MURDER DREAM OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO This was a dream I had made into a story.

It is not finished because of my brother or sister not sure which one though.I only had about 3 to 4 hours of sleep so my dreams not that long. I woke up about 1 in the morning saying 'Thanks alot' to my sister who was on the computer. She says she didn't wake me but I think she did cuz she was the only one up here.I started to write this story cuz it was an awsome dream to me. it hurt my hand writing it so I gave up and fell back asleep. And no I never got to finish my story cuz my dream was canciled. So please comment this is my first story ever. Oh yeah my sister helped out with the names. OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO Point Of Views April = A.P.O.V June = J.P.O.V Kaz = K.P.O.V Jullian = R.P.O.V Mary Alice = M.P.O.V April Ray/Kasper June Ray/Kasper Kaz Kasper Jullian Ray Mary Alice Brandon

MURDER DREAM A.P.O.V 'Where the Hell is my sister?' I though. 'Right here' June answered in her mind.I run into her in the livingroom. I accidently takle June to the ground. Kaz hears us and looks up from his book.We both here him checking us out in his mind. Me and June stair at eachother. "KAZ QUIT CHECKING US OUT AND WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS!!!" We yell at the same time. We stair at eachother and start laughing. We start to get up and Kaz thinks,'Sorry I forget and why are you laughing?' "Because how we always say stuff at the same time-" I satart to say but June finishes for me, "and finish eachothers words." "You two are weird." He mummbles. We both give him death glares. 'Sorry sorry' he thinks. "You better be," I said. "What did you want April?" June asks me. "Shopping, school comming Kaz?" I say. "I got to go don't I." Kaz says more like a statment not a question. "Yup lets go," June and I say at the same time and burst out laughing. Kaz gets up and grabs the keys. We walk out the door in get into the car. It's a bit of a long ride to get to town sence we liver a couple of miles away. The whole reason is because of me and June's older brother Jullian Ray. I look over at Kaz. He's cute. He gots blonde messy hair and blue eyes. He is built pretty good 'cause of all the fighting we've been through. I remember when he found out are secret... ********** June and I were in the 6th grade at Jinx Jr. High. We were in are second hour with Kaz and Ester are two best friends when I had a vison. We were siting in are math class listening to Ms. Jackson. When there was a knock on the door. Ms. Jackson said, " Kaz can you get the door please." "Sure Ms. Jackson." He got up and went to the door me and June wernt paying attention. Thats when we heard it, "Hello Kaz." Are brother. Jullian Ray. "Hi Mr.? What do you need?" Kaz asks.

"The thwins if you don't mind please," He said with a smile. "Sure thing Mr.?" Kaz asks. "Mr. Ray June's and Aprils' older brother." Jullian answers. Me and June stair in horror. He's going to kill us. 'Oh man not again' I think. Jullian just smirks at us.'You sick basturd' I hear June think. The next thing I knew is he pulled out a gun and shot June in the head. I hear screaming then it stops. I look up and see a mean smirk on Jullians face. He points the gun to me face. "Good bye sweetheart." and with that I'm gone. I snap out of the vison. By the look on June's face I'm guessing she sall it too. "June run I'll be right behind you." I order. "April I'm n-" she starts but I don't let her finish. "I don't care just go." I order and without another word she gets up and heads to the back of the class. "Miss Ray sit down please." Ms. Jackson said. "No I can't Ms. Jackson 'cause something bad is going to happen." June says in a scard voice. 