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HMS Hurworth (M39)

HMS Hurworth (M39)

HMS Hurworth operating in the English Channel

Career (UK)
Name: Operator: Builder: Launched: Sponsored by: Commissioned: Homeport: Identification: Status: HMS Hurworth Royal Navy Vosper Thornycroft 25 September 1984 Lady Anne Halifax, 2 July 1985
[2] [1]

wife of Admiral Sir David Halifax KCB, KCVO, KBE

HMNB Portsmouth, Hampshire Pennant number: M39 in active service, as of 2013[3]

General characteristics
Class & type: Displacement: Length: Beam: Draught: Propulsion: Speed: Complement: Hunt-class mine countermeasures vessel 750tons 60m 9.8m 2.2m 2 shaft Napier Deltic diesel, 3,540shp 17knots 45 (6 officers & 39 ratings)

Sensors and Sonar Type 2193 processing systems: Armament:

30mm automatic small calibre gun 2 Mk44 minigun 3 7.62mm general purpose machine guns SeaFox mine disposal system Diver-placed explosive charges

Mine counter measures equipment:

HMS Hurworth is a Hunt-class mine countermeasures vessel of the British Royal Navy.

HMS Hurworth (M39) On 2 March 2009, she was the centrepiece of the festivities to mark the 800th anniversary of the granting of a freedom charter by King John to Great Yarmouth.[4]

Hurworth-on-Tees, Darlington[5]

External links HMS Hurworth Page [6]

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