Feel how useless are the words you are using to say nothing
The missing link between Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity ,Quantum Physics, DNA and Spirituality

Edward Lawrence Moreno


Prologue……………………………………………………………………… 4 Chapter One…………………………………………………………………. 9 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 What Einstein s Theory of Relativity Means? ………………. 9 What Quantum Physics is and where It arrived today? ………………..10 Two Theories that we use to understand life……………….11 The proof that behind D.N.A there is intelligence………….11 Spirituality…………………………………………………………12

Chapter Two……………………………………………………………….. 14 Understanding what ‘I am’ means………………………………….. 14 Chapter Three……………………………………………………………... 27 How we create realities? ……………………………………………. 27 Chapter Four …………………………………………………………….... 37 4.1 Thinking | Feeling Process ………………………………………37 4.2 Feeling | Thinking Process ………………………………………41 Chapter Five ………………………………………………………………. 47 How to understand the difference between Ego and True Self…………………………………...………………… 47 Chapter Six ……………………………………………………………….. 52 It has never been one world………………………………………… 52 Chapter Seven …………………………………………………………… 64 How we change what we perceive like one reality? ……………. 64 Chapter Eight ……………………………………………………………. 70 Every Question is not a Question ………………………………….. 70

Chapter Nine ………………………………………………………………74 Universal Truths that I accepted ………………………………….... 74 Chapter Ten ………………………………………………………………. 78 We hold the key to our freedom ……………………………………. 78 Chapter Eleven…………………………………………………………….85 My gift to the divine in you……………………………………………85



I want to tell you a little story about how I arrived to write this book. One day of my life I had a feeling, a need to express myself. It was only a fraction of a second, like an instinct that one has. Is not coming from something that you are doing usually, or from something that has a sense for you, it’s coming from nowhere. It is real, you can’t deny it, because when it comes it feels more real then what you see, it feels more real than what is your thinking usually. It didn’t come from nowhere and yet I felt it more real than my whole existence. It didn’t come from time either because instantaneously I felt my brain taking control again. It was like an answer to what I felt. All types of questions started coming. What to express? How to express? I have a normally life, what about I could write a book about? I don’t have the time to lose for something that I never even consider doing in my life. I don’t have the means and I don’t have the experience to do something like that. How many times one doesn’t feel to do something and an instant after is starting thinking about his responsibilities, about his work, about the day to day existence. Until here nothing was extraordinary. All people have this feeling of wanting to do something and in the same moment they ignore this feeling remembering about all the things they have to do. My life started its course again and this feeling became another recording of my memory. I lost the feeling but it felt so real that my memory didn’t ignore it.

5 At the time I had a club. I was working nights, sleeping days, didn’t think much about my true self, or about any life purpose or I don’t know what. I was feeling like every one of you, I had a big apartment, living with my girlfriend running after money, thinking about having my own family, preparing for my life as a parent. You know… normally stuff that you learn growing up from your mother, from your father, from the educational system, from people that you have contact with, preparing to live inside this crazy, nonsense world that your eyes see every day. It passed another two, three months, and my nice memory of that feeling was long gone, lost inside the forgotten draws inside my brain. Life was continuing its course, with good and bad, ups and downs until these famous economic crisis that started all around the globe, that by the way didn’t had much sense for me at the time. I had this club that I was telling you about, one hundred meters from the Adriatic Sea, in a little city called Montesilvano in Italy. It wasn’t a corner of paradise but it was where I had always wanted to live. Not to make it any longer I was living where I dreamed of, in a modern apartment with a beautiful and intelligent fiancé but still with the feeling that something is missing. You know, when you struggle to arrive somewhere in your life and when you arrive there it comes that feeling that it is really beautiful and all but… you thought it will be something more. You know what I am talking about: you feel happy, are nice, you enjoy yourself but, after a little while it seems that a little something is missing to be perfect. Well, this sensation that I am missing something started coming every day after a while and every time was more real than before. More this feeling was getting real more things in

6 my life started getting agitated. I started taking this all crisis more seriously. More I was thinking about this crisis more people around me were speaking about it. It was a strange process, it was happening the wrong way around. When I was thinking that this is only something that televisions are speaking about I had the club filled with people, even if all the other club owners were speaking about the difficulties they have. More I was thinking that I am nuts because I am not giving too much importance to something so real for everyone else, more I started taking seriously that the crisis is real. More I was getting worried, less people start coming and in the end, after six months of stress and worries I closed. Meanwhile things with my fiancé were getting really bad too. It wasn’t strange what is happening, it was strange the process. First I was feeling, and then I was thinking and in the end my day to day life was changing. I didn’t understand anything. After a month, I become so stressed that in the end I listen to my brother that was asking me to work with him to his new business. In order for me to do this I had to leave my girlfriend in Italy and go back to my home country Romania. She couldn’t come with me because she had two more years to study in conservatory and we decided that is better for both of us if she will stay and finish her studies and I will go and work with my brother. Until here still nothing out of the ordinary. I arrive home with so many questions on my mind about what happened to everything that I worked for in the last nine years that I wasn’t even able to speak from my heart to my family. All gone and I didn’t understand anything. I said to myself that no matter what, I will understand what happened. It wasn’t like I will first start working and then I will

7 find the time to understand. It was more like I will find all the answers to all these questions in my head or I will die. I was that determined. I have been all my life a logic person with logic answers to everything. This mix of feelings and questions without answers wasn’t my territory. Said and done. I didn’t know where to start but I was so determined that I start going inside my brain and start taking every question at a time and finding an answer. I was answering one question, two more were taking form. I did this for about two days. I didn’t arrive anywhere. I had more questions than when I started. Now I didn’t have only questions about what I did wrong and how our society works, I start having existential questions too. What is right and what is wrong? What is the purpose in my life? Maybe the fact that I didn’t go to church enough made God angry? Maybe is about my karma? I have to pay for things that I have done? Maybe I had too much ego? My brain was really on fire. At this point I said that is better if I erase everything from my memory and start over again. I arrived to the conclusion that first I have to stop all this questions inside my head and start building another view of life. I started to like this idea but how to stop all this questions inside my brain? I was really feeling separated from my brain. It was like I had two of me inside. One seemed that understood I need peace inside to start over again and another that wouldn’t stop asking questions. Now that you have an idea how I was when I started this journey I will take you inside my research of finding myself. If you are wondering what this have to do with you, I will say only that I found all of us. I will say to you more… We are all together, and we all know what we are doing. It was really the

8 opposite perception of what my eyes see and of what my brain perceives. To be honest this journey was more an accepting of my brain then an understanding. I had all inside of me all the time, we all have. And we all are connected to each other, if you perceive it or not. It doesn’t really matter. I have written this book because of something that Einstein said: In the facts don’t fit the theory, change the theory. I t will be your journey to increase your perception starting from yourself, but I will give you all the elements that helped me. One more thing, sooner or later we had to realize that all is simple, has sense and that we had all along the pieces of the puzzle. I wish for you that this journey will make you bigger than your name, bigger than your nation, bigger than your human nature and closer to your true nature!


Time, space and matter seem a good place to begin. Every one of us when we start knowing this strange world where we will build our future is becoming aware of this truth. This is the unquestionable truth for our senses. It is the truth for our eyes; it is the truth for our ears, our taste, our smell and touch. How you can live your life ignoring matter or space? The solidity of the world seems really undisputable. Everything around us seems reassuringly solid, but there is so much more to reality then appears to the necked eye. Not so much time ago a little fuzzy haired guy called Albert Einstein assured the world that this solidity is only a mirage. He discovered that all matter that exists, this mean you, your family, your friends, this world that we live in, the entire universe, is nothing else then energy. I learned this in school too and it didn’t changed my life. I thought that is cool and everything but is not changing so much for my real life. Before starting this journey to find myself this information had a sense, a practical utility and for the first time it helped me. I accepted that what my eyes see is only a perception of the real world. I accepted that to believe what is my eyes perception of reality meant to be my eyes. I always felt that I am so much more then my eyes so it wasn’t difficult for my brain to accept.


This was one of the few times in my life when all the information that I assimilated in my fifteen years of study had a practice use.

The part of physics that is giving us a new point of view of how consciousness is the ground base for all that it is. Another concept is easily explained by the quantum physics that arrived to a point where science finished its purpose. Physicists understood that measuring the distance between the last two pieces of matter is impossible because this infinite little piece can be in two or more places at the same time. After this discovery they invented the easiest machine in the world. They invented a little toy with one button that when you push it can be randomly a 0 or a 1. They put people to push this button asking them to think of one of the two numbers. A miracle happened… This little toy was enough to prove that when somebody was wishing for a 1, it appeared more ones and the same with the 0. This means that matter is depending of our will.


We have two theories that we use to understand life. It seems a little funny but it is true. To describe the universe and objects on large scale we use Einstein’s general theory of relativity, a theory about how gravity works. To describe the small world, the quantum world we use the laws of Quantum Physics because there, things go a little crazy, space and time are really distorted. There is no direction, no left and right, no up and down, and there is no time. Two or more things can be in the same instant in the same place. Einstein’s dream was to find a simple theory that explains everything. In fact he tried until the end of his life without succeeding. He always thought that God has a plan for everything. He felt the same feeling when he invented his theory of relativity and after he needed eighteen years to write it so we can understand. Let me anticipate that his feeling was correct like the first time but he was looking in the wrong place.

4. D.N.A. (Deoxyribonucleic acid)
What D.N.A really means? D.N.A. is nothing else then biological information. Inside every one of our cells is a double helix of D.N.A. It is encoded with a four character chemical alphabet that precisely spells out the instructions for all of the thousands of the different proteins out of which our body is constructed. D.N.A is the most efficient information storage in the Universe. Our science cannot come anywhere near replicating the ability of D.N.A. to contain information. D.N.A is nothing else then a message with content, it is a language.

12 Just like English uses a 26 letter alphabet, D.N.A uses a 4 character chemical alphabet. Science arrived at a point where it can’t negate that D.N.A it is a manual of instruction for assembling proteins inside of our bodies. This is the most powerful evidence that it is intelligence behind life. DNA is the carrier of our genetic information, and is passed down from generation to generation. All of the cells in our bodies, except red blood cells, contain a copy of our DNA. At conception, a person receives DNA from both the father and mother. We each have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Of each pair, one was received from the father and one was received from the mother. These 23 pairs of chromosomes are known as nuclear DNA because, with the exception of red blood cells, they reside in the nucleus of every cell in our body.

More than 96% of the population feels that is something more to their reality. This is a scientific fact. Almost all the people in the world feel this. Every form of religion is an expression of this feeling. We have many manifestations of the same feeling. Every religion is an interpretation of the same state of a person s feeling. If the feeling of a person would be a vibration with many frequencies, the need to believe in something more would be the same vibration frequency. The essence of spirituality is the search to know our true selves, to discover the real nature of consciousness. This quest

13 has been the foundation of all the great spiritual teachings, and the goal of all the great mystics. Behind this identity is a deeper identity, what is often called the "true self". This can be thought of as the essence of consciousness. Although our thoughts, feelings and personality may vary considerably, the essence of mind remains the same. Let us now imagine that our feelings, our personality are only different frequencies of the same vibration. Our true self would be the source of this vibration. To feel the source one should stop vibrating. In other words, one should stop his feelings, stop every characteristic of his personality and in that instant would feel the true self. Sounds familiar? The only state that describes this experience is only a word that is not a word, a state of mind that is not a state of mind but to describe it we use enlightenment. Translated into the same concept like before this state of awareness of your true self is when one is stopping his vibrations to feel his real nature. Like you can see we arrived to a time where science and spirituality arrived to the same conclusions. At the very based of everything that exists we have a unique infinite source. At the base of all the illusions that we perceive like real is an infinite creator. These are real facts, easy to verify. Verifying this information is only a process for your brain to accept what is already a fact. Evan this is a choice of each and every one of us.


