling out any dialogue conditional on its ouster. have been blamed on radical Islamists. 2013 26 SNOWDEN SAGA Spy row takes new turn as Obama cancels Putin meeting Page 33 WORLD MAIN SPARK | Murders of two opposition politicians blamed on radical Islamists main dispute Ghana court sets date for poll ruling By FRANCIS KOKUTSE NATION Correspondent ACCRA. said “everyone is unanimous as to the seriousness of the situation” and urged the moderate Islamic party Ennahda. 2012 which made President Mahama of the country. Wednesday T 25 The date in July opposition MP Mohamed Brahmi. including Ennahda..” In Tunis. while acknowledging that “operational measures (in security cooperation) are being adapted to suit the nature and scale of the risk which has emerged. Earlier on Tuesday. Algerian Foreign Minister Mourad Medelci told a joint news conference in Algiers with his Tunisian counterpart Othmane Jarandi that any direct military intervention in its neighour was a “red line”. CRISIS Party chief in tough stance Tunisians chant slogans in front of the National Constituent Assembly yesterday in Tunis. Newspapers said the North African country’s Islamist rulers and their detractors must open a dialogue on ending the crisis gripping the North African state before it is too late to talk. a daily that is highly critical of the Islamists. Purge: The army has announced a “huge” air and ground assault against armed militants in the area around Mount Chaambi along the border with Algeria. who was vice to the late President John Evans Atta Mills.” it said. political leaders have failed to hammer out a consensus on a new constitution following a revolution that ousted longtime president Zine el Abidine Ben Ali. Mr Jake Obtsebi Lamptey are challenging the election results declared by the Electoral Commission on December 9. Wednesday The Supreme Court has fixed August 29 for its verdict on the 2012 election results. and the crisis deepened further with the suspension of the elected National Constituent Assembly (ANC). and Tuesday’s No party.” said La Presse. Tens of thousands of people poured onto the streets of Tunis on Tuesday night to demand the government step down. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo challenging the election results. Justice Atuguba announced the date after the court heard the addresses of all the parties involved in the petition. (Terrence Sesay. PHOTO | AFP Tunisian crisis rages as assembly is suspended Stalemate shows no sign of ending as opposition says government must resign BY ANTOINE LAMBROSCHINI TUNIS. It adjourned till August 14 when he said. particularly to arrest the Chaambi terrorists. Tunisian security forces have lost 10 soldiers since July 29 and have intensified an operation to hunt down Islamist militants holed up in the remote Mount Chaambi region along the Algerian border. can ignore the position of the UGTT (Tunisian General Labour Union).

DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. 2013 27 .

28 | Africa News DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.’’ . He said the local currency will circulate alongside other existing currencies with people exercising their choice of currency to hold. 2013 Central bank allays Zimbabwe dollar return fears BY KITSEPILE NYATHI NATION Correspondent HARARE. Wednesday The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has moved in to allay fears that President Robert Mugabe is planning to resuscitate the local currency after winning last week’s elections. with Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba on Monday saying it is a private visit. Alexander Chikwanda.” But the government has denied suggestions he is there to Z receive treatment. thought or wish is allowed.” he said. Sata’s term expires in 2016. within and outside the bank. The agency said that the government ordered 20 international staff to leave the country and declined to give the reasons for not renewing their work permits. “This statement serves to emphatically dismiss those rumours and to confirm that there are no plans whatsoever. that the Zimdollar be returned immediately but these are just wishes.” He said the multiple currency regime that was introduced in 2009 after the Zimbabwe dollar became worthless would continue for the foreseeable future. “We have an absentee leader. “The majority of the affected workers are based in El Fasher in North Darfur region” UNHCR spokesperson Melissa Fleming said in a press release.” said Cornelius Mweetwa. “The reduction in staff numbers has forced the agency to scale down its operations. of the United Party for National Development. and some leaders in his party have been urging him to consider running for reelection despite his advanced age. Heightened market speculation about the return of the Zimbabwe dollar saw some banks running out of cash following a run on deposits. for the immediate or near-term introduction of new currency or re-introduction of the Zimbabwe dollar into our system. and the health of the president is not openly discussed. amid rumours he is in London receiving medical treatment. and this is a free country where freedom of speech. Wednesday ambia’s opposition demanded details about President Michael Sata’s whereabouts today. “He left for London for a private visit and there is no need to speculate because senior government officials were at the airport to see him off. Wednesday The United Nations High Commission for Refugees(UNHCR) has disclosed that Sudan has expelled 20staff from the country. He added that Mr Sata would be back soon. (AFP) Sudan expels 20 UN staff BY MOHAMMED AMIN NATION Correspondent KHARTOUM. Little was said about the wellbeing of president Levy Mwanawasa before he died in office in 1998. last week temporarily handed power to his finance minister. particularly by government officials. we are currently unable to effectively provide protection and assistance to internally displaced people. Zambia is a conservative nation. before embarking on a trip to London. according to local media. 76. But in a statement today RBZ governor Dr Gideon Gono said the local currency would only be introduced when the economy had stabilised. SUPPORT | Idd message This statement serves to emphatically dismiss those rumours’’ Bank governor Dr Gideon Gono An Egyptian woman displays a pro-Morsy slogan made of pastry to be used for Eid ul-Fitr cookies as supporters of the ousted president Mohammed Morsy take part in a sit-in outside Cairo’s Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque yesterday. PHOTO| AFP HEALTH FEARS | Medical trip Rivals question Zambia leader’s whereabouts Michael Sata handed power to his finance minister Chikwanda as he left country LUSAKA. “It may be the wishes of some stakeholders in debates. “We are on autopilot as a country.” said Kabimba. Mr Sata.

DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. 2013 29 .

an AFP correspondent reported. Wednesday A series of bombings across Baghdad were the deadliest in a spate of nationwide attacks that killed 47 people yesterday. The development was “worrying” and should be closely watched. who had regularly visited live poultry markets. Wednesday Chinese scientists today reported the first likely case of direct person-to-person transmission of the H7N9 bird flu virus that has killed over 40 people since March. was still inadept at spreading among humans. “We will not leave our children to these murderers and those standing behind them and supporting both inside and outside. At least eight car bombs and several roadside bombs struck the capital just before Iraqis broke their daytime Ramadan fast. “People should not panic. in a statement issued just before the attacks began. which he apparently transmitted to his daughter.000 people by the Pew Research Center’s Religion and Public Life Project sought to probe the nation’s views on the prospect of living longer lives. Already.000 Number killed in July Ten other people were killed by a late night car bomb that ripped through a packed commercial street just north of Baquba. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki vowed to continue operations against the militants. PHOTO | AFP Iraqi violence claims 47 lives Bombings hit a variety of targets including shops BAGHDAD. She had had no access to potentially infected poultry. also died in hospital.com. as Iraq struggles with its worst violence since 2008. (AFP) South and North Korea agreed yesterday to new talks on their shuttered joint industrial park in Kaesong. including convicted jihadists — an operation claimed by an Al-Qaeda front group. The blasts came barely two weeks after militants staged audacious raids on two prisons near Baghdad.” epidemiologist Chang-jun Bao of the hard-hit Jiangsu province’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention. told AFP of the report that he coauthored.” Mr Maliki said. (AFP) BRIEFLY WASHINGTON SEOUL Most Americans don’t want to live past 100 Most Americans do not want to live beyond age 100. The agreement came just hours after Seoul had announced it would start paying compensation to South Korean firms locked out of Kaesong since April. freeing hundreds of inmates. the team wrote in the British online journal bmj. officials said. (AFP) CARNAGE | Major terror offensive Iraqi men inspect the site of a car bomb attack on Tuesday in Baghdad’s Karrada commercial district after a series of bombings hit the Iraqi capital. who had nursed her father for over a week. Bao and a team report on the case of a 60-year-old man who died in hospital after contracting the H7N9 virus. and a poll out on Tuesday suggests many worry that anti-aging technologies may end up being a luxury for the rich. a car bomb killed five people and badly damaged store fronts and a nearby vehicle. 1. the daughter had no definite exposure to poultry or other suspect sources of infection. after Pyongyang offered what Seoul called “forward-looking” proposals for reopening the complex. In Baghdad. the capital of restive Diyala province. but stressed that the virus. The 32-year-old woman. security and medical officials said.30 | International News DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. The survey of more than 2.” said Dr Bao. In the new study. from around 5:30 pm. 2013 First likely case of bird flu spread by humans reported PARIS. “Aside from the exposure to her father’s respiratory secretions during her bedside care. Scientists have long feared the virus would mutate into a form that transmits easily from person to person. believed to jump from birds to people. in mainly Sunni and mainly Shiite dis- tricts as well as confessionally mixed neighbourhoods. 31 people were killed and 120 wounded. aging adults account for a growing share of the US population. the latest in brutal violence during the Muslim holy month that has left hundreds dead. In the central commercial district of Karrada. bombings hit a variety of targets including shops and a market. In all. Koreas agree talks on industrial park . leading investigators to conclude that the “most likely explanation” for her illness was direct virus transmission from her father.

DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. 2013 Advertising Feature 31 .

2013 .32 | DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.

Row: A Russian senator has said he has launched an appeal to raise funds for Mr Snowden. Washington however did not slam the door on cooperation with Russia. saying Washington was not ready to build ties with Russia on an “equal basis. identified by state media only by his surname Ni. by Chinese officials to be revealed online by whistleblowers.” in an interview aired late Tuesday. than something urgently needs to be done. In Moscow. which was described as being “in bed with Washington’s NSAS” in a scandal exposed by ex-employee Edward Snowden. noting that a meeting of foreign and defense ministers scheduled for later this week would go ahead as planned in the US capital. Very. who revealed details of Washington’s vast electronic surveillance program in Britain’s Guardian newspaper. Obama scraps Moscow summit with Putin WASHINGTON. including sexual impropriety. the chief and deputy chief judges of the Shanghai Higher People’s Court No. is now at an undisclosed secret location. The BND reportedly also made use of the NSA’s XKeyScore programme. Chen Xueming and Zhao Minghua. responding to questions from lawmakers. a minister has said. will also be expelled from the party. He also claimed that all personal information was filtered out of the data packages handed over to the US to protect the anonymity of citizens. very complete and very long. the commission said on its Twitter-like Tencent Weibo account. but he gave me 15. It is the latest in a series of scandals over corruption and other disciplinary violations. Mr Snowden leaked information to German publication Der Spiegel that the NSA had received 500 pieces of data from the BND in December of last year alone. German Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger used a newspaper interview as a platform to demand answers from Berlin’s Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND).DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. “I did not do an exact count . Wednesday US President Barack Obama today scrapped a Moscow summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. 20. 2013 International News 33 ROW | Scandal rages Shanghai judges in sex scandal expelled from party SHANGHAI. days after accusations that they used prostitutes emerged online.” A spokesperson from the BND told DPA news agency that all the activities carried out were in compliance of 3 Number of judges affected T German law.1 Civil Tribunal will be expelled from the Communist Party. with the White House citing a lack of progress in relations and ‘disappointment’ over the Edward Snowden affair.” Greenwald said. (AFP) Germany seeks explanation on US spy deals Minister demands answers why key data was handed over to Washington BERLIN. Germany’s government claimed it was ignorant of the activity of the secret service. Shanghai’s disciplinary commission said four judges and an executive at a state-owned company visited the resort last month but only four of the men patronised prostitutes.” (AFP) . (AFP. The commission will ask the party to dismiss all four as judges. The rare decision to cancel the talks set for next month came after Obama accused the Russians of slipping back “into a Cold War mentality. She added the BND must finally put the facts on the table regarding its collaboration with the American National Security Agency. the deputy chief of the court’s own discipline inspection commission. Brazil-based American reporter Glenn Greenwald said yesterday that he had received more than 15.000 secret US government documents from Mr Snowden.000 documents. Mr Greenwald. There will certainly be more revelations on the espionage activities of the US government. An inquiry was opened after an anonymous blogger. gave no details of the content of the files as he testified before the Brazilian Senate´s foreign relations committee. Agencies) LEAKS Spy now at a secret location Asylum: Mr Edward Snowden (pictured) was last week granted asylum in Russia after spending over five weeks in a Moscow airport transit zone. posted footage online last week alleging that five officials hired sex workers at a local resort. which was installed to “expand their ability to support NSA as we jointly prosecute CT (counterterrorism) targets. it said. the Kremlin said it was “disappointed” with the decision. The BND confirmed the reports leaked by Mr Snowden regarding the sharing of data with the NSA on Saturday. “If it is true that the BND made itself available as a tool for the NSA in the mass gathering of data. Wednesday Three judges in Shanghai will be expelled from the Chinese Communist Party and another put on probation.” she said in an interview in Monday’s edition of the Münchner Merkur newspaper. Meanwhile. Mr Ni Zhengwen. Wednesday he German secret service must explain why it handed over data to a US spy agency.000. Using prostitutes is illegal in China. authorities said today.

Mr Mukuha says he contributed Sh20. Page 41 Deliveries of cane hit lowest mark in 7 months BY NATION CORRESPONDENT Cane deliveries declined in June to hit a seven-month low. Latest data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics shows that cane deliveries fell for the fifth month in a row to 414.151 metric tonnes in April 2013 to 36. which currently has 26 branches. Erratic weather Sworn affidavit Domestic production of sugar declined from 39.151 metric tonnes in April 2013 to 36.500) and Linet Wairimu (7. The business that started trading as Rongai Self Service Store on June 1. It is the second retail chain to fall into a succession war after Tuskys. Tuskys and Uchumi. its directors are Mr Gachwe (12.com A South Africa retail chain is caught up in a succession war as it seeks to buy a majority stake in Kenya’s fourth largest supermarket. Africa retail chain caught in Naivas ownership battle BY JAMES KARIUKI kamaukariuki@gmail. “My client’s interests are protected by Article 27 that explicitly prohibits direct and indirect discrimination.500). wants to buy a 51 per cent stake in Naivas Supermarket. 1990 grew into a large supermarket store expanding to Naivasha. mainly attributed to erratic weather conditions. Justice Anyara Emukule ruled that Mr Mukuha had properly moved to court seeking a piece of his father’s estate and gave directors of the supermarket chain 10 days to respond to the application. fraudulently renamed the business and shared its stake on a 50-50 basis. Mr Mwangi opposed the application saying a “stranger” should not block operations of a limited liability that “he is not. Newton Kagiri Mukuha. It is not and has never been part of the estate of the late Mr Kago. Kenya Sugar Board CEO Rosemary M’kok said following the outcry by the millers. Information contained in documents from the Registrar of Companies and dated February 14 last year. In papers produced in court and supported by an affidavit sworn by Naivas chairman Simon Gachwe. the elder son of the late Peter Mukuha Kago. has moved to court opposing the sale.000 in April.500). Mr Mukuha claims his two brothers. KSB had intensified surveillance to curb illegal imports. 1990 when his father came up with the idea of establishing the Sh100. and has never been.800 tonnes in June. hurting revenues of local millers. causing a 6 per cent drop in sugar production.34 | DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. whose dispute is still pending in court. High Court judge. told the High Court in Nakuru yesterday. Massmart has also announced a plan to set up locally by 2014 when the Thika Mall is completed. Mr Simon Gachwe and David Kimani. “Naivas is not a family business as claimed by the objector but it is a limited liability company with shareholders who make decisions on its behalf. It later changed its brand name to Naivas. Grace Wambui (7.” he said. Massmart Limited.000 business during a get-together at their home in Cherang’any. part of”. Peter Mukuha (10. He is the first born son of Mr Mukuha and cannot be excluded from gains made by his father when he was alive.” reads the monthly report released by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics last week. Massmart wants to buy a 51 per cent stake in the local company S.” Naivas is Kenya’s fourth largest retail chain behind Nakumatt. representing Mr Mukuha.529 metric tonnes in May 2013.” Mr Evans Ondieki. “… Mr Kagiri stands to suffer since his siblings have entered into an agreement to cede majority stake in Naivas Supermarket Limited to a South African company while allocating themselves the remaining shares.000). Kitale.900 tonnes. He says Mr Kagiri is a stranger to Naivas. The statistics point to a worsening situation in the local sugar sector which is already suffering from a massive dumping of duty-free sugar from Uganda and Tanzania. hardly mentions Mr Mukuha. means cane farmers will be staring at lower incomes while the prices of sugar are expected to increase. Kimani (12. Africa’s third largest distributor of consumer goods.529 metric tonnes in May 2013” KNBS monthly report releases last week Last week. However. Such a level was last seen in October last year when deliveries stood at 370. leading to a drop in the domestic sugar production. In papers filed in court. 2013 BUSINESS AUSTRALIA’S RICHEST PERSON LOSES MEDIA SOURCE CASE Gina Reinhart has been going through a messy dispute over her family mining fortune. The decline. He says his siblings want to disinherit him by excluding him from discussions on the sale of the firm. nine sugar factories in the country said they were facing a crisis after accumulating more than 20. But lawyer Francis Mwangi disputed the claim saying Naivas Limited is a private company incorporated legally with a list of directors and Mr Kagiri is not one of them. FILE | DAILY NATION A South African retail chain is seeking to buy a stake in Naivas Supermarket but the son of the founder of the retailer has opposed the sale.500 shares-25 per cent). the founder of Naivas. Current shareholding of Naivas Simon Gachwe David Kimani Peter Mukuha Grace Wambui Linet Wairimu Source: Court Documents 25% 25% 20% 15% 15% . “Domestic production of sugar declined from 39.000 tonnes of the commodity which they are unable to sell due to cheap imports from other countries in the region.

2013 35 .DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.

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Ord 2.40 16.Portland Cement Ord 5.00 3.300 202.67 134.00 86.03 116.00 303.000 12.500 1.50 8.43 1.00 4.82 89.00 22.3044 14.50 65.00 24.55 32.00 105.28356 1509 1.200 Telecommunication & Technology 3.26 169.83 8.Cables Ord 0.70 7.31% Kenya Shilling 7.900 15.01 116.75 5.09 84.00 38.15 400.20 135.91 90.00 490.00 3.00 180.54 73. MORTGAGE PARTNERS: .0858 17.09 99.35 4.54 133.55 22.00 26.20 points to close at 123.000 1.70 ZR 8.50 Marshalls (E.6729 17.95 84.15 14.70 $ 87.50 ScanGroup Ord. Ord 5.820 -Prev-381.00 43.10 21.00 87.50 95.00 7.100 26.25 87.60 84.200 11.01 89.00 150.00 Kenya Orchards Ord 5.00 The Limuru Tea Co.82 8.70 13.43 JY 89.50 30.50 Housing Finance Co Ord 5.0% 9.00 BAT Kenya Ltd Ord 10.Baumann & Co.72 149.05 KP&LC Ord 2.00 36.00 CMC Holdings Ord 0.25 26.75 13. 0711-510827.65 AccessKenya Group Ord 1.19% Kenya Shilling 9.03 93.00 375.3948 18.02 94.84 159. 2.87 8.00 180.1047 116.00 29.2620 116.00 18.00 14.90% Kenya Shilling 6.26 133.00 Trans-Century Ord 0.00 150.10 3.400 57.8220 84.90% 9.14 89.30 83.0422 94.40 121.00 Safaricom Ltd Ord.7332 23.148. Ord 20.30 87.00 218.35 87.7566 15.92 83.00 Construction & Allied 48.3643 0.15 Banking NSE All Share Index(NASI)-(1 Jan 2008=100 Up 0.00 58.600 4.07 125.95 Automobiles & Accessories 21.08 133.00 ARM Cement Ord 1.00 B.00 63.46 1.100 5.00 Pan Africa Insurance Ord 5.00 6.52 103.95 20.00 36.50 303.525.75 13.00 37.45 116.00 Longhorn Kenya Ord 1.48% Kenya Shilling Buy 11.55 19.30 4.00 63.50 16.20 1.200 Barclays Bank Ord 0.90 12.42 1.90 84.90 8.95 13.65 13.00 75.2814 69.com www.43 1.50 27.2791 78.00 426.97 102.4983 134.15 83.80 116.88 115.27 84.00 Co-op Bank of Kenya Ord 1.05 3.60 3.95 310.07 12.55 1.45 1.00 125.10 115.70 7.00 TPS EA (Serena) Ord 1.50 12.00 9.00 88.70 74.00 89.30 SF 93.600 208.00 56.00 Jubilee Holdings Ord 5.95 237.C Kenya Ord 5.3 W .77 121.916.04 147.00 9.64 8.50 18.24 84.42 102.00 KP&LC 7% Pref 20.00 5.11 133.43 1.00 17.77 152.58 177.60 Manufacturing & Allied UNIT TRUSTS 571.4711 8.39 94.55 87.4613 90.4233 11.00 16.06 169.708 0.81 94.00 20.00 315.95 8.8527 23.42 1.81% Kenya Shilling 6.90 points to close at 4801.00 Total Kenya Ord 5.44 89.00 19.100 2.27 94.50 27.50 22.90 8.00 570.600 KCB CBA CFC Stanbic GulfAfrican FCB Prime 74.4689 7.85 8.2685 68.3563 14.6748 17.95 9.7903 15.20 116.75 Investment 11.45 87.25 93.74 89.37697 174.05 4.00 133.00 7.75 90.00 11.75 143.17 9.00 23. 2013 57.00 20.81 9.00 29.25 21.600 25.3399 89.98 116.20 115.00 NBK Ord 5.68 84.75 93. 0.2637 299 8.50 87.00 13.00 Eveready EA Ord 1.89 8.24 127.10 8.00 Agricultural Eaagads Ord 1.4641 23.50 Liberty Kenya Holdings Ord 1.32 157.16 134.47 115.25 68.900 100 400 Currencies are quoted against the US Dollar SHOW HOUSE READY FOR VIEWING ING LL 5M E S 5.82 133.65 276.0649 23.97 89.00 39.50 £ 132.0.78 A.30 32.42 102.50 Olympia Capital Holdings Ord 5.50 CFC Stanbic of Kenya Holdings Ord.00 140.76 97.) Ord 5.40 94.05 6.03 58.42 1.00 Energy & Petroleum 7.3378 14.43 1.69 89.16 94.00 Umeme Ltd Ord 0.45 1.00 E.75 128.90 13.87 8.89 0.00 33.25 9.50 7.com A project of Grande Park Estate Ltd.22 88.3803 17.79 13.18 94.00 217.52 88.80 13.40 Car & General (K) Ord 5.05 7.21 68.50 16.50 15.40 9.00 16.50 40.00 3.00 43.55 NSE 20 Share Index Up 17.00 KCB Ord 1.00 168.00 320.000 6.49 93.22 89.200 14.90 85.50 85.400 13.50 169.25 16.64 94.79 8.49 93.00 34.45 87.00 339.15 87.00 45.00 9.40 89.50 55.00 10.50 16.50 3.50 177.14% 8.05 93.00 Sasini Ltd Ord 1.09% Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling 5.10 CIC Insurance Group Ord.48 1.70 8.41 1.50 19.1.00 8. 0711-510867.74 134.400 2.28 84.400 42.95 4.200 6.2771 14.588 17.00 Rea Vipingo Plantations Ord 5.100 5.47 71.2983 133.87% 7.11 151.08% Kenya Shilling 8.00 25.00 44.00 69.00 Equity Bank Ord 0.82 8.20 5.00 5.700 3.07 149.00 IR 1.02 84.96 178.53 128.00 89.7945 84.00 10.50 182.40 87.01 89.30 87.00 1.93% 8.4510 ARAB CURRENCY/$ Algerian Dinar Bahrani Dinar Djibouti Franc Egyptian Pound Jordanian Dinar Kuwait Dinar Lebanese Pound Libyan Dinar Mauritaninian Ougiya Moroccan Dirham Omani Riyal Qatar Riyal Saudi Riyal Syrian Pound Tunisian Dinar Yemeni Riyal UAE Dirham 78.50 25.9474 116.00 93.00 16.00 400.61 134.00 Standard Group Ord 5.00 BANK RATES Euro BANK ABC Barclays Co-op Equity NBK buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell 115.44 127.23 94.35 87.00 90.70 400 150.50 KenolKobil Ltd Ord 0.249.42 1.4572 18.400 4.4219 11.5.00 Kapchorua Tea Co.04 134.00 Mumias Sugar Co.00 18.50 20.60 311.00 67.30 67.300 116.70 C$ 84.05 280.25 24.00 13.8644 29.50 12.0382 13.56 149.64 155.8491 29.2957 78.00 130.00 3.25% Kenya Shilling 8.67 133. Ord 5.868.00 Williamson Tea Kenya Ord 5.25 Kakuzi Ord.37 93.65 13.84 134.00 17.04 84.40 87.95 95.54 115.25 19.5474 7.00 Insurance British American Investments Co.95 85.2372 94.900 8.300.12 127.O.100 3.35 87.50 87.43 126.00 8.5756 1.75 3.00 7.95 16.00 4.20 87.6258 7.00 1.05 20.3850 3.3983 134.50 19.55 87.10 116.00 16.00 61.00 57.54 4.20 16.75 55.00 NIC Bank Ord 5.57 101.A.3395 Buy 87.92 8.43 1.00 111.5826 90.00 500.00 Uchumi Supermarket Ord 5.47 116.98 132.00 Kenya Re Corporation Ord 2.00 160.95% 6.30 87.09 116.00 89.98 182.8338 29.60 94.84 8.00 27.00 280.00 Commercial & Services Express Ord 5.50 150.600 380.800 121.3194 14.43 1.95 9.75 22.17% 8.00 6.900 Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling CBK RATES 1 US Dollar 1 Sterling Pound 1 Euro 1 South African Rand Ksh/Ush 1 Ksh/Tsh 1 Ksh/Rwanda Franc 1 Ksh/Burundi Franc 1 UAE Dirham 1 Canadian Dollar 1 Swiss Franc 100 Japanese Yen 1 Swedish Kroner 1 Norwegian Kroner 1 Danish Kroner 1 Indian Rupee 1 Hong Kong Dollar 1 Singapore Dollar 1 Saudi Riyal 1 Chinese Yuan 1 Australian Dollar Mean 87.9237 13.02 99.00 24.00 I & M Holdigs Ord 1.01% 9.40 134.

2013 37 .DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.

38 | www.go. • Kisite Mpunguti Marine Parks • Malindi Marine Park • Watamu Marine Park • Kiunga Marine Park and Reserve • Mombasa Marine Park • Shimba Hills National Park The rates range from Ksh 50 to 150 for Citizens and USD 5 to 15 for Non residents.kws. 2013 SPECIAL DISCOUNTED RATES TO MARINE AND SHIMBA HILLS NATIONAL PARKS DURING THE EID MUBARAK HOLIDAY PERIOD. Dates : 9th . 2013 Visit the following parks during EID MUBARAK holiday period and enjoy 50% discount.12th August.40105 .ke DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Get up! Stand and Go visit a park near you!! *Terms & Conditions apply .

P&G East Africa country Manager Aziz Jindani said while Kenya remains one of its key markets. Procter and Gamble. transaction fees Coop Bank profit up by 17pc Company earned Sh4.7 billion in its halfyear results compared to Sh4 billion in the same period last year BY MWANIKI WAHOME jwahome@ke.8 billion The number of customers accounts crossed the 3.5 billion in the period under review compared to Sh4.5 million account holders realised through continued concerted effort by all staff to bring Egypt still our key source of goods. placing it in third position in the country in terms of assets.7 billion in its half-year results compared to Sh4 billion in the same period last year.5 million mark. Total customer deposits increased by Sh27. “The growth was achieved despite the low demand for loans and advances due to sustained growth in commissions and transaction based incomes. we focus mainly on the present and our Kenyan offices are to concentrate more on sales and marketing” P&G MD Aziz Jindani .” the MD said.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. The bank earned Sh 4.” Mr Muruiki said in a signed statement about the bank’s financial performance. The total operating costs increased by 15. targeting high-end female consumers.7 billion in the same period last year.6 billion in the same period last year.86 billion compared to Sh7. “At P&G. C THE NUMBERS Cooperative Bank managing director Mr Gideon Muriuki. The bank’s growth was aided by the partnership with CIC-insurance to offer bancassurance . “We now have 3. The company said Egypt still offers lower production f costs than Kenya.8 billion compared to Sh145. P&G shut down its loss making plant in Kenya in 2000 and relocated it to Egypt in a strategy that was aimed at stepping up competitiveness. while 425 Sacco Fosa outlets continued to grow with 593.1 billion to Sh172.6 billion in the same period last year. Mr Aziz said the brand is already on the shelves in retail outlets in the country.7 billion in June 2012.com o-operative Bank has posted a 17 per cent growth in aftertax profit. while redeploying their staff to maximise on their personnel. He was speaking on the sidelines of the firm’s launch of a new sanitary towel in Kenya called Always Platinum. funded accounts in the bank. At P&G.” said Mr Aziz. Loans increased by 11 per cent to Sh124.in its branches. The rise is attributed to due to fees and commissions.44 billion in the same period last year. The country becomes the third to stock the premium sanitary towel brand after Egypt and South Africa. we are increasing our wallet size by offering other products and services to our customers.9 billion from Sh112. Procter and Gamble relocated its business from Kenya to Egypt 12 years ago. The non-funded income increased by 11 per cent to Sh4. we focus mainly on the present and our Kenyan offices are to concentrate more on sales and marketing. The net interest income increased by 19 per cent to Sh8.9 billion from Sh112.5 per cent as it opened new branches across the country.000 new Sacco-link cards issued in the period. says it will continue sourcing its goods from Egypt despite the country being rocked by turmoil.nationmedia. The Bank’s managing director Mr Gideon Muriuki said the bank defied low demand for loans and advances due to sustained growth in commissions and transaction-based incomes to record growth in the period under review.04 billion earned last year. operations cost are comparatively lower in Egypt. With cross selling initiatives. The number of customers accounts crossed the 3.3 billion from Sh 177.5 million mark. 2013 Business News 39 EARNINGS | Managing director says income boosted by commissions.1 billion to Sh172. says firm BY NATION CORRESPONDENT Personal care and household products manufacturer. FILE | DAILY NATION Loans and customer deposits increase Total customer deposits increased by Sh27.selling of insurance through the bank . Loans increased by 11 per cent to Sh124. The bank’s assets reached Sh225.

71 Billion for 364 days Treasury Bills. The total number of bids received was 28 amounting to Kshs.872 10.371 TENDER NO.34 3. M) Of which : Competitive bids : Non-Competitive bids Purpose / Application of Funds: Rollover / Redemptions Net Repayment / New Borrowing Market Weighted Average Rate Weighted Average Rate of accepted bids Price per Kshs 100 at Average Rate 182 DAYS 10/02/2014 3. the latest version of the 747. Where several successful bidders quote a common rate. necessary for achieving growth.” said Colin Bruce.103. Britain’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) ruled today.42 1. for Cheques and 3. Kenya e-mail: ps@industrialization.day This Auction (%) 9.35 3. Due Date Amount Offered (Kshs. The Bank said the financing would be split evenly between the three countries.00 9. 6. and clinics in Burundi.240.06 The actual amount to be realised from the auction will be subject to Treasury’s immediate liquidity requirements for the week. The World Bank Board of executive directors signed off on the financing for the nearly $470 million Regional Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Project.m for RTGS electronic fund transfers.30 7.000.50 10. T Mrs Lydia Wamwari (left) sells bunches of bananas to a customer at Nairobi’s Muthurwa Market yesterday. The Principal Secretary Ministry of Industrialization & Enterprise Development 23rd Floor. 0..m.611. Individual bids must be of a minimum face value of Kshs 100. SAMMY KIMATU | NATION A. D.94 5.186. Burundi and Tanzania WASHINGTON.15 28 25 311. and was “eight per cent more efficient” in terms of kerosene consumption per seat.000.759. The other auction statistics are summarised in the table below. The Central Bank reserves the right to accept/reject bids in part or in full without giving any reason.000.00 14/08/2013 15/08/2013 TOTAL 9. Telposta Towers Kenyatta Avenue P. 2013 SETBACK|Demand for bananas drops ENERGY | Money has been approved by World Bank Africa power plant gets Sh30bn boost $470 million plan will generate 80 megawatts for Rwanda.909.91 8.91 Billion representing 330% subscription for 182 and 364 days respectively. The run-of-the-river hydropower plant was supposed to be finished several years ago.00 15/08/2013 16/08/2013 182 DAYS 3. Airbus had asked the regulator to investigate the advertisement placed in the magazine Flight International. Bids accepted amounted to Kshs. 0. (AFP) DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.000. The World Bank said the financing would be split evenly between the three countries. businesses. The ASA judged the readers of the specialised publication to be “experts” who were used to these types of comparisons.m. US plane manufacturer Boeing claimed that the 7478 Intercontinental.92 266.74 172.254% for 364 days Treasury Bills.73 162 104 7. but has been delayed by fighting between 62m Number of people the electricity project will serve once completed different ethnic groups in the area.00 14/08/2013 15/08/2013 364 DAYS 3. RESULTS OF 182-DAY & 364-DAY TREASURY BILLS ISSUES 1997/182 & 1915/364 DATED 12/08/2013 This week the Central Bank of Kenya offered 182 and 364 Days Treasury Bills for a total of Kshs 6 Billion.51 15.as will the power produced by the plant.57 11. on Wednesday 14th August 2013 for 182-day and 364-day and Thursday 15th August 2013 for 91-day Treasury Bills.000. has a “26 per cent cost advantage” per trip over the A380.” said Jamal Saghir. Payments above Kshs.859% for the 182 Day and 11.987 0.go. which will be applied for non-competitive bids. NEXT TREASURY BILLS AUCTIONS: ISSUE NOS.000. which will provide 80 megawatts of power to people in Burundi. M) AUCTION DATES & BIDS CLOSURE RESULTS ANNOUNCEMENT Redemptions Net Repayment 91 DAYS 3. Payments below Kshs.859% 95. O perations and Regional Integration.day 364 .000.516. ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity in the region. The weighted average rate of accepted bids. Issue No. however imperfect they might be.017.go. Burundu and Rwanda . M) Bids Received (Kshs. 2017/91.363. “This landmark project will have transformational impact. Please provide the following details with each payment: Name. the bank’s director for sustainable development in Africa.ke C.31 134 79 6. Branch or Currency Centre) by 2.314 364 DAYS 11/08/2014 3.909 TOTAL 6. “The new power plant signals the Bank’s commitment to keeping the lights on across the African continent.Tanzania.00 3.33 he World Bank yesterday gave final approval of a $340 million financing package for a crucial hydroelectric power plant in Africa’s Great Lakes region long delayed by ethnic conflict. August 07. Tel: +254-20-315001 Tel: +254-20-2216042 Direct Line Nairobi. 20 Million per investor and are issued at the weighted average of accepted bids. Rwanda and Tanzania.91 303.254 Last Auction (%) 6. 2013 . NON-COMPETITIVE BIDS Non-competitive bids are subject to a maximum of Kshs.40 | Business News Boeing cleared in dispute on magazine ad LONDON. World Bank director for Strategy. (AFP) MINISTRY OF INDUSTRIALIZATION AND ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT ADDENDUM TO TENDER NOTICE EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) CONSULTANCY STUDY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF A FREE TRADE ZONE B.31 45. and include the Portfolio number and the Investor’s virtual account number. was 9.656.00 p. as will the power produced by the plant.498. GERALD A. She said business is low as many people do not eat the fruit during the cold season.369.00. 9.254% 89.ke URL: www. Box 30418-00100.. The power will help serve 62 million people in a region where less than 15 per cent of the people have access to electricity. the Central Bank of Kenya reserves the right to allot bids on a pro-rata basis. but has been delayed by fighting between different ethnic groups in the area. O. FINANCIAL MARKETS Wednesday.04 3. Wednesday Boeing did not mislead readers of a trade magazine when touting the advantages of its 747-8 jumbo jet over rival Airbus’ A380 model.623% 11. COMPARATIVE AVERAGE INTEREST RATES 182 . bringing lower-cost energy to homes.00 p. 2. as part of an ongoing trade war between the aviation giants. Only CDS holders with updated mandates are eligible.00 p.23 330. All bidders are advised that completed EOI each clearly marked on with the tender name and number as indicated above must be delivered at the Tender Box at the address given below or through electronic submission at the email indicated below on or before 1200hrs local time on 2nd September 2013. Rwanda and Tanzania. NYAOMA DIRECTOR.45 Billion representing 15% subscription and 134 bids amounting to Kshs.go. Wednesday SETBACK Plant delayed for several years The run-of-the-river hydropower plant was supposed to be finished several years ago. 1 Million may be made by Banker’s Cheque or RTGS and must reach the Central Bank not later than Monday 19th August 2013. 1998/182 & 1916/364 DATED 19/08/2013 TENOR Offer amount (Kshs. Reference No.61 1. M) Performance Rate (%) Number of Bids Received Number of Accepted Bids Total Amount Accepted (Kshs.26 3.00 10. MOIED/T/001/2013-2014 Reference is made to the above mentioned tender that was advertised in the Standard and Daily Nation Newspapers on 26th July 2013.ke e-mail: cmahinda@industrialization.026.054% 9.000.industrialization.883 Variance 2.312 Billion for 182 days and Kshs.1 Million must be made by electronic transfer using RTGS.714.00 454. Bids must be submitted using the specified format and must reach the Central Bank (HQ.859 11.

” Pritchard said in her judgment.7 percent in the first half. 30/06/2014. faxes. Portfolio Account Number and the Virtual Account number to be credited. . 25/06/2018. 20/06/2022. The Bonds may be re-opened at a future date. 26th August.7-per cent rise in sales between April and June to 1. 24/06/2019. Rinehart (right) had been trying to force West Australian Newspapers to surrender all letters.59 11. The NDRC said in a statement it fined Mead Johnson and Abbott from the US. Liquidity 22. It said sales for the year were likely to climb by five to six per cent.000. Kshs. Nakuru and Meru or visit our website at www. 27/06/2016. Investors should obtain details of amounts payable for successful bids. Bids Closure 16. Wednesday German cosmetics group Beiersdorf said today that strong demand for its Nivea hand cream and Labello lip balm in emerging markets lifted its second quarter sales and profits. on the ground that the subpoena is oppressive and constitutes an abuse of process. At the same time. Secondary trading in multiples of Ksh 50. as it seeks to cool public anger over the sector. FILE | DAILY NATION billion euros ($2. Pricing 7.Market Determined 10 Year .00 pm for RTGS. Pennells published a series of exclusive articles over the imbroglio and Rinehart subpoenaed him and the West Australian newspaper to produce its source material in an almost two-year legal battle.000 to commence on Tuesday. 19/12/2022 and 19/06/2023 Only CDS account holders with updated mandates. memos.12. 22/06/2020. 2013 Business News 41 SCANDAL | Penalty for price-fixing China now fines formula firms Sh10bn Levies against six firms came as the country seeks to cool public anger BEIJING. Auction Date 17.New Ten Year . 2013 for Cash and Cheques and 3. “They undermined the fair market competition order and harmed consumers’ interests. 20 Million per tenor per investor. 1 Million must be made by RTGS. Discount/interest amount is subject to withholding tax at the rate of 15% for the 2 year and 10% for the 10 year bond. where sales rose 17 percent thanks to particularly robust turnover in China. Wednesday Australia’s richest person Gina Rinehart has lost a long-running legal bid to force a media group to hand over their source material in a messy dispute over her family’s mining fortune. 28/12/2015. Trading 24. (AFP) TWO-YEAR AND TEN-YEAR RE-OPENED FIXED COUPON TREASURY BONDS ISSUE NOS.00 Two Year . Banker’s cheque or RTGS transfer and must reach the Central Bank of Kenya not later than 2 pm on Monday. Wednesday. Please provide the following details with each payment: Investor’s Name.19/06/2023 • Commercial Banks • Non-Bank Financial Institutions • Licensed Stock Brokers • Licensed Investment Advisors Possible as a last resort. and the firm aims for a margin for earnings before interest and tax of 12 to 13 per cent.1 Million may be made by Cash. 29/12/2014. Beyond Nivea and Labello. Right to accept applications 26. the NDRC said. legal advice. 10 Year: 30/12/2013.12 billion).Re-open (9. Fonterra and China’s Biostime. 2013. Interest payment dates : : : : : : : Emerging markets lift maker of Nivea FRANKFURT. Listing 23. But the state’s Supreme Court tossed out Rinehart’s application in a judgement late Tuesday by judge Janine Pritchard. 21st August. FXD 3/2013/2 & FXD 1/2013/10 DATED 26TH AUGUST. Placing Agents : : : : : : : : : Models display Nivea. It said that all the affected items had been removed from retailers’ shelves. a subsidiary of France’s Danone.” it added. Prices are high as a result. in which Fonterra-related products have been recalled in several countries over concerns they could be tainted with a bacteria that can cause potentially fatal botulism. the official Xinhua news agency said. John Hancock.000 were sickened. Coupon Rates 10. Companies punished Safety scare 6.go. Tax 25. Eldoret and the Currency Centres in Nyeri.m. Eligibility 12. During the first half. Multi-Price Bid Auction. the Netherlands. August 27. Branches in Mombasa.24/08/2015 10 Year .competitive bids 15. CBK Headquarters. 2013 An opportunity to invest in Government of Kenya Two and Ten Year Re-open Fixed Coupon Treasury Bonds The Central Bank of Kenya acting in its capacity as a fiscal agent for the Republic of Kenya is offering the investing public an opportunity to invest in Two & Ten year Fixed Coupon Treasury bonds whose terms and conditions are as follows: 1. The bonds qualify for statutory liquidity ratio requirements for commercial banks and non-bank financial institutions The bonds will be listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange. and their actions reduced competition and “unjustifiably maintained high milk powder prices”. 21/12/2020. The penalties — also levied against firms from the US. 23/12/2019. Rediscounting 21. 20/12/2021. Re-opening : : : : : : : For further details contact any of the following:• Your Bank • Brokers of Nairobi Stock Exchange and Licensed Investment Advisors. China is the world’s biggest market for formula and Australia’s richest person loses media source case SYDNEY. Africa and Australia. Reference No. “WAN’s application to set aside the subpoena should be upheld in part. They were a “record high” in Chinese anti-monopoly rulings.846 years) 2 Year . Period of Sale 5. Maximum Kshs.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Earnings before interest and taxes soared 15 per cent to 219 million euros. and in Asia. with net profit up seven per cent to 130 million euros. France. over a family trust established by their prospector grandfather Lang Hancock. 26/06/2017. Discounted/Par/Premium. 2 Year . Amount 3. China’s top economic planner. emails. Minimum amount 8. Issuance method 13. (AFP) C They (milk companies) undermined the fair market competition order and harmed consumers’ interests” China’s National Development and Reform Commission foreign-branded products are in high demand after repeated safety scandals involving domestic products — including one in 2008 when six children died and 300. Redemption dates 19. demand for Beiersdorf products was brisk in Latin America. (AFP) 20. 26/12/2016. leading to frustrations among consumers. and one Chinese company — came after a five-month inquiry by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). The Central Bank reserves the right to accept bids in full or part thereof or reject them in total without giving any reason. 29/06/2015. Value /Payment date : : : : : Republic of Kenya Up to Kshs 20 Billion Budgetary Support 07/08/2013 to 20/08/2013 26/08/2013. Bids 14. especially Brazil. All investors are required to complete bond application forms.centralbank. Hancock and his sister Bianca Rinehart are embroiled in acrimonious legal proceedings with their mother. The figure was 13. a China arm of Royal FrieslandCampina of the Netherlands. Kisumu. Wednesday hina said today it has fined six mostly foreign baby formula producers including New Zealand’s scandal-hit Fonterra a total of $108 million for price-fixing. the bond will be rediscounted at 3% above the higher of prevailing market yield or coupon rate. The company said it expected higher turnover this year owing in part to a 3. 24/12/2018. on Tuesday 20th August. from Central Bank on 22/08/2013. Issuer 2.371% 2 Year: 24/02/2014. The firms set minimum prices with distributors and punished dealers who did not comply. sales in Europe were down. Purpose 4. text messages and recordings between their journalist Steve Pennells and her son. They also come in the middle of the latest safety scare over formula. Dumex. Non. Payments above Kshs.ke . 25/08/2014. 25/12/2017. an iron ore heiress with an estimated Aus$22 billion (US$20 billion) fortune. 23/02/2015 and 24/08/2015. Results 18. 50. Beiersdorf is home to the Eucerin and La Prairie brands as well as Tesa adhesives. Tenors 9. 2 p. Payments below Kshs. 2013. 2013. 21/06/2021.

The group’s net earnings increased by 17% mainly driven by improved gross margins attributed to improved management of direct costs within our Power Infrastructure and Engineering businesses. Two units already sold.966.892 19.389 243.460 4.954 (432.291.317.064.000/.084. modern fittings and finishing. Only 10 minutes drive from the CBD.027.580 2.925. Selling as individual units.573 4.6M Six units of executive three bedroom apartments (master en-suite) at Naka Estate in Nakuru Town.815) 564. Ample and secure parking for all with cabro driveway.790.832.899.766.404 14.193 7.205.293 6.766. 2013 FOR SALE .722.235) 380.184 136.600.404 2012 Kshs’000 COMMENTARY Performance The group turnover remained stable as compared to the same period last year despite the power business recording a 14% decline in turnover due to a marked reduction in world metal prices.050) 326.349.620 0. Kenya. We are further encouraged by the progress made by Rift Valley Railways (RVR) where the sustained capital investments over the past 18 months have resulted in the business turning around and achieving break-even in H1 2013.492 21.266 4.685 12.30 CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION AS AT 30 JUNE 2013 2013 Kshs’000 Assets Non-current assets Current assets Total assets Equity and liabilities Share Capital Reserves Non-controlling interest Convertible bond Non-current liabilities Current liabilities Total equity and liabilities 136.565. Sole Agents: Jojean Properties Ltd.ke .089 82.472) 589.855 (209. Selling Price: Kshs. 5.ONPOINT PARK Ksh 5.139 (238.685 136.010 996.975 4. S2 and S3.180 4.089 0. Tel: +254 051 22 111 44 .89 7. 2013 INTERIM STATEMENT TO SHAREHOLDERS GROUP UNAUDITED RESULTS FOR THE SIX MONTHS ENDED 30TH JUNE 2013 CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF COMPREHENSIVE INCOME FOR THE SIX MONTHS ENDED 30 JUNE 2013 2013 Kshs’000 Turnover Profit from operating activities Net finance costs Profit before income tax Income tax expense Profit for the period Profit for the period is attributable to: Equity holders of parent company Non-controlling interest Profit for the period Basic and Diluted Earnings per share 244.co. This is a commendable milestone for RVR and we expect that with continued investments RVR will for the first time achieve profitable operations going forward and start to contribute towards group earnings.436 380.jojeanproperties.507 1.924 3. it’s located in a serene environment. Nakuru. with a very good view of Lake Nakuru National Park.226 4. 2nd Floor.700 326.666.42 | DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.(Five Million Six Hundred Thousand Only). By Order of the Board Virginia Ndunge Company Secretary Nairobi August 7.156 2. Vickers House. The engineering business experienced a 33% growth in turnover compared to same period last year driven mainly by new projects as well as significant growth of our operations in supporting new mine builds across the region.675.091. Wall-to-wall beautiful ceramic tiles.565.620 2012 Kshs’000 7.com Website: www. Outlook The group’s growth and profitability outlook remains positive with the continued strong performance of our Power Infrastructure and Engineering businesses.975 4.656.327 (437. with beautiful chandeliers.111 19. Rooms S1. Cell: +254 722 888 036 or +254 722 678 021 E-mail: jojeanproperties@yahoo.882 21. Kenya.

2013 43 .DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.

Gem. (x) Preparing the implementation of the policies in the County budget. (xi) Providing guidance on procurement policies and procedures. Specific Duties will include. Commerce or in a relevant equivalent. (xii) Liaising with other finance management functions on the issues of procurement. Tourism. Business Administration. a). 5. 5. Qualifications/Requirements 1. Planning & Vision 2030 for efficient management of accounting services at the County. Roads. Trade. 1. (iv) Issuing administrative guidelines on implementation and interpretation of the Act. Administration and Governance. 7. Youth Affairs. Qualifications/Requirements 1. Specific duties will include: (i) Policy implementation and interpretation on supply chain management. Kenyan citizen 2. Exercise any functions and powers delegated by the County Public Service Board b). Rarieda & Alego Usonga TERMS OF SERVICE: TERM PERMANENT/CONTRACT a). and advising on matters relating to private investment. (xiii) Providing overall guidance on disposal of County government inventory and other assets. of the County Government and putting in place mechanisms to raise revenue and resources Developing and ensuring the implementation of internal controls Maintaining the accounting systems and records Advising on the efficient use of financial resources and assets Maintaining the county’s books of accounts Preparing the financial statements including the balance sheet. Water and Irrigation 4. and supervise the general administrative function in the ward including the following: 1. income and expenditure and cash flows Preparing financial reports in line with County and National Governments’ requirements Supervising staff in the function Facilitating internal and external audit of the financial statements Undertaking capacity building for staff in the treasury (Accounting) function. Industry. Planning and Vision 2030 3. (iv) Formulating and analysis of economic policies. Developing policies and plans . Finance. 2. (viii) Providing overall guidance on framework and consortium buying. and Performing and other duties as may be assigned from time to time B. (iii) Providing guidance in overall supply chain management policy and management. Conservation. SIAYA COUNTY GOVERNMENT OF SIAYA VACANCIES COUNTY CHIEF OFFICERS (10 posts) JOB GROUP S Appointment for each of the following portfolios 1. Health Services 8. Be a Kenyan citizen 2. 6. 2013 REPUBLIC OF KENYA P. Working experience of not less than 3 years in job group P in Public service or equivalent. (v) Introducing modern inventory management techniques and approaches. providing guidance on public private partnerships and concessioning in infrastructure and specialized services. Women and physically challenged persons are encouraged to apply 2. 4. COUNTY PRINCIPAL FINANCE OFFICER JG Q TERMS: CONTRACT/ PERMANENT The Officer will be the Head of Accounting and will be responsible for the Chief Officer Finance. 4. Have qualifications and knowledge in administration or management 5.O BOX 803 – 40600. Gender and Social Services. Coordinating. managing and supervising the general administration functions in the ward 2. (ix) Monitoring the implementation of the policies in the County budget. analyzing. (iii) Reviewing. Facilitation and coordination of citizen participation in the development of policies and plans and delivery of services 6. management and supervision of the general administrative functions in the sub-county units. Implementation of policies and development plans Development and implementation of strategic plans Formulate and implement effective programmes to vision 2030 and sector goals Promote national values and principles of the County Public Service Requirements for appointments Be a Kenyan citizen Be a holder of at least a master’s degree from a university recognized in Kenya Satisfy the requirement of chapter six of the constitution Have knowledge. Ensuring compliance with the values and principles as outlined in Articles 10 and 232 of the constitution of Kenya. manage. • Have a bachelor of commerce (Finance. (ix) Partnerships in county government asset management. for efficient management of Accounting Services at the county. Agriculture. (ii) Formulating. 5. The provision and maintenance on infrastructure and facilities of public service 5. Bondo. (viii) Actively participating in the County budget preparation. 1. Developmental activities to empower the community 4. 1. (ii) Advising the Chief Officer Finance on matters of Supply Chain Management policy and management. 3. Surveying and Housing 2. Education. 3. WARD ADMINISTRATOR (30 POSTS) JOB GROUP N TERMS OF SERVICE: TERM PERMANENT/CONTRACT a). (vi) Administering tax and private investment incentives. Have qualifications and knowledge in administration and management 4. Requirements • Have served in Job Group N and above in the public service or in a comparable position in the private sector for a minimum period of five (5) years. Be a holder of a first degree from a university recognized in Kenya with a working experience of not less than 3 years in Job group L or equivalent 3. Satisfy the requirements of chapter six of the constitution 5.44 | DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Be a holder of at least a master’s degree from a recognized university in Kenya 3. implementing and analyzing tax policies such as property rates. JOB GROUP P CONTRACT/PERMANENT Duties and Responsibilities: The officer will be the head of Accounting Function and responsible to the Principal Officer. (vii) Monitoring fiscal sectors and County reforms. (xiv) Undertake capacity building of staff at County level. (x) Implementing inventory management information system. (ii) Be a holder of CPA (K) or its recognized equivalent (iii) Be registered with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) (iv) Masters degree will be an added advantage. 4. Accounting. (vi) Implementing e-government procurement strategies. Duties and Responsibilities The ward administrator shall coordinate. entertainment taxes and any other tax that a County is authorized to impose by an Act of Parliament. Lands. Women and physically challenged persons are encouraged to apply. Ensuring effective service delivery Coordinating developmental activities to empower the community Providing and maintaining infrastructure and facilities of public service Facilitating and coordinating citizen participation in the development of policies and delivery of services Exercising any functions and powers delegated by the County Public Service Board • • • • • • • • • • • b). SUB – COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR (6 POSTS) JOB GROUP Q The Sub – County Administrator will be in-charge of one of the following sub-counties. Physical Planning. Public Works. experience and distinguished career of not less than 15 years in the specific portfolio applied for Women and physically challenged are encouraged to apply 3. HEAD OF COUNTY SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT JG P TERMS: CONTRACT/ PERMANENT The Officer will head the Supply Chain Management Unit and will be responsible to the Chief Officer Finance Planning & Vision 2030 for the efficient management of Supply Chain Management Services. 4. Regulations and other statutes. Economics Degree or its equivalent • A degree in the relevant field from a recognized university • Masters degree is an added advantage • Must have CPA( K) or equivalent • Be registered with the Institute of Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) and in good standing • Have shown exemplary leadership qualities • Have capacity to work under pressure to meet strict timelines • Have ability to work in a multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity • Satisfy the requirements of chapter six of the constitution • Demonstrate understanding and commitment to the values and principles as outlined in articles 10 and 232 of the constitution of Kenya • Be computer literate Terms of Service: Permanent. (xiii) Coordinating the implementation of the budget of the County government. A. HEAD OF COUNTY TREASURY (ACCOUNTING) (1 POST). (vii) Interpreting international trade agreements/policies related to procurement. Transport and Communication 7. Wildlife and Information 10. Duties will include: • Advising on all accounting matters • Implementing Government accounting standards and policies • Designing and developing County accounting systems • Implementing and coordinating the budgeting process • Ensuring budgetary control • Mobilizing resources for funding the budgetary requirements C. Requirements for Appointment (i) Bachelor Degree in either: Finance. and (xiv) Monitoring and developing inter government fiscal relations. coordination and preparing public financial programmes. (v) Relevant working experience of not less than five years. (xi) Preparing the County Fiscal Strategy paper and County Budget Review & Outlook Paper (xii) Coordinating the preparation of annual County budget and preparing the estimates of revenue and expenditure of the County government. b). Ugenya. 6. Labour and Cooperative Development 9. (i) Analyzing formulating and overseeing the management of fiscal and other economic policies. TERMS OF SERVICE: Contract Duties and responsibilities The chief officer shall be the accounting and authorized officer in respect to the exercise of delegated powers and shall be responsible to the respective County Executive Member. Finance. Duties and Responsibilities The sub – county administrator shall be responsible for the coordination. including. Livestock and Fisheries 5. The development of policies and plans 2. (v) Undertaking. Accounting or Business Administration). Ugunja. Ensuring effective service delivery 3. Satisfy the requirements of Chapter six of the constitution 6.

