------ Forwarded Message From: Sharad Gadhia Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 10:58:42 -0600 To: <athabasca.sturgeon.redwater@assembly.ab.

ca>, <kjwebster@cbe.ab.ca> Cc: Jeremy Nolais <Jeremy.Nolais@metronews.ca>, <calgary@metronews.ca> Subject: Education Cuts From a Senior High School Student's Point of View. Dear Minister Johnson, My name is Sharad Gadhia and I currently go to grade 10 at Queen Elizabeth High School. I am writing to you to express some concerns among students and parents. Recently I read an article in the calgary newspaper (The front page of the September 12th edition) where you said about situations where class sizes were way too big, "If there are specific situations like that, I want to know about them" in regards to you learning that students were being forced to sit on the floor. Well, I'm here to tell you about a few situations just like that in my school. In my ELA class, we didn't have enough chairs for the desks, and now we don't have enough desks for the students in that room. We have one or two students sitting and working at the teachers desk, which I among many other people find completely ridiculous. Also, Just today I learned that there is a grade 10 class in our school in which the number of students is 49! In the article, one of my friends in grade 9's parents was quoted and his story was told. I'm referring to Bruce Aryton who is the father of one of my friends. Because of budget cuts to education, I not only suffered academically, but also socially. These school cuts don't just affect a student's life at school, they affect every aspect of that student's life. With class sizes skyrocketing and teachers' contracts not getting renewed due to cuts, the situation being created is one that we as concerned Albertans should strive to avoid. Situations like this don't

help a student learn, instead they set up our students for failure. I know for a fact that the number of students skipping classes this year is rising dramatically, and there's no way of denying it. I can tell you this is true first-hand. Government representatives like yourself are saying that you're surprised by situations like this, but by cutting 11% of our education budget, shouldn't you have known? And the reason given by our local government and CBE for the cuts was they wanted to protect funding for younger learners, but High School students are our very Immediate future. This is the group of students that are soon going to be entering University, entering our workforce, and becoming adults and the foundation for our society. Saint Augustine said "The higher your structure is to be, the deeper must be its foundation.". If we want these students to succeed in life, we need to set them up with that deep foundation, and last time I checked, that wasn't by making them sit on the ground in between crowded desks.  I sincerely hope you read this and realize that what's going on is wrong, and needs to be changed immediately. Thanks, Sharad Gadhia, Grade 10 Student at Queen Elizabeth High School ------ End of Forwarded Message

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