'Just go June I'm right behind you don't worry nothing is going to happen to us' I told her. She merily nods and runs out of the room. "Get bac-" Ms. Jackson starts but dosen't finish because of a knock on the door. "Kaz can y-" "Please don't it's just me and my sisters death waiting to happen." I pleed. "What are you talking about Ap?" Ester asks. "Know how you never seen my brother but knew we had one?" I asks. She nods. "It's 'cause he's been trying to kill us." I wisper. "Miss April take a seat right now!" Ms. Jackson yelled. I was almost to the exit when the class door floow open. "Oh no you don't April." Jullian said angrily. And pulls out a gun and shots. I douge it and run for the door. He shots again as soon as I'm out the exit. I see June at the edge of the forest. I run strait for her. I hear someone running behind me. "Danm it" I mutter. I hear him shot again but it hits the tree. I grab June's hand and run for it. It feels like we ran for hours but it was anly 15 minutes. We look around. "I think we lost him let me chech." I say looking into the future. "Yup were good for now." June gasps. "What?" I demand. "Your shot April!" she touches my throught. I yelp in pain. I put my hand where she tuched. When I remove my hand and look at it, it was covered in blood. "Hide out now and quick," was all I said. We ran to are little hide out in a tavern. It had everything we need in it clothing, food, water, first aid kit, and a place to sleep. "You look for clothing and I'll look for food and water 'kay?" "'Kay." June goes to the trunk of clothing that was open looking for something to wear. I look for are food saply. I grown. "What?" I hear June say. "No food just a jug of water," I replied. 'Stupid animals' I think. "It's the animals alright 'cause they got the clothing too." I walk over to her with the jug of water. Looking down at the clothing she was right. "Try and find a pair for us to go to school in tomorrow. Got it?" I told her she nods. I sit down with the first aid kit and start fixing up the cuts on my arms and legs. A little while later June comes over with a pair of clothing for the two of us. "Come here June lets fix you up." She sits down and lets me clean her cuts. Once were done with all of her forest cuts she looks at my bullet wound. "April it's too deep to pull out I think your going to be stuck with it." She says with glossy eyes. I pull June in a tight hug and murmur, "It's okay I'm not going to die I've

been shot a whole bunch of times it's okay." rubbing her back. "But I can't get this one out of you, I wouldn't know what to do if you ever left me with Jullian after us. Please don't leave me." She sniffles. "I wont I promise now get some rest." I said laying her down to sleep. "No you need it more tha-" June started but I cut her off. "I don't care I'm taking care of you so sleep." and with that she was fast asleep. I just sat their thinking what am I going to tell everyone. There will be loads of gosip. And before I knew it it was six in the morning. I wake up June 'cause school starts at 7:30. We got dressed grabed are skateboards and left the tavern around 6:15. On are way there I was looking into the future to see if we were going to run in to Jullian any time soon and triped, twisting my ankle. "God danm it!!!" I yell in pain. I get up and fall again putting waght on my foot. June caught me before I fell face first. She throws my arm over her sholder and looks at me. "Come on lets hurry." I said and started walking to school. When we got there we hear a lot of wispering. Then were takled by Kaz and Ester. I scream in pain. Thay get up bringing me with them saying sorry. I wince in pain. "What the Hell happened to you guys?!?!?!?!" They yelled at us. We stair at eachother. "UUMMM..... If we tell you everything will you keep it to yourself???" I begged. "Okay" they say. 'Help me inside in a quiet place to talk 'Kay June' I thought. She nodded."Follow us." I said to Kaz and Ester. We go inside of Jinx Jr. High to the so called haunted bathroom. Ester is always scard to go in here but today she didn't care. "Don't freak out okay?" I ask. "We wont," Kaz says. "We promise," Ester replys. "Okay the reason you guys barily see us is because of are older brother Jullian. And if you haven't noticed already he's trying to kill us. He already got are parents so they can't help us. We've been on the run for six years. Thanks to school its the only reason I'm alive right now." "Okay. How did you know your brother was going to be here today?" Kaz asks. "'Cause uummm....." I stair at June she nods. I sigh. "'Cause I can see the future and June can see the past. Oh and we can read minds." I look at them. I see disbelife in Ester's eyes and shock in Kaz's. I sigh. "I don't believe you." Ester finaly said. "You don't then think of a number and June will answer it." "Fine." She thinks."Got it." "7. 13. 28. 95. 267. 893. 4. 0. 