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dedicated to Yshani Perinpanayagam

For pianist, speaker and two page turners

Part I 0`00`` → 1`30``

Call her onyx pass

I not Cover here on pancake I night Chip honey out

paging I now Concerned her on place it night

Can horrified on press it night Come her out placing

in never Church honest over people I now Christ horrible out pillowcase it

nothing Call happened opened pit inhaled

Part II 1`30`` → 5`20``

new Comfortable hours on pocket I never

Cap hand onto pain I nose Childhoods haemorrhaging of plane I nosebleed Cabin had or
people I need Crammed had
on proof it now Compared himself of person I not Cause held
on promote I none Chewing house only
places I new Chewing here oh painting I nothing Chestnut huge overstuffed pillows in
near Chair hotel own possible in noticed Cotton hours offer pedigree in
nearby Café have of people it number Car how on patient instead new Cares holder obviously
pilgrimage it now Cookies ham olives pickles I noting
Could have of person it nobody Created has of penis I none Child headlines of page if new
Candy here ours people I
never Crisps have old plain in
now Candy here of patina I
neck Collar hadn’t off piece I no Country having
our play in needed Companion how
one poo is never Couldn’t have of positioning I no Change his or point in no Come have
Part III 5`20`` → 5`50``

oddest puppies in nose Cow he’s over position into not Could him over placed it new Check have ouch pay
Part IV 5`50`` → 6`50``

it no Could him one puppy in next Cow have of peed in

newspapers Cow him of pass I
not Control him
him of pounds inserted
nothing Collected had of pulled in no Canù
Canùt him over propelled I never Cow he on punishment
Part V 6`50`` → 7`20``

in new Cow himself on progress I never Certainly hope outside privileged into not Canned here one pre in
Part VI 7`20`` → 14`20``

now Cow housebroken other power if nightclub Cow him of place

it never Chair his of precious intolerable nearly Cow
home occasionally point I never
Crossing her of possibly I near Curb her officer people in new City had one pumps I
not Called her one pharmacology I
nothing Childhood having of pathetic I nineteen Cream hotel one
prepared I now Can had oh
people is nice Craggy he over pretty it’s nothing Cruise houses older
pulled in no Clung had of pattern in nightstand Chair he onto phone
I not Charming hair of paid in notice Centre holding of posture in
nothing Car had of pleasure
I need Credit handed over probably I now Charm handed oh passed I now
Crawl hello open picked I notice Could he out pile in no
Criminal highly own people it need
Could he of point I
now Could hundred of pre I no Crazy had our published
it’s now Certain have of person I nightstands Classics had on
picture I nothing Clean he online pray in never Could happening online
page I name Computer him on point I never
Could hated our package I
nail Clippers happens out page I nobody
Choke home out
place in not Changed having orange poncho
I normal Called had of person it normal Condition happy of
plywood I need Clipboard had over perhaps I noticed Combination have out piled
I neutering Corner hadn’t on placed I not cufflinks his on pace
I no Could have off pushed into now Could had one
professional I no Chair here on printed is next Could hearts only phone it
now Creepy have or pill I’m
Part VII 14`20`` → 18`50``

now Collecting how okay particularly I

never Crouching he other particleboard in not Certainly
hoping on pen in not Checked her okay pick is new Can holes
out possible I need Careful half our plates I
negligence Cook had over physical I number Claimed his
omen person I
new Comfortable he or point I new
Coincidence his of primitively I
name Call herself other pretty I new
Clit had of place I not City her of prone if nobody
Cut horrified of picked I nobody Corner headline ordinary page in
new Called horrid only passed I need Can’t had
out paragraph I need Corrected heard of plus I nurses Cream how obviously phobias I’ve
nine Calling hear on phone if never Childhood her one point I
no Carrying he only pretty it no Cunt her
ordered paper in now Could her out pile
it not Cross he of punch I
noticed Clenched his over project I name Can have over paused I now
Cat home of particularly it’s nonetheless Cream
Part VIII 18`50`` → 19`20``

hammer on product its name Client he okay port in need Car have of possible I not Could home obligations people I
Part IX & Part X 19`20`` → 35`30``

not Connection home over piles in newspapers Created

had of paraplegic it new Cap
has of pen I number Carries homeless of please in
never Clean have of pity I now Clean
hours of place I now Closed have oblivion place I no Could having out place I numb Channel
hurt own place I night Complicated here out plans influence night
Couldn’t have on people I
nice Certain home obvious pained it not
Couldn’t hanging off part I needed
Chemistry hitting on pick instead neck
Converting he oh passively in nonstop
Circles him over pissy in needed Circles he obviously
puppy I needed Coffee have one play it
normal Coated have of puppy I
nervous Clothes hump only possibly
I now Can’t him out phone I noble Come him
of person I no Cab
ham or pie I no Close
her on play it nights Coffee herself only posing it
next could herself on penis I no Could her only
penthouse I now Chair had
on pillows I narrow Closest head one police
I no Cop how of police I no can’t health of pushing in
nice Cheesecakes hours old people I needs Couldn’t
hard over production I need Camera hatch operate position internal no City have over positive in never
C help obvious person if not Contrary have ordinary person I number Clear his of
people I needle Candy hired on push into name
Can here on pumped I no Come he’d out
property in need Computer had
ocean product it’s never Cliff hour offered pride I
nodding Came him off problems if noticed Cliffs his okay pencil in not
Could he’d one pointy I’d now Cocky his one
point if nickname
Continued her okay plus in north
Customers had of portion in needed Cock hurled
one possible I no Copy her out
pass image no Cropped harder of person I nun Course head of penis
island north Chicken
have of probably if necessary Case hours out photographs in nice Care had of pickings
I not Case healthy of parents I never Certain
had on patch I needed Course her
on people I need Chew hooked on place it next Criticise handing of
personality it
nothing Couldn’t her our pine inky night
Coffee her of pasted it now Cigarette her on pulled it
needed Could him or purchased I not Could her out pages it
next Closet had of prescriptions in neat Closet have own
phone into normally Call her or phone into note Crashes horse on pills
I needed Coffin her off
platform into
not Curly hair on perm I
never Construction have of place in now Course had oncoming perfectly in night Course
homeless only place in non
Course hatred one purchased
need crafts her o’clock poodle I
night conditioners her out passed I no Calls her only
punished I note Card had own
people instruction
nose Constructed holes out perfectly I nothing Constant her on pharmacy instructed now
Car have once put into now Can hands okay place I not Cracks had
on paper I no Could her only person into never Could her
one plenty in noticed Could hand over publishes I not Career have
own personality I night
Combined he one
people is next Contemporary house ours property I needed Cause him hot on pocket I name cracked his
out paint I no Clue he only paint I nose Can’t hurt okay preferred
ice nearly Clear him our parents in names Called hey occasionally place intellectual night concept human
Part XI 35`30`` → 40`00``

of point iced
none Carton head of poor in not Contorted horribly out
power I nasty Come had of previous in nothing Can hind or printed impress
no Curious how okay placed I number Choking her other
position I nothing
Cabinet her on
parents in near Cattails
had or parents it never Career handsome of pond I night Clear had
ownership pond in next Crouching hold over plastered
I new Curled happening on pond I no
Catch his over phone I
no Cabin house or prided immediate narrow Climbed
have of
paddling in noises Chewed holy once
parts I not Clean he’d office populated I never Comfort half of person it no Coached have online
put in number Collect her often
personal I now Crawling
had offer people in no Collection here once purchased incredible now Crystals
heart of played in never.

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