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Dear Friends, This second newsletter finds our family settled into a routine once more, and becoming quite used to the way of life in Jamaica. December

2l8t. was almost an occasion for us as that was the day we got our appliances installed and "hooked up". All we lack now are the car and
the piano; we have received word that the car is in Jamaica, but the piano we haven't located yet.

My first Christmas in Jamaica was quite an experience!

If given

only two words to describe it I would have to pick "activity and noise,"

There is much more of a festive atmosphere surrounding this holiday here,

and instead of being a time for gathering with families, everyone is on

the streets.

There are parties and parades, activities of every kind;

it is what I might imagine the Mardi Gras to be in New Orleans.

I have jBst, in the past two weeks, had my first experiences in

grocery shopping and in going to the market.

Both were memorable, to

say the least. Aside from the little shops one finds everywhere, the supermarkets are quite like those you ladies are used to, even to the brands of the articles. In many ways my shopping cart looked like it

always did in Minneapolis; in many other ways you would not have recog nized its contents. Going to the market, which means a large open-air pavilion where fruits, vegetables, and meats are sold, was an entirely
different thing, I went at 6 AM "to avoid the rush" but found "the

rush" was already there.

There are little tables and stalls every

where with the vendors all competing for everyone's trade. To buy meat, you pick the stall which you think has the best looking meat, t hen ask the butcher there to cut off the kind you want, As I learned, bring your own plastic bag as none are provided. Vegetables and fruit are bought in much the sane way; going from table to table

trying to decide which look the best at the lowest prices, and in ngr
case, asking what many of them were and what would I do with them if
I bought them.

Our family has been fine with only one spectacular happening since you last heard from us - Mary Beth learned to walk. It's hard to say vho \jj8B more proud of that achievement, her mom and dad or Mary Beth herself. With it has -come A good share of scratches, bumps, and bruises and an occasional secret wish on my part that she

couldn't move quite so fast.

Before the next letter wb hope toihave

another newsmaking event at our house. Our "boy" is due in just under four weeks so I am busy getting things ready for tha newcomer. Although we are hoping for a boy, we will be happy just to have him
as\ healthy as Mary Beth,

Before this letter turns into a book, I will wish you all the best for 1968, and ask you to remember us in your prayers.


Box 466

Montego B^'y 1

Jamaica, West Indies

Dear Friends in Christ,

many, many friends a bright and prosperous New Year; may all your dre^s be blessings^ we look back on ours . Through the past year we have all been healthy and have realized our goal of returning to Jamaica to do the~L6rd^s ork, for which we are most thankful. We have also made many new friends and

Greetings from Montego Bfayl

First, may I take this mediinn to wish our

reflect a little on the many blessings we have received. Look back on your

fulfilled in 1968, The year, 1967, is now behind us and I think we should

acquaintances, have received many encouraging letters, and have been helped financially as well as well as by those who helped us pack our belongings and
I*m sure as you look back, you will have much to

get on our way to Jamaica.

be more than thankful for.

Over the Christmas season I took my public address system to the hospital and old folks' home and played Christmas carols. These were thoroughly enjoyed by the patients and I fould it hard to quit when my time up. Through the music I met many more nurses and doctors. I was invited to the hospital's Christmas party which I attended, I made many new friends and hope to cultivate
rhcse friendships in time.

the rapid tumo er of patients, From week to week I may recognize one or

One has no way to assess the progress of hospital visitations because of

two faces in the different wards; other than those who have had extensive

the ones who are in severe pain claspe my hand asTcing for prayer.

and joy when one of the patients rwho will be there for a very long time saf.d, after my second visit, "I look forward to every Wednesday because I knowi I will see you." Each Wednesday I speak with at least.sixty patients;
It is

surgery or tUxo will be there for study, everyone is new. It was a surprise

most rewarding and makes one feel very compassionate to see those who are

The Seventh Day Adventists are very strong here so I am always running up against the Sabbath question. The hospital is no esception. Even though
many of the people do not attend, they still bting up the issuer While in the USA I encountered very few Sabbath worshippers so at first I was a bit

dull on the arguments. But I have restudied the scriptures and arguments

given and I am becoming 3harp again. I am now studying with five men;
these discussions are proving fruitful,

Becatise of the interest we have shown in the welfare of the patients and the whole operation of the hospital, all doors have been opened to me. Please keep the boxes of diapers, pins, powder, etc,, coming. So far we have received one bbx from Pam Hoffer of Minneapolis, and letters that others are on their way. Much of our mail has been slowed by the Christ mas rush,ibiit should resume normal service soon. All the church groups and individuals will receive a personal thank you letter from the matrons
the hospital and infirmary when the parceln have been received.

