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TESTIMONIALS Supporting the Most Holy Family Monastery Apostolate
The following letters and testimonials serve as a small example of people who have been significantly impacted by the information from Most Holy Family Monastery. These are just a few of the countless letters we have received over the past few years. These testimonials show that there are many people who are still searching and willing to accept the truth faith, which has been taken from so many millions in the wake of the Vatican II revolution. These letters also show that the true faith is what changes lives and leads people to holiness; for without the true faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). Our apostolate provides people with the opportunity to learn the true faith, and the ability to know how they can increase and practice their faith through prayer and the reception of valid sacraments. The increase of attendance at Traditional Latin Mass centers all over the country is directly linked to the success of our apostolate. Over the past few years, we have been contacted by thousands who have been interested in the information they received from Most Holy Family Monastery. Among these thousands, hundreds have definitely returned to the true Mass and the practice of the true Faith; and this does not include others who, though not in direct contact with us, have returned to the true Mass and Faith by tapes or magazines that were given to them by a friend or family member. One cannot possibly estimate the number of people who have been influenced in this manner, especially when one considers the large number of copies of our magazines, videos and audiotapes in circulation. We have also sent out a large amount of flyers exposing Vatican II, Antipope John Paul II and the New Mass. But unfortunately, there are millions of other poor souls who have been deceived by the treachery of the Vatican II Church; and they have been given no explanation. Our apostolate can provide these confused people with the Catholic explanation, as well as the information they need to save their souls. We need your financial support to reach these souls. Dear Most Holy Family Monastery, Thank you for the truth you are spreading about the sacrilege of the Novus Ordo Mass. I converted to Catholicism from Protestantism in 1995. I sensed something was wrong but didnt know what exactly it was. I started to pray the Rosary every day, which is what I believe led me to your film about what has happened to the Mass. I left the New Mass and now attend the True Latin Mass. My whole life has changed since I have been attending the Traditional Church. My sister and her husband have left the New Mass and returned to the Traditional Mass since viewing your film as well. Several people at our Church are there because of your films. May God bless you all. Barbara Rhodes Evansville, IN. Dear Bro. Dimond,

I wanted to write to you to let you know how your information has changed my familys life. In the beginning of November 1998 a person was selling your video Creation and Miracles on the Internet. The video was being sold to people for only a few dollars, so we decided to get a copy. The video was interesting and we sent away for your other videos, audios and magazines. We were blown away by the material you sent. You then gave us a Traditional Mass location in our area, which we began to immediately attend. We are indebted to the Monastery and thank God for the grace to know the full truth of what a person has to believe in to be a Roman Catholic. Because of the way the information has completely transformed our lives we pray that as many other people get to see this information as possible. May God bless your apostolate abundantly. Brad & Jamie Ball Webb, IA. Dear Bro. Michael Dimond, I was raised a Catholic until the age of twelve. From twelve until I received your information about two years ago, I was away from the Church and leading a life not of God. A few years ago I began my search to find the true Mass and the True Faith. When I came back to what I thought was the Catholic Church, I noticed that everything had been changed. I wasnt helped by the New Mass and the new Vatican II religion. My life was a living Hell. I knew that this seemingly new kind of Catholicism wasnt the real Roman Catholic religion, but I didnt know where to go and what to believe. So I started to pray the Rosary every day. Shortly after my praying of the Rosary each day, I found a prayer card in the back of the Novus Ordo Church I had been going to. On the back of the card they advertised for a Catholic prayer book that I decided to send for. About two weeks later I got the book in the mail along with the best video ever produced in the world, Creation and Miracles, Past and Present.. By watching this video you produced it changed my life forever. I then wrote to you to give me all of your information on the Catholic Faith. You sent me the other videos, audios and magazines and a traditional Mass location in my area. I have found the true Faith again through you and your Monastery. Mary S. Mills Vero Beach, FL. Dear Bro. Michael, I wanted to thank you for your video Death and the Journey into Hell. Somehow my father got a copy of it, and thought I might be interested in it so he gave it to me. I turned white as a sheet after watching the tape. It was like someone put a mirror in front of me so I could truly see myself. The tape scared me initially, but that was exactly what I needed. The video absolutely converted me. I now go to the real Roman Catholic Mass and have the true faith. Before the watching the video I wasnt taking the faith seriously. Watching the video has caused me to take my faith very seriously and has caused me to change my life. Your video was definitely the wake up call sent by God to change my life. If I didnt get a chance to see that video, I dont know where I would be today.


