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Alfred Kinsey

Zeroing in on Alfred Kinsey will lead you to the man who contributed to the sexual revolution. The following information is what VH1s The Sexual Revolution documentary didnt show. Much of that documentary had excellent information on sex and American society, but it was heavily biased. It didnt show all of what the sexual revolution was about. This is a very controversial article that Ive created here. I dont expect everybody to agree with all of my views (this is fine & cool since you dont have to agree with me on every single issue), but this is my perspective on important issues. In several cases, Alfred Kinsey tried to justify many forms of extremist sexual behavior as normal for almost any human being to engage in. His 2 most famous and controversial books were Sexual Behavior in the Human Male from 1948 and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female at 1953. According to Jim Keith, the Rockefellers funded Alfred C. Kinsey. Kinsey was one of the men who helped to try to destroy traditional morality which is related to eugenics (or selective breeding). In the 1920s, he studied at the Bussey Institution, a location of eugenics research. He went to Indiana University to study culture to pulverize sexual mores, and divide the family. This was done so we could be more brainwashed to accept sexually extremist acts and policies. Rudin provided human brains for research for the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. Mainstream historians refuse to outline the Aliester Crowley Connection to Kinsey as Jim Keith did. Aleister Crowley was a Satanist, many people give evidence that he was a high-level Mason, and he was a prominent occultist. Aleister Crowley worked as a British Intelligence agent as well. His nickname was the Great Beast 666 and the press called him the wickedest man alive for his bloodthirsty rituals that he had done. Kinsey visited Crowley's Themea Abbey before his death shortly in 1955. Alfred Kinsey wanted to studied Crowleys (plus others) sexual habits. He shared many of Crowleys friends and acquaintances like occult filmmaker Kenneth Anger, American Nazi George Sylvester Viereck, and French pedophile Rene Guyan. Dr. Hermann Muller was one of the Kinseys influences at the Indiana University. Muller had Rockefeller funding by the National Research Council in 1925. A Guggenheim grant in 1932 led Muller to work in the genetics department in Berlin. It was located in the Rockefeller-funded Kaiser Wilhelm Brain Research. Muller studied under Ernst Rudin, the head of the Nazi Racial Hygiene Society. This society had a policy to exterminate hereditary undesirables in Germany. Ernst Rudin wrote in favor and bigotry in Margaret Sangers The Birth Control Review. Ernst Rudin was director of the foremost

German eugenics research institute (Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Genealogy, in Munich, Germany). Kenneth Anger said that Kinsey used Crowleys day-to-day sex
diaries for research, he had an obsession with sex 24/7, and Alfred Kinseys battle cry was "Do your best and let other people react as they will." That motto is similar to Crowley's Do what thou wilt is the whole law quote. Alfred Kinsey had a Nazi connection as well. For example, Kinsey corresponded with the Nazi pedophile Dr. Friedrich Karl Hugo Viktor von Balluseck who ran a small Polish town in WWII. Von Balluseck, according to testimony during his 1957 trial

for a child sex murder, molested boys and girls from 1927 to 1957. Dr. Balluseck[recorded measurements] of his crimes committed against children between 9 and 14 years old in four thick diaries of a pseudo-scientific character while in correspondence with the American sexual researcher Kinsey about his research, which as he said himself, took place over three decades. (Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D., Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences (Crestwood, Kentucky: Institute for Media Education), 2000, pg. 166) Another German newspaper, the Berliner Zeitung, reported on May 16, 1957: Kinsey had asked the paedophile specifically for material of his perverse actions. The presiding judge, Dr. [Heinrich] Berger, noted that it was Kinseys duty to get Balluseck locked up, instead of corresponding with him. (Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D., Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences (Crestwood, Kentucky: Institute for Media Education), 2000, pg. 167).
Kinsey didnt much care for his crimes or Ballusecks crimes, but he wanted his correspondence to gather results to skew his child sexuality data. He was just indifferent to von Balluseck's abuse for the sake of his studies. Another co-worker and investigator of Alfred Kinsey was Rex King. King was convicted of 800 counts of child rape. Alfred Kinseys first book in 1948 was effective in using psychological warfare to con the American people. Isn't this a tactic of the elite, because if they can make the mass see sick behavior as not totally normal (like pedophilia), but another thing to be tolerated, then the elite increases the chance of more people going onward following their agenda.