The infirmaries in Jamaica are known by many names such as poor . aouses-, old folks * homes, and Lord, me done (Lord, I*m finished). Asking

yO% of the Jamaicans fo directions to the infirmary would get no res

ponse, but ask anyone for the poor house, and immediately they know, what is nieant, Infirmaries here are for the very poor, those whose relatives'don't provide for them^^ the totally blind, and others who cannot care for them
selves and.have no one else to do it for them.

I visit the infirmary every Thursday afternoon from 3-5, sometimes not leaving until after six, here are two sections, male and female, ab6ut a

totally helpless, and those who are ambulatory. In the women's ambulatory ward there are those who are blind and those who cannot read; yet their visit them, no one to buy them personal items. 'Sbmetimes they just want
are clear and alive. Most of them are very lonely, no families to

quarter of a mile apart.

Each section is divided into two wards, the

to talk, asking about my family, or telling me about themselves. It is not unusual to find 60 women well on one visit, to find them all sick in bed

on the next.

They can recite whole passages of sxiripture, sing choruses

and h3mins, etc. all remembered from their youth.

my knowledge 'of the scriptures. They sing with their whole heart and can also quote passages of scripture. In talking with many of them I have found they have children but are forgotten by them. One sees the lonli-

The meii are more alive in discussions, a'sking queistionsi challenging

ness in their eyes, but for the while they a.-e*.singing, reciting scrip-

bath question* I am not the only minister who visits so you can imagine
the various teaching they receive. Sometimes I take them a tin or two of

tures, and discussing, they seem to feel like human beings once more. For two Thursdays we spent about five hours discussing, again, the Sab

condensed miIkm razor blades, laxatives, eyewash, etc. They ask for these personal items because they need them and have no one to get them; For example, they are given a barbfers* razor to shave all of them; this razor, will last for years. But many of the men still are individualists and
want their own safety razors.
abbut the cost.

I sympatize with them but also have to think I leave one

in every home that I visit. We are still worshipping on the Lord's Day

I have had 5000 more handbills printed at a cost of $36.

alone, but at one of our youth meetings we had three present. On Christ mas Eve we had pne young man present. I am studying with a young man and

I feel he wiU be immersed in a short while. I studied with a family for four hours and they have invited me back. Things are moving slowly but they are moving. There are many children I could take to Sunday School if
I had the car. . f

We got word yesterday that our car had aririved in Kingston. It will now come to Montego Bay by rail, but unless we can come up with about

$600, we can not take it out of customs.

If the car isx not claimed after

This x<re need

--a^-^ertain period of Limtrr-^ct-isT sold as unclaimed goods; to read this le;ter send us each a $100 cheque? (SMILE)

desperately, not only for our own use, but for calling, bringing children to Sunday School, and for open air meetings. Would the first six people
We also still

if we can use the Christian Standard or Lookout - YES! I stamp them with our church stamp, then hand them out in the hospital and also to anyone who visits our home. Send them in small packages by the cheapest rate.
All our personal: avings is depleted as of this moment.

need the communion ,sets and all the tracts ^yqu can send. Some have asked

The rent for

January which is due on the 8th is not paid -the rent for the building, duepn alaotnotLpHid; oar banH loans us-, pkid-tatough January, We plan to keep on in the Lordb work and are sure he will supply our needs.

"Attemp great things FOR God; expect great things FROM God." Our
financial statement for the moiith of December is as follows:

Committed monthly support Gifts

$ 45

Expenditures - $862,50

-doctor bills, _^jd,i^ing^*id jnaijL^

the bus), etc.

