Test Manitol Fermentation Lactose fermentation Lactose fermentation


Organism -S. aureus (+)

Appearance of uninoculated medium Red

Appearance of negative result White colonies / red medium Colorless and translucent colonies No greenish metallic sheen Orange medium (no RED ring on the surface) Yellow medium Yellow brown medium No change in color of medium (green) No growth and no change in color

Appearance of Positive result Yellow medium, yellow colonies Red colonies, red medium Greenish metallic sheen w/ blue black center in transmitted light Presence of Pink to Red ring on the surface of the broth Red medium

Manitol Salt Agar -M. luteus -E. coli (+) MacConkey Agar -E. aerogenes (-) Eosin-Methylene Blue agar -E. coli (+)

Neutral red

Purple agar - M. luteus (-) -E.coli (+)

Indole Production

Tryptone Broth

- E. aerogenes () -E. coli(+) -E. aerogenes(-) -E. coli(-)

Clear Pale yellow

MR test

Nutrient broth + glucose

Clear pale yellow

VP test Citrate utilization test Oxydative fermentation test

Nutrient broth + glucose -E. aerogenes(+) -E. coli(-) Simmon’s citrate agar -E. aerogenes(+) -E. coli (+) O-F medium (w/ oil) -P. aeruginosa (-) -E. coli (+) O-F medium w/o -P. aeruginosa (+)

Clear pale yellow

Red medium Blue or bluegreen medium Yellow

Green slant



No color change


aerogenes(+) -E. purple slant . aerogenes (facultative anaerobe) -P. aeruginosa (strict aerobe) -B. subtilis (+) -E. aureus(-) -M. oxycatoa (-) purple White Pale yellow Pale yellow Clear white Red Yellow butt . luteus (-) Starch Agar -B. subtilis (+) Nutrient gelatin -M. subtilis (-) -M. no air production Black medium Yellow butt. coli (+) Notrate broth -S. aerogenes(+) Lysine Iron Agar -K. coli (+) Triple Sugar Iron -B.Glucose fermentation Starch hydrolysis test -E. luteus (-) Sugar fermentation broth -E.-------------------------- Gelatin hydrolysis Sugar fermentation Nitate reduction test Catalase test Glucose fermentation Solidified agar Agar becomes liquid Yellow medium with air trapped inside the inverted tube red Presence of bubbles Purple for lysine decarboxylation No air trapped in the inverted tube Yellow No evolution of gas Yellow butt. aerogenes (+) Red -B. red slant with air production Blue-black color surrounding the bacterial growth Test for Oxygen requirement Thioglycollate medium Pale yellow ---------------------------. luteus(+) Nutrient agar -E. red slant . subtilis(-) -E.

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