2) Be a holder of at least a Bachelor Degree in any of the following disciplines:_ Mass Communication. 3) Overseeing drafting of speeches and talking notes for the Governor.O. 4) Planning and covering the Governor’s functions and the County Government’s activities in electronic and print for dissemination to the media and the public. (xv) Advising the County Treasury on Budget on Budget Management. and 4) Satisfy the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution. an Economics Degree or any other relevant field from a recognized university (ii) Must have CPA( K) or equivalent. HEAD OF COUNTY TREASURY (BUDGET EXPENDITURE MANAGEMENT) JG P TERMS: CONTRACT/PERMANENT The Officer will be the head of the Budget Supply Unit and be responsible to the Chief Officer – Finance Planning & Vision 2030 for efficient Management of Budget Expenditure Services at the County. (iii) Issuing guidelines on the budget process to be followed by all County Government entities. (vii) Establishing records. experience and a distinguished career of not less than ten years as a legal practitioner. XII. Requirements for Appointment For appointment a candidate must: I. identifying gaps and purposing optional staffing level in the County. copies of certificates and testimonials and Identity Card should be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the left side for the position being applied for. All the applicants are required to have the following: Clearance form KRA Clearance form HELB Clearance from Credit Bureau Certificate of Good conduct from CID HOW TO APPLY All written applications. (ii) System analysis and design. Accounting. Thorough knowledge of Chapter 5 of the Constitution X. (xi) Provide leadership in budget management in the county. (vi) Have shown exemplary leadership qualities LEGAL ADVISOR JOB GROUP R Terms Contract/Permanent Requirements for Appointment 1) Be a Kenyan citizen. The officer will be expected to: Duties and responsibilities I. 2) Leading and developing standards and regulations in the Press Unit. Implement county policies and county regulations on revenue. V. (iii) Preparing the Budget for the HRM Function.m Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted Canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification HEAD OF COUNTY HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT JG P TERMS: CONTRACT/ PERMANENT The Officer will be responsible to the Chief Officer for administration and governance. Journalism. Duties and Responsibilities 1) Providing strong and effective leadership and management of the Governor’s press service. in the Civil Service or in a comparable and relevant position in the Public Service for a minimum of two (3) years. and 6) Undertaking legal research. (iii) Relevant working experience of not less than (3) years in Job group N in public service or equivalent. Have computer applications relevant to financial management III. Duties and responsibilities (i) Consolidating and prioritizing of areas for allocation of public resources for the County. • • • All applications should reach not later than 23rd August. Ability to work long hours without supervision IX. Accounting. (iv) Assisting in formulating and developing county ICT infrastructure. management systems. 2) Be a holder of at least a first degree from a university recognized in Kenya. works and services. ICT or Electronics/ Electrical Engineering from a university recognized in Kenya. (x) Coordinating allocation of resources among sectors through the sector process. (iv) Ensuring correct interpretation of human resource policies. rules. and addressed to: The Secretary. (i) Have a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Finance. (viii) Preparation of Human resource transition reports. (vii) Have capacity to work under pressure to meet strict deadline (viii) Have ability to work in a multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity. Have served for at least ten (10)years in a challenging public service or private organization II. IX. 5) Building and maintaining a database of news/information on the Governor’s and 6) Any other duties as may be assigned by the Governor. and (xvi) Assessing the risks involved in new and existing budget policies For appointment to this position. (ii) Must have postgraduate Diploma in Human resource Management (iii) Membership of relevant professional body will be added advantage. (v) Establishing performance management systems. 3) Keeping abreast of legal and policy developments. (xiv) Dealing with County Assembly questions and issues pertaining to expenditure. (v) Preparing and submitting the County Budget Review and Outlook Paper (CBROP) to the County Executive Committee. Ability to innovate and create VI. (vii) Preparing and presenting the Annual and Revised Estimates and other supporting documents to the County Assembly. collaboration across the levels of government. (vi) Publishing and publicizing the CBROP. Procurement and Supplies Management. VIII. Business Administration. efficient and secure systems of collecting revenue Identify and rate economic potentials of new revenue streams Advise the relevant county committee on matters of revenue on a regular basis Project revenue trends for planning purposes and decision making purposes Undertake revenue collection for national government under special arrangements Maintain schedules for sources of revenue outside the county Devise ways to motivate those who pay rates. XIV. Law. have MBA (Finance. and organizing for transfer of all human resource record from both national and local authorities. MA in Economics or its approved equivalent) (iv) Have served in the grade of Principal Finance Officer Job Group ‘N’. 3) Have knowledge. (xii) Taking charge of matters pertaining to the budget including preparation. team leadership. (iii) Adherence to standards and procedures for ICT systems development projects. charges etc Develop and deploy revenue staff within the county Set broad performance targets in collection of revenue. develop and implement a plan to create demand and achieve revenue growth. (xv) Advising on quality assurance on goods. Marketing. and (xvii) Representing the Chief Officer Finance in relevant procurement matters. developing and implementing computerized information management systems in the County. XIII. Requirements for Appointment (i) Have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences. Implement national policies and statutory regulations on revenue HEAD OF COUNTY ICT JG P TERMS: CONTRACT/ PERMANENT Duties and responsibilities (i) Providing ICT services to the County Government. labour laws and other relevant statutes. (v) Demonstrate thorough understanding ICT objectives of Vision 2030. and (ix) Performing any other duties as assigned. or the equivalent qualification from a recognized university. The County Revenue Officer will responsible to Chief Officer responsible for Finance and Planning and Vision 2030 (County Treasury) and will supervise staff of the revenue division. (vi) Ensuring compliances with public service values and principle in counties. Public Relations. (ii) Identifying programmes at the county level. XV. Business Adm. (ii) Diploma in Supplies Management or its approved equivalent from a recognized university (iii) Relevant working experience of not less than five (5) years. VII. VI. by consolidating programmes at the sub-county levels for inclusion in the Project Based Budget. (iii) Added advantage. and 4) Satisfy the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution. Media Studies/ Sciences or any other relevant and equivalent qualifications from a university recognized in Kenya. Duties and Responsibilities 1) Providing legal advice to the Governor. facilitation and overall coordination of operations. networking. (iv) Satisfy the requirement of Chapter 6 of the Constitution. Specific duties will include: (i) Establishing and operationalizing the human resource management function. 3) Have knowledge. Ability to motivate and lead teams V. Prepare monthly reports on revenue collection and deposits to relevant county accounts Set up an effective mechanism for monitoring and ensuring system integrity and security To carry out regular cross training between the revenue co-coordinators/sub county heads to ensure that everyone within the division is able to deal with all clients efficiently Undertake periodic surveys to determine feasibility in revenue collection Build customers confidence and be committed to increasing customers satisfaction and take proactive approach to customer service Requirements for Appointments (i) Be a Kenyan citizen (ii) Be a holder of Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. (v) Be registered with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK).A 2. Box 803 – 40600 SIAYA. Business Administration. a candidate must.00 p. printing and submission of the estimates to County Assembly. monitoring and control. Hand delivered application letters can be dropped to the County Secretary’s Office at IFAD Building opposite the County Commissioner’s office. Economics. Have thorough knowledge of Chapter Six of the Constitution IV. 2013 4. GOVERNOR’S PRESS SERVICE JOB GROUP R Terms of Service: Contract/ Permanent Requirements for Appointment For appointment to this grade. IV. (iv) Relevant working experience of not less than (3) years in Job group N HEAD OF COUNTY REVENUE OFFICER (1 POST) JOB GROUP N Revenue is the primary enabler of County Government operations. VII. Commerce. training and development of County Supply Chain personnel. (iv) Preparing and Submitting the County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP) (in line with the national objectives in the Budget Policy Strategy to the County Executive. X. a person must:1) Be a Kenyan Citizen. fees. 4) Providing legislative support to the Governor including briefs on legislation as well as preparing amendments where appropriate. Communication Studies. (xvi) Management. (ii) Carrying out staff audits. This is a responsible managerial position that entails thinking at the strategic level. 5) Identifying strategic priority areas that require law reform. Article 175 (b) of the Constitution envisages that: County governments shall have reliable sources of revenue to enable them to govern and deliver services effectively. (ix) Ensuring the systems in place are adopted and used as required. Must have at least C. (xiii) Undertake Capacity building for staff at the County level. (v) Performing any other duties as may be assigned Rading Charles Secretary/CEO COUNTY PUBLIC SERVICE BOARD OF SIAYA . Corporate Communications. III. 2) Representing the Governor in civil matters as need arises. VIII. (vi) Be a strategic thinker and result oriented. Commerce). 2013 45 II.P. 2 referees who must be prominent public servants (not politicians) Satisfy the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution DIRECTOR. Design effective.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Relevant experience in Sub – County Treasury. regulations. CVs. (viii) Preparing and submitting the relevant draft Bills to the County Assembly.. experience and a distinguished career of not less than ten years in public communication. County Public Service Board P. Requirements for Appointment (i) Have a Bachelor’s degree in any of the following: Commerce. XI.

TENDER EXTENSION TENDER FOR THE SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF VARIOUS TONERS AND OFFICE STATIONERIES (FRAMEWORK CONTRACTING) The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) wishes to inform all prospective bidders for the above tender that due to Friday. • Compile regular project. way leaves. No hardcopy or phone calls will be accepted. • 5+ years of Wireless TE. The opening shall take place immediately thereafter in the presence of tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend at KeNHA’s Board Room. 2013 at 10. roof top sites. • Plan fully a Turnkey project rollout from initiation. 13th August. revenue and customer invoicing.m. • Must know working procedures for site acquisition. All the other Tender conditions remains as earlier stated. • Manage finances of project. Levina Wanyonyi For: DIRECTOR GENERAL TENDER No. • Plan and manage all project resource requirements including HR. Not later than 31st August 2013. during the Outside and Inside Plant (OSP/ISP) project (s) rollout and support handover to maintenance. • Must have strong managerial and negotiation skills. • Provide training and mentorship to junior project staff and project team member. actual site acquisition/ permits and lease negotiation experience preferred. At least 3 years experience as outside plant (OSP) Turnkey PM (tower erection. ISP and OSP project management. 2013 being gazetted as a public holiday.com. including project cost. • Work with Account Manager and Marketing Manager to develop strategies to be able to identify sales opportunities during project rollout. Please send your detailed resume ONLY to the following e-mail address: kenyahr@huawei. Blue Shield Towers. 9th August. • Must be able to work under high pressure and be willing to work long hours when required. We are seeking to recruit high caliber and result oriented individual to fill the following vacant position: Fibre Project Manager / Senior Supervisor Position RESPONSIBILITIES • Execute project plan within time and budgetary constraints. • Must be prepared to travel away from the base location. Greenfield sites etc). indoor coverage (IBS/DAS) project experience. quality progress and other reports as required internally and externally. • Must have excellent budget control & management skills. 2013 VACANCY We are one of the world’s leading telecommunication equipment manufacturers and supplier with offices around the globe. implementation etc. subcontractors etc.46 | DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.00 a. until customer acceptance and project closure. PMP is preferable while an internationally recognized PM qualification is desirable. REQUIREMENTS • Must have a minimum bachelor’s degree preferably with technical/engineering qualification (Transmission preferred) or managerial qualification and should have completed a high level project management courses. the closing date has been extended to Tuesday. • Provide input to the project Technical director on effective implementation strategies. • Meet quality requirements and be the high level interface to the customers work. 3rd Floor. • The candidate MUST have hands on FTTB/FTTX. permit etc. Those who do not meet the minimum qualifications need not to apply If you do not hear from us in two weeks after the submission deadline consider your application unsuccessful. KeNHA/733/2013: .

.wfp. while also supporting humanitarian air and logistics services. livelihoods. are encouraged to apply. The FSC works with humanitarian agencies in Somalia to invest in the capacity of the cluster’s membership and work with the broader humanitarian community. Female candidates in particular. Background The Somalia Food Security Cluster (FSC) is jointly managed by the World Food Programme Somalia and the Food and Agriculture Organisation Somalia whose activities include the coordination of food security related programmes to minimise response gaps and promote preparedness. VA-051/2013 (Position Number 13-0014028) Post Title: Contract type: Post Grade: Duty Station: Duration: Date of issue: Closing Date: National Procurement Officer Service Contract SC 9 Nairobi 12 Months 8st August 2013 21th August 2013 UN World Food Programme – Somalia JOB ADVERTISEMENT VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT NO. Interested and qualified candidates are requested to submit online applications only according to the following procedures: · Go to: http://i-recruitment. relief and emergency school feeding. This position is open to qualified Kenyan candidates only.org/vacancies/13-0014028 · Step 1: Create your online CV. are encouraged to apply. 2013 47 UN World Food Programme – Somalia VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT NO. · Step 2: Click on “Description” to read the position requirements and “Apply” to submit your application. Interested and qualified candidates are requested to submit online applications only according to the following procedures: • Go to: : http://i-recruitment. This position is open to qualified Kenyan candidates. Female candidates in particular. NOTE: You must complete Step 2 in order for your application to be considered for this vacancy. VA-018/2013(Position Number 13-0014030) Post Title: Contract type: Post Grade: Duty Station: Duration: Date of issue: Closing Date: Food Security Cluster Communication Officer Service Contract SC 9 Nairobi Five months (Initial) 8st August 2013 21st August 2013 Organizational background The World Food Programme Somalia activities include food assistance for nutrition. food security coordination and infrastructure rehabilitation projects. • Step 2: Click on “Description” to read the position requirements and “Apply” to submit your application.org/vacancies/13-0014030 • Step 1: Create your online CV.wfp.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. NOTE: You must complete Step 2 in order for your application to be considered for this vacancy.

activities and tasks within a specified sector of County Assembly operations. Proficiency in the use of basic computer applications in preparation of legislative and legal instruments. Development and maintenance of policies. ii. Deputizing the Clerk. CHIEF SERJEANT. Maintaining a consistent and accurate Hansard publishing format. Ensuring procedures. (A Masters degree from any of these fields will be an added advantage). ii. ii. Maintaining links with Government Ministries/ Departments. Preparation of Bills and other legislative instruments for publication. ii. Ensure compliance with occupational health requirements/standards. Members. v. The Serjeant-at-arms also performs a number of miscellaneous security and safety duties for the general welfare of Assembly. Demonstrate management and organizational skills. iv. conventions. Collecting and collating budgetary information from various sources for analysis. v. iii. ii. budgeting and financial services of the County Assembly. xvi. iv. Possess mastery of parliamentary procedure and practice and application of knowledge in the execution of the assigned functions. Training and supervision of Legal Counsel under him/her. Closely supervised and guided by the Senior Hansard Editor and responsible to the Hansard Editor. Facilitating service of Legal Documents. ii. traditions and etiquette of the County Assembly. traditions and etiquette of the County Assembly. Assisting in preparing budgetary information reports for MCAs and relevant Committees. a Counsel must: Have served as Senior Legal Counsel or in a comparable and i. Perform chamber and ceremonial duties. and any other duties as may be assigned by the Hansard Editor. Maintaining an accurate database of Hansard publication. Taking hearing dates in Litigation matters. activities and tasks. iii. (b) Requirements for Appointment: For direct appointment to this grade a candidate must: i. the Committees. x. Undergoes training on parliamentary procedure. Possess mastery and political procedure and practice and application of knowledge in the execution of the assigned functions. Accounting / Authorized officer. x. Be computer literate. vi. vi. TN/CAS/2013/07 (a) Duties and Responsibilities: i. ii. and. i. the County Assembly Service Board or the Clerk. vi. iii. v. Ensure protective security for all persons and property and advises the Speaker and the Clerk on the same. (b) Requirements for Appointment: For direct appointment to this grade a candidate must: i. a candidate must have. Be in possession of a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences. Possess a Bachelors Degree in Linguistics. (b) Requirements for Appointment: i. Administrative head of the County Assembly. ii. vii. iii. Preparing transcripts for editing. (A masters degree in any of these fields will be an added advantage). Providing any other legal services that may be required by Assembly. vi. Be Computer literate with practical experience. iv. Provide interdepartmental and chamber support services. v. iii. and any other duties as may be assigned by the Hansard Editor. Providing appropriate advise to Assembly and members. Collecting. Assisting in workshops planning. Sorting and ensuring accurate recording. v. vi. Duties and Responsibilities. Chair Board of management. practices. Ensuring procedures. iii. i. and vi. iii. v. Disseminates relevant information to members through notice beards. Minimum of three (3) years work experience as a Hansard Reporter I. and. Attending Court on litigation matters involving Assembly and drafting contracts and related legal documents (Litigation Counsel). (a) Duties and Responsibilities He/she will perform the following: i. Assisting in classification. a candidate must: i. Served in a comparable and relevant position for a minimum period of three (3) years. (b) Requirements for Appointment For appointment to this position. DEPUTY CLERK – Ref: TN/CAS/2013/02 (1 Post) (a) Duties and Responsibilities i. xii. the County Assembly service Board or the Clerk. Drafting Legal Documents under the supervision of Legal Counsel.(A Masters degree in this field will be an added advantage for Hansard Editor). iv. ii. (b) Requirements for Appointment: For direct appointment to this grade a candidate must: i. Access control management. vi. iii. practices. vi. ii. Conducts institutional risk assessment. the Speaker. Ensure fire prevention and safety of the facilities. Allocate office accommodation to members (MCAs) abd staff and conference rooms to Committees. vi. OR Three (3) years experience in publishing in the public sector or in a with national circulation. 2. Be Computer literate with practical experience. ii. Assisting in classification. Be able to demonstrate good knowledge of legislative procedures and the conduct of Assembly committee business. Have a degree in Economics or its equivalent from a recognized university. (b) Requirements for Appointment: For direct appointment to this grade a candidate must: i. and. any other duties as may be assigned by the Clerk. Be in possession of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education grade C+. Be in possession of Bachelor Degree in Social Science. Assists the Clerk in administrative. the public media. xvii.48 | COUNTY GOVERNMENT OF TRANS-NZOIA DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Maintaining relevant statistics on public revenue and expenditure figures. Have a post-graduate qualification in Legislative Drafting from a recognized institution or seven (5) years experience in litigation. rules. processing manuscripts. v. vii. Maintain custody of the Mace. 9. v. Be in possession of a current practicing certificate. the Committees. circulating and filing of published bills and subsidiary legislation. viii. iii. iv. Previous experience in public finance will be an added advantage. iv. xiv. Preparation of committee stage amendments to bills. and. ii. v. iv. iii. Filing of court documents and any other legal documents. Closely supervised and guided by the Senior Hansard Editor and responsible to the Hansard Editor. v. LEGAL CLERK (1 post) Ref: TN/CAS/2013/09 (a) Duties and Responsibilities: A Legal Clerk will be responsible for: i. viii. i. BUDGET OFFICER I (1 post) – Ref. Sorting and ensuring accurate transcription. Have a certificate in firefighting and first aid. ii. v. vii. ii. (b) Requirements for Appointment: For appointment to the grade of Fiscal Analyst . Committees & Procedural services. iv.AT –ARMS (1 post) Ref: TN/CAS/2013/06 The Chief Serjeant-at-arms is an office in the County Assembly Service charged with duties involving service to the Speaker. ii. ii. Responsible for co-ordination and production of the Hansard (Official record of the County Assembly) ii. Providing appropriate advice to the Assembly and Members. Crowd management xi. and. v. viii. 8. ii. 2013 TRANS-NZOIA COUNTY ASSEMBLY VACANCIES The Trans-Nzoia County Assembly Service Board wishes to invite applications from qualified persons for the following positions: 1. Enforce and implement the Speaker’s orders and other directives. viii. custody. HANSARD REPORTER I (1 Post) Ref: TN/CAS/2013/04 (a) Duties and Responsibilities i. vii. CHIEF HANSARD EDITOR (1 Post) Ref: TN/CAS/2013/03 (a) Duties and Responsibilities i. the Clerk and other staff of the County Assembly and performance of chamber and ceremonial duties. xiii. iii. Prepare annual Accounts. Fulfill the requirements of chapter six of the Constitution. 6. preparing accurate drafts. and other Commonwealth Editors’ Associations and Unions. ix. HANSARD RECORDERS (2 Posts) Ref: TN/CAS/2013/05 (a) Duties and Responsibilities: i. Ensuring that Bills passed by Assembly comply with the Constitution of Kenya (b) Requirements for Appointment For appointment to this grade. v. retrieval and crosschecking of documents against references. Preparation of vellum copies for assent and publication. Law. (b) Requirements for Appointment: For direct appointment to this grade. Be Computer literate with practical experience. iii. Drafting of Members’ Bills. convention. 7. xv. iii. Secretary to the County Assembly Service Board. Undertaking independent verbatim reporting of Assembly proceedings and those of relevant committees/functions within or outside Assembly. iii. custody. Giving legal interpretation of Acts and Bills and generally giving legal advice on matters relating to Assembly. iv. and iii. majoring in English and Kiswahili or Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication or any of the social sciences with good credit passes in both English and Kiswahili in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examination or its equivalent qualification. Experience in managing and serving Boards will be an added advantage. a candidate must:- 3. 5. Preparing transcripts for editing. Communication or relevant subject from a recognized university. Experience in managing and serving Boards will be an added advantage. Coordinate Assembly police. the Speaker. Possession of skills and experience in procurement matters and drafting of contracts and related matters will be an added advantage. At least a diploma in Mass Communication or any of the social sciences with good credit passes in both English and Kiswahili in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examination or its equivalent qualification. ix. Be Computer literate with practical experience. Assembly and its Committees. ii. Be Admitted as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. ix. Editing transcribed records. Providing legal advice to the County Assembly Service Board. Implement decisions of Assembly. Be computer literate with practical expression. Be a team player with good communication and interpersonal skills. Custody of Assembly seal and records. Demonstrate knowledge and application of the Legislative Standing Orders and functional roles of legislative committees. iv. Have Served as a Senior Clerk Assistant/ Hansard Editor/ Senior Research Officer in the National Assembly or in similar capacity with relevant experience in Public or Private sector. iii. May be assigned duties within the Departments of Chamber. Undertaking independent verbatim reporting of Assembly proceedings and those of relevant committees/functions within or outside Assembly. majoring in English and Kiswahili or Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication or any of the social sciences with good credit passes in both English and Kiswahili in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examination or its equivalent qualification. iii. . law or Political Science from a recognized university. Possess a Bachelors Degree in Linguistics. Providing any other Clerical services that may be required by the Assembly. archiving. practices and etiquette and committee administration and management and any other relevant courses. and. Disaster preparedness and mitigation. Have served in the disciplined forces for a period not less than seven (7) years augmented with rank of Inspector and above. standards and procedures governing Hansard production. relevant position for a minimum period of three (5) years. Carrying out commissioned Budget research on specific area of interest. Organizing the Legal Department Registry. Be able to demonstrate good knowledge of legislative procedures and the conduct of Assembly committee business. Drafting of amendments to Bills to be proposed to the Assembly by any Member of the County Assembly or any committee of the Assembly. proficiency in the use of basic computer applications. iii. Diploma in Law from a recognized institution. PRINCIPAL LEGAL COUNSEL (1 post) Ref: TN/CAS/2013/08 (a) Duties and Responsibilities i. vi. iv. Possession of a Masters degree in a relevant discipline from a recognized institution will be an added advantage. Ensure desirable housekeeping standards and maintain decorum within the precincts of parliament. iv. Ensuring timely and accurate transcription of Assembly proceedings. Must possess an exemplarily service certificate. 4. Carries out periodical security surveys. archiving. retrieval and crosschecking of documents against references. iv. Fulfill the requirements of chapter six of the Constitution. Investigating security incidents. THE CLERK OF THE ASSEMBLY – Ref: TN/CAS/2013/01 (1 Post) (a) i. Ensuring timely and accurate recording and transcription of Assembly proceedings.

vi. Provision of non-partisan professional research assistance and analysis to Members. ii. i. Supervision of cataloguing and classification of library materials. 2012. PERSONAL SECRETARY II (1 POST) Ref: TN/ CAS/2013/21 The holder of this position will be required to provide administrative support and secretarial services to the office of the speaker and to take charge of Office Administration issues. For appointment to this position. vii. supplies management instructions. iii. Supervision of staff and their development. Prepare and update audit guidelines and programmes. and. Be a registered member of the institute of Human resource Management of Kenya iii. Coordinating the budget formulation. (A masters degree shall be an added advantage). edit in a clear. Organizing Trainings and capacity development for the Hon. execution. Served as Librarian or an equivalent position in either the public or the private sector for a minimum of three (3) years. Drawing up hardware specifications for Information Communication Technology equipment. documents and computer-based information v. · Handling all incoming and outgoing correspondence including emails. Issuing financial management instructions and maintaining effective internal control systems. Carrying out repairs and maintenance of Information Communications Technology equipment and associated peripherals. Project a professional image through in-person and phone interaction Preparation. Be a holder of CPA(K) or equivalent qualification. P. SENIOR PROCUREMENT OFFICER (1 post) Ref: TN/CAS/2013/13 a) Duties and Responsibilities: The officer is responsible for: i. (Parliamentary training will be an added advantage). v. Duties and Responsibilities : Provide personal administrative support to the speaker Duties include general clerical. Shown merit and ability as reflected in work performance and results. v. Shown merit in job performance. ix. at least one which he/ she must have been in a management/ supervisory level 14. Have at least 5 years work experience. iii. O. international trade/commerce and other Science related fields. inspection. ii. Bachelor’s degree in Economics. SENIOR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER/ HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT OFFICER (1 post) Ref: TN/CAS/2013/ 10 This office will be responsible to the clerk of the County Assembly for the efficient management of human resource functions and administration. Providing technical back up to County Assembly committees. Any other duties as may be assigned by the clerk. ii. deployment and remuneration in the assembly ii. Box 4221 . Preparation of supplies estimates of expenditure and control of Vote. vi. accounting and reporting. iii. Business Administration or equivalent. Initial action for the budgeting of donor financed projects and review of financial implementation of such projects. 11. PERSONAL ASSISTANT (1 post) Ref: TN/CAS/2013/20 (a) i.30200. Have a degree in Library Studies/Information Science or equivalent qualification. Ordinary/ Higher National Diploma in Computer Science. an officer must have: i. explanation and analysis. Hardware. and v. xiii. Processing of annual. Secretarial duties II. Kenya National Examination Council certificates in Typing III. Receiving requisitions and specifications from users. 10. County Assembly Service Board. Coordinating matters and systems relating to human resource. 18. Carrying out systems analysis. vi. an applicant must be in possession of either a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics or Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a postgraduate qualification in planning or economics. v. Network administration. Members of the county assembly and members of staff. and. Post graduate diploma in procurement/supplies management . Initial evaluation and scrutiny of expenditure proposals and compilation of information required in the budgetary processes. LIBRARIAN (1 post) Ref: TN/CAS/2013/17 (a) i. i. iv. an officer must have: i. Draft preliminary audit reports queries and observations for the departmental heads consideration. doing tendering. v. Minimum of 5 years working experience in a similar position Computer literate with the ability to learn new software applications Visibility of work requires attention to detail. · Switch-Board Operations · Drafting of routine disciplinary memos and submit for approval and other correspondences · Preparing presentations and reports for the seniors · Any other duty that may be assigned from time-to-time (b) Requirements for appointment · A Minimum of a KCSE grade C Minus and English language C plain · A diploma or degree in secretarial studies from KNEC or any other recognized institution · Degree/Diploma Business Management/Human Resource Management or Degree in Secretarial studies · · Training in customer service will be an added advantage · Current or previous 3 years work experience in a similar position · Any government employee who desires to be seconded to this position may apply. Served for a minimum period of four (4) years as Internal Auditor or an equivalent position in either the public or private sector and possess a university degree relevant to Audit function such as Commerce. Competencies & Skills · Keen business sense Good communication · · Good interpersonal · Customer service · Computer literate Remuneration: Competitive package Applications including curriculum vitae and copies of certificates and testimonials should be addressed to: The Secretary. v. . 16. Advising the Clerk on financial and accounting matters. or Software Support. a candidate must: i. Shown merit in job performance. Be a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (Finance) from a recognized university ( a masters degree will be an added advantage. iv. 2013. Commerce. (b) Requirements of appointment: For appointment to this grade. time management skills and discretion with confidential information. Served as Research Officer or an equivalent position in either the public or the private sector for at least three (5) years. Verification. ii. v. Setup and coordinate meetings and conferences vi. or iv.(A masters degree will be an added advantage). Must be very confidential in how they handle documents and information. 17. iv. 49 (b) Requirements for Appointment i. forward and revised estimates of recurrent and development expenditures. excellent organizational skills. Be a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource management or any other relevant qualification from a recognized institution. (b) Requirements for Appointment: For appointment to this grade. Served in the grade of Information Communication Technology Officer III or an equivalent position in the Public Service or private sector for a minimum period of three years (3). Thorough knowledge and understanding of the concepts and techniques of professional research. expenditures and reimbursements. Kitale. iv. viii. concise and understandable manner. organizing and storing paperwork. Served for a minimum period of five (5) years as Internal Auditor or an equivalent position in either the public or private sector and possess CPA I or its equivalent. iii. structures and procedures. ii. staffing. (b) i. iii. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of policy options. systems and procedures. ii. Business English III. At 12:00 noon. design and programme specifications in liaison with users. Political science. and have shown merit and ability in work performance and results. (b) For appointments to this position. Commerce. Any application received after this date shall not be considered. receptionist and project based work. ix. etc i. MUST have good Public Relations skills Possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills. vi. Ability to work with variety of demands and to priorities tasks requested from a range of different managers. and. Establishing human resource systems. 13. iii. and. with at least two years at a management level. SENIOR ACCOUNTS CONTROLLER ( 1 post) Ref: TN/CAS/2013/12 The office will be responsible to the clerk for the efficient management of financial and accounting services in the assembly. iv. viii. Duties and Responsibilities: Installation Configuration of local Area network and Wide Area Network. a candidate must. vi. Any other duties as may be assigned by the clerk. Duties and Responsibilities: Selection and acquisition of books and other library materials. Sociology. 15. Accounting. Knowledge of Microsoft Office and telephone protocol. iv. Office Management III. Statistics. cash and budgetary control. Providing expert interpretation. Review and develop audit techniques and procedures for systems audits. INTERNAL AUDITOR 1 (1 post) Ref: TN/CAS/ 2013/ 19 (a) Duties and Responsibilities An Internal Auditor I will be in-charge of a major activity/section of the Assembly Service such as procurement and stores. Supervision of indexing and abstracting services. iv. Documentation of goods/services. vii. equivalent position in the public and/or private sector. and acquisition of goods and services. The duties and responsibilities will include. Have a t least 5 years’ experience. and. Enforcement of Government regulations. Processing of budgetary supply matters as well as planning. iii. 12. Agriculture. iii. relevant Master’s degree. iv. general correspondence and other communication. (b) Requirement for Appointment: served as Senior Procurement Officer for at least 5 years or (b) For appointment to this grade. Have a Bachelor’s degree in any of the following: Mathematics. In addition an applicant must have served in the grade of Finance Officer III or in an equivalent position for at least three (5) years. Advising the clerk on human resource and administration matters v. ii. review and updating of existing regulations. ii. excellent organizational skills. iii. and. Environmental quality. vi. An ability to write. Monitoring. payroll and personnel records. Shown merit and ability as reflected in work performance and results. Statistics. initiative and competence in organizing and directing work. Maintenance of computer systems. County Assembly Building. time management skills and discretion with confidential Visibility of work requires attention to detail. (a) Duties and responsibilities: i. training and development of the supplies personnel. iii.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Closing date: Friday 24th August. Possession of a current Process Server’s Certificate will be an added advantage. iii. Demonstrated professional ability. Maintain a periodically updated inventory of publications on current issues. and Demonstrated capabilities and a high degree of competence in conducting and supervising both financial and management audit. an officer must have the following qualifications: i. iv. Physics or any other ICT related discipline with a bias in Information Communication Technology from a recognized institution. Control of expenditure commitments as may pertain to Parliament. evaluating and overseeing the management of public finances and economic affairs of the Assembly. Setup CEO’s travel and accommodation arrangements Requirements for appointments Should have a bachelors degree preferably business oriented Must have good report writing skills Must be absolutely polished in presentation Should be extremely eloquent . ii. iv. and custody of documents and goods. Abstracting and other information repackaging services x. Monitoring commitments. and. Committees and staff of Parliament. ii. Ability to multitask and follow instructions. vii. iii. iv. i. validation and certification of Information technology equipment. xi. Commissioning of procured services. iii. Maintenance. (b) Requirements for Direct Appointments: For appointment to this grade. and. Planning and co-ordination of supplies management services. iv. ii. SENIOR FINANCE OFFICER/ PLANNING OFFICER (1 post) Ref: TN/CAS/2013/11 (a) Duties and Responsibilities: i. Providing direction on strategic human resource planning. ii. Finance or Computer Science and in possession of CPA I OR ii. Commerce II. issuing of goods. and retiring of boarded goods. ii. Economics. iii. 2013 iv. v. Economics. Initiation of policy. legislation and major public policy issues/questions. iv. and. and vi. ii. and. Have at least three years continuous work experience. Have proficiency in computer applications. Developing and executing financial and accounting management and control systems in line with the Public Finance Management act. (a) Key Responsibilities / Duties · Providing Quality secretarial services to the office · Maintaining Confidentiality and integrity of correspondence in the Office Making Travel arrangements overseas or otherwise on time · · Handling of Internal & External queries to the Director Office expeditiously · Maintaining of Accurate filing and record system · Receiving all visitors to the Administrator’s office and either address their requirements or refer them to the administrator or clerk where necessary. ii. Satisfactorily served as Research Officer in similar positions with comparable responsibilities in like organizations/reputable research institution. v. Overseeing the process of configuration of new Information Communication Technology equipment. v. v. ICT OFFICER (1 post) Ref: TN/CAS/2013/18 (a) i. xii. 19. with particular emphasis on public policy analysis. Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in a specialized discipline including Economics. Developing and updating applications systems. SENIOR RESEARCH OFFICER (1 post) Ref: TN/CAS/ 2013/15 & RESEARCH ASSISTANT(1 post) Ref: TN/CAS/2013/16 (a) Duties and Responsibilities: The duties and responsibilities of an officer in this position include: i. organization and development iii. preparation. Mathematics.

• Borehole & Electricity On site. Bidders shall be required to submit a copy of the payment receipt together with the completed tender documents. Kayaya on: 0721 672 048 ONGATA RONGAI-Residential Plots • Near Nazarene University.ke Completed and sealed tender dossiers in English may be deposited in the tender box at the CAFOD Horn and East Africa Regional office by Thursday 12th September. Account Number: 6430440014. 2013. Residential Plots • About 500 Metres off Kangundo Road tarmac just next to KBC Station.250.000 and balance payable in 3 Months. Residential Plots • Very Prime plots. 2013.50 | DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Kitui. cash deposits or bank transfers payable to CAFOD .000 Only • Deposit ksh. Opposite Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS) on Thika Superhighway. 2013 as from 12:01 pm (EAT) and interested bidders can attend the opening session. • Price: KShs. Kajiado North and Kajiado Central in the Eastern and Rift Valley Provinces of Kenya. RONGAI & KAMULU RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL PLOTS RUIRU. 2013 12pm (EAT) 5th September. Tender dossiers may be obtained by interested bidders between 9th -29th August.000 • Pay a Deposit ksh. Account Number: 6430440014.org. Mutomo. 3.250. Gathambo on: 0728 818 590 KITENGELA PLOTS Call Mr.00pm (EAT) or send by courier to be received before or on the stated date and time. 000) by bankers cheque.000 and Balance payable in 3 months.uk/jobs or collecting bids in our offices upon payment of a non-refundable fee of three thousand Kenya shillings (Kshs. Women are encouraged to apply. Bids will be opened in the CAFOD Horn and East Africa Regional Offices on Thursday 12th September. highly devpd area with all the amenities • About 100 Meters from the Acacia School Main Entrance.00pm (EAT) or send by courier so as to be received before or on the stated date and time. • Price: kshs.ke Completed and sealed tender dossiers in English may be deposited in the tender box at the CAFOD Horn and East Africa Regional office by 5th September. • Size 40*80 and Title Deeds ready on completion of payment. KAMULU. 2013 European Union Catholic Agency For Overseas Development Trust (CAFOD) Supply of Energy Saving Jikos for Schools Kenya Nairobi ACP-EU Energy Facility II: Community Based Green Energy Project (CB-GEP) FED/2011/231-578 8th August.or.350. Swift: CBAFKENX. children and youth groups who have no access to modern and sustainable energy supplies in rural and peri-urban areas in Kenya. Mwingi. CAFOD Horn and East Africa Regional Office P. Bids will be opened in the CAFOD Horn and East Africa Regional Offices on Thursday 5th September. Last date for all enquiries concerning this tender is 29th August. Garbatula.3.450.000 and Balance payable in 3 Months KITENGELA –Residential Plots (Site 1) ACACIA Area and Neighboring EPZ tank.000 • Deposit ksh. • Title Deeds ready. • Just Eight (8) Minutes’ drive off the Superhighway on all-weather road. These include the review of Project concept notes and proposals and the monitoring of ongoing project activities. Kenya. Kenya. 2013 12. • Ability to deliver and install the energy saving Jikos to schools in the above mentioned Districts. Kileleshwa. CAFOD is the official development and relief agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales and part of the Caritas Internationalis Confederation. Isiolo and Kajiado • Duly registered to conduct relevant businesses • Fully complying with the required supporting documentation as stated in the tender dossiers.O Box 66153-00800 Nairobi. Isiolo. The nationality and origin of all supplies for the systems MUST be from the African. Garbatula. Bank Name: Commercial Bank of Africa. 2013 VACANCIES Project Officers An International consulting firm which is implementing a Regional Trade project seeks to recruit two suitably qualified Project officers to help the Project management team in managing the various aspects of the project.uk/jobs CAFOD is the official development and relief agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales and part of the Caritas Internationalis Confederation.000 and Balance Payable in 3 Months. Swift: CBAFKENX. 2013 European Union Catholic Agency For Overseas Development Trust (CAFOD) Supply of Solar Powered Equipments for Information Communication & Technology (ICT) Centers CAFOD received funding from European Union under the 10th EDF ACP-EU Energy Facility II towards the implementation of Community Based Green Energy Project (CB-GEP) in the districts of Kyuso. • Special Price kshs. KISERIAN.00pm (EAT) by way of downloading from www. Gated Concept. Kileleshwa.550. Gated Concept • Price kshs. 12.000 Ksh.cafod. Bidders shall be required to submit a copy of the payment receipt together with the completed tender documents.Account Name: CAFOD.cafod.000 and Balance Payable in 3 Months SITE VIEWING CONTACTS RUIRU & KAMULU Call Anthony on: 0724 452 574 KISERIAN PLOTS Call Mr. Mutomo. KITENGELA. • Duly registered to conduct relevant businesses • Fully complying with the required supporting documentation as stated in the tender dossiers.Account Name: CAFOD. 2013 starting 12:01 pm (EAT) and interested bidders can attend the opening session.130. This project is funded by EU LOCAL OPEN TENDER NOTICE CONTRACT INFORMATION Country State/County/Localit Project Name Notice/Contract Number Publication Date Deadline for tender submission Funding Agency Client Type of Contract : : : : : : : : : CATHOLIC AGENCY FOR OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT This project is funded by EU CATHOLIC AGENCY FOR OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT INTERNATIONAL OPEN TENDER NOTICE CONTRACT INFORMATION Country: State/County/Locality: Project Name: Notice/Contract Number: Publication Date: Deadline for tender submission: Funding Agency: Client: Type of Contract: Kenya Nairobi ACP-EU Energy Facility II: Community Based Green Energy Project (CB-GEP) FED/2011/231-578 8th August. • Ability to deliver the solar powered equipments for ICT centre to partners stores located in Kitui.O Box 66153-00800. . PRIME. Submit a detailed CV with a cover letter which should indicate your current and expected salary and a day time contact telephone number by 22nd August 2013 to: applicationst2013@gmail. • 1/8 Acres with Title Deeds. 2013.Burugu on: 0722 813 434 RONGAI PLOTS Call Mr.COMMERCIAL Plots • VERY PRIME PLOTS just next to PICNIC SITE and in highly OFFER! devp’d area with all the Deposit: amenities Kshs.org. Last date for all enquiries concerning this tender is 5th September. Kitui. Near TUALA Shopping Centre. Tender dossiers may be obtained by interested bidders between 8th August-5th September. The systems are meant to support the poor and vulnerable women. Regional experience in the EAC countries will have an added advantage. Interested bidders MUST demonstrate sufficient capacity in terms of financial turnover and previous experience through provision of references from previous clients. Branch: Upper hill Branch.or. Bidders Must meet the following requirements: • Minimum of 3 years experience supplying Energy Saving Jikos for school to development actors in African Countries. • Near all the amenities and ideal for immediate residential devp’t. bank deposits or bank transfers payable to CAFOD . 12. Vihiga Road Tel+25420 2323456/2325509/2323507 Mobile: +254 724 255 903/0733 757 566 Email: cafod@cafod.350. Interested bidders MUST demonstrate sufficient capacity in terms of financial turnover and previous experience through provision of references from previous clients. 2013. 000 only • Just 50 Meters from *Few remaining the Tarmac and Ideal FOR IMMEDIATE DEVELOPMENT • 1/8 Acres with Title Deeds in Gated Concept. CAFOD is seeking eligible suppliers to submit completed tender dossiers for the supply of Energy Saving Jikos for schools. Branch: Upper hill Branch. Mwingi. RUIRU. 2013 12pm (EAT) 12th September. Kajiado North and Kajiado Central in the Eastern and Rift Valley Provinces of Kenya. Gated OFFER: Concept Cash Price • Price kshs. The nationality and origin of supplies is as outlined in the bids document.000 • Deposit: Kshs. 12.00pm (EAT) from our offices or downloaded from our website below upon payment of a non-refundable fee of three thousand Kenya shillings (KShs.799. KISERIAN.com Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a personal interview. highly devpd area with all the amenities • About 5 Minutes drive from the Tarmac • 1/8 Acres with Title Deeds.000 • Deposit ksh.000) by bankers cheque. Terms of Reference: CAFOD received funding from European Union under the 10th EDF ACP-EU Energy Facility II towards the implementation of Community Based Green Energy Project (CB-GEP) in the districts of Kyuso. We are looking for holders of an MBA or MA Economics or other relevant advanced degree with at least 5 years post qualification project management experience in the implementation of Trade projects. Bids received after this time will be rejected. Isiolo. Vihiga Road Tel+25420 2323456/2325509/2323507 Mobile: +254 724 255 903/0733 757 566 Email: cafod@cafod.799. Nairobi. • Price: Kshs595. • 1/8 Acres. CAFOD is seeking eligible suppliers to submit completed tender dossiers for the supply of solar powered ICT equipments. Bids received after this time will be rejected. 345.000 • Pay a Deposit ksh.549. CAFOD Horn and East Africa Regional Office P.000 *Few Remaining and Balance payable in 3 months KITENGELA –Residential Plots (Site 2) • ACACIA Area and Neighboring Acacia Sch. Pacific and European Union (ACP-EU) countries. You can also visit http://www. Bidders Must meet the following requirements: • Minimum of 3 years experience supplying solar powered equipments for ICT centre/Energy saving jikos for Development actors in African Countries. • 1/8 Acres and ideal for residential use. Bank Name: Commercial Bank of Africa.250. 2013.350. Caribbean. Ideal for Residential & Near all amenities • Suitable for Investment or Speculation &Title Deeds ready.


ke . electricity and feeder roads). • Upcoming developments in the area ( Konza link road from Kisaju town to the six (ICT) Satellite city. Introductory offer price Kshs 380.co.10.KCA e.5a & 8) are all located in Athi river – Kananie 8km from Mombasa road.t.3.cretum. Kindly confirm your attendance on or before the 9th August 2013 to enable us plan efficiently The proposed Greater Eastern Bypass Beacon Clients Heading to site For more details Contact: NAIROBI OFFICE: UGANDA HOUSE. 3RD FLOOR. located at the heart of Ndovoini shopping centre neighbouring the community hospital and borehole. The Kisaju/ Kaputei Project is 6km from Nairobi Namanga Road.com) and will range from Kshs.e KAG. near upcoming KCA University.t.2.000 and 750. 3RD FLOOR SUITE 23 KENYATTA AVENUE TEL: +254 020 2222210 CELL: +254 733 138 868. Particulars • Will be serviced plots (water. 2013 CRETUM PROPERTIES LIMITED “The best investment on earth is earth” Commissioning of 170 Acres for sale in Kisaju Kaputei Area on the 10th August 2013 from 9am to 12pm at the Project site. 250. 40 by 100 plots @Kshs 250. • Close to learning institutions i.11) are near Greater Eastern By-Pass and close to Iluluwe Golf Estate (www.c.iluluwe. 706 101 105.000 Projects that have been successfully sold with title deeds (1. KENYATTA HIGHWAY CELL: +254 706 101 109 WEBSITE: www. THIKA BRANCH: THIKA ARCADE.co.ke EMAIL: info@cretum.52 | Property Guide DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Joska off Kangundo road.000 for 1/8 and 1/4 plots respectively. The upcoming projects (9.000 Transport to and from the venue for the above named commissioning will be provided from both our Nairobi and Thika Offices.residential estate e.4.c PLOTS ON SALE Project 5b in Ndovo-ini.