The expenditures included groceries, customs duty, broker's fee,

home and building for worship, bank pajnnent, publitat^Lon of ^ ads in the newspapers, installation of appliances, transportation (we ride
Anyone wishing a more detailed account please write for one.

rental of

There is a community located about 1/3 of a mile from where we live. Paradise Crescent. We must pass through this community to go to and from downtown. This is where one will find extreme poverty, poor living con
above 17 have at least one child, many of them five or six, with five or six different fathers. When questioned they all intend to be married

ditions, and in general, a pretty sad situation. Nearly all of the girls,

"sometime" but really see no shame in the way they are now living. Very
few, men or women, have any education past the lower grades, which makes getting employment virtually impossible. A good number of the men have learned trades, but their lack of the social graces, inability to speak

p roperly, and generally, not knowing how to dress or act, keeps anyone from hiring them, in turn keeping them idle, poor, and quite frustrated. Many have turned to gambling and drinking, and smoking marijuana or

ganja, as it is called here. They see no hope of bettering their con dition so have adopted the attitude, "why try?". T^en they are fortu nate enough to get jobs, their money is gone before they reach home, almost. They have no concept of saving, or of looking to the future* Very fev7 of the women work, for the same reasons, plus having children to
lok after.

We have a very good reason "for descriMnj^tKis^cdnmiiiirtty .We~ would like to have someone join us to work with these people on a full-time basis, especially the women and children, since I work part-time with the men. It would be hard vzork, very challenging, and would require someone extremely dedicated. We would like a young lady with the fol
lowing general qualifications: 1) Be a dedicated, mature Christian.
2) Know the Bible well.

3) Preferably be a teacher, nurse, or both, but college training is not

essential in a girl with much initiative and common sense, 4) Be able to cook and sew, and to teach these to the women,

5) Be willing to work hard under trying circumstances, not become easily

discouraged, and have a strong constitution. ; Any volunteers would have to raise their own support of at least. $300 per month, have good references, and plan to stay at least one year, pre

ferably two. This young lady would live with us. If there is anyone inter sted, write to me for more detiails, and let me know your qualifi
cations ,

I have begun working^-^^lth the men of this community at nights, and slowly we are making a little headway. I call in the days, come home and have supper-, then go down to the coiniaunity, ^Although the~people all^ know I am a minister, we do not talk religion very much. Rather we

discuss life, marriage, ambition, etc. but I always use these to point out some truth in the Bible. There is some hostility to organized

religion which will l>aye ^o be overcome in time.

We have formed the

Paradise Crescent>Community AsSociatfion and are now working on a few

projects. We have rented 2j acres of land, for $90 per year, to start a small.agricultural project. We have secured Mr, Evans who is agricul tural officer-, for Montego Bay to supervise us. We will start preparing
the land in February for planting pumpkins in March. Shares are sold in


he Association for $3 - when our investment begins to show a gain we will declare a dividend and use part of the profits and working capital to begin a poultry farm. With all these social programs I am bringing out little truths about Christianity. Some of the .young men come to my house
and use my library.
On December 26th the young men put on a din er for the whole Commu-^..

nity, I was elected to collect the money from every member of the com munity, Realizing that this was never done bfefore and that time was so ebsrt, I wrote to the Catlin, Illinois, Church of Christ and they sent us a cheque for $100, I collected $25 anc the total cost was $225, Each . person that had a job carried it off with dignity. Our menu was curried
goat ^cooked-bananas^ rice,and-pop-. We fed ovet^'500 'ad^t~s~ana" We had races for the children with prize^ for the winners. The affair began at 9:30 AM and finished at 5 PM, This was the first get-together the COTanunity had ever had. Because of this community I have been invited to homes; young men and women are now coming to me with prob lems; some of the young men are talking alflbut marriage, and there seems to be a feeling of hope. You can see why we desperately need a young lady to work with the women and children,

Jamaica is in need of professional people, teachers, engineers, nurses, doctors, etc. We would use you to good advantage, witnessing for Christ, and making up the nucleus of a congregation. You would not need support from church as you would be working as^ private individuals. Invest your life and money in the greatest world insurance the work of

Christ. This applies to those of you who are thinking of retiring as

well as those who are young.
I do for the Lord?"

So often we hear the comment, "What can

Here's your chance.

The St. James Parish Library hero in Montego Bay will accept gifts of books for the library. To those who are concerned about people hear

ing about New Testament Christianity, this is your opportunity.