When I started again from nothing to know myself, first question that came into my mind was: WHO AM I? I had many experiences in my life. I have met many people and I lived intensely in many circumstances. I didn’t miss adrenaline. I tried drugs, alcohol, gambling and other kinds of temptations that you can think of. I had money, beautiful women and success. Every time that I put my mind to arrive somewhere, whenever I wanted something I arrived there. All this situations had a single thing in common. When I arrived where I wanted to be every time I had the feeling that somehow it will feel different, I should feel better. After a little while I was starting to feel really no satisfaction at all. I was ending up all the time without energy like an empty battery. I had all the time beautiful people around me that were trying to be supportive but every time had the same ending. Evan before coming back to my country I felt that I needed to find the right base this time, so this sand castles that I was building will have a more stabile base. It wasn’t the first time that this question came into my mind. Only that, this time I had the determination that made things happened before in my life. I was ready for everything only to understand how things work. It didn’t have much sense for me this world since the time I was seven years old. I tried all the time to adapt everywhere I went. I never had any problems but this sensation that

15 something is missing from my life even when I had things that seemed to satisfy other people has been my long way companion. Every success, every happy moment it was there. Two times I have fallen in love in my life and every time it was really going like in the movies for the first month and after, all was going back to the same feeling of emptiness. For this question I had really much answers. First answer that I thought of was my name. I said my name out loud. I was recognizing the voice, the name was my name but it didn’t felt really who I truly am. I said a random name that came into my mind. The sound of the voice was mine. But again didn’t seem who I am. After the third name that I said I realized that I can say the name of every person of this world. It doesn’t really matter what name I will say. I could be any of them and still it will not be who I am. Another thing that I understood was that saying out loud what I am thinking it will not make it truer. I didn’t need to speak out loud to have a certainty that it is real. As a result I accepted all the times that I was speaking without having anything to say. From that moment I moved the conversation inside of my brain. Inside of my brain it become like a conversation between me and me. It felt really like two of me. One that was saying this is good and another that was saying that was bad. Realizing that something is not like it should be I started going back and seeing how I had this information of what is good and what is bad. I started going inside every dusty folder in my memory to discover how I had this concept of good and bad. It was truly amazing when I realized that behind every concept of good and bad I had a face or something that I read somewhere. Behind every one of these concepts it was my decision to take like I wanted what is good and what is bad. It

16 has been all the time my decision. It started having sense even how the world looks. It has been every single time my interpretation of the same thing. I accepted that it was an unnecessary interpretation for my process of finding my true self. I thought I am an orthodox, because my parents said to me that they baptize me like that. Can be that I am one, but if my mother would be Christian or Hindus, and she will baptize me with her religion that will change who I am. My real nature would depend of my birth place. I was in many countries and speak to many people, and a lot of them shared their knowledge, their way of thinking, their religion beliefs with me and they didn’t seem so different than me. I was in many holly places but people had the same dedication to their beliefs. The words were different but they were asking for the same things. Only thinking of a greater force that created all this beauty that our eyes see on this Earth that have some predilection for one religion or another made me smile. It was really a silly thought. I remembered that I had a little superiority concept after I got out from school. There it seemed that everyone is better, or worst then somebody. I was with the cool group so to speak and I felt a little superior in confront of others. It didn’t last much. I have gone out in the world and I started seeing how many times I negate to myself the opportunity to meet interesting people because of this wrong concept that it was still my choice. So, if who I am is not depending of my name, my religion how can I know? Then I thought that maybe is better if I remember some episode when I felt really happy. I start remembering and lived again every moment of my life when I have been happy. Every time was really beautiful only that every time I felt that it will make me feel more alive. It was like something else is still missing.

17 It came into my mind for the first time, maybe it wasn’t me that was happy, maybe the real me was this another who was still missing something. After a fraction of a second it had sense, and I accepted what I knew all the time, but how I could know which one is the real me? The answer came from nowhere. It only came because I wanted to know. It was like you have an excellent idea and you know it, you feel is the right one. It wasn’t the real me who was happy, it was my ego that was happy. I felt a smile on my face. Again I knew this all along. It was only a process of accepting for my brain. Only accepting made me feel relieved. It was nice; it felt like I am going in the right direction. In that instant I understood that most of the things that I have done in my life were for satisfying my ego. I realized that even when I loved somebody it was for my ego. It was so clear now why the feeling of suffering. Every time only because I was expecting something in return. Consciously I chose all along to ignore what my subconscious mind knew. I accepted again that it was still my choice. I didn’t have anybody to blame, not even myself, it has been all my life a series of choices that I made. Behind every feeling of love that I had it was some expectation. It wasn’t real love, like I was thinking, it was more like I love you because I have something in return or because you make me feel in some way. This discovery made me feel like I have done something wrong. I always thought that I am a sensible person. I didn’t expect that. Now I wanted to understand why I was feeling guilty, it s not that I did this on purpose. Again it came to me like before. It came from nowhere, only because I wanted to know. If before I was playing with words, now I was playing inside my brain. I wasn’t feeling like I am my brain, I felt more like playing inside.

18 I started accepting that I am not only my brain and I am not only my thoughts. I didn’t negate anything, only accepted. In the same moment I realized that this answers to my questions from nowhere were coming from my feeling. It was a strange acceptation from my brain. It was like every fear in my subconscious mind arrived to prove that I am my brain. It felt like this was the first time my brain accepted that there is something more. It felt like my brain accepted my true feelings, my real feelings. It was more like an awareness of my brain. For the first time I was aware of my brain. I wasn’t my brain anymore. I wasn’t trapped inside of my brain. This awareness was again an accepting of my brain that is not in control, that my brain was my tool, not my reality. My journey in words and thoughts finished here. From now on, everything that I will write is trying to describe infinite beauty. Whatever I will try to say are only empty words. If I could put honey on these words it will still be bitter. If I could express myself like Michelangelo I will build only an old ready to fall down house. I had been my eyes, I had been my ears, I had been my brain, I had been my thoughts and finally for the first time I AM. Only I AM. Nothing else exists. Anything else has ever existed. Nothing exists and everything exists in the same instant of infinity. I am not saying a word because it can’t be put in a word. I am not expressing a thought because it can’t be a thought. I say only that I can’t say anything because it can’t be said. However I will express what I felt, your mind will translate for you; is infinity all connected where we all are one. When I say we, I mean everything that exists. We all are one. All that your eyes can see, all that your mind can imagine is part of this infinite consciousness.

19 I have no words to describe it because if you are your mind, your mind will give a sense. Your mind s perception of reality is matter, space, time. You can’t put all that information inside your mind. It is only a perception. Everything is about perceptions. Imagine now that everything that exists have it s own awareness of it s real nature. A tree, or a flower is more aware of it s true nature then a brain can be. Don’t think that you have to go out of your body or go somewhere to increase your perception of yourself. You don’t need books or information, or a personal guru to do it. You have this freedom every second of your life. The only thing that you have to do is want with all yourself to know your true nature and accept that you already know. You are not aware but you already know. Accepting that you know will become only a process for your brain to accept. Nobody can help you; you can’t help anybody in this journey. Nobody needs to go anywhere or have information to get there, because you are going nowhere. If I will say journey your brain will translate this to you like going somewhere. To be closer to what really means is an awareness of your true nature. It is only a process of acceptation for your brain. It is not anything else. What is making you think that you need information is your brain. The process of looking for information is creating for your brain a command that is somewhere outside of you. No matter how aware every one of us is, we all created everything that exists. We are a collective consciousness that is experimenting matter. Trying to put this to words will sound like this: we all are infinity, we all are one, we all are only experimenting the opposite of our nature, we all know what we are doing, we all decided together in perfect harmony.

20 We all have different perceptions of our true nature with the liberty of feeling ourselves when we want. To feel our nature it is enough to stop the vibrations of our brain and soul. To really experience something you have to lose yourself inside. I didn’t use the word god because your brain will give you the perception that is somewhere outside or long way from you. Start accepting that you are not your eyes and you are not your brain. A word in my mind to express who we truly are and how we look like, it will be that closer to our nature, closer to how we look like is a feeling. This feeling is really me and you. This process is changing your perception of yourself. In this state of infinity I felt our nature as creators. Every one of us is a creator. All of us have only a different perception of his self. All this different perceptions of our real nature are necessary for us all to experiment matter. In other words, we all know what we create. We all feel each other. We all are part of an infinite creator. We all are outside of time, space and matter. It is essential for us to have different perceptions of our nature to keep experimenting matter. Another important thing is that if we are aware of our true nature or not, doesn’t change the fact that we all are, independently of our awareness, still creators. No matter what our eyes perceive, no matter what our brain perceives, we all

21 are infinite creators experimenting matter. This is a truth that everyone can perceive when they want. Once that I arrived to accept my true nature, my brain accepted that ( I ) was only a perception. Accepting this feeling the process inverted: I am nothing and all is my true nature. It is the nature of all that your eyes see and of all that your brain perceives. I am aware of my brain s perception of the world being aware that I am not my brain. From this moment everything was only a process for my brain to accept. My perception of the world changed. If before I was my brain and what I was feeling it was my brain s creation of what I perceived like reality, now it become only a process for my brain to accept that is only a tool for me. It doesn’t change that what is real for my brain is still my creation only that I wasn’t aware. I was lost inside of my creation. Like every one of us is. With this understanding it comes into my mind free will. It was still a word of my brain only that my perception of the definition changed. Free will is the freedom that every one of us has to be the creator or to lose himself inside of his creation. With this new perception, I accepted another thing. When I came into this world is not that I go somewhere or I came from somewhere, I only changed my perception of who I am. I only become my brain s perception of reality. I become an individual inside my creation. My perception of reality was that I am an individual inside this world that others created. If our universal truth is that we are one and we all are connected, to experiment matter we only changed our perception of ourselves. That is why I arrived to our true nature only with the feeling. In feeling is our true nature. It is who we all are.

22 The moment I was one with my feeling it was easy to experiment even the process of my birth. I have asked myself many times why I can t remember the moment of my birth. Now the answer was easy. I was trying to remember with my memory, when in fact it was a process of forgetting my true nature, so I can be able to experiment the opposite of my nature: duality. Everything in my mind s perception is duality. It is the exact opposite to our true infinite nature. Another thing that started having sense was that we all have two brains. To really experience duality we needed to become duality. What way to experience duality if not with two brains? In other words I found my true self to have the liberty of choosing when I want to lose myself again inside of my creation. Still the facts didn’t changed, only my perception changed. What I created until now is still real because I created it. What changed was again my perception. I am aware that I am a creator and by accepting my perception changed, if before I was feeling like an individual inside a world created by others, now I feel like a creator and the world is inside of me. Still is changing only my perception of reality. My process became from THINKING/FEELING a process of FEELING/THINKING. Now, if by accepting my true nature I felt the world inside of me this means that every one of us has the world inside of him. Only our perception is changing about our true nature. This means that every one of us experiments his creation, and his world. It means that every one of us is a creator playing inside of his creation with the liberty to become aware of who he is.