Floor/Room Number: Ground Floor. A unique development comprising 3 and 4 bedroom apartments.55 and 2. a double storey house comprising 4 bed. (iii) Construction period: The standard completion period excluding defect liability period is fifteen months.4926-KE) Invitation for Bids for Procurement of Works Contractor to carry out construction of the proposed Kenya Civil Aviation Authority Head Office Block (ICB No.Situated approximately 5 Km off Nyahururu-Gilgil highway near Captain Shopping Centre. adjacent to Kenya Pipeline Fuel Tanks. US $5000 Gigiri Kenya Transport Sector Support Project (Credit No. The addresses referred to above are: (i) Address for Inspection of Bidding Document and Bid Submission: Attention: Director General.or. that have been successfully and substantially completed and that are similar to the proposed works. 6.or. All the foregoing works will be submitted as one bid and will be evaluated and awarded as one contract. A 3 bedroom.5 acre garden. Applicant must have or be eligible for a U.S.5.000/= Riara Gardens.5 Million to 12 Million A) AGRICULTURAL LAND FOR SALE 1) Nyandarua/Kaimbaga . Electronic bidding will not be permitted. recent photo and salary history no later than August 23. Ruaraka PLOTS FOR SALE 45M (1. 2 bath flat. Accommodation comprises Club house with pool. 2013 to: Email: pcmorecruitment@gmail. Late bids will be rejected. at the address indicated in paragraph 8(ii) on 1100 hours.5M per 1/8 of an acre) Kitengela. 2 bathroom flats with DSQ.00) or an equivalent amount in freely convertible currency.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.6 and 1. 9 – 10 Million Parkview. 90. Hospital 80. Newly constructed 2. Approx. 5 bedroom (all ensuite). vacant agricultural land measuring 122. 25th September 2013. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.or.com . (iv) Minimum annual average turnover of Thirteen (13) million US Dollars. Approx. 1⁄2 acres residential plot. Curtain Walling and Aluminium Composite Panel Cladding. Approx.500/= Kileleshwa 1 bedroom flat. the prospective bidder should have minimum experience in the following key activities: Frame buildings of minimum five storeys including a basement. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.265 acres approximately and ripe for horticultural farming. Parklands A partly furnished 3 bed. Bidders who download bidding documents shall be required to pay the fee on or before the closing date.ke Web site:www. Position requires excellent interpersonal communication and intercultural skills.000/= Off James Gichuru Rd. a vacant agricultural land measuring 55. solar water heating and borehole. 4 acres residential land. electrical and mechanical installations including lifts and standby generators. Further particulars on application.500/= to 30. mini-market. 15 acres of land in 3 blocks of 5 acres each along Pipeline Road. Internet & DSTV connection. Procurement Office Postal Code: 30163-00100 City: Nairobi Country: Kenya Tel: +254-20-827560-5 Fax: +254-20-827560-5 E-mail: procurement@kcaa. each with a value of at least six (6) million US Dollars. 27. Near Yukos 10Million per acre Ongata Rongai Near Nazarene University.kcaa. and is open to all eligible bidders as defined in the Procurement Guidelines.S. Mlolongo Newly constructed 2/3 bedroom apartments with above average finishes. The land is suitable for farming. Further in line with the provisions of paragraph 2. 132. 000. family room and usual outbuildings. Show house ready for viewing. 10 Million per block Pipeline Rd. 7.ke (ii) Address for Bid Opening Street Address: Kenya Airports Authority Complex Building. South C Newly constructed 80 x 3 & 4 bedroom apartments with borehole supply. A pre-bid meeting will be held at the East African School of Aviation on 29th August 2013 from 1100 hours. passport. South Coast Approx.kcaa.000/= Delta Plains. 90.or.6 acres land sub-divided into 27 x 1/8 acre plots and 1 x 3⁄4 acre plot. Perfect holiday homes. off Riara Road 4 bedroom (3 ensuite) apartment. Civil Works. 250. Further particulars on application. Opp. 300. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. 200.000/= Nyayo Estate/Sunrise Park 2/3 bedroom flats. 2 bathroom flat with DSQ.25 Million Sheshe Gardens. A complete set of bidding documents in English may be purchased by interested eligible bidders upon the submission of a written application to the address below and upon payment of a nonrefundable fee of five thousand Kenya shillings (Ksh. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. please refer to paragraphs 1. The Government of Kenya has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Kenya Transport Sector Support Project and intends to apply part of the proceeds toward payments under the contract for Construction of the proposed Kenya Civil Aviation Authority Head Office Block. 1 acre lovely mature garden. Works and Non-Consulting Services under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants by World Bank Borrowersissued in May 2004. 2013 53 �������������������� ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������� MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT AND INFRASTRUCTURE Kenya Civil Aviation Authority RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES TO LET 3 x Newly developed architect design double storey houses in a gated compound comprising. DC. SUNSET PARADISE APARTMENTS On the road to Serena Hotel. 5.Mechanical Installations and Specialized Works of Waterproofing. off Mombasa Rd. Price Guide: 10. MP Shah 3 bedroom. Further Particulars on application. off Ngong Road 2 x 4 bedroom bungalows in secure compound with reception areas and adequate parking area – Office User allowed. and inspect the bidding documents during office hours 0800 to 1700 hours with exception of lunch hour 1300 to 1400 hours at the address given in paragraph 8(i). and aluminium composite panel cladding to building facades exceeding 4 storeys. 8. 2 bath with usual facilities. DSQ. off Arboretum Drive Furnished 1 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments. 2. professional licenses.000/= Melissa Court.000/= Lavington A tastefully furnished 3 bed flat with pool and DSQ. gym. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority Street Address: Kenya Airports Authority Complex Building. off Thika Super Highway. 17 Million 14 Million 9. Kilimani 3 bedroom. 160. Lavington On approx. 3 bathroom flat. an old style double storey house comprising 4 bed.000/= Royal Apartments. Bids will be publicly opened in the presence of the bidders’ designated representatives and anyone who choose to attend. (ii) Site/Location: It is located along Nairobi-Mombasa road (A109) at the turn-off to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Office space and all necessary equipment will be furnished. Lavington 4 bed. Doctor will also be required to facilitate periodic training sessions in preventive health practices and perform various administrative duties. Avail. Duties include provision of adult primary care including routine gynecological services. Price Guide: Offers Invited An International Organization Requires the Service of VACANCY MEDICAL DOCTOR (1 Position) The United States Peace Corps seeks a Medical Doctor to serve as a contracted (a one year contract with options to renew) Peace Corps Medical Officer (PCMO) based in Nairobi.7 setting forth the World Bank’s policy on conflict of interest.kcaa. Bids must be delivered to the address indicated in Paragraph 8(i) on or before 1100 hours 25th September 2013. location. revised in October 2006 and May 2010 (“Procurement Guidelines”). The position is Full Time (40+ hours a week) and additional On-Call duties. (v) Ability to access cash-flow requirements of at least Two (2) million US Dollars. The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority now invites sealed bids from eligible and qualified bidders. (vi) Participation as a contractor or management contractor in at least three (3) contracts within the last five years. 4.000/= Dennis Pritt Road. visa.9 acres residential plot touching Mombasa Road. Floor/Room Number: First Floor. 2 bathroom flat.. Electrical Installations.000/= Muchai Drive. In addition. 2 bath bungalow (possible office user).5 – 10. All bids must be accompanied by a “Bid Security” of Twelve (12) million Kenya Shillings or an equivalent amount in freely convertible currency.000/= Bellway Gardens. MOMBASA 3 Million Diani.6 Km off Olkalou-Wanjohi road. construction period and qualification requirements which potential bidders are required to meet: (i) Works required: Building Works. The method of payment will be cash or a banker’s cheque payable to the Director General. Athi River 3 bedroom. 350. Below is a brief description of the works. On 0.155 acres approximately. curtain walling of minimum four storeys. NAIVASHA AVENUE On approximately 1 acre freehold plot colonial style double storey house having 6 bedrooms. Minimum 5 years experience as a Medical Doctor. Postal Code: 30163-00100 City: Nairobi Country: Kenya Tel:+254-20-827560-5 Fax: +254-20-827560-5 Web site:www. 3 bath and off Lower Kabete Road.ke and immediately forward their particulars for records and also for the purposes of receiving any further tender clarifications and/or addendums. eligible domestic contractors will be granted a margin of preference in the evaluation of bids. Board Room. 3. Kitengela 6 Million per acre Lukenya.000/= Chemelil Road.ke PRIME PROPERTY FOR SALE MUTHAIGA. Upper-Hill Makueni Rd. Parklands. 27. PRICE: 275 Million RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES FOR SALE 3 bedroom (master ensuite) apartment with pool and borehole. Peace Corps Volunteers in Kenya and will work under the supervision of the Peace Corps Country Director in Kenya and the Peace Corps Office of Health Services (OHS) in Washington.000/= Loiyangalani Drive. located at ground floor of Kenya Airports Authority Complex Building. Please send resume including photocopies of academic diplomas. 90. restaurant. Kileleshwa Ramata Greens. back-up generator. The PCMO will provide health care to U. 3 and 4 bedroom apartments under construction. 100. office of the Manager in charge of Procurement. 6. Price Guide: Offers Invited 2) Nyandarua/Kipipiri Situated approximately 3. 140. (vii) For the three contracts referred in paragraph 2(vi) above. 2 bathroom apartment. Kileleshwa 4 bedroom. Bidding will be conducted through the International Competitive Bidding procedures as specified in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Procurement of Goods. Bidders may also view and download the bidding documents from the KCAA website: www. Ready for Development. 4. KCAA/45/2012-2013) 1. 4 bathrooms and a separate Guest Cottage.56 of the afore stated Guidelines.25 – 8.000/= to 160.000/= Askari Lane. Immediately 50.5 Million Kiambere Road.

2013 .54 | DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.

...... Service of the summons on you has been ordered by means of advertisement by the court on 23/ 7/2013....... 2013 Christine N. ROOM 302..... BLUE HUT CLUB PARKROAD NGARA MAN KUSH will be performing MAN KUSH ENTRY FREE Today IDULFITR EVE ....DAILY NATION Thursday August 8....T compliance and able to work on a highly computerized environment......... CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER P.V copies of academics and Professional Certificates..m during working days.... Any interested person(s) who wishes to make representation in connection with or objection to the named PDP may send such representation or objections in writing to be received by the County Physical Planning Office Bomet.. (Next to Kenya Cinema). Suitable candidates must meet the following qualifications:i.... Kamau COUNTY PHYSICAL PLANNING OFFICE BOMET COUNTY FOR DIRECTOR OF PHYSICAL PLANNING GENERATION WENGE with Washington THURSDAY 8/8/2013 FRIDAY 9/8/2013 MADANJI PERIMETER TABU JA’KOYUGI & RHUMBA JAPAN SUN 11TH: RHUMBA JAPAN SAT 10/8/2013..... Those who applied previously should not apply! FOR INTERNAL AUDITOR VACANCY REPUBLIC OF KENYA IN THE ENVIRONMENT AND LAND COURT AT NAIROBI ELC CASE NO.... MOI AVENUE.00p........ Applications.m to 5..... Team player........... 2nd DEFENDANT EUNICE NJOKI MACHARIA .. with detailed C........... plus CPAII or ii...STANLEY KIMANI IRUNGU 2).. decisive and independent..... P...... Shankardass House........... Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting option ) from a recognized University.O BOX 285 Bomet within sixty (60) days from the date of publication of this notice and such representations shall state the ground on which it is made.......... v.. Age 30 .40 years. CPA (K).. 519 OF 2010 RICHARD MUNGAI KIBATHI ..00a.SAMUEL MUNYAMBU NJENGA 3)..... and testimonials to be sent to the address shown below so as to be received not later than 10th August 2013........... 2013 55 PHYSICAL PLANNING ACT CAP 286 NOTICE OF COMPLETION OF PART DEVELOPMENT PLAN PROPOSED SITE FOR-HIGH COURT-BOMET COUNTY .... MADANJI EVERY WED..... Good decision making and communication skills. 3 years relevant experience vii.Salary will be negotiable depending on qualification and experience......................... BIG BAND with MANDAZI EVERY THUR........................... MACHAKOS NB: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.........1st DEFENDANT SAMUEL MUNYAMBU NJENGA ..EUNICE NJOKI MACHARIA SUBSTITUTED SERVICE BY ADVERTISEMENT (Pursuant to orders made by the Court on 23/07/2013) TAKE NOTICE that a plaint has been filed in the ENVIRONMENT & LAND COURT AT NAIROBI in ELC case No........ AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that unless you enter an appearance within fifteen (15) days of the date hereof the case will be heard in your absence.. NAIROBI....... 2013 completed........... MBIYU KAMAU & CO ADVOCATES FOR THE PLANTIFF Drawn & Filed By: Mbiyu Kamau & Co Advocates.. Performance oriented........... FIESTA COLLECTION M-PESA AVAILABLE RE-ADVERTISEMENT A fast growing SACCO with 5 Branches and several outlets is seeking to employ an Internal auditor...... iii....... iv. The PDP relates to land situated in Bomet Township........ viii...... vi... 3rd DEFENDANT TO: 1)........... THIRD FLOOR.....O BOX 2119-90100.......... PLAINTIFF VERSUS STANLEY KIMANI IRUNGU ............. A copy of the summons and plaint may be obtained from the Court at the ENVIRONMENT AND LAND REGISTRY AT NAIROBI or from the plaintiffs advocates office at SHANKARDASS HOUSE.. R336/2013/01 NOTICE is hereby given that preparation of the Part Development Plan (PDP) was on 1st August. DATED at NAIROBI this 25th day of July 2013.......... BOX 9518-00300 NAIROBI........... 519 of 2010 in which you are named as Defendants... Copies of the plan have been deposited for public inspection at the County Physical Planning office Bomet and available for inspection ftee of charge between 8...... Dated 7th August......... P.0.......ON PART DEVELOPMENT PLAN NO.... I.

000. The title is freehold and mains piped water and electricity services are connected while sewerage disposal is to a pit latrine and/or septic tank. Wireless 020 2592949. equipments and motor vehicles on “as where is basis” whose specifications are detailed in the Tender Document. (5). Tel.Muhoroni. Bids in plain sealed envelopes marked “Bid for purchase of motor vehicle model _ _”. RD NO AGENT PUBLIC AUCTION Due to Friday 9/8/2013 being declared a Public holiday. Bar.co. 2 S/Q ensuite. All intending purchasers are requested to view the property and verify the details as these are not warranted by the auctioneers. To Reserve the Space Contact: Young Traders Tigoni Ltd Kipro Center. A complete set of tender documents may then be obtained by interested candidates upon payment of non-refundable fee of Kshs. Ltd.1 Agro-Chemical and Food Company Ltd invites sealed tenders from eligible bidders for fabrication. ALL ARE WELCOME KAY 697T TOYOTA HARRIER CONDITIONS OF SALE (1).494 of an acre) and is developed with (1) a double storeyed hotel block comprising Ten (10) self-contained rooms.O. Muhoroni. TENDER NOTICE TENDER NO. (6). The deposit will be refunded to the unsuccessful bidders.R. 2nd floor Westland Call: 4441016.B. Bids will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the tenderers representatives who choose to attend at the Resource Centre room. restaurant.Box 17528-20100 Nakuru Tel:0721-849506 Under instructions received from the chargee’s advocates. Marketing Office in Nairobi Jeevan Bharati Building.Chemical and Foofd Company Ltd.4 Prices quoted should be net inclusive of all taxes. Please note that NO bidding whatsoever without a bidding number. Website: www.O Box 18 – 40107 Muhoroni. Nelly Wadawi Agro.750 sq ft (Kipro center) Factory Street.Offices to let 1200.O Box 598-40222 Oyugis.P Petrol Station P. Equipped with 2 panoramic lifts & backup generator. on August 23.00.t. It measures approximately 0. Late bids will not be accepted and will be returned unopened. Sale is subject to reserved price.NO. CONDITION OF SALE 1. Reposessors. 1.+254 -20. MANAGING DIRECTOR 1. 1. Jacinta Ochieng Jalang’o Agro-Chemical and Food Company Ltd.7 Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the Candidates or their representatives who choose to attend the opening at the Agro-Chemical and Food Co. 0202592990. in a 3 1⁄4 acre garden ready for occupation by August 2013. 800. Official Court Brokers. 1. kitchen (spacious). Tel: (wireless) + 254 020 2334180 / 1 Fax: (wireless) + 254 020 2334046 2) Mrs. Ngong Road. sitting room & kitchen Ngara Road. kitchen. All intending purchaser are required to view the property and verify details by themselves as these are not warranted by the Auctioneers or our Cclients.20 of a hectare (0.21 P.387367 or +254-20-2330401 AGRO CHEMICAL AND FOOD COMPANY LIMITED INVITATION TO TENDER TENDER REF NO. k e MOTOR VEHICLES FOR SALE Tenders are invited for sale of the following vehicles on as is where basis is: MODEL NISAN TERRANO TOYOTA COROLLA YEAR 1998 2001 DUTY Paid Paid The vehicles can be viewed from 12/08/2013 to 16/08/2013 between 10. separate dinning.m.c. Nairobi. 22nd August 2013 at 11.Box 63279. Reception area.20. indicating the model bided for should be dropped in the tender box at VSFG main reception area by 19/08/2013. or mailed to the address below so as to be received by 12. ON FRIDAY THE 23 DAY OF AUGUST 2013 AT 12. 00619. Bidders will be required to pay in advance a refundable deposit of Ksh.ke Kitisuru Road. swimming pool.NYANDARUA/NGORIKA/153 measuring 20. 7th Floor. Bailiffs. bankers cheque at the fall of hammer and the balance within 30 days from the date of the auction to the chargees. Access is via an earth road about 100 meters west of the Oyugis/Kisumu main road in the neighbourhood of St. Private Investigators and Debt Collectors HEAD OFFICE Nenkai Plaza 1st flr Rm.YTL Plaza.50. 0728 065743 DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. mechanical and electrical works] as per Bills of Quantities.5mW x 27. Other details remain the same. The method of payment will be in cash or banker’s cheque. Equipment Bases and Pipe Racks for CO2 plant. -ACFC / 50008B TENDER NAME: Construction of Building (Steel Structure). Tel: 2720470 Email:garam@africaonline.2 Interested bidders may obtain further information from and inspect the bidding documents at the address given below during normal working hours: 1) Mrs. (3) A bidding deposit of Kshs.co.250 & 200 sq ft Hurlingham Plaza.1. 1000. The balance will thereafter be payable within thirty (30) days to the chargee’s advocates.13 acres and registered in the name of ISACK KINYANJUI NGURE of P.000 or an equivalent amount in a freely convertible currency in the form of : a) b) A bank guarantee or irrevocable letter or credit issued directly by a reputable bank acceptable to the Procuring entity or A freely convertible banker’s cheque drawn in favour of Agro-Chemical and Food Company Limited. a new development ideal due for completion in December 2013. within Oyugis Municipality. 850. M/vehicle will be sold by Public Auction on Monday 12/8/2013. ideal for Banking hall. 12. 4.vsfg.00 am to 4.An Executive house to let 6 bedrooms all ensuite. More information can be obtained from www. Cell: 0722 715838/0786 318663.m. we shall sell by public auction the under mentioned property together with buildings and improvements erected therein PRIME COMMERCIAL PROPERTY (HOTEL) IN OYUGIS TOWN PUBLIC AUCTION Duly instructed by our client. NO.30 a.22 Opp.SALE OF BOARDED STORES.Offices to let 1070. 1032. meeting room and store.00100 NAIROBI so as to be received on or before.House to let 3 bedrooms. Room No. at HCDA Head Offices in Embakasi during normal working hours. equipment bases and pipe racks [including related civil. c o . retail shop & offices. l o g o n t o w w w. restaurant.200.o.5 kilometers due north of Oyugis Town Centre. Procurement Office . outbuildings including garden bandas and barbeque shed. The property identified as Damara View Hotel is situated off the Oyugis/Kisumu Road approximately 1.org or by calling the numbers below: Head of Logistics.garam. garage for 3 vehicles. EQUIPMENTS AND VEHICLES Horticultural Crops Development Authority (HCDA) invites sealed bids from eligible candidates for sale of boarded stores.000/= in cash or banker’s cheque payable to the Horticultural Crops Development Authority. HCDA/HQ/D02/2013-2014 . Specifications and Drawings at Muhoroni.R. ON FRIDAY 23RD AUGUST 2013 AT NGOTIKA CENTRAL AT 11:30 AM All that piece of land known as L. Box 42601.3 A complete set of tender documents may be obtained by interested bidders upon payment of non-refundable fee of Kshs. A 25% deposit MUST be paid in cash.000 MUST be paid to obtain bidding number.O. The main Oyugis/Kisumu main road which is tar surfaced is 100m east of the property. 2. details of encumbrances including names addresses e.ke.Box 13352 NAKURU. a 7 floor complex located at Ngara Road opposite Equity Bank.00 NOON OUTSIDE THE MAIN POST OFFICE IN OYUGIS TOWN All that parcel of land known as L. The property is located along the main road Ngorika Nyaitunga Murran road in the vicinity of Africa Indipenedent Church of Africa (AIPCA) Ngorika Parish headquarters. A refundable deposit of Kshs.00pm at Piedmont Plaza.1. together with user and any other restrictions plus rates/rents payable will be made available on request at our offices. (4). Josephs Academy and Hotel Nyadendi.30 p. 150. 714 Tel: + 254 20 2230083 / 20 251453 Fax: (wireless) +254 20 317298 1. 2013 TO LET SANJOMU AUCTIONEERS Auctioneers. sitting. 3. 2013 The Resident Director & Chief Executive Agro-Chemical and Food Company Ltd P.5mH building (steel structure).000/= in cash/bankers cheque per every vehicle tendered for. A deposit of 25% must be paid in cash or banker’s cheque at the fall of the hammer. & 250 sq ft Hurlingham. .Offices to let 100. – Training Room. Kenya 1. Sale of the above property will be subject to reserve prices and land board consent if applicable. must be in Kenya Shillings or other freely convertible currency and shall remain valid for (120) days from the closing date of the tender. The property is well maintained and well decorated.65mL x 8.00 noon. For all the aforementioned property. All tenders must be accompanied by a bid security of Kshs.O. payable to Agro-Chemical and Food Company Limited. g a r a m . Westlands. conference room.O. supply and construction of an 18. P.100. 2 family rooms. Conditions of sale are available on request at our offices and viewing of property is possible during normal working hours by prior arrangements with ourselves.56 | YOUNG TRADERS LIMITED Muhu Holdings 3rd Floor Kenyatta Market.6 1. Interested eligible candidates may obtain further information and inspect the tender document from the Procurement Office. 4441020. the chargees. offices. CENTRAL KASIPUL/KAMUMA/ 4558 HOMABAY COUNTY registered in the name of GEORGE AMENYA ASIYO g/t DAMARA VIEW HOTEL LIMITED c/o P. F o r h u n d r e d s o f o t h e r p r o p e r t i e s . at the Cash Office located at the Reception of the Head Office in Embakasi.5 Completed tender documents are to be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes marked with tender reference number and title and be deposited in the Tender Box at the entrance to the main Administration Block at Muhoroni factory. supermarket. Completed bid documents in plain sealed envelopes marked with the tender number and tender name can be deposited in the Tender Box located at the Head Office Reception or be addressed to: The Managing Director Horticultural Crops Development Authority P. (2).Box 776 Narok Tel: 050-22976 Mobile: 0722-857489 NAKURU OFFICE Kanu House 1st flr Rm. master ensuite. we shall sell the under mentioned property by public auction. 1 million (by way of bankers cheque) will be mandatory.

Late Bids shall be rejected. Tenderers shall also be required to pay a deposit in Bankers cheque payable to Harambee Sacco Society Ltd in advance as more specifically stated in the tender documents before the closing date of the tender for each property or lot tendered for. MOMBASA Harambee Co-operative Savings and Credit Society Ltd owns town houses in Nyali Estate.000. P. Complete tender documents should be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with the “Tender No. .30 pm. Number 0412316638/2316668 to facilitate viewing of the houses. Interested eligible candidates may obtain further information from and inspect the tender documents at the Chief Executive’s office situated on fourth floor.30 pm. BOX 47815. Harambee Co-op Plaza.5. NO AGENTS Interested parties are invited to contact Harambee Sacco Society.com Website: www. with beautiful bricks facings. and Tender Description” as more particularly described in the tender Documents and addressed to THE AG. A complete set of tender documents may be obtained by interested candidates upon payment of non-refundable fees of kshs. 2013 Property Guide 57 P. CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER. FOSA during working hours from Monday to Friday between 9. Complete bids will be opened immediately in the presence of bidders or their representatives who may choose to attend.com HARAMBEE CO-OPERATIVE SAVINGS AND CREDIT SOCIETY LTD DISPOSAL THROUGH PUBLIC TENDER TENDER NAME : TENDER REF NO : HAR/08/2013 DISPOSAL /SALE OF HARAMBEE SACCO ESTATE – NYALI.O. Tel.m.30 p. ground floor.200200. Offers are invited for the individual units and the sales are subject to a reserve price.00am to 4. junction of Uhuru highway /Haileselassie Avenue. The estate is enclosed by a stone perimeter wall. Viewing shall be done on prior arrangement during normal working hours between 9am – 12.00100 Nairobi.30p.m and 2 pm-4.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Mombasa categorized as follows:• Type A -8 townhouses 4 Bedrooms • Type B – 8 townhouses 3 Bedrooms Each of the townhouses has an attached car port and a detached domestic staff quarters for two while standing on a freehold quarter acre plots with individual titles.300300 Fax: (254) 020 2216326 Email: info@harambeesacco. 00100 NAIROBI. 343822 (Pilot) 0705 .m. Nairobi so as to be received on or before Wednesday.00p.O Box 47815 . 0705 .00 in cash or Bankers cheque payable to Harambee Sacco Society Ltd at Harambee Co-op Plaza. 28th August 2013 at 12. HARAMBEE SACCO SOCIETY LIMITED. Nairobi. And should be placed in the Tender Box at the Society’s boardroom located on Fourth (4th) floor Harambee Co-op Plaza. Mombasa Branch Manager of Tel. on working days from Monday to Friday between 9. No.harambeesacco.00 am to 4. Interested parties should place Bids specifying the amounts in Kenya shillings and shall remain valid for Ninety (90) days from the closing date of the tender.

0. 2216294. 2013 1.. 0718510055 Email: pinval@nbnet.000/= p. borehole and SQ Kshs. THIKA TOWN: Along Garissa Road 1 Acre next to Police Station.... s o i l m e r ch a n t s .ke THIKA RESIDENTIAL PLOTS THIKA GARISSA HIGHWAY • 30% SOLD • 10% DEPOSIT • 100% Mortgage Finance arranged from major leading Bank • Fresh Water Borehole • Each house with ready title deed • Viewing Daily • Developed neighbourhood Title Deeds Ready CONTACTS: TEL: 020 2026095 / 0722 426386 / 0726 225796 0723 718942 / 0724 978844 / 0724 836537 / 0722 999492 0734 704186 / 0723 926310 / 0712 516368 / 0723 019698 i n fo @ s o i l m e r ch a n t s . located on Nguruwe Road near Giraffe Centre.ke WESTLANDS: 3 B/Rooms all ensuite apartments. 1/8 Acre residential plots with ready title.lloydmasika. Shopping Centre.5M SABAKI: Mombasa Road after Mlolongo. DONHOLM: 2 b/r apartment @ 15. c o. 300 m off the bypass.. ke ” 1/8 Acre Prime plots within Thika Municipality along Thika Garissa Highway 300M from tarmac. The offer is open until close of business on 15th August. Apply for details. (B) PARKING BAYS TO LET Basement parking bays at competitive rates. Mobile: 0722869229.58 | Property Guide �������������������� ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������� Tel: 2215900. c o. School or residential estate. Apply for details. Kshs.m.000/= NAIVASHA: Kinamba Several 1/8 Acre residential plots at Kshs.750. Tel/Fax 2211802.. 2279000 ��������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������� DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.. c o... Kshs. Several 1/8 Acre plots in a gated community & murram roads. Tel: 2244210... • Title Deeds ready • All weather access road • Developed and secure neighbourhood • All service on site • Red soil • Free hold title deeds CONTACTS: TEL: 020 2026095 / 0722 426386 / 0726 225796 0723 718942 / 0724 978844 / 0724 836537 / 0722 999492 0734 704186 / 0723 926310 / 0712 516368 / 0723 019698 i n fo @ s o i l m e r ch a n t s . 2213762.2. The parcel fronts Athi River. TELPOSTA TOWERS.. Kshs. 11. . ke ” 7th Flr.. KENYATTA AVENUE (A) ADVERTISING SPACE On behalf of our client. ke w w w.m.3 Million KITENGELA: KISAJU . 12 M each HOUSES FOR SALE PLOTS FOR SALE �������������������� �������������������������������������� NGARA: Near Nyayo Market 4 acres ideal for University.. Kshs. 2215993. 4. KIKUYU: Kidfarmco.000/= p. 2215897.m. Price Guide: 25M KINANGOP: 20 Acres in Mkungi area with a long river and perimeter fence. ke w w w.Price Guide 2. College.000/= HOUSES TO LET VILLA FRANCA: Near Imara Daima.7 Acres developed with 4B/Room d/storey house plus DSQ.7 Acre plot. 2br apartments at Kshs.500.co. Kshs.. 2218112/3.000/=p.. 2013. 3 Million KIAMUMBI: off Kamiti Road – 1/8 Acre at Kshs. we are offering advertising space on the balcony and roof – top of Telposta Towers on licence basis. Apply for details. c o.000/= p. Postbank Hse. Kshs.27 M KILELESHWA: 3 b/rooms all ensuite plus a servants quarter.800 Million. AGRICULTURAL LAND FOR SALE – ATHI RIVER. Very Neat 2 b/r apartments @ 23.15 M. Visit our website on www. Price Guide: Offers Invited.co. LANG’ATA: 2b/r apartment @ 24.Near KAG University..7M EMBAKASI: (Karagita) Next to AP Training School. 2No.. KAREN: 2.. s o i l m e r ch a n t s . Lifts.co.ke/ valuer@pinval.m. 1⁄4 Acre corner . 2. 0722526856. NYAYO ESTATE: Embakasi 3b/r maisonette @ 35.5M KITENGELA: 4 &5 bedroom double storey houses on 1/8 acre. Price Guide 35M NYERI: King’ong’o at the Mweiga/Kiganjo junction.. 35 acres of land situated approximately 7 km North of Athi River Town and to the North East of Mohan Meaking Distillery (near Waridi / Sunrose Flowers).

Oloo Street.2ND DEFENDANT SUBSTITUTED SERVICE BY ADVERTISEMENT Under order 5 rule 17 of the Civil Procedure Rules.O BOX 141-30100.com 466848 B498 Construction • Slimming Belts for Tummy Trimmer & Beer Belly • Breast Firming & Enlarging • Hip & Thigh Booster & Weight Gain • Wild Growth Hair Oil USA • V-Drops & ladys Vibrators Lose 5kg in wks ORIGINAL STRESS.n.NO. plastic icing. N. 1.VERSUS – ABDIKADIR SHAIKH NUR …. Eldoret..037Ha or 0.n. ABDIKADIR SHAIKH NUR (By substituted service) 2. bread. 0737540562. email proposal to hotsuite111@gmail.bakeryschool. Interested bidders are requested to view the property between in CASH OR BANKERS CHEQUE with the auctioneer before being allowed to bid. Asthma and other Allergies. blackforest. Nakuru 0723957189. in exercise of their statutory power of sale. 2.Water and electricity are available in the vicinity.00 for property No. 0737540562. A copy of the summons and the plaint may be obtained from the Court at P.30pm.M. On it stands three bed roomed bungalow fitted with inbuilt wardrobes and a master bedroom with a toilet and an overhead shower.NO.The parcel is accessible through a murram road off Kisumu-Siaya road. 2. we shall sell by Public Auction the under mentioned property and all the improvements erected thereon.o ISAAC NEKO OMWANCHA.. 2013 AS FROM 11:00A. Ministry of Trade. Kisumu. Addiction. GEORGE WAHINYA MACHARIA (Service through the plaintiff’s Advocates) TAKE NOTICE that a plaint has been filed in the Environment and Land Court at Eldoret in E and L Case no. NORTH GEM/MALUNGA/1495 in the name of ONYANGO ORWA OWUOR. delay. Tom Mboya Str.co. cookies. SALE ON WEDNESDAY 21st AUGUST.AT CENTRAL SQ GRDN-KSM 1.00 for property No. 3k 0720646916 NGO proposals & biz plans 0725021709 TAX returns online 0722320998 B490 Computer Services FREE software www.n. soup.JAMES VICTOR ONSONGO. african pot. P. 0203504453 or visit 1st Flr NHC Hse Aga-khan walk. Moi Ave. 775 of 2012 in which you are named as the defendant. utambi or weight with skinny fiber 0712660245 A188 Counselling • Vig-RX & Maxman MEN size 1. Ground Flr. 3744885. www. call NBI 020 2245564.ke Mombasa AFTERDELIVERY Firm up and Slim up. CONDITIONS OF SALE 1.58 Ha and r. 469 OF 2011 WILLIAM KIPKEBUT MARGARET TARGOK KIPKURUI (Suing as the legal representative of the estate of the Late JULIUS KEITANY KEBUT – DECEASED and on behalf of the dependants)……. FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that unless you enter an appearance within 14 days. Tiger King & Shark Power 2. Call Principal NCBCT 0722237181.. SAKWA/AJIGO/1709-Msrg abt 0.. 2013 AS FROM 11:00A.It is sloppy towards a river and has three semi permanent houses. the chargees.DEFENDANT SUBSTITUTED SERVICE BY ADVERTISEMENT TO. If you are interested.469 of 2011 in which you are named as the defendants. 0721170217 SMOKING . Eldoret.500/= • Viguor & Power Plus 200/= • Marica. By order of Trustees.O BOX 4463-30100.famly affairs.47Ha and located opposite Malunga Primary School.00pm and our office will assist the bidders to point out the property subject to prior arrangement.Kapacee Building. Also new imported bakery machinery available. 0737540562.o MARGARET ATIENO MBUYA 3. opp.O BOX 4463-30100. rice. 100% guarantee 0722506355 SHOPPING GUIDE COMMERCIAL A109 Lost I LOST Title Deed Kajiado/Kitengela/ 11376. Kakamega. Eldoret. All that property known as LR.…. football.PLAINTIFFS . A copy of the summons and the plaint may be obtained from the court at P. Meru rd off Digo rd. 3748561.com HOTEL for sale 25M 0714253073 OPERATING Bar & Restaurant along Nothern bypass 0718590270 SALON and Barbershop for Sale Kiambu town. Continuous intake. 2013 WAMBUA KIGAMWA & COMPANY ADVOCATES FOR THE PLAINTIFFS B485 Business Services BUSINESS plans. Resource Centre (Jua Kali). 0721170217 CHILDREN .0727717010 A279 Notices A230 Health 020-2245564 Supra VX pills 0700050544 Mens Power & Big Size 0707758259 premature size hard rock 0723095237 size. 5kms from Ng’iya trading centre.0726272266 PRO-EXTENDER machine (USA) for size.. 0737540562.47 Ha.Disorders.. spaghetti e... 0737540562. fish. the case will be heard in your absence. other illness 0722442637 HIV BACK-HIP-LEG & KNEE PAINS A202 Entertainment PARTY tonight @Club Caldino. REPUBLIC OF KENYA IN THE ENVIRONMENT & LAND COURT OF KENYA AT ELDORET E & L CASE NO. yoghurt. 0721170217 BLOODPRESSURE Headaches & Pains 3744885. or at Wambua Kigamwa & Company Advocates. This is to notify the public that the County Government of Kakamega and/or its officials will not be liable for any acts and or omissions of such fraudulent individuals. 0721170217 MEMORY .030 Ha and r. KISII/S. 2010 TO.1ST DEFENDANT HEZRON KIPKULEI NGENO ….and r.i.. modern cake making & decoration.. She has to.. Call 0733894989 SALON Kahawa Wendani Nakumatt Call 0723213481 near B469 Business Offers 1 Masters/PHD project 0720788263 1MBA/PHD PROPOSALS.O BOX 65.. 3744885.com SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING Ruiri Investment Limited (RIL) Transitional Committee wishes to notify RIL members of a special general meeting to be held on 24th August 2013 at San Valencia. Electricity and water are connected to the property while drainage is via septic tank.i.2 to the chargees. 25% of the purchase price must be paid to the auctioneer at the fall of the hammer and the balance to be paid in 60 days for property No. 3744885. CONFIG. pizzas.. Naivasha. KAJIADO/KITENGELA/8973-Msrg abt 0. 775 OF 2012 ‘ MULTI TRACK’ MARGARET WAIRIMU KARIUKI (Suing as the administratrix of the estate of the late KARIMONI KARIUKI – deceased…. 5. Eldoret. Imenti Hse.. DATED at this 6th day of August. Apple Bees Dancers. 3rd fl China Centre Ngong Rd A209 Flowers FLORA accessories @Ushanga opp KCB River-Road T. B525 Financial @0202245564 cash on ipads&iphone5 02010010 0722632287 Loan on cars ipads hseholds laptops . Hasham Lalji Building.1 and Kshs.000. Nairobi. 0723957189 Kisii.Stop all Addictions. sweets. starting at 2. or at Wambua Kigamwa & Company Advocates. Want a certain man/woman 2marry u? is she/he unfaithful & want him or her 2 commit 2u alone? want back ur partner & restore ur love etc.oPIUS OWANDHO ASIRO 4. 2013 Notice\Classifieds 59 PERSONAL NOTICES A045 Auctions OTANA & OTANA ASSOCIATES Auctioneers. love. Bungoma. Please contact 0722349689 PUBLIC AUCTION LADIES PRODUCTS: • Ladies Arousal liquid & powder • B-Firming & enlarging • Wild growth / XP hair oil • Hip Boosting & Weight gain • Dark spots/pimples/scars • Grey hair in weeks • Magic slim weight loss REPUBLIC OF KENYA LOOKING FOR JOINT VENTURE We are a financially sound company in NAIROBI KENYA into several businesses for the past 30 years.. FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that unless you enter an appearance within 14 days from the date of the advertisement. MUGIRANGO/MBOIKANGA/136-Msrg abt 0. Oloo Street. 2. cons.t. Wetungu Director of Communications MENS big size & confidence 0726272266 MENS instant hardrock 200/. Mombasa branch next to summerlink hotel. 0722-971540 or 0722426970 ASTROLOGER. 2013 WAMBUA KIGAMWA & COMPANY ADVOCATES FOR THE PLAINTIFF B462 Business for Sale FOOD Suply biz on quick sale. 1st Flr. Nacico Chambers 2nd Flr Rm. HEZRON KIPKULEI NGENO (By substituted service) TAKE NOTICE that a plaint has been filed in the Chief Magistrate Court at Eldoret in Civil Suit no. If found please call: 0722-832772 A265 Medical LOST title Loc1/Mukurwe/460 Perry Njeri Kariuki Benjamin Mapi 0702104130 Partimo of TITLE Deed KJD KAP Central 1766 Call A116 Marriage A Cheating spouse? Get a spy kit & be the spy. KAJIADO/KAPUTIEI NORTH/25715 in the name of MR.PLAINTIFF VERSUS GEORGE WAHINYA MACHARIA….. the case will be heard in your absence.M OUTSIDE SIAYA POST OFFICE. Be advised. Sale is subject to a reserve price. It is a free hold title measuring 2. meatpies. Service of summons upon you has been ordered by means of this advertisement.500. TRAIN 0713 Remotixkenya.. 2. size & Delay Roses masage Kisumu 0727271317 A183 Body Fitness REDUCE tummy. All that property known as TITLE. Athi River Slum Dwellers Trustee. For more enquires members are requested to see the trustees between today 7th August. All interested bidders are requested to view the property and verify the details for Themselves as the auctioneers or the chargees do not warrant these.com QUICKBOOKS SALE.o YUSTINO OBONDO OBEWA a) Bidders MUST deposit kshs 20K to the Auctioneer to obtain a bidding number b) Reserve price in each case will be upheld c) A deposit of 25% to be paid at the fall of the hammer and the balance within 30 days. AGENDA Transitional Committee Report COUNTY GOVERNMENT OF KAKAMEGA DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS For Free Delivery and Priv. Call: Sowari 0722140527. Eldoret.kimingi. Hasham Lalji Building. 0723408602. Interested bidders must deposit Kshs. swissroll. Stall No. we shall sell by PUBLIC AUCTION the under mentioned land parcels on 17.4 & 6wks practicals. 2.cal (trackways africa) 0788404275 PERSONAL SERVICES A167 Acupuncture PUBLIC AUCTION Under instructions from our principals. 4.. contact us on: Email: jointventure782@gmail.000/= V-MAX & Maxman 60 caps men size REPUBLIC OF KENYA IN THE CHIEF MAGISTRATE COURT AT ELDORET CIVIL SUIT NO. 0720646916 INVEST 50K Earn 5% pm 0715-453314 B476 Business Opportunities BUSINESS Opportunity buy quality roasted coffee packed/unpacked @affordable price Call: 0719-101010 FOREX: Learn&Trade 0721454984 LEARN how to make and sell African theme cakes. Debt Management Duly instructed by our Principals. 0721170217 SKIN...091Acres approximately..Tiredness and Moods.86 Ha and r.i. Samuel S.M IN OUR OFFICES AT LAP TRUST HOUSE 7TH FLOOR ALONG HAILESELASIE AVENUE NAIROBI. Access road is via earth surfaced road..DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.O BOX 141-30100. teddybear. 0737540562. Service of summons upon you has been ordered by means of this advertisement. 2013 AT 10. Family. 3744885. fire Station. 1. Opp.i. samosa. and the auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid without giving any reasons for doing so. NYAKACH/AGORO EAST/1287 Msrg abt 0.2013 and Wednesday 4th September. 25% sponsorship available.c. Mombasa ...hardrock 150/= 0723408602 Original vimax 60 pills 0723408602 Savage King caps 0723408602 Vigrx big-size @1500 All bonafide members o f ATHI RIVER SLUM DWELLERS TRUSTEE of P. N.00 am and 5. protection etc 0724807597 LONELY? sms LOVE to 22450 TRACK ua cheating wife/husband.1 and 30 days for property No. We are looking for an International or local Joint Venture to partner with and invest in real estate development in Kenya. 0721170217 A181 Beauty 0700834385 Men Power. Athi River are hereby notified to clear all their Debts including the Surveyors fee within 21 days of this publication. 1.. P.3. O8. guitar. Post Bank Hse Moi Ave. Opp. Gilgil. It measures 0.. 3.n. Victoria Hse. DATED at this 6th day of August. Thika: 0723408602 DISCLAIMER BEWARE OF FRAUDSTERS It has come to our knowledge that some fraudulent individuals are obtaining money and other favours by deceit and fraud from the public in the guise of the County Government of Kakamega and/or its officials in exchange for job appointments. Ksh 600K Neg. 0733291085 ASTROLOGER: MAMA ndululu atrd DR sucesfly in solvng. 2013.A. SALE ON MONDAY 26th AUGUST.

Bio/Agri call 0723-104528 by 16th August 2013 HEAVY COMMERCIAL B219 Trailers for Sale TRAILER pulling tel 0718776356 G/Shephard Puppies 0731-477917 ROTTWELLER puppies 0732275280 QUICK SALE B015 Poultry INCUBATOR maker 0722850673 INCUBATOR maker 0722850673 SITUATIONS VACANT B243 Domestic 5H/girls wntd good sal+off 0722702558 B250 General (10) Hotel waiter/cooks 0700422828 0700145411 6long/drivers t/boy rq 0700151113 Ngo recep&office/asst 0700151127 supermarket rq 20att urgt 0700166464 8bce driver&t/boy rq 0700166688 10 s/mket att & cashier rq 0700239765 4 home driver&recep rq 0700351966 Trailer Turnboys rqd 0700400083 Ngo rq 20F4s 18-32yrs 0700478207 4 mpesa & shop att rq F4s 0700478264 (10) Aircraft cleaners rq 0700544019 10 Ngo messagers rq f4 0700621913 8 office assist cashiers 0700627486 6 bank msger&cleaner rq 0700690254 15 supermarket att rqd 0700916701 Airport cleaners rqd 0703495163 Ngo rq f4s D+ &above 0708234598 airport casuals rqd 0721554282 (6)aircraft cleaners F4s 0729584021 10 supermkt att urgt 0729584038 10 Ngo messengers 0729584162aircraft cleaners rq f4s 200 Cartrack fitters. f/ld. hotel mngt 2 yrs. 40k 0736915073 7FH Driver T/bys rqd 0720090827 7 Waiters & 4 Messengers 0705017330 8 supermarket att rq F4s 0729584185 A firm in Nairobi seeks Motor Bike Riders. Macpros& HP Laptops btwn 20K-50K A864 Jewellery GOLD items buyer nkr 0720477043 Hotel Ambassadeur ‘Freedom to stay your way’’ Conference And Meeting Rooms Bar & Restaurant | Free wi-fi For reservations please call: +254 202246615/6 | +254724259829 Email: ambassadeurhotel@hotmail.7 million impression Price: Kshs.300k 0729631656 WISH PREMIO NZE 1500PD VOLUNTEERS (GOODPAY) sms your phone no.com 0720502500 CASHEIR/TGIRL 30K 0700621976 COOKS & Chefs wanted 0722868722 CUTEST Chics wanted 0722798431 DRIVER Canter above 35 yrs kutus 9k 0732241995 0708647342 B298 Women TEMPORARY Legal secretary and lady court clerk call 0705627566. 7 and 15 cubic metres. Contact: Steve Cell: 0720 920219. Kennels B581 Printing PRINT FINISHING MACHINES 1). detailed CV and testimonials to: The Executive Director(RODI Kenya) P. markets and town centre. Folder and Gluing Machine with crash lock Price: Kshs.topcrown. Easy acess.hotelwatermark. 5M DEALERS REQUIRED Features Double shocks.co. NGO REQ.4. Hustle free. 1.ke 0723339836 B263 Women A Lady with Exp to care for an old lady Tel 0704-269887 CARS NEEDED 4 lease 0702-203777 NOAH PREMIO NZE 24hr 2k 0722376299 A564 Hostels EXECUTIVE ladies hostels Ngara contact 0722301583 SITUATIONS WANTED B277 Domestic 0722516342.5.ke RECEPTN/CLERK 020 5004401 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 8 020 2194401 / 2 / 3 0734 440444 / 0721 378629 A Leading Building Material Co. Email CV to chinahealthea@gmail. food remains and all bio-degradable material. 2229081 Mob: 0722990605. 0734583759 info@pagoairways.co.com 0702440489 JUBILEE INSURANCE HOUSE TEL: 2213390.800 double bb. Eden rent a car special offers landcruisers. Excellent Rates in serene Gardened surroundings www.6&7 Call 0721210633 TOURS & TRAVEL B894 Tour Services MASAI Mara 3days Migration special offer 12. High pile.5. needed.male/ female with:• 3 .com MOTORS MOTORCYCLES & BICYCLES B177 Motor Cycle for Sale B895 Travel Services SCHENGEN visa advice & free hotel Secretarial tutor wanted urgently 0721225428 booking call 0202172087.sasahost.000 ONO. waiters. 2. All applicants should send an application letter. fares from 45k.000 Weekly Kshs 800 Daily Hot water in every room. Paralegal Officer-. 0710746831 DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. 0715353348. 0728540408. free domain starting 2900/yr deepAfrica.CO.com by 14th August 2013 Kenyan Development Agency based in Ruiru is looking for qualified and experienced persons to fill two posts: 1. Near all major bus stops.com SINGLE BO: 2. 5M 2). 2243235.2M 3). • Excellent communication n presentation skill . for thursday newspaper Superkmkt att (8)post 0700151106 SUPERMARKET Data Entry Clerk.O Box 746 Ruiru or through rodikenya@iconnect. Chepkorio Rd.ke before 15/8/13 Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Graduate degree holder. Excellent leadership & communication skills Proven ability to meet targets Good pay + commissions Send CV to: hr@cadiff-systems. 30.60 | Classifieds 0202214396 Advance selling your car plots/ laptop.co. 0722719587 req Ukwala GLORY Palace Hotel self-contained B103 Lorries for Sale ISUZU lorry TXD low body very clean on the move kshs.bright. No Alcohol sold on the premises AIRPORT casuals(paidweekly) sms your phone no.com WEBHOSTING + Domain @1500/yr HostpoA.ke 0713 478555 SEASONAL OFFER !!! MILK Grader.polytankskenya. 0715664102. 0722612220 Cars wtd 40 -300K p. • Person with own Vehicle is a preferential. Email Your CV to: tejesh@aldanube.m 0723541853 cars wanted 40k. 0735990608 KAUNDA STREET B382 Schools KERUGOYA Munic. Suitable for use with livestock waste. Apply Stds 1. 0716732680 AN INT.sironahotel.000 All leading brands available Bright Technologies Old Mutual Bld-Ground Floor Kimath Street Phone: 0720798797 sales@bright.800 MPESAATT/SHOPATT 19K CASH .hotelambassadeurkenya. 5. lemousines. 0731-440456/7. Project Officer-. 0703995072 28K TRAININGS Workshops Seminars B546 Machinery for Sale meetings and confrences.5k 0721943166 MASAI Mara Best Camp Accom at Rhino Luxury Camp 0725462956 PAGOAIRWAYS get your dubai visa in 2 days. IATA courses available.written/spoken is must. Repayment upto 6months.000 Monthly Kshs 3. to 0729041366 All above machine in mint condition. The candidates should have a Certificate /Diploma in legal studies or related courses and a minimum of 2 years experience in paralegalism and community development.ke B257 Men DRIVER wanted for general and constr work trptws @gmail.p. Apply to. Voxy.d 0721144998 NZE/Prado @1500/0722169877 Cars wtd 50-200K pm. Nrb CLEANING SERVICES FOR SALE OR WANTED A822 Computers B063 Driving Schools SPECIAL offer Stega 0722-213810. result oriented & self motivated with ability to close the deals/sales.co.4 Yrs experience in the sales of building material / sanitary products. TENA Yellowstone hse 0723-637318. • Should be aggressive. Kshs 10.980. electricity hse 0722583759. Email: biogas@polytankskenya. Sms-0729140349 WEBhosting . Off-Set Machine Size 251/4’’ x 36’’ 7. variety from 2500/. emails.ke or www. 0703-911485.ke DVRS/TBOYS co. 0722365326 B148 Tyres.we buy dead! 0721486136 MAC*repairs we buy dead! 0721-486136 SELL to us scrap vehicles 0722464265 TEL 0712792660 www. saloon new. 0722410172. Centrally located at Ukwala Road OTC.co. extra luggages & MP 1 player Industrial Area. is looking for Outdoor Sales Executives . Office: 0733-916279 Landline:+254 020 2053310 Email: info@parettoprintingworks. cashiers tel: 0739-859688 FOOD & BEVERAGE PETS & LIVESTOCK A988 Dogs.9 months.co. near CMC Motors. 3.co.com 4x4 7seater safari b/offer 0712-615358 A. requires teachers in Eng/Lit. 0729365999 whn ua journey incldes us u travel bttr.ke Factory made biogas digesters available in various sizes 1. 4M 4). 0789193006 FREEWEBSITE. modern. Autotrim Price: Kshs. rangerover and more call 0723-719444. Pets. 0703911484 CAR Hire 2500 call 0710653339 WHERE TO STAY A585 Cottages RUNDA Roslyn 75K 0722 310 852 INTERIOR DESIGN B947 Designer Services INTERIOR Decor home and office web www. introductory prices from . 0721-378629. Academy. EMBAKASI 0718-838355 LADIES Hostel South-C 0703503350 UNIQUE Ladies Hostel near Sth-C DESKTOPS NEW Desktops from Kshs. vegetable waste.com www.com 0704835234 Assis. 0734-440444. supermarket attendants. prado’s 9 to 33 seater buses. Call or visit for more information.3. attendants. 0708589109. topharm@gmail. 0724268552.000 pp. • Candidate should be a Min.sales &purchase clerks kirinyaga 9k 0732241995 0705434257 B389 Books & Stationery 020-2245564 spot loans on Toshiba.KE 0722-216522 Laptop*repair.com 0712 500 500 (Off Mombasa Rd). call Tanweer 0723176777. 2013 WEBHOSTING + Free Domains www. MOTOR VEHICLES B049 Car Hire 0700128555 rav4. 2. Interested applicants should have a Certificate or Diploma in sustainable agriculture or other related fields and 3 years’ working experience in a NGO/CBO promoting sustainable agriculture. 0712848919. 0704-808990 SPOT selling ur car 0723145428 PHARM Tech Embu 0721572953 QATAR / Dubai: Electrician. unlimited space. 0725038650 highflyer_tornado@yahoo. 0726427267 MARKETERS needed in real estate Need a Job? sms ur email to 0700103666 EDUCATIONAL . Mosque 0712950224.gold orn h/hold 0724265036 LOAN on Logbook/ Title 0720490090 LOANS on the spot between 15-40K with laptops as security. Telephone 2194401/2/3. 0721834778 trained h/g H/Girls Centre 0721531412. Sms PHARMACY SAME day loan on logbk.0720673202 HSE Girls Available 0717-908231 RANA Ltd cabs & car hire. 0733-954682.co.2. facebook: Impalabrands 0725-531269 rooms 1.com Website:www. Galileo practicals. ORTHOPAEDIC A871 Miscellaneous Medical Rep required for coast region.30 FORM 4s AND ABOVE. The applicants should possess a valid riding license. SORDZ 2 Colour Stream Feeder. 0734660389 WASHABLE Cloth Diapers. Chem/Geo.com TAILOR Wanted Call: 0722820492 TURASHA Sec Sch.com Ensuite Hotel Rooms now available. 0723408602 SALE! SALE! USED HEAVY DUTY STORAGE SHELVES DEXION FLOOR SCRUBBING MACHINE NEW LIGHT FITTINGS ETC. Sheridan Gang Stitcher with 3 knife Trimmer & Stahl S78 Folding Machine as a package Price: Kshs.300 | DOUBLE BO: 2. POLAR Mohr Guillotine 137EMC Monitor. Spares and Accessories AUTOMATIC gearbox Efi computer diagnosis & repair 0722921536 A571 Hotels B284 General B113 Motor Vehicle Repairs Sales Manager Min 3 years experience in IT sales.

