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Audience Specific Events

1. Sit on the floor

2. Hold your hands together

3. Clap quietly

4. Walk with heavy footsteps

5. Clap loudly

6. Do nothing

7. Give someone an answer

8. Do something

9. Place your hands over your ears

10.Do anything

11.Ask someone a question

12.Drop something small to the floor

13.Achieve nothing
14.Achieve something

15.Achieve anything

16.Achieve everything

17.Move with big steps

18.Sing a long note

19.Make a long sound

20.Make a very loud sound

21.Make a very quiet sound

22.Make several sounds

23.Recite a line of a poem, very slowly

24.Recite a line of a poem, very quickly

25.Take a pen and some paper, write a short poem inspired by the
events around you and perform it

26.Freeze for at least one minute

27.Take a piece of paper. Screw it up and throw it in the air


29.Do not loiter


31.Count the number of people around you

32.Mime smoking a cigarette

33.Mime holding a baby

34.Hold your hand on your face as if it were stuck there by glue

35.Crush a mobile phone in your hand until it turns into a diamond

36.Imagine the pain of having a recently boiled kettle poured onto

your face

37.Imagine that you have won £7.3 million

38.If you had the power to bring an end to war, would you do it?

39.Concentrate on an inanimate object so hard that it comes to life

40.Suck one of your own fingers

41.Eat popcorn
42.Concentrate on one thing

43.Concentrate on two things

44.Absorb the sound

45.Perform the alphabet

46.Perform the phonetic alphabet

47.Close your eyes

48.Blink rapidly for five seconds

49.Stand on one leg

50.Read a book click your fingers

51.make a sound like a baby

52.Move from a standing to a sitting position as slowly as possible

53.Remove something from your bag or pocket. Use it. Put it back

54.Think about something

55.Think about nothing

56.Think about anything

57.Think about everything

58.Dial a random number and ask to speak to anyone.

59.Make a phone call that lasts for five minutes.

60.Do any activity using the hand you use least.

61.Take a handful of coins and arrange them into similar piles.

62.Open and close your eyes.

63.Move a part of your body as slowly as possible.

64.Write out the alphabet thirty-seven times.

65.Walk around the outside of something.

66.Think about the number seven. Say it aloud six times.

67.Spend some time looking at the lines on the inside of your


68.Say out loud as many colours as you can think of as quickly as

69.Imagine the letter a.

70.Explore the number seven for as long as you wish.

71.Denounce something.

72.Consider the universe.

73.Walk through a solid wall.

74.Wait for anything.

75.Keep your mouth open for three minutes or more.

76.Tell someone you love them, when you really don’t.

77.Understand a shadow.

78.Contemplate a haircut.

79.Do something that makes fifty-one percent of the people you

know happy.

80.Shake hands with another person.

81.Say what you really think.

82.Be yourself.
83.Fly like a bird.

84.Walk backwards.

85.Jump so high in the air that you burst through the ozone layer
and dance with the stars.

86.Pick up an object and place it in one hand. Close both hands.

Guess which hand the object is in.

87.Wriggle your toes.

88.Walk 1000 steps and rest.

89.Look at the floor.


91.Drink a river.

92.Emasculate a dictionary.

93.Solve a simultaneous equation.

94.Wear a suit.

95.Run away from something.

96.Watch a group of people.


98.Go behind something.

99. See your future.

100. Act upon an impulse.

101. Place something around your neck.

102. Think long and hard about becoming a ghost.

103. Express yourself in nine different ways.

104. Draw a line that best reflects your personality.

105. Consider: 5x0=0

106. Say out loud all the letters of the numbers nought to ten, at
the rate of one number per second.

107. Be fabulous.

108. Make sure they all laugh at you.

109. Walk across a rainbow.

110. Take the lid off a pen, put it back on again.

111. Relax.

112. Make an anagram of your name.

113. Stop photosynthesis.

114. Think about osmosis.

115. Touch the meniscus.

116. Choose a word for every letter of the alphabet, find a word
that rhymes with each word. Now find a word that connects the
two rhyming words. Take the first letter of each of the seventy-
eight words and arrange into a sentence.

117. Open something, close it and repeat.

118. Blink once a second for sixty seconds.

119. Put your hands in your shoes and walk.

120. Turn something.

121. Touch the material you are reading this sentence from.
122. Comb your own hair, first slowly then speeding up.

123. Graphically represent music or art.

124. Observe what is in front of you, mentally capture it and twist

your head as far round as you can. Close your eyes and
remember the captured image.