23 When we have the perception that we are borne we only lose our selves inside our creation. Evan if we lose ourselves, our true nature is not changing is changing only our perception. This means that if for my eyes and for my brain I am an individual, and in my feeling I felt my true nature, I am my feeling, I am creating with my thoughts and I am experimenting with my body. My body is only my tool for experimenting matter. How it works for every so called individual? The feeling is closer to our true nature. The feeling is who we should be. When we are individuals the process is I am my brain and I am feeling like a consequence of my thoughts. So, first we think and then we feel. It is like you are on auto pilot inside your car that is going to crash. You can take control of the car but you have the freedom not to. When we depend of our brain what we feel doesn’t have much sense. We feel that we don’t have control, that we don’t have any power at all because in our perception of life, of reality, everything is happening outside of us. This is only our brain s perception. This is not real and it has never been real. Every thought is creating a reality as real as this one that you are experiencing in this instant that you are reading. By being sure that this is the only reality your brain perceives only this one. Still we have the freedom to accept that we can be in more places in the same time and I am not referring to our bodies. By accepting, your perception start changing and you start feeling every reality that you are creating with your thought. When you have no control over your thoughts it is a little more difficult. When you start being your feeling and you

24 become aware that your brain is your tool to create realities it becomes really easy to use your tool. With this new perception of the truth, my brain started accepting what I discovered with my feeling and every piece of the puzzle went into place to form a beautiful and unexpected picture of my existence. I started accepting that everything was indeed perfect because I was the creator. In this game of experimenting matter we all are creators and we all can lose ourselves in our creation. Now my brain accepted more and I was feeling the process. When I was looking for an answer outside of me I was creating my brain s perception that I don’t know. In fact finding out who I truly am was only a process of accepting not of research. If our true nature is not duality, every time I was looking for something, I thought I don’t know, I thought somebody knows more I was only creating another reality for my brain s perception. I was creating and losing myself inside of my creation. It has never been a research; it has been all the time a playground for me to experiment my creation like it is for every one of us. It start coming to me every episode in my life when I thought somebody knew more and every time first I was feeling that this person knows more and then I was complimenting myself for my instinct. I remember now how many times this instinct of creation came and how many times I choose not to play. It is truly an amazing and extraordinary divine plan and we all are the creators. Doesn’t that make you laugh from your heart? It made me laugh like crazy.

25 How many times I thought that this is a crazy world and, in the end I was the crazy one by being normal. It was enough to be crazy, and my perception of this infinite game of creations will have sense even for my brain. I AM is the only state of existence that we all really know. The rest is only an infinite game of creations with infinite creators. I realize now how many realities I created and in how many realities I lost my self. It is truly a divine plan. Like Einstein thought it had to be simple. When we are individuals we are lost in our creation. When we are individuals we are the exact opposite of our true, simple, infinity, all connected nature. So it had sense even for my brain why things seemed complicated. I will tell you more about this extraordinary reality of infinite realities. More my brain started accepting, more my perception of all this realities has grown. I arrived to a point when I am experiencing every thought that I choose to have. It is really remarkable of how great and divine is every one of us. Let me tell you that I have felt every one of you and you are magnificent and divine. The greatest freedom that we all have is that only we can make ourselves feel impotent inside our own creations. This has to be the most hilarious joke in the universe. Every one of us is the creator of his reality with the freedom to escape from time space and matter and we are trying to understand what we create instead of playing inside of our creations. This is referring only to my personal experiences. I say this only with a big smile on my face.

26 Another thing that I understand now is what happens when I laugh. I always wondered why we laugh. It is the most liberating feeling that one can have. We all laugh when inside our brain something doesn’t have sense. We laugh only of nonsense. In that instant we are not our brain anymore. And in every moment that we laugh we feel ourselves. I mean we really feel our true nature. This book that you read now doesn’t have a purpose. It is only a thought that I choose to experience. There are no purposes in life. There is no death in life. It is only a choice of how everyone wants to experiment matter. We have never been our name or our body and not even our thoughts. We have been and we will be in eternity creators losing themselves inside their creations.



Let us begin from when we are borne. Our brain s perception is that we come into this world like our parents child. In reality we don’t come from anywhere. We forget our real nature and become an individual. We become our brain s perception of reality. It is only an illusion that we are borne. We only forget who we are. We take the information from our parents D.N.A. and we become an individual illusion inside a game of illusions that we already create. Assimilating this information is not a process of birth is only a process of forgetting our true nature and becoming opposite. For our true infinite nature to experiment matter is essential to be lost inside like matter. We all become individuals to experiment matter. More precise we become our brain s perception of matter. In fact we don’t have any idea if this is matter or not. This is our perception of how matter looks like. By loosing ourselves I mean forgetting who we are. We don’t lose our greatness and our infinity, we only forget about it. Our birth process is only our brain s perception of birth. Every child that is borne is not coming inside a world. The process is opposite; this world is inside every one of us. This is information that our brain doesn’t have the ability to process even if we have more cells in our brain then all the cells in the

28 universe. But, if we feel who we truly are it has the capacity to accept. What your eyes see is a perception. What your body feels is a perception. What you feel when your brain is in command is a perception. Science has proved us already that we can’t trust our five senses because are only perceptions not reality. Our brain is working at maximum 10% of his capacity. You would trust your car if it is functioning at 10 % of its potential? From this concept of universal truth of our nature let us see how many realities we create and how. When we are little children we feel there is no limit to our imagination and in fact we are more aware that we are creating our reality. We don’t feel like we are inside of the world we feel like we are creating the world. Then, as we learn what we can and what we can’t do we start limiting our infinite potential. By knowing we are limiting our creation s power; because by knowing we create our world based on certainties that in reality don’t exist. We start limiting our great power studying what in reality we create. We all are here only to play and we limit ourselves. Every one of us has the world inside of him is not a metaphoric way of speaking. This is our real nature. When we learn that first we have to think before doing something, we are inverting the process. We learn to become trapped inside of our brain s perception of reality. We learn that things are outside of us and we have to learn how a world works, when in reality we create that world. Every one of us is a creator. Every thought that we have is creating a reality. We limit ourselves from experiencing more realities at the same time only because we think we can’t and we think we know.

29 Let me say and have all the responsibility for what I am saying that we don’t have the minimum idea of what everyone of us is capable of creating. We think that we are living in one world and it becomes a reality. Only that it becomes a reality only for our eyes. It has never been only one world. We are playing in infinity creating infinite worlds. Every thought of every one of us is creating parallel universes. We are not aware because we choose not to be. We are not aware because we are not concentrated on feeling what our thoughts create. We are not aware because we know that our thoughts are only thoughts. By knowing we have only thoughts we create a reality where we are not aware of our thoughts. It is not complicated at all. If you perceive your thoughts as ideas or worries you are living a reality where you experience just your creation. Another reason that we think our thoughts are only thoughts is because we don’t feel our thoughts. We have so many of them that we are not aware of how many realities we are creating for ourselves. More thoughts we have, harder for us to feel them. The process of thinking has never been thinking. We all are creators and this is a fact. It has been our nature, is our nature, will be our nature in eternity. We have this perception of our thoughts because we learned in school what thoughts are. We learned a definition of thoughts made by someone who was using not so much of his brain potential. By knowing what thoughts are we are experiencing a reality where thoughts are merely thoughts. This too is a perception of reality that we as creators choose to experience.

30 More, we know because we are told that thinking is for intellectual people. To be an intellectual you must be a great thinker. In reality more intellectual you are less you feel. Less you feel, more you are losing yourself inside of your creations. Harder it becomes to feel every your thought. For example: in this precise second I choose to have only two thoughts in my brain. By having only two, and inverted the process into FEELING/THINKING, I can experience the outcome of each one of my thoughts. After, I have the liberty to choose how I as individual want to experiment matter. The whole purpose of our experiment, because this is why we are here, is to experience matter. Whatever you think is your purpose is becoming a reality where you as individual have a purpose. We all are one infinite creation of creators. We don’t have purposes then the ones we desire to have. We can’t do bad or good because we will do it only to ourselves. Everything that we think we know is becoming a reality. Look at what your eyes perceive like reality and accept. Your brain will only follow you. Your brain is only your tool, nothing more. To really have the ability to understand why you are here you should first feel who you are and after accept with your brain. By trying to understand why you are here you are only creating a reality where you have a purpose to understand something. Is still your experiment but you are lost inside of your purpose. You as a creator are lost inside of your creation. The universal truth is that every thought is creating a reality as real as this that your eyes perceive in this moment. It is not a possible reality. It is a reality that exists like this reality that you perceive like being unique. What we perceive like thoughts are realities that we are creating. Every thought is a

31 reality. Our brain doesn’t have thoughts; our brain is only a tool to create realities. Every time a child comes into this world is taking the information from his parents D.N.A. that contains information from his grandparents D.N.A. and so on. Every child is more limited because we think we know. Time has come that truth is coming to light. When you desire something or you think of something you already create for yourself. What is keeping you from your creation is this D.N.A. information and what you think you know. Every question that one has in reality is not a question is his answer. In our true nature we don’t know limit to something or negation to something. We are aware of our infinity and we are aware of our greatness. Not knowing what a question is, our brain doesn’t process questions. Our brain is only creating realities. Another thing, nobody can be more beautiful, more intelligent or more something if you don’t look at that person the way you look. Because you feel like that your brain is creating this reality for you. Every one of us is infinite beauty, infinite intelligence, and infinite goodness. No matter what is your perception of your selves let me tell you that we all are one and we all are aware of our creation. Every one of us should start the process of accepting who he is. Accepting is a little more problematic for the brain but is not so hard after all. You understand now why we are using so little of our brain s capacity? Our brain still perceives reality outside of us

32 because we are limiting the potential that all of us have. We all are here to experiment matter not to build machineries to study what we create. First we study what we create and then we try to understand with maximum 10 % of our brains potential. More, we are teaching our children that they should limit themselves. With this 10% of our brain we arrived at a point where we don’t understand almost anything. Nothing has sense anymore because we think it doesn’t have sense. It is a little difficult to become aware of our true nature because we learn that questioning is a good thing. Only that our brain don’t have any clue what a question is and is creating a reality from that question. In fact questioning for our brain is a limitation. It is creating a reality for you where you don’t know. The law of attraction that everybody is speaking about is the first good thing that we have done for us. Your wish is a command for your brain not the other way around. Imagine that if we all will think of a reality where we all live in peace with no death, no poverty we will create it in a blink. We have to invert only the process. If we feel happy is like a command for our brain to change our reality so our body will experience an environment of happiness. If we start to do this we create for us a heaven in no time. If one is trapped inside of his brain, the brain is going on autopilot creating realities for you. Only that the brain doesn’t know what is making you feel good or bad. The brain is functioning at this capacity because you are not sending a command that you desire more.