98. Go ahead and keep changing it I will know what it is." June said. "Wikid." Said Kaz. "How do I know you can see the pass." Ester snaped. "Grab my hand and close your eyes. You should feel something pulling you by the stomich then you open your eyes when it stops. Got it?" June asks. They nod. I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster with no air in me. I open my eyes and see what happened yesterday happen again. They gasp when they see it again. They look at us wide eyed. "You got shot April?" Ester asked with tears in her eyes. I nod and move my hair out of the way to show her the brused up bulit wound. "Lets go back I don't want to see it again." I said coldly. They nod and close their eyes and we go back to the present. "Now do you believe us?" I asked. "Yes I am soo so sorry." She said crying. She gives us both a hug. I wince and she keep on saying sorry. "Not trying to be rude or anything but what happened to your clothing and where are the scars from?" Kaz asked. "The clothing is 'cause of the stupid animals got in are hideout. And scars

are from every time we ran from Jullian." answered June. "We both got a lot of them. Oh and don't ask me how many times I got shot at eather cuz it's a long list. I know June got shot at least seven times out of the years. We never go to the hospital 'cause then Jullian can get us so that is why I still got a bulit in me." They were horror shocked at what I just said. Kaz snaps out of it first. "Come on lets get to class-" He starts. I look at me watch and see second hour is about to start. "Come on were going to be late for second hour if we don't hurry." June said reading my mind. We walk to our second hour we people wispering like crazy around us. I'm still getting help to walk by June and Ester. We walk in Ms Jacksons class and we hear 'oh my' and a lot of gasps. 'This is going to be a fun hour' I thought. June snickers 'I know right'. ************* That was the first year someone knew besides me,June and Jullian that we were being hunted down and killed. Four years later Jullian got a hold of Ester and killed her to get a hold of us. I snap out of my memmories by June and Kaz's yells. "What?" I said."Oh I'm hear lets go." J.P.O.V We were in the car on are way to the mall for school stuff. We only go to school so it's harder for Jullian to get us. I was looking at Kaz cuz i didn't want to listen to my sisters thoughts. I'm glad Kaz is with us without him me and April would most likly be goners. I remember just last year Kaz, Ester, April and I all got a promise ring for eachother to help no matter what. But that didn't workout to well with Esater. A couple of days later she is kidnapped by Jullian to try and get me and April. She ended up dieing 'cause of what Jullian put in her bloodstream. It was said Kaz is the one who got it the worst because he was in love with Ester. Poor Kaz. With out even knowing were at the mall. I see Kaz is trying to get April to get out but she still in thought. "I got it Kaz," I said and he nods. "Yo, Ap Jullians about to shot you!" "Wha? Oh I'm here lets go." She said. "How do you do that?" Kaz wondered. "Being chased by Jullian for about eleven years and you say his name you get are attention right then and there. I always us 'Jullians going to shot you' 'cause if it were true we be running not telling you." "Oh I get I'll try to remember that then." Kaz said will a sloppy smile. We were walking and talking about random things like what shool were going to this year or what do we need, when do you thing were going to run into Jullian again stuff like that. Thats when Kaz ran into a young lady about are age. "OWCH!" She said trying to get up but can't because Kaz is on top of her. "I am so so sorry" Kaz kept on saying getting up and helping her on the way. Me and April just start laughing and they glare at us. "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry." We were saying trying to control are laughing. "Hi I'm Kaz Kasper and these two loonys are June and April Ray Kasper." Kaz said pointing at the glareing twins. "Nice to meet you I'm Mary Alice Brandon. Please call me Alice though." Alice said. "Nice to meet you," They said. "Wait did you say you were April and June Ray Kasper?" Alice questioned. "Yes." April said with a cerious look. 'Whats going on?' I thought. 'I can't here her thoughts' April replied in my mind. "So you are the power twins with a power killing brother?" She asked. "The what?" I said confused. "The power twins June and April Ray with an older brother Jullian Ray that is trying to kill you?"