It's a part of the agenda of gradualism where Foundations (and the global elite) used to change societal mores. In 1948, "illegitimacy," abortion and rape rates were some hundreds of percentiles less than today. This doesnt mean that all things in 1948 were perfect. They werent. 200,000 copies of Sexual Behavior in the Human Male were sold in 2 months of its publication. Even proponents of the pervert Kinsey admit that he skewed his sexual results by having an inordinate number of test subjects who were prostitutes, criminals, sexual deviants, etc. to be used as normal examples of the American Population. When you have this, the result will be skewed. Kinsey

manufactured a "10 to 37 percent" homosexual male population in order to normalize homosexuality (You dont use lies in try to promote any cause). The 1948 book claimed that 69 percent of men visited prostitutes, 50 percent did adultery, and 95% of American males regularly indulged in sexual deviancy, which is a total lie. Alfred Kinsey falsely assumed that most people were bisexuals and all men masturbate. He manufactured a female promiscuity myth that led to "no fault divorce," resulting in collapsed marriages and largely victimized women and children. He claimed (in his studies of women during the 1950s) that 50 percent of women had sex before marriage shocking in the 1950s 26 percent practiced adultery, and 87 percent of pregnant single women and 25 percent of married ones were having abortions. Kinsey falsely believed that sexual promiscuity was fine when even folks from across the political spectrum realize that sexual promiscuity is wrong (and it can be dangerous in this day and age of 2012). His data has been opposed back then by conservatives and even leftist scientists like Abraham Maslow, Lionel Trilling and even Margaret Mead (because Alfred Kinsey corrupted data in his experiments). Alfred Kinsey used an inordinate amount of pedophiles, prisoners, and rapists in his study. This is admitted by his researchers. Dr. Paul Gebhard, the co-author of Sexual Behavior in the Human Female and second director of the Kinsey Institute. He admitted when asked about the research subjects that, "Fifty-five percent were prisoners.... We didn't have enough non-prison people to do much of a comparison but he [Kinsey] didn't do a comparison. He simply took the prison people he got and used them as his less-than-college educated sample.... By emphasizing the less than-college educated sample, he introduced a lot of errors into the data." So, its wrong to use a bunch of perverts and criminals in an unrepresentative proportion to justify a political agenda. Even the Intercollegiate Review ranked Sexual Behavior in the Human Male as the third worst book of the 20 century. Wardell B. Pomeroy, who co-authored Sexual Behavior in the Human
Male, said, "Kinsey would have done business with the devil if it helped the research and this is true." But, in reality, Kinsey consorted with many devils. The Kinsey Syndrome (This is an excellent documentary that was created by

Christian Pinto that expose Kinsey and his agenda for our USA society. This film includes exposure of pornography and the child sex crimes epidemic in America) tells us that Pomeroy himself "wrote the book Boys and Sex, in which he actually promoted the idea of boys having sex with animals, such as a dog, a horse or a bull." And in a different publication, Pomeroy wrote, "Incest between adults and younger children can ... prove to be a satisfying and enriching experience." This proves that Kinseys allies and closest friends wanted to normalize pedophilia in America. These sickos influence our culture to this day. I recommend Pintos Kinsey

Syndrome and the new film called Maafa 21 (which exposes abortion) as excellent films to see why things are in America plus the world as they are. Maafa means
destruction or holocaust in the Swahili language. Kinsey forced his assistants to give their sex histories, both male and female. They were filmed in explicit sex movies for research, which was shot in Kinseys attic. Kinsey believed that all children were sexual beings even at birth. Even crazier is that Alfred interviewed pedophiles about the orgasm of children as early as 11 months, but Kinsey declined to send the pedophiles to the police. Kinsey used stopwatches to get the manual and oral stimulation of children's genitals and orgasms. He watched films of adult with child sex. According to Judith A. Reisman PhDs Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences, at least 317, pre-teens were sexually experimented by older adults with 2,035 admitted child subjects by 1980. His results were inaccurate then and now. Jim Kieth's work exposed Kinsey greatly. Even scholars today have shown that Americans arent as sexual promiscuity as Kinsey maintained. His goal was to make abhorrent behavior more tolerant by society, because Kinsey was a revolutionary who seek to liberalize sex as almost unlimited activity to almost anyone to do. Instead of a call for normal acts, he wanted little restraints by law and morality. Dr. Judith Reisman was one of the few people that challenged Kinseys research, because his research was questioned very little until decades after 1948. Reisman once worked for the FBI. Dr. Reisman is the President of the Institute for Media Education. She is an author, a researcher, an expert witness on the dangers of pornography, and a scientist. Kinsey was a fanatical