33 Let us imagine that you are scared of something. Your brain doesn’t know how your body feels so it s doing his work and is making your fear a reality because it is like a command. It is like a wish that you desire. We are giving names like fear but, because in our true nature we really don’t have the concept of fear, our brain doesn’t either. The brain is like Aladdin s lamp for our realities. If you don’t have control it’s creating what it guesses you want. To take control you have to invert the process. First feel how your reality should feel like, and then think about how you see this reality. Doing this you already created this reality. Now is only a process for you to arrive to experiment matter like you desire. More, we choose to live inside of a reality where somebody is better then somebody else, we choose to live in a reality where somebody knows the truth and others don’t. Anybody can’t be better than somebody and nobody knows more than you know. The greatest freedom that each and every one of us has is that no so called individual can be more something then yourself if you don’t look at him that way. If you perceive only the reality of your brain, it will become a reality for you to experience. With this acceptation of reality and with this perception of life understand now why every time we look into space seems that is never ending. Because we create it, we create everything. Every one of us is a creator and everyone has always been one. I feel our never ending majestic nature and I can assure you that we, as one, don’t have notions like bad and good, don’t

34 have the notion of suffering, and don’t know time. We don’t know yes or no and we exist only as an infinite creator. Our brain s perception of reality is opposite to our nature only because we all decided to experiment matter. What our brain knows as matter is only our creation. It is only our concept of how matter looks like. In the universal truth not one of us can do bad or good. Whatever you are doing like an individual to another individual you are doing only to yourself. Everything that your eyes see is only an illusion. It is enough for us to want a never ending paradise and we all will have it. Imagine that to have it is enough to feel happy and want it. We don’t have to worry about how. Our brain will make this wish a reality only because we want. It doesn’t really matter if we have this information where we know death and suffering inside of our D.N.A and our conscience knows it. We can change everything, because we have the power to do it. We have the power to create how many worlds we want and experiment how many realities we feel like creating. Another thing, when you are getting angry with somebody, every time you are getting angry with yourself. This is what your brain is processing, is processing that you want to be angry with yourself. As a consequence is creating for you a reality where you are experiencing what you wish for. With this understanding look at what your brain perceives like one world and accept that is perfect because we create it and our true nature is perfect.

35 I am agreeing with you that we can create something better. If you will help me only with your thoughts it will become our reality in no time. Every diesis that exists is still our creation. When we are not aware of this universal truth that we all are one and we have feelings one against another our brain is creating a reality where we experiment what we feel. Imagine that this reality that we are experiencing has been created only by a few people with our participation. We all thought that what we think doesn’t matter, and that is why we never matter until now, because we choose not to matter. Nobody have a fault. We all are truly one. We don’t need to fight anything because we will only fight ourselves. We have only to start inverting the process THINKING / FEELING into a process FEELING / THINKING. That is enough to make a reality that we want to experience. It is only a process where you are accepting your true nature and become aware that you are not your eyes and you are not your brain. These are only tools, we all are much more, and we all are creators’ part of an infinite creator. Try not to give a sense to what you are reading, because only your brain can give a sense, try only to feel your real nature. In the beginning is a little difficult to control your thoughts. But you need a few days to get used to how it works. You have only to accept the thought and choose not to experience that reality. It is really simple. Doesn’t matter if you are aware or not of your true nature, you are a creator even if you are not aware. You have created many realities for yourself until this moment and, now that you

36 know your true nature, you will create much more being aware of your great power and of your true nature. Practically every thought that one has is creating a reality. First step necessary is to control your thoughts. Fewer thoughts you have more your perception will grow and you can experience with your feeling every thought that you have and after, you can choose which one you want to experience in person.


Let s see first what is happening when we use a process THINKING/FEELING. When we think, every thought that we have is creating a reality as real as this one that you are living in this moment when you are reading this book. Our brain is not capable of doing the difference between thoughts. It has absolutely no idea of what is making you feel good or bad, it has no idea what is good and bad, fear or happiness. Another thing is that your brain is perceiving reality outside of you. All information that your brain assimilate is only a reality that you create for yourself. Your brain has never been a tool of assimilating information. It has been always a tool for you to create realities to experiment matter. It isn’t even your whole brain that has this perception. It is only a very small part of it that has this perception of reality. This perception of our brain is easy to accept that is not precise

38 only by looking with a microscope from the infinity of the universe until the last piece of matter of your body. Your brain will accept easier that is an inexact perception of reality. You can’t deny anything because you will negate yourself. It is all about accepting. With acceptation comes understanding. When we are trying to understand, we are using only our brain. What these mean for our reality? It is a command that you don’t know. So your brain is creating a reality where you are experiencing that you don’t know. That is why we are using so little of our brain s capacity. Because if we think we don’t know we are limiting ourselves without being aware of what we are doing. This limited perception of our brain is creating everything. The fact that we all are infinity all connected is the universal truth even if we have different perception of our true nature. By choosing to be our brain s perception of reality we are creating a reality for us where exists anger, hate, sadness, poverty. These feelings are all against our nature. Our brain has an interpretation of what we all want to experience like matter. By living inside your brain s perception of reality you feel separated so you are creating a reality that your eyes perceive in this moment. Perceiving only your brain s reality is impossible to understand the bigger picture of what we all are creating, and of why we decided to create these infinite realities. Your brain is only a tool. It is like being an actor inside of a television doing the same episode for eternity. It is like living inside a box with the key to your freedom inside of your task all along. Your brain doesn’t know the concept of what a question is, so is creating a reality where you don’t know. It s doing only

39 what it should do. It is only the remote to your reality, but doesn’t have any idea of what you desire. Let s see what happens when you look at the news on television. Living inside your brain s perception of reality you feel an individual that is gathering information. Only that when you are looking at the news, especially sad news you have feelings and thoughts that are creating already many different realities for you. Evan if your brain has a different perception of what is real this doesn’t mean that what is real doesn’t exist. In fact this is not a process of observation that you are doing. It is a process of creating. If you have a repetitive thought your brain will understand that is your wish to experiment that reality so will create it convinced that you want that. It has no importance for your brain how you feel. It makes no difference. Your brain is like a processor, doesn’t have feelings so it is ignoring yours. The most repetitive thought in your mind it will become a reality, but is not happening instantly because of all the information that you have registered inside of your D.N.A., plus all the thoughts that you have running inside your head and because you have repetitive connections that are already activated. For you to trust a reality perceived only by maximum 10% of your brain is like trusting a duck to cross you over on a highway. The only liberty that is negated to you is to stop being a creator. You can’t decide for yourself to stop creating. This is the only state of existence that all of us really understand.

40 Another thing is that we all have no limits to our creations then the limits that we choose to have. By having the perception that you are your brain, you have so many thoughts and you create realities that you don’t experience. In this way you negate for yourself the liberty of choosing the reality that your body like matter will experience. When you choose to live inside of your brain s perception of reality you will experience only one world where you are an individual that doesn’t understand much and feels that is something more to what your eyes see and your brain perceives. This is a perception of reality too. Only that there is much more to reality then this perception and by choosing to ignore the rest you limit your creating nature. If you are your brain you are against your creating nature, because you have a perception that first you have to understand and then you will create. The truth is that it has never been like that. You have been creating and you are creating in eternity. When you have the perception that you want to understand is a creation too. It is a creation of a reality where you don’t understand. To exist in your brain s perception of reality and understand how we all are one is impossible. It is not impossible for you, it is only impossible for your brain. This is simple to understand why. Our real nature is that we all are one infinite creator. In order for us to experiment matter we changed our perception of ourselves. Our brain is the processor for us to experiment what is opposite to our nature, perceives duality. In fact we have two brains, not one. It is the structure of our brain that negates the concept of oneness.

41 Now, with these knowledge look at the world and accept that this has never been one world. It has been an infinite creation of worlds and your brain perceives only one, only because you created a world where you have things to understand. To understand, first you have to accept that you already know. You have all the information that you need inside of your D.N.A. It is all there from the begging. It is only a process where you accept that your brain will translate for you what you already know. The concept of trying to understand your brain is interpreting like a command that you want a reality where you don’t understand. In conclusion when the process for your reality is THINKING/FEELING, you are on autopilot and you choose not to take control. You choose to be a random creator of realities and you can’t even experience with your feeling so you can have the liberty of experimenting matter like you want. In other words you are lost inside of your creation.

Let us understand how the process should be, so you will have the control of your tool to create realties. This process should be FEELING/THINKING. When you are concentrated on feeling yourself, your thoughts will be every second less. More you will be concentrated on feeling, fewer thoughts your brain will generate. Fewer thoughts you have, less realties you are creating for yourself. Less realities you create, it will be easier to experience every one of them. By experiencing every your creation, you will have the freedom to choose what reality you

42 want your material body to experience. This is the whole purpose of our infinite creation. Experiencing what matter is. The concept of feeling yourself means feeling what your feelings are. This is your real nature. You are not, and you have never been your body or your brain. Both of them are only tools for us to experiment matter. It is quite easy the process. It is enough to accept that we all are one for eternity. By accepting this infinite truth, feelings generated only by your brain will slowly disappear. By accepting that we all are one your brain will not have anyone to blame. It will accept the real you in control and you will become aware that your brain has been and will be only a tool that you use to create realities. You will start having the same feelings like you had when you were a child. You will start feeling that everything is possible because you are creating your realities. When you invert the process to FEELING/THINKING you are closer to your real nature, closer to who you really are. It will be a beautiful process I can assure you. Everything that you think you know is only a limitation to your creator nature. We all are not here to have certainties, we are here to experiment how matter feels like. Everything your eyes see like matter and your brain perceives like space, time and matter is only what we all as one created like an infinite playground for experimenting. Our brain is looking for a sense and for a purpose because we create it like that. Only that we have never been our brain, we only lost ourselves inside of our brain s perception of reality and we only forget that we are here to play.

43 Evan this is a choice. I choose to change my reality and I decided that I will not lose myself inside until my brain will not accept to create what I asked from it. Once that you inverted the process you create with your feeling, generating a repetitive thought of what you want to manifest. When I say that you create with your feeling it means that you start feeling like you will feel in this reality that you generate with your thought. Feel everything in that precise reality that you created. Feel every detail of that creation. For example if you want to lose some kilo feel like you already did that. Feel how you have to go shopping for your new clothes, how other people are looking at you, and every single detail of the reality you want to experience. The other thoughts that come are only on auto pilot. Accept them and choose not to experience them. You can’t deny anything, only choose and accept. From this moment that you concentrated on what reality you want to experience know that every single thing happening is a result of what you already created for yourself. DON’T TRY TO UNDERSTAND, ONLY KNOW. THIS IS ONLY A PROCESS TO EXPERIENCE WHAT YOU ALREADY CREATED. In this way you already created for yourself the reality that you desire. It is real like your body. The only process now is for your brain to accept what you already created. The only obstacle between you and your creation is what you think you know. Your certainties are the only block to your creation. Certainties like time, space, matter. We all are above them and we all can choose how we want to experiment even time. Don’t have any doubt of what I am saying. You already know that is true. When I felt all of us we knew what we are doing. You already know that what I am saying is true. The real process is only to accept.