. Black.. 5th Flr... 0716-209975 Gatundu behind KANU Office 0725-105734 / 0710-291371 Kitengela Milele Centre 2nd Flr.. 0722-312387..2m 0722516322 Fotos www.. KITENGELA ICT CITY ACTROS+Trailer 3.97m 0727067471 T/Shark KBK KBL 855k 0701265317 T/SHARK KBV ‘06 1.. Call 0703 533 813 for more details NISSAN X-TRAIL (2006) FROM 1. Rm 508 TEL 020-2610923.5m Call 0710930003 VW Golf ‘00 a/t 490k v/c 0725601150 VW GOLF 06' 1... 0700-497890 0703669694 owner • Landcruiser Prado 3. CALL 0722252393 Ambulance H/top 3.m Contact.ICT city Wednesdays & Saturdays Time: 9.. 0721-562293 KITE 1acre 2.KBV’s) CALL 0722 364864 TOYOTA PREMIO/ ALLION 05/06/07 FROM 1080M Choice of 8 units Silver metallic 2010 model.4m 0727087716 TOYOTA 110 340k 0712529949 TOYOTA Axio 1500 c. KBH... 1/4.. Also 6 &14 acres.N.KBU. 3rd row 0711875976 NIS Serena KBV 06 0721216443 NISS Xtrail 04/05/06 man 0722906978 NIS Wingroad ‘06 KBV Grey fog alloys spoiler 750K neg 0735642766 JUJA Kibute 1/8 900k 0726139888 JUJA Leejim Est. Ph8 Plot 4m 0723097998 EASTERN bypass 15acre 4454285 FEDHA 40x140 comm 8.000/• JOSKA at K..a 0721-455870 Wrisco KAJIADO t/ship plots w/title..B.4L black ‘05 KBM s/roof b/camera.2m 0773837977 • Konza City (Kibini Town) 50x100.02m 0723724700 T/Wish KBV silver 1070k 0727067471 T..000/= Dep bal 4months • COMMERCIAL (KANTAFU) 40X80 50..5m 0736-727838 GATARAKWA 6acres 0722-808455 Githu45 90x110 @16m 0722298611 INDUSTRIAL land 5acres 4454285 ISINYA 10ac 2. 5acs 0711182038 KAREN Hillcrest 1/2ac 0721350223 KAREN Plains 1/2acre 0722344197 KAREN prime 1/2a 19M 0700416390 KAREN prime 1/2a 23M 0700416390 KAREN prime 1ac 40M 0700416390 KAREN prime 30acres 0700416390 KAREN prime 5 acres 0700416390 KATANI 1/4acre near Katani Primary Sch.69M O..000/= 0722-113858 ANGAZA REAL ESTATE LTD KAMULU 50x100 dep.. Sun roof. Twin Oak Plaza.Neg.Cruiser ZX 07 4. 0723-895098 Karatina top of Uchumi Super Market 0716-381367 Nanyuki...343894.c 06 TOYOTA Rush yr06 0722898889 TOYOTA Succeed KBK 0725309070 TOYOTA Van KAQ high roof.0736901000 s/offer 200k 0714915424.com PAN AFRICAN PROPERTIES (K) LTD.35M TOYOTA Ipsum 2004 model..295.000/= Makuyu Manaja 100x100 = 100...7m 0725104903 TOY Wish BQ 550K 0739525445 T PREMIO KBL 785K NEG 0726637755 call KAREN 1/2.... 2007.000 Call 0723-855501 MAZDA Bongo BV manual 0706187486 MAZDA Demio 610k 0724624668 SUBARU TRIBECA 3L 2006 s/roof KBU silver 2..85M KBP 0721250250 Harrier Lexus 05 2...04m neg 0722599390 T Harrier 06’ 2. Extremely clean Mercedes Benz C200. Ideal 4 investor.2M0722215138 TOY Fielder 07 KBV slvr 0723545288 TOY HILUX D/cab 2....000 bal CALL 0723 092888 TOYOTA NZE 05/06 FROM 900k Choice of 6 units MAZDA Demio KBU 05 0725309070 M/DEMIO KBV @560K 0720771985 Merc benz 124 man 490k 0721417135 MERC C200 BK 03 980k 0722292251 Beige Silver White Manual/Auto (KBP..... 0737-540 640 / 0722-151 218 0726340458 T/KLUGER 2.6m p.Starlet 2dr v/cln 310k 0729535564 T102 KBK ’02 450K 0721937547 T/110 KAZ KES 450K 0722269480 T Fielder BV 06 1. installments allowed KISAJU 2km Pipeline Rd 3acre @2...O vcln 360.0736901000 0714915424. VIEWING DAYS: Kitengela ....0L Diesel N/Shape ‘07 • Porsche Cayene 3. RELI-CO-OP HSE..ke ATHI......18M 0732450202 PROBOX BP 04 490k 0722763651 PROBOX KBL 320K 0721442176 OWNER 1/4ac Naivasha Rd 12M 0722825801 1/4 Acre Matasia Ks4M 0722782389 1/8 EPZ Kite 3.75..150.5m 0726341993 Ngoliba (Near Greater Eastern Bypass) 50x100 = 100..99M O...8cc Slv 1030k BV 0722139169 T/Carina 5 m/t KBF 0722701699 T/Carina Ti KBA v/c 435k 0720475098 T/ fielder 1...400 .145.5ac 0722-665780 KAJIADO Kilonito prime 5acres plt @625k Tel.C School...000/= Viewing: Saturday at 9..angazarealestate.8M 0720530706 KILIMANI prime 1/2ac 0721139922 KINOO 1/8acre 4.. Farmers 2acres 3..000/• Kitengela 13km from tarmac...00a. Red Silver (all KBV’s) MARUTI KAQ283J 295K 0721496084 MAZDA 323 manual gear clean KAU 345.000 • Nanyuki near golf course 100X100.6m0727464775 AUDI Q7 2006 0719490444 AVENSIS Grey KBS-Z Manual 970K ono..CRUISER 0726 749699 T/MARK X 05 YR 795K 0724705764 T/NZE KBM neat 670K 0721726381 T/NZE KBV 920k-990k 0727053289 T/Platz KBE a/t f/l 01 wht395k 0720840671 T/PRADO AU 980k cl 1KZ 0722534960 T /PRADO TX KAS overhauled very good 1. 6 years transferable lease.S Tel:020.. Leather interior..5m0725104903 MIT Lancer KBV sil 0722-788878 MITS Canter KBM 03 0725309070 MITS Galant KAU v/c 0725309070 Mits Pajero io AU 98 550 0723775941 Mitsubish fh 215 KBD 2. 4TH FLOOR DOOR 411.8m 0722570332 ISZNQR 33P bq ‘11 2.600. kak 1... Vedic Hse 7th Floor KANGUNDO Rd next to Koma Hill Sch 300m from tarmac with modern homes 1/8acres with titles @495K 30min drive to CBD installments ok 0722675858/0707456974 Dolphins Real Estates Ltd TOYOTA Rav4 nshape 2.8m 0724588925 LEXUSRX 300'BV'06'SUNRO OF'CAMERA'2. 0751-201267.000 • Kajiado Konza 50X100.000 S/IMPREZA 03 YR 580K 0724705764 S/Legacy KBV 06’ BP5 4units 0722799093 S.200...6m0722709719 PREMIO 06 q/sale silver 0721133300 PREMIO BU slv 1.000/• JOSKA at K.74M 0733948702 FREELANDER 1. 0733347080 Nyotu 10Acre Aimi ma Kilungu 0722782389 1/8AC MUGUGA 1. 0737004111 KAKAMEGA 15acre 45M..000/= 0723-882365..5M 4..5m 0716755413 KINOO Sect 87 1/2a 15m 0721350223 KIRIGITI 50x100 owner 0722756546 KIRINYAGA Mwea Kandongu 2 acre plots choice of six.300.I.1m 0722588543 P/307 1.. 1/8 acre 0722816470 or 0721410093 DOHN..O 4Acr Mailitisa 2..K 0711347900 Ni/note kbv darkblue 580k 0710640809 NIS B14 white 190k 0705220733 NIS B15 KBJ v/c 420K 0722581776 NIS March 05 480k import0719490444 NISSAN D p/up petr cl 0722760686 NISSAN Sunny B15 KBP yr 2004 0720538740 Ksh480 B085 For Sale...4M Call 0722876102 PRADO 06 blck s/roof 3.0728879191 JUBILANDS: Isinya Pipeline rd 220k JUBILANDS: Kitengela Isinya 50x100 JUBILANDS: Ruai 50x100 110k 0714 915424...DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.399M O...N..000/= 0722-816203 Ksh N/Advan sil ‘06 BN 630k 0716010961 N/Bluebird ‘99 KAY silv 375k 0726035369 N/Navara ‘04 KBP 1.45M 0722982854 TOY Estima 03 730k 0719490444 TOY FIELDER 07 1.davetech.. 0724-297500.....18M 0722215138 TOY Probox bv 640k 0724624668 TOY Probox KBV 06 0721701854 TOY Rav4 04 1..1/8a 3m 0722885302 CORNER Plot Nairobi West ideal for development 0718656818 no agent Toy passo kbv black 540k 0710640809 TOY Prado box man. 1/8ac 50x100 comm plots 0711875976 JUMAPILI Thika 2....5m cln 0727087716 TOY Voxy 06 KBV 1.4m 0722793535 PAJERO Diesel 350k 0722519831 PAJERO diesel 680K 0772164590 PEUG 206 KAR man 0720863509 PEUGEOT 504 Pup KAH Alloy Rims Prado 1... Auto..8cc Silver 1080k 0711401593 T/Allion KBH v/c @685ksh 0723603333 T/Allion KBT 990...C800m from Kangundo Rd Past A.2Ltr Petrol ‘06 • Subaru Tribeca 3..0Ltr petrol ‘06 • Mercedes Eclass N/Shape ‘10 • Range Rover Vogue TDV8 2007 • BMW X5 N/Shape 2007 • Range Rover Sport Black 2006 • TOYOTA NZE 2006 TRADE IN OK 3.35M 3...2M 0701265317 MIT Fuso Fighter BM 2..400 c...25m 0722563753 Freelander man 550k 0721417135 HARRIER 04 silv 1.. 7M'0725750506 NIS WINGROAD 690K 0722215138 N-Xtrail 2005/2006 0721812144 N..40ac's 1KM off Mombasa rd 0722825801 Ngara best for School Van or Matatu 0722-255412 Bypas Kamakis 1/4a...000 • Munyu Gatuanyaga 50x100.5m 0732636056 own KIAMBU Rd 1/2ac red/s 0722380616 KIAMBU rd 1/4 acre plots near Starehe Girls 0703-567769 DAGORETTI Riruta 1/2.1m.5.000 per acre • Nanyuki acres...... CLEAN CARS ON OFFER 3.95M 4. A plot @ 495K www. Thur. Back camera..000/• JOSKA at K...7 ono 0722709719 L/TOURING KAS silver auto CD alloys clean 445k 0721383548 L..0721-455870 Wrisco KISAJU 1km from road @650k on 0704-592971.5m 0720699937 BUS Rosa 25 seats 580. opp Juja South est....C 500m From Kangundo Road Near A..C Prime Dev Area with Electricity .000/INDIVIDUAL TITLES PER PLOT. 0738324579 RAV 4 KBU-X Blue Manual .B.130.7m ono 0722-995040 TOYOTA Harrier BL 0725309070 TOYOTA Hilux p/up YN86 clean asking 820.7m0722709719 L/ROVER Puma 07 3.000/= bal 4months • TITLES READY VIEWING FREE DAILY HOMEWARD AGENCIES LTD Jubilee Exchange......000 tel: 0723667460 1.0728879191...95M 3.7M call 0720803755 MITFH KBP 011 3....3M 0732229050 KAMULU JOSKA PLOTS FOR SALE SIZE: 50ft X 100ft 3ACRES next to soil Merchants land Kisamis @ 600.00am...3m 0724588925 L/cruiser p/ups frm 1.15acs Tel: 0711182038 KAREN-com 1/2...B.. 7 acres ....optiven. 0736901000 KISERIAN 50x100 near Naromoru P....000/• JOSKA at K.0722801455. Tel.....Joska Tues...B.2M Tel: 0721918767 owner s/offer titles 020-2610966.2..1...150. Call 0722 700973 KBT. Private T/Succeed KBV silver 820k 0720425040 T/Vitz KBU 06' 595K 0733929225 T/VOXY 03yr 595k 0724705764 T/Voxy KBL black 0720390389 owner T/WISH 29k Kms 1. Black Designo Leather heated seats.... @900... 0788 953862. Very clean TRADE IN OK 0722-790643.R..120...0728879191.. 020-2120935 Dat.000 n/sunny B12 KZQ 135...O Audi Q7. Alloy cln 0722-694 241-Msa T Premio KBT 05 blue 0725-654288 T Rav4 06 2. 0732000895 FOR VIEWING HONDA CRV N/SHAPE 0722215138 HONDA Fit BU 06 silver 0720013086 HONDA Fit KBV 0731430626 HONDA Fit KBV 580K 0716455790 ISU giga v10 tipper 0722575030 owner ISUZU 43 NPR 25pass AS AQ. Next To Bus Station K..75...1M 0720956478 T/Hilux KAB v/c 685K 0720892469 T/Hilux Vigo AV 5L scab clean 1. Kshs1....2m 0727464775 L/Cruser vx man.I... Plots for Sale JUJA 1km from Thika road 50x100 1. 0722270313..8L auto 1m 0716457435 T/ Caldina 1.. th 4 Floor.C 3km From Kangundo Rd near Farm C ..000/= 0721620113 T/ALLION NEWSHAPE 0726749699 T/Avensis BT 1..2 Acre at Muthaiga R/about fronting TOYAE 91 KAP 180K 0722453814 owner TOY Allex 620k Tel 0723-855501 TOYAllion ‘06 KBV 1.. 50.. Thika Office...O BMW X5 .KBV’s PEARL/SILVER SUB-for KBQ 1...... 0733-582208.9M 4..7M 0722616632 T/Spacio KBM 649k 0737008833 XTRAIL black 05 model with h/roof new tyres and alarm Kshs 1...7M 0722515488 ADVANCE selling ur car 0710746831 RUNNING Vehicle s/room-w/shop in prime area for sale. 2004..45M 0720290396 PRADO 2003 2.. 820k... 0722789467 T/Fielder BR lady 660K 0721556329 T/Fielder BV white/Silvr 960k 0711401593 T/Fielder KBV 965K 0722938664 T/Fielder KBV Silv 980-1060k 0727053289 T/Hilux AR yn86 785k 0722270708 T/Hilux D-cab KAQ 0712437717 T/Hilux diesel 1. 0733989209 ISUZU Dmax 06 d/cab 0722570332 ISUZUDMax d/cab 08 2.C School.. 0705-931251 499k O.300.6cc KBV grey 770K 0717070411 PAJERO 06 KBU 2..55.. Extremely clean 2008 MODEL ----------------------CLEAN AND LOW MILEAGE CONTACT 0729153547..N. 1m 0725104903 TOY PREMIO 1.5M 2.1m 0722-974073 TOY VX auto ‘00’ 2.5cc 02. KBU..75M 0719490444 HILUXD4D 08 man g/brown 0737512658 HONDA CRV BV 06 0722906978 MERC S320 AUTO 0724588925 MIT FH215 06 2..350..2M 0721-243187 GACHIE 1/4 ac near Waka Academy Ksh 2.. 0707-965632 Sideway Properties Ltd.1m 0720-050740 T/WISH 04 BQ 850K 0722793535 T/Wish KBV 06 blk 1.5M 0726502644 1 /8 Thorn Grove Kitengela 2M 0726502644 Joyce 2km from Tka Rd. Extremely clean Thika Rd 195M 0722902235 no agents 100ACRES Magadi road Tinga town with title deed 28m 0721347080..... walk in walk out basis.8M 2..83m 0734722700 SUBARU B4 540k ‘00 0722588890 SUBARU Legacy 05 manual turbo grey new tyres 1..B. KBM.. Local. Right Wing.000/= call owner mzee Moni 0720558813 JUJA Kenyatta rd.150m 0722982854 Sub Outback KAK @475k 0726035369 SUZUKI Vitara 650K 0722270708 T/103 KAU auto 475k 0720892469 T/104 s/wagon man 440 AZ 0722-39599 T/110 KAY ksh 410k 0725036079 T/Allion 1....95M 5M 6. Call 0736474142 KAMITI Mugumo plot 0729568534 KAMITI Rd 1/8acre 0720423730 1..0721-455870 Wrisco KAJIADO Maili Tisa 5ac 3km frm N/rd @370k p.5M 0722772515 .a 0722379170 JOSKA1/8 clean title 350K 0722-331869 JUBILANDS:Isinya Konza/Malili rd 90k 0714915424..xtrail 05 BS 1.N.5m 0701265317 L/Cruiser hardtops fr 1.....000/• JOSKA Kamulu within green houses .49m 06 0733948702 THilux 05/06 auto/man 0721401692 TOWNACE 06 frm 890k 0716010961 TOY110 AQ auto 98 430k 0724268552 TOY 110 KBA 280K 0703679371 TOY 96 KAN 135K 0710463303 OWNER B740 Land. 2013 Classifieds 61 M/BENZ ACTROS 2544/46 NB12CLEAN 180.000/= Dep bal 4months • KAMULU 50X100 Dep 50.....5m 0721250250 PRADO TX AUTO 99 0727464775 PRADO TX Manual 1.2m ono 0721812144 T Starlet 5spd f/l v/c 360k 0722298611 T Vitz KBV metallic Blue 630k 0720425040 VITZ 06 BV 1L slvr 640k 0733937715 VOLVO Water Boozer 1. Vestrak Africa Limited.49M Choice Of 3 units M /Demio 2005 0722-816203 KBS Ksh 480. Comfort Hotel 0725-210805 Wangige Ebenezer Hse Opp Wamakumi Hse 0721-262545 www.110.. 0202-164920.. 1200pup KBA ‘07 fibre 0722743852 DEFENDERS from 1m 0724588925 DHATSU Terios 750K 0721275227 DISCOVERY3TDV6 man‘05 0737512658 DISCOVERY TDI 620k 0725104903 D-MAX d/cab black 2m 0722570332 ESCUDO 06’ BV 1.. call 0734-807108 Mercedes Benz A160 01 .. School Call 0721910098 XTRAIL manual KBH 0714650198 RESIDENTIAL & BUSINESS PROPERTIES KISERIAN 5acs off Isinya Rd..8M 1020M JUJA Kalimoni 60'x40' khs 325.210.000/= per acre Call 0721-229107 KISAJU 1/8ac 750k 0710792469 KISAJU 1/8ac plts @500k Instalments Tel..5m 0721-125211.8 M call 0722372139.000 per acre • Juja (near JKUAT) 4km from Super Highway. 0715086866 DAGORETTI opp racecorse 1/4 acre 0725547585 KATANI 1/8ac near Syokimau 680k KERARAPON 1/2acre 10M 0711182038 Kiamburd 1/2ac12.1. Auto.. Auto.. 0711125989 KISERIAN Sholinge 1/4 @550k 1acre @1..On sale.09M 0722215138 VW Toureg 04/05 0722228273 WINGROAD 2005 KBS 600.senior staff 1/4 & 1ac 0711182038 ATHI-RIVER ..23m 0727464775 HILUX D/CAB 06 1.05m 0700060721 TOY Allion KBQ 0715957195 TOY Carib 4wd man 4wd 0722709719 TOY Corona KAV man 0720863509 TOY D/Cab KAT 1......000/• Kitengela behind Malili.3 0724624668 TOY Noah 06 BV White 0715372102 TOY NZE KBM 03 620k 0722-479090 TOY NZE KBV 593T white 930K owner 0720288628/ 0722972936 1..000 • Makuyu 50x100.000 (ACRES AVAILABLE) • Kajiado (Sajiloni) 20-40 Acres.1m0720840671 ISUZU Dmax s/d/cab 06 0725500605 ISUZU FRR lorry 1. Mangu Invest 1/8ac red soil.... T/L....0722605524 TOYOTA NZE sal KBV/Z 5speed manual gear G-grade alarm g/lock DVD/CD white 990k Tel 0722316122 blue vclean 2m 0773837977 4mths. & Sat Time: 9. VIEWING DAYS: Kamulu .2.2/ac 0722759681 KISAJU behind Kenchic 1/8ac plts @750k Tel.co..1M ono Call 0722700973 50x100 Namanga 700k 0726502644 30 acres 4 sale touching Thika road Call 0700193283 • JOSKA at Sunshine 4km from Kangundo Rd..Asking 2. Toyota IST ‘03 0720290396 KBQ.8cc KBV 1040k 0716455790 T/ Caldina 1... 0700-509512.c 07 KBV blue vclean 1. Ready titles.000/• Kitengela near KCA University.000.. Sun roof .Escudo KBV Black 1..0721-455870 Wrisco KISAMES Magadi rd 10acres on tarmac 25m No Agnt 0721350223 KISERIAN 1/4acre 1.5m 0726502644 50 Acres Horti farm on Kiserian/Magadi Rd.5M Call 0734-407071 JUJAFARM 40x100 300k title ready • KATANI 50X100 100.4Ltr petrol 2006 • Mercedes ML 320 CDI 2006 • VW Touareg 3...45m 0722743852 N/Sahara AL v/c 525k 0722270708 N/VANETTE Van 06 Pet 0716010961 N /Wingroad KBM auto 04 silver alloy CD v/clean 455k 0722288181 owner T/PROBOX BG 530K 0723847301 T/Probox White KBR 570K 0722890454 T/Probox white KBV 760k 0720425040 T/ Raum beige KBV 820K 0734722700 T/RAV4 AY 01' mnl 760K 0721825673 T/RAV4 BV Silv/Green 1.....320.biz KIHARA 130x60 5.00am. @250k per acre 0722353149 PROBOX KBS 05 600K.0Ltr Diesel ‘06 • Toy Harrier 2. 0728879191..5M per acre Installments allowed (Viewing on Wednesdays & Saturdays) Nairobi Information hse 4th Flr Rm 409 0732-435100 / 0736-441579 Thika Kigio plaza top of Fina Bank 0729-293559.000 • Kitengela ICT City 50x100..

4&5bd Townhouses New Frm 17. master ensuite. 0722831903 TASSIA II 33x66 NSSF Clearance.5M 0734407071 KITENGELA Milimani 1/8 plot @ 1.7m Call on 0721429426 dev. shs.0722986680.. Available for residence or office. area 50x100 250..200... 0722831903 GREATWALL apts 2b/r Ksh 22... WESTLANDS 5br 0. Located in a very prime residential area..000/= 0725530235.4m-4... 2316208 Global Plan RUAI at Sunshine prime Dev.... 0733-446055 Tel T-MALL SATELITE Ngotho rd 1/4 acre devpd plot 0726-689007.8ac 0722407556 WESTLANDS : 2acs Rhapta rd 450m 0722825801 / 0733861710 ZIMMERMAN 50x75. 45K 0722 716 078. 3BR @7M..6m 0733259307 MEMBLEY Park 1/4 acre plot 6. 4626 OF 2013 NIC BANK LIMITED------PLAINTIFF/APPLICANT VERSUS EQUITY BANK LIMITED------1ST DEFENDANT/RESPONDENT KENYA REVENUE AUTHORITY------2ND DEFENDANT/RESPONDENT DANIEL AMISI OMAMBIA------3RD DEFENDANT/RESPONDENT LANGATA Sun Valley Est 2/3br Apt LANGATA Uhuru Garden Commercial LAVINGTON: residential Bldg 0723692342 3&4bedrm Appartments Mst Ens Frm 17. 5ac KMC t/t 0710305398 MSA Rd title 1/8ac 0715086866 MUCHATHAplt 4.5m Ruiru Mhasibu 1/4ac Ksh2M Juja Mhasip 4ps 1/8ac Ksh500000 Kiserian /Pipeline Rd Mhasibu Ksh1m Kitengela near light sch 4pcs 1/8ac @800k 0725969246 apartment opp Syokimau Railway stn 7M call 0705738756 flat near Tile & Carpet Mombasa Rd 10.0724816611.. good for farm call 0735989998 MATASIA 1/4.. Ready titles. Tel: 07224 17074.....5m 0722335110 KITENGELA 5-10ac nr Ostrich Farm 2.+sq 85k 0722760143 LAVINGTON OFFICES NBI 6.. 5.. 0711 224648.000/= • KBC 50x100-2kms from Kangundo road. call owner 0722732713 NAKURU two 1/4acre adjoined plots next to Flamingo Hotel about 300m from Nairobi-Nakuru Highway and opposite Stem Hotel.... clean title 7M ono 0722836201/0720233592 Sunton 60x40 1. THAT leave be and is hereby granted to effect service of the pleadings..500. Hope Realty Ltd Tusker Hse opp.5m 0722344197 IMARA Daima 2br bungalow 6m 0722720836 RUAI 1/8ac KBC 250.. 0720241291.000/= • Joska 50x100-2km from Kangundo road... space/big shop aprx JAM-2 3brm 28k 0722-288555 Owner JAMHURI-II 2b/r flat 0727816618 KAREN 5br+2dsq 1/2ac 0721350223 KASARANI near Thk super highway 2br big houses secure 0720-980880 windsor 35K & 40K 0722580099 IN THE CHIEF MAGISTRATE’S COURT AT B768 Premises.7 M O. AND WHEREAS the application coming for Exparte hearing on the 31st day of July 2013 before A... 2013 PLOTS & LAND FOR SALE SIZES 50x100 • Ruai Joska..5m Tel: 0726-831032 owner NGONG Bondeni redsoil 1/4 acre near NPC Neg 0724879643 SEANRICK RIVERS INVESTMENTS LTD • Ruai 50x100-1km from Kangundo road . Call owner 0723672871. near Diaspora Echo village 300.n.8M each negotiable... CONTACTS NAIROBI LINK PROPERTIES LTD 0722 / 0733-831 150 www.3 br Hurlinghum 10-35k 0718023488 1.MAINA herein sworn on the same day.000 • Isinya 2km off Konza rd 250.7m Tel. 0720-498019 PERSONAL NOTICES PERSONAL SERVICES (COAST) D279 Notice SYOKIMAU 1/4 acre for sale call SYOKIMAU 1/8 title 3m 0722331869 SYOKIMAU 5 acres 75M 0722837193 GILGIL inc 45K 6M 0722913931 GITHURAI 44 50x50 Ksh1. 0705147102 Pattmos RUIRU bypass / BTL 1/4ac with 2br hse Ksh 12m 0710930003 0710930003 OFFICE SPACE TO LET 3000sq ft.000 call: 0722206830 RUAI Dev. 4&5bedrm Townhouses New Gtd Ests Frm 35M 0717484867..2m no agent call 0720238037 MIREMA Dr 40x80 6m 0722720836 MSA rd 2. 0708239178 PANGANI 2br Muranga 0722584668/ 0727-816618 rd RUNDA Gigiri 4/5br Hse 4454285 SAFARI PARK-USIU Thika rd 2br spacious 30k 0722580099 RONGAI: Rangau 5acres ideal for subdivision/ development 10million 0721535395/ 0721427975 RUIRU Murera 1acre 0723-856893 RUIRU Murera 40x60 0704328060 RUIRU plots 40x80. Seperate DSQ at Benhill.7km from Nmg Rd 1/8A Prime Plts @950k Fully Serviced/Fenced Ready Titles 0728607774 KITENGELA 1/8plot 0722101569 Kitengela 1/8 TD 450k 0700-322377 Kitengela 100.. Offices Wanted HOUSE wanted own cmpd Garden Est Thome.000 PM ono . 020 2214860 Ena Pty BURUBURU Hse Ring 0722780285 CAFE pub office shop CBD 0725817817 DONHOLM new 1b/room m/ensuites classic finishes own car park 0771841382 EASTLEIGH 1bed 11K 0723717474 EMBA 3br flat 29k 0712422955 GACHIE new 1/2br apts ensuit 15-20k 4451131/2 0721717544 KISERIAN B761 Premises.7m 0711182038 PLOT for sale 1/2acre Kennol 1..4m 0722298611 NGONG Olollua 1/2acr 3bdr hse Call 0718697112 Owner Call RUIRU bypass / BTL 1/8ac 6..400.600. 3br m/ensuite 0721336972 KIAMBU Rd apartments for sale 3br 7m Tel. 0721350059 REPUBLIC OF KENYA NAIROBI MILIMANI COMMERCIAL COURTS CIVIL CASE NO...000/= • KBC 50x100-60meters from Kangundo road. in Upper Hill at a cost of Kshs. Offices to Let GODOWNS 5000-10000sqft 4454285 NGONG Rd 1200-2200sqft shops & office spaces 0727723949 KIAMBU rd 2&3br sq masionette at KIBERA 2BR 15k 0723717474 KILELESHWA 3/4br apt.2km from greater eastern by-pass 350...000 • Isinya 4km off Namanga Rd... 2....VALLEY 1acre 60M 0722914949 SAIKA 2adj plts @480k 0721642555 SATELITE 1/4ac 5m Q/s 0721350223 DANDORA 2 storey hse 21rooms income 62.. 8th Floor Rm 811 Opp. selling. 0722986680 Nemuge Co.000 • Ruai Joska..Price 7m..2M call 0705738756 ono call 0721598804 BANQUE Villa 3br master ensuite BURUBURU 1 4bed mans 7..2M per acre neg 0700814444 KITENGELA 5-10acres available nr Ostrich Farm 0700814444 KITENGELA Chuna 3/4acre 3. NGONG Road 1/4 acre 0722-859614 NJIRU /Choka plot q/s 400K cntrld.5Ac 0722416118 KITENGELA 1km from main rdafter Saitoti’s 4x1/4 plots 1. Naivas 0727-867432..62 | Classifieds KITE Korompoi /Millenium 1.2m 40% bal in 6 months 0724523948 LORESHO 3br 45k 0750933939 MIREMA Dr..00am Isinya Wednesdays and Sundays.7M call 0722858972 owner 0721-451867. 40x60 4454285 SOUTH C Soledo 4bedroom maisonette & dsq Ksh15million ono Tel. agents.(MR. 500.R.30am HIGHRISE: 2br H’ 3..75M 0728656465 SOUTHC 3br 28k 0727939557 owner SOUTH-C Halai 4b/r.000 call: 0722206830 Greenlands....350.. 0724688912 KITENGELA Plot 1/4acre 16M behind the Gates Hotel and 1/4acre plots 1.....000 & 48. 0720536221. SQ. servants or otherwise howsoever from registering any interest and/or transfer and/or issuing any document of ownership over the subject motor vehicle registration number KBQ 213A currently registered in the names of the Plaintiff and 3rd Defendant to any third party pending interpartes hearing on 14/8/2013. SENIOR PRINCIPAL MAGISTRATE in the presence of the counsel for the Plaintiff/Applicant and in the absence of the Defendants/Respondents.4M. SENIOR PRINCIPAL MAGISTRATE ISSUED at Nairobi this 1st day of August 2013 AG. with borehole water kshs 23.4M developed area 0722554658 DAILY NATION Thursday August 8... Afya Centre. 0722246636 NYAYO Embakasi flat 6m 0722868264 ONGATA Rongai 2br hse sale on 1/8 4.. servants or otherwise howsoever from offering for sale.1acre 0711804867 450218. SQ and on 3/4 acre on Othaya rd..5acre 4454285 MEMBLY 80x40plot 0722365918 Mlolongo 4 Storey Comm Block B775 Premises.. area 50x100 210.5Mil CLAYWORKS 0733713283 owner 32x68 ft for flats RUAI 4bdrmed hse 0722863592 SOUTH C Four bedroomed apartment gated community.000 Tel: 0721298685... 0722178282..5M 0716119989 B782 Properties for Sale HOUSE FOR SALE Beautiful 3 Bedroom town house ensuite located 1Km from Mombasa Road off JKIA resort at Syokimau asking 11M Muiga-inn 3bd bung/sq 0727853904 MWIKI 50x75 Call 0727749931 NAKURU inc 73K 12M 0722913931 NAKURU sec 58 mama ngina Ph3 3br ensuite garage on 1/4 acre @ 13. AND FURTHER that this Order is not obeyed...000 call: 0722206832 RUAI Joska 50x100 425k with t/deeds devd 0725939618 Global Plan RUAI Joska KBC 40x80 100k. 3km @ 700k 0720707519...) AG.95M. beautifully furnished... 0716238496 A Five Bedroom House standing on 1/8 of acre approx..4m 1/4a 4m 0722885302 MEMBLEY 1/4acres 0722-808455 MEMBLEY 40x80 1.. Nbi West 4brm mst ensuite Ksh20m Tel 0725345862 800sq ft.. 0714538594 shopping centre... 2br flats.Call: 0722206832 RUAI KBC 50x100 300K special offer devd 0725939618 Global Plan RUAI KBC 50x100 special offer with titles 180... 0702 984 888. 0725345862 .. advertising.4M.. Viewing Sat 10.000/= 0722450218.. 5m (ono) .250. AND UPON HEARING the said counsel.O quick sale 0727986431 Kitengela town1/4a 1.. On Booster road.9m 0787-296730 LANGATA RD Near WILSON AIRPORT. 2. 0722325220 Nanyuki Toll 1/8Ac 0723212427 NEMUGE : Nanyuki 1/8acre prime 150. 1..5M O’RONGAI 3brm near exciting with p/wall 11M 0717-032392 6m negotiable contact murage 0727109392 PLOTS for sale 1/4acre Kiserian- Magadi rd @250k each ready titles.5m 0721535395 THIKA superhighway 1/8plot @Ruiru on tarmac next to Plainsview Hosp 12.5M 0717484867 BELLEVUE 3BR m-ens....500(prom)0725830757 SHOP-TO-LET Patel 0722-497066 Junction of Kirinyaga Road 5 Million Town houses in a compound of 6 65m 0727723949 LUXURY APARTMENTS FOR SALE IN KIKUYU TOWN. Joska 50x100 2km 500k.. alienating and/or disposing off and/or dealing in any manner howsoever with motor vehicle registration number KBQ 213A currently held at Auto Gallery Garage.5m Tel.200... NBI West new 3brm spacious apartment Tel 0720-519519 UMOJA 4 Storey 2br 0722380616 UMOJA 5storey house with 18 flats 3storey hse with 12 flats 0729475785 Utawala 5br m/ens. 0722831903 LANGATA two Bedroomed houses available opposite Uhuru gardens.30am& Wed 9am. agents.000/= 0720020410 KITENGELA near EPZ w/tank 2ac plot @2.000/. 0705147102 Pattmos RUIRU Shamba 1....000 • Isinya 3km from Wisemen University 150. 2&3bd Appartments Frm 4..... 4.020-2472045 SIGONA Zambezi 1/8ac 0720353104 sportsviewplt 1.5M each 0710930003 NGONG/Kibiku 1/4 Acre. 50x 100 150k 4km. 400.8M ~2M. 1km @1.0721-455870 Wrisco KITENGELA near Kampala University 1/8 acre plots for sale @550k. 2BR @6M.....000/= • Joska 50x100. 0702984999 KTDA Plaza 7th Flr Moi Avenue. 0725708663 NGONG 1/8 acre plots red soil 1.. Free Viewing Wed & Sat 9..000/= • Kisaju 50x100 next to Jamii Bora ... RUAKA 1/4ac 12M 0710930003 RUAKA 1ac aprox 35m 0722432700 RUAKA plots 0786-562515 s/higway 1/2acre gated community Ksh4.. Offices for Sale LAVINGTON 4bd all ens msnt own compound on sale 0701857332 Owner Kahuho spacious 3br b’glow + SQ 1/8ac 4.5m 0722885302 SPRINGValley rd 1/2ac 0719112415 Syokimau / Mulinge 2ac 0715086866 SYOKIMAU 1/4acre clean title @3..0735696835 TASSIA Est Embakasi 1/8acre Ideal INDUSTRIAL Area 5 Acres Off for flats 9m. w/elec.5M 0716119989..1/2. 2... Westlands Nairobi pending interpartes hearing on 14/8/2013.. 0722986680 Viewing on Thursday 11.300. 0707902987 IMARA Daima 3br Tel 0751-910500 JACARANDA Kamiti rd off Thika rd 3br apt 45k 0722580099 LAVINGTON lodge1/2 acre plot with clean title and beutiful scenic view of lake Nakuru ......000 call: 0722206830/32 RUAI-KBC prime 50X100 plots 500m from tarmac 340..000/= 0722 TASSIA 50X100 ft near tassia complex NSSF Fully cleared 8. THAT application dated 31/7/2013 be and is hereby certified urgent. Nemuge Co.. 0720133631 TASSIA11 4br hs 8......9m ono Tel. an application shall be made citing you and other such person(s) so disobeying for contempt of Court seeking therein your detention and other punishment for you and such person(s) together with any other remedy available in law... Exec 2br 0735-708052 MUTHAIGA 1br 12k 0728582519 MWIKI 1br 5k 0724624668 NAIVASHA Rd new 1/2/3br apts ensuit 25-32k 4451131/2 0721717544 2BR apartments executive 3BR bungalow RUIRU Kimbo 1 acre 300mts from super highway @25m 0721-262545 RUIRU kwihota 200x60 plot 3km off eastern bypass Title 0720981329 finishes 16km from CBD via Thika rd Ksh....6M negotiable 0739525445 KIAMBU rd.. offices etc 0721139922 4BR maisonette & B/sitters Savanah 4brm Kenyatta Rd 26K 0711492099 ATHIRIVER 3br bgw cpd 0721717544 AT South B attractive rent 1br studios 0720451423.12M 0726286171 MUGUGA 1/8plot 950K 0711691975 MURANG’A Loc 20 13ac0722814076 MURANG’A plots Call 0722814076 MUTHaiga-N 1/2ac 32m0721350223 NAKURU milimani -Near capital Hill 1st 50plots 350. 0722856900 Kitengela 6... good 4 Hotel 0722765993 MFANGANO St.000/= best s/offer 0722450218....prime dev area with elec 1km from kgd rd. THAT a temporary injunction be and is hereby issued restraining the 1st and 3rd Defendants whether by themselves.000/= 0725530235. Call 0722-859346...... 1br g/wing Ksh 60.. deposit @ 250k balance in 3 months. No agents..9km after Kibiku Primary ...25acre 2km from bypass 4km from rd next to Kwihota Pri with title.5M RUIRUbypass 1/8 2m title 0722557356 RUIRU bypss 1/8 600mtr frm tamk @ 1..5M 0703669694 THINDIGUA 3/4acre 0721356111 THOME 1/2acres 4sale 0722665421 THOME-1 1/2ac Ks14m 0710930003 TIMAU 8acres N/tarmac @360...3br Parklands 8-30k 0702933180 1.5 km/0..5M.LOROT H..000/... Box 60495-00200 Tel.Kiambu Rd (Service Office) 0726680254/ 0722911947 104Rms Inc 403K/M 0708441788 MSA ROAD: 3&4bd Townhouses NEW Gtd Ests Frm 7M.. Mebly 100x50 2.N..000/= • Ruai 50x100-2kms from Kangundo road.5M 0726341993 IMARA Daima 3br bungalow 6... Umoja-I 1br.000/= • Ruai 50x100-3kms from Kangundo road before Kamulu.hole5&25ac... 0705-979522 WESTLANDS 1/2 bed furnished / unfurnished apartments 0722-446055.. 0724688912 KITENGELA near KCA University 1/8 acre plots for sale @350k. A.. 10. 90 per sq..000 0725530235.R (MR) AG.000 • Ruai Joska...8m Call 0721-685752 NGUMBA 5storey building monthly income 356k call 0722665421 NYAYO Embakasi apartment 6..LOROT H.. 020-550287 Vineyard FINELANDS HOLDINGS LTD....4m -Owner 0723925670 TENA Innercore corner plot quick sale 8m. 0734529167 2BR Tigoni 17K Call 0720 716 078 2BR Uthiru ILRI 17. GIVEN under my hand and seal of this Court on the 1st day of August 2013.. with ready titles 0715193591. 0722398546 0726502644 Joyce PRIME Plot in Millimani Meru County 070138279 PLOT Utawala 40x60 0722534960 PRIME beach plot 8 acres on sale Tiwi Beach call 0735531272 RUIRU Mhasibu 1/4ac 5 STAR Gardens 3br master ensuite NHC Langata 3br apt 0722813866 NRB West 1BR 27K 0722 521 679 NYAYO Emba 3br apt 0722813866 O /Rongai Laiserhill 2b/r Ksh 16.1/4a 90K 0711182038 WESTLANDS 4br hse on 1acre for office use 300K 0728130925 COAST (Telephone Coast Numbers Only) B789 Properties to Let 4 bedroom bungalow with 2 ensuite coloured bathrooms.JOSKA 50x100 special offer 120. and 2 Car park..with ready title deed 1km from Kgd rd.near Gertrude’s hospital. 0717484867 7-9M 2220019. Ltd.375... 4km 250k.000/= For your Real Time Investment. THAT motor vehicle registration number KBQ 213A be removed from Auto Gallery Garage Westlands and be preserved at the Central Police Station or any other police station within the jurisdiction of the Court pending interpartes hearing on 14/8/13.... area 50x100 near Mutahi Kagwe’s 320. 0722920012 / 0737920012 THIKA 200acre 4M pa 0700416390 Enterprise Rd Behind Bachu Industries 0720947279 JAMUHURI near show 0722361363 JUJA Rd Estate 13M 0720398836 KAHAWASUKARI 4BR 0705611990 THIKA RUAI-JOSKA Outer by-pass 50x100....000/= prime with title 0202632731. extra living room/TV room and burglar-proofed balcony. selling price 11Million negotiable 0711-277332....000 0729475785 ELD 3br 1/4 0722831937 SYOKIMAU...nairobilinkproperties...000 0720040895 3br Nairobiwest 28.. 0701948709. 0718800448. dep 150K bal 6mnths 0712-366823.00am NGARA 30 x 80 plot ideal for redevelopment 30M o.1.5m 0722762690/0733762690 NGONG 3br on 1/8ac 0.8..000/= • Joska 50x100-3kms from Kangundo road.000 • Kajiado 50x100 near Kajiado District Hosp..... 2220019.. 85. 0722314056 RUIRU 1 1/4acre 1km 25M 0720398836 RUIRU 40x60 600k v/prime 250k 300k r/title 0720938283.5K 020-2214860..0722206830 RUAI Prime area 50x100 plots near outer by-pass 150... Kamulu 50x100 500k & 450k ready titles. IT IS ORDERED 1.2M own Ndovu lane off Umonja Rd 0725-752046 O-RONGAI: 3bdr Bungalows Mst Ens Gtd Est Frm 5... 4454285 KILI 2br 18k 0720-794014 Owner KILIMANI 4br+sq 130k 0721350223 KILIMANI Riara rd 3brm aprt all ensut. 0720 716 078 Ena Property 2br Westlands 25...5m.. garage.. summons and any ensuing order upon the 3rd Defendant by substituted service by advertisement in the local dailies.com LAV/Valley apt 85K 0722335110 LAVINGTON Amboseli rd 2brooms 30k & 16k shops 14k 0727948196. Tel: 0727 244 811 1. Ltd RUAI 50x100 250k with t/deeds devd 0725-939618.000/= 0722373483 RUAI -KBC Near farm ‘C’ Dev. Time:10:00 am FREE TRANSPORT!!! RUIRU Murera 600k 50x100 on bypass 0720938283.000/= p/acre Q/sale Tel 0725532773 KAHAWASUKARI 4BR 0715917297 KAREN 3brm hse 29M 0721139922 KAREN prime 6brm all ensuite house on 1/2 ac 0721139922 KAREN prime 6brm hse 2acres ideal for home..2BR Kileleshwa 20-35k 0720663050 1BR Thika s/h/way Juja 0720854902 2 Bedroom Hse 2 let Nairobi West Call: 0720406233 2 br Saika Est.5M Tel 0723212294 RUAI 1/8ac 400.2. deposit @ 150k balance in 10 months 0715193591..6m 0722885302 LANDPLUS Ruai/KBC 50x100 offer with titles 200k 0722373483 LANDPLUS Ruai/KBC 50x100 with elec dev’d titles 320k 0722373483 MAKADARA plot 0733945186 sale MALINDI land 41a for sale 4.. 0722601253.... Valley Arcade... 0202395490 & Ngong Kibiko 1/4ac 1. ft. Loamy Soil.Time:10..000 Viewing Days: Ruai Joska Thurs and Sundays.0722986680 Nemuge Ltd RUAI 1/8ac KBC 200. Muthaiga North. 0721350059 RIRUTA Satelite 1/4 acre with house 0718-697112 owner Ksh17..8km from Zambia Stage good finishes Ksh 6. 0720842181 KASARANI UMOJA 40x80 prime/owner 0733523264 UPPERHILL 0. 50x100 9m each 0722720836 Zimmerman plot 50 by 85ft.000 call: 0722206830 RUA. SENIOR PRINCIPAL MAGISTRATE PENAL NOTICE TAKE NOTICE that any disobedience or non-observance of the order of the Court given on the 1st day of Augus t 2013 served herewith will result in penal consequences to you and any other person(s) so disobeying and not observing the same. Can be sold together or separately. 0723645475 S... Development Hse.5... Kshs 1. 3.2M next to Bufalo HIlls Thika 0722649213/ 0734936151 KITENGELA plots @450Kper 1/8ac 0727-367393. O’LKARAU (Tumaini) 17ac 0722-808455 P/Line elct/b..350. 3bedr Apprtms Mst Ens 6M 0716119989 KITENGELA 2br 12K 0722410919 LANGATA 1&2br flat 0722584668 LANGATA 1br 18k cal 0722254338 LANGATA2br ensuite 30K 0721758485 LANGATA 3br owner 0722811989 LANGATA Sunvalley Est 2 & 3br apts 35-40K 2220019. ORDER UPON READING the application presented to this Court on the 31st day of July 2013 by the counsel for the Plaintiff/ Applicant and supported by the affidavit of H. THAT a temporary injunction be and is hereby issued restraining the 2nd Defendant whether by itself.o 079906210 NGOINGWA Thika 40x80 2pcs @2.. 4.2.. 0721319109 1 /2 ACRE with a flat and godown on Kamiti road 0700193283 RUIRU Juja farm bypass plots app 50X100 Ngurish invst Ltd 250k . 0725163260 KIK /KIDFMCO 9unfinished 1showhse flats more than 1/4acre 0725561540 600mtrs from main rd KILELESHWA: 3bd Exec Apprtmt Mst Ens Frm 14..

Georgina Syombua. starting from 6 pm. Late Sarah. Pst Bosire. Late Marindany Arap Chemosit. Aunt to Matangi. Dated at Nairobi the 1st day of August 2013. NATION MEDIA GROUP shall not be liable to any person for loss or damage incurred or suffered as a result of his/her accepting of offering to accept an invitation contained in any advertisement published in the Nation. Self-contained bedsitter. M-pesa Contribution may be sent to mobile No: 0728652067. Kabiru and Pamela. Beloved son of the late Chebisom Arap Letting and the late Ann Obot Tabkessos. Mambo. Son of the late Stephen Muiruri Kimune and the late Hannah Wambui Muiruri.short/long term D557 Apartments available E740 Land Plots for Sale MACHINECUT-STONES 55/= delivered anywhere 0715-046690 in mombasa Dad. Grand-mother of many and several great-grand-children. Simon Chomba of Patronics Services Ltd. Janeth LangatFountain Sch-Kericho. Rose Mutie. Peris. joy. Ochieng. kindness. Edward Mwaro. Francisca Musyoka. Mother to Rucia . Wachianga. father and grandfather. Edwin Mibei. Stephen Gichanga. the late Pius. Sch. Death and Funeral Announcemnt Husband of late Felgona Awuor and Caroline Dora. You are also directed to enter appearance within 15 days from the date of this notice. late Gladys Nyawira and late Samuel Macharia. Danson Muthuma Kabiru 1932-10/8/12 WHERE TO STAY (COAST) HOTELS D531 Hotels It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptace of Gods will that we announce the death of Isaac Chomba Chewa of Ministry of Roads which occurred on 2nd August 2013 evening at Outspan Hospital Nyeri. Momanyi. late Stephen Muiruri. it is now painfully one year since you went to be with the lord you loved. Lumbwa Location in Machakos County. Funeral arrangements people are meeting daily at Garden Square and the Main fundraising will be held on Thursday 8th August 2013 at Garden Square from 5:00 p. You have fought the good fight. Friends and relatives are meeting at her home Kalanzoni for prayers and funeral arrangements and also at Muumandu Market everyday from 4. Had 83 grandchildren and many great-grandchildren. Sister of the late Francis. Ndinda. The cortege leaves Sagam Hospital Mortuary on Friday 16th August. Job. Your life was a blessing Your memory a treasure You were loved beyong words And missed beyond measure 1st Memorial & Unveiling of The Cross D571 Hotels SERENE House 4 clean & quiet accomodation @low prices from 1k in Mtwapa 0726002819 E782 Properties for Sale FORT PROPERTIES 3/2 BD Bungalows at Kiembeni with Titles Call 0722537537 or 0721591585 E263 Women OFFICE Assistant-Lady with Diploma 2yrs Exp 0724494986 E789 Properties to Let 3B/r appt Cinemax 35K 0722340082 BEACH House for rent Kikambala 120. Kimori. For more information please contact Mama Caroline Olum on 0723-809 217 or 0733-463 613. There will be a graveside memorial service and unveiling of the cross on Saturday 10/8/13 at his Gikororo home in karatina from 10. Amos.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. late Lee-Were. Sister of Julius Muindu. Jane. Makori. Husband of Jane Wanjira Chomba Father of Mercy Wambui of Sturrock Shipping. Mother of Kaveni.2013 Geoffrey Kuria Muiruri 1917 . Grace Chepkwony. Momanyi. Kindly note that the Application shall be heard on 14th August 2013 and you may obtain copies of the pleadings from the undernoted Advocates or from Court. Celebrating a Life Well Lived Son of late Simeon Gichanga and late Margaret Wangui. the late Simion Arap Chemosit (Towett). We will never fill the void in our hearts but will always cherish the boundless love.000pm 0732336077 RESIDENTIAL & BUSINESS PROPERTIES As we remember you. Late Arege Migiro Sister In Law To Kerubo. furnished 3 bedroomed apt in a gated community. Aunt of Many. and Mrs. Mother-in-law of Sabina Mbinya. David Rono-H/T Ngomwet Pry Sch. Luke Church (Kwa-Huku) and burial thereafter at his home. Daughter of Late Nzioki Kisaa.00am on 9th August 2013 for His home (Kirima-ini Village Kirinyaga County) For prayers and Burial. Brother of Nyawira. Faith. Orori. Hotensia Okioma. Penuel Orina. Gladys. Morara. support. WAINAINA IRERI & COMPANY ADVOCATES FOR THE PLAINTIFF/APPLICANT DRAWN AND FILED BY WAINAINA IRERI & COMPANY ADVOCATES BRUCE HOUSE. Dick.). Martin (KCB). Amen Samson Mureithi Gichanga 1922 – 02/08/2013 To make appropriate enquiries and take appropriate advice before sending money. and Bibiana Mulisya of Misyani Village. He was grandfather of many. Mr & Mrs Gichuki. Relatives & friends are meeting at his home (Kiburu. late Nyamu and late Wanjohi. Mr & Mrs Muthii and Nyawira. Mumbua. Florentina Ndunge (Assumption Sister Nairobi). late Rosemary Njeri Karori (Gathiga). late George Wainaina. Maureen. Late Tumbo. Machakos County at 1. Nyang’ara. Emmanuel Musyoka. Death and Funeral Announcement Wife of Gedion Kiilu Muswahili. Wambui. Benson. 2013 REPUBLIC OF KENYA IN THE CHIEF MAGISTRATE’S COURT AT NAIROBI MILIMANI COMMERCIAL COURTS CIVIL CASE NO. Rebecca Abachokoro Julius. Justus Killu (Malili Pri. Anaris. Late Barake. We loved you but God love you most. Late Joash. Arasa. 4TH FLOOR. Late Ogembo. Osinde. Francis Mwangi. Nyakundi. George Morara. Ruths. Sarah Njeri. Brother of the late Korkoren Arap Chemosit. Rest in Peace Amen. Father of Hellen Wangui. the late Tabelgaa Seron and Tabkesos Chebongony. Brother of Charles Kamau (illasit Loitoktok). Wife of the Late Mwalimu Maurice Ndeke. Esther Wanjiku of St. the late Magdalene. Gakawa Sub-Location for prayers and funeral arrangements. Jalang’o. Innoncesia Mulisya Masaku. BOX 42706 NAIROBI Classifieds/Transition 63 let . Keli and Mutanu. Alice. Prayers and burial will be at her home in Kegogi location. Daughter of Katuku Muindu and late Muindu Meli. in the Almighty’s hand’s you rest. Kirima-ini Village) every day for prayers & funeral arrangements. Gabriel Mission hospital. Paulines.30am. Friends and relatives are meeting at his home Mai-Mahiu. Kibokwoek Clan and Family announce the death of our beloved Richard Kimibei (Kiprono) Arap Chemosit. Omechi. Ken Bosire. Daily Meetings are being held at Jimlizer Hotel Buruburu. Friends and relatives are meeting daily at Railways Club from 05:30 pm daily from 5th August to 13th August.00pm.00am for funeral service and burial at his home Mai-Mahiu. Peris. Sibota. Nyanchwa. The funeral service and burial will be at his farm in Majiwa village on 17/08/2013. Loving father of late Oludhe. Ondieki. 0722 768368. Kipleliet Nicholas K. The cortege will leave Outspan Hospital Nyeri at 10. Arap Ronoh-Nomads Quintessence Agri-Solutions (K) Ltd. finished the race and kept the faith. Late Julius. Late Nyanchera. Annie. Brotherin-law of Owino Nyadi (Secretary General. Nathan. Mokaya. The cortege Leaves KNH Mortuary (private wing) on Tuesday 13th August 2013. Joseph Kiilu (Principle Kivandini Sec. Beloved husband of Esther Njoki Mureithi. Affectionately remembered by your children. Jane Nzioki. Mother of Gerald Nyumu (Kyanzavi Primary). Peter. Mpesa 0722-442276 or 0721-244223 “in God’s hands you rest. Fatherin-law of Fredrick Oduor Oduol (UoN) and Omondi Waweru & Co Advocates. Ong’era. Onsomu. Mutiso.B-Eldoret. Betty Kemei. Through the Grace and humble acceptance of God’s will. STANDARD STREET P. Josephine. All are welcome. Samuel Mungai (Sweden). Adhiambo. The cortege leaves Nanyuki Teaching and Referral Hospital Mortuary at 8.00 am. Onchiro. Grandmother of Minoo. Contact: 0713 984660 BANDARI VILLAS . Sibia. Okumu. late Munyu. humility and the hearty laughter that we shared. . Ontiris. Matunda. Josephine. Cythia among others. Ciru. Fred Okioma and Bernard Masaku. Wife of the Late Nemwel Misiani Minaro. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Family and friends are meeting at 5.2013 Family and friends are meeting daily at his home. Mr & Mrs Warui. Yunia. Jason. St. 4626 OF 2013 NIC BANK LIMITED------PLAINTIFF/APPLICANT VERSUS EQUITY BANK LIMITED-------1ST DEFENDANT/RESPONDENT KENYA REVENUE AUTHORITY--------2ND DEFENDANT/RESPONDENT DANIEL AMISI OMAMBIA--------3RD DEFENDANT/RESPONDENT TO DANIEL AMISI OMAMBIA TAKE NOTICE that the Plaintiff has filed a Notice of Motion Application dated 31st July 2013 and a Plaint against you. Bomet County. Turusira. Joel. Njoki. Amen . Mrs. The cortege will leave Umash Funeral Services on Friday 9th August 2013 at 10 clock and burial will take place on Saturday 10th August 2013 at his Farm in Singorwet. Sister to Late Michoki and Late Samwel. Japuonj Naftali Olum Oludhe 1924 . Aron. Maria. Loving father of Sarah Chepkwony. Joseph Rono-R. Kioko.). Husband of Racheal Ngendo Kuria. Mother-in-law of Damaris. relatives and your many friends. the late Monica and the late Valentine. Joyce. Machakos County on 3rd August 2013.Muumandu Sub-location. Obed Kinyua. Robert and others. “Loved ones never die. Joyce Ngetich-Mauche. late Elizabeth. Jason. Son of late Mr&Mrs Simon Chewa. Malachi Oiko. The funeral service will be held at Kitwii Catholic Church at 10. Elizabeth Koech (Education Office-Bomet.C. Sr.Luo Council of Elders). Omochogis. the late Muia.00 am and thereafter burial at her home Kayangii Vilage Kitwii Location. Dominic. Siocha. Timothy. Beatrice Rono. Brother of James. which occurred on 3rd August 2013 at Nairobi West Hospital after a long battle with cancer. the late Simon.A. Praxedis Ngii. Sigara. Robin. Pauline. Ochola. The cortege leaves Naivasha District Hospital Mortuary on Friday 9th August. May the Lord rest his soul in eternal peace. Father of Winnie Wambui. Paul’s church Majiwa. Caroline Langat and Vincent Mibei. Lucia Bosire Mother in law to Keremencia. Marani District. late Mary Nyambura and late Esther Wangu.O. Ochieng Owek among others. Isaiah Arap Chemosit. 2013 at 9. Gladys and Jeniffer. Charles Ronoh. Mr & Mrs Muriithi. Nancy Wangu. Halima.30am on Friday 9th August 2013 for a funeral service at P. Hellen. If we live we live to the Lord and if we die we die to the Lord so whether we or die we Belong to the Lord. Sch. Mr & Mrs Juma. Maxwell Mosoti (CCK). Loving husband of Eunice and Leah Chemosit. READERS ARE ADVISED It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the death of Beatrice Nguna Kiilu which occurred on 02/08/2013. we are grateful to the almighty God for the priceless gift of your life and his continued presence in our lives. Callen. Lilian. in our hearts you live forever” Isaac Chomba Chewa Teresia Nyabonyi Misiani We the family of late Mureithi Gichanga wish to thank the almighty God for the precious time he granted us our dear husband. we love you but God loves you more. Charles. Late Tom. incurring any expense or entering into binding commitment in relation to an advertisement. Mbithe.V. Ogamba. Kelvin. Brother in-law of Mr & Mrs Kiara. Vincent Nzioki.00am for burial at Kalanzoni . Alice Sammy and late Justus Muindu. Late Rogers. Beatrice Nguna Kiilu It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the death of Japuonj Naftali Olum Oludhe of Sakwa Bondo on Saturday August 3rd 2013. Rebecca Wachianga and Timon Otaro. Maina and Angie. Mary Mosoti. Kisii County on Wednesday 14th August 2013. Jerusa. Diana. Rosa. Son of Mr & Mrs Omondi of Omondi Waweru & Co Advocates. Late Sabera Step mother to Omechi.m. Mwalimu (Rtd) Agnes Kithei Ndeke The cortege will leave Kenyatta University Funeral Home on Friday 9th August 2013 at 8. John and Judy. Florian Mutie. Mercy Wangui. Josiah Otwori (The Carnivore). Joseph. Your legacy will remain in our heart forever. Apondi. Maina. late Peter Kariuki (Ngong) and late Margaret Waithera Kamomo (Ruthigiti).00 pm In God’s Hands you rest in our Hearts you remain forever The death has occurred of Geoffrey Kuria Muiruri of Mai-Mahiu Kamuchira village. late Kamene. Celebration of a Life Well Lived Mum. Grandfather and great grandfather of many.00pm daily at his home in Kwa-Huku farm. Uncle of Rev. Leonard Rono-KDF-MPC HQS. Brother of Tom Onaya and late Helena Owek. Jane.self-contained. brothers. Clementi. Romans 14:8 Death and Funeral Announcement Death and Funeral Announcement It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the promotion to glory of our beloved Mama Teresia Nyabonyi Misiani which occurred on 4th August 2013 at the KNH. for the comfort and the strength to carry us through. Amolo and Odhiambo. Kitwii Location Kangundo District. grandchildren. Owino. they leave behind a legacy in our hearts that lives forever” Rest in peace. Late Minaro. Muraya. The Cortege leaves Machakos Funeral Home on Saturday 10/8/2013 at 9. Ruth. Kangundo District. John Rono-Molo. George. 2013 at 10am for a funeral service at ACK St. William. Florence Wanjiku. We love you dad Death And Funeral Announcement Richard Kimibei (Kipronoh) Arap Chemosit Death and Funeral Announcement It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the passing on of Mwalimu (Rtd) Agnes Kithei Ndeke of Kayangii village. Stella. Service of Summons and Notice of Motion has been ordered to be effected upon you by this notice. Tumbo.E. There will be a fund raising to offsets hospital bill and funeral expenses on Thursday 8th from 5 pm at the Railways Club Nairobi or M-pesa No. Esther Ngeno. Mutua.

