A Shepherd, His Sheep, and Wild Goats

A shepherd took his sheep out to pasture, but when it was time to return to the sheep pen, he found that some wild goats had become mixed up with his flock. Nonetheless he was very pleased that the flock had grown by itself, and he closed the goats into the pen along with the sheep. The next day was rainy and the shepherd not to go out. He gave his sheep only a small handful of food, while he gave much bigger rations to the goats. He thought that if he treated them well, they would stay with him. In spite of this, as soon as the shepherd opened the gate, the goats ran out and he was unable to catch them again. “Ungrateful beast,” shouted the shepherd after them. “I treated you better than the other!” “That’s why we’re going,” answered one of the goats. “If you prefer us new animals to your sheep, how will you treat us if you find some more animals in you flock?” So do not be too happy if someone shows you that they prefer you to their friends. You too will soon be and old friend and could be replaced just as easily.

Moral Value: Don’t forget the old friend if you get the new one.

Perhaps one day I shall be able to repay your kindness. If you’ll let me go.” he called out. “Mr. He had fallen in to a hole in the ground and was caught in a rope net.” The rat jumped down into the hole quickly. “How can you ever repay me?” But as he was not feeling very hungry. he let the rat go. He started to bite through the rope net. “Mr.” said the rat. a rat walked past a lion sleeping in a deep forest. Lion. Rat. I shall always be grateful to you. “What a tasty meal!” he said. He ran to see what it was. The lion looked up and saw the rat. Just then. Today.” The lion laughed. the lion woke up and saw the rat.” cried the rat. “Yesterday you were very proud. You thought I was small and helpless.” . The lion was soon able to climb of the hole. He caught it with his paw. “please have pity on me. King of the Forest. the rat heard a loud noise in the forest. Lion. I was able to save your life. I’m too small to make a good meal for you. please jump down and help me. “Mr. “Mr.THE PROUD LION One day. I hope you will never forget that although you are big and strong even someone as small as I can help you. The next day. Rat. It was the lion.

Moral Value: Never underestimate someone who is smaller than you .

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