Predicting the profession of a native is quite a tricky job and is one of the most sought after fields in predictive astrology. Numerous areas and highly competitive environment, be it business, service, profession, politics, etc. and its magnitude are the areas which have charged the atmosphere, making it quite difficult for the decision makers to identify one which should be most suitable from the point of view of success and also the potentialities of the seekers. There are a number of factors that help us in arriving at a decision on this vital issue. The nature of the sign falling in the ascendant (Lagna), tenth house governing profession, second house ruling wealth,the eleventh house signifying income and the Lagna of Dasamsha (D-10) of a native. The strength of the lords of these houses and the operating planetary periods hold the key to decipher the codes. Similarly, understanding the nature of planets which become significator for profession and the planets exerting influence on these planets is necessary. I will endeavour to give certain ‘Thumb Rules’ which can be followed to identify profession and I must caution that these are not exhaustive and readers are advised to do their own research further. This is purely by Parashara method and readers are not confuse with Jaimini system. Methodology 1. Check the strength of Lagna. Strong Lagna indicates a steady and good job. Also the nature of sign gives an indication of the job. 2. Identify 10th house from Lagna. Note down what type of sign it is and this gives a clue to profession.
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Nature of Sign Movable sign: Explorers, businessmen, travelers, sportsmen and marketing professionals. Job involving travelling and a transferable job. Fixed sign: Sedentary jobs, clerks, peons and job involving routine nature. Common sign: Service industry, teachers, middlemen, accountants, cashiers, actors and writers. Type of Tatwa Fiery Sign: engineering, iron industry, surgeons, explorers, soldiers, barbers, trade union leaders and politicians. Earthy Sign: Administrative jobs, civil services, real estate, buildings, agriculture, furniture, wood and timber related business, food items and mining. Airy Signs: Intellectual professions like philosophers, writers, scientists, astrologers, advisors, lawyers, lecturers, pilots and literary pursuits. Watery Signs: Jobs in liquids like petroleum, dairy farming, chemicals, drugs, biology, shipping, Navy, marine engineers and fishing industry.

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art. Mercury: Intellect. athletes. Gemini: IT. Virgo: IT computing. the public servants. 6. food. philosophers. tailors. religion. energy. Navamsha dispositor of 10th Lord 7. nursing. banking and finance. accounting. entrepreneurs. engineers. hospital and prisons. teaching. investing and diplomacy. Lagna Lord of D-10. priests. industrialists and athletes. merchandise. Sagittarius: Law. doctors and healing. doctors. liquids. 3. engineers. Capricorn: Raw material extraction and processing such as lumber and mining Aquarius: Advisors. painters. nurses. secret affairs. politicians. real estate. scholars. music. building trades. mining. labour. cosmetics. insurance. diplomats advertising. Cancer: Naval and marine. 4. chemicals. speculators. artists. police. Mars: Fire. hotels. poisons. beauty. Saturn: Iron & steel. transport. astrologers. entertainment industry. representatives. advertising and interior decorating. media. 5. clothing and shoes. cosmetics. directors. Having obtained all the above data it is now the time for identifying the profession. marine related. Leo: Government jobs. mechanics. travelling. accountants. metals. weapons. 10th Lord of D-10 Analysis 1. police and occult. petroleum and historians. medicine/drugs. Scorpio: Chemicals. Jupiter: Finance. receptionists. interior design. agriculture. Moon: Nursing. psychologist. fishing. Here we have to relate the Karakatwas of the planet representing 10th Lord. Sun: Authority.o o o o o o o o o o o o Careers by Zodiac Signs Aries: Army and police. religion. Planet / Planets posited in 10th House and aspecting 10th House. doctors. construction. import/export. government employees. metaphysics. luxuries. Rahu: Researchers. soldiers. Venus: Pleasures. banking. religion. o o o o o o o o o . cooks. restaurants. waste. astrologers. Media and journalism. treasury. law. music. Taurus: Luxury goods. drugs. firefighting. Planet / Planets aspecting 10th Lord. leaders. physicians. 8. women. clerks. actors. editors. accountants. Libra: Judges. consultants. oil. translators and writers. astrology. enlightenment. politicians. jewelry. iron and steel. fashion and property. marine. 10th Lord and where he is posited in D-1. engineers and computing Pisces: Doctors. politics. initiative. Ketu: Idealism. fashion. scientists. children. writing. humanitarian. surgeons. surgeon.

e. The data gathered are mostly from classical texts and the reference list may be helpful for further research. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra . He was also a good orator and glib talker.10th House: Cancer. Saturn who is Yogakaraka for this Lagna is posited in 11 th House indicating that his gains will be through service. Planets aspecting 10th Lord – None 5. The strongest of the planet gives the final result. Venus. the you have to blend all their Karakatwas and arrive at the result. 4. The students are advised to do their own research and expand their horizon. 10th Lord: Moon posited in Mercury House. Cancer. 10th Lord: Moon 9. The individual is a dynamic and balanced person since Lagna is Libra in all three Vargas. Venus helped him in specialize in the fine art of Navigation. In D-10. There may be more than one profession indicated.2. If there are more than one strong planet. 5. Jupiter and Mercury. Moon. 3. Mars and Mercury in Lagna. 4. 3. 3. Sun. Lagna: Libra in all three cases. 2. Intuition plays a major part in this analysis. Author’s Note I have tried to keep this as simple as possible. Mars in Lagna made him an adventurer. 6. Jupiter moulded his teaching skills and he was an instructor in Navy at various stages. 8. 6. Mars. Final combination of planets is: Moon. Movable and Watery sign. 10th Lord Navamsha dispositor is Mars with Sun 7. Reality 1. Planet posited in 10th House / aspecting 10th House – Venus & Jupiter 4. D-9 and D-10 1. References 1. Mars and Sun assured him a job in government defence service i. 2. Jupiter-Venus-Mercury combination helped him become a faculty member at a prestigious B-School 7. Navy and he retired as a very senior officer of the Navy. 3. Saturn is in Lagna. Post retirement. Mercury made him a prolific writer by contributing articles to various magazine and journals. The professions mentioned above are only representative and by no means exhaustive. You may also note. All planets are sufficiently strong in Shadbala 10. D-10 Lagna Lord: Venus. He was also a good sailor and represented India in various sailing events. Case Study D-1. Movable sign and Watery sign – all of these gave him a career related to water.

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