Son-in-law of Stephen Kambo and Jane Njoki Kambo of Gatundu. Tondy. Peter. Daughter of the late Charles and Tabitha M’Kiriinya. Moses. Omwenga Onchwari’s family. Festus Kibiti (Kathumbi Academy). Katangi Market and Ngumbulu Village. Teresa. It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the passing on of Robert Ouko Odalloh of S. 44-A H8. and Denis. Florence Wanjiru.28/6/2013 It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the demise of Naftaly Ithagi Gitonga.W Seme location. Layreader Joseph Kombo Samuel on 06/08/2013.00p. Murimi. Alungo north sub location. Sammy Amudavi. Late Birita Nyairo. Benard Njuguna. Mary Nthenya Mwalali. Martha. Pr. Maina (Public Health). Aaron Kombo. Mutindi. Sister of Catherine Aketch (Caplan & Stratton Advocates) and the late Mr. Lilian. Pamela. Burial will take place on Saturday 10/08/2013 at their home in pith Kochiel village. Agnes. Mary Ikiara . Chief Inspector Zebedayo Maina We regret to announce the death of Zachariah Misonge Ombori. Grand father of Samson. Nyahururu. The cortege leaves Kenyatta University Funeral Home on Wednesday 14th August 2013 at 8. Father of Patience Mjeni (reef). lane. Uncle of Josephat (Jose Arts Kisii). Natasha. you will be missed by your children. Muuo. Mbui (CIC). Nyanduko. Joel. Coconut Grill Thika at 6. “that they may rest from their labors. Stephen Njuguna (Mombasa). In God’s hands you rest. Burial on 13th August 2013 at his Home Boera Village Bokimori Bomwagamo. Son-inlaw of the late Daniel M’ Mwitari and the late Grace Nchooro. Haron Opande. Joseph Kombo Samuel In God’s hands you rest. Janet. Loving grandmother of Job. Bogonko (KPLC Nyeri). Husband of Serah Moraa. There will be a funeral service at the graveside in his home Mpakone. the late Lillian. Nyachwaya. Tom Nyairo. Joyce Kanyai Mbayah Friends and family members are meeting daily for prayers and funeral arrangements at the family’s Rutiti residence. Mwamba and many others. Sister-in-law of Josephine. Co-wife of the late Priskilla Nyakara. Isaac. Atandi Augustin. Mercy Wilson Makasi Mutindi Maingi. He was blessed with 19 grand children and 18 great grand children. Cousin of Charles Ombati. Makasi. Justus Muoki and Daniel Mwanzia. “ “Blessed indeed” says the spirit. late Julius Mwaniki. Catherine and Getrude. Richard Ayubu. Grandfather to Patrick Muiruri.Tony. Jackline. Hellen. Pauline Kenga (Cooper School). Millicent Ndegwa. George. Gideon. Betty Atieno which occurred on 3rd August after a short illness. North Imenti-Meru County.A. Faith. Brother in law of Onsomu Keera. Mayaka (Firestone). Achachi. Eunice. Mwiti. Joseck. Charles Nyakwa. Kelly. Jerusha. Alice Mnyazi and Kenneth Dzumbe.00am for funeral service and burial at his home Othaya. Brother of pastor Jackson Maina (Kamulu). Munene. Laurine Nyamvula.m.64 | Transition It is with deep humility and acceptance of God’s will that we announce the death of Mwalimu Martin Bomby Amudavi which occurred on 1st August 2013. May the Lord rest his soul in eternal peace. Esther. Mwango and others. Askin. Sister in-law of late Nduba. and formerly of Muthiga Girls High School which occurred on Saturday 3rd August 2013 through a tragic road accident. Joseph Junior. The body leaves Nyamira County Government Hospital Mortuary on Monday 12th August 2013. Patrick Mwiti and Edith Makena (Meru). 2013 after a short illness. Father of Julius Moturi of Three pyramids Co. Pheobe Ngina. Roselyne and Rita. Shawn. Kibagendi. Grace Makui. Patrick Ndirangu (Exodus Hospital) and James Munyiri (Msa). Ongoi. Family and friends are meeting at St. Husband of Elizabeth Njambi Muiruri. Husband of late Lilian Gathoni. It’s with deep sorrow. Dominic. Herine. Zedekiah Matenyo. Margaret Mwaka. Ashley among others. 2013 Robert Ouko Odalloh It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the sudden death of Wilson Makasi Mwalali of Ngumbulu Village Katangi location Yatta which occured on 03/08/2013. Dinah.00am for a funeral service and burial at his home in Ol’ jororok. Amen. It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance that we announce the death of Mama Mary Ondieki Nyambureti. 1983 to Aug. Jane. in law. Son of the late Josiah Ombori and the late Miriam Bitutu. Gerald Wanjohi (Kenya Railways). Jeff (ART). Lawrence Kinyua (ILRI). Korera to Rebecca Gesurnwa. Mayieka’s family and Tendeka’s family among others. Herine. James Kimori. Mwanchas. Eunice Mutheu Muia. 08/08/2013. Christina Monari. Grandfather of Musenya. Death and Funeral Announcement Husband of Agnes Makasi. F. Samson Nyakwa. Burial date to be announced later.Moses. Peace. Migiro. On dear one. Bernard. Sophia. Loving wife of Major (Rtd) Allan. George and Peter.00pm at KICC Rapid Restaurant. Paul. Brother of the late Samuel (Bishop) and Erick. Bundi. Brother in law of Rose. Phidice Gakii (Gateway Ins). Stanley Tsuma. that we announce the passing on of Chief Inspector Zebedayo Maina who untill his demise was Deputy DCIO Kitui. Daily meetings are taking place at 6. Kaka. Orina. Nairobi. Mecha. Wambua and Precious. David Omambia. Mokaya. Mercy Mwiti.Kaaga.Gakii. Betty Atieno “We love you. Peter Nyabete. Kigunda. Nthenya Mulwa. Mary. late Vata Makindu. May God rest his soul in eternal peace. Daughter of the Late Augustine Omondi Odame and Teresa Anyango of Yenga Sublocation. cousin and uncle to many. Raibu and Kubai. Billiah and the late Jernimah and Ezekiel. Teresa. Father-in-law of Vyne Isigi (Tamia Ltd). Oasis Guest House Gatundu Town. Pr. Joseph Arika.2013 It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the passing of Retired Education Officer. Funeral service and burial will take place at his rural home at Ngumbulu Village Katangi location Yatta district Machakos county. Makena and Murithi. and Eunice Kombo among others. Christopher Gacheru Mbora A memorial service will be held on Thursday 8th August at Charles New Methodist church from 2. Kenneth Kariuki (formerly of SGS). Milka. Edgar. Mother-in-law of Mr. Andrew’s PCEA Church from Monday to Wednesday from 6. late Samuel Kariuki. Judy Machuka. in our hearts you live forever. Barare. Enock Amudavi (NYS). Roman Shera (NDMA). late Jactone Akasi. Celebration of a Life Well Lived It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the death of Mrs. Amen Revelations 14:13 And I heard a voice from heaven saying write this “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord henceforth. The burial date will be announced later. Wife of the late Jason Nyambureti.00pm daily. Death and Funeral Announcement It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the passing on of Mr. Teresiah Ruguru (Kagwe Tea Factory) and Martin Kinuthia (Nairobi). Zablon Karara and many others. Sister of late Julia Manyara. Apiri.00am. James Ndumo and Daniel Maina. Dear grandfather of Peter Mghendi. Noah. Son of William Mbora and the late Jane Wanja. Anne Omwamba. Aunt of Richard. Father of Hiram Ndumba. Ltd. He was a mechanic at Shauri Moyo Garage.Cornelius and others. Charlotte Tatu. and the late Nyanchoka. Salome Wanjiku (Mombasa). Celebration of a Life Well Lived Loving mum of Alice Mbuthia (USA). Benson (Kenyatta University). Kaaga-North Imenti-Meru County. Victoria Kahaso (KCB). Connie. DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Mum “In God’s hands you rest in our hearts you remain forever” Naftaly Ithagi Gitonga 1910 – 01/08/2013 Cortege leaves Kisumu East District Hospital Mortuary on Friday 9 August. 2013 at 9. Hellen. Nyamira County Government. Charles Murangiri (USA). Ndebi. Irene Chizi. Son of the late John Mwihia Ndung’u and Lucia Wanjiru Mwihia. Vincent Ouma. Kimberly. Daughter of the late Thomas Ongoi and Nyanchama. Amen. Bob. Cousin of Jeckton. Ongware. Ivan Swafi and Mwaka Dzumbe. Nehemiah Chibule (Kemri). Kathambi. Elisha Asumo. and the late Helida. Margaret Nyakwa and Doreen Nyakwa. Ugenya. Frankline Kirimi (Meru). Cortege leaves Chiromo Mortuary on 16th Friday Morning and thereafter for burial on 17th August at Kiboswa (Ka’Nyakwar Village). Siaya). Isaac-Kings (Jonyo primary school) . Kisumu west district conducted by P. Felicia.G Pith kochiel Assembly. Stella.00 noon. Dr. Jackline Mbithe Muoki Mwalali and Felistus Mwanzia. House No. Flaciah Murunga. Death and Funeral Announcement Mary Ondieki Nyambureti 1942 . Mother-in-law of Jane. Patrick Achoki.00pm. Dorcas. Diana. Rose Mbui (KCB Nrb). Gesare Mother of Hellen. Maureen and Beatrice of USA. Anne. Ogong’o. Beloved wife to Mr. Mumo. Moi (Embakasi Baracks). Aug. Edward. Fredrick. Harriet Wanjiku Kahugu which occurred on 6th August at Kenyatta National Hospital.m for funeral service and burial at his home in Rwanyambo. Ken.00pm. Caroline. Phylis Mutinda. Mwaniki (USA). the late Florence Ogongo. Nyambane. Funeral service and burial will be held on 10/08/2013 at Musasa Village. Daughter-in-law of the late Mr. on Saturday 3rd August 2013. Mother of Brenda. Funeral service and burial are on Saturday 10/08/2013 at his Kokotoni Home. Nancy Muthoni (Briaton). Naomy and Triza. Father of Roy and Stacy. Samuel Mwalali.Faith. Loving mother of Lucy Kariuki and Rachel Kahugu both of Karuri Town Council. 2013 Death and Funeral Announcement Martin Bomby Amudavi It’s with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the passing on of Mwalimu Patrick Muiruri Mwihia (Sina) Deputy Principal Muthurumbi Secondary school of Gatundu. Rachel Makandi and Ephraim Muthomi. 10th August 2013 at 7. Death and Funeral Announcement It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the promotion to glory of Joyce Kanyai Mbayah of Mutindwa Medical Clinic Meru Town on the 4th August 2013. Nthimbiri as from 4.00pm and daily at his home in Mpakone. Death and Funeral Announcement Robo we love you but God loves you most. Mongina and Pamela.Kisii). The cortege leaves Meru funeral home on Friday 9th August 2013 at 10. Son of the late Erasto M’Nchebere and Tabitha Njiru. Stella. Momanyi and the late Oiko and many others.30pm and at his rural home in Miiri Nyeri County. Brother-in-law of Ambale. Brother of Joel Musili Mwalali. Collie. Lucy Wanjiru (Kabare Girls) and Peter Mwihia (Muhoho High School). Henry Gitobu Nchebere May God rest your soul in eternal peace. Reinhard Maingi. Christine.30a. Hepsibah. Oliver Odak. Mercy. in our hearts you will remain forever. Aunt of Lynette. Brother of Linet Amudavi (KFS). Jimmy Mokua. Tom Muchai. Serah Waceke (Ruiru). Kennedy. Patience Umazi. Main harambee today (8th August 2013) at Afya Centre Highlands Restaurant from 4. Father-in-law of Twahir Baile (Portside). Step son of Helidah Alando (Winam Fisheries. Fredrick and Everlyne. Son of Mzee Jeconiah Odalloh Okeyo and Mama Rosebella Odallo. Omambia and others . for their deeds follow them!” Amen Harriet Wanjiku Kahugu 1937 . Sister of Jones. Nakuru and Roseline (Madam) Brother of John Mikaye. Zachary. Shiru Sub location. Millicent. Lydia Ndiritu. Hellen Nyakerario. Machakos at Old T Tot Hotel. Martha. Father of Jane Njoki. Father of Gideon Kyalo. Beloved wife of the late Bethuel Kahugu. Karen Mwaniki (USA). Grand Mother to Irene. David Amudavi (ICIPE). Sylvia. Riakoworo Village. The cortege leaves Montezuma funeral home Machakos on Saturday 10/08/2013 at 7. Kennedy. Maggie. Ruth. Col (Rtd) Lawrence Nteere (Nanyuki). Denis. Lucy Makuro (USA).s. Peter Ndung’u (Mutonyora). Akasi. 2013 at 2pm. Tom. Rebecca. Mother in law of M. Death and Funeral Announcement Loving husband of Margaret Kombo. Bosire Ongiri and many others. Michael’s. Clarice (Kibuye Mixed primary school) and Eunice. Emmanuel Mwadzuya. Abuga. Father of Cyrus Mwangi. Martha Karara. James Kahura (Rwanyambo).00am. Bosire. Diana (Kisumu Municipality). There will be a fundraising to start an education fund and cater for funeral expenses at Gatundu Education Hall on Monday 12th August 2013 starting at 2. There will be a major fundraising at Garden Square on 13thTuesday from 5pm. Kitengela Masaai Discovery Hotel. Billiah Makori. Nyakego’s family. Bathsheba. Hilda. Celebration of a Life Well Lived We regret to announce the demise of Mrs. Joseph Senior. The cortege leaves Jocham Mombasa on Friday 9th August 2013 at noon.F. Kiruga village. Evanson Mwangi (Skylark Hotel). grandchildren and many relatives. Roseline (MTC. Samson-Pepe (Kiscen Enterprises). Diana Bahati (Loreto). Meshak Kioko. Miriam Kanini Kioko. Esther. Thomas Musee. Peninah. Fred. Mokuas.m for prayers and funeral arrangements. Samuel. The cortege leaves Chiromo funeral home on 9th August 2013 at 7. Mellen and others. Wilson. Grandson of late Joash Amudavi and Mama Fedah Amudavi. Zachariah Misonge Ombori . Patrick (Amu Press). Kerubo. Nairobi at 5. Nephew of Edith Monyani. Step son of Evangeline Rigiri (Titi) and Ruth Kathure. Mutanu. Father in-law of Elizabeth Kanini Kyalo. In God’s hands you rest. David Swafi (SGS). Husband of Elly Kajuju Gitobu. Susan Njeri and the late Simon Nguatha. Nixon (Prof.Mission Action. Son of Mary Agitsa Isohe. Nyangau. Gone Too Soon Funerals meetings are being held daily at Abbey Hotel. The cortege leaves Siloam Motuary Kericho on 8/8/2013. Mutave. Brother.00am for a funeral service at MCK Nthimbiri Methodist Church and thereafter for burial at their home/Rutiti . Death Announcement The cortege leaves Kenyatta University Mortuary on Friday 9th August. in God’s hands you rest and in our hearts you live forever. pith Kochiel village. Friends and relatives are meeting daily at her residence in Ndenderu (opposite Chrisco Church) for burial arrangements. Late Rudiah Keera. Winny and Desmah. Kisumu). Kenneth. Daniel Geseke. but God loves you most” We regret to announce the death of Christopher Gacheru Mbora on 31st July. Mbuthia (USA). Death and Funeral Announcement He is son of late Cyrus Gatonga Nding’ang’a and late Serah Wanjiru Gatonga. Agata. Cousin of Violet Vihenda (USA). Gladys Wangari. Asenath. James Robert. Ayiecho Obumba Secondary school). Burial will be on 9/8/2013 Friday at Riamoni Location. Isaac Mutema (Embakasi). Sister in law of Mr. Iveta. Brother of Joseph Njuru (Rwanyambo). The cortege leaves Kenyatta University Mortuary on Saturday. Lydia Nyamu(Msa). Grand-mother and Great grand-mother to many. in our hearts you live forever. Risper. Arnold kimathi (Nrb). Pamella (Dept of Immigration.mbayah. Kageraini Sub-location south Kinangop at 12. Nyangau Obasi. Catherine Wairimu of Telkoms Kenya. Hamisi District. Mourine Jaka and Mary Kenneth. Mom we love you but God loves you more. Tevin Shera. Monubi. The cortege leaves Mukumu Mission Hospital on Thursday. Yula Makanga and Beatrice Sili.00p. Nthimbiri-Meru County. south west Seme location. Hellen. Okioma’s family. Henry Gitobu Nchebere formerly of Telkom Kenya which occurred on 3rd August 2013 after a short illness. Friends and relatives are meeting daily at his home Rwanyambo Village & south Kinangop. Promotion To Glory Mwalimu Patrick Muiruri Mwihia (Sina) Friends and Relatives are meeting daily at her residence in Donholm Phase 8 Opposite Greenspan Mall. David Omare.

30pm. Ben Muketha. Alice Wanjiru. Father-in-law of Gabriel Kariuki Muchina. Agnes Ngatia. Peter Kamau Kahiro (Garang’) of Mombasa. Abdi. Simon Maingi. Twin brothers Justin Mlawi and Wirlybard Mshimba. Ltd). Step-brother of Duncan Kahiro and late Njugi. Mother of Maria Njambi Kariuki. Beatrice Wambui Kahuri. In God’s hands you rest. Samuel Irungu Kagiri & Mary Muthoni of Nyeri. Anastasiah Wariara. He was born in the year 1926. sister. Wife of the late Andrew Giathi Kiongera of Ngarariga Village. Amen. Irene Mshimba and Matilda Kangethe. Joseph Kanyiri and Hannah Nyambura. Munene. Flora Kajuju. Amen Alice Muthanje Jamleck Ireri Njamungeh 1930 – 2013 Ministry of Lands. Pamphil Mwakio. Waithira Gachurika and Wairimu Kamau of Kanyoni. late Geoffrey Mbugua. Mzee Julius Kibwana Maingi 1926-2013 The Lord our God took our father. Jonah. Dad. Muriithi (Global Cover Ins. Kimeu. The cortege leaves Lee Funeral Home on Friday (9th August) at 9. James Kairu. Monica. Teresa Ngatia. John Gicheru and late Mary Njoki Muchina.30am and thereafter the burial at her home at 1. Amen . It’s God who gave us our mother. mother of Alan.00am. Manyatta Division. children.30pm at the All Saints Cathedral Nairobi. Nicholas Musyoki and Mercy Syowia. friends and relatives are meeting daily at her home in Kiamaigua Village and also at Membley Ruiru and at Visa place( Upper Hill) starting at 6.00pm. Owen Muchangi Ireri. Kibwana. Margaret Wanjiru Kahiro and late Agnes Wangari Kabui. Simon Mwenda (GK Prisons-Meru). Wife of James Ndung’u Ngatia of Kiamaigua Sub-location Gititu Location. Gitile. Bernand Kiunga. grandmother.A). Mukina and Dr. Maria Nyagathua.”I am the resurrection and the life . Brother of Peter Kitatu. Sammy(Late). 10th August 2013 at 9. Evelyne Gathoni.” Amen. Everlyne P. late Cyrus Ireri. minutes. Teresa Kiiru. Brother of George Maingi. Kanyoni. Mumbaya. 1st Anniversary Celebration of a Life Well Lived Seconds. Friends and relatives are meeting at All Saints Cathedral.” John 11:25. Brother-in-law of Nancy Gikundi. late Stephen Chokera. Muili. Adored mother of Reeves E. Thereafter burial and funeral service at his home from 12.m. Uncle of Maria Wangui. Grandfather of Lisa.Wanza(Late). Mother of Mary Wanjugu. Anthony Munyao Munguti (Ngoo Ntheu) Elizabeth Gathoni Giathi Kiongera 1923-2013 Celebrating a Life Well Lived It is with great sorrow and humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the passing on of Alice Muthanje Ireri Njamungeh which occurred on 3rd August. Your life on earth was a blessing that we shall forever treasure. Amos. Husband of Beatrice Koono Laicena. Jackson. Eunice Nchekei. Stanley Karobia. Jane Njoki Kariuki. your legacy shall be our lives. Taita-Taveta County. Burial will take place on the Saturday 10th August 2013 from 12. Mutiso. Muriithi. Thomas Mwaniki Ireri (TOMCO E.30am for burial at Machaku Village. In God’s hands you rest.A-Chuka). Kwame. Anastancia.06/10/2013 It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the death of Teresah Wambui Ndung’u. May his name be glorified. Kaminco.00a. Rose Muketha (Meritage Ltd). Margaret Njeri Kimotho. She leaves behind many grand and great -grandchildren. James Ngechu. Alex. hours. 0723-821 154 or 0723-727 603 Promotion to Glory Celebrating the life Death and Funeral Announcement Teresah Wambui Ndung’u 23/09/1951 . E. John Njuguna Kahiro (Mombasa). Agencies). Friends and relatives are meeting daily at Upper Hill Springs adjacent to Visa Place Nairobi at 6. Anna Kalendi. In God’s hands you rest. Robinson Njeru Ireri. For to me. Step sister of Karanja Wang’ang’a and Ng’aari Wang’ang’a. Ndolo. Margaret Kananu (Eaglesoar Enter. James Kiiru. Funeral arrangements are taking place at Lasco Club Mombasa and his home Kanyoni. We loved Mum but God loved her most. Son of late Petero M’kiunga and Tabitha Cialimberia M’kiunga. Thomas Mwashuke Mngodo The funeral service will be Jennifer Dainty held at Nyali Baptist Church at 10:30am on 10th August and burial will be at Mbaraki Cemetery in Mombasa thereafter. She has fought a good fight.30 am for funeral service and burial at PCEA Mweiga Church at 11. Sister of the late Maritha Njeri. “He is absent in the body. Dominic Njehu. but present with the Lord”. Andrews Church near Nairobi University and at her home in Ngarariga Village from 6.P. please contact: 0721-905 258. Canan Guest Hse Embu at 5. Husband of Jane Mwashuke. relatives and friends are meeting for funeral arrangements at St.Vincent Wambua.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Grandfather of Antony Kahiro.00am. late Romano Karuru. Peter. Mary. The cortege leaves Nyeri Consolata Mathari Mission Hospital mortuary on Saturday 10th August at 8. Kawembe. Daughter of late Mr. In our hearts you remain forever” For further details. Father of Mary Wangechi Chege. Gibson Njamungeh (BD. Kioko.30pm and at their home in Kairuri Village. Father of Renalda Mwashuke. May you rest in peace. you have finished the race and kept the faith. Kianjai Location. Kaunda. Embu West District for prayers and funeral arrangements. Dr. Husband of Rufina Waruinu Kahiro. Kioko (Late). Martha Kagure and Jedidah Nyaguthii. The cortege leaves Embu funeral home Gakwegori on Saturday.00pm. G. Mother-in-law of Paul Ngechu.E. Stephen Ngatia and Paul Kairu. Samara and Alexander. Mother of Jane Wamucii & late Moses Kimathi of Kiunyu. Nyeri. Family. Son of late Kamau and Njeri. Sons-in-law. Son of the Late Joseph Maingi and the Late Esther Mwelu. Daughter-in-law. Brother of James Mutua. Martha.00am for a funeral service at Gititu Catholic Church at 11am and thereafter burial at her farm in Kiamaigua Village in Nyeri County. & Mrs. Hesbon Nyaga Njamungeh (M. Mulei. 2013.00pm. Frida Kairuthi (Caballo Blanco Enter. Fondly missed by your lovely wife. Rtd Snr. Njiiri. The cortege leaves Uplands Funeral Home on 9th August 2013 at 9. Monica. Kivutha Kibwana (Makueni County Governor). Joshua Karinguri. Josephine. which occurred on 02/08/2013 at Gatundu Hospital. Mary Wanjiru & James Mukere of Nyeri. David Kaiba. Jane Ahmed and Liliana Mbone (Chilly).. “You have fought a good fight. Chiku. Jennifer Mwende. Muriithi Mutura Ireri (KARI Embu).00 noon at his home in Challa Village. Mulei. Ambrosina Nkoyai. Great-grandmother and aunt to many.00 noon. Brother of late Nyakinywa Wangunju. Rosaline Ireri-Macharia and Phinius Ireri (Dagoreti High Sch. Nairobi and at his Kahawa west home and his rural home Machaku Village from 5. Elizabeth Mwashuke. Sophia (Late).). Patrick Ndung’u. late Onesimas Mwambule. Francis Waweru. (Philippians 1:21 NIV). Sister of late Pasquiline Wangui Muriithi. Grandmother of David Wangaruro.great-grandmother & a friend and it is Him who has taken her. Carol Wang’ang’a. Scholastica Ngima and the late Ambrose Gitonga. Alex and Nicolas Nyamai. in our hearts you will remain forever. Sgt. Jimmy Mwashuke. Evans Karanja and Michael Kabatia. Julius Thiauru. Agnes Ikolomi. Wote and Makindu for funeral arrangments. Japheth Njeru Mundu wa Miru. The cortege will leave Kenyatta Unversity Mortuary on Saturday 10th August 2013 at 6. Wife of the late Isaiah Irungu Kihuni of Mweiga. John Laicena M’kiunga (John Koo) 1943-2013 It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce demise of Rtd. the late Jerusha Wanjiku Simeon. Co-wife of the late Gladys Nyogatha and the late Hannah Wanini. deeply missed by family and friends. He who believes in me will live. Mzee Julius Kibwana Maingi unto Himself on the 2nd of August 2013. Martha and Katumbi. 2013 Transition 65 Celebration of a Life Well Lived We wish to thank our Lord for giving us a chance to celebrate the life of Catherine Gathoni Irungu who passed on peacefully on Sunday 4th August 2013 at the ripe age of 100 years. Daughter of the late Wang’ang’a Kaiba and the late Wariara Ng’ang’a. Melvin. The cortege leaves Outspan Hospital Funeral Home on Monday 12th August 2013 at 8. in our hearts you remain forever. Ltd) and late Nicholas Mwiti. It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the death of our mother Elizabeth Gathoni Giathi Kiongera. Housing & Urban Development Celebration of a Life Well Lived It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the death of Thomas Mwashuke Mngodo of Ministry of Land. late Benedette Wangui & Samuel Muchiri of Karatina. Mamiloki. Grandfather and great grandfather to many. wife of Roger Dainty. Berithi Nyagaki Gachucha. Cosmus Mungai. May our Lord rest her soul in eternal peace. late Pius Munyapara. Until we meet again. Family. The Cortege leaves Gatundu Hospital Mortuary on Friday 9th August 2013 at 10. Grandmother of Lucy Njeri Maria. Severine Wangui.A Ngarariga near Mt. now it’s her time to be crowned.00pm. Yuna Mule. Elizabeth Ndinda. Njamungeh (ALFCA).C. Daniel Mule. Father of Paul Gikundi (Kombika Investments Ltd). Robert.. Meru County at 1.00 am for funeral service at A.30 am thereafter burial will take place at her farm in Bibirioni. Benard Kahiro and Samuel Kahiro among others. Final harambee meetings to be today Thursday (8th August 2013) starting at 5. Nyeri. Death and Funeral Announcement It is with acceptance of God’s will that we regret to announce the death of our sister in Christ Jennifer Dainty. Eliud Marira. Carmel Catholic Church from 10. Memorial service to be held on 14th August at the graveside.00am. James Ngatia.A).I. Patrick Kiragu Catherine Gathoni & Ruth Waihuini of Nairobi. Teresa Kairu and Justus Kairu. Joanina Nkio. Charles Kihuni & Leonola Mumbi of Ihithe. Daughter of late Paul Kairu and Alice Wanjiru. Michael Mwashuke and Veronica Mwashuke It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the death of Zakaria Kahiro Kamau of Kianwe. Redempta Nthenya. Joseph Laicena (Intrend Ltd). Tigania West Constituency. Father of Prof. Veronica Nyanjuru and Duncan Ndegwa Giathi. 2013. Ngarariga Village. Mawia. Joseph Wang’ang’a. Housing & Urban Development (Ardhi House) Nairobi which occurred on 5th August. It is exactly I (one) year since you went to be with the Lord. Cecilia Mukoiti and Gladys Reria.O. Husband to Juliana Munasye and the Late Serah Mutethya. to live is Christ and to die is gain. Sister of Joseph Francis. Emily Gathoni Kariithi. Jesus said. Celebration of a life well lived Zakaria Kahiro Kamau Burial will take place at his late father’s home at Tausa Dome in Taita County on 17th August. Regina. Masii in Machakos County. Anna Mwelu. Nataly. Elaine. Lucia. He is son of late Danson Mngodo and Maria Mngodo of Taita Taveta County. Simon Mungai Kahiro. Mwangi Njoroge and Chege. Kianwe Gatundu North. Tetu Division in Nyeri County. weeks and months have passed since you left us. even though he dies. 2013. Senior Sergeant John Laicena formerly with Kenya Prisons-Kamiti Prison. Magdaline Nyakinywa Mwangi (Kanyoni). Loving wife of late Jamleck Ireri Njamungeh. Susan (Late). we will always remember and treasure you in our hearts the profound kindness and generosity you gave us. Njeri and Mukami. Funeral service will be held at St Catherine ACK Church Kairuri starting 10. Michael Giathi among others. days.00pm.

Michael Kariuki. It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the passing on to glory of Mutunga Muoti of Kivandini Village. all of Karura. Funeral arrangements to be announced later.N Muigai. Kailo.m followed by a requiem mass and burial at his rural home in Mbari-ya-hiti Village. For me to live is Christ to die is again. Sister of Joan Kangogo Yatich and Selina Lilian. Elizabeth Yatich Mrnasi 23/12/1948-2/8/2013 Loise Wanjuhi Thairo The cortege leaves Valley Hospital Mortuary Nakuru at I1. Yiundu. St Austins Hall on Ground Floor on Wednesday. Father of Jane Wambui Wambugu of Kariti. Josiah Muchingi of (Kenya Power) Esther Wairimu and Charles G. There will be a fundraising meeting on Friday 9th August at the same venue at 5. late Ruth Kanini.I. Son-in-law of Joshua Kahura and Grace Wambui of Gilgil . Mbinya.A) Ltd. his home in Loresho. Death and Funeral Announcement He was husband of Hannah Nyambura Gichengo. The cortege will leave Embu Funeral Home. Musyoka. Pelenamin. Funeral service will be held at ACK Mananga. Joseph. Burial at his farm Karura Kanyugu Village (Gituamba). E. Gatanga ‘84 Girls.D Langata on 29th July 2013 through tragic road accident.00 a. Marks Church Mukui (Karura) at 11. Appreciation We regret to announce the death of Mr. Margaret and Josephine Mbithe. Father in-law of Joyce Kigetho. Father of Joan Wairimu (K. Husband of Joyce Kabura Chege and brother of the late Nancy Njeri. Maryann Omondi. Josephine Mumbi. Lanet. Mary Wanja. in our hearts you remain forever. Friends and relatives are meeting daily at All Saints Cathedral from 5. Allan Kimani. The Kenya Institute of Social Work. There will be a mini-fundraising today 08/08/2013 at Antonio’s Hotel Nairobi. Helen Meria and Anne Wanjira. emotional support and your presence. Tinma. Mother of Karen Mary Wambui. Son-in-law of Kisilu. Spencer and Lynette Maina & Ryan Baiya. Nakuru on Tuesday.30am for a funeral service at A. Loving grandfather of Shantele Wanjiku.E. Isaac Mbugi (Nrb). Johnshon Kamau. The cortege leaves Kenyatta University Funeral Home on Saturday 10th August. Ruth Kwalanda and others. Alice Kagema (NRB) and Richard Njuki (MSA) among others. Anyona. Kenneth Mwangi (NRB) and Tony Gitonga (NRB). G Muigai. Shitanda Mato. Musyoka. Angela. E. late Jane Macharia. “You have fought a good fight finished the race and kept the faith”. Mutheu. Nancy Chege ( Ministry of Information) Selina Ireri (Thika). Grandfather of Julius Chege Wanjiku. the late Earnest Ngethe. retired teacher. Sister-in-law of Joseph Shitanda.A Kikuyu Hospital Mortuary (Thogoto) on Friday 9th August 2013 at 9. Stanley Ngugi Thairo and Perminus Kamau Thairo. Son of the late Isaac Wambura Githendu and Minnie Kagure Githendu of Endarasha. Susan Warukira (Othaya). Mweiga.K St. Beloved wife of John Mmasi Limuru of C. May God rest her soul in eternal peace. Esther Maina. Andrews PCEA Church. Husband of the Late Jane Nduta Maina and Margaret Wanjeri Maina. Kirinyaga County. 2013 Death and Funeral Announcement Death Announcement We wish to announce the death of Mrs. thank the Almighty God for the life of our beloved daughter. late Eng. 14th August 2013 starting at 5. Fredrick Njung’e (Gathago) Kihara 1932-2013 Samuel Kanja Kayai The cortege leaves P. Husband of Bernadette Wairimu Kanja. The farm is 10. “In God’s hands you rest. The cortege leaves Murang’a County Mortuary on Friday 9th August 2013. Mutheu. Beloved husband of Helina.C. Thomas Macharia (Kenol). DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Esther. Grace Wanjiru (Nrb) and Millicent Warukira (NRB). Charity Wambura and Esther Wanja. Muigai. Beatrice Mwangi (NRB).1. Mutuku. Philippians 1. Brother in law to Anne Kiragu & Anne Kariuki. Simon Gichengo Wambura It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the death of Mwalimu Joan Muthoni Mugo. K Muigai. Gachigua.P. Paul. Wacera and Macharia. Mumo Sila.30pm. Ngong Road at 4. Grace Mukami.5km from Nakuru Town to the PCEA Church junction along Nakuru-Kabarak Road and is next to Rtd. “In God’s Hands you rest. Job.00am.30pm. Muoti. Guka You fought the good fight.C. Bishop Mahiaini’s farm. Grandfather of Ndunge. Joshua Machuki. Maingi. Gakunga.2. Dear Dad of Catherine. Son of Shelmith Nyagura Mwai of Othaya. John and Raymond Maina. Mwelu and late Kimeu. Lynn Wanja.C. The Nairobi and Gatumbiro funeral committee members. & Mrs. Titus Kamau (Eldoret). Eddie and Njeri Kariuki (Ngong). late Eng. Gabriella Muthoni (JKUAT). Meetings will be held at St. Embu County.Kisuli. Montezuma & Monalisa Funeral Home. The cortege leaves War Memorial Mortuary. Husband of Mrs.30 am and thereafter the burial ceremony will be held at Kombu-ini/Kathiga village. Damaris Wangithi Mwangi. Mutua. Kivuva. formerly of the National Irrigation Board (NIB). He was the great-grandfather of Mary Wanjiku Chege. Cousin and uncle to many. Father of the late Mary Wanjiku. Francis of Assis Muthatari Catholic Church at 11am. Late Apofia. and Gerald Gichuki (Othaya). Ngamba Muthetheni. Joan Muthoni Mugo (Mwalimu) Friends and family are meeting at the All Saints Cathedral on Wednesday 7th August. R. First born son of the late Kihara Gathogo and the late Wambui Kihara. Nairobi. Simon Gichengo Wambura. in our hearts you will forever remain. Loving father of James Kagema (MSA). Antonio’s Hotel near Holly Family Basillica. Scott and Fortune Ireri. In God’s hands you rest. The cortege leaves Umash Funeral Home on Thursday 15th august 2013 for Holy Mass at Consolata Shrine at 10. Eva Wambui Gichengo (Nakuru). Joseph Mwangi Muthui of Itabua Location. Late Elizabeth Wambui. Celebration of A Life Well Lived Beloved wife of late Hosea Gakonyo Muigai of Njoro. Lanet. Dad. Joyce Wanjiku Njoroge. Paul Wachira. Lanet in Nakuru County. Steven Kwalanda. George. We regret to announce the death of Judith Muthoni Muigai. Francis Meria and Kimani Ndung’u.21. Matuu Location Yatta of Machakos County. Salome Njeru. Ndila Muinde. Talai Mato. Ruth W. Sam and Jane Kiragu. Mwangangi. Our Lady of Jane Wanjugu Guadalupe Parish-Adams and Kigogoini Kaniaru Catholic Parish. I have kept the faith. Joseph Mwangi Muthui Family. sister and mother to Ezra. R. late Mulonzi. 2nd Timothy 4:7 Sunrise:1934 Sunset: 05/08/2013 Julius Chege Mugwe There will be a prayer meeting at Nairobi Baptist Church. Step Brother of Damaris Nyanjau Kamanu. Daughter of Patrick Yatich Kipyegon and Regina Kabito Yatich of Kipsoit village Kabaranet.00am. Lee Maina and David Kahura Gichengo (SA). Murphy Chemicals (E. Daryan Muthui and Bryson Nyagah. I have finished the race.66 | Transition It is with deep sorrow and acceptance of God’s will to announce the sudden death of Elizabeth Yatich Mmasi of C. Eng. 2013 at 8. Lilian Mativo (Nrb). (Juja Farm). late Tony. Peter Maina. Githinji. And H Young & Company(E. David Mwai (NRB). Vincent Ndung’u and Clement Gitau. Grace Wangari Gawa.A) Ltd. which occurred on 26/07/2013. Kariuki Mugo and James Muriuki. late Agnes.00am for burial at Kiamunyi farm. Ngovi.U). Janet. Mother of Laureen Timna and Marylyne Khaendi. late Wambua. Judith Muthoni Muigai 13/03/1952 – 02/08/2013 Mr. Nakuru County. University Way. Daughter-in-law of late Charles Likuru and Elizabeth Likuru of Buku village Chesero. V. in our hearts you will live forever.Chesta House 3rd Floor for funeral arrangements. Friends and relatives are meeting at his home in Kivandini-Matuu. Nzesya. The cortege leaves Kenyatta University Mortuary on Saturday 10/08/2013 at 8. Nakuru. formally of Barclays Bank Kenyatta Avenue.30 pm. Mother of Christine Wambui. 13th August 2013 at 10. It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the peaceful demise of Julius Chege Mugwe on 5th August 2013. Oscar Thairo. Paul Maina (Murang’a) and Zipporah Baiya (Kenol). Loise Wanjuhi Thairo. Adrine Macharia. Syomiti Ndulu. kindly accept this message as a sincere acknowledgement and expression of gratitude for your prayers. Samuel Kigetho (Nairobi). Emily Wanjiru.B). Fredrick Njung’e Kihara (Gathago) of Karura and formally of Caltex Oil Company. Ken. Geoffrey and Margaret Wamae (Endarasha).D Headquarters. Grace Wamuru (Nrb). kept the faith and finished the race. He was father of Minnie and Joshua Okwirry (SA).SHAH and The Karen Hospital. Muigai. Nyeri County. Simon Kung’u. late Juliana Waithira. Murang’a County. Late Teresia Wamaitha and the late Thomas Mutuhu. Richard Ireri. Father in law of Rose Makau (MSA). May God Bless and Richly Reward each one of you. John Warui. Susan Mbaire Muchangi of Juja. Paul Mungai of Karura and Damaris Wanjiru Gikinyo of (Bidii Premier School Wangigi). Death and Funeral Announcement Beloved husband of late Itumbi.The body will be laid to rest at his Kangumo-ini farm same day. Gicovore Village. Brother-in-law of John Chege.30 – 7. Simon passed away in South Africa after a long battle with cancer. Umoja Innercore and at his rural home in Mbari-ya-hiti. financial.30pm on Friday 9th August 2013. Kirinyaga County. The cortege leaves Chiromo Mortuary on Wednesday 14th August at 8. Rest in Peace. Friends and relatives are meeting daily at Garden Square Nairobi and Maina Highway restaurant in Embu. James Kihara.30am and thereafter burial at his Kivandini home at 12. Wife of Onan Icharia Thairo. Son of the late John Mugwe and the late Mary Wanjiku Mugwe. Celebrating life well lived We thank God as we celebrate life and promotion to glory of Mwalimu Richard Maina Komu of Mananga Village. Stephen Wainaina. late Kithei. late JoshuaMuli.00pm.” . James Njoroge Mbugua (K. Kiambu county. Celina Mueni. May Almighty God rest his soul in eternal peace. Son-in-law of late Peter Ngugi and Gabriella Muthoni. Rita Muraguri among many others.” We the family of Philip & Margaret Kaniaru. Late Komu. in our hearts you live forever. Pauline Njambi. In God’s hands you rest. Nephew of Mr. Late Patrick Murichu. late Monica. As we may not be able to thank everyone individually. to offset medical and funeral expenses. Family and Friends are meeting at Fiesta Restaurant . Grandpa and great grandpa to many. There will be a fundraising in aid of the hospital bill at St Paul’s Chapel. She is survived by 10 grandchildren. Celebrating a life well lived We express our sincere gratitude to our Relatives & friends and all those who comforted & shared in our sorrow during the trying moments after the demise on 18th July 2013. She hails from Karura location. Grand father and great grand father to many. and at his mother’s residence in Wanyororo. Sister-in-law of Julia Machuki. Embu County on 2nd August 2013 formerly of Lands & adjudication Ministry – Nyeri. He was brother of the late John and Faith Gitonga. Mutunga Muoti He is son of late Paul Kayai and Martha Wairimu of Wanyororo. Son in law of Grace Kagema of Kagio. St. Colonel Ndwiga (NRB). Munywoki Sii and David Kiilu. Monica Wanjiku. Mother-in-law of Julius Kinyeki. Mary Wangu and the late Watson Mbirua (Kisamis). Luke Likuru.School. Aunty of Joy Muthoni. I have fought the good fight. John Mugo (Othaya) and Gerald Gichuki (Othaya). Mukabi road Hse No. Rest in peace dear Mum. Eugene and Cynthia Kigetho. Sister of Charity Muraguri. Joan. Judy Ngugi (USA) and the late Daniel Ngugi. Joy and Gillian Macharia. G. Wambua. Mwalimu Richard Maina Komu (Ithe wa komu) Funeral Arrangements to be announced later. Virginia Wachira. N Muigai and S. Nderi. late Marietta. Paul Kinyanjui. Brother of late Nzioki Muoti and late Ndila Mutwiwa. Mugoiri Division in Murang’a County at 12 noon. Telkom Kenya and Geoffrey Kariuki. Geoffrey Baiya and Magdalene Chege. 6th August 2013. Elizabeth will be laid to rest on I0th August 2013 at Bunuku village Kabras East Kakamega North. Daughter-in-law of Joyce. Nanda Ngara Group. Adoring father of Wayua Kisilu. Brother to Margaret Wanjiru. Brother of late James Kayai.Your legacy is upheld and will forever be celebrated by all. Tom Mboya Street. Claire Wangari (Kianda School). Mother of Alice Wambui. Gakwegori on Saturday 10th of August 2013 for a funeral service at St. Special thanks to: M. Death and Funeral Announcement Father-in-law of John Wainbugu (Kariti). Boyi Naliaka. Brother of Daniel Mbugi (Othaya). Paul’s Chapel starting at 5.00am 8th August 2013. Mutunga. W. the late Kevin Chege Njeri. Eric Muchiri (Strathmore School) and Gabriel Ngugi (Waridi Kindergarten). Amen. Death and Funeral Announcement It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the death of Samuel Kanja Kayai of Regimental Forcequip Suppliers on Tuesday.30pm. Grace. Brian and Ian Macharia. Death and Funeral Announcement Celebration Of Life Even Though Gone Too Soon It is with deep sorrow and acceptance of God’s will that we announce the passing on of our beloved Mr. relatives and friends are meeting daily at Eureka Highrise Hotel. Tonny. Muendo among many. Brother-in-law of late Mbusa. Brother in law of Mr & Mrs. in our hearts you remain forever. Kamau of Namuncha . Matata. Jane. Peter Macharia (Ken-Gen –Naivasha). In God’s hands you rest. which occured on 1st August 2013. M. Jane Maina (Nairobi). She was daughter of the late Mwalimu Samuel Warui Machuki and Mariam Wambui Warui. Thereafter he will be laid to rest the same day at his home in Muthatari. Nairobi. The funeral service and burial will take place on Friday 16th August 2013 at Wanyororo. It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the sudden demise of Mr.

