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Although it's now a well-known occupation, most people aren't sure what a personal trainer can achieve until they begin to reap the rewards. Usually, a personal trainer is hired for a specific purpose: it could be for weight training, nutritional advice, core muscle training, aerobic or anaerobic fitness, running, swimming, football or another specific skill, sport or event. There are specialist personal trainers for each of these. The results are usually the same: An improvement in technique, followed by a sudden and unprecedented increase in strength, endurance and power. At one time, footballers, tennis players and other athletes were the only people using personal trainers to help them excel at competition level. Today many more people - celebrities, actors and the rich and famous - are using personal trainers to help them learn how to exercise, lose weight, build muscle and adopt a healthier lifestyle. This means one-on-one training is more accessible -- but at around $50 an hour, it's still considered too costly for most. And this, remember, is just for one kind of training. Today, this has all changed with the launch of Your Personal Trainer, a brand new, illustrated, colour digital newsletter from the publishers of Peak Performance . Click on any link in this message to read the considerable benefits that come with Charter Subscriber status and to try out our celebration starter pack Yes, I would like to try out Your Personal Trainer for 60 days.

Your Personal Trainer : celebration launch package
Your trial launch package contains a bundle of our most effective personal training advice and techniques - all at no charge. I have given a complete break-down of benefits

and the usual cost of these reports for comparison below. You'll see that unlike the costly trainers mentioned above, Your Personal Trainer covers all the major exercises, workouts and sports. If you're looking for improved performance, we have it covered. Yes, I would like to try out Your Personal Trainer for 60 days After your trial, if you decide to become a full subscriber, you qualify for Charter status. This means you receive your 6-monthly subscription at the Charter discount rate in perpetuity. While others must pay the rate applicable at that time, you are authorized to renew at your discounted rate every 6 months until you cancel or allow your subscription to expire. Seven questions you may have about Your Personal Trainer : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. What exactly does Your Personal Trainer do? How can I be sure the advice is reliable? How 'personal' is Your Personal Trainer ? Who are the writers? How quickly can I expect results? How can I be sure Your Personal Trainer is for me? How much does it cost?

Question 1: what is Your Personal Trainer and what does it actually do ?
Your Personal Trainer is a fitness advisory newsletter delivered digitally via the internet. Over the years our three websites, Peak Performance, Successful Coaching and Sports Injury Bulletin have between them built up a huge online bank of performance boosting breakthroughs, coaching advice and hundreds of tried and tested techniques for increasing fitness, power and endurance . If you are intrigued by the offer of 'performance boosting breakthroughs', and wonder exactly what we mean, here are just three examples I have extracted:

How to 'turbo' your performance with extra oxygen Discover how to increase blood volume to exceptionally high levels before important competitions. This technique will: Deliver more oxygen to hard-working muscles Reduce heart rate during exercise Send more red-hot blood to the skin for cooling

Body fat to muscle - a short workout Use this easy, short workout just three times a week to carve away body fat and replace it with lean muscle. You'll increase overall muscular strength and also achieve a significant reduction in skin-fold thickness.

Increase endurance by 17% Simple strengthening exercises can increase performance by up to 17%. But, astonishingly, most endurance athletes just aren't sure which to include in their circuits. Our training methods improve the key variables important for endurance success: strength, power, economy and VO2 max (the highest volume of oxygen a person can consume during exercise, used as a predictor of potential in endurance sports.)

You'll note that the techniques we list above are:
• •

Extremely effective Quick and easy to execute

Above all, each is tried, tested and verified. You'll see results in the first 60 days. We have plenty of time-saving workouts to suit almost every kind of athlete and sportsperson. Our sources are internationally recognized research centers, conferences and sports science papers. Our writers (there's more about who they are below) are trainers and coaches who have made their name translating these technical papers into the short, sharp, effective advice they apply to their athletes to improve their competitive abilities. Your Personal Trainer is a 10-times a year collection of these priceless teachings. By subscribing you'll find yourself among an elite group; even the most avid sports and athletics fan doesn't know these techniques even exist; they have remained a closely guarded secret for many years. Competition is fierce among coaches and athletes because the pay-offs are so huge. (The winner, as they say, takes all -- while the loser watches). Today, we have decided to make this training information available to those who have pre-registered on one of our websites. We have put together a trial package for you to test in your home, in the gym, on the track and field. Our company policy is not to send out free samples, as our subscribers pay dearly for this material. But although we ask you for a payment, we have kept this at far lower than cost price -- at a purely nominal sum of $1.97.