44 Another important thing is that when you accept that you are what you feel you will lose the power to have negations, certainties, and individuality. All this will disappear. Your notions of time, space and matter won’t be your perceptions anymore. You will be only a creator in an infinite game of creators. In reality you exist only in the present. Every thought that you have like past or future is only a perception of your brain. Time has never been linear. Your mind has the power to perceive it like that. Every single thought you have is a reality in the single state that you as a creator know: PRESENT. The rest are only perceptions. By changing the perception of yourself, you will become aware of your greatness. You will become aware that what you perceived like a big universe is only an infinite little part of yourself. Becoming your feeling is the easiest process that exists. It is like going back to your infinite wound made of happiness. Don’t look for more information, don’t think that tomorrow you will do it, don’t be afraid, because this is only your brain that transmits these notions to you. This is not who you really are, this you have never been. This has been only an illusion, and you were lost inside. You know only greatness, you are immortal and you are only happiness. What you experimented until now it was only your eye s perception of reality and your brain s perception of existence. Now, the moment has come for all of us to escape time and become aware of our infinite beauty. Changing this process is only a natural course of your true nature. You and every human being is a creator and has been one before time existed and will be one when time will stop to exist. You already know everything. Allow yourself to be who

45 you are meant to be, a creator in an infinite game of creators. Allow yourself to feel your infinite nature and the infinite beauty that created from nothing an infinity of realities for us creators to experiment matter. Becoming aware of your nature is not a quest, is not a search, is not a work with yourself, and is not thinking, it is only a process of accepting what you already know. Nothing has been out of reach for you. It is only an illusion of your brain that you choose to experience. You have been lost inside of your creation. Everything that you created until now can be only perfect because our nature is perfect. Feeling your true self is only a process of rebirth for you, like it was for me. It is not hard to do, it has never been. It is enough to stop and feel the joy that is already inside of you. I am sure that you felt it many times not knowing that this is who you are and this is how you look like. By reversing the process THINKING / FEELING into a process of FEELING / THINKING you will feel part of everything that exists and your brain will accept. Inverting the process will make you aware of what your brain s perception of reality is and REALITY. It is coming so naturally easy that you will be surprised. Accepting that you already know is the only process. By accepting that you know, the answers come to you. We all know and we all choose to create a reality where we don’t know. We create this reality where we don’t know by looking for answers. It is your wish to experiment a reality where your perception is that you don’t know. It is really a simple plan. It has never been complicated. I will write how we want to understand:

46 1. We trust our eyes and look for something, when science has already showed us that we shouldn’t trust the way our eyes perceive reality. 2. We trust our brain s understanding even if science showed us that we are using maximum 10 % of our brain. The beauty of this reduced usage of our brain is that when we think we don’t know we force our brain to stop at 10% so we will have a reality where we don’t know. To increase the usage of your brain is enough to accept that you know and it will become a reality. 3. We go to a spiritual way of knowledge and look outside of ourselves trusting again our eyes and our brain s perception of reality. We believe that some greater force is outside of us and again we force our brain to create a reality where we all perceive that we are weak. Again we force our brain to limit it s potential. 4. We take the way of finding our true self. We find ourselves in a complicated way and we think others will not understand, and again we force our brain to create a reality where nobody understands. 5. We have two sets of laws totally opposite that describe one world and again we think that we don’t understand and our brain again is forced to limit it s potential and create a reality where we don’t understand. It is a little funny that we have two laws so different and still we believe our eyes and our brain and we still believe that is only one world.

47 When you feel and then accept that you already know it will become so clear for all how hilarious our perception of reality is. The time has come for us all to awake and feel again how great and beautiful we all are.

When you start inverting the process THINKING/FEELING into a process FEELING/THINKING your conscience will play some tricks on you. It is essential to feel which one are your thoughts and which one are thoughts of your ego. It is only a normal process. Your brain is going on autopilot from a little while and it s feeling in control. It will be only a short period of transition for your ego to accept that the higher self awoken. It is really easy to feel your ego, because every thought that you have is coming in good or bad, real or unreal, fear, emptiness, maybe, tomorrow, yesterday, time, future, past, duality in general. Your higher self that is the real you knows only feelings of infinite beauty, infinite creation, infinite goodness, infinite potential and has only certainties about your true nature. Your higher self is aware of it s creational nature and feels connected to everything. Your higher self exists in eternity. Your higher self

48 doesn’t feel time, doesn’t have limited feelings. Your higher self doesn’t have perceptions only exists like an eternal creator. Changing the process is only by acceptation. Your higher self is one with everything that exists. This is not a process of negation; your brain doesn’t know what a negation is. For your brain every negation is generating a reality. Again I am speaking about a reality as real as this one that your brain perceives. What you perceived as one world until now it has never been one world. You have been a creator of many realities and accepting your true nature you will understand and realize how many realities you created. Every thought of each and every one of us is creating a reality. Thoughts of your ego are still yours. What your ego created is still your creation. You don’t have another person inside. This can’t be a fight with your ego. It has to be a peaceful acceptation; until now you have been on auto pilot and now your true self has awakened. To make easy the process, start controlling your thoughts. Again is not hard to do. Feel every thought and no matter how it is, take it with a smile. If is coming to your mind with the concept of good or bad smile and accept. For your higher self there is no duality. Your higher self is infinite. Don’t try to hide thoughts that your ego perceives like bad or fear because you will only put them on your subconscient mind and become more powerful then what you create consciously. You can’t hide anything from yourself. This too is only a perception. Accept every thought that is coming to your

49 mind and choose not to experiment that reality. Turn the polarity of every your thought. All this thoughts that will start coming are only realities that your ego, your conscious mind and subconscient where building for you on auto pilot. Every one of them are real, not bad, not good and now that you are taking control you have the power to choose which one will become a reality for your body to experiment. Accept only that until this instant has been all our creation and it can’t be bad or good. It is not bad or good because our nature is not and has never been duality. This is only the perception of your brain that now is becoming a tool for your higher self. Feel the joy inside of you! Feel the happiness inside of you! Feel the infinity inside of you. Two certainties exist for the higher you: infinite power of creation and infinite love for everything. Everything else is an illusion of your mind. Every other certainty that you perceive is only a limitation. Less certainties you have, more power you have to accept what you are creating. When you look at the world that your eyes see accept that you have the power to make it like you want. Feel the reality that you are creating for yourself and accept the process of transformation. There are no constants in the reality you observe then the ones you create. All are variables that you control. There is no limit then the limit you put for yourself. All the limitations that now are a reality are only the creation on auto pilot because you thought you have no power over what your eyes see and over what your brain perceives like real.

50 Until this instant we all have been lost inside of our creation. Time has come for us all to awaken and create a reality where we all become what has been our nature in eternity: Creators! The moment to convince somebody has come to an end. There is no one to convince! We all are truly one! We all have been one since we created time. The only way to liberate ourselves from our ego is accepting that we are not our ego. Our ego is only our brain s perception of reality. This 10% of our brain is the illusion of being our ego. It has never been our true nature. Our true nature is infinity. How can our brain understand what it already knows? Our brain is perfectly aware that is only our tool. Time for us has come to accept how great our nature is. There is nothing to be afraid of! We don’t know what fear is. Fear is only a word inside our brain s perception of reality. By awakening and accepting our true nature, our ego will disappear. Our ego is not more real than our eyes perception of life. Our ego is only an illusion like our perception of reality.

Don’t think; just accept what you already know! I know and I accept that my ego is an illusion! I know my perception of reality is an illusion! I know ME alone doesn’t exist! I know I have all the answers! I know everything is perfect because my nature is perfect! I know all the answers because I have no questions!

51 I know I am bigger then time! I know that I AM is MY TRUE NATURE OF EXISTING! I feel part of infinity and infinity is part of me! I feel joy and happiness inside of me! I feel that I am life! I feel I am perfect! I feel my true nature! I feel my infinite nature! I feel everything inside of me! I feel my brain like my tool! I feel I have no limits than the limits I build for myself! I feel eternity part of me! I feel we all are truly one! Everything that we all are is what we feel. Believing that you are something else is creating only a reality where you experience a different perception of yourself. Trying to find answers outside of your self is only creating a reality where you don’t know! Feel everything inside of you! This whole infinity of realities is inside of you! It has never been different! We all don’t have another state of existing! The purpose of all that your eyes perceive and the purpose of what your brain perceives is for us all to experiment matter, to experiment duality!

52 If I felt this, this means that all of us desired to feel. We never existed like individuals. We only had different perception of who we are. I feel we all wanted because it was bigger than my perception of reality!

The word that I often use is perceived. I am using this word because everything that we, as individuals do, is to perceive reality. We don’t really live it. We perceive how things are. We perceive how things taste! We perceive even our lives! We even perceive what our eyes see like one world! In fact by thinking that this world is outside of us we experience one world! More precise our five senses experience an external world! You think you are separated from everyone else! This again is what you perceive. Imagine now that you are every single person and you are looking at the world. It will be a different perception every single time that you are changing your point of view. Every time it will be a different world. We think we are not one! Again we experience that we all are separated. Let us imagine together a reality where every one of us is accepting his true nature. A reality where the color of our skin, our beliefs, and our economic status become like clothes is not hard to achieve if we believe that we have the power to make it happen.

53 Ever stop and look at the Earth from space? Don’t think that is impossible. Let us do it together in this instant. Close your eyes and imagine that you are the first that explores space. Imagine that you are leaving your family, your city, your country, your continent and in the end you are leaving Earth. Now that you are far away from everything that you know, far away from who you thought you are, far away from your social status, your beliefs and far away from everything that you remember as your planet and before of this great beauty that you have never believed possible, with stars glowing everywhere around you, so close that it seems you can put one inside of your pocket as a reminder for later when you will feel sad. Everything is so beautiful that your mind couldn’t even imagine from all the photos and the articles that you red before going and now that your eyes are seeing it still seems like a dream. It feels like this only to protect your mind that is still not prepared for this infinite beauty. The only way for you to experience this moment is only with your feeling. It is the only possibility you have to accept all this greatness. In this instant you forget that you have a name, a body or a brain. You feel how words have no relevance anymore; you feel part of this infinity at peace with yourself and with everything. Your conscience has nothing that can use to deceive your perception of reality, you realize how perfect everything is and how little was this box that you experienced like reality until now. Your brain is finally catching up with your feeling and accepts like real this that seemed like a blurry dream until now. It feels like you died and you reborn again. You realize that nothing changed and everything changed in the same endless instant. Your understanding of reality has renewed your soul.