I have

c fecked the RELIGION section without finding any books written by our people there. Many people use this library; presenting Christ through the written word is very effective. A good project for Bible College students would be to use their tithe and buy a book. Please send only
new books, not used. Send them to the library, not me. is: St. James Parish Library
Montego Bay P.O.

The address

Jamaica, West Indies.

You may also send books to the Kingston Public Library, Kingston P.O.

Jamaica, West Indies. In any books^sent, please type a slip of paper and paste inside with the words, "Presented through the Montego Bay Church of Christ". This is not to give us glory, but rather to give the
reader knowledge that the body or group he is reading of -^'xists near him. If sending to Kingston, here are two addressed of churches.

Church of Christ, 2 Mannings Ave, Penwood Road Church of Christ,

Kingston 11. Any duplicates v;ill be sent to smaller libraries.

As we have mentioned before, we would'like all of you to come to see us; also we would like our young lady volunteer to live with us.

For these reasons, along vCith our own expanding household, our present
home is becoming qmite small. We have found the ideal home across the

b^ay from where we are now living, for sale. It was built by a "tJ^adian minister vho TfHS alttc '"a " ontractor, is about seven "years~old,

and is now oned bV an English couple who usint to move to the country. It hbs four bedrooms, plus two basement rooms which could be fixed up into sleeping quarters. This w':uld make it possible for us to accomodate individuals and youth groups who ma^; come to wrk with us. If ve can raise 1/3 of the cost, the bank will loan^us the other 2/3.
Are there any churches of groups of individuals who would either like

to loan us this money, or buy the house outright, and we would bby it
back from you? If;so, write to us and we will give you the details.

Please do come an see us whenever you can. Remember us in your prayers as we begin this new year for Christ. May it bis the best yet. If any of you have questions about any phase of our work or our letters, please write and we will try to answer as best we can. May the Lord
bless you.

In His Service,

MR & Mr r Trwrr^ ' MORRIS viKi, LLOYD

montego bay
O^I5 JAf


/ y

-J... i, l-.i

Bcj:: it66 Montego B agr I JarT]aTr.flj Ifefl-h

Februaiy 29719^8^^

ly^ Dear 3?ViendSj

Greetings from "Xamagrcao" This was the original n^e given to the island by its first inhabitants, the Arawalc Indieans. Ctoce again,

"we write to keep you informed of our work in Montego We are praying that soon the Lord*s church will be fulily established in this
tourist "Jfecca" of Jamaica,

We do hope all our friends are well^ and that the good Lord is blessing your lives. We think of you often and praise the Lord for

you think it is only fair to return my visit? (smile)


giving me the prigilege of meeting many of you I made, your acqaaintances in the USA.| now its your turn to visit us in Jamaica. Don^t Februaiy 21st, was an occasion for rejoicing; we had our first

bfi^tismi Charles Stephenson, age 21, a junior accountant for ^


kei^^TpitliaSg off Christ5~iihen,- -one-Tii^Tbr he-c^e -to^-look me up-and

our leading hardi^rare stores, was immersed into Christ, We praise the Lord. I studied-with this young man.Xor-nearly three months,, but. he

said, "I am readyo" We are making some veiy good contacts here and
feel things are looking up.

We also have Maizie Beny> a public health nurse, worshipping

with tis^ She-is fixrni Kingston (capital of Jamaica) where she is a

member of one of the larger chuiKJhes of Christ, Since she works in

Hopewell now (10 miles from Montego Bay);, she worships mth us. We
have an ad eveiy Saturday in th^ p^er, and, after working here for., over two years, she saw our ad and began comingo Hose Archer, f!Pom the Claremoat Church of Christ, is also worshipping with us. She is working a block from our home. We have' visitors from time to time
and niary return. work. Please remember this xrork in your prayers

You may wonder about some of the difficulties of beginning a new Here- are some, beginning with ir^rself s 1) It is difficult to discipline ncrself to'study, but I.-work on
this daily,

- 3) On the-other hand, wy faith has grown in the Lordj I am relyH is-..anus are over us