religious bigot, inflamed with hatred for Christians, Jews, and traditional morality. He was also a fervent racist, which put him on the same page as his friend and close associate Margaret Sanger. Together, they imposed their morality on American society. Charles E. Rice, Professor, Notre Dame Law School said that: Dr. Reisman's study supports the conclusion that Alfred Kinsey's research was contrived, ideologically driven and misleading. Any judge, legislator or other public official who gives credence to that research is guilty of malpractice and dereliction of duty. Hugh Hefner invented Playboy in 1953. Hefner employed Kinsey's
research as a justification to promote his pornography-filled Playboy magazine. In fact, Hugh Hefner said that he was the pamphleteer of Kinseys work. Pornography is the showing of naked imagery typically for arousal, lust, and other evil intensions not necessarily for artistic expression. Many people suffer from porn addiction because of pornography. See, porn isn't peaches and cream as its proponents suggest. Ex-pornographers would tell you that in the porn industry, people vomit, fluids squirt out in a disgusting fashion, and body parts are ripped. Its very violent at times and people bleed in the activities. Also, STDs are common in porn from genital warps, HPV, to even AIDS. Pornography is truly disgusting. If pornography was holy, these evil fruits would of never of have accumulated as a result of pornography at all. You cant have good fruit from an evil tree. There are tons of stories of people who struggled with porn addiction and by the grace of God escaped porn addiction. Pornography is heartless and strips humans of their dignity all of the time. Pornography according to Judith Reisman and others can be a gateway into homosexuality. Now, Hefner dedicated Playboy to Kinsey when he utilized distorted statistics and performed obscene experiments on innocent human beings. Hefner believes in pre-martial sex and almost any human sexual behavior as normal. Hugh Hefner even in the 1960's exploited women to wear bunny outfits in clubs and other parties across America. This bashed the female's individuality and their worth. Alternative Beatniks and others like Ed Sanders talked about sex openly. He wrote literature and was an environmentalist. I don't agree with Sanders disrespecting God, etc. but I do believe in the Freedom of Speech. The pill came in 1961 and this lead into an increase of sexual activity in America. The reason was that the pill was created to prevent pregnancies among women. In the 1960s, various sexual liberation groups came about. The Sexual Freedom League believed that people had the individual right of sexual freedom simply. They supported topless bars and other forms of sexual activities back in the 1960's. Chris Pinto's film called "The Kinsey Syndrome"

documents that even Hustler has child pornography in it as early as the 1980's. We know that the elite promote pornography (which embraces fantasy not reality) in distorting what true love is between a man and a woman. True life isn't about looking as obscene images to get a kick. It's about having connections emotionally with people around you and realizing the uniqueness (along with the true value) of males and females in society. Robert Anton Wilson (who edited the Playboy Magazine plus was a leader in the hippie movement) admitted to doing Crowley's magick and reading his literature. Some good things occurred after the 1960's like decreasing lynching, the rejection of intentional discrimination, and more rights for minorities and women. But, problems still reign. Movies like "The Graduate" (in 1967, which was about a film glorifying a woman committing adultery against her husband) changed the way many view sexuality in society. The following is some of the history of the homosexual movement. The Greco-Roman culture and many other ancient civilizations had homosexual themes in them. There is nothing new under the sun. Now, Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (18251895) is called the grandfather of the gay rights movement. He was a homosexual German lawyer. Ulrichs was born in Aurich, then part of the Kingdom of Hanover, in

north-western Germany. He was molested at the age of 14 by his own riding instructor. Ulrichs wanted laws against homosexuals (like the Paragraph 175 of the German code to banning sodomy) to be repealed. This was occurring as far back as the 1860s in Germany. Ulrichs formed the first homosexual political organization on Earth called the SHC or the ScientificHumanitarian Committee. Ulrichs successor Magnus Hirschfeld launched the Berlin Institute of Sexology. In America there was the World League of Sex Reform that was created in 1928. The League promoted eugenics or race betterment through selective breeding.
They also wanted all anti-sodomy laws banned and the legitimatization of sodomy as an alternative form of sexual expression. The WLSR desired to lobby for contraception, abortion, population control, sex instruction for the youth, divorce, pornography, euthanasia, artificial reproduction, and government operated plus medically supervised brothels. Harry Hay was the father of the modern gay movement in America. In October 10, 1948, he formed a group called the Mattachine Society. Hay was in the Communist Party and in the O.T.O. In 1960, all 50 states banned homosexual sex and marriage. Even th in the early 20 century, European nations (like Sweden, Switzerland, and Denmark) plus even some Asian countries decriminalize homosexual activities. In 1958, The Homosexual Law Reform