125. Place your hand over a surface where you can see the
resultant shadow. Hold your hand four centimetres away and
very slowly bring it down.

126. Multiply a number by a shape.

127. Choose any word, say it out loud, making it last for one

128. Feel your own face with your own hands.

129. Touch your own eyeball with a finger.

130. Have a conversation with another person. Each new
sentence must begin with the next consecutive letter of the

131. Be.

132. Be not.
133. Listen.

134. Do.

135. Make a line, follow it.

136. Release yourself.

137. Cover one side of a small piece of white paper with enough
small/thin lines to eradicate the whiteness. Display so that both
sides are clearly visible, a reminder of peace and unity.

138. Consider the eventuality of consideration.

139. Freedom.

140. Tense your entire body as much as possible for seven


141. Identify with the anxiousness of a revolutionary theory.

142. Contradict a predominant characteristic.

143. Reclaim an environment.

144. Reform a society, without speaking.

145. Construct and deconstruct a situation.

146. Eat 1000 raffle tickets.

147. Expect the unexpected.

148. Wander.

149. Observe ambience for any duration of time.

150. Superimpose a popular belief onto an urban legend.

151. Seduce a simplicity.

152. Create a radiant, vibrant harmony.

153. Find the relationship between the following four sets of

numbers: 40/73+131/186+262/339+1079/1898

154. Consider the definition of the word ‘context’

155. Write out the fibonacci sequence.

156. Go as far as you can go, then go farther.

157. Telephone a friend, preferably a relatively new friend, to tell

them the time.
158. Give a person a blank sheet and ask them to explain.

159. Look around you, find a small cross and focus on it.

160. Think of a word that rhymes with sticker, use it in a sentence

about your friends.

161. Look for someone with very long hair; watch what they do.

162.Think about how many grains of sand there are in the world.

163.Think about how many blades of grass there are in this world.

164. Consider yourself in a parallel universe.

165. Make a sound, if you are happy with that sound - make
another. Keep going until you make a sound you are unhappy

166. Try something for two minutes, if you find it boring try it for
four minutes, then eight minutes.

167. Scream.

168. Subtract your age from 103.

169. Try to do nothing.

170. Take the vowels and consonants out of your name, then
pronounce is out loud.

171. Tell a lie so great, you stop time.

172. Write in 100 words, exactly how you wish to die.

173. Be hypnotised.

174. Imagine all the worse things, creeping in and standing icily
around your bed.

175. Smell like an orange.

176. Brighten someone’s day.

177. Say it with flowers.

Variation: say it with words.

178. Address your irrational fears and be cured of them.

179. Find yourself, lose yourself, find yourself, lose yourself.

180. Take a £1 coin, look at the date and add the numbers
together, then triple the product. This may be the age you die.

181. See how many sounds you can make with your mouth.
182. Focus on an object, without blinking, until your vision blurs.

183. Write out the alphabet at a rate of one letter per five seconds.

184. Have no senses at all for about five minutes.

185. Find a bald headed person, touch their head.

186. Find a man with a beard, stroke it.

187. Write the number ‘one’ once; ‘two’ four times; ‘three’ nine
times; ‘four’ sixteen times. Continue this pattern for as long as
you wish.

188. If you see a person wearing glasses, tell them you like their
glasses. If there are no glasses in the equation, tell the person
they would look good with glasses.

189. Invent a suitable twenty-seventh letter to extend the alphabet.

190. Invent your own word and use it convincingly in a sentence.

191. Sit down, lift yourself up by pushing your arms down.

192. Have an adventure.

193. Wink at someone.

194. Write down ‘Shakespeare’ in as many ways as you can think

195. Name a pianist for each letter of the alphabet.

196. Place about twenty small dots on a page and draw lines
between as few or as many as you like.

197. Tell a joke in extremely bad taste, amongst people you know
will not appreciate it.

198. Tell a joke, without laughing.

Variation: Laugh uncontrollably throughout the telling, so much
so that the other person does not hear the joke.

