NAME: Elena Nitu DATE: 4th March 2013 TEXTBOOK: Welcome 2 STAGE OF COURSE: Unit 10 : I was a happy baby! Lesson 2 LEVEL/GROUP: L1/4th C NO. OF STUDENTS: 21 TIME: 50 minutes THEME: - The child and the familiar environment -The child about himself/herself FUNCTIONS (according to curriculum): 3-to initiate a verbal exchange 4-to identify elements from the familiar environment 5-to describe people, places 6-to ask and give information about the familiar environment 7-to localize places 12-to talk about past events COMMUNICATION ELEMENTS : -‘to be’ in past tense -there was, there were AIMS OF LESSON: -to be able to use the acquired vocabulary in a context created by flashcards/pictures -to develop and practice the productive skills (writing, speaking) and the receptive skills (listening, reading) related to past actions -to use past tense of verb ‘to be’ -to reinforce vocabulary, to promote discussion and to practice language in a particular context -to practice pair work AIDS /MATERIALS: textbook, wordbook, CD player, CD, flashcards, blackboard

cute. quiet. vocabulary show.the T writes down the name of the lesson and the objectives: -past simple of ’ to be ‘ -there was /there were 2’ 2. in order to check their answers CD 3-the T shows the Ss the example . Lead-in 4.the T elicits the date from the Ss and writes it on the blackboard . Presentation/ Practice .-the T asks the Ss to listen and . circus.5 and fill in the correct -to practice form of verb ‘to be’ in past tense pair work -the exercise will be read in pairs Ss’ workbooks 4’ flashcards 10’ Notebooks 2. noisy.The Ss’ and practice textbook are asked to read the dialogue aloud was/were then. library -the T tells the Ss they are going to work in pairs.-the T asks Ss to open their books at page 63 ex. post office. dirty.to check their knowledge of “to be “ past forms from the previous lesson .No Stages of lesson Warm-up Students’ and teacher’s activities Reasons for activities .to create a pleasant atmosphere and to relax the Ss -to introduce them to the topic of the lesson Material Min blackboard 1. . Homework checking -homework checking -ex. -to work in writes it on the Bb and then asks Ss to pairs take a random flashcard and to ask and answer. gives an example.3/41 WB 3.6.to revise circle the correct word at ex.the T asks the Ss to look at a set of -to practice flashcards and elicits the previous their vocabulary: previous naughty. following the example: -What was Wendy like? -She was very noisy! 1.

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