Society is founded in the United Kingdom and Barbara Gittings founds the New York chapter of Daughters of Bilitis for lesbian Americans. Back in the 60's, the homosexual movement was
called the homophile movement in America. Back in the 1960s (and before in America), homosexuals were arrested for just being accused of being homosexual or talking in bars peacefully, etc. In other words, if youre talking a place peacefully and you were accused of living an alternative lifestyle, you could be thrown in jail. Its sound wild & silly today, but this evil, discriminatory practice was very common decades ago. In early September 1962, Washington D.C. started to license the Mattachine Society to solicit funds in D.C. Alfred Kinsey greatly made firm the Sexual Revolution beginning in the 1960's. Lesbians also protested in the streets. San Francisco police arrest gay and lesbian party-goers at a fund-raising ball for the Council on Religion and the Homosexual, held at California Hall, an event which galvanizes the local gay and lesbian community in 1965. Mae West (who was involved in the occult) was an early supporter of homosexuals way back in the 1930's. On June 27, 1969, NY Police tried to shut down a bar for falling to get a liquor license. Later, homosexuals in that bar threw bottles and rocks at the police. Both the homosexuals and the police acted in unjustified violence against each other in the small Greenwich Village bar area. This started the Stonewall Rebellion and the new era of the Modern gay rights movement. Now, its more than 40 years after the Stonewall Rebellion. Groups of homosexuals gathered for what homosexual activist Leigh W. Rutledge called "the first 'Gay Power' meeting" on July 9, 1969.

See, 1969 as the History Channel conclusively proved was a big time in the sexual revolution. I saw the 1969 Sexual Documentary in the History Channel and it was excellent. Whether you agree or disagree with all of the sexual revolution, that documentary showed the changes that occurred in America. In 1969, people tested the limits of sexual freedom. By 1969, homosexuals had press conferences in major cities that were covered by the world media. Millions of dollars funded their organizations, and their leading figures spoke out about various issues. Illinois was the first state to eliminate a sodomy law from its criminal code in 1961. From 1969 to 1973, Connecticut, Colorado, Oregon, Delaware, Hawaii, and North Dakota repealed their sodomy laws and decriminalize same-sex sexual acts. By 1973, the APA no longer listed homosexuality as a mental disorder. There is the radical pederasty movement (that promotes grown men to have sex with boys. Canada already lowered consent age to 14) with NAMBLA that even Harry Hay supported it. Most Mainstream gay organizations disapprove of NAMBLA for its promotion of pedophilia. In 2003, The Supreme Court ended the ban nationally of same-sex private acts not just in Texas. Today, same sex marriage is legalized in many states of America, because the LBGTQ (Q means Questioning or a person is questioning their sexuality) movement is more powerful than it was decades ago. The Presidents of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama have supported some or most of the agenda of the LBGTQ Movement. Today, DADT (or Dont Act Dont Tell. That issue was a bigger deal back when I was in elementary school and middle school) is gone, because of the influence of the LBGTQ movement also. President Barack Obama is the most pro-homosexual President in American history. He eliminated DADT and he supports same-sex marriage in 2012, which is historical.