2) Sermons are hard to prepare (tiio for cach Lord*s Day), eqpeo- .. ially for someone who has not been used to doing it. It is "also hard to preach them to a "congregation" of only two or three people, and often, only to iry wife^

iiig on am more eveiy day^ I commune with Him. daily and I know
This happen

ii) It is discouraging to make an appointment with someone only

to find them not there when I make the callo

quite frequently, and in most- cas^s, not even a message is

.. left. These .are just a. few of the obstacles

ixudty to speak.jCor Touth For Christ on February 17th, at the Preslyterian Church. While there I met:a group of young people ^d their ^onsors fixsm Connecticut and Bhode Island^ They were v^iting some of their congregations and tTOrking with an oiphanage^ diing repairs,

I have spoken at two of the commercial high schools in Mbntege BaBP In addition, I have.-wixtten an article for a school, paper, so the church is getting its share of publicity I .also had the qppoav

feUAwship. Ihese young people not only worked, but saw some of
^.Travel is educational, you knoWo


I invited them to our homej they came, and we had a npionderful

Jamaica as vjell, I do hope some of our churches will get sDme sponsors to travel with their youth groups to Jamaica, if only for a wedc.

books, I have given s^me of ny books (duplicates) to the St, James

OF REaDEMPTION ty Milligan, -CHUECH-OF CHRIST-ts^- Phillips, etc.

.I haVB also made the Church" of Christ moi^ i-Jide3y known through

Libraiy, These include CHEESTIAH STSTM by Ale>:ander Car^bell, SCHEME

the day will come when all of our libraries mil have on their shelves
books written ly our people.

I hope

Mary Beth 15 Months

Mary Beth 15 Months

Linda Kay 1 DSy

Linda Kay

Over half the letters we receive are lacldng in postagej some

have been sent back for more^ others have been sent on to us - tgr boat. ^ Many have too much postage To clear eveiyone up - air mail to Jamaica ,


for an ordianaiy letter (of course, more if it is e^ctra heavy).

Also, when mailing parcels of ary kind, it wiH save you considerable money to mail by surface mail (boatjl rather than air mail.
Many thanks to the church groups and individuals who have taken the time and made the effort to send the things needed for the hospit^. You -will receive a "thank you" letter from the chairman. I do hope

many more groups vjill send these much-needed items.

Please do not let

us down. Note the change of address when sending these things; The Secretary The reason for this is because we St, James Hospital did not get permission to receive Montego Bay these things daty-free, while the Jamaica, West Indies hospital did.

From Januaiy ii, 1968 to February 20, 1968, our income was ^885
our ejjpenses were <i963o We are living on, the bare essentials, still
in a fumiture-less house, and Triithout the car. iVLong with such things as rent on the house, and on the church building, doctor bills, insur ance premiums, light bill, etc., we have had much er^jense we hadn*t counted on. 'iMs has been mostly penal duties or "fines" on evejything we shipped. These were charged because our things were not. moved off- the wharf when they should have been. This was due, in turn, to the fact that the shipping company failed to send us the proper papers in time, and without them we could hot move our stuff, We are in the process of applying for reimbursement form the shipping coinpary, but
don*t know if we will be successful a I also had an ui^lanned e^qpense

when I borrowed a friend *s car to attend the funeral of a friend, 80

miles from herCo On the way back I had car trouble which resulted in a ;|i>30 repair bill. The folloTdng is a list of our monthly supporters;

Missionaiy Society
Church of Christ

Nevis Minnesota
Nevis, I'fijinesota


Youth Group
Wendell Skeltoni:-

Truman, l^Hnnesota
Green Bay, V^isconsin


Vernon Norris Church of Christ Les Milan

Cogswell, North Dalcota Cogswell^ North Dalcota Me^dco, Mssouri

^ 5 $

Ladies* Group

Jii<^ Estes

Pierre, South Dakota

Kimbali, Nebraska


Urdversity Church of Christ

l-'linneapolis, Minnesota
It is


We Td-sh to thank these groups aad individuals, and also for those who

have helped mth financial gifts since we have been here.

Christian friends like you who help keep our faith strong.

As you can

see, our monthly commitment has increased from the ''^3^ when we came to
Jamaica. We are cainting on the Lord to see us through. We think He has done a good ;job so far If we can see far enough ahead financially

we are hoping (after getting the car and piano out.of customs) to get
a used mimeograph machine. We feel this would p^y for itself soon, as we psy nearly (^^0 each time we print the newsletter, plus additional
cost if we want anything else printed, ' --

We cannot be serious all of the time, so here is a bit of humor. Since we do not have a communion set, we use one of our serving dishes

find one cup.