Yes, I would like to try out Your Personal Trainer for 60 days

Question 2: how can I be sure the advice is reliable?
This question is probably the most important and that's why we would like you to try Your Personal Trainer out before making any serious commitment. Meanwhile, the answer to the quality and reliability of the information you will receive is: Every piece of advice you receive is scientifically verified There are other sources of training and fitness advice, but very few can claim to be double-blind tested and verified by the sports science research establishment. At this level, most training information is sold by the hour and is far more expensive than the low price you pay to subscribe to Your Personal Trainer . But let's look at the cheaper alternatives anyway. The problem with the many fitness and exercise articles you see in national magazines and on the web is that they are often untried and untested. (You see lots of these articles around January each year.) Some of those exercise plans are re-written by journalists who have simply read the book and not given the advice a fair and honest trial. Your Personal Trainer is different. We only carry advice that has been tested on real live people (often athletes) over enough time to give reliable, lasting and safe results. These tests usually take place in double-blind trials, the kind that scientists carry out to verify the effectiveness of medicines and other therapies. The research centers that provide our information are run on the same scientific lines, and each successful performance breakthrough or training plan has been verified by peer group examination. The mission of Your Personal Trainer is to teach people how to exercise effectively, safely and save a great deal of time doing so. You'll discover, with our sports-specific methods, much faster ways to improve performance than available elsewhere.

Question 3: how 'personal' is Your Personal Trainer ?
Your Personal Trainer is not only an educator, but will also become your motivator, coach and a welcome friend every month in your goal for increased power and stamina. You'll receive workouts for weights, aerobics and flexibility and other training so you can choose which plan will help you reach your goals. We show how to monitor your progress through performance evaluation tests such as:
• • • • • • •

Astrand Treadmill Test The 2.4 Km Run Test Cooper VO2max Test Critical Swim Speed Harvard Step Test Home Step Test Multi-Stage Fitness Test

We show how to develop training programs including:
• • •

Cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise Weight training Flexibility training

If equipment is required (we keep this to the minimum) we tell you what you'll need to get started and what exercise programs will help you lose weight, tone-up, build muscles, prepare for a race and increase stamina.

Question 4: who are the writers?
Our writers are certified trainers, coaches, fitness and health advisers, responsible for many internationally successful athletes including Olympic medalists. Our sports specific training programs explain how to take into consideration your age, exercise history, fitness level, goals, available equipment, schedule availability and medical history. Here are some regular trainers and advisers you'll get to know very well over the next 60 days and beyond: Raphael Brandon MSc is a sports conditioning and fitness specialist. He is also London Region Strength and Conditioning Coach for the English Institute of Sport John Shepherd MA is a specialist health, sport and fitness writer and a former international long jumper

Clive D Lathey is an osteopath with a special interest in sports medicine, working with elite athletes. He is a consultant to the Saudi Arabian Olympic team Nick Grantham works for the English Institute of Sport as lead strength and conditioning coach for the West Midlands region James Marshall MSc, CSCS, ACSM/HFI runs Excelsior, a sports training company Sean Fyfe is a physiotherapist working with Metis Physio Centers in London , a multidisciplinary clinic. He works with elite dancers and theatre performers Cate Streeten is a senior physiotherapist at Portland Physio Ltd, specializing in lower limb biomechanics and injuries. Andrew Hamilton BSc, MRSC, trained as a chemist and is now a consultant to the fitness industry and an experienced science writer Jim Rogers B Hons, RMN, RS Hom is a registered homeopath practicing in Hull and East Yorkshire and also lecturing on complementary medicine at the University of Lincoln. He is also an ultra runner (currently the fastest in the UK over 24 hours) and has a keen interest in the use of complementary medicine in sport.

Question 5: how quickly can I expect results?
One of the most amazing things we observe is the extraordinary amount of time wasted by sports people undertaking long, unnecessary routines. Although we have been campaigning for years, it still goes on, even at the highest level! You'll find our sports-specific exercises improve performance in a fraction of the time. Each exercise is clearly flagged and labeled so you can assess its suitability for you. When you take out your charter subscription you receive a valuable report Coaches Training Secrets . The report is packed with specialized techniques. Below is just one extract, chosen to demonstrate just how much time you can save with our methods. You can start using this 'Crash Training' program immediately for amazing results: Crash Training program case study: Student beats three international runners Most athletes train severely one day and have one or two days of easy training to recover. Far better results can be gained with our 'Crash Training' program as illustrated by the following case study. Gerald is a 21-year-old medical student with times of 4mins/1500m and 14 mins.30 secs/5K. He particularly wanted to do well in the British Universities Cross-Country Championships.