Here are some words about the even controversial issue of transgender people. Candis Cayne is a famous transgender person (i.e. This person is biologically male who had surgery to look similar to a female, but really isn't biologically. This person is a member of the cast of ABC's "Dirty Sexy Money" show. Transgender people aren't monolithic. Some are pornographers and others have other jobs in industry, teaching, business, sports or athletics, politics, fashion, etc). Some of the new generation of transgender human beings in the 21st century like Sidney Starr, Mimi Marks, Calpernia Addams, Janet Mock, Candis Cayne, etc. try their best to look like a woman, but they are still biologically males. Others are females trying to look as males. In the 1950's, sex-reassignment surgery existed in a modern level. (Although, such surgeries occurred as early as the late 1920's to the early 1930's). Christine Jorgensen from the USA is one of the famous transgendered people in the world from the 1950's. A U.S. transgender-rights journal, Transvestia: The Journal of the American Society for Equality in Dress, also published about these issues in 1952. Harry Benjamin was a doctor who pioneered surgery in the 1960's and hormones. Way before the Stonewall riots of 1969, transgender human beings fought for their rights. The transgender person Lucy Hicks Anderson (born in 1886 in Waddy, KY) called herself a woman. In April May of 1965, African American youth in Philadelphia, PA started the Deweys Lunch Counter Sit In and Protest. Miss Major and Marsha P. Johnson were involved in order to allow gender non-conforming youth to eat in restaurants. In 1966 (even before the Stonewall riots) transgender individuals and drag queens protested in Compton, CA which led into riots called The Compton's Cafeteria Riot. They wanted rights. In 1967, transgender advocate Lady Java (this human being was born in New Orleans) wanted laws to be struck down that prevent transgender people to work in certain locations (without a special permit called Rule Number 9) in Los Angeles, California. Soon, Rule Number 9 was struck down by the California Supreme Court. By the late 1960's hormones and surgeries increased more rapidly. Movies and books back in the day discussed about this issue. Gore's Vidal's 1968 book entitled "Myra Breckinridge" talked about sex change by a man trying to look like a woman in a comedy format. "Myra Breckinridge" as a film came out as a movie in 1970 portraying this event (starring Raquel Welch. It featured Mae West who is a proponent of homosexuality). The film was one of the first films receiving an X rating. Today, people who are transgender human beings receive more positive imagery by the media than decades ago. Its common for pageants and drag shows to feature transgendered people. The ballroom scene existed since the late 1800s in the USA and before. There are intersexual people or human beings born with both male and female sexual organs. So, humanity is unique. Whats the lesson here? The lesson is that all human beings should have equal rights, but people have a right to dissent peacefully with certain lifestyle choices as well (as many Christians and other religious people do. I dont agree with all sexual lifestyles myself. That is apart of the First Amendment). We should reject any form of bigotry and oppression, but not suppressing free speech for the sake of promoting tolerance. I dont believe in harassing, being violent, saying slurs, bullying, or being disrespectful toward homosexuals, bisexuals, lesbians, transgender people, and any other human being. I believe in tolerance for human beings existing in the world without oppression, but I reject tolerance of sin and all forms of evil in the world. We can have true tolerance without violating our liberties. We should live in a free society and we should have individual rights, but not special rights. Although, regardless of our views

on controversial sexual issues, all people have a right to a job or an income, have a right to health care, have the right to life, have the right to have decent housing, have the right to live their lives without assault or murder, have the right to have basic human freedoms or human rights, and have the right to pursue happiness. In the final analysis, we are all human beings. All people have equal value in the Universe.

Playboy has been known to exploit women. Recently, they took things too far in 2009. Now, first, here's the story. Playboy's writer Guy Cimbalo issued a vile attack on conservative women. Guy wrote an article about the top ten list of conservative women that he would like to commit vulgar and violent sexual acts with. This is a disgrace since you shouldn't exploit women and play around with rape at all. Rape is evil and isn't humorous. It was so wrong and offensive that Politico removed the article from their website since it was very hate filled plus misogynistic. Both liberals and conservatives expressed condemnation of the article. Liberal writer Tommy Christopher was fired by AOL News for trying to get coverage of the Playboy attack list on AOL's Politics Daily. NewsBusters has uncovered a marketing and distribution contract between Time Warner and Playboy's print division. The contract establishes a working relationship from January 2006 through January 2009. NewsBusters contacted OneCLE, the site that is hosting the copy of the contract, and they confirmed that the contract was taken from Playboy's SEC filings. This new fact shows that the two companies have a deeper and broader connection than first reported. FOX News' Megyn Kelly criticized Playboy also for allowing the trashy article to exist in the first place. Kelly was on the list (including Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, etc.), so she would be outraged of course. Playboy responded to this controversy by saying that they have been dedicated to promote equal rights for women since its inception 55 years ago. That's funny since distorting about how men see women in a negative way is what Playboy is doing. Playboy removed the disgraceful article from their site. Token measures from Playboy will never negate their promotion of Kinsey, love of pornography, and them not addressing the hate spewed by Guy. Secular humanism is one foundational aspect of those who to radically change our culture in the world. Humanism is a belief that basically believes that man is the complete decider of his or her destiny. Some pro-humanists accept moral relativism, and the abhorence of Judeo-Christian religious influence in the development of society or principles. John Dewey (a writer along with 33 others of the Humanist Manifesto) is a key pioneer of humanism. Some have gone to classify Humanism as a religion because they worship the power of man to create a nearly perfect society without God. Also, they believe in evolution or that natural selection via nature has the divine power to make all organisms in the

Earth. Many religious groups like Tao and Buddhism don't require you to believe in any God. A Humanist called humanism a religion without God basically. The Humanist Manifesto I in the 1930's quote: "...Religious Humanism considers the complete realization of human personality to be the end of man's life and seeks its development and fulfillment in the here and now. This is the explanation of the humanist's social passion...." Even the Supreme Court in 1965 called humanism a religion. Dewey and others help shift a large part of the educational system.