Steve Margala Marshall, WI. Dear Bro. Dimond, I was one of those people who would attend the New Mass every Sunday, and would be shocked and disgusted by what I would see happening. But I thought that the New Mass was the only Catholic Mass available, I didnt know there was anything else I could go to until I received your information from a friend of mine. Through the information and your recommendation to pray the Rosary every day, my life immediately changed. Now, through the Rosary and your information, everything I do in my life I try to do for the glory of God. If I do make it to Heaven, a big part of the credit goes to the information and advice I have received from you and Most Holy Family Monastery. Jeff Lonigro St. Charles, IL. Dear Bro. Michael, How I thank our Good God for you! Through your efforts I have found the True Catholic Faith, the True Mass and am at peace. Some say that you are uncharitable towards Novus Ordo Catholics and NonCatholics but if it were not for your information I would not have been so quick to get away from the New Church. So I thank God for the gift of boldness that he has instilled in you! You are in my prayers. God bless! Please send me 75 copies of Is the New Mass Valid. I truly think it is perfect! Caris Gephart Indianapolis, IN. Dear Brother Michael, We need your apostolate to continue in order to educate ignorant people like me. You have the courage to expose the errors of the Vatican II Church, even though you are severely criticized. Thank God and the Blessed Virgin you are keeping the Traditional Faith. Your issues 1,2,3, and 4 re-enforce my faith. I thank you for being there and getting me back to the Traditional Mass. God bless you. Please accept the enclosed donation. Mrs. Rose Beckerich Highland Heights, KY. Dear Bro. Dimond,

The work that you and Most Holy Family Monastery do is just incredible. I have been devouring all reading material that can shed light on the true faith. Only recently have I found the true faith. I would be very confused if it were not for your excellent publications. So many of us would not know where to start if we had to defend our position on our own. Please extend my gratitude and prayers to all of you who work so hard to educate and save souls. Angela Calderon Fort Worth, TX. Dear Bro. Peter, I found issues 1, 2, and 3 of your magazine. Inadvertently, A Voice Crying in the Wildernesss got filed in a drawer, only this afternoon did I find them. I have been reading them and I am awestruck at the depths of your excellent research and documentation. Katharine Wilkstrom Missoula, MT. Dear Brother Michael Dimond O.S.B., I am indebted to you for giving me the true story of what is taking place in our Church today. For 29 years I was with the Novus Ordo. I always knew there was something not right with it. And from you and other sources I am now believing the truth. I want to thank you for sending me the latest issue #4 of A Voice Crying in the Wilderness. Edward Giertych Holmen, WI. Dear Br. Michael: Issue #4 is a masterpiece but especially the flyer on the New Mass! This is what I have been trying to tell my Novus Ordo friends and relatives! Thank you and God bless! Joe Druecker South Bend, IN. Dear Brother Michael, The latest book #4 is great. If the people would read it, they would have to change their life around, quit Vatican II, and go back to being a Catholic again. Kay Nokusille Wellston, OK.

Dear Friends in the Lord, It was God who put your first magazine #1 in my hands. I was in the Vatican II religion and attending the New Mass for most of my adult life. After reading this magazine, I told myself that I am going back to the Old Church, and my soul was filled with happiness! Please tell me where I can find a Traditional Latin Mass. Lala DeLude Madras, OR