He agreed to follow our Crash Training program 14 days before the race for a period of seven days. The program involves reductions to his mileage. It also includes expert nutritional advice. On completion of the seven-day crash cycle, he had one day off, and for the remainder of the week did only half his normal routine. He had two complete days' rest before the race. The result? In the cross-country championships Gerald finished 10 places up on the previous year but, more to the point, he defeated five runners, three of them internationals, who had consistently beaten him all season. He was subsequently selected to run for the British Universities against an England team. You may or may not be ready for running at this level. However, the scientific explanation for the success of the Crash Training program revolves around two words: super compensation , and it can be applied to all sports where fitness is a major factor, no matter at what level you compete at. Cyclists, swimmers, runners and others have all used this exciting and proven training method. There are eight crucial rules to follow, all explained in the Crash Training program which comes with your charter subscription.

Question 6: how can I be sure Your Personal Trainer is for me?
Many fitness and training programs are based on a general approach. Many coaches are guilty of borrowing a technique from one athlete and using it with another without a proper assessment of its personal suitability. But most athletes are far more successful at reaching their goals when using a program that is designed for them. We show how to develop a customized program so your exercises are right for your circumstances. Our workouts are suitable for working out in the home, gym, on the road, track or sports field, and for use with a variety of exercise equipment - and often no equipment at all. Whether you want to workout everyday or once a week, you can use our exercise plans to fit in with what's the right time for you. Each workout and exercise program includes an illustrated demonstration and detailed written instructions on how to perform the exercise move properly. So, you'll never have to worry that you aren't using the proper technique.

Whether it's losing weight, toning up, building muscles, increasing stamina, or preparing for a race, Your Personal Trainer will help you reach your fitness goals and help you learn how to stay that way for life with motivation and encouragement beamed through to your computer every month. We'll help you avoid common exercise mistakes that either waste your time or are just plain dangerous. All our techniques are scientifically tested, approved and guaranteed to achieve what we claim. Here are some of the recorded benefits of your new exercise regime :
• • • • • • • • •

Increased strength Lower body weight Decreased risk of diseases Lower body fat Improved physical appearance Reduced instances of depression More positive self-esteem Better sleeping patterns More energy & stamina

Who is Your Personal Trainer for?
ï You may play a major sport, belong to a club or want to improve on your personal best. ï You may be a dedicated health and fitness individual or attend regular gym session to work out and improve your performance in the sports you play. ï You may be simply interested in health and fitness. You'll be health conscious and take exercise and nutrition with an eye on longevity. Your Personal Trainer is written for those who are aspirational and eager to improve their own sporting performance. Articles are accessible, with tips and advice illustrated with colour pictures, diagrams and charts for fast assimilation. Each article is around two pages in length, so you can quickly see if the exercise, workout, technique or nutritional guidance suits your personal need. The focus is very "how to", with practical advice on what exactly you need to do to improve performance. As the title suggests, this is the publication for those who don't want to pay for an expensive personal trainer but want that expert advice to help advance their performance. If it's sports specific, fitness or health related you can assume that it will be covered during your subscription.

Question 7: What do I pay for my 60 day trial?
To become a Charter Subscriber, click on the link below now. 60-day trial membership is just $1.97 (approx £1) through your credit or debit card. Your payment is to cover our administration costs for delivering your first month's trial. (We rely on private membership subscriptions only. We receive no grants or aid from any government or health organization.) As soon as we receive your order, you receive the trial membership package (total value: $84.90). This includes your first issue of Your Personal Trainer, together with our exclusive special reports, video exercises, interactive evaluation tests and exclusive access to consult our team of experts:
• • • • • • •

The launch issue of Your Personal Trainer, with same-day dispatch to your email address - value $6.40 Flexibility Training Report - the essential guide to stretching and warm-ups value $15 5 evaluation tests - use our interactive tests to measure your performance - value $12.50 Video exercises that show you, not just tell you, how to do it - value $21 Coaches Training Secrets report - learn how to train your core muscles - value $15 How to Recover from the Most Common Injuries - the report to keep you fighting fit - value $15 Ask the Experts - submit your questions to our team of coaches and athletes invaluable!

After your 60-day trial period, if you decide to continue your Charter Subscriber membership you pay just $29.97 (approx £17.00) for your 6-monthly subscription to Your Personal Trainer . That is just $6 an issue and a 50% reduction on the normal price of $59.97. There is nothing like it at this price anywhere. Your subscription payment is not due for 60 days after you receive your trial membership pack, and we operate a full money-back guarantee. This is company-wide policy: if you decide you don't want to continue, for any reason, let us know and we'll make a complete refund. If you continue, your membership is charged 6-monthly from your credit card or debit card. To order your copy, simply go to our secure site, which is administered and guaranteed by Worldpay, and enter your details

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