*There are new pieces of information that exposed again Alfred Kinsey. Kinsey did horrific sex experiments even against children to promote his agenda of extreme sexual liberalization in society. There is nothing wrong with sex done in the right context, but exploiting sex in an evil fashion is wrong. Sex abuse was done by Kinsey and his researchers in the 1940's. Kinsey published their findings. One victim accused her father of being paid by Kinsey to allow her father to rape her and then report to him or Kinsey on the attacks. He or Alfred Kinsey used a stopwatch to time orgasms. The woman was named White and she was only 7 when her father began abusing her. This research broke the law, especially in the 1940's when the country of America was much more conservative back then. 'There's no question that Kinsey broke a number of laws and conspired to break a number of laws to conduct his faux research', said Matt Barber, a law professor and associate dean at the Liberty University School of Law. The establishment turned their eyes from Kinsey's evils. Kinsey's 1948 and 1953 books on human sexual behavior contain tables of information about sexual responses in children as young as 2 months old. That's a disgrace. Many tables show how long the children do things related to "orgasm." Kinsey was a biased researcher and believed that almost any sex act between adults (and even between adults and children) were normal. Kinsey redefined sexual morality in America. Modern researchers even found errors in Kinsey's research. We know that the Foundation-funded free love and free drugs hippie movement distracted people from opposing the Vietnam War and talking other real issues in America (this was permitted in order to create a docile, conformist population in America and increase the prison industrial complex). Some of these same so-called hippies are in the corporate board rooms today promoting imperialism, pop culture hysteria, and slick control over numerous masses of people. CIA-related person Timothy Leary (who was Jesuit trained I might add) promoted the recreational usage of LSD. White said Kinsey 'enticed' her grandfather, who became a personal friend of Kinsey while studying at Indiana University, to participate in the research, and that her grandfather in turn recruited two of his sons to molest their own daughters for Kinsey. She described Kinsey as 'insane', 'evil' and 'Satan incarnate'." Alfred Kinsey is again exposed in Chris Pinto's DVD called "The Kinsey Syndrome." The documentary exposed in great detail the appalling, gruesome sex studies that Alfred Kinsey cosigned. Kinsey's research inspired a whole movement of people.

Dr. Judith Reisman is the person on the left. She is very famous who strongly disagreeing with the research and agenda of Alfred Kinsey. Reisman had been a leading advocate to wish to pass laws that ban pedophilia and other sexual crimes against innocent human beings. Dr. Judith Reisman to this day in 2009 is still fighting for the truth that pedophilia is evil and recreational sex can make your life in risk of death literally. The Kinsey Syndrome documentary is great since it presents source after source exposing the nefarious agenda of Alfred Kinsey.

The Mission of ALI (or the American Law Institute) was to promote the clarification and simplification of the law, to better adapt law to contemporary social needs, to achieve agreement among lawyers on the fundamental principles of the common law, and to correct legal uncertainty and complexity. Learned Hand as the founder maintained major positions in the Institute for the duration of his life. The ALI was funded by Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations, no friends of liberty nor of our Constitutional Republic. The ALI supported the fraudulent research of Alfred Kinsey (who was funded by the establishment and had pedophiles to perform crimes in order to

break up Judeo-Christian values in America). Kinsey is again exposed in Chris Pinto's new film called "The Kinsey Syndrome." The ALI created the pro-Kinsey Moral Penal Code. Kinseys biographer acknowledges that The Model Penal Code is virtually a Kinsey document At one point Kinsey is cited six times in twelve pages. Kinsey findings recommended in the Model Penal Code intended that penalties should be lightened for all sex offenders. It recommended not only that fornication and adultery be normalized, but pornography, rape, incest, abortion, sodomy and pedophilia as well. Alfred Kinsey was so much a sexual pervert that he did things to himself that was truly abhorrent. Through the ALI, much of the laws pertaining to sex crimes were lessen. Morris Ernst, Kinseys ACLU

lawyer, wrote that "virtually every page of the Kinsey Report touches on some section of the legal code." Dr. Reisman accused Kinsey and his associates of testifying and wrote in favor
of parole for sex offenders and violent felons (which is wildly immoral and wrong). She said that Kinsey and his crew were greatly responsible for the reduction of penalties for rapists and child molesters (plus the release of these repeat offenders back into society).

