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The unofficial FPS:FBPRO attributes FAQ

The question usually starts roughly as follows: I have heard different opinions about player ratings and I hope you will be able to clear it up. I am wondering if the HANDS rating is relevant for a Defensive Lineman in FPS '96. If so, is it just as important as ST or AG? and sooner or later somebody responds along the following lines:
The only things HA is used for by DL are: to check if the DL will make an interception when the QB makes a forced throw at him, and to determine if the DL will successfully recover a fumble when he's on the ball.

Sometimes the question is broader: If possible, can anyone provide me (and the list) with a listing of positions and what you feel are their most important attributes? (i.e. QB- DI, IN, ST) So it became obvious that... WE NEED A FRIGGIN' FAQ! :-) QB Primary - ST, IN Secondary - DI; I've seen QB's with poor DI complete a high percentage of passes; you probably have to create plays that will give the QB easy completions though (short passes and/or plays that get the WR wide open) Tertiary - HA (especially if your OL can't pass-block) HB Primary - SP, AC, ST>50; you need ST>50 in order for the HB to be effective on inside runs Secondary - HA; this is true in FBPro95; however, mediocre HA will cause fumblitis in FBPro96 Tertiary - EN; especially true if you don't have depth FB Primary - AC, ST Secondary - SP, HA; you can have a FB without speed and succeed, if you use him primarily as a blocking back; with SP, he becomes a running threat; with HA, he becomes a receiving threat

Tertiary - EN; depth WR Primary - SP, AC, HA; this is weird; I've noticed that players with high AC make good, consistent cutbacks, not high AG Secondary - ST; the higher the ST, the better a blocker he is; he can also break tackles TE Primary - ST, HA; I guess it really depends on how you use him; I want my TE to catch short/medium passes as well as be an effective blocker; other teams might use the TE as a HB, FB, and/or WR as well, since TE potentials are unrealistically high Secondary - SP, AG, AC; SP and he becomes a deep threat; AG makes him block better on running plays; AC makes him a better pass blocker and route-running receiver OL Primary - ST>85; if you have a starting OL whose ST is less than that, he's going to have a tendency of doing the "faint" move (where he just falls backwards as the onrushing DL runs over him) Secondary - AC, AG; AC = better pass blocking; AG = better run blocking Tertiary - HA; only applies to centers and only in shotgun formation (this is even more true in FBPro96) K Primary - DI; you can have a kicker with ST=99, but if his DI<80, FG% and XP% success is hard to come by (although your kicker kicking it 60 yards, wide left, is amusing, I guess) Secondary - ST, AC; AC>30 will cut down on the number of blocked kicks (although good pass-blocking special teams linemen are more important) Tertiary - SP; marginally helps reduce blocked kicks P Primary - ST Secondary - DI Tertiary - AC, SP (again, special teams linemen are more important for preventing

blocked punts than the P's quickness ratings) DL Primary - AC, ST; ST>80 is required to SURVIVE; AC>70 will enable you to reach the QB a couple of times a game; if AC>85 and ST>85, he's a superstar Secondary - SP; it seems like high SP is only good once the RB is past you and the DL is trying to run him down from behind Tertiary - AG; run-stopping ability is improved with high AG, but not as much as what high AC will do for you LB Primary - SP, ST Secondary - AC; high AC makes the LB a better cover man (unless IN<60, then he gets faked out occasionally); high AC also improves his blitzing ability Tertiary - IN; higher IN makes him less susceptible to fakes DB Primary - SP, AG; if AG>80, there's less tendency for the DB to get wrong-footed Secondary - IN for fakes, HA for interceptions Tertiary - AC, ST; high ST makes the DB a reliable tackler and a good Carnell Lake-type of safety in that he can become a good run-stopper; AC somewhat improves speed in coverage and blitzing ability All of these are my opinions based on my experiences (2 solo seasons in FBPro96, 5 Internet and 7 solo seasons in FBPro95). By: G. Warren Abao

Mike's 5 Cents on Player Ratings

SP - As mentioned in other coaching clinics, speed tends to be a little overvalued. But speed still is an important factor on kickoff/punt returns and sweep plays for your running back. It is very important for 'break-away' plays (i.e.: long pass receptions, fumble recoveries, interceptions). AC - Acceleration is very important for wide receivers who need to make a cut and gain separation from a man-to-man defender. Obviously, it is also very important for quarterbacks and running backs to get on the move and get the play started quickly. On defense, AC is crucial at probably every position. AG - Contrary to popular opinion, I feel this skill is most vital in blocking. To me, it seems to determine how well a blocker can get on his man and how long he will be able to maintain the block. This can make all the difference in the world, not only in pass blocking, but in runblocking. I prefer to have all my blockers have good agility, whether they are linemen or skill players. I have seen my Falcons offensive lineman with very high AG, Bryan Bippen, literally run a circle around the charging defensive lineman to throw a precise block on a running play. ST - Strength is important for running backs, because you want your running back to break tackles and fall forward when tackled, not stuffed backwards by strong linemen and linebackers. Strength is important in blocking, obviously, and if you have a decent advantage you will get some 'pancake' blocks. HA - Hands are most important for receivers who catch the ball in traffic. Ball handlers should have hands of 50 or greater to avoid frequent fumble-itis. EN - Endurance: The most important rating in the game for every position, in my opinion. Fatigued defenders on the playing field in particular will cause you major problems. IN - Intelligence is important for read and smart pursuit decisions by your defenders. DI - Discipline is most important for the QB's decision making. For all other players, it's an added bonus if they have it, but you will get by if they don't.