Phillip Raburu. Mother of Nelson Ngesa. She is wife of late Jotham Wattanga Oluoch. Dearly missed by your daughter Carol. Sarah Njine (KENAO). Rapid Food Restaurant at KICC Nairobi and at their parents’ home in Kiranga. Willy and Michelle. Jane Adhiambo. Muruka. Marther Bii and Esther Bii of Kaptungutwet Family. Priscilla. Samuel and many others. Elizabeth Raburu. Rose. Wambui. Relatives and friends are meeting at Accra Hotel and at her fathers residence at Mukore Village.Waithera Mathenge (Kamwenja TTC) and Ruth Njine (Bavuni Sec). James Owaka and Beneah Odek. rather find strength in what remains behind. Cortege leaves the Mortuary at 8. Grandmother 24 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.Nbi). Her in laws were the late Albert Nyadiang’a. Death and Funeral Announcement It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the death of Mary Wambui Maina of Premier Motors Spares Limited. Tabitha Katiwa. Wife of the late Stephen Njine Warui. the late Hesbon Opiyo. Rest in peace. Celebration of Life Well Lived She was daughter of John Maina Njuki. Kesiah. Late Jemimah. Betsy. Migingo Village – Kisumu County. Alice. Shadrack Onong’no and others. Edmond. Husband of Mary Nyambura Mureithi.00am and burial thereafter at their parents’ farm in Kiranga.U Mortuary at 8. Owaga and Ochieng. Mbugua Mureithi (Advocate Nbi). Kamuthwa location Machakos County. Ruth Raburu. John Raburu. Godfrey.” Celebration of a Life Well Lived It is with deep sorrow that we announce the sudden death of Moses Kiprotich Too. Cousin of Hillary. late Caroline Rose among others. Sister of Zachary Njuki. Kandara District in Murang’a County. Nyambura (Kangemi). He was son of late Mzee Gatuna Ruko and late Cucu Mary Muthoni Gatuna.30am for Prayers and burial at her home in Matuto. late George.Mathenge Gitonga (Kamwenja TTC) and David Wambiru (Dundori Sec). Geoffrey.30pm. Kipchoge. Wanja Karanja. Jose. Her daughters-in-law were the late Eve Omwono. 9th August 2013 at 10.30am. Amos. 2013 Transition 67 It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the death of Mama Sylvia Odera Wattanga. late Meshack Owira. Ruth Oyieke. John Kiarie. Ryan and others. Kenya Police Service Death & Funeral Announcement Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass. Eunice. 30th July 2013. Burial will be on Saturday 10th August. Chui Village in Mathioya District. Joy. Jane (UK). Willis. Son of Daniel Taita arap Too and Caroline Too. Dr. Jessie. Granddaughter of the late Zacharia Njuki and Mary Wambui Njuki of Mukore Village. Jack Owalla. Friends and relatives are meeting daily at their home in Kidfarmaco Kikuyu.4/8/2013 “In God’s hands you rest. Marion.00a. Martha Raburu.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Celebration of a Life Well Lived 10th Anniversary / In Loving Memory Ten years are over Mama since you left to be with the Lord. Jectone Juma. Rispa Ndede. 2013 at their home Kericho County Kapsoit Ward Kenegut Sub Location. Sister of Ian Kariga. Paul’s Migingo at 1.Kitale) and Jane Wangui Mureithi (Life care Beauty Parlour . He will be remembered by uncles. late Wanjiru Mwathi and late Wambui Kariuki. the late Macharia.00am on Friday 9th August 2013 for burial thereafter at his Home Makoi Farm Kitale. Joseph Ruko (Makoi farm . Jemimah. Jeff. Brother of Mburu Gatuna. Wattanga. Great grandchildren include: Janelle. Amen The cortege will leave Chiromo Mortuary on Friday 9th August 2013 at 9. your grand children Austin and others. Uncle of many. Wanjiku (Nrb). Wangui (Nrb). the late Allan Ojwang’. Co-wife of Filgona & Meresia Wattanga of Onyata village. Jenipher. Daughter of the late Philip Kariuki and the late Leah Wanjiru.mon Friday 9th August 2013 for funeral service at Gathugu Catholic parish. Nyambura B Mary. Kandara District in Murang’a County from 5. Mama we love you but God loves you most. Kohath Acholla. Njoroge (UK). Micheal Mutinda and Kimatu Mutinda. Njenga. Rahma. Jupiter and Ruko. Ted Nyaoke.3/08/2013 Mary Wambui Maina Joyce Risper Otieno Raburu It is with humble acceptance of God’s will that the family of the late Mzee Wellington Raburu Sagwe announce the passing on of our sister-in-Christ Joyce Risper Otieno Raburu which occurred on Tuesday. Celine Atieno. We will grieve not. Dan Raburu. Hulda Ojwang and the late Guliet Agalo. but God’s grace has been sufficient each day. Nyambura Mbugua. Monica. Meshack.Chege Ndaihira (Kangemi). Mildred Okello. Judy Raburu.Maseno South at Kano Kobura. It is with deep sorrow that we announce the death of Joseph Mureithi Gatuna that occured on 4th august after a long battle with cancer. Eugene. Baby Abigael Mumbi Ng’ang’a Sylvia Odera Wattanga It is with humble acceptance that we announce the passing on to glory of Zipporah Wambui Njine. Sharon. In God’s Hand’s you rest in our hearts you will live forever. Grandchildren were Amos. aunties and friends. Lorna. sons Muriuki and Chabi. Jose II. Wife of Gregory Ng’ang’a. Teresia. Dorcas. Funeral arrangements are being held daily at his home in Makoi farm. Shalmat. The cortege leaves on Friday. Charity Waithira The body is at Kitale Nursing Home (Mahida). Burial at her fathers Home in Mukore Village. Naumi. Father of Dominic Karanja (Spase pharmacy . Hon Njakwe Githiari (Nrb). In our hearts you live for ever. Amen. the late Jane Raburu and Anne Raburu. Million. Polycap Ochilo. Nyoele we loved you but God loved you most.00am on Saturday 10th August 2013 to be presided over by Bishop Dr. Alex. Anne. R. the late Jabes Osura. Prisca.00am for a Church service at Good Shephard Church-Ngong Road. Janet Frank. Daughter of the late Mzee Joseph Iro Ogelo and the late Mama Aol Kiburo nyar Agum of Gem Rai. Hoseah. Her sons-in-law were the late Samson Pande. the late Janet Owalla.Migori County).00am for a funeral service at 11. Kinene Mutinda. the late Gordon Aomo. Jared Raburu and Hezborn Raburu. late Ephantus Kariga. Paul Ng’ang’a and Mark Ng’ang’a. Muruka. Daughter of Pius Mutinda and Ngeli Mutinda. Johnstone Muchiri. Sister of Fransisca Mutinda. Nancy. Dorcas Moro. Nairobi which occured through a tragic road accident on Northern By-pass on 3rd August 2013 . late Wanja Ruko. Orpha Ogonda. Joseph Mureithi Gatuna Your sisters and brothers. 2013 and she will be laid to rest on the same day at Ikalaasa. Esther. The Cortege leaves K. Yvonne. Samuel Majendi. Ida.P. The body is lying at The Jaramogo Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (Russia) mortuary. late Jill. Dann. in our hearts you remain forever. Mary Aol. Meryl. Rhoda Ngui. Mburu Mureithi (Life care pharmaceuticals .Your legacy will remain forever in our hearts. Queenvelle. relatives and friends. Henry Otieno.The burial service will start at 9. Michael. Brother of David. In God’s hands you rest. She was untill her death the SO (Stores) at Kenya Police Anti-stock theft unit (ASTU). Kwame. Josephine and late Pamella. Dr. Felister Lendi SP. the late Barack Omollo Iro.Eldoret). Death and Funeral Announcement Celebration of a Life Well Lived Adoring daughter of Joseph N. Mama will be laid to rest on Saturday 10/08/2013 at Onyata village. Late Njeri. Chief Konyu Location and Gladys Wanjiru of Mathira East Nyeri County. “Come this” It is with profound sorrow and humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the sudden passing on of baby Abigael Mumbi Ng’ang’a on 5th August 2013. Mary Achola. William Wordsworth Mrs. In God’s hands you rest. Lilian and Jecinta. Emma.Grandchild of the late Selembu Arap Bii and Leah Bii. Stephen’s Cathedral at 10. Mary. The cortege leaves War Memorial Hospital on the morning of Saturday 10th August. Loving mother to Christabel Pande. Agneta Raburu. Kariga (KASNEB) and Caroline Wanjiku Ng’ang’a. Collins. Grandfather of Mercy Nyambura. Mellisa. The cortege leaves K. which occurred on 4th August. SP It is with profound sorrow that The Deputy Inspector-General of the Kenya Police Service announces the death of Mrs. Her brothers were the late Malachi Obaje. Millicent Ogano. Jane Aguko. Peter Raburu. Mwangi (Nrb). She is daughter of late Jacob Oele Oji and Mama Leah Oele of Asembo Kanyakala.U Mortuary on Monday 12th August 2013 at 8. Catherine Warigia and Sandra Nyokabi. Death and Funeral Announcement Zipporah Wambui Njine 1/9/1930. David Oyieke and Tom Ogonda. Erick. Josephat Mutinda. The cortege leaves Matangwe Mortuary on Friday 9/08/2013 to Bondo HTCA church for a requiem service then to her home for burial. You are always in our hearts The rock you are. Mother in law of Rev Dr. or glory in the flower. Her sisters were Priscilla Obwa. Esther Warigia among others. Great grandfather of Earl and Eliana. Mugo (Nrb). Jose Ruko.Eldoret). James O. Josephine Muthoni Kamau (The Komarok School . Father-in-law of Annviva Mwihaki. Siaya County. thereafter there will be another service at The ACK St. Granddaughter of Nancy Mumbi Chege. Alice. Rest well Nyar Rae. Dorcas. Mary. Rose Akinyi. Sister of Agnes. Jane Raburu. Hannah. 2013. the late Athanasio Ong’or. Sister of late Dorsila. Hellen (UK) Kariuki (Nrb) Florence Githiari (Lenana School). Mwai Abiero of ACK Diocese . The cortege leaves Kenyatta University Funeral Home on Friday 9th August 2013 at 8.I. Cynthia Nyambura. Josphat Ithiru and Peter Ndang’a. Bondo. the late Jessica Ochillo. Moses Kiprotich Too In God’s hands you rest. Dr.00pm. Charles Arombe. Mother of the late Maina. Mother-in-law of Hellen. Siaya County. Moses and Cherop among others. an under graduate at the University of Nairobi. in our hearts you live forever 25/08/1984 . Nyar gi Owete. late Helida. Grandmother and great grandmother to many. Tom.00am for funeral service at The ACK St. School of Business. Peter Kamau Kiarie. May his soul rest in eternal peace William Wordsworth . Felister Lendi. studying Bachelor of Commerce. mother to Stephen Ng’ang’a. Fanuel. Francis Okello.

GOLF Ian Poulter. 2013 SPORT Metropolitan team must draw with Kipchimchim to reach football semis from tough group ‘B’ BY CHARLES WANYORO charlwanyoro@yahoo. Onions has struggled to hold down a place in a competitive England seam-bowling line-up but has been in excellent form this season. Batting first after winning the toss. deliver to maintain our legacy. has set himself an early wake-up call when it comes to making a charge at the 95th PGA Championship. but not to run in the election. “The boys had a lot of anxiety and I had to cool them down. they set a target of 146 with Tanmay Mishra top-scoring with 42. against the West Indies. Henry Ssenyondo (2/14) and Jonathan Ssebanja (2/22) were Warrior’s main wicket takers. At Nairobi Club. over a year ago but has been included in England’s 13man squad for the fourth Test of a five-match series starting at Durham’s headquarters tomorrow. having previously beaten AIC Kosirai from Nakuru County 3-0 (25-22.” he said. Orero’s timely pep talk to his team saw them lead Mandera 2-0 at half-time. Moi Kapcherop share the lead on four points while Chogoria is third with three.com etropolitan region representatives Upper Hill School face an uphill task in boys’ football at this year’s Kenya Secondary School Sports Association Airtel Rising Stars Term Two ‘B’ games as they need to at least draw their final match to progress to the semi-finals.” said Kigwari. Third-placed Kathungi Secondary from the Northern region. 25-19. with a chance to qualify for the semis. Captain Collins Obuya scored an unbeaten 70. they had an easy outing as Wanza yet again proved instrumental with an impressive tally of 18 points. They drew 2-2. Hamza Malik topscored for the side with 30 runs. Today’s fixtures: Rising Stars Chuis v Rwenzori Warriors (Nairobi Club. opened bowling for I&M Bank Nyatis to destroy the top order of Uganda’s Rwenzori Warriors for a 42 runs as the East African Premier League Twenty20 got underway at the Nairobi Sihk Union yesterday. He also gave the same dose of medicine to Mukasa’s opening partner. local press reports said yesterday. responding to reports about his possible re-election. 25-21 and 25-15) to book a place in the semi finals at the ongoing secondary schools Term Two ‘B’ games at Kangaru High School. are expected to easily beat Mandera in their must-win match which would propel them to five points. In reply. They followed my advice and we emerged victorious. having fallen by the same margin to Mombasa’s St John’s Kaloleni. while Kathungi were also leading Kipchimchim 2-0. 2pm). face surprise package Kipchimchim from Nakuru region. Batting first. In pool ‘A’. Otieno (above) was Warriors’ main executioner taking four wickets for 15. 10am). Justin Kigwari. attributed his team’s good performance against AIC Kosraito to good physical and mental preparation. a selfprofessed “half-man. Ntunene suffered a second consecutive 6-0 whitewashing in the hands of Tartar from Nzoia. which is for Brazil to win the World Cup” at home next year. taking 47 first-class wickets at an average of just over 21 apiece. each having walloped whipping boys Mandera High School 7-0 and 7-1 respectively in pool ‘B’ which has turned out to be the group of death. 10am).” he said after the match which ended 7-0 in their favour. we have a priority.68 | DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. The two teams both have four points. They were in a hurry to score and played long balls.nationmedia. Lake region’s Jera Girls together with Tartar have four points while St John’s have three. BARCA TURN ON THE STYLE 7-1 CRICKET Durham seamer Graham Onions said yesterday he would love nothing more than to revive his England career in front of his home crowd when the Ashes come to Chester-le-Street this week. the Warriors batsmen failed to cope with Nyatis’ stiff bowling and tight fielding. We have to follow the schedule. who finished third during last year’s games in Mombasa. Barcelona’s victory over Thailand in a friendly match yesterday in Bangkok. Karan Kaul (26) and Josephat Ababu (22) were the other batsmen who posted meaningful figures. but pointed out that the group could be determined on goal difference. both Olympics and Nakuru region representatives. . Orero optimistic Upper Hill principal. In reply. They lost wickets at a more regular interval without meaningful runs and were routed for a paltry 79. who are also Unicef-sponsored National Youth Talent Centre. Nginda lost 4-0 to Metropolitan’s Olympic Girls just a day after being walloped 3-0 by Northern region’s other representatives Chogoria in JOSEPH KANYI | NATION 7-0 Kipchimchim’s victory over Mandera High School in boys’ football pool ‘A’. Elijah Otieno. Otieno was supported by James Ngoche who claimed three wickets for nine. Kathungi will rue at their defensive errors which say them relinquish a 2-0 lead by half time to settle for a 2-2 draw with Kipchimchim. Peter Orero. Sameer Simbas v Nile Knights (Sihk Union. who have two points. whom he dismissed for naught with his fourth ball of the first over. I told my girls to treat the match as any other game. Express Ndovus v Sameer Simbas (Sihk Union. the Nyatis set a target of 122 in their allotted 20 overs. Yesterday. Alex Obanda (41) and Waqa Aslam (34) were the other batsmen who got runs. Nile knights (154 for 6) beat Sameer Simbas (98 all out) by 66 runs. Nyatis lose again Kwanthanze. are in imperious form. The Nyatis also lost to Rising Stars Chuis by nine wickets. Onions desperate to regain England place Brazil FA chief rules out re-election The head of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) says he will not seek a new mandate in 2015. “We need to win to be assured of a place in the semi-finals.com Kenya’s fiery right-arm fast medium bowler. The 30-year-old played the last of his nine Tests. 2pm). Kwanthanze coach. Ibrahim Akello (2/14) was the other bowler who did well. beating Gankanga Girls 3-0 sets (25-19. In pool ‘B’ . half-mattress” who enjoys sleeping late. His first victim was Warriors opening batsman Roger Mukasa whom he cleanbowled for a golden duck. Lugulu through to girls’ volleyball semis MUNENE MUTHUSI wamuthusi@yahoo. During their match against Gankanga.com Kwanthanze Girls’ volleyball team registered their second consecutive win. 81-year-old Jose Maria Marin said. 25-22. 25-19) victory over Ulanda Girls. In girls’ football. “We were ready for them. Unicef-funded Lugulu Girls also qualified for the semis with a 3-0 (25-13. Abu Sseguya. We must Kathungi Secondary’s Evans Otieno gets past Kipchimchim’s Moses Kipkorir during their football match at the Airtel Rising Stars Secondary Schools national championships at Kangaru Girls in Embu yesterday. REGIONAL MILITARY GAMES Ulinzi Stars battle to a draw against Uganda’s Simba Sports Club in football. Lugulu’s captain Faith Oilakim was the toast of the match as she dismantled their opponents with her lethal left-handed spikes.70 KSSSA TERM 2B GAMES | Nginda Girls and Ntunene sent packing after losing second consecutive match It’s an uphill task for Upper Hill M Nyatis win T20 league opener BY RICHARD MWANGI rmwangi@ke. Kwanthanze. Hiren Varaiya was the highest wicket taker for the Nyatis. expressed optimism that his team would go through. Aberdare’s Nginda and Northern region representatives Ntunene were yesterday eliminated from the tournament after registering their second straight losses. The diminutive Felistus Wanza greatly contributed to the win with strong spikes the opposition struggled to receive. Rwenzori Warriors v I&M Bank Nyatis (Nairobi Club. “I am candidate to work. P. I told them to settle down to our style of play. which is not our style. FOOTBALL RUGBY Scotland scrumhalf Rory Lawson announced yesterday that he has been forced to retire from professional rugby because of a chronic wrist injury. Last year’s defending champions Upper Hill. 25-23). Chuis were home and dry with 12 balls and nine wickets in hand.

DAILY NATION Thursday August 8, 2013

Sport 69

Farah to lead Great Britain’s charge in Russia
Mo Farah will lead Britain’s bid for World Championships glory as the star of one of the strongest teams ever to represent the United Kingdom, according to UK Athletics performance director Neil Black. Farah (left) will start his World Championship campaign in Moscow on Saturday by trying to win the 10,000 metres title that eluded him in Daegu two years ago when he was beaten by Ethiopian’s Ibrahim Jeilan in a tense sprint finish. Farah will then return to the Luzhniki Stadium, scene of the 1980 Olympic triumphs of legendary Britons Allan Wells, Sebastian Coe, Steve Ovett and Daley Thompson, to defend his world 5,000m title.

Chance for glory

If he were to win both, repeating his epic 5,000m and 10,000m double at last year’s Olympics, it would etch Farah’s name in the pantheon of long-distance running legends. Farah’s status as Britain’s greatest distance runner was cemented when he claimed his two titles in the Olympic Stadium last year, but another double in Moscow would make him only the second

man in history, after Kenenisa Bekele, to hold Olympic and world crowns in the 5,000m and 10,000m at the same time. Black believes Farah’s history bid could be the crowning glory for a British team he rates as even stronger than the group that enjoyed so much success at the London Games 12 months ago. “We are without question, genuinely, in a better position going into the world championships than we were before London 2012,” Black said. “We are better prepared. We are more focused. And we are even more excited in the potential that will come from this competition. (AFP)

Skating team risks missing world event

ATHLETICS | Lack of jet fuel delayed team’s travel to Russia for this month’s World Championships

Real marathon awaits Kenya’s Kabuu and Kiplagat in Moscow
Duo shoulders country’s title hopes in women’s 42km as Akai is dropped and Kipketer fails to travel
sayodi@ke.nationmedia.com enya’s chances of staging another clean sweep in women’s marathon at the World Championships in Athletics seems to be diminishing, with only two athletes from an original squad of four in Moscow for the 2013 competition. Women’s marathon will be the first final at the World Championships, going down on Saturday at 12pm Kenyan time) Defending champion Edna Kiplagat and Lucy Kabuu are the only athletes who made it to Moscow on Tuesday morning after Team Kenya’s flight to Moscow on Monday afternoon was cancelled due to lack of jet fuel. Valentine Kipketer was left behind when the team left on Tuesday morning, while Margaret Akai was secretly axed from the team owing to an injury. Kipketer was left stranded, with no official from Athletics Kenya to sort out her travel issues as most of them had travelled to Moscow. Kipketer, winner of the 2013 Mumbai Marathon in 2hrs, 24:20min, was left asleep at the Laico Regency Hotel when the team departed on Tuesday morning and was hoping to catch a flight to Moscow yesternight. However, the fire at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport yesterday morning left her stranded after all the incoming and outgoing flights were cancelled. Kipketer was eagerly awaiting communication from Emirate Airlines regarding her next flight. “We were so tired when we arrived at Laico Regency and most of us went to straight to sleep hoping the team management would communicate on the next flight,” said Kipketer. “I just found myself alone in the hotel.” “I also don’t know when the next flight is due after the mishap at the


soomondi@ke.nationmedia.com Kenya’s chances of participating in the 2013 World Roller Speed Skating Championships in Oostende, Belgium, later this month hangs in the balance as the team lacks funds for the trip. The Kenya Federation Roller Skating (KFRS) officials have appealed to well wishers to enable the team raise Sh6.9 million within two weeks to enable the squad honour the trip. The 11 skaters who qualified for the event during the national time trials in Nairobi last month are now keeping their fingers crossed. KFRS president Mwangi Muchiri (above) says they have spent that last few weeks knocking on the doors of the Ministry of Sports for funding in vain. “We have exhausted all avenues in our fund-raising mission as we seek money to cater for the team’s travel, accommodation and meals during the championships,” said Muchiri. “We have spoken to the Sports Commissioner and the Sports Secretary but the feedback we are getting is that the government has no money to fund the team’s participation in the event,” Muchiri told the


Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Emirate Airlines are yet to communicate to me,” said Kipketer. Akai, who won the 2013 Daegu International Marathon in 2:23.28, was dropped after the coaches thought that she would aggravate her left knee injury if she competes in Moscow. “We thought it would be a disaster for Akai to compete with an injury since if it worsens, it may lock her out for many years,” said coach Abraham Kiplimo, who has been training the men and women’s marathon teams in Iten. “We kept her in training since we thought the injury would heal on time.” Kiplimo said Akai will heal in time for next year’s Commonwealth Games slated for Scotland. “She shouldn’t wary because she will have another chance next year,” said Kiplimo. Men’s marathon team of Paris Marathon champion Peter Some, 2012 Tokyo Marathon champion Michael Kipyego, Bernard Koech, Bernard Kipyego and Nicholas Kemboi will leave next Tuesday ready for their race that will be held on the last day of the event on August 18. Elsewhere, the star-studded American team is ready to impress at the World Athletics Championships that start in Moscow at the weekend, men’s head coach Mike Holloway said yesterday. And Holloway is expecting the team to set the world alight.

Trained with team

Letf behind

Time in seconds Teddy Andanje posted in 200m at the national trials, setting a new national record
Daily Nation yesterday. Prior to the world event, Muchiri was supposed to accompany one of the top skaters in the country, Teddy Andanje, to the World Inline Camp in Suzhou, China, but that trip has also been shelved for the same reason. Andanje, a Form Two student at Upper Hill School who set a new 200m record at the national time trials (19.65 sec), is one of the country’s top medal prospects. Other skaters who qualified for the world event are Denis Mukubwa, Melissa Onyango, Linet Mumbua, Jacqueline Mwangi, Joyce Omwanda, Mburu Karanja, Richard Bett, Simon Kagwi, Peter Ngunyi and Chaulin Kubai. As a last resort, the federation may be forced to reduce the travelling party to just five skaters and two officials to cut costs. The last time Kenya participated in the World Championships was in 2008 when Muchiri and the late Richard Kemboi became the first Kenyans to compete at that level. The Kenyan team is currently training at Kasarani in readiness for the event which will be held from August 21 to September 2.

Worn out


Original number of athletes in Team Kenya’s women’s marathon squad for World Athletics Championships

I just found myself alone in the hotel....I also don’t know when my next flight is due after the mishap at the airport”
Marathoner Valentine Kipketer

Marathoner Lucy Kabuu trains at Kasarani on Monday ahead of the World Championships in Athletics. Margaret Akai was dropped from the women’s marathon squad, while Valentine Kipketer failed to travel to Moscow on Tuesday.


70 | Sport

DAILY NATION Thursday August 8, 2013

Manchester United launch Kenyan credit card in Nairobi
emakori@ke.nationmedia.com English Premier League champions Manchester United brought their preseason hype to Kenya yesterday with the launch of a loyalty credit card in partnership with South Africa-based consumer finance business, afb. The five-year deal will see “Red Devils” fans in Kenya own branded Manchester United credit cards and access affordable financial services. At the colourful card launch yesterday morning at The Stanley Hotel in Nairobi, United’s head of marketing, Jonathan Rigby, represented the Premiership champions and painted a rosy, post-Alex Ferguson era at Old Trafford, and said he was excited to be in Kenya and interact with the club’s fan base that stands at five million. “We want to give Manchester United supporters the opportunity of getting closer to their club, and we hope that the millions of fans come and enjoy this unique offering. In the first six months, we will be limiting the number of cards to 5,000 Limited Edition Cards,” said afb’s group chief executive officer, Karl Westvig at the launch. With a Sh250 million capital investment, afb launched its operations in Kenya in April and are United’s first and only credit card partners in Africa. With the credit card, holders can access instant and affordable credit to purchase goods and services from any retailer in Kenya that accepts the ‘XPRES Card’ or the ‘afb Card’. To qualify for the card, apart from being a United fan, one will need to have a minimum income of Sh10,000 and be between the ages of 18 and 65. Customers can apply for the card at the various afb outlets or visit www.afbmanunited.mobi.

Consumer finance company afc group CEO Karl Westvig (left) and Manchester United limited marketing head Jonathan Rigby launch the Manchester United credit card in Nairobi yesterday.

MILITARY GAMES | President Kenyatta underscores the role of sports in regional unity

Ulinzi draw opener against Simba
Amwayi strikes late to rescue a point for hosts against Uganda opponents at Kasarani
dkwalimwa@ke.nationmedia.com enya’s Ulinzi Stars yesterday battled to a 2-2 draw against neighbours and rivals Uganda’s Simba SC in the opening football match of the East African Military Games and Cultural events staged at Kasarani. The match was played before a size-able but expectant crowd that included President Uhuru Kenyatta. Earlier, President Kenyatta, in his speech to mark the opening of the seventh edition of the competition that has attracted teams from Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi, reaffirmed his support for regional integration in East Africa. “These games are a good venture towards fostering peace and solidarity in this region. I fully support regional integration as this is probably the best thing to have happened to the individual East African States since independence,” the President stated. Uganda, the competition’s defending champions, were the quickest of the blocks and raced to a two-goal cushion inside the first half hour of the duel through set-pieces. First, midfielder Musa Mudde, formerly of

Bandari face Muhoroni in KPL fixture
ponyango@ke.nationmedia.com Bandari FC will be fighting to dislodge AFC leopards from position three when they host Muhoroni Youth in a mid-week Kenyan Premier League match at the KPA Mbaraki Sports Club from 3pm this afternoon. With 27 points and lying in position six in the league, Bandari will need to beat Muhoroni by three clear goals to amass 30 points and take third place, relegating Leopards to the fourth position on superior goal difference. Bandari coach, Twahir Muhiddin, has spent the past few days preparing for the team’s two home matches and improve their position in the standings. Muhiddin said he would maintain the same team that saw off Karuturi Sports 1-0 at the same venue last Sunday. He is confident his players will rise to the occasion. “We want to move back to the top of the league where we were at some point. I’m happy the players are beginning to gel and very soon it will be a well-knit unit,” said Muhiddin. Muhiddin, however, appealed to the fans to come to the field to cheer the team and rally behind the team for the entire 90 minutes. The same sentiments that were echoed by the club secretary, Ben ‘Breakdance’ Oloo who appealed to fans to motivate the players instead of criticising players and the technical bench whenever the team is playing at home. “We have been travelling to away matches and the way the home fans supporting their team is totally different from what happened at our Mbaraki backyard where fans concentrate on attacking technical bench and the players,” Oloo said. Bandari received a rare praise from KPA managing director, Gichiri Ndua who while giving the flag to the KECOSO bound teams asked them to emulate Bandari whose performance has been excellent. Meanwhile, the national women’s Under -17 football team shifts their training to the serene Embu as they prepare for their August 17 World Cup qualifier against Equatorial Guinea. According to the federation, the shift of training camp is meant to give the technical bench a proper chance to monitor the team’s progress. “The girls will be based in Embu alongside the teams taking part in the Airtel Rising Stars tournament. It will give the technical bench good time to even scout further during the games and play friendlies,” said FKF secretary Michael Esakwa. The girls are expected to have a rigorous training regime in the tranquil atmosphere before returning to Nairobi.


KPL side Sofapaka, curled a somewhat harmless low free kick from the edge of the area towards goal. The ball went round the Kenyan wall, with Ulinzi custodian Francis Ochieng’ who was covering behind collecting the shot. However, an awkward bounce at the last minute fooled the second choice custodian, and the ball instead found its way to the back of the net. The home team then orchestrated some attacks through Oliver Amwoka and Kenyan international Steven Waruru and looked to be in charge until Uganda, again found the back of the net on 25 minutes for the second goal against the run of play. “We did not have the best of starts, but when we got going we were unstoppable, am hoping we perform better against Burundi in our next game,” Ulinzi coach Salim Ali noted after the game. Left-footed winger Robert Nakyenhale was offered much space by the Kenyan rear guard, an opportunity he grabbed with both hands. And while in the danger area, the stocky forward reacted the most by falling following a slight push by Oliver Ruto, forcing match referee Corporal Waziri from Tanzania to award a penalty which Sebuza Sula calmly converted. Ulinzi, perhaps inspired by the cheering squad mounted by their opponents, instigated a comeback that made their superiors in attendance proud. First, Evans Amwoka rifled a 40 yard shot past Ugandan custodian Sempayi Harrison to halve the score before a well-worked move that included a couple of deft touches down the left wing that led to Evans Amwayi nodding home the equalizer into an empty net, with Harrison well beaten for a 2-2 draw. “We let in silly goals and that cost us the match against a physical team, but a draw was a fair result,” Simba coach Fred Kajooba said. Action continues today with athletics, netball and handball at Kahawa Barracks and Kasarani.

Poor start

Simba scored first

These games are a good venture towards fostering peace and solidarity in this region”
President Uhuru Kenyatta

Ulinzi’s Oliver Kiprop (right) shields the ball from Sebalo Swaib of Uganda’s Simba SC yesterday at Kasarani during the East Africa Military Games and Cultural Event. The match ended 2-2.


Gor Mahia begin GOtv Shield title defence against Shabana
iswila@ke.nationmedia.com Gor Mahia will begin their GOtv Shield title defence against Gusii powerhouse Shabana FC in round two of the competition this weekend. This will be the second high-profile match in a row for former Kenyan Premier League side, Shabana, who beat Gusii rivals Borabu Chiefs 1-0 in the first round. The other key fixture after yesterday’s draw will be between AFC Leopards and Wazee wa Kazi, a team comprised of retired Kenyan internationals. Title holders Gor beat Sofapaka in last year’s final via post-match penalties to retain the trophy they had won a year earlier. Gor and Leopards will be in action this weekend against their respective opponents while the other 14 KPL sides will begin their campaign in the tournament on August 24 and 25. KPL clubs have in recent years shunned the tournament and this will be the first time in many years that all top flight league sides will feature in the competition. The 16 lower tier sides that earned passage to round two will each play against KPL sides with the winners earning passage to the last sixteen knockout stage. Winners of the tournament will pocket Sh 2 million as well as book a ticket to represent the country in next year’s Caf Confederations Cup. Speaking during the draw, FKF President Sam Nyamweya hailed GOtv for their five-year sponsorship deal saying it will enhance competition in the event.

FIXTURES: Gor v Shabana, Sofapaka v Agrochemical, AFC Leopards v Wazee wa Kazi, Nakumatt v Thika United, Western Stima v Ulinzi Warriors, St Joseph v Homeboyz, Mathare United v Nzoia United, Moyas v Ulinzi Stars, Sony Sugar v West Sugar, University of Nairobi v City Stars, Bandari vs Black Mamba, Finlays v KCB, Bandari v Black Mamba, K.Sports v Hotsprings, Kariobangi Sharks v Muhoroni Youth, Chemelil Sugar v Bidco United.

DAILY NATION Thursday August 8, 2013

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PSG start as favourites as French league kicks off
Paris The new Ligue 1 season gets underway tomorrow after a summer dominated by behind-the-scenes turbulence at champions Paris SaintGermain and the return of Monaco as a major force. After winning their third league title in May, PSG saw coach Carlo Ancelotti leave for Real Madrid before influential sporting director Leonardo stood down after being banned for 14 months for pushing a referee. Having missed out on numerous higher-profile names to replace Ancelotti, including Fabio Capello and Andre Villas-Boas, the capital club settled for former Bordeaux and France coach Laurent Blanc (right). “Laurent Blanc is the best choice for us. He was one of our priorities,” said PSG’s Qatari president Nasser Al-Khelaifi, convincing few in the process.

Had won title before

However, Blanc has won Ligue 1 before, with Bordeaux in 2009, so he has the credentials to get the best out of a squad that has been further strengthened by the summer signings of Lucas Digne, Marquinhos and Edinson Cavani for a combined total of 114 million euros (US$152m). Uruguay star Cavani, the top scorer in Serie A last season with Napoli, cost 64 million euros, a fee that broke the French transfer record set just weeks

previously by Monaco’s signing of Radamel Falcao from Atletico Madrid for 60 million euros. The presence of Cavani and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in attack combined with Thiago Silva in defence means PSG are the favourites to retain the title but Monaco, without the distraction of European football, will hope to push them hard. (AFP)

Anzhi stars now face exit
Anzhi Makhachkala’s star players were facing a search for new clubs yesterday after billionaire owner Suleiman Kerimov drastically cut the side’s budget and scale down its ambitions. Stars including Cameroon captain Samuel Eto’o, Brazil’s Willian and Russian international Yury Zhirkov could all be looking for new clubs after oligarch Kerimov ordered Anzhi’s most expensive players to go, Sport Express daily reported. Kerimov has yet to comment on the move, which has stunned the Russian football world, but club president Konstantin Remchukov confirmed that Anzhi would be undergoing a “serious shake-up” with a substantially reduced budget of up to $70 million (52 million euros).

(Kick-offs 1opm unless stated) Tomorrow: Montpellier v Paris Saint-Germain (9.30). Saturday: Bordeaux v Monaco, EvianThonon-Gaillard v Sochaux, Lille v Lorient, Lyon v Nice, Nantes v Bastia, Rennes v Reims, Valenciennes v Toulouse. Sunday: Ajaccio v Saint-Etienne (1500), Guingamp v Marseille.

FOOTBALL | Real Madrid given renewed hope in pursuit of Tottenham winger Bale

Let me go now, Suarez pleads with Liverpool
Uruguay star accuses Reds of not honouring exit clause in contract, states desire to leave
London iverpool’s Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez has accused the club of not honouring a clause in his contract which would let him leave Anfield, in comments published in yesterday’s Guardian. Suarez repeated his desire to join a club in the Champions League and said that Liverpool had gone back on an agreement written into his contract, signed last August, which obliges them to sell to any club offering more than £40 million ($60.7 million). “Last year I had the opportunity to move to a big European club and I stayed on the understanding that if we failed to qualify for the Champions League the following season I’d be allowed to go,” he told the paper.


QPR’s Taarabt joins Fulham
Moroccan playmaker Adel Taarabt has joined Fulham on a season-long loan from west London rivals Queens Park Rangers, the Premier League club said yesterday. The move sees Taarabt reunited with Fulham coach Martin Jol, who brought him to England from French club Lens in 2007 during the Dutchman’s time as Tottenham Hotspur manager. Taarabt, 24, was relegated from the Premier League with QPR last season, but he did not rule out the prospect of returning to Loftus Road. “This was a difficult decision for me but at this stage of my career I feel I need to be playing at the top level,” he said. “I hope the fans understand my decision and I really hope to return to Loftus Road one day.”

only obliges them to negotiate with clubs offering more than £40 million, but Suarez disagrees. “I have the club’s word and we have the written contract and we are happy to take this to the Premier League for them to decide the case but I do not want it to come to that,” he told the Guardian.


Champions League football

Wants to leave

“Now all I want is for Liverpool to honour our agreement.” Arsenal are reported to have bid £40,000,001 for the controversial Uruguayan in a bid to trigger the release agreement. Liverpool maintain the clause

I’m 26 now and I need to be playing in the Champions League. I waited one year and no one can say I didn’t give everything possible with my team-mates last season to get us there”
Luis Suarez

“I’m 26. I need to be playing in the Champions League. I waited one year and no one can say that I did not give everything possible with my team-mates last season to get us there.” Suarez arrived at Liverpool in January 2011 after a £22.8m transfer from Ajax, but his time at Anfield has been marred by accusations of racism against Manchester United’s Patrice Evra and a biting incident against Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic last season. Manager Brendan Rodgers has urged Suarez to repay the support of the club and its fans by staying at Liverpool. “There’s been a lot of speculation over the course of the close season but the reality is that he’s a player who is very much valued at Liverpool and unless there’s any sort of offer that comes in that’s anywhere near his value, there’s nothing to consider,” he said, adding: “We haven’t had that.” Elsewhere, Real Madrid were given renewed hope in their pursuit of Tottenham Hotspur winger Gareth Bale on Tuesday when a Spurs director admitted they cannot hold onto him against his will. Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti said last week that his club were in talks with Tottenham over Bale’s transfer but Spurs manager Andre Villas-Boas says the former Southampton player is not for sale. However, although club director Keith Mills says Spurs “very much want Bale to stay” , he accepts that the London side cannot force the player to remain at White Hart Lane against his wishes. (AFP)


Turkish return for Emenike
Fenerbahce have announced the capture of Nigeria forward Emmanuel Emenike from Spartak Moscow for 13 million euros ($17.3 million). It marks an unlikely return to the Istanbul club for the 26-year-old, two years after he left without ever playing a game following a match-fixing scandal. Emenike had been accused by authorities of faking an injury in May 2011 when at Karabukspor, ruling him out of a match against Fenerbahce, with whom he signed a four-year deal a few days later. Amid the scandal, Emenike quit Turkey for Moscow without ever turning out for Fenerbahce and although the club’s president Aziz Yildirim was sentenced to six years in prison for his role in a wider


Gomis could stay at Lyon
Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas has not ruled out Bafetimbi Gomis staying at the club after the striker’s proposed move to Premier League side Newcastle was thrown into doubt on Tuesday. The two sides agreed a reported eight million-euro (US$10.6m) fee for the 27year-old last week but the move apparently hit a hitch over solidarity payments and agents’ fees. “My biggest wish is for us to qualify for the Champions League and to settle the case of Bafetimbi Gomis,” Aulas told OLTV following the club’s 1-0 win at Swiss side Grasshoppers on Tuesday that cemented a spot in the Champions League play-off round.

Liverpool’s Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez celebrates his late equalizer against Chelsea during their English Premier League match at the Anfield on April 21. The game ended 2-2.


He pulled out his pistol and fired four bullets but luckily he missed.” claimed Mr Okumu.71 AND WACHIRA MWANGI bwachira@ke. a relative of Mr Okumu.nationmedia. a boda boda operator. was identified.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.” P said an officer. 25 Age of Harrison Oduor Okumu. videos and more stories. Mombasa County CID boss Henry Ondiek said Mr Harrison Oduor Okumu was arrested at a hideout in Sabasaba on Tuesday night. P. He took the detectives to the suspect’s hideout where he was arrested. LABAN WALLOGA | NATION .69 SPORT INSIDE INVESTIGATION | Man believed to have murdered six people now in custody How police seized ‘serial killer’ Detectives followed the trail to Mombasa where the suspect was arrested ‘without resistance’ BY GALGALO BOCHA gbocha@ke. Mr Okumu said he had none. The Kondole police boss then called his Central Police Station counterpart. Mr Okumu appeared before Mombasa resident magistrate Vicky Kachuodho who ordered police to hold the 25-year-old for one week while they arranged for his transfer to Kisumu where he would be charged.com FOOTBALL LET ME GO. are in a dilemma as only bones were discovered. the OCS shot at me four times when I surrendered myself to the police station. accuses club of violating exit clause. “After calling several numbers provided by officers in Kisumu. The source said the man told detectives Mr Okumu was planning to flee to either to Garissa or Mandera on Tuesday night and had asked him for fare. The man. “The Kondole OCS also sent the phone number of the man seen with Mr Okumu and he was tracked to a bus stage in Bondeni area. Download free QR Readers from the web and scan this QR (Quick Response) code with your smart phone for pictures.com olice yesterday revealed how they arrested a suspected serial killer who has been terrorising people in Kisumu. allegedly committed by Mr Okumu. was arrested. however. The man called relatives of some of the victims in Kisumu who alerted Kondole police station. His body was found in a well about 500 metres from the suspect’s home. SUAREZ TELLS LIVERPOOL Uruguayan determined to leave Reds. Mr Mwai asked the court to have the suspect held ‘‘for a period of seven days pending transfer to Kisumu where he will take plea’’ When asked whether he had objections to the police application. Yesterday. Suspected serial killer Harrison Oduor Okumu is escorted by police to the Mombasa Law Courts yesterday. IDENITIFCATION Families of victims in bones dilemma Families in Kisumu who suspect their kin might have been victims of the suspected serial killer. Of the six bodies recovered from the suspect’s homestead.nationmedia. 2013 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Real marathon awaits Kabuu and Kiplagat in Moscow as the duo shoulders Kenya’s hopes. P. Kisumu. claimed the Kondole police station boss shot at him. Mr Charles Mwai. told the magistrate that he was investigating killings in Ahero. “Your honour. Other police sources said a man who knew Mr Okumu spotted him early this week in the company of a relative in Sabasaba. suspected of being a serial killer A senior detective. only that of Shem Onyango. He.” Mr Ondiek said. Some of those interviewed said that they could not afford DNA tests. the only possible way of identifying the remains. He was arrested in Mombasa on Tuesday. we traced Mr Okumu to Sabasaba at midnight where he was arrested without resistance.


The to-dos when starting a business way past your prime

Local contractors lose out to Chinese firms in property scene


Daily Kenya Living
Thursday, August 8, 2013

With the recent Lang’ata demolitions coming so soon after the Syokimau debacle, the government is on the spot again. Can the rot in the system ever be cleared up?

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DAILY NATION Thursday August 8, 2013

Disorganised, disinterested: We are not to blame, says the government. But who is? At whose door will the buck eventually stop? Because as the blame game continues, billions of shillings are going up in smoke and dust

Frequent demolitions point to a

ou know the story quite well by now. As demand for land and housing cracks the ceiling, more and more people are falling into the traps of fraudsters who collude with officials at the Ministry of Lands to plant fake title deeds at government offices. You also know that, with the papers safely tucked in their pockets, these people go on to pump millions of shillings into these pieces of land, and years later men turn up carrying cans of paint and brushes then proceed to draw unsightly Xs on the walls of these properties. The explanations are invariably the same: “Your house stands on a road bypass, public land, road reserve or the lease on this piece of land expired 10 years ago.” But does this keep happening? What is wrong with the systems at the Lands Ministry what is going on in the docket Kenyans are send to everyday cannot be monitored? And why does it take years for concerned officials to notice that a 10-storey flat is encroaching on public land? After all, houses do not just sprout from the Earth overnight. You notice movement: trucks offloading sand and cement, workers putting up a perimeter fence, women cooking githeri for workers around the site... basically, you see movement. We put these questions to land experts and the opinion is so divided on who is to blame that it is clear that Kenyans will keep being taken for a ride for the foreseeable future. The people we talked to over the past week could not agree on whom to blame in the event one’s house is demolished despite possessing official documentation, including letters of allotment and title deeds, from the Ministry of Lands. The National Land Commission chairman, Mohammed Swazuri, is clear, though, that fraudsters are having a ball and that most of those who end up losing their money and property probably never did the right background checks. “Any property that is acquired legally will have all the accompanying documents in order,” he says, “but many of those who eventually cry fould do not have such proof of ownership.” Swazuri outlines four basic procedures land buyers should follow before going ahead to sign on the dotted line and close any land deal. “There must be a Gazette notice indicating ownership of that piece of land, a planning notice, a request for surveyors and, finally, involvement of the Lands Registrar in the whole


IBRAHIM MWATHANE Land expert “These regular demolitions are immoral. The government should digitise all land records for easier scrutiny.”

Fraudsters having a ball

MOHAMMED SWAZURI National Land Commission “Any property that is acquired legally will have the right supporting documents. Most don’t.”
process.” Swazuri says properties acquired through this systematic procedure seldomly attract any controversy later on. Swazuri’s guidelines are corroborated by the national coordinator of the Kenya Land Alliance, Odenda Lumumba, who says that, increasingly, a lot of people are bypassing the right property purchasing procedure either because they want to close the deal fast or are under pressure from the fraudsters selling the land. “Most people, especially those buying sub-divided plots, never ask for the root title deed,” says Lumumba. “But it is important because the mother title will show you a lot of things about the land you intend to purchase and whether there are any controversies on notices on it. You may be shocked to realise that the mother title belongs to the government, meaning that the title deeds being hawked around are actually fake.” Swazuri and Lumumba’s advice comes at a time when the country is witnessing yet another round of demolitions to pave the way for the construction of a road. Earthmoving machines rolled into the Lang’ata neighbourhood of Nairobi two weeks ago and brought down mansions as

Most people, especially those buying subdivided plots, never ask for the root title deed Odendo Lumumba of the Kenya Land Alliance.

Going... going... gone! People watch as one of the houses belonging to Rahab Mukiama is brought down in Lang’ata two weeks ago. Rahab (facing page) says she was allocated this piece of land after the government repossessed another one she owned in South C. She then went ahead to build more than 20 maisonettes on the land at a cost of almost Sh400 million.


their owners watched helplessly. As the demolitions continued, Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi “Sonko” rushed to court seeking a temporary injunction to stop the demolitions, but by the time his plea was heard and granted, it was too late for a number of those Lang’ata residents. As happened after the Syokimau demolitions of two years ago, the government was once again under pressure to explain what had happened while the investors were hard pressed to explain the legitimacy of the documents they owned and whether they had learnt any lessons from Syokimau. Syokimau was, for the property sector, a wake-up call. After basking in the glory of multi-million investments, most of them within a decade, the place had literally become the property capital of Nairobi suburbs. Land prices had shot up as speculators cashed in on the boom and everyone wanted to own a piece of this new Canaan. Then, out of the blues, and as many put the final touches to their new homes, the Kenya Airports Authority woke up from its deep slumber and laid claim to part of the land on which the houses stood. Where have you been all this time? the investors

asked. KAA responded the Kenyan way: With bulldozers and excavators and anything that could bring down a house. The chaotic scenes of demolition gripped the nation and its effect rattled all the way to Parliament, where MPs summoned the then Lands minister, James Orengo, and his Local Government counterpart, Musalia Mudavadi, to explain what was happening. KAA had its way... and the dust settled. Then Lang’ata happened... This time, though, Swazuri is adamant that the government is right and that whoever has built on a road reserve will pay for the negligence. “We use international standards to measure the width of roads,” he says, “and that’s what we are employing in this case.” The Ndung’u report, which studied the often emotional land issue in the country, reported that there are more than 200,000 fake title deeds and that little fact, Lumumba says, is “a recipe for a looming land crisis” , and that “legal action should be taken against those who issue title deeds without following due processes”.

International standards


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DAILY NATION Thursday August 8, 2013


rotten land registration system
“Such system should be maintained by Survey of Kenya and be made accessible to all service providers, planners, local authorities, and land registration officials. If well done, this would help to avoid this unfortunate ownership and land use overlaps,” he suggests. On individual purchases, Mwathane advises that investors do thorough background checks on the root of any title to properties they are interested in, preferably through the joint efforts of an experienced lawyer, surveyor, and planner, and that they visit the land they are about to buy and seek to know its history from the local residents. “Any unusual indicators such as a corridor or parcel of land standing idle against old developments all around them should be a call for further checkups,” he says, adding that land buyers should seek the services of surveyors to confirm the road widths with the roads authorities, including the Kenya Urban Roads Authority, the Kenya National Highways Authority, and the Kenya Rural Roads Authority. Still, even after doing all these background checks, Swazuri says genuine owners of a particular land do not have full authority over it. “If the government is satisfied that there is a need to create a way for the public good, then it has a right to demolish houses on such land under the Compulsory Land Acquisition and Compensation Act,” he says. “If the government says it wants to put up a road in Buru Buru, the law provides that it should be allowed to go ahead so long as it compensates those affected.” “The surveyors will visit the place, estimate the value of the property, and then inform the owner,” he says. In the event the owner is not willing to let go of his or her land and obtains a court order, the demolition will still proceed. “We cannot stop demolitions especially when we are racing against time to erect a road,” he says. “I advise Kenyans to read the law.” Swazuri says millions of money, in form of compensation, are lying with the Ministry of Lands because affected owners did not agree to have their houses demolished. “Kenyans have a tendency of seeking court injunctions for everything,” he laments. “But what we normally do is tell the owner to collect his or her money, put the petition aside, and proceed with the demolition.” On victims of leases, the ministry says parcels of lands under lease will only be renewed if the land has served the purpose listed in the lease. “If you have 1,000 acres of land on lease and signed for 99 years saying you will do farming, when the time elapses, how you utilised the land will be key and if you fail, you automatically lose the land,” he says.