In 1995, the APA removed pedophilia and sadism from the "disordered" classifications in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV. It is only recently in the 21st century where folks from across the political spectrum have enacted laws that punish sex offenders in a strong way. According to great author Kevin Abrams,
Alfred Kinsey was an anti-Semite. Kevin wrote that Kinsey would exclude Jews from "work" at his Indiana based Institute For Sex Research. The Red Queen & The Grand Scheme, reports the Rockefeller Foundation, whose mission is stated as "to promote the wellbeing" of humanity," funded his research. Now, almost any sex act today is acceptable by society. Our new norms by these social engineers are easy divorce Wife swapping, degenerate sex acts in the media and TV, homosexuality, and sadomasochism. The elite use these perversions and alternative lifestyles to sensate society, so they wont be challenged adequately. Thats because drugs for recreational purposes, sex, and constant TV on peoples mind will brainwash the populace and eliminate their God-given cognition and reason to fight back. Also, they (or the Big Foundations and the rest of the global elite) hate sex for procreation, so abortion and sterilization, and hardcore birth control like RU -486 are readily available to Americans. RU-486 really has nothing to do with birth control. Its a dangerous drug that commits abortion and it has murdered women for numerous years.

The abortion pill of RU-486 is a synthetic steroid that starves the baby to death by restricting progesterone (a natural hormone vital to the early stages of pregnancy) to the unborn child by detaching the baby from the wall of the mothers womb. The baby dies a short time later as a result of resources ending. There is absolutely a Nazi connection with RU-486. During WWII, Hoescht AG was IG Farben, the Nazi chemical giant known for its production of cynanide gas and Zyklon-B to kill million of people in Hitlers regime at concentration camps. (i.e. Auschwitz, etc.). IG Farben also performed unethical medical experiments undertaken by Mengele and other S.S. doctors. IG Farben may change its stripes to Hoescht AG, but a Nazi is still a Nazi if it continues in the Nazi practice of Abortion. Hoescht AG now owns Roussel Uclaf (a company who was once a subsidiary to IG Farben). The Nazis philosophies of abortion, eugenics, and dehumanization are still among us. We should fight against this evil. The negative effects of RU-486 are just blatantly evil. A California teenager named Holly Patterson died after taking the RU 486 abortion drug. Back in 2004, an Ohio woman named Dana Powell said that RU-486 ruin her fertility (in that the Akron City Hospital staff diagnosed her with a ruptured ectopic pregnancy in the left fallopian tube, leaving her unable to conceive). According to Steven Ertelt, RU-486 has killed thirteen women worldwide and injured more than 1,100 people in the United States alone.
To destroy a society, certain absolutes or traditional values must be maligned and all of this sick tripe was definitely utilized against the nuclear family. The nuclear family is the most stable institution to raise a child and even mainstream scientists agree to that. There is nothing wrong with sex (sex is a beautiful thing and it is normal) or other types of families, but it is wrong to distort statistics to back up a point, it is wrong to allow pedophiles not to be send to jail, and it is wrong to normalize sexually deviant behavior, which Kinsey all did. I reject this eras degenerated faulty sexual liberation nonsense. The nuclear family (despite its rising divorce rates) is the most stable institution to raise a child and even mainstream scientists agree to that. For example, a study made by Jay Teachman, et al., (i.e. "Sibling Resemblance in Behavioral Cognitive Outcomes: The Role of Father Presence," Journal of Marriage and the Family 60 (November 1998): 835-848) found that fathers involved in children's lives will have better emotional health, do better academically, and attain higher job status as adults. A 2000 study of U.S. data found that adolescents from single parent families were more likely to have had sexual intercourse than those living with both parents (found in John S. Santelli, et al., "The

Association of Sexual Behaviors with Socioeconomic Status, Family Structure, and Race/Ethnicity Among U.S. Adolescents," American Journal of Public Health 90 (October 2000): 1582-1588). Patrick F. Fagan et al., formulated the work called "The Positive Effects of Marriage: A Book of Charts." One of their results was that on average, children from never-married homes spend 51 percent of their childhood in poverty compared to only 7 percent for children in married homes. The Kinsey followers funded SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States) even wanted sex education for Kindergarten!!!! This is disgusting and SIECUS and even ex-Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders promoted children masturbation. According to CWA (Concerned Women for America, though CWA is a shill group with ties to Moon and the CNP. Low level CWA members are mostly not shills though) said that Elders wrote a book advocating lowering the sex age of consent to 12.

