Assessing Curriculum

In which area are you strongest? Describe a specific example in this area that demonstrates what students do to achieve one or more of the outcomes listed in that area. I am strongest in the area of dispositions. Since I teach middle school keyboarding, computers, and publications, students need praise for their accomplishments such as meeting their goal for Words per Minute (WPM). When beginning keyboarding, students do not fully understand the importance of keyboarding techniques, such as keeping wrists low and sitting up straight, or the why the keys are located where they are on a keyboard. However, after learning keyboarding students discover that keyboarding techniques are important to improve speed and accuracy. They also discover the keys on the keyboard are located in specific spots because of the usage of such keys. I provide assistance and praise students because keyboarding can be very frustrating initially, but it is a skill they will use the rest of their lives. I don’t want students to become discouraged which can affect their keyboarding techniques and skills.

Select an area you would like to strengthen. Describe a specific example of how you could revise your curriculum to ensure that students meet outcomes in that area Since the curriculum for keyboarding is pretty cut and dry, it is difficult to choose an area that I would like to strengthen. However, I would like to strengthen in the area of evaluation and Metacognition. I find it difficult at times to assess or evaluate all students in the same way. Since computers are so prevalent in students’ lives, some students come into Keyboarding I already of meeting the required end-of-semester goal of 25 WPM. Others come into my classes without much computer experience or bad keyboarding habits that are hard to break and struggle to type 15-20 WPM by end of the semester. The latter students work just as hard as or even harder than the experienced but may not be able to meet the required goals so it doesn’t seem fair to give these students a lower grade. Currently, I am developing an evaluation system that would be fair to all students and based on each student’s ability. I am creating the assessment based on progression not just the end result. I think progression in keyboarding is important, if not more important, than the end result of keying X amount of Words per Minute. . How can technology be used by you and/or students to enable effective assessment of learning in that area? Since I teach keyboarding, technology is part of the everyday assessment. Students use computers for keyboarding. In addition, I use MicroType, a keyboarding software program that sets goals for students on an individual basis. MicroType also provides me with reports that assess students speed and accuracy.

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