One Sund^ night there were four of us present, three to

partake of the Lord^s Supper. Aft^r serving the loaf, I gave the cup (half filled with grape Juice, which was all I had) to this young la(^. She drank a little - then, as I went to talce the glass, she finished it.
Since there was no more, I quickly began a l^jrmn, and tried to keep a smile from iry face. This has happend twice, so you can see how badly
we need a comnninion set,

Mary of you have asked us wty we don't have a forwarding agent, and also someone to publish oiir newsletter and mail iii in the US where it would be cheaper. Before coming to Jamaica, we tried to find a

sponsoring ch\irch and forwarding agent but wc were not successfi^. ^ I

also wrote to one of our leading organizations that publishes missionary papers, but received no reply0

Summer is rapidly.

I know some of our young people

are looking for jobs and others are not quite sure what to do.


Try friends, I have taken it upon nx^'-self to help you make up your minds.

We need at least 20 yOung men and women xi/ho are Juniors and seniors in Bible College. The young men would work with the churches here who have no ministers, so inust "be able to preach; the young women would work in

Sundsgr Schools and DVBS, You would be under the supervision of the
Ministers *s Fellowship, and would live in the part of the island to which you were assigned. We would meet regularly together to have discussions and to make reports to your colleges. We can also use youth grovps id-th their sponsors for a s long or short a time as you can come. Ihe plane fare is veiy ineixpensive from I' to Jamaica just drive or talce the bus to lilami.
As soon as we receive our car. Brother Mailings from Beecher Town, and I tdU be going on a two-week tour of our churches. This id.ll give
me more detailed information for those of you planning to ccme. I wiH

also be checking to see if work permits are needed, and if so, to secure them. I xTOuld like to see the Ambassadors For Christ from MBC send a

m^e quartet or a girls* trio mth a minister to work T^dth us for the
summer, I am aware that college students need monqy to return to

school in the fall, but trust the Lord to supp3y your needs.

He will!

If any of you are receiving duplicates of the netjsletter, or if your address has changed, or is incorrect, please let us Icnow. If you know of anyone who would lilce to receive the newsletter, please send
us their names and addresses.
about the Jamaican work.

Vfe want as many as possible to Icnow

^ -

We would like to Icnow what you want and expect from the newsletter. We want it to be educational and informative as possible, so send us

your suggestions or questions.

our local teachers.

We hope soon to have a history of the

church in Jrjnaica which we can pass oKe to you along with some Jamaican

choruses. We will include, from tme Id time, some poems ty one of

If ary of you are visiting Jamaica as tourists, or loiow of any Christians who are, let us Icnow and let them Icnow about us. Our church
address is: hi6 Market Street Montego Bey

If any of you have relatives or friends serving in the Navy at Guantanamo Bsy, send us their names, and let them Icnow about us. They often come
to Montego Bay on recreational leave, as we are only 90 miles apart,
Msy the Lord bless all of you as you serve Him, and mey we see
you in Jamaica soon. Yours in Christ,


Dear Christian Friends,

Maiy Beth and I each had ashort siege, then were done. But, as Ilcyd goes in for things big, he developed bronchilil pneumonia afterward.
He is better now, but still tires easiJIy. We are veiy thankful to
the Lord that he did not have to be hospitalized as wo had no health insurance then. I tell liim it was due to the good nursing care he
had at home, (smile)

Since.last x^ting to you, we have not had a dull moment at the Morrises." ShortOy after New Year's w all cane down mth the flu.

midnight Monday morning, healtly and yelling. She is real good, and
we harcOy know she is around except when she is hungry. She is so

planned on. Linda Kay, all nine pounds of her, arrived shortly after
much different from Mary Both, it almost seems lilce a first baty again,

We added to our family on February 5th, but not the bey we had

little hair until wo came to Jamaica, and what she has is very l^ond. has a whole head full of dark brown hair, and nothing about her is pray that the Lord will guide us in raising them.