No full authority

Woman’s Sh384 million dream turns nightmare
PASTOR RAHAB MUKIAMA of Life Restoration Ministries International is yet to come to terms with the fact that her 24 houses, valued at Sh384 million, are no more. Her investment and retirement plan was one of many brought down to pave the way for the construction of a road bypass in Lang’ata. But Rahab says she has all the necessary paperwork to demonstrate legal and procedural ownership of the land on which the estate stood, and that she was allocated the land by the government as compensation for another piece she owned in South C which the government later claimed was the property of the Department of Fisheries. After ascertaining that all was well, she went ahead to develop the land. All was well until she saw people marking her Sh384 million investment with X signs, a clear indication that doom was beckoning. A few days later, while in Mombasa for a conference, she received a call from her property caretaker, who informed her that earth movers were tearing down her houses and those of her neighbours. Rahab, who has been in the property business since 1994, says she never expected such a turn of events. “As someone in this business, I understand the terrain very well. I know the procedures of acquiring land and I knew I was not encroaching on any person’s land,” a tearful Rahab told DN2 last week. Interestingly, just weeks prior to the demolition, she had sold two houses to Standard Bank and the process had not been objected to by the government, which must be involved in any property deals. “These demolitions were a criminal act by the government,” she says. Samuel Born Maina

On the Lang’ata demolitons, however, Lumumba sides with Swazuri, arguing that maps for the Nairobi bypasses were drawn up in the 1970s and that any document that contradicts the original masterplan is not valid. The die, then, seems to have been cast for the affected families, at least as far as the government is concerned. But Ibrahim Mwathane, a consultant in land surveying and information management, says it is wrong to blame investors when there is no effort to dig deeper to find the root cause of the problem. He adds that the frequent demolitions of properties are “immoral” and should not be allowed to continue. “Public offices and any other officers responsible for initiating these flawed and fraudulent processes should be held accountable,” says Mwathane. “It is high time our courts addressed

themselves to the underlying injustices in this matter.” The land expert outlines systematic solutions that could help the government end land problems. “Since a lot of previously acquired public land is not reflected on official property maps, the National Land Commission, in partnership with the roads agencies and other infrastructure providers, should establish a technical team to work backwards and mark out all the public land that was compulsorily acquired or reserved from private or communal use countrywide. This will help to forewarn planners and buyers to avoid and respect such land,” he says. Mwathane also says the Ministry of Lands should computerise its data to clearly reflect all the existing and proposed road reserves and all other reservations for public facilities.

but the demand for accommodation facilities keeps rising. to be available in local hardware and supermarket stores. The new Duma Premix pack.nationmedia. The property borders a railway line which divides the Rift Valley on one side and the highlands on the other. particularly areas around Naivasha. minimising the risks of cracks and building collapse. tourism and transport and communication hub in the Eastern and Central Africa region. Malindi. Nanyuki. with the Kenya Tourism Board. Right now. Lamu. Ganze constituency. to own such luxurious holiday homes. and boasts a panoramic view of Mt Kenya.8 per cent last year. but the bed capacity is still inadequate with industry players projecting that an additional 10. contributes to rapid environmental degradation. if not hiring out. A Rising demand The tourism body is now increasingly marketing the country as a destination for golf. ” says Okumu. their value is projected to reach Sh50million in the next few years. it will not be the last BY JOSHUA MASINDE jmasinde@ke. says the manufacturer. Mombasa. the accommodation rate in the country stands at about 70 per cent. In 2009. has launced a premixed ballast product that is likely to shake the property market. The use of quarry sand in the formulation of the product eliminates the need for yellow river sand. The focus is now also on other niche products like birding. we must be willing to invest in accommodation facilities that meet international standards. economic. effectively helping protect the environment and save costs. according to the project manager. Currently. financial. “We are going to add additional 400 beds to the market. the building and construction sector has been steadily growing and in turn providing a ready market for innovative products. being named the ‘Best Tourism Board in Africa’ by World Travel Awards. Africa’s second highest peak. Duma Group CEO Naja Dahmani (second left) and Group Director Philip Camerucci pose with musclemen during the launch of the new Duma Premix last weekend. and Nairobi. PHOTO | NATION .” Okumu says. especially by wealthy investors.com multi-billion luxury resort being built in Naro Moru near Nanyuki is set to change the ambience of the Mt Kenya region and add colour to the tourism allure of the region. A nine-hole golf course is 85 per cent complete while the ground breaking for Phase One of the 95 fourbedroom luxurious homes is scheduled to commence this month.000 hotel rooms will be needed in the next five to 10 years to accommodate the expected rise in the number of tourists to Kenya as the country continues to assert its place as the business. Price — You will need Sh25million to own one of the four-bedroom luxury homes here. Cost — It will cost Sh5 billion to build the entire resort. with each four-bedroom unit costing Sh25 million. agro-tourism and conference tourism. foreigners and the diaspora by offering them holiday homes that can also be used as hotel accommodation. Duma Group CEO Naja Dahmani said the new product has been developed to meet the growing consumer needs in the fast-growing building and construction sector. Kenya bagged the ‘Best Undiscovered Golf Destination’ award by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO). The Sh5 billion Mt Kenya Holiday Homes luxury resort.000 to 15. a Kilifibased mining firm. sports and cultural tourism as well as eco-tourism. with the same even doubling in the high season.4 DN 2 FIVE STAR IN A NUTSHELL DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Various regions across the country are now on the radar of developers. a gym and conference facilities. putting margins in the industry to about 25 per cent in normal seasons. “To do this and at the same time gain from the impressive campaigns run to market Kenya as a top tourism destination. and the Aberdare Ranges. “Things have changed now and there is a growing inclination. Value — Though each of the units cost Sh25 million.” Dahmani explained. routinely harvested along riverbeds. The resort will also have wining and dining areas. The product diversification and focus on new products. 40 per cent of the units in Phase One have been bought. says changing lifestyles and accumulation of wealth by Kenyans have created the need for development of holiday homes and resorts to which the investors can retire. is set to increase the number of tourists to the country as Kenya targets to receive at least 10 million visitors by 2030.” Okumu says. Reginald Okumu. Premixed ballast now on sale DUMA GROUP LIMITED. As investors plot to cash in on wealthy Kenyans. The Mt Kenya Holiday Homes project joins a number of others across the country that are designed to offer both luxury accomodation and investment prospects. later in 2012. located on a 123acre piece of land. compared to 4. What else? — A luxury nine-hole golf course is 85 per cent complete. accolades that the country needs to capitalise on to grow their investments in holiday homes that can also double up as accommodation facilities for tourists and other local and international visitors out to explore the country’s tourist attractions. the area in and around Mt Kenya is changing drastically. Speaking during the launch in Nairobi over the weekend. “Having registered an overall economic growth of 4. lies on the tourism circuit of the Mountain region and is an addition to the growing trend of luxurious holiday homes. The three-phase development will take about three years to complete and already. camping sites and other leisure facilities. the country receives nearly two million visitors annually. 2013 Location — Luxury resort is located on a 123-acre peice of land in Naru Moru. a real estate consultant who is also a project manager of the development. FYI Seeking Mt Kenya glory This is the latest in a slew of luxury housing projects happening in the country and if the response by investors is anything to go by. As a key building and construction input. The user is expected to mix five packs of the product with one bag of cement and 20 litres of water to instantly prepare solid mortar.3 per cent in 2011. is a ready-touse mixture of polyhedric ballast and quarry sand mined by the firm at its quarries in Jaribuni. yellow river sand. The popularity of holiday homes and resorts is also emerging as a boost to efforts by the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) to diversify tourism offerings in the country away from the traditional beach and safari Kenya is famed for. The 50kg packs targeted at the growing domestic consumer market have been formulated “to provide a strong and solid concrete mix” for small to medium construction projects. which is inadvertently receiving a boost from the emergence in popularity of holiday homes and resorts with golf courses.

is owned by the National Social Security Fund and will cost Sh6. Their ability to keep to set timelines has seen them earn praise. on the other hand. the confidence in Chinese contractors has been drawn from the quality of public infrastructure projects that they have executed within allocated time frames.3 billion. Construction of Hazina Towers in Nairobi will be handled by Chinese contractors. The company is also undertaking the Sh2. “Deadline beating has nothing to do with the contractor. In the past two months. For bigger buildings like the Hazina Towers. which will be FYI GOVERNMENT SUPPORT According to Daniel Manduku. The National Construction Authority (NCA) chief executive officer Daniel Manduku says guidelines to effect minimum participation for local firms are already in Parliament. depends on the consulting firms. This will be through joint ventures or sub-contracting. The 21-storey building will house the headquarters of Kenya’s largest bank. dismisses the notion that the Chinese contractors are faster or their buildings of better quality than those by their local counterparts. Quality. indicating that construction of the Sh1.3 billion ICPAK (Institute of Certified Public Accountants) complex on Thika Road designs. The now controversial Hazina Trade Centre.7 billion. most experts agree that the Chinese hold a financial and technical edge over the locals. This situation has seen foreign contractors bid lower. Fr Antony Mwituria. as was the case previously where they relied on restrictive tendering to win public infrastructure deals. at 3-4 per cent versus 17-18 per cent for local contractors. For the most part. having built many across the world as opposed to their local counterparts whose experience may be limited. construction giant China Wu Yi was unveiled as the contractor for the University of Nairobi’s 22-storey complex valued at Sh2. It’s just a matter of enforcing the contract between the client and the contractor to make sure timelines are met.com an extension of the building housing Nakumatt Lifestyle. The first phase of the half-a-billion shilling self-financed project is nearly complete. 2013 DN IN THE NEWS 5 Local contractors lose out to Chinese firms Chinese contractors are quietly snapping up lucrative construction deals for future building projects as they diversify from their mainstay of government infastructure projects BY KIARIE NJOROGE gkiarie@ke. the building will be okay as the contractor will just implement their . I n a move that is likely to cause jitters among local contractors. the Chinese no longer need their government’s support to clinch tenders.1 billion KCB (Kenya Commercial Bank) Plaza currently under construction in Upper Hill.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. the guidelines to effect minimum participation for locals are already in Parliament. This will effectively see foreignowned contractors share part of the cake with the locals and partly arrest the repatriation of profits from the industry to firms’ countries of origin. the former are likely to bring their experience in such projects. The discontentment with the Chinese among the local contractors has seen the latter move to court in a bid to have exclusivity for governmentfunded infrastructure projects. Catholic Church procurator. two Chinese contractors have secured contracts for major projects in Nairobi at the expense of their local counterparts. FILE | NATION being undertaken by China JiangXi is well ahead of schedule. Francis Gichuhi. says that so far they have been pleased with the progress made by the Chinese contractor undertaking the construction of the Cardinal Otunga Plaza. Three weeks ago. “Most foreign companies have an edge over local companies because their rates of finance are much lower. “The main contractor was selected by tender and the winning application was submitted by China Zhogxing Construction Company. However. If you have a good engineer and architect.” adds Fr Mwituria.” he says. At least 30 per cent of the monetary value of a project will go to locals through joint ventures or subcontracting. In May. China Jiangxi International beat local rival Cementers Ltd to clinch the contract for what is set to be Nairobi’s tallest building at 39 storeys. We had some reservations with the lowest bidder so we decided to offer Zhogxing the contract. for example. with news reports. right next to Holy Family Basilica. “At least 30 per cent of the monetary value of a project should go to locals.” says Okpar Ubhi of KSC International.” adds Gichuhi. But A4 Architects lead consultant.nationmedia.

Once you have your collection together. The pieces can come in a variety of rich colours. . Just like in the living room. You may also have an art sculpture that will cover half the wall. subject matter or common theme. dreams and ambitions? Your wall montage should say all this as well as inspire all who enter your home. Find the focal points in the room. and one or two family portraits. The beginning of the hallway could be adorned with pictures of the wedding photos. The hallway or gallery corridors work well with family portraits. and mirrors. sharply angled frames. or the space above the fireplace. form. simllar or contrasting frames can be used. — Take into account the type of frames to use. For the living or lounge room. For the kitchen. revisit the first phase of your journey. your child’s school art piece. Numerous décor pieces such as painted canvases. To transform your walls into artistic. Organise them in such a way that they would tell the family story. build on that collection in an evocative way. Though wall art is less concerned with functionality. Keep a tape measure handy to ensure that your new arrangement fits perfectly on your wall.com alls should be anything but plain. on a wall that is broken up by the door. such as a family portrait. have a large art piece on the focal wall away from the washing area. black lacquer. could be the focal point. kitchen window. or a design created by a dear friend. souvenirs. First by simply rearranging the furniture around these areas. Does the art reflect you. adorned with a few family photographs was the norm. to create a glamour and style to any wall. You may want to use the existing option. rather than distract from it. like if the pieces you have are already framed in warm wooden tones. Once you have hung your collections. as this will keep them out of harms way and also not divert attention from the function at hand such as cooking or the light provided by the window. Children’s rooms will do well with framed art from their school projects or framed doodles especially for children who are still learning to express themselves through drawings. leather. consider a large art piece on a focal wall instead of a cluster of small art pieces. pick art pieces that depict food and healthy living. IMMACULATE WAIRIMU immawairimu@yahoo. your family? Does it reflect your lifestyle your life. cubist forms. Organise your pieces according to similarites such as colours. Try not to crowd the space with too many pieces. Gone are the days when a white or beige coloured walls. such as landscapes for your dining room and family pictures for your living room Decide on which piece goes well with which room. which you may want to continue with for the whole room. the narrow wall at the end or along the hallway. high-gloss metals. Opt for art that matches the décor. or a series of small sculptures hang at varying heights to create interest. a painting you purchased on vacation. such as tribal masks or flowers.6 DN DECOR DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. — You can choose different styles for different rooms. at their baptismal or other religious event. their first day at school and the family’s vacation in that sequence. After identifying the images you want to retain on your wall. textured or patterned wallpaper. Identifying what you love in them will help inspire your choices. or a large furniture piece. 2013 Creating an artistic wall montage Instead of leaving your walls bare and unadorned. do not forget that clutter does no justice to your wall. Ask yourself whether what you have done has made your home feel more like a personal space. =. as it will always look better and have greater impact in the space. You can build a collection that is substantially similar or one that uses a loose theme such asf “wood frames” as the element to hold it all together. can open up the room or bring the essential attention to the wall that may have been overlooked. create a talking point by arranging and displaying art work and photographs on a single wall. Deciding how to group your art is like putting together a puzzle. exotic woods. and even sculptures effortlessly and affordably add more style to your walls. Take a break and view the collection a little later to ascertain everything is as it should be. visual statements. You may have a few treasured pieces of art. texture. Lay everything out on the floor so as to create just the right mix and juxtaposition. Opt for a large art canvas on a large wall. You can play around with themes and frames to further highlight your collection TIPS ON CREATING A WALL MONTAGE — Determine what you would like to display be it photgraphs or art — Pick items that are similar. decide what type of framing that will enhance the montage. a window. then children when young. You could also frame a drawing board for them to practice their artistic endevours and not interfere with the walls. A large open W wall behind the sofa. it creates a contemporary look to any wall. and the cooking area. However.

2013 DN STYLE 7 Decorating a wraparound front porch A porch is a great way to showcase the curb appeal of your house. Wraparound porches improve the aesthetics and value of the property. Porch styles vary with the design of the home. and arched architectural details. centred between pillars for a symmetrical look. wind chime and bird cages to accentuate the staircase area and focus attention on the front of your home. Choose furniture that will match your home’s style and enhance your porch. and gradually lower their height as you move towards the entry way. including your furniture. pull attention up to the porch itself by planting taller plants at the back while decreasing height as you move forward. these porches are covered with a thin screen or glass. Wraparound porches were popular with Victorian-style farmhouses and shingle-style bungalows of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. T A Victorian style two-sided porch will offer desirable flexibility between the shaded and sunlit areas. Whether your porch attaches to a farmhouse or colonial-style home. railings. flowering shrubs. Screened porches— Also known as sunroom. columns. accenting the positive features of your porch should be your primary landscape goal. . should blend to create a seamless relaxing atmosphere.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Place low plants. entertain. porch. Space is a critical aspect and utilising it to the maximum effect is important. Back porch — This is a porch that is situated at the rear of the house. Begin with the steps leading to your porch. This style adds considerable space for entertaining. Front porch — This is a porch situated at the front of the house. A wraparound porch — one which encircles the entire house — provides the perfect place to relax. It not only adds to its aesthetics but also provides a relaxing sitting area IMMACULATE WAIRIMU immawairimu@ke. This will help to bring the entire design together. Choosing plants based on height is a major consideration when decorating a wraparound TYPES OF PORCHES Wraparound porches — They begin at the front of the house and encircle the entire house. Choosing potted plants. This spot should include tailored shrubs. groomed evergreen bushes. Incorporate taller plants on the edges of the porch. These features dress up structural support and are the crowning traditional touches for the porch.e.nationmedia. If your porch has lattice screens covering the underside of the porch. You can choose to focus on plants and flowers to help soften the appearance of the porch edges. Its landscape design should frame and flatter the house and enhance its dramatic exterior features. It is the area where one welcomes guests into the interior of the house.com he front porch is the focal point of the house and compound. Evaluate areas where the sun will hit your porch during the day and ensure that you create multiple seating arrangements tailored for the enjoyment of the sun. and decorate. but they should not divert attention from the porch itself. or low. Each individual piece of your landscape. Wraparound front porches can also provide additional living space to your home.

I thought--” “Cannons? Why didn’t you say so?” Mato asked. The most common is the mashua. We looked at the display of the different kinds of dhows or boats. “Everyone down here seems to be afraid of evil spirits.True 6.8 DN Author: Shel Arensen Publisher: WordAlive Publishers 2 CHILDREN’S CORNER QUIZ DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. It was two stories high with high ceilings making it quite cool. “Let’s go check it out.” I said.” We also looked at some carved round plaques from the front of dhows. It’s called a jahazi. 2.Diamond 2. I shivered.Barter ANSWERS 9.Exchange of goods for other goods is known as……….____is the longest river in Africa.Tanzania “Well. I’ll bet they have all kinds of weapons.Warthog 7. Dave’s stopped by a display of silver jewellery.Installments paid for insurance? 3.Young of fish are known as? 7.Arusha town in which country? 10. “I just called them all boats or dhows.Nile 8. 2013 BOOKS JOIN THE DOTS AND COLOUR Title: The Hidden Treasure of Lamu THE SILVERSMITH DISAPPEARS CONTINUES FROM YESTERDAY CONTINUES TOMORROW 10.Oil 5.Premiums 1.old swords and knives and things.What chemical in onion makes you cry? 6. most originally of Arabian design.Fingerlings 4. “It’s almost identical to the one Omari gave me!” COLOUR ME 1.Sulfur 3.. “we passed the building several times walking along the waterfront. defending my idea. “Look at this. the one with the cannons in front of it. “Look at that necklace.” I began. Mato and Jona moved through at a brisk pace stopping at all the displays of weapons . 9. The museum was an old Lamu house that had been restored. “I didn’t know there were so manykinds. 8.What is the hardest mineral? 4. And look at the name of this kind.” Mutua informed us.” At the museum we examined the cannons at the entrance before going in. “In Malindi they say these are the eyes of the dhows with magical powers to ward off evil spirits.” Dave called.” Dave said.A wild pig is also known as? BY DANSON KIRETI .Which mineral was discovered in Ngamia 1 in Turkana? 5. True or false: Alligators can live up to 100 years. You know.” Dave said.

2013 Wealth: A millionaire is a student of what motivates people PAGE 8 Starting business at old age Derrick Correa was 56 when he launched what is now a roaring plastics manufacturing firm ENTREPRENEURSHIP P. PAGE 6 .4-5 Former guard on a mission to create ‘rabbit republic’ GOING IT ALONE. PAGE 2 money FREE WITH YOUR DAILY NATION.SEEK EXPERT COUNSEL BEFORE YOU INVEST YOUR LOAN MAKEOVER. August 8.

Existing customers are also less sensitive to price than new customers and therefore are more likely to be a source of future referrals. NEXT WEEK’S QUESTION I APPRECIATE the good work you do in helping people with investment ideas. If you are not closing the sales. it is important to note that whatever venture you want to engage in should provide a greater return than the cost of the loan to avoid putting pressure on your personal finances. Hassan IM.co. Be smart. you will know to whom to send the Christmas gift packs later in the year. You can easily tell good and poor performers across products and sales people. Michael Mosota | GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Dennis Makori. This is simply the hard lesson that many small and micro enterprise (SME) owners learn over time.883 per cent for 364 days. Joshua Masinde | PRODUCTION EDITOR : Peter Wangai GROUP DESIGN EDITOR: Kathleen Bogan | CHIEF GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Rogers Mogusu | SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Nzisa Mulli. Charles Wokabi. perhaps from your phone book. it might eventually have a negative impact on your net worth. Author is: CEO/Founder. transparencies are submitted at the sender’s risk. we recommend that you seek professional advice before you commit the funds to ensure that the option you choose is the most suitable given your circumstances. The most recent was a 15-year Treasury bond sold on July 26 with an annual yield of 13. price sensitivity.ke EDITORIAL DIRECTOR: Joseph Odindo | MANAGING EDITOR: Mutuma Mathiu | EDITOR | Wachira Kang’aru SUB-EDITOR | James Wambua | PHOTOS EDITOR: Joan Pereruan | STAFF WRITERS: Immaculate Karambu. you essentially get repeat business. Begin calling those you already know. OPENWORLD LTD Email: muthoni@openworld. And with this. While every care will be taken on receipt of such material. Write to: fina ncialmakeove r@ke. how can business owners get on top of their sales tracking process and customer database? The answer to this question is investing in a business tool that helps with sales force automation as well customer account management. Unsolicited manuscripts. At the moment. I reside in Eastlands. Treasury bills are sold through an auction at the Central Bank of Kenya every week and as such. research analyst. whether or not you have taken the loan. Benjamin Situma Joy Abisagi. This means that running any startup could be difficult. For an existing customer. Treasury bonds of different maturities are usually sold on a monthly basis. and 10. sales reports. personal selling.com THANK YOU for your encouraging remarks. artwork. In conclusion. for most SMEs is that they have their prospects and customer data in the business owner’s personal phone books or those of their sales team. Ken Kusimba. If you want to know your most loyal or high revenue customers. the challenge today. anyone who hands you their business card. Which begs the question. All the data is readily available to the business owner to see. time and money spent explaining the business or product to new customers. However. Paul Letiwa. their inter- est rates change on a weekly basis. Oscar Anaswa. The beauty of having a good CRM tool is that for anyone qualified to buy a specific product. building trust. Selling is about relationships. Griffins Omwenga. Virginia Borura. The cost of acquiring a customer is always high. — Muga The rates quoted for Treasury bills and bonds are both annual and gros. Felix Miring’u. However. Some examples of the costs associated with acquiring a new customer include promotions. Patrick Wameyo. then this is it. No need for numerous calls requesting sales reports. YOU SHOULD HAVE A PURPOSE FOR IT Ben Gitau OPINION Ben Gitau. Passive investments usually have moderate returns depending on where you invest while businesses generally have a higher return. Email money@ke.2 money cash point Thursday August 8. It is estimated that the cost of acquiring a new customer is six to seven times more than keeping an existing client. all this information will be there for you.872 per cent for 182 days. Davis Mulyango.769 per cent. 2011. Treasury bills are in maturities of 91 days.754 per cent for 91 days. This is because you will have to repay it and if you do not use it prudently. then you will not meet the sales targets through the efforts of your sales team only. Further. that is. FILE | NATION IT IS ALSO PARAMOUNT THAT BEFORE YOU APPLY FOR A LOAN. Nairobi. 182 days.000 low-interest loan from a sacco. you should have a purpose for it. it is good to know that you understand that the latter can be challenging. you can build a database of those people that you know. 6. The rates prevailing on the auctions held in the week ending August 2 were 8. I feel that it is too risky since I am in full-time employment. However. Thank you in advance. while those quoted by most unit trust money funds are also annual but are net of taxes and charges. Other contacts may be distributed across your emails or a set of spreadsheets in the organisation. and setting up a new account. But the tragedy occurs when a salesperson leaves the business as they tend to be armed with the entire contact database that you paid them every month to build as they worked in the sales department. With such a tool. Such tools also help in keeping an updated product list or asset list for those involved in leasing or hiring. Your entire sales pipeline as build by the business owner and the entire sales team is visible at the click of a button.nationmedia. It is also paramount that before you apply for a loan. 2013 DAILY NATION FINANCIAL MAKEOVER >> PASSIVE INVESTMENTS USUALLY HAVE MODERATE RETURNS Seek professional counsel before you invest your loan I READ your article on July 25 and promised myself to always read your responses.nationm edia. and although there are many business opportunities here. First. My question is concerning the answer you gave to Judy a few weeks ago on wine business. Teddy Murimi. or even contacts from a business directory. The auctions are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays. ©Nation Media Group Limited. before deduction of withholding tax of 15 per cent. Andrew Anini. For each of these contacts. The best way is to invest in passive investments that will not require a lot of direct participation from you. particularly for a person engaged in full-time employment. This is the reason the large supermarkets introduced smart cards and can now tell much more about the many walkin customers. how much could one spend in terms of licencing and legal requirements for such an investment? How can I benefit most out of such an enterprise? — Erastus SME MANAGEMENT >>DORCAS MUTHONI Small traders can track sales and customer trends THE PRINCIPAL salesman of any enterprise is the business owner. On the other hand. but also carry a higher level of risk. All rights reserved. you can then classify those already doing business with you and then qualify those that are not. Muthoki Mumo | CONTRIBUTORS: Isaac Ng’aru. it is important to note that the rates quoted for Treasury bills and bonds are both annual and gross. What are the legal requirements for one to open a wines and spirits shop? In other words. It is good to know that you are an avid reader of our column. the Nation Media Group Limited cannot accept responsibility for accidental loss or damage. could you furnish me and the rest of your readers the current interest rates being offered on Treasury bills and bonds and which is the better option between these investment vehicles and unit trusts. Alice Othieno. Such tools are mainly referred to as CRMs (customer relations management). and 364 days. This will ensure that you are able to repay the loan without using your savings and generate additional income to grow your wealth. It is distributed free with every Thursday’s ‘Daily Nation’. Zimele Research. If there was ever a strong case for investing in and financing customer service. advertising.com money . you can immediately send a quote from the same system. I would like to be guided on how I can get the best yields from a Sh100. Gladys Wangui | COVER PHOTO: JENIFFER MUIRURI is published every week by the Nation Media Group Limited.

DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. the company noted that it has been in communication with you and that this matter has been amicably resolved. I did not want the bill to come in my name anymore and about a month ago. Kwale County also has vacancies for four county administrators and 20 ward bosses who will join the 94-member team that will work to ensure quality service delivery in the unit. Kwale County is seeking applications from 10 interested individuals to work as county chief officers and four sub-county administrators. The would-be job holders will be mandated with implementing strategic policies and development plans. it says that it has not been given the authority to do so by Jubilee. An assessor was sent and later an investigator. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need our assistance. Daniel. the firm told me that the car was being worked on. Kindly inquire for me what is happening as I need the account closed and my deposit refunded. and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. The account has no balance in it. The devolved unit is also scouting for applications for 60 positions of village administrators. According to the company. If you are an expert in the field of expenditure management and supply chain.581 and officially closed the account by providing all the required documents. My problem is that to date nobody has informed me about the outcome of either the assessment or the investigation. I also directed the firm’s technicians to the house but to my surprise. — Yvonne Kawira You didn’t provide car logbook while lodging claim: Jubilee Looking for answers? Send your queries and daytime telephone numbers to Yvonne Kawira: Email: capitalletters @ke. on informing my insurance agent. According to the company. Interested individuals are expected to send their applications to the Nyeri County public service board secretary by August 21. which he has since paid. Nyeri County is also seeking to employ a team of 58 workers who will be expected to ensure effective service delivery to area residents. according to the insurance company. It also stated that the accident involved collision with a third party vehicle and when contacted. The candidate will be responsible for the day-today running of the region’s revenue collection section. I requested Kenya Power to disconnect the electricity so that the consumer might show up but the company refused. the demand notice must have been generated automatically upon closure of the account. 2013 capital letters JOB OPENINGS P H OTO | J E N N I F E R MUIRURI money 3 MONEY FIGHTS FOR YOUR RIGHTS» WITH YVONNE KAWIRA The agent whom you said towed your car after the accident denied having done that. I left my identification details with the incoming tenant with the intention of removing my name from the electricity account number and having it replaced with hers. for getting in touch with us on this. It has called interested applicants with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in accounting/finance option from a recognised university to apply for the position of county budget/expenditure management services. A few weeks later. The job holder in this category will be mandated with consolidating and prioritising areas for allocation of public resources for Nyeri County. The county has also advertised 30 positions of ward administrators as well as three town managers. Also. are some of the inconsistencies that have made it a challenge for Jubilee Insurance Kenya to settle this claim. I am in the dark as nobody updates me. The county government also has vacancies for six sub-county revenue officers and a similar number of sub-county administrators. you were not able to provide a logbook or a transfer form for your car. We contacted the state-owned electricity distributor with respect to your suffering. On November 8 last year. the Kenya Revenue Authority. Also feel free to contact us if you need more help. I insured my motor vehicle with Jubilee Insurance through Starlit Insurance Brokers. will my car be repaired or paid? I have seen big billboards put up by Jubilee Insurance stating that it settles claims without drama and I wonder how long it take to process a claim. the bills still come in my name. This was after I was convinced by my agent that it is the best insurance company in East and Central Africa. But to my surprise. The person the client named as the one who services his vehicle stated that he did not know the insured or his vehicle. This being my first claim with the insurer. the telephone number given as belonging to the third party driver was answered by a woman who denied that she knew the alleged driver. The individuals will also be expected to formulate and implement effective programmes to attain the goals of Kenya’s growth blueprint. the person who reported the accident at the police station is not identified. Eight months on. The insurer also said that the agent who is said to have towed the vehicle after the accident denied having done so. Kwale and Nyeri counties have just opened a window of opportunity for you to achieve that dream. Up to now. It has also advertised the position of the head of the county revenue office. manage. I was involved in an accident and my car was damaged. my question is. managing. saying he stopped doing that business in 2010. Interested candidates are expected to submit applications to the county public service and board secretary by August 12. These. and supervising the general administrative functions at the village level. We contacted the underwriter and in its response. I paid a sum of Sh7. The ward administrators will be expected to coordinate. Nyeri counties lead search for staff ARE YOU seeking to be actively involved in the country’s devolution drive? Well. I am still waiting. Jubilee Insurance stated that your claim was rejected. the county might just have a job for you. I took it to Top Job Motors. The devolved unit has opened 10 positions of county chief officers. and supervise the general administrative functions in the region while the county administrators are expected to ensure effective service delivery. I rented a maisonette at City Park about six years ago but I terminated my tenancy and vacated the house in 2011. But on contacting Starlit. the bill still comes in my name. The insurance company also noted that when the logbook was traced. it showed that the vehicle belongs to a different person. — Macharia Hallo Macharia. Kenya Power also noted that the new user has been contracted and the debt was transferred to his account.nationme dia. Capital Letters is happy to help. When I contacted the insurer. The job holders will be mandated with coordinating. And in a statement. I was told that Kenya Power would effect the closure the following day.com My name is Daniel Juma Omboke. Vision 2030. Jubilee referred me to Starlit Insurance Brokers. Two years later. I therefore wrote a letter to Kenya Power for action but the electricity distributor told me it cannot close the account because the bills are never paid in total. THE PERSON WHO REPORTED THE ACCIDENT AT THE POLICE STATION IS NOT IDENTIFIED — Jubilee Insurance . My car is still at the garage and when I ask the repair centre why it has not fixed my car. All applicants must be Kenyan citizens with a clearance from the Criminal Investigation Department as well as the Higher Education Loans Board. Thank you for raising this matter with us. We advise that you get in touch with the insurer for further information pertaining to your claim. Kwale. I was told to take the car to garage in a panel provided by Jubilee Insurance. I was surprised to find out that it did not know anything about the matter but promised to look for my file and get back to me. The firm also noted that you forgot the name of the woman from whom you bought the car. Can Jubilee tell me how long I am supposed to wait? I will appreciate your assistance. — Daniel Juma Omboke Thank you.

Mr Correa sold 27 million plastic water tanks. HE TURNED TO HIS SKILLS TO FABRICATE THE OTHER Neither age nor past failures could At 56. In 2010.” says Mr Correa. Like most startups. Still living in India at the time. PolyTanks even makes plastic road barriers and portable toilets.4 money DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. PolyPlay. he has diversified his offering A mumumo@ke. his wife would hear nothing of the trans-oceanic move. It flopped after employees fleeced him of about 500. Although plastic water tanks remain Mr Correa’s bread and butter. where she knew her husband had the potential to build the business he had always dreamt of. Mr Correa began producing plastic goods from the first PolyTanks factory on her birthday on January 24.com Polytanks boss Derrick Correa. I was not very shrewd and I was too trusting. Mr Correa laid the groundwork for PolyTanks — a local plastics manufacturer. She wanted the family to stay in Kenya. he has had to shift factories twice and he now employs about 320 people. Dejected. PolyTanks was strapped for cash in its early days. ” he says. 2004. a subsidiary company. In doing so.000 at the time) and PolyTanks has since manufactured its own rock-n-roll moulding machines. he has been trying to set up different types of businesses for the past four decades with little success.nationmedia. . was established to cater for the younger clientele. his monthly sales exceed 40 million water tanks and the company reports an annual profit of between Sh20 million and Sh50 million. After part- nering with experts. “I am evidence that nothing should dissuade anyone from being successful. ” he says. at the age of 56. “I didn’t know how to business then. Despite his success. When the company opened its doors. Mr Correa designed his own plastic rotational moulds to make water tanks.” Sir John Templeton ENTREPRENEURSHIP AFTER BUYING A KEY MACHINE. Mr Correa had 11 employees and one rock-n-roll machine. Derrick Correa could easily have chosen to enjoy his retirement using his life savings but he decided launch a firm that in 10 years has grown to employ 320 people BY MUTHOKI MUMO t a time when most of his peers were contemplating retirement. A mechanical engineer by training. In his first year of operation. In fact. orders came in so quickly that we had to work late producing machines to make the tanks. and had them fabricated in a business partner’s workshop.000 rupees. his pockets were left virtually empty. He worked in the local plastics industry for three years before proceeding to Europe for further studies. After this purchase. Mr Correa now manufactures plastic biogas digesters. Today. he was not first-time lucky. The company’s plastic playgrounds are now in use in schools across the city. also known as rockn-roll machines. In 2003. They took advantage of this. Two years before PolyTanks was established. Mr Correa had thought of retiring to his native India after three decades working in the local plastics business. PolyTanks has also ventured into the biogas industry. he saved about Sh1. forcing the businessman to fabricate the other machines needed to run his factory himself. 2013 Cover The four most dangerous words in investing are: ‘this time it’s different. In the beginning. MR DERRICK CORREA WAS LEFT WITH NO CASH.89 million (about $38. His first venture into entrepreneurship was in the early 1970s. And so in her honour. The firm introduced a toys and plastic desks manufacturing arm.8 million (about $24. JENNIFER MUIRURI | NATION Number of plastic water tanks which Derrick Correa sold in his first year in trade 27m over the years. Nine years down the line. Mr Correa invested Sh2. the military-trained engineer set up a company to manufacture magnetic padlocks.000 at the time) in a plastic pulveriser that he imported from India. not age and not even past failures. “I am continuously shocked by how well the business has performed. he would answer an advertisement for a job in Kenya and make the move in 1977. And as if that is not enough. However. Mr Derrick Correa started a company that has grown into a multi-million shilling outfit.

However. for his business to finally take off. he moved his family back to Kenya. he headed back to Kenya for a brief consultancy contract. The company’s future now lies in a 1. his “business fever” plagued him. Mr Correa reckons that his failures were instrumental in building his character and in the eventual success of PolyTanks. he would soon leave the Middle East and head back to India after failing to secure a “highpaying” job. WONDER TREE WITH HEALING ABILITY GIVING HOPE TO RURAL FARMERS DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. JENNIFER MUIRURI | NATION he quit his job in 2000. He has had fallouts with various business partners over the decades and says that he is still in search of the perfect formula for building such relationships. ” he says. When the contract was extended in 1989. However. Mr Correa started carrying out less demanding consultancy jobs although the idea of setting up his own business was still at the back of his mind. “When I go to my grave. he received job offers to work in various Gulf states. “I was offered a very well-paying job but I did not get it because they needed me to convert.08 Following his educational tour of Europe. Throughout his globe-trotting. What will I do sitting at home? Do I look 66 to you?” he laughs. He tried to set up a business back in India unsuccessfully. In the late 1980s. After working with two different plastic manufacturers in the 1990s. “I had to quit consultancy. Having gained his business management skills the hard way. Polytanks manufactures plastic biogas digesters too. Page 8 ER EQUIPMENT NEEDED TO RUN HIS COMPANY d derail engineer’s business dream was paying the bills but it was also stopping me from realising my dream.2-acre piece of land off Mombasa Road where he intends to build a factory to bring all his operations under one roof — PolyTanks and PolyPlay. It WHEN I GO TO MY GRAVE. However. he does not plan to retire any time soon. having two stints in Abu Dhabi and in Saudi Arabia. I will retire. he realised that he could not serve two masters. He also plans to professionalise the running of the business by hiring a CEO. WHAT WILL I DO SITTING AT HOME? DO I LOOK 66 TO YOU? Derrick Correa . 2013 WEALTH money 5 A millionaire studies what motivates people. I was not willing to convert from Catholicism. Your religion is like your family and although I respected and loved my employers. ” he says. I WILL RETIRE.

once you contract. I am also glad that you accept a retirement benefits scheme as an instrument through which you can save for one’s retirement. is a cut above the rest in Kenya’s rabbit farming business. hatch construction. • Cover and simmer over medium heat or in a 160° C (325° F) oven for about 1½ hours. whether this is with a life insurance company or any other approved plans. so it is important you get expert advice before you plunge. all members are entitled to attend annual general meetings. “I embarked on a serious job hunt and landed an opportunity at an agribusiness company. ensure that you get the best annuity rates when you convert your investment nest-egg into a stream of regular income. 34. the authority is mandated to resolve problems relating to retirement benefits issues. as a salesman. Under the insurance Act. Further. the life fund is categorized as a statutory fund of which a life company’s retirement portfolio is an integral part. I worked with the firm for two years and left in 2007. Source: www. • Add sliced vegetables (potatoes. feeding and production control. he developed a keen interest in agribusiness through capacity building initiatives by the firm on best practices in aquaculture.” he said. lightly-oiled casserole. I secured contacts with many farmers who showed interest in rabbit farming. But in common with all schemes. Abdul. food shortage. Retirement benefit schemes underwritten by insurers are what is collectively referred to as guaranteed funds under the Retirement Benefits Act rules. no matter any unpleasant surprise. • Grill and turn using tongs to avoid piercing the meat. and can influence its operations. for your compliments regarding this column. he says. he partnered with an institution and setup a farm in Ongata Rongai with a capacity to hold over 10. with respect to annuities. taking up an approved plan accords you the most tax-efficient instrument of the savings world. — Abdul. those retirement benefit schemes ran by insurance companies. His business plans to open outlets in the 47 counties. — ISAAC NG’ARU For questions on any aspect of insurance write to isaac@ngaruassociate s. Mr Mutua was reluctantly recruited as a guard with Wells Fargo in 2002 after seeing his dreams of being conscripted into the Kenya Defence Forces fail to materialise. Finally. disease management. Remember. the IRA further ensures the safety of annuity funds as life insurers are usually the only issuers of annuity contracts. always ensure that this actually happens. You should ask questions about your plan or scheme and compare with others in the market. “I studied all sorts of domesticated rabbits and their food value. For example. Therefore. his venture got a shot in the arm through the government’s Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP) which helped farmers M mogada@ke. SAYS ENTREPRENEUR Former guard on a mission to develop ‘rabbit republic’ With a centre stocked with 10. As a salesman. the RBA would have picked the signals and taken measures to safeguard members’ benefits. Scheme members par- ticipate in. Moses Mutua. • If desired. member involvement is a statutory requirement.. In Rabbit Republic. your retirement nest-egg is assured. and Germany. I am a regular reader of your column and recall some of your past articles about financial planning. At Wells Fargo. Aqua-Pro. season with pepper and herbs. Trustees are required to arrange annual education seminars for all members. Through its supervision. and unemployment” said Mr Goel. salt and pepper.000 per month and above for every farmer participating in the project. receive yearly benefit statements and scheme’s audit report from which they can monitor the use of their funds. China and other markets. established links with 120 Rabbit meat in tonnes which Kenya is projected to export per day once Moses Mutua’s plan is complete farmers who were already in the business albeit in smallscale. In particular. As chance would have it. There are various safeguards for retirement benefits schemes generally and specific rules that apply to guaranteed funds. PHOTO | COURTESY HELP Sample recipes for cooking rabbit meat Grilled rabbit •Marinate the rabbit or baste with oil or melted butter.” he told Money.000 rabbits and an abattoir. Annuities come in many forms and terms. “After 2010 ASK shows in Eldoret and Nairobi. a half of the board of trustees must be elected by members. For one. he enrolled for a course at Kenya Institute of Professional Studies. How safe are retirement benefits plans ran by insurance companies? Please advise how one can avoid unpleasant surprises. They are supervised by both the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) and the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA). which will cause some of the juice to escape. this will in turn help in eradication of poverty. China. the offerings on saving for retirement through a retirement benefits scheme were revealing. G. Moreover.ca ASK ABOUT INSURANCE The retirement benefits scheme you join should be approved by RBA Q . which are almost exclusively arranged by life insurance companies. Mr Goel added that the farm is working on setting up a pellet production plant to reduce the cost of feeding and regularize its availability. This is because of the generous tax concessions the taxman allows retirement benefit schemes. financial institutions.000 PER MONTH. He says that the Kenyan market is projected to serve an international demand of over 120 tonnes per day in Spain. it is important to ensure that the scheme you join or the personal pension plan chosen is approved by the RBA so as to have the benefit of their oversight. France. • Add onions or other aromatic vegetables and mix well. Long before collapse.6 money going it alone Thursday August 8. We have been professionalising the business. but only once the meat is cooked otherwise the herbs will burn and their harshness will mask the taste of the meat. brown pieces on all sides. As the founder and chairman of Rabbit Republic. insurers and NGO’s. Mr Mutua had already identified rabbit farming as an opportunity seeing him begin a two-year survey on the sub-sector in Kenya with a view to identifying the gaps that needed to be filled. “We are planning to set up model farms in every county. in defined contribution occupational schemes. Whether it is an occupational retirement benefits scheme or individual pension plan.000 rabbits and an abattoir. graduating with a diploma in sales and marketing. Moses Mutua targets devolved units in an attempt to fight poverty oses Mutua. that is. Mr Mutua says that he engaged farmers through training on best practices in breeding. “We have launched initiatives to link farmers with companies offering credit. Both the IRA on its part and the RBA closely monitor all insured pension schemes including personal pension plans. Mr Mutua would then leave his aquaculture in- vestment. in a large. S. • Add enough liquid to cover the meat. For those who have personal pension plans. • Place directly under the broiler element of your oven or on the barbecue grill. carrots and mushrooms) 30 minutes before cooking is complete.nationmedia.” he said. who also run various roadshows across the country. an investment that embarked on massive production of tilapia fingerlings. Kisauni THANK YOU. this can be raised by as little as five breeder rabbits” he notes. he started contemplating launching a business with an even higher potential.com . As you are entitled to receive regular statements of your account. From the outset. I appreciate your concern over the safety of one’s retirement nest-egg. “A training by a team of Israelis on ornamental fishing motivated me to register ‘Aquafarm Consultants’. exit is nearly impossible or very expensive. the former guard ships his products to markets in East Africa. they have to ascertain their fund manager’s financial and professional standing. 2013 DAILY NATION INCOME » FIVE BREEDER RABBITS CAN EARN A FARMER SH20. In 2011.com BY MOSES OGADA stock more fish in their ponds during the 2009/2010 financial year.metro. commercial rabbit farming has a potential of raising domestic income of Sh20. Information about the retirement benefits sector is readily available from the RBA. Rabbit Republic managing director Yash Goel says that the firm is in talks with other stakeholders — banks. With increased production. His efforts gave rise to the Rabbit Republic Limited. Rabbit stew •Coat meat cubes with a mixture of flour. RBA does everything possible to ensure professional management of these schemes. He later registered the company Rabbit Republic Limited last year.” he said.

former Ministry of Medical Ibrahim Owino now sees a huge opportunity in the 30 per cent share of government tenders to the youth.” he told Money. 2013 feature money 7 NETWORK» FROM TWO CLIENTS AT THE START. medicine. you at times have to bend low in order to attract or retain clients. he felt so frustrated that he quit his job. especially the voluminous ones for a monthly salary of Sh30. his fallback plan was a 12-year-old second-hand clothes business that he started in 2000. At times. agriculture and construction. However. World Bank-sponsored contracts. Two years on. YOU AT TIMES HAVE TO BEND LOW IN ORDER TO ATTRACT OR RETAIN CLIENTS — Ibrahim Owino Services. he says. He now sees a huge opportunity in the proposed 30 per cent allocation of government tenders to the youth. Kenya Power. “I worked for a group of companies that dealt in logistics and supplies and my work was primarily to draft tender documents for clients.000. however.nationmedia. Rural Electrification Authority (REA). earning him a relatively tidy sum which he claims he would not have made had he not quit his former job. my employer would promise me a certain commission on particular tenders — the more lucrative ones — but I would end up shortchanged. frustrated by meagre pay scrutinising voluminous documents and establishes similar venture of his own e studied accounts in college but a job to draft tenders and contracts that he got soon after graduation spurred him to establish a business in the same line.” Mr Ibrahim Owino told Money.com a tender documentation and consultancy outfit which he would operate from cyber cafes. To supplement his earnings.” Mr Owino said. National Irrigation Board among others. he had built a portfolio of over 85 companies mostly the small and medium enterprise (SMEs) in different sectors like energy. PHOEBE OKALL | NATION WHEN YOU ARE NEW IN THE MARKET. . IBRAHIM OWINO NOW HAS A PORTFOLIO OF 85 COMPANIES I draft tenders for firms seeking contracts Accountant quits job in a huff. Some of his clients have included the Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen).DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. which means that at times he has to bend low to get orders. This has. “I was spending a lot of my time and energy reading and scrutinising the tender documents. The most hectic part. “I got two clients I was working with before. information communication technology. But. was studying the tender documents carefully. a move that did not go down well with his new wife. Scrutinising a single tender document for a client would earn him more money than he would make in a month at his former job. Within two years. he set up H BY JOSHUA MASINDE jmasinde@ke. He did not find it so difficult to get clients because he says this is a relatively new line of business in Kenya and also given the fact that handling of tender documentation is rarely taught in college. “When you are new in the market. The value of the tender documents he has worked on have ranged from Sh1 million to Sh2 billion. presented challenges in the pricing of services in the line of business he runs.” he said. the magnitude of the work took a toll on him.

2013 DAILY NATION NETWORK » COMPANY HAS ATTRACTED ABOUT 500 FARMERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO GROW THE ‘MAGIC TREE’ Wonder tree with medicinal value gives hope to farmers in arid areas After experiencing the health benefits of ‘magic seed’. matched by deliberate investment actions that can create the desirable level of wealth indefinitely.” she says. school gatherings.000 every month in an entire harvesting season. her firm has over 1. People express their needs in the form of wants — there are different options for meeting these needs. Email: coach@financialacademy. The success in this range has attracted competitors to shift to similar products as well as imitations to benefit from the wealth stream. Nairobi. department of nutrition. it is as rare and will remain so for many people who are not willing to do what it takes to become wealthy. went beyond teaching and helping people make the right diet choices. Learning whether by one or every means to understand the wants of the masses and responding to them is the only assured means of keeping the buying demand and the wealth flowing from it. Yatta. not unusual to see herbalists marketing their products in intricately labelled containers. Did Steve Jobs and his innovation team learn something about people’s wants and the behaviour behind them? You can bet by the number of iproducts and equivalents all around you both from Apple and the growing list of competitors responding to the wants and the behaviour behind them.” she says. The yields increase as the tree grows older. “I would receive lots of questions from farmers and consumers but I would make sales at the end of every presentation. church forums and agricultural field days just to popularise her new-found passion. Her firm buys both leaves. Everyone needs something. she says. Botanic treasures. Bomet. Meru. Embu. the people themselves have embraced the iproducts.” she says Internet searches and literature review on the tree surprised her as to why no entrepreneur had exploited the crop commercially. Siaya.” Dear readers. “As a social entrepreneur. “I had no milk to breast feed my first child and all the known modern methods had failed until my husband brought me some nondescript seeds to chew and the results were instantaneous.co. To ensure accountability. A millionaire is a student of what motivates people. Steve Jobs and his team responded to the wants behind the behaviour of the increasingly sophisticated middle class population and without a doubt. Nyeri. Taita. Elizabeth Mbogo recruits farmers to grow the crop that makes herbal medicines he skill of traditional medicine has for long been handed down orally from one generation to the other. Botanic treasures has employed eight people besides offering an income to farmers in arid and semi-arid areas. I constantly plough back my profits to train farmers on growing and use of moringa. It takes nine months for a farmer to start earning from the ‘magic tree’ with a kilo of its dry produce attracting Sh300. But Elizabeth Mbogo is changing the trade and has no secrets about the ingredients of her product that saw her ditch a high-flying career five years ago.000 acres of land under moringa spread in Kenya’s arid and semi-arid areas and owned by a network of 500 farmers. the various herbal products from moringa are supplied to supermarkets and distributors in and outside the country.com BY RAMENYA GIBENDI “We are currently working with over 500 farmers in Turkana. Muranga. “The more I used moringa. Makueni. Mbeere. All over a sudden. I won over my extended family and friends to use it and their health improved considerably. Malindi and Lamu from whom we invest and buy the produce” she notes. Her husband uses his knowledge in agronomy to train farmers on best farming practices. distributing and retailing of nutritional health products majorly from moringa olifeira. on organic pest control in order to ensure that their product meets both local and international standards. offered her a ready farmer’s forum where she championed for its planting and use. it involved putting in place information systems for the data which she had obtained. WEALTH MANAGEMENT » PATRICK WAMEYO A millionaire is a student of what motivates people ONE WAY of defining wealth is achieving an income level that is more than sufficient to maintain your present and future lifestyle without having to go to work again.8 money enterprise Thursday August 8. The Ministry of Agriculture. take a look at any successful product in the global market and you will concur with Jean. Jean de La Bruyère.000 capital. Through study. Five years since she opened her business with Sh30. but rather is a result of a well thought out goal. After processing in their factory based at Karen. dealing in processing. For example. The tree thrives well in arid climatic conditions. Yields increase Elizabeth Mbogo attends to a customer at one of her outlets in Nairobi. It is. Whereas it is the wish of everyone to be wealthy. The thought of making moringa a lifestyle for Kenyans kept recurring and eventually she quit her job from a local film company to invest in the magic tree. for example. She started with buying the herb and going to every event she could manage — women chama meetings. Since she wanted to professionalise her herbal medicine practice. The mother-of-two was shoved into the world of herbal medicine at her lowest moment by her husband in 2007. Kilgoris. a strategy that has seen herbalists keep their trade secret. WHICH WE DELIVER Elizabeth Mbogo says. once said that the “shortest way to make your fortune is to let people see clearly that it is in their interest to promote yours. ostensibly to keep the ingredients private. she notes. Have you ever wondered that whenever you spend money. A well-tended acre of the tree has the potential to give a farmer about Sh125.nationmedia. Botanic treasures works with groups of farmers. the roots of moringa tree. therefore. a French philosopher. — Patrick Wameyo is a financial literacy educator and coach. is a social enterprise offering marginalised farmers in arid and semi arid regions a crop that can make good income. somebody else receives it. Her company has invested in a 50-acre nucleus of the tree to ensure a continuous supply of the raw material at their processing plant when supplies are not forthcoming. Her mission.” says Mrs Mbogo. and at the end of the chain. but you have to establish what they want and give it to them. Currently. she would later establish that the “magic seed” came from a wild tree scientifically known as moringa oleifera. is the investor who benefits from meeting your wants. she had milk in plenty to breast feed her bundle of joy. Ms Mbogo partnered with her husband — an agronomist — to register a firm. She went the World Agroforestry Centre searching for information on the different species of moringa and where the tree can grow best. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU WE HAVE A DISTRIBUTOR IN BOTSWANA WITH SEVERAL INDIVIDUALS IN THE DIASPORA REQUESTING REGULAR SUPPLIES FROM OUR WEBSITE. “We have a distributor in Botswana with several individuals in the diaspora requesting for regular supplies from our website which we deliver. It was used on small-scale by those who knew of its healing benefits.” she T rgibendi@ke. You can never be wealthy without learning to discern the wants behind the behaviour of masses that form your market. the back and to a minor extend. This level of income does not happen by some form of magic. the more I got convinced to share it. the recently launched iPad together with its numerous sisters. Botanic treasures.ke .

They are also more likely to take business trips. Eating. This. nose and throat tissues. This raises a concern over their health.5 litres a day. 22 per cent of bones and 2 per cent of tooth enamel. too. It then makes sense that people need to replenish all that lost liquid by drinking water quality. contributes to the amount of water A . together with continued growth of the middle class. and loses another litre of the body’s water through sweating and breathing. 2013 Advertising Feature I Safe Bottled Water Consumers spoilt for choice with personalized touch By EVANS ONGWAE eongwae@ke.nationmedia. carries nutrients to cells and provides the moisture for ear. For example. Many families in Kenya lack adequate clean and safe drinking water. has brightened the future of the bottled water market. 70 per cent of muscles. including parties. Most people get about 20 per cent of their water needs through the foods they eat. It is because of the convenience that bottled water offers. fresh and safe. which rise up the demand for bottled water in the market. has brightened the future of the bottled water market. and as such they turn to bottled drinking water for their daily needs. water helps flush toxins out of organs. ll that liquid is there for a reason. together with continued growth of the middle class. A normal human being urinates about 1.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. consumers have increased their daily intake of bottled water either because they want to stay healthy or to maintain a good balance of CONTINUED NEXT PAGE Water is life and its quality might mean the difference between life and death. There is also the change in lifestyle that is replacing caffeine and carbonates intake with water. All parts of the human body contain water which makes up 85 per cent of the brain. It is used in every system in the body. A growing number of the middle class in Kenya young and savvy professionals and business people who are healthy conscious for their drinking water needs. This.com a person takes in. There is also the change in lifestyle that is replacing caffeine and carbonates intake with water. especially while traveling. saying it is potable. 83 per cent of blood. BOTTLED WATER Most people prefer taking bottled water. In recent times. host corporate events. take holiday safaris.

II | Advertising Feature DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. bringing with it higher prospects for the industry. more and more investors are taking up the challenge in this multi-billion shillings industry to fill the gap occasioned by the shortage.” Water cannot be labeled natural spring or mineral water unless it has received an official designation. Purified water is produced by distillation. There is a difference between mineral and spring water. In some countries. and may be further treated so they meet pollution regulations.9 litre bottles Delivered to your doorstep No deposit. no hassle. All bottled water in Kenya must comply with the Kenya Bureau of Standards specifications and list the type of bottled water. 2013 Safe Bottled Water Consumers spoilt for choice with personalized touch FROM PREVIOUS PAGE body fluid as part of the weight-loss regime. both can be carbonated or not. the amount of dissolved solids (the minerals). and South Sudan. water shortage sends shivers in their nerves because the vendors do even sell dirty water to make money regardless of whether it is safe for their clients or not. 0721 630268 / 0735 821518 Email: kilimanjarowater@swiftkenya. There are three types of bottled water – mineral. Kenya has always been and remains far ahead as far as market size and growth for bottled water is concerned. Spring water is collected and bottled directly at source. As the Water Ministry strives to ensure that Kenyans access adequate safe and clean drinking water. or other suitable processes. But the middle class population is fast expanding in Tanzania. reverse osmosis. For most urban residents. However. Mineral water must contain a minimum of 2000 parts per million dissolved minerals. Ethiopia.com . Purified water may also be referred to as “demineralized water. This is awarded only after the water passes tests that prove it is naturally free of toxic elements and conforms to the requirements of the spring or mineral designation. whereas spring water is bottled as is at source. any additives and any treatment the water has undergone. deionization. spring and purified water. Uganda. mineral and spring water must be bottled at the source and in others it is transported and bottled elsewhere. the source. Call us on . Sources of spring water must meet certain hygiene standards. KILIMANJARO BOTTLED WATER Kenya’s longest established Water Brand Natural Spring Water in 18.