"How did you know that?" Kaz, April and I said at the same time. "Your famous you didn't know that?" we shock are heads. "Do you want to hear the story?" we nod. "Come on then lets sit down." We follow her to the food center and took a seat. "From what I know you became famous in the 6th grade. You were in Jinx Jr. High School in Michigan. I think it is Ester Jane who gave the story away." Alice started. "ESTER!?!?!?!?!?" We yell. She was taken aback. she nods. "No wonder shes dead. She told the secret that can't be told. Jullian was right all along." April wispered. "It was a secret?" Alice asked. "Yes it was a secret. And I can't believe she told people when she promised. It was a secret for 13 generations." I said. "OH WOW!!! Well lets move on. Ok she told us the fight that happened in 6th grade in your second hour Ms. Jacksons right? Well that was story number one. The next one was on the first day of spring break that year. Third was that summer. Fourth one was the first day of 7th grade. Fourth one was a couple of months after that. And so on. Everyone thinks your dead sence last year when we didn't here from her." Alice said. "She died for a reason then and I'm glad." Kaz said. Which shocked ma and April both. "Kaz don't say that even though I agree don't say it." April said. "So why is your last name Kasper anyway?" Alice asked. "'Cause we didn't want the name of a killer and we all promised to be there for eachother no matter what. We all have promise rings and since Kaz was the only guy we took his last name. Ester kept hers though." I said. "Why can't I read your mind?" April asked out of no where. "UUMMM...I don't know?" Alice lied. "Your lieing I can tell when someone is not telling the truth." Kaz said. K.P.O.V I can so tell shes not telling the truth. You can read it in her eyes. "You know why they can't read your mind and you wont tell us why not you know about them when your not supose to." I said. "I can't or I'll die." she said. "No you wont your lieing again." "I just can't okay?!?!?!" She yells. They were shocked by the out burst. I did the weirdest thing ever I get up and go over to her and confert her. "Shhh its okay you don't have to tell us." I tried the best I could. Finaly she calms down and looks up at him. She was really pretty he thought. Pretty brown hair and eyes. Full lips, skinny, shes a bit shorter than the twins and gots a bit of a tan. Then out of no where she kisses me. I just sit there in shock with her on my lap after about a couple of seconds she was pulling away when I kissed her back. Then we hear someone clear their throught. We break apart and look up blushing. "Well it looks like we found out whos the new Mrs. Kasper. You knew eachother for less than 30 minutes ond your already making out. And that is not like you Kaz." April said with a smirk on her face. We all start laughing. M.P.O.V We were all laughing 'cause of Kaz and me. Kaz is really cute. Messy blonde hair, babby blue eyes. The sexyest smile ever. And he gots a hot body. And man did that kiss tast good. He tasted like apples and cinninnim. Very sexy. I wish I could tell them I'm their gaurdien but I can't or I'm no longer going to be theirs. They are not daed because I wont let them die. I pulled a lot of stunts to keep them alive. I know their whole history. It's quite sad too. Ahhh the twins are quite pretty. it's apart of the Gifted Family heir line.

They got Chocolate gold eyes, with brown and gold hair. Full lips, skinny, has the curves in the right spots and a little tan. Most people think we look alike but we don't not even close. I didn't know I was so deep in thought till one of the twins said my name. "Yes?" I ask. "What school are you going too?" April asked. "UUMMM...I think PCA you?" I ask. "Us too!" The twins say together. They stair at eachother and crack up laughing. "Do they always do that?" I ask Kaz even though I already know the answer. "Yes I just noticed this morning why they do it. They think its funny when the do twin things like that together." Kaz said kissing my neck. I close my eyes 'cause the feeling is so good. The shocking thing is I never been in love. "Have you ever been in love?" I ask out of no where. This stops his lips. "Yes once," He said. "With who?" "Nosy much?" I shrug. "Fine Ester." "Oh." was all I could say. "It's fine. I think I'm in love with someone else now." He said moving his lips down lower on my neck. "MMMM and who would that be if I may ask?" "You." I turn around and kiss him full on the lips. He tasted so good. He pulls me tighter to deepen the kiss. I charish his check with my hand. He licks my bottom lip for entrence. So I give it to him. "There they go making out again. Can we at lease get are shopping done then you can go home and make out?" June said. "Yeah sure." Kaz said. Then wispers in my ear."Wanna come?" I nod. We all get up and go shopping for clothing