199. Draw any shape; then draw any two shapes near it. Turn
your page ninety degrees. If it looks like a car do it again, if not,

200. Fill your mouth with saliva, open your mouth and let it dribble
out down your chin.

201. When Catholics cross your path, cross theirs.

202. Protest silently, do not make it known.

203. Rename the months of the year to suit your personality.

204. Sing the highest note you can think of then think about the
lowest note -but do not sing it.

205. With some friends, form a line, keep checking your watches,
stamping your feet and making impatient vocal sounds.

206. Choose a nationality, different from your own and behave


207. Become aware of your own heartbeat.

208. Cough loudly in public.

209. Rub the end of a black ink pen against a fingernail.

210. Touch the persons hair, in front of you, without them realising.

211.Cut yourself on the rings of Saturn.

212. Talk as a pirate might, for as long as you wish.

213. The colour of blood. The colour of money. The colour of

heat. The colour of envy. The colour of the sky.

214. Tell a joke about a duck. Now tell a joke about a goat and
then a horse. Now tell ten jokes about a duck..
215. Choose two words. Begin chanting one word and slowly,
gradually turn the first word into the second.

216. Move your head continuously.

217. Bite the last apple with your blood stained fingers.

218. Comment loudly that you have terrible body odour.

219. Talk to someone, go red, feel yourself turning red, go even

redder, feel yourself turning crimson, turn a thick, congealed
blood colour, feel this happening, walk away.

220.Don’t eat, if you get hungry, don’t eat, if you feel hungry, don’t
eat, if you feel hungry, don’t eat, don’t eat, don’t eat.

221. You stand in a wasteland, surrounded entirely by nothing.

You wait, in a black hole. Time. Time. Time. In a wasteland,
you stand, nothing surrounding you. A black hole. Time time
time. The wasteland surrounds (you are nothing) entirely. The
whole black. Timetimetimetimetime.

222. Comment out loud on the state of you being.

Variation: Comment out loud on the state of your nothingness.

223. Make a name out of the following letters: OHENMJCRIRK.

224. Solve: 2+2

225. In a public place, with not too many people, draw the frame of
a game of noughts and crosses on a piece of paper and show it
to someone and offer them a pen without saying anything. If
they so wish, play a game.

226. Take a small plastic cup - slowly squeeze the top together, it
is your choice to whether you break the cup or not.

227. Place a car on your eyeball, lift it up. Place a car on top of
that car. Take away the first car and let the second car drop
onto your eyeball.

228. Do something which you know will change your outlook on


229. Wander lonely, as an eyeball in a glass of cloudy lemonade.

230. Observe two people sat within close proximity. Imagine a

bridge linking their knees together.

231. Write half a text and disregard.

232. Open your palm wide, imagine a handful of broken glass -

slowly close your hand with your eyes shut.
233. Detach your legs, give them to someone who might use them
234. Open your mouth as wide as you can, remove all your teeth
with a pair of pliers, collecting all the blood. Remove your
gums, tongue and lips. Burn your genitals and pour the blood
through the fingers of one hand, reciting the lyrics of any song
by the Spice Girls.

235. With four crotchets, four quavers and thirteen

demisemiquavers, make a rhythm.
Variation: You may include any numbers of rests of any duration
at any point.

236. Make a list of ten essay titles. You should not write the

237. Change the suns light bulb.

238. Place a hand on a wall, close your eyes, feel around for
impurities. Take time to feel as much as possible and imagine
what it might look like.

239. Hold your right thumb as far in your left armpit as possible
and stretch out your little finger as much as you can.

240. Spell the word ‘Mississippi’.

241. Walk for five steps with your hands in your pockets, then an
immediate five steps with your right hand out, down by your
side, then a further five steps with your left hand out down by
your side. For the following five steps return your right hand to
your pocket and then after another five steps return your left
hand to its starting position. After those twenty-five steps walk
freely without counting, then, when you are ready, repeat with
six, seven steps etc until you reach your destination.

242. Create two objects, blue and green. Place them against a
brown backdrop.

243. Make contact with an alien species.

244. A person holds their mouth in terror. Whenever they remove

their hands an unbelievable cacophony of horror escapes.

245. Imagine yourself to be two swans, resting on a lake.

246. Touch your tongue on your top lip, leaving it there as long as
you wish.

247. Draw an arrow on a page.

248. Put your fist in your mouth and keep it there until the tide
goes out.

249. Be cautious, but not overly.

250. Find the connection between football, basketball and netball.

251. Is there a need for war?

252. If you make someone laugh, they don’t have to pay.

253. Keep breathing, in, out, in, out, in.

254. Choose a number between one and eighty-eight. Every time

you hear this number you must squawk loudly.

255. Make any one sound in ten minutes and twenty eight

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