54 You feel the first thought taking form. Is not like the other thoughts you have ever had. It is a thought coming from your feeling of compassion for every your brother and sister that think they understood what life is about. You slowly remember that you left them behind. All this beauty is so divine that you want to share it. Now you understand why your first thought was about them. You understand that they are only another part of yourself and this beauty means nothing if is not shared. You turn your eyes and with new wisdom inside of your heart you look back to this blue planet. It looks totally different then the pictures from your memory. It doesn’t look like billions of people with different languages; it looks like the part of you that is missing. It doesn’t seem so big anymore. It’s so little that you want to take it in your arms and whisper that everything will be alright, that you understood finally why you had this emptiness inside of your heart. You understood finally that you were separated from your real body. You have been only a little cell of this beautiful organism. Everything has sense now for your brain and the first question takes form only that is not a question like before, is more like an answer disguised as a question. How can an organism survive if all his cells are at war with themselves? You start feeling sad because you had to leave your real body to understand who you are and at the same time you feel happy because you understand now your true identity. Everything is pointless if you can’t be reunited with all of yourself. It doesn’t even seem fair that you are here all alone and feel the heart of your real body dying. You start crying like a little baby that misses his angel. It is all so clear now, so divine and simple. You understand the mirage of this intelligent person you thought you are. Every

55 book that you have red, every theory that you invented, every second that you spend energy for discovering things is meaningless if your heart is dying. I know you are coming back now. I was with you all along. I have seen what your eyes saw and I felt the feelings inside of your heart. I am here waiting to embrace you and with tears in my eyes I welcome you back my brother and my sister. Every theory in mathematics and in physics is based on facts. The most important thing in both of them is to have the facts right. It is simple to understand why. If you have the facts wrong your theory is wrong. Every theory until now has a base where we all are individuals living on one planet. Everyone assumed is right because they trusted their five senses. Science today has proven that all of our five senses are only perceptions. Not one of our senses is telling it like it is. This fact is easy to verify. Doing a simple search your brain will accept that I am telling the truth. When Einstein discovered that all that exists is energy said that we all are in fact one. People that felt their true nature say again that we all are one. Quantum physics says that we all are one. Follow my reasoning now. Science and spirituality say that we all are one. We choose to trust our senses and we still try to make theories about one world. We are still trying to invent theories believing our senses. We arrived to a point where scientists don’t know how this is working. At this point all the evidence that we have points to changing the theory. Why we are not changing the theory? Only because we think we don’t understand. By thinking that we don’t understand our brain is creating a reality where we don’t

56 understand. It has become difficult even for our brain to create for us realities where we don’t understand. Changing the theory with the facts that we already have is the only solution. There has never been one world. Since we manifested ourselves to experiment matter we created infinite realities. We never created one world. Changing the theory let s see if the facts come into place. Einstein said that we all are energy. We all exist in infinite realties that we all create from the same infinite consciousness and it fits. Quantum physics said that there is no time, there is no space there is no matter. Something can be in two places in the same time, even in more than two places at the same time. If we all are creators and every thought of ours is generating a reality like this one that we perceive this means that we are in every reality that we create with our thoughts. We don’t feel it because we don’t allow ourselves. More we have D.N.A inside of every one of our cells where is recorded every information since we all as one created everything. This D.N.A is only a program like a CD with information that changes our perception of ourselves. We forget our true nature of creators and we lose ourselves inside of our creation. This fits too. N.A.S.A is discovering every second more space that they didn’t know about. If we all are creators we don’t look into space we create even space. This fits too. More anger and upset we feel on this so called one world more viruses and more diseases appear from nothing. If we all are one even if our perception of ourselves is different still doesn’t change that we can only become angry with ourselves. If our brain is creating only realities for us, when we feel angry

57 with ourselves, our brain is creating for us a reality where we experience what we asked for. This fits too. All of our thoughts are creating our demons. Look at the world that your eyes perceive and understand how everything has sense for your brain. It is a fact that every generation is using less of their brain s capacity. More we are discovering and we think that we don’t know less percentage of our brain use not to understand in order for us to experience a reality where we don’t understand. It fits here too. Look at your life and see if the most repetitive thought you had changed a reality for you to experiment. For my life it fitted perfectly. Our brain can’t perceive that we all are one. With our five senses we can’t perceive that we all are one. If we all are infinity all connected and are experiencing our opposite, duality, what better proof then our two brains. How we can aspect that our two brains can perceive that we all are one? Ever noticed when you laugh, what makes you laugh? Every time we all laugh is when our brain can’t process the information: nonsense. Yet we feel so good. If we are our brain all the time, when we laugh it feels good because we feel our true selves. We feel liberated. When we close our eyes, we all think that we see black. It doesn’t feel like looking at a color. It feels more like infinity. If we are creators this is our freedom to realize our true nature even if we are lost inside of our creations. Ever heard of miracles? How people heal themselves and science doesn’t understand how this is possible? If we all are

58 creators, and we believe that we will heal. It is a command for our brain that we want that specific reality and is generating what we asked. Ever noticed how people don’t have time to express themselves? More we have the perception that society gives us less of this freedom, more we feel stressed and our body deteriorates. If our nature is to be creators, it is not normal that our brain is creating only against our nature because we want to experience how it feels like? More a person is afraid of getting sick, easier it is getting sick. If we are creators and our brain generates realities more you are afraid more you are asking your brain to generate for you that specific reality. Ever happened to you? When in our brain s perception we are children, we feel happier, we feel more freedom, and we feel that we create. When we start going to school, we start learning about how the world is. More certainties we have unhappier we become. If we are creators and we start having certainties doesn’t have sense that we will feel unhappier? Ever wonder where your thoughts are before they come into your mind and where are them going after? If we all are creators, your thought comes from this infinite ocean of consciousness, from your higher self and creates possible realities for your body to experience. Our brain has been all along our tool to generate realities. It has sense even for your brain this information. You only have to accept your true nature. All that you think you know is only limitation for your true self.

59 Our brain doesn’t make the difference between a question and an answer and the most important thing is that our brain is not aware of what we feel. Our brain is only creating realities for us. Every thought is a reality as real as what you perceive like reality in this moment. You are not aware because you have too many thoughts, you are creating many realities and you lost your ability to feel yourself. More you become your eye s perception of reality more you become your brain s perception of reality less you are feeling your true nature. Inverting the process from THINKING/FEELING into a process FEELING/THINKING is not difficult. You need only a few days to reverse the process and start being who you were meant to be, an infinite creator capable of feeling every one of his creations in order for you to experience matter the way that you choose. By inverting the process you will become more aware and you will control your thoughts better. When you become aware of every thought that you create you can experience every one of them. When you are your feeling you are outside of time so you will feel like you perceive now your reality every one of your thoughts. When you are in control it will be only a choice of what reality you want for your body to experience. It is really simple. We arrive to a point where is really easy to see behind all the perceptions of our ego. It is enough to accept our true nature to see the truth. Once our higher self is awakened everything will be only a process for our brain to accept the information that we already have inside of our D.N.A. It is enough to accept that we know to start understanding. We have the liberty to choose what reality

60 we want to experience. We had this liberty from the beginning of this experiment. Once you accept that you know, all veils will disappear and you will understand what it was there from the beginning of time. It is enough to accept that you know. By accepting with all yourself, your brain will accept that you need understanding. Your brain will only create a reality where you know. This will have sense for you. It will not be a miracle or something. It will be only a surprise that it was there and only now you understand. By accepting that you know you are seeing all the pieces of the puzzle revealing a bigger picture so simple that you will have no problem understanding. It is necessary only to accept that you know. It has never been about asking questions! It is quite simple to understand why. We all as one don’t know what a question is. Our brain has no clue what a question is. Our brain has never been aware that we have questions. Every question that we had it was only a reality that we want. Every question sounds like a question because we learned that questions exist. The truth is that we perceive a reality where we want to experience what questions are. This is only another creation that we choose to experience. The moment has come for us to stop questioning and accepting that we already have the answers. Having questions has never been a reality. It has been only what we choose to experience, in order for us to experience what questions are. It is all a simple divine plan and we all as one are the creators. To really understand how reality looks like it is enough to really believe that we know. In this reality nobody thinks that he

61 knows. All of us need answers. By believing that we need answers we only experience how it is to look for one. How it could be simpler than this? What could be more divine then this? How can this not be the proof of our greatness? Einstein understood the entire plan. He understood it has to be simpler. He understood that is too divine everything to be complicated. I believe he studied one year too much. He understood everything and he looked for the answer in the entire Universe. He looked everywhere. The only place, the easiest place, the first place where one should look before looking outside is inside of him. Inside we have all the keys, we have all the answers, and we have the entire Universe. Inside we all are one, a divine infinity. We have moments when we feel this greatness, only that we have the freedom to ignore it. It is too simple for our brain to understand. It is too divine for our brain to understand no matter how much will try. Our brain has been since the beginning of time only our tool. It is enough to say what we want and it will create for us. Everything is perfect and has been perfect, too perfect for our brain to understand. The moment arrived for us to understand that this autopilot has been only our ego. What our eyes see like one world and our brain perceives like one reality is only one world, one reality for our EGO. The only one that made us look inside everything with the illusion that we will understand it was our EGO. The only one that made us feel better then someone it was our EGO.

62 The only one believing that an impotent body could do better what it has been already perfect it was our EGO. The only one who had the illusion the world is not perfect it was our EGO. The only one that had the illusion that I AM DIFFERENT is a state of existing was our EGO. The only one that thought violence is an option is our EGO. The only one creating the illusion to look inside everything before looking inside ourselves is our EGO. The only one creating the illusion that war is resolving problems that we never had was our EGO. The only one that blinded us was our EGO. The only one creating the illusion of time was our EGO. The only one creating the illusion that suffering is a state of existence was our EGO. The only one creating a state of confusion inside of our hearts was our EGO. Now that our true selves are awakening our ego is only a little piece of the puzzle. We had to experience duality and our ego was only a little part of our greater purpose. Our ego is still our creation and is still perfect because of our true nature. Only that time has come for our ego to finish its purpose. It is only a tool that we used to experiment what we all decided. Time has come to take control of our real tools, our thoughts and build for us a heaven. We don’t need to do anything. We only have to feel our true identity. We have only to imagine a paradise and it will become reality because we all

63 decided that time for us to know is here. When I understood our plan, we all wanted to understand. I could never understand alone. We have never done things separately. It was all an illusion of our egos that we are separated. Even now, you have the freedom to continue with your ego s realities or create a reality where we are truly one, create a reality where we all know who we are and become aware of our true infinite creating nature. We all have been preparing for this great moment since our plan started. We all know that time has come. We all finally are awakening. We have never been anything else than greatness. We only choose to forget our nature in order for us to find ourselves and reunite. Accepting our ego like our creation and becoming aware that it has served its purpose is coming understanding. The only way to feel our true self and implicitly feel each other like one again is by accepting that everything is perfect because our nature is perfect and divine. Stop in this instant! Accept that you are truly great! Accept that you knew all along this moment is coming! Accept and feel the freedom that you have to experiment this reality or to ignore it! Now choose your reality! It has been only now! It is only now! It is all that we as one know! It is the only state where we as one exist!


The only way that we can change something is by accepting that everything is perfect and there is nothing to change. It is all a creational process that comes from accepting our true divine nature. When we accept our true nature, our brain accepts that everything is perfect and it becomes a tool for us to create what we want to experience. Our brain s translation of changing something is that we want a reality where there is something to change. It will create only a reality where we feel that there is something to change because is not perfect. We will still only perceive our brain s reality. We will still be our brain. The only way to create and become aware of our true nature is by accepting that everything is perfect because we are the creators of everything. Our state of existence is to be creators. Whatever we create it can be only perfect because of our nature. We have always been one infinite consciousness experimenting itself. This is our existential state of being. This is who we are. Independently of our perception of us there is only one state of existence. Infinite creator is our true state of existence.