I'lary Beth was tiry when she x^as born, and still is. She also had very

tiry. We feel very fortunate that both of our girls are healtly and
I almost forgot our newest addition - Ginger. She is a little

puppy that we got for Majy Beth diortly after Kay was born. No one

wanted her as she wasn't a pure-bred and couldn't be registered, so we were lucky. She has helped 14aiy Beth so much in adjusting to the new batyi I guess she is worth all the tiraes I have had to chase her to keep her from chewing up everything she sees.

After being in Jamaica for nearly four months, I have become used to many things, but I am still as fascinated by the lovliness of this countiy as ever. A few x^eeks ago, while out walking, I found a spot
about a half mile from the house where I could look dovm on the Carib

bean in one of the most beautiful views imaginable.


Since then I tiy

to go there each day "just to look and think" for a few minutes, at

Mar^y of you have written, asking about our weather.

First, let

me say it isn't idjiter ty ny standards, at all,

is sunr^y with a light breeae and

(smile) Usualily it

temperatures in the daytime.

The night is coSiler with temperatures in the high 60's. In the past month, however, we have had some weather that was not so ideal sounding. We had a few chilling days in ^anuaiy and a^ain the first part of
It vjas down in the low 50*s day and night i-Jith high xHnds and rain.

February, but nothing to compare with this past Sunday aid Monday (25-26).
Sunday night we had to turn on the oven to keep warm. These temper
atures don't scrand bad for this time of year to most of you, but keep

in mind we have no heating systems of ajny Icind here.

can do mthoutl

Those days w^

T.I ryd is huriying me to get finished so he can get this downtown to be mimeographed, so until next time, m^ the Lord be with all of
you. Do remember us in your prayers. ^
In mm,

- ii
:'l < r !

n -

-w i'/-5

- '

" '^'

IhroTigh our newsletters

we are hoping to acquaint

| I |H|^|



'- 'low ministers. To begin,

let me introduce Brother

you with some of our fel-


|M I mm

C-arlton Mailings and his

family, Garlton

m I HH V ^ mIm|H| ^ fI 1 mm I . I ^38e^ 1 fe ^
immmmmrnrntrnim^mm^mmi. / '" :- !I ^' -j|||^HPja|r ^

ally from Kingston, where his father a doctor. After attending Titchfield Secondary School, . he worked for the income
"tax department years, ?Ie wentfor to Alberta' Bible College Alberta
. .'



^ -m


in Calgaiy, vhiX^

V ^1H^.

there he ministered Grande Prairie, to Taber,

and Hanna Churches of


(TANYA not Pictured)

He also met snd

married his wife, t^yma, ,

who attended the Univer

sity of Calgary,

After Carlton graduated in 196^ v?ith a Bachelor of Theology Degree,

they came back to Jamaica and l?egan their ministry with the Beecher Town and Clover Hill Churches of Christ,' The Mullings have two children; Paul - age 2|-, and Tanya age 31 months. Along with his own ministiy, Carlton travels to other churches hold- ing meetings, and helping out wherever possible. He was minister to the Claremont congregation for six months while their minister was aws^r. In addition to their
work'with the churches, Carlton and I'^'^yma run a small first-aid clinic in Beecher Town. Tliis not orQy k^eps them busy, bat also provides them with many interesting . and sometii^es amasing experiences. This couple is not only our brother and sister

in Christ, but also very good and wonderful friends.

P,A,, St, Ann, Jamaica, V/est Indies,.

Their address is:

Beecher Town

Carlton and I were the Jamaican students to stucfy for the ministry and re turn to Jamaica, There are several others aws^ stuc^ing at present, and we are hoping they idJU soon return to work xfith the churches.
Box ii66 Montego B^ I Jamaica, West Indies



Dear Friends in Christ,

Once again it is time for us to get reacquainted through our newsletter, I do hope that our mai^ friends are well and are enjoying the best life has to offer.

First off, an apology for our last nevjsletter, i^en, ty the first of April, people began writing and asking when We were going to print our next newsletter, we knew something was wrong; we had mailed them out on March 8th, After checking with the post office we found th^ had gone ty surface mail instead of air. We
just hope this doesn't happen again,


We have our car!

On March l6th we took both "the car and the piano

from customs.

The piano was quite extensively damaged, but we have had it fixed.