needed for school and stuff like that. We went to JC Pennys, Kohles, Macy's, DEB's, Foot Locker, Hot Topic, and so on. The one store I know Kaz had the funnest time in is Victoria's Secret's. He would be like 'model your clothes' or 'you should get this one' just to make us laugh. I did hear the twins yell at him a whole lot of times. Always telling him to stop cheacking us out and stuff. It was fun. I did get a lot of 'thats hot' or 'thats sexy on you'. Good times good times. "How are you getting home Alice?" June asked. "Bus. You?" I reply. "Car want a ride?" April asked. "Are you sure?" I question. "Totaly." The twins say laughing. Kaz rools his eyes. "You should come home with us it will be fun." Kaz says. "Sounds tempting." I said with a smile. "I can make it tempting." He said right before he crushes his lips to mines. I was shocked once I'm over the shock I kiss back. He charished my face with his hand. And before I knew it I was thrown on his back. "Kaz put me down!!!" I yell. He just laughs, so does the twins."Put me down!!!" I was putting up a fight too. "I don't think so. Fight all you want it dosn't hurt me. If you forgot I've lived with them for four years now and I help them escape from Jullian too so just keep on fighting." He said with a laugh. "He's right Mary-" June starts. "-theirs no fighting him 'cause he wont give up." finished April. They just laugh even harder by doing that. We make it to the car and Kaz puts me in the backseat with him. The twins get in the front April driving. "Sure I'll go to your house." I gave in 'cause Kaz was kissing down my neck. I close my eyes. Man he is so getting it if he doesn't stop. I make a small moan. "Kaz I might stop if I were you 'cause we don't want anyone getting to carried away back there right now. 'Cause we don't want to here it." April said.

"Yeah please. Wait till we get home." June added. "Fine," Kaz snaped. A.P.O.V "You know what I wounder what Jullian is doing it's been quite a while sence we seen him. Even if he is a wanted convic. It's unusual." I said. "That is a bit unusual," June said. "Take a look at what he's doing." "'Kay take the wheel." She closes her eyes and looks to see what Jullian is up to. Jullian is just sitting there looking into are future. He's doing nothing. I open my eyes and take the wheel. "He's doing nothing. Just sitting there watching us. See what were going to do next or what we just did. That is Jullian but yet not Jullian." I said. "He's up to something fishy and I don't like the feeling of it." Kaz growled. "I agree." June said. "Then step on it so we can get there all ready he's driving me crazy." Alice yells. "Yes ma'am." April salots and steps on it. Kaz just laughs at this. R.P.O.V 'Those two are getting on my nerves!!!' I thought. 'They always have. I should of killed them when I had the chance.' I remember when I killed my parents like it was yesterday... *************** "Ma!!! Da!!! Where are you?!?!?!" I yell looking for them. I had a kniff in my back pocket. I just found out that my two twin sisters had my gifts. So I plan on killing my parents for giving birth to those gift steelers. They turned six last year and I just found out their gifts a year later. April and June are at Esters house right now so this is the perfect time to do it I can get the twins later. "Up here son!" My dad yells. I run up the stairs two at a time. I see my dad in the hallway I come up behind him and stab him in the back. He takes an intake of air. I pull it out and stab him in the heart. He's dead in seconds. I hear my mother ask,"Monty?" She comes out and I hide in the corner. When she turns her back to me and looks down at her husband she drops to her knees. I run up behind her and cut her throught. She bleeds to death. "That is for giving them my gifts." I spat at them. "Time to go pick up the twins." SAME TIME BUT IN APRIL'S AND JUNE'S P.O.V "June, April come on lets play barbies!!" Ester yelled. "'Kay" They yell back and start laughing. They are in the middle of playing barbies when April has a vison. To her they are new so every time it happeneds she gasps. Ester notices her blank face and ask,"April you okay?" "Sshhh Ester." June says watching the vison. They see Jullian walking throw the house calling for are parents with a kniff in his hand. "Ma!!! Da!!! Where are you?!?!?!" Jullian yells. "Up here son." Papa yells back. He run up the stairs two at a time. He sees Papa in the hallway he come up behind him and stab him in the back. He takes an intake of air. He pull it out and stab him in the heart. He's dead in seconds. We hear Mami ask,"Monty?" She comes out and Jullian hide in the corner. When she turns her back to him and looks down at her husband she drops to her knees. Jullian runs up behind her and cuts her throught. She bleeds to death. "That is for giving them my gifts." Jullian spat at them. "Time to go pick up the twins."