65 Once that we accept that everything is perfect because is our creation, it is enough to change the process THINKING/FEELING into a process FEELING/THINKING. In other words we become aware that our brain is only our tool to create realties. More we become aware that we are not our brain s perception of reality, more we feel our thoughts. When we start feeling our thoughts we can control what we create. This process is a rapid one. You don’t need years of practice. It is a happy and beautiful experience that comes from accepting your true nature. Feeling your thoughts is giving you the freedom to have as many as you feel. There is no number. You can have as many as you can experience with your feeling. This is the secret if it can be one. Feeling what your thoughts are is giving you the power over your creation. This is the natural process of us all. When you feel every thought you are in control of what you create. Before your body can experience a reality, first you have to create this reality. By feeling every thought that you choose to have, you are creating already that precise reality for you to experience. In the beginning is a process where you are first feeling the reality you want to experience and your conscience that is still addicted to time is creating it for you after a little while. It is only a process for your conscience to accept this reality that you already created. Keep the same feeling and generate the same thought in your mind.

66 Accept every other thought that your mind is generating on auto pilot and choose not to experience it. In this way you will feel what thoughts are automatically coming from your conscience. It is not a negation it is only a process of choosing what reality you want to experience. Every your thought is still your creation. Now you only changed the process and you choose what you want your eyes to see and your body to experience. You are taking control of your reality. It is only a beautiful process of acceptation. Accept that your brain already created that precise reality. All that is happening now is only a process for you to arrive to your creation. Accept everything even if you don’t understand. Experience the process that is creating this reality for you. Don’t have any doubt. Only your EGO has doubts and uncertainties. Because your brain has already so many certainties choose realities that fit with the information already generated by the electric impulses inside of your brain. Your brain has only electric impulses and when you are using less that specific certainty, it will automatically disappear. Start with what you already have and accept that by being a creator everything is possible. Don’t worry or start thinking about how this reality will become an experience for your body. You are a creator; you only order your tool of creation that is your brain to create it. The rest is only a process for your brain that perceives time, space and matter. By inverting the process you are in control because you feel how that specific reality feels like, smells like, tastes like. With your feeling you are already there. You already experience a reality that already exists. You only arrive before your brain s perception because you are not in time anymore. Only your brain has this

67 perception, not you. You have been your feeling from the beginning of time. Less certainties you have, faster your brain will generate what you ask from it. Accepting your nature as a creator you accept that nothing is impossible. Nothing has been impossible for you. All this terms are only certainties of your brain. You are not, never been, never will be your brain. In the beginning concentrate on one reality that you desire and the next level for your brain will be to start accepting that you can experience different realities at the same time. It is really only a beautiful game of creations. It has always been one, only that until this instant your perception of reality was your brain s perception of reality, your eye s perception of reality. Less thoughts your brain generates, faster it will be for your brain to create the reality that you desire. More you feel this reality faster your brain is generating this reality. This is the normal process. The other way around is against your true divine nature. Accept that everything is possible because your nature is to be a creator. You don’t have to know anything. You have only to accept that you already know. By being your true nature you are what you were meant to be. When we create all this infinite game of experimenting matter, we don’t become something else; we only change our perception of ourselves. When we choose to be our brain s perception of reality we become our brain. Our brain is created to perceive duality. When we are our brain we are our ego. Is really easy to accept that we have never been our body, our eyes or our brain, we have been our feeling and we are what we feel creating the rest. It has never been the other way around. What you think is

68 real has never been reality. What you think is real is still your creation. With this understanding look at the world and accept that being our ego is creating what our eyes see. Everyone is what they say they are. Everyone is what one creates. We go only to the point that we forgot to feel ourselves. We forgot how beautiful we all are. We forgot that we all are one. Not knowing that we have this power we think we are right and somebody is wrong. How somebody can be right or wrong if we all are one? Please feel what I am trying to express. Feel the message; don’t make sense of the words. Your brain is making sense of what you think you read. The words without the message are only words. Empty words are not who we are. Empty words are our ego s language. When you stop thinking and start feeling I assure you that you will feel empty words. When you feel empty words know that is your ego speaking, know that you are your ego and you lost your divine nature. Imagine that empty words look like we perceive a little sand particle and words coming from feeling look like mountains. That big is the difference between them. What I am writing are only words. The message inside these words is bigger than me, bigger then you, bigger then all our egos put together. First thing that we have to do if we choose to know our real nature is to feel our words. Empty words made us blind. Empty words hidden our true nature from us and made us become our ego.

69 All we have to do is accept that we are bigger then our ego. This is not hard to achieve. It is enough to accept our divine, infinite nature.

To lift the veils and see the truth you have only to accept who you really are. Every other process then accepting is only creating a reality where you are looking for something. It is not a research. It is not about asking questions. Even if your perception is that you are asking questions let me assure you that we all are one. Every question that one will ask will only create a reality where is looking for his answer. It is nothing wrong in that. It is still a choice. This is our free will. The only freedom that one has is to become creator in this infinite game with infinite creators.


Our brain makes no difference between a question, a desire or fear. A question is taking form inside of your feelings. You feel that you don’t know. Our brain is only creating realities and will make a reality for you where you experience what you feel. By feeling that you don’t know you are giving a command to your brain to create a reality where you as individual experience that you don’t know. All the great ideas that come to us are not coming because we have a question. The answer comes from nowhere if we are our brain. It is more like a revelation. This happens when we really want to know something and we arrive to some conclusion where we have the answer. We don’t really understand the process. Having questions is not a creative way of experiencing our true self. Having questions is only limiting our brain s capacity. When we have questions our brain generates realities for us where we don’t know. It is really simple. We don’t get it

71 because we create more and more realities where we don’t know. The process should be one where you feel that you know the answer and to help your conscience you take a book, or you go on the net convinced that you will find the question. In no time you will have the answer. This is only for the beginning. After a while that you have the right process is not necessary to help your conscience because this electric impulse from your brain will disappear. You will only close your eyes and feel that you know the answer. It will be quite amazing but you will have the answer to the feeling that you know. Your brain will create a reality where you experience that you know the answer. Every question that you need an answer to, feel first that you have the answer. Don’t go with a feeling that you don’t know. This is really amazing with children. Say to a child that he knows the answer and that he has to be convinced that he knows the answer. It will have the answer in a blink of an eye. This questioning system is only a limit to our potential. It is the same with learning that we need certainties. More certainties we think we need less possibilities to express our true nature we give ourselves. Our ego needs certainties because it is giving you the perception that you can lose something. Nobody can lose anything because there is nothing to lose or to win. It has never been. It is only an experiment for all knowing, ever existing, infinite creators to experiment an invention of how matter looks like. It seems easy because is easy. It has never been complicated.

72 When we don’t feel our true nature and we become our brain everything is complicated because our brain is only a processor. Everything that our ego is so proud that we invented is a replica of what we already created in a more complex and divine way. When the process is inverted and we don’t have any questions, our brain is inverting the process and we start growing our capacity. Imagine that by growing our capacity we can heal our body in a few minutes. Our body is not a body like your eyes perceives it. It is all energy. We are using tools that our 10% of the brain invented to operate using our eye s perception on an energy body. More you are allowing your brain to use more realities you will experience. We don’t have any questions because we know more than our brain will ever be capable of understanding. We have only to invert the process and our brain will accept the answers we already know. It is only an acceptation process. Nothing is easier than this. The best way of asking a question is to feel that you already know the answer. It is a beautiful process that will help you have the same feelings that you had when you where a child. We have never discovered anything, we as creators have nothing to discover. We only create. We create realities for us to experiment.

73 Every question that you think you have is only your program. We all are one is note a figurative way of speaking. We have the information of everything that we have ever created inside. The illusion is that you were looking outside of you. Outside of you there is nothing. Inside of us is the universal library of all that we ever created. Allow yourself to feel the truth. Allow yourself to feel your real nature. Allow yourself to be who you were meant to be, an infinite, divine everlasting creator.


I will share with you some answers that I accepted for myself. Our tools of creation are our thoughts. Every thought is creating a reality. We only choose how we want to experiment matter. Every choice that we make is choosing in fact our reality that we will experiment. What is bad and what is good? For our true nature this is irrelevant. What you think is bad is bad because you think it is and the same process for when you think is good. Every thought is a reality so you are all the time free to choose. If every thought of mine is creating a reality, why I don’t perceive like matter immediately? This is simple to accept. What I created until now is still my creation. By thinking of something you are creating your reality. Only that your brain is still part of you. Now is only a process of accepting by your brain so you will experience what you created. So the only obstacle between you and your creation is your perception of reality. In other words only you have the power to negate something to yourself. Why death exists? Evan this is a perception and even this is a choice. If you are your brain you are experiencing death. Still doesn’t change the universal truth that you will never die because you have never been borne. It is still a perception for all of us to experiment matter.

75 Accepting these truths will bring understanding for your brain! 1. We all are one! 2. We all as one create everything.

3. It has never been one world, only infinite realities. 4. In order for us to experiment matter we have to be lost inside. 5. We all have different perception of our nature, but the truth is universal. 6. Even if we have different perception of our nature, our nature doesn’t change. 7. It is impossible to understand the concept for our brain because it represents the opposite of our nature: duality. 8. Our brain is only a tool for us to create different realities and choose which one we want to experience like matter. 9. Our existential process is FEELING/THINKING.

10. Every certainty of our brain is a certainty for our EGO. 11. Every other perception then we all are one is only a perception of our eyes or of our brain.

76 12. Our free will is to become conscious creators of our reality or to lose ourselves inside of our creation.

13. Every question that we feel we have is creating a reality where we don’t know and it is limiting our brain s potential. 14. Words generated only by our brain without our feeling are nothing more than dust in the wind. 15. Everything that we as individuals believe is our creation and it can’t be denied. We will only negate ourselves. 16. Trusting our eyes and looking outside of us trying to understand is only experimenting what we already create. 17. Our brain s awareness of our true nature is only an illusion. 18. Everything that we create is perfect because of our divine nature. 19. Every thought that we have in duality is a creation of our brain. Easy to understand why. 20. An illusion is real only when we choose to believe is real. 21. Every perception that something exists outside of us is only a perception that we choose to believe.


22. We don’t feel our ego when we choose to be our ego. 23. Accepting our true nature is the only way of understanding for our brain. 24. When we become aware of our brain we start feeling our true nature. 25. Trying to find a purpose is an illusion of our brain s perception of reality. 26. We don’t have the concept of trying; we only create a reality for us where we experience trying. 27. We don’t have the concept of suffering, we only create a reality for us to experiment suffering. 28. We know only greatness. We only exist as creators. 29. I am - is the only state of our existence. 30. We have the power to experience time with the velocity we want. 31. Words are only our invention so we will experience how it feels to be separated. 32. Every single one of us is a co creator of all that exists.



