Company Name Name of the Data Warehouse Project Document Version Starting Month of the Project Business Overview Speedster Motors Corp (SM Corp) Inventory Management Data Warehouse Project 1.0 September, 2013 SM Corp is a pioneer and global leader in the field of automobile manufacturing since 1950. At present, the company has 1, 13,000 employees across the globe. Its vehicles are manufactured and sold across 10 countries. The company uses 8D process to manage in the manufacturing industry. The annual turnover is over $15 billion with 1 million cars sold globally and 5 % increase in sales. The CEO is Mr. John T. Edgar Jr. To increase the efficiency and to enable the corporation to make quicker and better decisions to rise up further in the automobile industry Around $6,00,000

Business Objective

Planned Budget for the Data Warehouse Project

 Unavailability of archived data for analysis. monthwise and year-wise. Business Analyst and DBA Peak connectivity of the end users is at all times of the day since the enterprise has business across countries worldwide having different time zones. Specific Reports used by the End Users Analysis of Reports .Global Materials. Reports that can help in calculating GMROI by product category and sub-category week-wise. CEO. CIO. VP . Reports help in showing the chain profitability which can help in maintaining the optimized inventory level in all warehouses.Architectural Approach Business Requirement Bottom-up Approach Critical Business Problems:  Inability to obtain consolidated reports  Inability to access reports in real-time. Business Project Lead. End Users End Users Training Training on data warehouse usage is required for the end users.  Non-scalability of existing systems.

Resource Requirement .Data Sources Data Source 1:Access Data Source 2: Excel The various data sources contain data spanning from the year 19852007 Size of the Data Sources Data Availability System Requirement Data sources can be accessed. Windows Server MS SQL Server 2008 Resources are required as the current IS team is not equipped and trained to handle the data warehouse project.

Cost Estimates for the BI Solution For Inventory Management System Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Hardware Software Resources & Maintenance Total SM Corp.RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) CALCULATIONS To estimate the expected profitability of the data warehouse project. SM corps used the following three financial measures:  Net Present Value (NPV)  Payback Period  Return on Investment (ROI) SM Corp. Cost Estimates Without the BI Solution For Inventory Management System Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Resources & Maintenance Total .

SM Corp. Net Savings Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Costs with BI Solution Costs Without BI Solution Net Savings Note: Add your graph showing the net savings. Payback Period (Years) Total Discounted Net Savings at x% Number of years in Time Horizon Average Total Discounted Net savings at x% Initial Investment in BI Project Payback Period Formula Payback Period in Years . Year 3 SM Corp. NPV Formula Discounted Net Savings at x% Total Discounted Net Savings at x% Year 3 SM Corp. Net Present Value (NPV) Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Net Savings P.A.

SM Corp Return on Investment (ROI) Total Discounted Net Savings at x% Initial Investment in BI project ROI Formula ROI .

DATA SOURCES ANALYSIS DOCUMENT The following data sources are analyzed to create the data sources analysis document:  MS Excel Sources  MS Access Sources Spreadsheet Name MS Excel Sources: From Year 1985 to 1989 Table Name Column Name Data Type Spreadsheet Name MS Excel Sources: From Year 1990 to 1994 Table Name Column Name Data Type MS Access Databases: From Year 1995 to 1999 Database Name Table Name Column Name Data Type .


LOGICAL DATA MAP Target Source Table Column Data Description SCD Database Table Column Name Name Type Name Name Name Data Type .

ETL PACKAGES Package Name Description .


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