The vison stops. I look at my sister with teirs in my eyes. "Mama, Papa." Was all I said and we start crying. "Mum come quick!" Ester yells watching us cry. "Whats the matter?" Ms. Jane comes in and sees us. She comes over to then and hugs them close to her. "Whats wrong?" "We think something bad-" April started with a sniff. "-happened to are parents." June finishs sniffling. "Are you sure?" Ms. Jane asks them. "Yes." They say at the same time. "Okay I'll go give them a call." She gets up and leaves the room. "Why you think something happened to your parents?" Ester asks. "'Cause we can feel it." April said. "How could he were only seven. What did we do to him?" June asks April. "I don't know. All I know is were next." Ap said. June galps. "I wont let anything happen to you okay." She nods. Ms. Jane comes back in and says no one answered. We nod and get up. "Were sorry Ester we'll see you later." April says. "Where you going?" Ester asks. "Home." Was all we said before we left. They were on there way home when they saw him. Coming to them with a kniff in his hand. April grabs June's hand and run the other way. They here footsteps behind them so they run faster. They get to the forest looking for the tavern the found in there before. Finaly the lost him and found the tavern. They fixed it up a bit to play in but not much. BACK TO JULLIAN'S P.O.V I lost them in the forest so I turn back and go home. Oh I'm not giving up until they are dead. ************** 'Its been 10 years and I still havent killed them yet. What am I going to do?' I thought. K.P.O.V We got to the house around three in the afternoon. And I take Alice to my bedroom. Once shes in I close the door and lock it. I turn around and see that she already took of her shirt and skirt, all that was left was her black lase bra and panties. She walks over to me crushing her lips to mines. She unbottons me shirt and it slids off. ************* A couple of hours later. Kaz is laying there with Alice asleep on his chest. He stroks her hair. She yawns and looks up with a smile. "Goodmorning." I say kissing her hair. "Morning." She replys kissing me on the lips. "I think the twins hate me now." "Why is that?" "'Cause they had to listen to my mind last night." I reply with a sloppy smile. "I don't think they will." "Okay get dress and we will see." I give her a kiss and get up. She got to the shower first. 'Quick girl' I thought.I grabed my clothing and went into the bathroom. She was already in the shower so I slip in behind her. She had her eyes closed so she didn't see me. I turn her around and kiss her. ************* Once they were out of the shower they got ready and went out to the kitchen. They see April making eggs, bacon, fried patatos, and toast. 'MMMM' I think. June and April look up and smirk. "Look who shows up." June jokes. "I was wondering when they were going to get out of that bed of yours." April said with a thoughtful look.