I feel your quest to find yourselves! I feel that you are not happy because you think you need something more to arrive to your happiness. All the time is still something that you need to have, to feel or to experience to achieve your happiness. For one of you is money, for one of you is a house, for another maybe the need to love somebody, or to have a promotion that you always wanted, or you think there is too much suffering in the world and it is not fair to feel happy. Some of you are afraid of dying, some are only afraid and others don’t care. You all have different beliefs and have different religions. Maybe you believe in God, in Allah, in Buddha’s teachings, or you have other beliefs. It is possible that you have no beliefs or you believe in Martians. It doesn’t really matter in what you believe! Every feeling of every one of you and every belief of each and every one of you it is real; it is the truth just because you believe it is. It is real because you think it is, it exists because you believe it exists. To expand the concept: this whole reality exists because we all believe it exists. And this entire world, this universe is perfect, not bad, and not good; it is only perfect because we create it. For the moment please understand that words for people are like notes for a musician, like colors for a painter, like a camera for a photographer. Everybody is using something to express themselves, to express what they feel.


All of us are using something to express what each and everyone feels inside. The question now is why we feel this need to express ourselves. Why we can’t only exist with what we feel without having this need to express? This question has an easy answer… It is our nature to be creators. Let us accept why these is our nature starting in these reality that we all perceive. Our reality is that we all live on Earth, in this galaxy that we call Milky Way part of this cosmic space that seems to have no end. More than 96% of the population feels that is something more to their reality. This is a scientific fact. Almost all the people in the world feel this. We saw before that first we feel then we try to express ourselves. We find these tools to express ourselves when we are borne. We can’t choose them. Every one of us will pick one. First tool we don’t chose. It is our language. Based on our luck, let’s say (you can use whatever word you think is appropriate), somebody, your mother, your father will teach you a way, that they taught from their parents, to express yourselves. One of you will learn how to express himself in English, one in Chinese, one in Russian one in an Arab language and so on. Let us now imagine that we all are one year old, before anybody teaches us how to express what we feel and that we are all together and we try to communicate with each other. You

80 think we will have any problem at all to feel each other? You think we will have any problem to get along? You think we will all fight for our beliefs? I personally believe that we will get along just fine. Not only this but, we will be happy without any reason. You will say that this is normal because we don t know anything yet. It is too early to have an opinion about anything. We don’t know how the world is. We don’t know what is wrong and what is right. I agree with you on this one, we don’t know anything of this because anybody taught us. Only that a question is taking form from my thoughts that I choose not to ignore. What if this is the solution, not the problem. Next questions are: what is really mine? Which thoughts in my brain are really expressing my feelings? Which feelings are really my feelings if all that I know came from outside of me? What you are reading now is not, it can’t be the truth about what I really experienced. Keep always in your mind that I am using words that somebody taught me to express myself. So these words are not only words. These are my feelings processed by my brain into information and expressed in words. To understand better we first have to accept our true nature. We saw that Albert Einstein was the most famous physician. He invented the theory of relativity. For those of you that don’t know, his formula is E = m c2. In words: all the matter that exists is energy. First he knew it was true then he needed 18 years to put this to a simple formula that we can understand.

81 The most important is the process behind his feeling. First he felt the truth, then he processed this feeling into information and then he put it into a formula so everybody can understand. I hope it is clear for everyone the process that is behind our words. Now, for your brain to accept what your eyes red is necessary to accept your true nature, you have to accept yourselves. To really understand what I told you it is necessary to feel the same feelings that I am feeling. When we are coming into this world we are all the same. To really understand how to set yourself free, you have to take the same journey inside you. The only one that can stop yourself to have what you desire is only you. When I say you, I mean your conscience, your ego. Almost all of you think that what you feel is really yours, only because you choose to believe your eyes perception and your brain s perception of existence. From there you start reasoning based on your beliefs. If you feel them it must be yours. If you feel depressed, unhappy, desperate, empty, ugly, poor, or happy, loving, cool, good looking, full of hope it must be real because you feel it? Let us accept how this feeling – thinking process works. First thing I start questioning all the information that I have inside my brain. Ask yourself how you know all this information that you use to express what is wrong and what is right? My answer to this question was simple. Everything that I know is ideas and beliefs of other people. What my parents taught me, what I taught in the educational system, from people that I was in contact with all my life. My perception of the world is based on the way that other people looked at it.


Until here everything was easy. In conclusion everything that I saw like right and wrong it was based on what other people saw. I have, all my life make mine thinking of others. From this understanding I start wondering how I can feel myself. If everything that it is in my brain is not really mine and my brain is working more like a processor how I can trust a tool? How can I take decisions based on information that is not mine? Like this I arrived that my brain is only my tool, something that is at my disposition to use. So I stop the processor of my body. I stop thinking. It wasn’t hard to do. It stopped naturally only by accepting that I already know. In this moment I start perceiving my brain like my creation. I start feeling every impulse sent to the rest of my body to keep it working: breathing, hearing, seeing, smelling, etc. Only that now what it was happening had no name without the recording active. It was only a process that I was feeling. My perception changed. Now I was only feeling my brain and the process of my body existing. In this instant I wasn’t my brain or my body, I only perceived them. It was me perceiving my whole body. By feeling this process of perceiving, my conscience accepted that it is not in control that is something higher in control. My conscience accepted that a higher me is creating it. You can t perceive this higher self using your conscience. Now it should be clear why, for the simple fact that this higher self is creating your conscience, your body. It is all about how much every one of us perceives. Only this is changing. Only our

83 perception is different. My journey wasn’t over yet. By perceiving my higher self I had the answer to all my questions. I understood all. This higher self that all of us have but only few of us perceive is connected to all the higher selves of everyone. In conclusion, where our higher selves exist is the reality. It is real like this reality for your conscience, even more real because by perceiving your higher self you are feeling the truth so anybody can say to you in words if it is real or not. You just feel it. It is more real than all the feelings that you have ever experienced. In this reality of your higher self all of us exist, we have no space, no time and we all are connected. Everything that exists we all create and we are aware of what we do. Only our perception is changing. If for example you feel alone is only because you don’t perceive yourself in your entire splendor. Every single one of us is beautiful and connected with each other. My advice to you my soul mates is to stop looking outside of you. By finding your true self you will find everything that you are looking for. It is real and this freedom of choice that everybody speaks about is only your freedom to find yourselves. Nobody can do it for you. I don’t say that will be an easy road but it will be a rewarding one for the brave ones that will perceive there real perfect nature. By perceiving your divine nature you will understand that there is no good or bad, you are eternal, and we all are connected.

84 The world in this instant exists like we look at it. It is not that you are living in a world that you found and you can’t do anything to change it. You are creating this world. Every one of us is. We all are creators’ part of an infinite creator. Every thought of each one of us is creating our reality in this world that that our brain perceives like reality. Only we have the power to change things for us. It is so easy… We have only to imagine how we want to see the world. The entire Universe will form a reality that we want to see and experience. We all have the power. I am not asking you to do anything. I am only asking to see a world where you want your children to live in peace. Every morning when you wake up stop for five minutes before you start your day, wish with your feeling and think of something for yourself and for this world that we are living in. You don’t need to do anything else. Like John Lennon said: Imagine! I felt every one of you. You are all beautiful. Everything that we create is beautiful because of our divine nature.


I will make this game of existence as easy as I can for you. Ever wonder why mirrors exist? When you are looking into a mirror your eyes see only your material body and as a consequence your mind has that image of yourself. This 10% of your brain is identifying with what your eyes see and you think you know how you look like. For me to see who I am as a human being I looked inside of my heart and my mind used the information it had to give the closest form to who I really am. The divine is inside of our hearts. Every heart has the divine inside. You are only remembering that you are divine, that you are a creator part of infinite creator. That is why each one can bring his truth into this reality, because each one is the same in feeling but with different information registered inside of his mind. The universal truth is only one and our perception of that truth is different. Nobody has the truth because there is only one and you can access it with your feeling and nothing that you have inside the mind can describe it. I will describe it with the information my mind has. There are ten frequency vibration of your soul and you are in control of how high it vibrates. The only way that you can raise your frequency is thru meditation because you need to go outside of your mind.

86 I will describe what science knows as ten dimensions from the mind perception into a soul frequency. Let us first take a simple example of a dimension that you from the third dimension perception can easily understand. Imagine that you are looking inside of a two dimension reality. This reality would be without height. You would have only a plane of existence and who is living there would move only forward and backwards, left and right. Every single one living there doesn’t know how to look up or down because of their perception of reality. So, you from the third dimension would see clearly this world but they can’t see you because they don’t know how to look up. If you will speak to them, they would hear a voice apparently in their head but they can’t see you. In this case you will take one of them and raise him up where he has never been before and leave him flow back down to his reality. He would have a clear view of his world but when he lands back and his friends are asking him where he was or to describe it he would not know how to do it. I hope you understood my point. Now, back to whom we truly are; imagine that you have the power to raise your frequency alone without any help. Thru meditation this is exactly what you are doing. You are raising your soul s frequency. I raised my soul frequency and I will describe with the words I know how every dimension looks from my point of view. The point is that every single human being is able to do it and every mind will give a different shape in order to become more aware and conscious of how you look like in the universal truth. The third dimension is everything that your eyes see: your flash and bone body with its five senses. This dimension is the most separated from your soul and the divine in you is confounded with your ego. Everything that you want to achieve

87 you are losing in the end. It is a closed circle. This third dimension is based on a low frequency of your soul. We all exist like one and if most of us feel lost we will have someone that will lead us. The world is the mirror of our collective consciousness. In this dimension we have no power of creation. The fourth dimension is your mind where duality exists. Here the strongest doubt of your divine self exists. This dimension has no power of creation and has no power to understand creation itself. When you live in this reality your body is getting older and sicker faster. The fifth dimension is the first dimension of the heart. Who has this perception of reality accepts the first divine part of his self. Here is the first contact with the divine inside and you start recognizing that you are not complete alone. I will name this the dimension of soul mates. It doesn’t mean necessary two or the same sex. It doesn’t really matter how many or the form because you have a higher frequency and the third dimension is relative at this point. This again has no power of creation. The sixth dimension is when you become aware of the body of light and this is the first level where you recognize the divine in everything and for the first time accept the feeling of infinite love inside your heart and consciously you see the divine. The one that perceives this dimension of itself accepts unity and for the first time gives up an individual purpose. Accepts that everything exists as one and gives up the illusion of choosing. Consciously he exists for the benefit of us all like one. No power of creation. The seventh dimension is the first level where a being accepts the gift of creation and he is able to manifest with his word. In this category exists what we call a shaman or a magician.

88 The eighth dimension is when you are not attached to the power of creation with the word and you are given the gift of creation with your thought. To consciously have this gift it is necessary to feel connected to everything that exists. The ninth dimension is when you are aware that you create everything that exists. Feeling of infinite love is your form. No word needed for who you are. The tenth dimension is where you are not attached to any of the above and you are one with the power of creation. Once that you arrive here you understand for the first time that you have no power to stop creating. This is the only limit that every human being has. Every single one of us has no limit and is becoming aware of who he is. Do not think of these dimensions that exist outside of you. Every single one is inside and can be accessed by raising your soul vibrations. Every dimension of existence is not aware of the one above. When your body is getting older this is happening only because you are attached to one of the above. Death is only a perception of the mind necessary when you limit yourself. Every single human being has access to all this dimensions and implicitly to immortality. Scientifically every thought has a frequency. I will tell you more: every soul has a frequency too and the frequency of your thoughts is related to it. Namaste to every single one of you. WE ALL ARE CHANGING THIS REALITY!!!!


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