Spring Water . The Mineral Water is from an aquifer.is water obtained from a natural source which goes through the process of filtration and ozonation before being bottled for consumption. quamist Limited. 2013 Advertising Feature III Safe Bottled Water WHY AQUAMIST? 1.can be water from any source but it does not have the right minerals therefore the process of purification is different. A Kindly provide a brief of your company profile and water brand 2. Where / How can consumers access your products? quamist is easily available at all leading supermarkets. In addition. convenient stores and retail outlets. Purified Bottled Water . The process of bottling Spring Water is the same as that of Mineral Water. Pure Natural Mineral Water – This is a process whereby the water from a natural source that does not go through any treatment process and bottled directly for consumption. filling and sealing National Sanitization Foundation (NSF) certified equipment. A A What process does it undergo before bottling? 5. A 7. state-of-the-art fully automated washing.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. quamist Mineral Water is from a natural source at the edge of the Great Rift Valley. What quality standards do you adhere to and how do you generally assure hygiene is maintained throughout? quamist has a fully automated plant certified by NSF (National Sanitization Foundation) and the product is approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Standardization Mark and the Diamond Mark of Quality). Aquamist has a fully equipped factory to bottle the water at source after undergoing various filtration stages. T Why Aquamist? he advantage of Aquamist against the competition is that it is a balanced mineral water with the right amount of mineral content which is healthy for both children and adults to consume. Sourced from the edge of the Great Rift Valley. 6. The Mineral Water is naturally perfect with the right amount of minerals. Consuming Aquamist Mineral Water is healthy for the human body and meets any international standards. What is the source of your bottled water? quamist Mineral Water goes through the following process before being bottled: The Mineral Water from the natural aquifer goes through the process of Filtration and Ozonation before being bottled. We have a Quality Assurance Management team that ensures strict bottling conditions and continuous product inspections at all stages of the bottling process. Mineral Water . Aquamist is also a corporate member of the British Bottler’s Institute in the United Kingdom. Aquamist headquarters are conveniently located in Westlands. A 3. Natural Mineral Water . We are also an ISO 22 000 (HACCP) certified company. Purified Water goes through Reverse Osmosis in order to get rid of the unwanted minerals in the water.is water obtained from a natural source that goes through the process of filtration and is then bottled for consumption. It is the healthier option . prides itself on being a key market player as one of the leading bottlers and suppliers of Mineral Water in Kenya. Nairobi. Aquamist is also consumed by major leading hotels in Kenya. there are several categories and segments. that high levels of fluoride and sodium can be harmful especially to children and infants under the age of seven. the equipment and plant hygiene is maintained constantly. A 4. quamist is a household brand name and is very low in fluoride and sodium levels. What makes your brand a favourite in the market? A 8. now in its fourteenth year of operation. and an additional base in Mombasa and distributors countrywide in order to have a dedicated regional presence in Kenya. The plant also includes a modern. We also have an in-house laboratory to monitor the products. Under what category does your brand fall: Mineral Water. As you are aware. With reference to bottled water around the world.is from a natural source but does not have the relevant minerals. Spring Water or Purified Water? quamist is categorized as Mineral Water. rinsing.

2013 .IV | Advertising Feature DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.

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114/ 115/ 116/ 117/ 118/ 119/ 11:/ 111/ 111/ 113/ 114/ 115/ 116/ 117/ 118/ 119/ 11:/ OBNF LJNPTIP XJOGSFE XBOHBSJ NXBOJLJ QBVMJOF LBSJNJ OEBNCJSJ MJOEB XBXJSB NVHP EBWJE XBDIJSB NVSJVLJ TBNNZ NVOFOF NVSBHF KBNFT FEXJO NXFBOHJ OEBOV FEXJO JTBBDL XBTIPNF LPJOB TIBSPO CPOBSFSJ OHFSFTB KPC KVMJVT LFSSZ PNVHB HJTFNCB QBVM OZBNXFZB NCBLB KBQIFTI OZBNCBTJ POLPCB KBJSVT NPTVSJ BDIPDIJ IFOSZ OZBCVTP NPLVB HFPGGSFZ NBOZBSB PNPOEJ SPTZMFOF BTJFOP PXJTJ WJDTPS KVNB BCPOHP WFSB BOZBOHP HFOEFS GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF NBMF NBMF NBMF NBMF GFNBMF NBMF NBMF NBMF NBMF NBMF NBMF GFNBMF NBMF GFNBMF DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.VIII | OFFICE OF TΗE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS Uivstebz 33oe Bvhvtu.3124 T/OP/ 7:/ 81/ 81/ 83/ 84/ 85/ 86/ 87/ 88/ 89/ 8:/ 91/ 91/ 93/ 94/ 95/ 96/ OBNF NVMPDIJ FEXJO NBTJOEF NJDIBFM XBCPNCB MVTTB TVTTBOF CFSJM PCBOEB PEPOHP NPIBNNFE XBOZFTZF PLVNV SBZIBOB PNBS PEIJBNCP KPZDF BEIJBNCP LPFDI KBDLMJOF DIFMBOHBT CFTT MFPOBSE DIFSVJZPT DIFQTBOVJ IFEZ OHFOP IBSPO LJQMBOHBT NJCFZ 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2013 IX OFFICE OF TΗE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS Gsjebz 41ui Bvhvtu.3124 T/OP/ 316/ 317/ 318/ 319/ 31:/ 311/ 311/ 313/ 314/ 315/ 316/ 317/ 318/ 319/ 31:/ 331/ 331/ OBNF TBSVT HFPSHF LPTHFJ KBDLMJOF KFQLFNCPJ LJSVJ KVTTJDF LJQZFHP OJKB BSOFT TJZJBMP NVTBOHJMJ TBCJTIB OBEB PZPNCF KPTFQIJOF BDIVOHB OZBNBDIF XFTMFZ NCVOZB OZBCJP FVOJDF NPSBB BOHXFOZJ HPPEJF LXBNCPLB DIFODIB KBOFT OZBSBOEB BTJOB OBPNJ LFNVOTP NBLPSJ NBVSFFO OZBCPLF HJTIJOKJ BMFY XBHFOJ NXBVSB NJSJBN XBOKJSV OHBOHB NBSZ XBOKJLV BOEBCXB NBVSFFO OEFTF OKPSPHF GMPSFODF OKFSJ HFOEFS NBMF GFNBMF NBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF NBMF GFNBMF NBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF NBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF JE/OP/ 34171667 334:9184 34795195 35118894 31997541 36175659 36187718 341:1696 36351564 34388345 31917:76 35861857 349396:5 344616:8 35191741 3615:313 36115171 UJNF 9/41 b/n/ 9/41 b/n/ 9/41 b/n/ 9/41 b/n/ 9/41 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 3/11 q/n/ 3/11 q/n/ 3/11 q/n/ 3/11 q/n/ 3/11 q/n/ 3/11 q/n/ Npoebz 3oe Tfqufncfs.3124 T/OP/ 333/ 334/ 335/ 336/ 337/ 338/ 339/ 33:/ 341/ 341/ 343/ 344/ 345/ 346/ 347/ 348/ 349/ OBNF LBNBOEF XJMTPO NVSJHJ XBJTIBOKJ KBNFT LJNBOEP XBOKPIJ NBSL NVLVIB LBCVB JSFOF XBSJNB HBTJTV JSFOF XBOHBSJ OKVHVOB NJDIFMMF OKFSJ OEJSBOHV MZEJBI XBNVDJJ LBSVHB NJSJBN XBOKJSV OHVSVLB WFSPOJDB OKPLJ OTBCP FEOB PTFCF OEVOH(V NBSL OEVNJB NVSVSJ DBSPM XBOKB LJCVJ HSBDF OZBOHBSJ LBSBOJ FMJZBCFTI XBJSJNV BMFOHB WJDTPS BNVHP PLBOEB KVEJTI BEIJBNCP PNCPHP GSJEB BOO BLPTI HFOEFS NBMF NBMF NBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF NBMF NBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF NBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF JE/OP/ 35617464 36167:13 35874668 359465:6 36511845 353:89:1 361741:7 3418696: 351996:6 359914:5 35:61381 3615316: 35:7131: 35163751 341::341 35611516 3561158: UJNF 9/41 b/n/ 9/41 b/n/ 9/41 b/n/ 9/41 b/n/ 9/41 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 3/11 q/n/ 3/11 q/n/ 3/11 q/n/ 3/11 q/n/ 3/11 q/n/ 3/11 q/n/ Uvftebz 4se Tfqufncfs.3124 T/OP/ 199/ 19:/ 1:1/ 1:1/ 1:3/ 1:4/ 1:5/ 1:6/ 1:7/ 1:8/ 1:9/ 1::/ 311/ 311/ 313/ 314/ 315/ OBNF LBSJNJ DISJT DIJSB OEVOHV TTFWFO HJTIJOKJ LJSVJ QBTSJDJB DIFMBOHBT DIFSVJZPT NFSDZ DIFMBOHBT LBTJOB BOTPOZ NVTJMJ OKVHVOB FTTIFS XBOKJSV PLBMMP BOHFMB BEIJBNCP HJTBV FVOJDF XBJSJNV NBCJM QBTSJDJB DIFQDIJSDIJS BTXBOJ EPSPTIZ TIJTBOEJ OZPCFOEP EPSFFO OZBODIBNB OZBSPJTB NFSDZ OZPLBCJ PNPOEJ NFSJMZOF BEIJBNCP NCVSV NPOJDBI XBOKJSV LJOZBOKVJ HSBDF XBJSJNV PZBHJ TTFMMBI CPTJCPSJ NXBOJLJ LFOOFEZ LBOH(FTIF HFOEFS NBMF NBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF NBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF GFNBMF NBMF NBMF 35534561 35711351 37118156 35894593 34768187 35918114 35771383 JE/OP/ 39374345 35635:83 361:111 39317733 36169141 35994:79 3511:353 35551931 36631:54 UJNF 9/41 b/n/ 9/41 b/n/ 9/41 b/n/ 9/41 b/n/ 9/41 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 11/11 b/n/ 3/11 q/n/ 3/11 q/n/ 3/11 q/n/ 3/11 q/n/ 3/11 q/n/ 3/11 q/n/ Gsjebz 7ui Tfqufncfs.3124 T/OP/ 165/ 166/ 167/ 168/ 169/ 16:/ 171/ 171/ 173/ 174/ 175/ 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DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. 2013 XI .

management and administration of Parliament. (vii) Have demonstrable experience in managing people for results in a large and busy department. custody. (vi) Controlling of authorized parking (vii) Ensuring proper housekeeping gardening standards (viii) Ensuring fire prevention and safety measures are put in place. 10. PRINCIPAL SERJEANT-AT-ARMS. to that end. practices and etiquette and committee administration and management and any other relevant course.REF: BACASB 12/02/2013 (one post) (a)Duties and Responsibilities (i) Co-ordinate. Preparing transcripts for Editing. DEPUTY CLERK ADMINSTRATIVE . (b) Shown proven and enduring flair for parliamentary procedure and practice. (vi) Be a Resource Person at all Workshops/Seminars for Training and Capacity Development of Members of County Assembly and staff. VACANCIES The County Assembly service board of Baringo invites applications from suitably qualified Kenya citizens to fill the following vacant positions. (vii) Co-ordinate the training and capacity development needs of Members of County Assembly and staff. (xii) Ensuring proper house -keeping standards are maintained (b) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) Requirement for Appointment Direct Appointment For direct appointment to this grade. 06. Requirements for Appointment For appointment to this grade. Be in possession of a current Process Server’s Certificate. who will have: (a) Meritoriously executed the duties and responsibilities at that grade for at least three (3) years. Be able to demonstrate good knowledge of legislative procedures and the conduct of Assembly committee business.RFE: BASCB 7/007/2013. the Baringo County Assembly Service Board(BCASB) or the Clerk Requirements for Appointment 1. (v) Be a Resource Person and Consultant on all matters of the procedure. (ix) Co-ordinate modalities for the preparation of strategic plan for the 30 wards in the County. 2. 3. Be computer literate with practical experience. personnel. (iv) Carry out any chores necessary for County Assembly to accomplish its role and functions. FIRST CLERK ASSISTANT.2010 and County Government Act. HANSARD REPORTER II AND RECORDERS III –REF: BACASB 7/10/2013 & REF: 6/11/2013 ( 2 posts) a) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) Duties and responsibilities. Requirements for Appointment: For direct appointment to this grade a candidate must: Posses a Bachelors Degree in linguistics. An officer at this level will be responsible to the Deputy Clerk Administrative for overall management of the catering function. Certification in audio typing will be an added advantage 08. drafting and production of procedure in general and specifically the Standing Orders for the County Assembly in time for the implementation of the Constitution and County Government Act 2012 . and 6. Sorting and ensuring accurate recording. other Presiding officers and Members of County Assembly as required and overseeing the proceedings of the House.REF: BACASB 9/ 006/2013 ( 1 post) (a) Duties and responsibilities An officer at this level will be responsible to the Serjeant-At-Arms for the smooth management of assigned duties. Requirements for Appointment: For direct appointment to this grade a candidate must: At least a Diploma in Mass communication and above or any of the social sciences with good credit passes in both English and Kiswahili in the Kenya National Examination Education Examination or its equivalent qualification. Assisting in drafting duty schedules for Hansard Reporters. Ensuring timely and accurate recording and transcription of Assembly proceedings. have First Aid certificate Be in possession of an exemplarily service certificate. 2012. REF: 6/008/2013 (2 posts) (a) Duties and responsibilities Responsible to Serjeant-At-Arms in the following matters. Be able to demonstrate good knowledge of legislative procedures and the conduct of Assembly committee business. drafting and production of modules for the orientation / induction of Members the County Assemblies. (c) Attended a senior management course from a recognized institution. (ix) Submission of periodical reports. (viii) Oversee the establishment of proper structures for training institution to facilitate in capacity building. (ii) Putting together available resources – Money.REF: BACASB 12/01/2013(One post) (a)Duties and Responsibilities Duties and responsibilities at this grade will comprise:(i) General supervision of all Departments (ii) External relations including international. be computer literate. (iv) Coordinating work of individuals and various catering sections to produce smooth running operations. circulating and filing of published bills and subsidiary legislation (iv) Filing of court documents and any other legal documents (v) Organizing the Legal Department Registry. guiding. (iii) Co-ordinate the development by researching. functions and operations of Parliament. PRINCIPAL LEGAL COUNSEL-REF: BACASB 11/12/ 2013 (1 post) (a) Duties and Responsibilities The Principal Legal Counsel will be the Head of his/her of the legal services function of the Baringo County Assembly. Undertaking independent verbatim reporting of Assembly proceedings and those of relevant committees/ functions within or outside Assembly. archiving. and have shown merit and ability in work performance and results. PROCEDURE AND COMMITTEE SERVICES. (v) Preparation and presentation of orientation programmes for newly elected members of County Assembly. Speaker. LEGAL CLERK I-REF: BACASB 6/13/2013 (1 post) Duties and Responsibilities (i) Taking hearing dates in Litigation matters (ii) Facilitating service of Legal Documents (iii) Collecting. (vi) Drafting Legal Documents under the supervision of the Litigation Counsel (vii) Providing any other Clerical services that may be required by the County Assembly . II. an officer must have satisfactorily served in the grade of Clerk Assistant III for at least three (3) years. 4. cleaners. equipment. (ii) Be a Resource Person in the development by researching. functions and operations of parliament. (v) Maintenance of strict security measures in and around the Buildings. 07. 04. majoring in English and Kiswahili or Bachelors degree in mass communication or any other social sciences with good credit passes in English and Kiswahili in Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education Examination or its equivalent qualification. (e) Mastered a wealth of knowledge on the role. (i) Posting of information boards for Members (ii) Providing fire and safety services (iii) Accessing control management (iv) Crowd control management (v) Coordinating civic education (vi) Investigating incidences (vii) Conduct security surveys (viii) Maintaining decorum in the County Assembly/parliament precincts (ix) Crime detection and prevention (x) Ensuring security for personnel and property (xi) Supervision of gardeners.XII | BARINGO COUNTY GOVERNMENT DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. including comparative experience of other parliamentary jurisdictions. The officer will be assigned duties to within the Department of Legislative and Committee Services while undergoing training in such areas as parliamentary procedure. (b) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) Requirements for Appointment Have served in the disciplined forces with exemplary service and attained the rank of an Inspector . 2013 BARINGO COUNTY ASSEMBLY SERVICE BOARD. Have proven ability in managerial and organizational skills. and. 05. Be computer literate with practical experience. he/she and shall be responsible for. 2. and any other duties as may be assigned by the clerk. Preparing transcripts for editing . as directed by the Speaker. including identifying appropriate institutions/parliaments for the attachment and exposure of staff to develop their capacity and to offer generally appropriate support to Members of County Assembly in the light of the demands of the Constitution of Kenya. have certificate in fire fighting and first aid. and (d) A Master’s degree in a relevant field from a recognized university will be an added advantage. (v) Have demonstrated competence in designing and delivering training and development programmes or have a recognized qualification in Training. Be in possession of a Bachelors degree in a relevant discipline from a recognized institution. Education and Development. (iii) To advice the County Assembly Service Board on all Legal matters during its operations. (v) Continuous appraisal of performance of the staff and giving targets for action (ii) (iii) (iv) b) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) b) (i) . the Speaker. the Baringo County Assembly Service Board and the Clerk. (i) Planning for the department’s operation on a daily basis to chart best course of future action to ensure that Members get best food and services. Masters Degree in relevant field will be added advantage. Ensuring timely and accurate transcription of Assembly proceedings. through exhaustive service in all spheres of parliament. DEPUTY CLERK LEGISLATIVE. CATERING MANAGER – REF: BACASB 8/14/2013 (a) Duties and Responsibilities This is the highest grade in the cadre. avail advice to the Speaker (all Presiding Officers) all Members of County Assembly including to Select Committees. (vi) Have attended a senior management or leadership course from a recognized institution. materials and methods to ensure service to members are provided efficiently. Assisting in classification. and Must possess an exemplarily service certificate. Law or Political Science from a recognized university. (c) Valid practicing certificate 09. Undertaking independent verbatim reporting of Assembly proceedings and those of relevant committees/functions within or outside Assembly. 03. 5. inter-parliamentary relations. and.( A masters degree in this field will be an added advantage for Hansard Editor). (iii) Scheduling personnel to duties and assigning tasks. Assisting in classification. conferences and protocol affairs (iii) Enhancing public understanding and knowledge of the work of Parliament and increasing public accessibility and awareness and the operations (iv) Offering procedural advice to Mr. Be computer literate Have served at least two years in public sector or private sector in similar functions. the Committees. Sorting and checking transcripts from junior officers and amending as necessary. 01. In addition to the functions performed by the Senior Legal Counsel. (i) Enforcement of Speaker’s rules (ii) Supervising and coordinate security activities of the Buildings. and retrieval and cross checking of documents against references. SECOND CLERK ASSISTANT AND THIRD CLERK ASSISTANT-REF: BASCB 9/003/2013. 02. (iii) Be the holder of a Masters degree in a relevant field from a recognized university. and retrieval and cross checking of documents against references. (vi) Introduction and management of parliamentary internship programme and Supervisory coordination of all the Departments :(b)Requirements for Appointment Appointment to this grade will be made from persons who have served as Principal Clerks. custody. 1 (5)posts ) Duties and Responsibilities: An officer at this level will be closely supervised and guided by the immediate (a) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) Principal/Senior Clerk Assistant. Proficiency in the use of basic computer applications. Possession of a current Process Server’s Certificate. and any other duties as may be assigned by the Hansard Editor. (iii) Performing chamber duties (iv) Controlling admission of visitors and contractors/suppliers personnel. (b) Requirements for Appointment The qualifications for appointment as Principal Legal Counsel are the same as for appointment to the office of Judge of the Court of Appeal of Kenya as set out in the Constitution of Kenya. through exhaustive service in all spheres of parliament. ASSISTANT SERJEANT-AT-ARMS I. training and development of all the staff under him/her. (i) Supervising. Commissionaires and security wardens. archiving. the staff and other persons as appropriate. REF: BACASB 8/004/2013 & REF: BACASB 7/005/2013 -2. LLB in Law from a recognized institution. including their Speakers and staff. (ii) Be the holder of a Bachelors degree in Social Sciences or Humanities or other relevant field from a recognized university. Be proficient in the use of basic computer applications. and have wide experience in the role. Served in the grade of Legal Clerk II or in a comparable and relevant position for a minimum period of three (3) years. functions and operation of parliament. HANSARD EDITOR – REF: BACASB 11/09/2013 a) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) Duties and responsibilities. Be computer literate with practical experience Must have served in the position of corporal and above. have served in the disciplined forces for a period of not less than five (5) years. and have wide experience on the role. (iv) Have demonstrated enduring flair for parliamentary procedure and practice. administration and overall management of the legal services provided to County Assembly. (ii) Co-ordination. counseling. be in possession of a Degree or Diploma or relevant certificates in Social Sciences from a recognized institution. a candidate must:Be in possession of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education minimum (KCSE) grade(C-) . (b)Requirements for Appointment (i) Have served for a minimum period of (3) three years at the level of Senior Clerk Assistant/ Head of Department in Parliament/County Assembly or in a comparable position in public or private sector. Be in possessions of Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences. and . Closely supervised and guided by senior Hansard Editor and responsible to the Hansard Editor.

(v) Commissioning relevant Budget analysis and research on specific area(s) of interest as may be necessary. (ii) Have five (5) years relevant work experience in public finance related area. (x) Write speeches. three (3) of which must have been at the level of Chief Fiscal Analyst or similar position in the public service. d) (i) (ii) (iii) Requirements for appointment Have satisfactorily served for at least three (3) years in the grade of Senior Internal Auditor and is in possession of a relevant Bachelors degree and CPA Final or CIA Final Has undergone a senior management course from a recognized institution Be a registered member of the Institute of Internal Auditors and ICPAK. estimating and vote control and preparation of Annual Reports. determining adequacy and effectiveness of internal control systems . interpretation and application of research policies. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 18. application for Research Officer I. Served in the grade of Information Communication Technology Officer (i) III or in an equivalent and relevant position in the Parliamentary Service Commission or County Assembly Service Boards for a period of three (3) years. flyers. validation and certification of Information technology equipment (vii) maintenance of computer systems (viii) carrying out repairs and maintenance of Information Communications Technology equipment and associated peripherals (b) Requirements for Appointment For appointment to this grade. calculate. civil. (a) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) Duties and responsibilities Coordinating matters and systems relating to human resource. news bulletins CDs etc. (vii) (b). Providing direction on strategic human resource planning. Business Administration or equivalent (iii) Relevant masters degree will be added advantage (iv) Post graduate diploma in procurement / supplies management (v) Demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership. SENIOR PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS/MEDIA RELATIONS OFFICER-REF: BACASB 10/23/2013 (a) Duties and Responsibilities: Monitor public opinion regarding the Assembly. (vii) Issue press releases. (xi) Plan. classify. (vi) Oversee the assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of Government Policy Options. • Have experience in similar operations. or Software Support. (iii) Shown merit and proven administrative capability with extensive knowledge and experience in library service. evaluating their significance and assessing the degree risk inherent in terms of the audit costs involved. (i) (ii) Holder of a relevant bachelors degree and a relevant masters degree (iii) Shown merit in job performance 16. Commerce. Writing of research papers and reports and facilitating their subsequent publications/dissemination 6. coupled with over. the accuracy and timely preparation of reliable financial information as well as timely submission of annual financial statements and accounts. direction. a candidate must Be a holder of a Bachelors Degree in Human Resource management or any other relevant qualification. The job involves implementation of an adequate accounting system as a means of maintaining sound financial records which must recognize. organization and development. Supervising and ensuring quality control in the preparation of research papers. (vii) Ensuring provision of professional. National Identity card or passport and other relevant testimonials so as to reach the Secretary Baringo County Assembly Service Board not later than August 22. development and motivation of internal audit officers. Public Relations. ICT OFFICER I –REF: BACASB 8/22/2013 (a) Duties and Responsibilities (i) Installation and configuration of Local Area Network and Wide Area Network. He / she is also responsible for the review. design and programme specifications in liaison with users (iv) overseeing the process of configuration of new Information Communication Technology equipment (v) drawing up hardware specifications for Information Communication Technology equipment (vi) verification. Requirements for Appointment Appointment to the position will be made from persons who have (i) Satisfactorily served as Research Officer II or similar positions in comparable institutions for a minimum period of three (3) years. (i) (ii) Develop and implement communication strategies and advice the Assembly. guidance and technical expertise on Fiscal Management. post. conducting and supervision both financial and management audits as well as running a unit efficiently. (ii) Have Bachelors degree in Mass Communication. PRINCIPAL INTERNAL AUDITOR-REF: BACASB 10/ 17/2013 c) Duties and Responsibilities An officer at this level will be responsible to the Clerk for efficient co-ordination and control of operations in the Audit Department. planning and development of accounting services and for setting and maintenance of high accounting standards. electrical or mechanical engineering works. Requirements for Appointment: Served as Senior Accountant for at least three (3) years. (ii) Bachelors Degree/Masters degree in a relevant discipline from a recognized university. handling and distribution of supply materials and overall administration and management of supplies in the County Assembly Service Board. 19. selection and acquisition of books and library materials. RESEARCH OFFICER I-REF: BACASB 8/24/2013 ( 2 posts) (a). For appointment to this position. testing electrical controls in buildings • Supervise the repairs and maintenance of buildings and associated installations. Supporting the Principal Research Officer in the formulation. the safeguarding of assets.g. (b)Requirements for Appointments • Minimum of a Diploma in Civil Engineering. Organizing trainings and capacity development for the Hon. including assessing the strengths and weakness of policy options 4. (iii) carrying out systems analysis. (viii) Advising on suitable organizational arrangements for planning and coordinating budgetary policies and activities. and (v) Demonstrated outstanding administrative/managerial capability in the organization of the research services. SENIOR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER -REF: BACASB 9/16/2013 1 Post This office will be responsible for the Clerk of the county Assembly for the efficient management of human resource functions and administration. concise and understandable manner. (iv) Planning and facilitating Budget workshops for Members of County Assembly. commissioning. (b) Requirement for Appointment: (i) Served as Senior Principal Procurement Officer or similar position for at least 3 years (ii) Bachelors Degree in Procurement . other County/ National Government departments and public sector players.O Box 159-30400. Members. Remuneration will be commensurate with those published by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission. BINDING & MAINTENANCE : Strengthening reading materials by holding their pages together. media and other institutions. procedures. 13. Economics. (iii) Coordinate all public relations related activities including publishing of brochures. 20. prepare visual aids and make public presentations. How to apply a) Each application should be accompanied by a detailed CV and copies of relevant academic and professional certificates. Commerce. and (iv) Proficiency in computer applications. (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) have satisfactorily served as a Public Communication/Media Relations Officer for a minimum period of three (3) years.REF: BACASB 09/25/ 2013 (a) Duties and Responsibilities An Engineer at this level may be deployed to assist in the preparation of specifications. Be a registered member of the institute of Human resource management of Kenya. Formulating the Departmental Annual Work Plan around the Budget (ii) . (b)Requirements for Appointment (i) Served for five (5) years. advise departments on statutory requirements and storage. P. Ensuring that stores are well stocked with necessary raw materials for production and service. 2013. Duties and Responsibilities The duties and responsibility for an Officer in this position include:Ensuring provision of non-partisan professional research services to 1. develop and manage brand identity. (ix) Respond to enquiries from the public. inspection. develop and install the following systems: • HR Audit systems • Job evaluation tools • HR manuals • Payroll systems Any other duties as may be assigned by the clerk. the prevention of fraud and errors. staffing. ACQUISITION : Sourcing of reading materials 2. timely and objective National/ County Budget related information to relevant House Committees and Members. co-ordination and organization capabilities at top management level. control and supervision of the accounting unit. providing overall direction and administration of the department including provision of team leadership. (v) Have a proven record of research on finance related issues. LIBRARIAN BACASB 8/20/2013 (a) Duties and Responsibilities The officer will deputize / assist the Senior Librarian in the following areas: Management and administration of Library Services. summarize and report transactions. with particular emphasis on public policy analysis. three of them as Deputy Catering Manager or equivalent (ii) Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Management / Home Economics OR (iii) Bachelors degree in Finance /Accounts / Business Administration with a Diploma in Hotel Management OR (iv) Diploma from Kenya Utalii College with job experience of over five (5) years. Providing the Framework for regular Budget briefings to Members of the County Assembly and Committees. Advising the clerk on human resource and administration matters Establishing human resource systems. control and co-ordination of library staff. Certificate in Mass Communications. Physics or any other ICT related discipline with a bias in Information Communication Technology from recognized Institution. • Undertake and oversee the development of the County Assembly Master Plan and advice accordingly. (iv) Updating of the County Assembly website in liaison with the IT department. Have at least 3 years experience. and (vi) Be a strategic thinker with very good performance track record. Key Result Areas (As Deputy Head of Department) 1. (iii) A thorough demonstrable knowledge and understanding of the concepts and techniques of professional research. at least one which he/she must have been in a management supervisory level. rules and regulations 5. Public Relations or any Social Science.Plan public relations programs including the costs. Overseeing the assessment of strengths and weaknesses of government policy options 3. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTANT-REF: BACASB 10/20/2013 (a) Duties and Responsibilities The jobholder is responsible to the Clerk for efficient organization. Duties and responsibilities at this level entail:. 17. PRINCIPAL BUDGET OFFICER-REF: BACASB 11/18/ 2013 a) (i) Duties and Responsibilities Head of the department. (ii) Developing and updating applications systems. Initiating and conducting anticipatory research/analysis on key policy issues. 12. In addition: • Supervising the installation. and an ability to write reports in a clear. implementation of effective system of internal control of orderly and efficient conduct of business including adherence to Government policies. (v) Coordinating of the outreach program. (i) (ii) (iii) In addition. briefing notes and particular points of view (b). 11. (iii) Have sound knowledge of National/County Government Budget process and fiscal policy analysis. LENDING : The process of giving out and receiving back reading materials 5. (viii) Convening public relations and media related meetings and chairing the sessions while ensuring all minutes are taken and filed. (iv) An understanding of parliamentary process and a sensitivity to the research and policy analysis needs of the County Assembly. structures and procedures. liaising with other County Assembly/Parliamentary departments. a candidate must have a degree in any of the following fields: Computer Science/ Information Communication Technology or in Electronic / Electrical Engineering from a recognized institution. Hardware. RETRIEVAL : Use of the indexing system to access reading materials. (ii) Bachelor degree in any of the following: mathematics. SUPERINTENDENT BUILDINGS. (iii) (b) Requirements for Appointment For appointment to this position a candidate must:(i) Have a Degree or Masters Degree in Economics or its equivalent from a recognized university. Pursuant to the foregoing. PRINCIPAL PROCUREMENT OFFICER-REF: BACASB 10/15/2013 (one post) (a) Duties and Responsibilities: The Principal Procurement Officer is responsible to the Clerk through Head. (iv) Shown merit and ability as reflected in work performance and results.identifying activities subject to audit coverage. 2013 XIII Calendar and enforcing its implementation. contract documents and estimates for building. Diploma in Public Relations or Diploma in Social Science. the officer must:(iv) Have demonstrated administrative capabilities and a high degree of competence in planning . • Any duty that may be assigned by the Clerk and the Board. of Finance and Accounting Services for advice on County Government Supplies Management and Administration. • Have shown merit and ability in work performance and result. (iii) Ordinary/ Higher National Diploma in Computer Science. ensuring County Assembly Service Board’s assets are safeguarded and properly utilized and ensuring that operations of Internal Audit functions are within the recognized international audit standards. Baringo County Assembly Service Board. and (v) Have at least five (5) years experience in Audit matters. Members of the county assembly and members of staff. 15. and Be competent in use of IT as a working tool. or a Certificate in Social Science.Ref: BCASB 8/29/2013 on the envelope and addressed to:The Secretary. Network administration. (b) Requirements for Appointment (i) Have a Degree in Public Relations Social Science or equivalent from a recognized. Diploma in Mass Communication. (vi) Be a person of high integrity and has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities 14. duties and responsibilities involve: formulation of polices and regulation for efficient management of the Procurement services in the public sector. carrying out investigations on irregularities identified or reported in audit reports.DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. (iv) Be a team builder with excellent supervisory skills. (vi) (vii) Making judgment and choices for the department and arriving at conclusions for course of action to be adopted.. react to media stories and proactive media reporting through the available channels. Kabarnet. The officer will also be responsible for training. implementation of library work programmes. Committees and staff of County Assembly. and repairing them as necessary (b) Requirement for Appointment (i) Satisfactorily served for a period of three (3) as Librarian II (ii) Masters degree in Library and Information Science. • Will advice and oversee all Development Projects of the County Assembly Service Board.Economics. CATALOGUING : Indexing of reading material 3. deployment and remuneration in the assembly. formulation and implementation of library policies. Maintenance. All applications should have the position being applied for clearly marked b) e. (vi) Coordinating and receiving all visitors to County Assembly. and to shelve them appropriately 4. Statistics. handbooks. 2.

• Excellent negotiation skills and creative.nationmedia. strategic and analytical thinking skills. evaluating and commission new and innovative program ideas that capture strategic target audience trends. • Generation and negotiation of all production & vendor contracts. • Develop and maintain high-level supplier relationships. in programming or entertainment or content production. • Ability to manage multiple priorities with strong organizational skills These positions offer excellent career growth opportunity and a competitive remuneration package.com before 14th August 2013. • Work closely with independent producers to monitor production quality benchmarks. negotiation and sound computer skills. • Interpret market research and investigate market trends in line with program growth and development. We are seeking to recruit experienced and self. COMMERCIAL PRODUCER Job Ref: HR-CP-08-2013 Key Responsibilities: • Engage in day-to-day commercial production activities. INSURANCE PROVIDERS IN KENYA A golf course is not only an arena where multiple projectiles are being red in all directions but also a hub for corporate business in Kenya today. ensuring optimal use of funds. 2013.com or Edwin on 0721 842 425 Email: emuthee@ke. • Ensure convergence of local content with social media platforms. G LF SP EC IA L FE AT U RE For space booking and further information on this special feature contact: Benard on 0720 362 362 Email: bojow@ke. • Sourcing programmes in line with the target audiences. techniques and technologies necessary to execute the work. experience and skills: • Degree in Mass Communication or media studies. • Execution of ideas within or across media platforms by providing expert knowledge of the talent. • Excellent ability to create and maintain high-level. Participation in the feature is open to Insurance rms. • The ability to build relationships and participate in client meetings and presentations. sponsoring corporates and golf clubs in Kenya. banks. • Should have high standards. production and post-production. organising and monitoring of the progress of individual projects and programs. • Attend client meetings and produce creative briefs for execution. On Wednesday. including but not limited to bidding. • Develop and manage the channels’ content budgets. • At least 5 years’ years working experience at a senior level. a strong work ethic and be able to function autonomously. • Negotiate licensing agreements/ program contracts in line with business budgets.XIV | CAREER OPPORTUNITY Nation Media Group is the largest independent media house in East and Central Africa with operations in print. • Excellent written and spoken communication. 2013 COMMISSIONING AND PROGRAMMES MANAGER JOB REF: HR-CPM-08-2013 Key Responsibilities: • Develop and manage annual budgets for programming. broadcast and digital media.com . • Oversee the planning. in-house and outside to partner in executional engagement. and. Only shortlisted applicants shall be contacted. • A good understanding of the science of marketing and advertising to create a script that will persuade the viewer to buy what the client is selling. DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. • Contribute to the development of monthly and quarterly program schedules for the broadcasters’ television stations. • Knowledge of the East African consumer landscape would be a distinct advantage. • The ability to identify potential suppliers. acquisitions and all other related aspects of broadcasting programming. the Business Daily will carry a special feature on Golf Insurance Providers in Kenya.motivated individuals to fill the positions of Commissioning and Programmes Manager and Commercial Producer for NTV & QTV in the Television Division. • Working closely with independent producers to oversee storylines and program formats that suit the broadcasters target audience and audience ratings growth expectation.nationmedia. while retaining team membership and spirit. • Knowledgeable in legal issues associated with advertising. • Manage the broadcast process for delivery of commercial projects. pre-production and shooting and managing all aspects of pre-production. Uganda. including rights and licensing agreements. experience and skills: • A bachelors’ degree in production or graphics. agency experience would be a distinct advantage. excellent presentation. Qualifications. • Sourcing. • Good understanding of media sales and consumer research methodologies. • Keeping abreast and current on industry and technological trends. apply online at http://careers. • Maintaining communication with necessary creative and account team to facilitate workflow. • Work closely with the commercial/sales department to evaluate and monitor commercial viability of new programs and concepts. productive relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. If you meet the above criteria. • Planning and overseeing the production process for various broadcast projects for Television. • Management of multiple projects and the ability to work with all levels and roles within the organization from creative as well as third-party vendors and service providers. and. • At least 5 years of relevant work experience. August 14. Qualifications. This makes golf a competitive sport that brings together high-net-worth individuals in a precarious environment. Tanzania and Rwanda.nationmedia. It attracts and serves unparalleled audiences in Kenya.

DAILY NATION Thursday August 8. Also be prepared or anything that hits you quite suddenly. Rove 6. CANCER | JUN 22 . VIRGO | AUG 23 . GEMINI | MAY 21 . A number Sudoku with Steers Two winners win a Free Meal with Steers daily on 20567! Fill in the 3 shaded digits and send the values ABC to 20567 for your chance to win a Free Meal with Steers. To a position on 6. In some situations analysis is a good idea. . There is no point in trying to be too independent.2. To declare positively 21. losing head (8) 9 Takes no comfort from pose on sketch (6. but in others perhaps because you are unable to do anything about matters. Very soon you will realize there are far more appealing alternatives. As you get the letters. Your patience will be stretched to the limit by the supply attitude of someone in your circle. Eel 25. fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and control grid. A common Muslim male name 17. Bay 5. Holy 18. Try to get an early night this evening.3 Check your Wednesday paper to see if you are a winner. Atom 3. Initially these developments may as if they will be in your favor but you must be vigilant. it only increases your frustration.8) 6 Puzzled by birds that don’t fly into bed (7) 7 New novel penned by Stallone is careless and slipshod (8) 8 Levels of assistance mostly found in English studies (8) 14 A charge to include right touch judge (9) 15 Intrude. eg LEO to 6667 at 5/. Therefore when traveling is adaptable and open-minded to the way other people do things.MAR 20 The stars could make you rather impulsive today. One who bewails 16. Soft brown coal with woody texture 14.DEC 21 Unless you think on your feet and act with the speed of light. Only sure of help from workmates friends or lovers. No doubt this will confuse other people but not account should you allow yourself to be pushed or shared. A calling or career especially a call to religious life 7. Year 22.g Sudoku 1. Heavenly DOWN: 1.JULY 22 Today the stars will be opening up the line of communications between yourself and someone you are financially dependent on. Lend 19. However don’t make any decisions just yet.4) 1 Grazing 2 Officer 3 Nicer 4 Possessed 5 Sprat 6 Intercept 7 Related 8 Parlour 14 Skeletons 16 Reduction 17 Stamped 18 Suppose 20 Bonfire 21 Overeat 23 Donor 24 Drama YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION YOUR STARS AQUARIUS | JAN 21 . CAPRICORN | DEC 22 .4) 13 Transfer files from unhappy boy full of love (8) 15 Advantage of backing. Presently 10. Perhaps you should ease up on your efforts bearing in mind it is about the end of the year. Enter them in the appropriate squares in the main grid. The choices you face are quite overwhelming but you feel you must choose soon. Via 13. Dweller DOWN: 1. Cess 2. You have two letters in the control grid to start you off. Belong to it 24. 1 Grown Up 5 Stirrup 9 Affects 10 Rattler 11 Incorrect 12 Ratio 13 Germs 15 Surrender 17 Suspended 19 Taboo 22 Apple 23 Decadence 25 Pronoun 26 Imagine 27 Dresser 28 Nearest DOWN 3 Rising skill of French in support of newspaper industry (3. Same 14. Haft 17. Petrel 16. Owl 10. Merely 4. seeing heartless Etonian (cold fish) (8) 16 He loves his grub. An examination or trial 19. However. SCORPIO | OCT 24 . situations at work may get completely out of hand. Fan 24. Narrow ribbons of dried dough boiled and used with sauce or in soups 9. ARIES | MAR 21 . An affliction 11. Tee SIMPLE CROSSWORD ACROSS: 1. A chimpanzee COMPLEX CROSSWORD ACROSS 1 City doctor called in by domestic (6) 5 Attack one going to slaughter poor beast.JUNE 21 The stars suggest a fresh start so you no longer need to continue with those who question you. To sing in a rhythmic or gay manner 14. Save all your ambitious moves until next year.AUG 22 Pay attention to the self-protective instiners you are experiencing. Tabora 14. Wicked 11. Are 22. set off to get some things to write on (8) 22 Flower girl prepared to fight (6) 23 Nothing doing during first part of play — only missing the second half! (8) 24 Animal found in corner by hotel border (8) 25 Divorcee prompt to accept solicitor’s first defence (6) DOWN 2 End it on a high. other’s effort will eventually be to your best interests. Some may be personal while others domestic Whichever applies. Individual person or personality 16. Chamber 7. Flak 9. LEO | JULY 23 . A small stoppered bottle for medicine 2. being fit (8) 18 European proposals generating high feelings (8) 19 No more by oneself pinching flags regularly (3. Hall 20. SMS the Star you want. Small social proverbially hardworking insects 18. Check off the list of alphabetical letters as you identify them. A bobbin 22. say.APR 20 You may change your mind on several important matters a couple of times during this 24 hour period.SAGITTARIUS | NOV 23 . It could make the difference between success and failure. Foreign 12. ceremoniously chosen (8) CODEWORD YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION ACROSS Each number in our Codeword grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. Story 12. Routine is likely to be interrupted so be flexible. For example. given to editor (4) 17 Always in the North — and South gets votes! (4) 19 Gamble on first-class mark in exam for these characters (8) 20 Not often right confronting a bank (6) 21 Without phone.2) 10 Kiss and cuddle and lounge about on top of sofa (6) 11 One who may chase England runs and declare (8) 12 A dandy to boot (2. Anything intended to mislead 22. Peck 15.NOV 22 It’s a day when there is a certain amount of change and frustration or when a door refuses to open for you. Start the SMS with the word Sudoku e.5) 4 Face keeping a promise after second denial (9) 5 Imagining a bit on the side? (7.OCT 23 You will be prone to changes of heart and may be of mind too. work.FEB 19 No matter how carefully you plan events there is always the chance that others will let you down. More than enough 13. Winners will be contacted directly by Steers within 2 weeks to receive their prize SMS cost: 10/= YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION 5. Some situations ask for a kind of emotional vulnerability which you find challenging. Lye 16. LIBRA | SEP 24 . . Method or manner 15. They 21.SEP 23 Other people whether at home or at work appear to be in an aggressive mood so much so that your instinct is to stand your ground. make your demands with firmness and clarity.JAN 20 The stars will be in the area of your chart devoted to matters related to abroad. today 24 represents D so fill in D every time the figure 24 appears. Sharp ridges of a hill 4. Poetic for before 8.above normal rates. Any climbing plant 20. Save your fire for a couple of days more. To receive NATIONmobile horoscopes on your mobile. This evening it would be a good idea to rest as you are fast running out of energy. PISCES | FEB 20 . 2013 Leisure XV SUDOKU YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION ACROSS: 1. Mediterranean plant with yellow flowers and liquorice flavoured seeds 23. this is one time when you shouldn’t ask on your gut feeling because no matter how things appear at this time. Its time to push aside differences to reach happy compromises which will satisfy everyone. But there is a good chance that an escape route of your frustration may suddenly present itself. where paper work could get into a muddle if you are too hasty. then use your knowledge of words to work out which letters should go in the missing squares.MAY 20 Your mind will be working overtime today. Trade 23. TAURUS | APR 21 . To cover the inside of a roof 3. A writing appliance 25. This needs conscious controlling especially when at work. and rum in order (8) 17 Duck out of hole in loft. Tea 8.

5.00 BBC News 5. 12. 9.15PM. 1.20PM.00 Alma Indomable 12.20PM.15PM “THE LONE RANGER” 3..30AM.30 The Loop 6.10 Pambazuka 5. 2.20PM.30PM SCREEN II “OFFICER DOWN” 11.10PM.15PM. 6.40PM “WORLD WAR Z” (TBA) 4.00 Kazi Burudani by Eric Kilingo 1.30PM. NGONG ROAD SCREEN I “TURBO” (G/E)1 2. Tarcisio informs Tiao of the relationship between Gustavo and his mother. 2PM.00 Chimbuko La Alasiri 4.50PM “PACIFIC RIM“ (2D) 11AM.15PM.20PM “MONSTERS UNIVERSITY” (2D) (G/E) 10.50 Classmates 8.30 Rosa 7. 8.15PM STARFLIX CINEMAS .XVI | Leisure TREAT OF THE DAY NAIROBI 5:00am: Password Repeat 6:00am: AM Live 9:00am: Irrational Heart 10:00am: Beautiful But Unlucky 11:15am: The Young & The Restless 12:00pm: Rhythm City 12:30pm: Scandal 1:00pm: NTV at 1 1:30pm:Tanbihi Ya Ramadhan 1:40pm:Backstage 2:00pm: Children In My Heart 3:00pm: Password 4:00pm: NTV at 4 4:15pm: Password Reloaded 5:00pm: The Beat 6:00pm: Cat’s Cradle 7:00pm: NTV Jioni 7:30pm: Maid In Manhattan 8:30pm: Churchill Raw 9:00pm: NTV Tonight 10:00pm: Movie:Bad Boys 11:45pm: NTV Late Night 12:00am : Tanbihi Ya Ramadhan 12:15am : CNN DAILY NATION Thursday August 8.00 Damka 8. 6.30PM “WOLVERINE” (3D) (G/E) 6.45PM “PACIFIC RIM” (3D) (TBA) 4.00 National Geographics 11. 2PM. 6. 1.45AM.30PM.20PM SCREEN III “THE WOLVERINE” (2D) (TBA) 11AM.10PM SCREEN II “DESPICABLE ME 2” (2D) (G/E) 11.10AM.15PM “STAR TREK :INTO THE DARKNESS” 3.15PM.30 Initative Africa 10.10PM. 4. 9.30PM. 4. Tiao goes to the house of Rosy for explanations.45PM CENTURY CINEMAX JUNCTION. Then she confesses that Gustavo is not her cousin but in reality the former leader of Aromas who is going through many difficulties. 2013 CINEMA GUIDE 6:00 The Easy Breakfast with Munene 10:00 Make an Easy connection and more with Sheila Mwanyigha 2:00 Easy DJ Mix 3:00 Join Angela Angwenyi & Edward Kwach as they discuss real life issues in love.30PM “WORLD WAR Z” (3D) 2. 1.20PM “PEEPLES” (16) 7. 9. 1. 6. 6. 4. 4:00 Tambira by Selly Amutabi 6:00 Changamka by Rashid Abdalla.50 The Couple 10. 9.30PM.05 Miondoko ya Taarab 12. 2.00 CCTV 12. 2PM “PEEPLES” (TBA) 4.20PM SCREEN VI “TURBO” (2D) 11.00 CNN 5..30PM SCREEN II “WORLD WAR Z” 2” (3D) (G/E) 11.30AM.30 Gear Up 6.20PM SCREEN IV “WOLVERINE” (P/G) 11AM.45PM.20PM IMAX XX CENTURY CINEMAS. 4PM “TURBO” (3D) (G/E) 2PM “CHENNAI EXPRESS “ (TBA) 6PM SCREEN II “THE WOLVERINE” (3D) (U/16) 11AM “WORLD WAR Z” (IN 3D) (TBA) 1.00 Lunchtime News 1. 9.30PM 9PM SCREEN IV “CHENNAI EXPRESS “ (TBA) 11.25PM.30PM.50AM.40PM.30 BBC World News News KBC TV ANDY CAPP .30AM.45PM. 4PM.00 K24 CITIZEN TV Newscut 1.10PM “WHITE HOUSE DOWN” (TBA) 6. FOX CINEPLEX . Tiao promises not to say anything to police.00 Sacrificio De Mujer 7:00 Citizen Nipashe 7:35 Papa Shirandula 8:05 Abismo De Pasion 9:00 Citizen News 10:00 Amor Bravio 11.SARIT CENTRE SCREEN I “DESPICABLE ME 2” (3D) (G/E) 11AM.30PM SCREEN II “FAST AND FURIOUS 6” 10.00 Praize 6.00 CNN 6:30 Sunrise Live 9:00 Mid Morning Show 10:00 Mariana and Scarlet 11:20 World’s Strongest Man 12:00 Drive It 12:30 Case Files 1:00 News Desk 1:30 IAAF 2:00 Afri-Screen 4:00 Mbiu ya KTN 4:10 KTN Kidz 5:00 Plug In-Live 6:00 Prem 6:30 KTN Leo 7:30 Business Focus 8:00 El Clon 9:00 KTN Prime 9:50 Live Wire 10:30 Afya Bora 11:00 Spin Cycle 12:00 Late Night news 12:15 CNN 06:00 Jag 06:45 The Starter Wife 07:35 Two And A Half Men 08:00 Jag 08:45 Collision Course 10:15 The Mentalist 11:00 Two And A Half Men 11:25 The Starter Wife 12:15 Jag 1:05 Treasure Island Part 1 2:40 Treasure Island Part 2 4:15 2012: Ice Age 5:55 Two And A Half Men 6:20 The Mentalist 7:10 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 8:00 Patricia Cornwell’s The Front 9:30 Flashpoint 11:10 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit UNIVERSAL-DSTV KTN TV K24 TV 05.00 K24 Saa Moja 7.20PM.00 Good Morning Kenya 9. 9. 2.00 KBC News 10.10AM.40PM. 1. 6. 8.30 Business Central 9.30 Inside Business 2.20PM “PACIFIC RIM” (G/E) 1. 6.30 Life Ya Hustler 11.30 Parliament 4.00 Club 1 12.PRESTIGE PLAZA .15AM.30PM CAT’S CRADLE 6:00PM Today’s highlight: MAID IN MANHATTAN @7:30PM CHURCHILL RAW @8:30PM MOVIE: BAD BOYS @10:00PM Juvenal said to Severo he is satisfied with his studies of finance. 2PM. money and music 8:00 The Homerun. 3.30PM “THE HEAT” (TBA) 9.30PM.00 Bongo Movie 11. 12.00 Naijasinema 4. 7.00 Vioja Mahakamani 2.30PM SCREEN IV “FAST AND FURIOUS 6” 12.NGONG ROAD SCREEN I “WORLD WARZ” 10. and Aggy Owande 10. Alcino sold his apartment and goes to the house of Rosy to try to convince her one last time. 2.00 Platform Live 11. VILLAGE MARKET CINEMAS SCREEN I “DESPICABLE ME 2” 10.30 Nu’ Soul 1.30 The Couple 1.30 Generations 6. 6.00 Soul To Out 7.30PM.05 Mseto East Africa 5.30PM SCREEN III “DESPICABLE ME 2” (G/E) 11.00 Afrosinema Movie 12:00 Late Night News 4. 6. 9. 4. 6.30PM.00 Maafte by Kajairo and Rom Rom 4:00 Q Drive by Awinja and Lynda Oriaso 8:00 Tuliza by Roncliff Odit and Elvina Omalla 12:00 Vuka na Style by Rhyno 5:00 Al-Jazeera 6:00 Sifa 6:30 Toleo la Asubuhi 6:40 Chee Live 9:00 Dry Scorpion 11:00 Legacy QTV 12:00pm Toleo La Mchana 12:45 WWE : Vintage Collection 1:30 Tumsifu 2:00 Vipasho 2:05 Tumsifu 2:30 Kukuwa Yelllow 3:45 Nasaha 4:00 Vipasho 4:05 Mahewa 5:00 Vipasho 5:05 Gozomo 6:00 The Prankstar 6:30 Vipasho 7:00 Maisha Bure 8:00 Toleo La Jioni 9:00 Swala Nyeti 10:00 One True Love 11:00 Dira ya Dunia 11:30 Uongofu 12:00 Chest to Chest 1:30 Al Jazeera TELEVISION 5:00 Pambazuka 6:00 Power Breakfast 9:00 Afrosinema 11:00 News Updates/AfroSinema 11:50 Triumpho of Love 1:00 Live at 1 1:30 Afrosinema 3:00 News Updates 3:05 Afrosinema Continues 4:00 Citizen Alasiri 4.30 Club One 5. 6. 8.05 Watch Over Me 8.30 Dunda Kiwetu 6.30 Emerald Necklace 9.50PM.00 Taarifa 7. 3.00 Alfajiri 9.35 Serikal Ya Bibi 8.10 Mdundo 5. 6PM.15PM.25PM NYALI CINEMAX .45AM.20AM.25PM PLANET MEDIA CINEMAS -WESTGATE SCREEN I “WORLD WAR Z” (IN 3D) (P/G) 11.10PM.MOMBASA “DESPICABLE ME 2” (2D) 10. 12PM.40AM.30PM. but requires a certain amount of money in return.00 Club 1 1. 12.30AM.15PM. 5. 4.00 K24 Evening Edition 9. 5.10PM “LONE RANGER” 5.50PM.15PM “MONSTERS UNIVERSITY” 10AM.10PM “BHAAG MILKA BHAAG” 8PM STARFLIX.30 Business Defined 2. 8.30AM “CHENNAI EXPRESS” 10.30PM SCREEN V “WHITE HOUSE DOWN” (16) 8. 4.30PM.30PM SCREEN III “STAR TREK :INTO THE DARKNESS” 9.15PM.. 3. 20TH CENTURY PLAZA “PACIFIC RIM” (3D) 2:40PM “WORLD WAR Z” (2D) 5:10PM.

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