"And once we think their out of bed their in the shower shocking." replys June. "I know right?" April smirks. "Not my falt you guys don't got someone to sleep with. Thats yours." I say. They glare at me. "You know it's Jullians falt and plus were getting married on are 18th birthday." April said. I spray my orange jucie on them "YOU WHAT?!?!?!?!" I ask. "Eewww grows," they complain. "Were getting married." They tell me. "To who?" I question. "Are twin cusins," they say. "Ryan Ray and...." June starts. "Ray Ray." April finishes. "Why do you have to marry your cusins?" I asked while fixing my plate. "'Cause its the only way to keep the Gifted Family heir line going." April replys. "So an arranged marriage with no love?" I ask. "Oh no you fall in love all right. Love at first sight. Jullian was suppose to marry Lexy Ray but he never did because he wants us dead." April said. "How is it love at first sight?" "We got a spell on us to make you fall in love at first sight." June states. "Are cusins got the spell on them too so we fall in love at first sight. We put it on them and they put it on us get it?" April asks. "Yeah but why am I not afected?" "'Cause we've known you longer than a day." They say and burst out laughing. "So the longer you know a person, no more spell?" Alice asked talking for the first time. "Yes" They answered. "Okay I get it." Alice smiles. A.P.O.V (Once they got home) Once me and June are in the door we see Kaz pulling Alice to his bedroom. I roll my eyes and smirk at June. "This is going to be torcher." I tell June. "Oh I can already see." June frowns. "What do you want to do to get are minds on something else?" I ask trying to block out the image. "UUMMM...I...Don't...Know to tell the truth." "How about...Mind Thrower?" I ask. "Yeah sure," June looks thoughtful for a sec."How do you play again? 'Cause I cant think of the rules with all of these images in my head." "That's why were going to play Mind Thrower to get rid of the show in are head." I grab her hand and pull her to the livingroom. We both sit down and I tell her the rules. "Okay look at or think of something and only that. Then that should be the only thing on your mind. Then the other person thinks of something. Once they got it they throw it out of their mind. The one that didn't think of something has to guess the other one what it is. Got it?" "Got it." And the game started off with June. About three hours later April stoped the game. "Wait listen do you see anything out of Kaz's mind?" I question. "No? Is he asleep?" "Don't know. Be right back." I get up and walk down the hall to Kaz's room. I put my ear to the door. I hear...nothing. 'Sleeping' I thought. I try to open the door but it was locked. I pull out a pin from my hair and pick the lock. "Got it." I open the door a crack and peek inside. Kaz was asleep with Mary on his chest. I close the door and give a thumbs up to June who was right next to me. "Where did you learn how to pic a lock?" "A week after Mami and Papa were killed." "Oh well...can you teach me?" She asks trying to change subject.

"Sure," I smile. A little while later we got Kaz's thoughts with us again. "Their up time for breakfast." I said getting up and going to the kitchen. June follows and I make breakfast. "Oh...Wow... I say about another hour till they will be in here." "Huh?...Oh..." I see Kaz getting in the shower with Mary. 'Keep your mind onm breakfast and you wont have to watch' I thought "Yeah I know." June smirks. "Omolat or eggs, bacon, and fried patatos?" I ask June. "Omolat for me please." I smile and make her an omolat. About a half an hour later I hear in my head 'MMMM'. I look up and smirk seeing Kaz and Mary in the kitchen. "Look who shows up." June jokes. "I was wondering when they were going to get out of that bed of yours." I said with a thoughtful look. "And once we think their out of bed their in the shower shocking." replys June. "I know right?" I Said with a shocked face. To bad it didn't work it ended up a smirk. "Not my falt you guys don't got someone to sleep with. Thats yours." Kaz said. We glare at him. "You know it's Jullians falt and plus were getting married on are 18th birthday." I told him. He sprays his orange jucie on us. "YOU WHAT?!?!?!?!" Kaz yells. "Eewww grows," June and I complain. "Were getting married." We say. "To who?" Kaz question. "Are twin cusins," we say. "Ryan Ray and...." June starts. "Ray Ray." I finishes. "Why do you have to marry your cusins?" Kaz asked while fixing a plate. "'Cause its the only way to keep the Gifted Family heir line going." I replys. "So an arranged marriage with no love?" Kaz asks. "Oh no you fall in love all right. Love at first sight. Jullian was suppose to marry Lexy Ray but he never did because he wants us dead." I smile. "How is it love at first sight?" "We got a spell on us to make you fall in love at first sight." June states. "Are cusins got the spell on them too so we fall in love at first sight. We put it on them and they put it on us get it?" I ask Kaz. "Yeah but why am I not afected?" "'Cause we've known you longer than a day." They say and burst out laughing. "So the longer you know a person, no more spell?" Alice asked talking for the first time. "Yes" We answered. "Okay I get it." Alice smiles. "AHH... three more days till school." I look thoughtful. "Mixed dorms this year. Did you know?" Alice asks. "No..But thanks for telling us so we can all get a dorm together." I say with a smile. "No prob." Alice says looking at her watch. "I should probaly go I got to pack and stuff." "AWW plaese stay there's only three more days till school." Kas whines. "How about this I a little while longer go home tonight. And I'll come back the day before school starts." Alice said. "Your not going to be here tomorow?" Kaz asks with a frown. "No 'cause I got a dog to take care of." "Oh we can give you a ride tonight 'kay?" April siad. "Sure." Alice smiles. **************

