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Color Study
What is a Color Study?
A Color Study is an analysis of the proposed color combinations for an HMI to determine the usability of those colors. The most important thing to remember is that: • Color should never be used as the sole means of conveying information
Standard Color Palette
(created by: Rick Hurdle)

Deuteranope Filter
(created by: Rick Hurdle)

How Our Eyes See Color
The subject of color perception is very complex and is far outside the scope this web site. Very briefly, the human eye has two types of light sensitive cells: rods and cones. The rods are most useful during low light condition: they are optimized for luminosity

Protanope Filter
(created by: Rick Hurdle)

or yellow-orange wavelengths.Color Study rather than color perception. however.html . green. and long). Página 2 de 16 Tritanope Filter (created by: Rick Hurdle) In some people. one or more of these cone types has a reduced sensitivity to light (or may be missing altogether). green and red receptors. Responsive over most of the visible spectrum. There are 3 types of cones: each sensitive to a different wavelength of light ( The cones. 2. and are better at detecting motion. which causes http://frogstarenergy. medium. Sometimes these are referred to as blue. are optimized for normal daylight. but that is misleading because each cone is: 1. Most sensitive in the indigo.Frogstar Energy .

Color Study these people to perceive colors differently than people with normal cones. Roughly 8% of men and 0.1% of males .no red (yellow-orange) cones • Protanamoly . Página 3 de 16 Types of Color Deficiency The most common types of color deficiency are: • Deuteranopia .reduced red cone sensitivity • Tritanopia .1% of males .html .no green cones • Deuteranamoly 5% of males reduced green cone sensitivity • Protanopia .1% of males .Frogstar Energy .4% of women have some sort of color blue (indigo) cones Color Usage in an HMI It is very common to see colors used in an HMI to convey information: A motor might appear: • Green: running • Red: stopped A valve might appear: • Green: open • Red: closed http://frogstarenergy.very rare .com/html/colorStudy.

• Type of product carried in a pipeline • Alarm or shutdown status.Frogstar Energy . Página 4 de 16 http://frogstarenergy. Pay particular attention to how colors are used to indicate the following: • Run status of motors and equipment. • Valve Study A light panel might appear: • Green: normal • Yellow: alarm • Red: shutdown Or text might change color based on any of these conditions.html . The following screenshots show some typical HMI conventions and how they might appear to people with different color deficiencies. Note that certain combinations may work with some types of color deficiency but not with others.

Color Study Original Screenshot Página 5 de 16 Deuteranope Simulation http://frogstarenergy.html .Frogstar Energy .com/html/colorStudy.

com/html/colorStudy.html .Frogstar Energy .Color Study Protanope Simulation Página 6 de 16 Tritanope Simulation (very rare) http://frogstarenergy.

We have adopted the following conventions to make sure the meaning is never dependent on color alone. Protanopia.grey • Shutdown Valves ◦ Open .green ◦ Closed blinking red/white and rotated 90° • Conditions ◦ Alarm .html .com/html/colorStudy. which is very rare.) Each of the 10 screenshots also shows what that screen might look like to people with different color deficiencies.Frogstar Energy . ◦ Off . and letters on a yellow background ◦ Safety .Color Study Página 7 de 16 Screenshots from a Color-Optimized HMI Application This section shows 10 screenshots from an application that has been optimized for people with Deuteranopia.white letters on a red background • Alarm Summary/History http://frogstarenergy. Conventions: • Equipment ◦ On . (It has not been optimized for Tritanopia. ◦ Alarm return blue • Historical Trend ◦ Background dark grey ◦ Pen Colors cyan.Frogstar Energy . black • Check Box ◦ Black x on a yellow background • Process Line Colors ◦ As shown on the Process Lines screen • Process variables ◦ Blue on a grey window Alarm History 1 Normal Página 8 de 16 Deuteranope http://frogstarenergy.Color Study ◦ Unacknowleded alarm . magenta. yellow. green.html .red ◦ Acknowleded alarm . blue. white.

Color Study Protanope Página 9 de 16 Tritanope Chiller 1A Normal Deuteranope Protanope Tritanope http://frogstarenergy.html .Frogstar Energy .com/html/colorStudy.

html .Frogstar Energy .Color Study Página 10 de 16 Chiller 1C Normal Deuteranope Protanope Tritanope Oil Separation 1C

Frogstar Energy .Color Study Normal Oil Storage 1A Página 11 de 16 Deuteranope Protanope Tritanope Normal Deuteranope .

Frogstar Energy .com/html/colorStudy.Color Study Página 12 de 16 Protanope Tritanope Oil Storage 1C Normal Deuteranope Protanope http://frogstarenergy.html .

Color Study Página 13 de 16 Tritanope Sales Gas 1A Normal Deuteranope Protanope Tritanope http://frogstarenergy.Frogstar Energy .com/html/colorStudy.html .

Frogstar Energy .com/html/colorStudy.html .Color Study Página 14 de 16 Sales Gas 1C Normal Deuteranope Protanope Tritanope Vapor Recovery Compressor 1C http://frogstarenergy.

com/html/colorStudy.Color Study Normal Variable Speed Drives 1 Página 15 de 16 Deuteranope Protanope Tritanope Normal Deuteranope http://frogstarenergy.html .Frogstar Energy .

html .Frogstar Energy .All Rights Reserved .Color Study Página 16 de 16 Copyright © Rick Hurdle 2007-2009 .Last Updated: 15 Jun 2009 Protanope Tritanope

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