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advise agree apologise ask congratulate decide deny invite offer remind - suggest


ACROSS 3. No, I didn't do it! I wasn't there, said Tom. Tom ________________ doing it. I am really sorry for being late, said Maria. Maria _____________________ for being late.

DOWN 1. Well done Tina, you have passed the exam! I ___________________ Tina on passing her exam. 2. Would you like to come to the cinema on Saturday, Pam? I _________________ Pam to the cinema. 4. I'll have the steak, please, said Jean. Jean _______________ to have the steak. 5. Ok, Ill give you a lift, said Jenny. Jenny _______________ to give her a lift. 6. Shall I carry your bag, mum? said Peter. Peter ____________________ to carry his mothers bag.



I wouldn't buy that car if I were you. I ____________________ him not to buy that car. 8. How about spending the day at the beach? said Carlos. Carlos _________________ spending the day at the beach. 9. Do you think you could help me? I ______________________ Raul to help me. 10. Dont forget to send your mother a birthday card, Maggie. I _________________ Maggie to send her mother a birthday card.