M.P.O.V For the rest of the time I was with them I listened to strories of theirs. And sometimes I would tell them some of mines. It was pretty fun. It was around 8:30pm and I had to leave to go feed Melcom. They gave me a ride home it was fun. "Thanks see you in a few days" I wave and go inside. Once I was inside I got tackled by Melcom my German Sheperd. I was covered in slober by the time I got him off of me. "You missed me didn't you?" I ask. He barks in return. "Come on you got to be hungry." Once in the kitchen I fill his bowl up with kible. 'While I'm in here why don't I eat?' I thought. I grabed a frozen pizza from the freezer and get ti ready. About ten minutes later I put it in the oven at 425* at 12 minutes. "You wanna go outside do ya?" I ask Melcome walking to the back door. He barks and wags his tail. "Then lets go." We were out there for a while. I didn't notice how dark it was untill the timer for my pizza went off. "Come on boy, time to go in." I called out to Melcome. We went in and I checked my food. I didn'tthink it was done yet do I put it back in the oven. I waited about three more minutes and check it. I thaought it was perfict. I sit down and start to eat. I think about waht I am going to do tomorow. I give Melcome whatever I don't want from my pizza. And before I knew it, it was half past midnight. I clean up and go to my bedroom. I get my PJ's on and slip into bed. I pat the bed so Melcome can sleep with me. Before my head hits the pillow I'm fast asleep. ************ A.P.O.V It was around seven at night. Kaz was unhappy because Mary Alice is at home. June is trying to watch TV but gave up 'cause of Kaz. And I'm just sitting her watching them and thinking. That's when it happened. *********** June, Kaz and I were just sitting here when I had the vison. Jullian was sitting at home waiting for the right time to get us when he had the vison. The vison is of us droping off Alice. He thinks it's the perfect way to get to us. He gets in his car and drives to Alice's house. He brakes in through the window. Her dog attack's him. He shots and the dog drops dead. He goes through the house looking for Alice. He finds her in the bathroom with a towle on. He grabs her from behind and covers her mouth with a cloth. (Sorry forgot what that stuff is called you put it on some cloth and pass out if you breath it in.) She sqwerms and passes out.He picks her up and takes her out of the house. She's in the car and he drives away. *********** "Oh no." the twins say at the same time. Kaz looks at June then me then back again with a worried face. "Get the car and hurry," I yell. Kaz was about to speek but I cut him off. "I'll tell you in the car." He nods and runs out of the house with the keys. "I'll grab the guns." June said running to the closet. I run to are room and grab a pair of pants and a top for Alice. When I run out June throws me a gun. I put in my pants behind my back. We run out and get in the car. I'm in the front with Kaz and June in the back. "Alice's house and step on it!!!" I yell. Kaz pulls out and steps on it. "Whats going on?" He asks. "Jullian's after Alice. We grab her and the dog and head back to the house pronto got it?" I said putting a gun in the glove box. He nods. We were their in ten minutes. Ran every red light we got. We get there and me and June jump out. "You get the dog I got Alice!!" I yell she nods. We run up to the house and

bust down the door. We hear a scream and a dog comes running in barking. I run to the bathroom and see Alice hiding in the corner I go over to her and pick her up and put my coat on her and button one of the bottons. "Come on we got to hurry!!" I yell and she doesn't move. "NOW!!!" I yell and pick her up and run. Once to the car I put her in the back with June and the dog. I look up and see another car speeding down here. "Shit!" I yell and slam her door. I run to the other side. As soon as I opened the door I get shot. I yell and stumble a little. Alice screams and I get pulled in. June shuts my door and Kaz steps on it. OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO Sorry it stops here. That is where the dream ends. If you want more then Vote on it by commenting. I will right more on my own with out finnishing the dream or wait till I have the dream again. Up to you. Just so you know the dream may never come back if you pick wait for the dream again. So vote. First story ever writen by me and sorry about spelling and stuff like that. OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO

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