In November 2004, the movie Kinsey came out, which portrayed him in a mainly positive way, but he was an adulterer. The FOX Searchlight's "Kinsey" film was controversial. Some leaders protested the disturbing film. Alfred Kinsey was played by William Condon, who is a famous screenwriter, director, and homosexual. Condon is a member of the Independent Feature Projects (IFP) in Los Angeles, a non-profit organization which supports independent films, as well as the Independent Writers Steering Committee, which was initiated by the Writers Guild of America (WGA). According to Dr. Cathy Burns and Stanley Montieth's Brotherhood of Darkness, Alfred Kinsey was a sadomasochistic homosexual. He did sadomasochism sick actions to his own body. According to Dr. Reisman, Kinsey would make his wife and his Kinsey Institute colleague to engage in humiliating sex act, while he was filming these sessions in his attic. He died in 1956 by a heart attack and some believe that these masochistic activities contributed to his demise. Kinsey was obviously a sex pervert. In a

letter written as a YMCA counselor, he boasted of a "nature library" he possessed, comprising pictures and drawings of nude men and boys that he would show to young male charges while camping in his tent late at night. According to Kenneth Anger, Alfred Kinsey had a 24 hours a

day obsession with sex. This Father of the sexual revolution led to repealing abortion laws, promote pornography, high divorce rates, high STD rates among the young, and obscene sex education based in even elementary schools. I have no issue with age appropriate sexual education thats voluntary in public schools though. If a parent has a religious or moral objective, a parent should have the right to not allow their child to be taught sexual education.. The North American Man-Boy Love Association said "boy lovers" should also embrace Kinsey's studies as supportive of their cause, "and hold them dear." That is why Kinsey used pedophiles in his research. In conclusion, Alfred Kinsey and his allies were criminals that allowed pedophiles perform crimes on little children to fulfill experiments. He is one founders of the sexual revolution in American society. There is nothing wrong with sex. Yet, sex is a sacred moment that shouldn't be exploited by humanists or lied about by fraudulent (and deceptive) researchers like Alfred Kinsey at all. Kevin Abrams wrote that the zoologist Alfred Kinsey was an anti Semite. Kinsey (according to Abrams) would selectively exclude Jewish people from work at his Indiana based Institute for Sex Research. He started the modern sexual revolution since ca. 1948 in promoting a political agenda not from unbiased scientific research. As former Kinsey

co-worker, Gershon Legman, acknowledged, Kinseys not-very-secret intention was to respectablize homosexuality and certain sexual perversions. (Marrota, Toby, The Politics of Homosexuality, Houghton Mifflin C., 1981, p. 340). Yet, it was also to de normalize the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic, which Kinsey audaciously accused of having a detrimental effect on society.

Some of these same activists believe in the overpopulation lie as well (like Margaret Sanger in 1957 and the National Council of Churches in 1961). Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich galvanized

such activists in a December 1967 interview when he forecast world famine between 1970 and 1985 caused by babies. In his 1968 best-selling book, "Zero Population Growth," he predicted that each year in 1970 "a minimum of 10 million people will starve to death." Moreover, by "1984 the "United States will quite literally be dying of thirst." Of course, these false predictions never came into fruition. So, the eugenic movement of Ehlrich relates to the abortion on demand movement (as abortion is nothing more than a form of eugenics that denies the humanity of an unborn baby). The Kinsey Institute supports Alfred Kinsey to this
day in 2009. Instead of male and female genders being bashed, we should respect masculinity, femininity, and marriage. You have the right not to be married though if you dont want to either. Life is changing rapidly. Some change is good and some change is evil. So, the real history of

Alfred Kinsey (which isnt shown in the mainstream media) is here and in other places. Folks are tired of being brainwashed and lied to by the establishment media. That is why John Hartigan,

the CEO of Rupert Murdochs News Limited have slandered blogs as extremist. See, blogs are apart of the freedom of speech whether Hartigan likes it or not. Many blogs have more accurate information and discuss more real issues than CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, NBC, or CBS would ever present. He goes as far as advocating people like us bloggers to be locked up in jail
in certain circumstances. Hes a fascist for advocating that form of extremism. The government demonizing those who disagree with them is nothing new. This notion then reappeared in a March 2009 Homeland Security document entitled Domestic Extremism Lexicon, in which the alternative media is listed alongside other radical extremist groups with the implication that people who disagree with the mass medias version of events are potential domestic terrorists. I dont agree with this slander at all. In this time, the truth is coming out more rapidly than ever. What a time to be alive.

By Timothy