We made a claim to the insurance company but th^ have not decided definitely yet if they will pay for it,. The car was as good as new, and does it feel good to have iti
I have been able to do so much more calling with i t than I could on foot.

The Lord has been blessing our efforts here and we praise Him for His goodness

towards us,

I hope the Sund^s are histoiy when Pat .and I were the only ones in
If you-Jiave never preadhed to just yair wife in a building

that seats between'^O and 100 people, you have missed a real experience. The follow ing is our attendance record for the month of April: 7th - 10 in S,S,, 1^ in church; liith * 12 in S, S., 2S in church; 21st - 3^ S. S,, 10 in church; 28th - 11 in S.S. ,
13 in church,

Bible School and church.

% calling programme is the highlight of our work.

We are making fiends and

pocomania church (holy rollers at the worst extreme) and this placed us in a bad li^t*
However, more and more people are realizmig that we are just Christians, following the New Testament as -our guide for the planting of new churches. For a whole day I might call on two homes or thirty homes. Some will invite me in to stuc^y or just to talk
over a cup of coffee; others will not even open the door. It seems to work that if

are creating a good image for the work here,

Maniy people at first thought we were a

the first home in the morning is r'=5ceptive, the whole day goes well. If I am given the brush-off on ny first call, it somehow dairpens iry spirit.

not done so yet;


We are making some excellent contacts here; if they would all come to church eveiy Sunday we would have a full house. But, like everything else worthwhile, it takes time. It is hard to convince people of the urgenqjr of accepting Christ. This was brought home to me veiy forcefullly last month while I was in Kingston attending a meeting.. As several of us were standing around outside talking, before the service began, a car hit and killed a young man on his way to church. This fellow had only been attending for a few weeks and, had shown a real interest in becoming a Christian - but just had
He was about a half block from the church building when the accident

change thoughts, and I find myself strengthened by their depth in spiritual things. For example, r called in a home one day. As I knocked on the door the lacfy said. Come in," I introduced iryself, and she said, am po iiappy for your visit,,:.Mr., Morris, I have a son who is in the ministiy. He is 'iiy first bqy. \ When he' was two. Says "63,d 7 his uncle came to 3-.ook for him, took him out of his crib,, and said, ;you must .be thedoctor of the family.* As he left the room I picked, him up and said, 'Lord, let him be
thy servant*" " Her prayers were answered.

It is such a joy to call in a home and find Christian people.

We are able to ex

Another lacfy told me this stOry. ^"Ify- husbsmd died leaving with seven children. Hie eldest girl was in college and the youngest one was years oldi The eldest girl

was able to finish college but I did not laiow about the other six. "
a job teaching and she began dating a yoamg m^ who was a" tailor,

eldest giri got"

because I had big plans for her, and a tailor'just didnt fit into them* But, against
ny wishes they were married^ They took over the full support of the'other six children' ' and gave each of them a college education. Each day I ask J.nrd.<=; forgiveness for

I objected to this

ny unchristian, attitudea" . .Tpday this, daughter, is headmistress of. one. of the ^gh schools hero, and her husband has the biggest tailoring .establishments in.Montego Bay!.' -The Lord
is wonderful, isn't Hel Many people ask for iry calling cards and tracts to give to their friends, I am that after a while these will begin to bear fruit; after reading the various tracts th^ will. come to church to find out more of what they have read.

Besides ny house-to-house calling, I an finding iry hospital ministiy more reward ing each time I visit. Often people wait until they are faced with illness before th^ look to the Lord, As I make iry rounds in the wards many just hold onto ny hands and tell me all the things th^ have done, asking me to say a special prayer, for them. Others give me their addresses so I can study withe them after they i^etum home. One
day I cam^e across a la<^ ciying.her heart oy.t, I,.introduced iryself and asked her what was the matter. She told me that because of diabetes she had-lost one leg and the doctors'felt she was going to lose the other one, I talked with her for a long
and I prayed with her. Before I left shS was smiling. When I went to visit'the . next week, she gre<2ted me with the biggest smile. I have ever seqn, Ihe . doctors had

while about God's.,promises for us,

I told her to pray that the Lord's will be done,

decided that only her big lioe would be removed.

It was a cause for-rejoicing.


Daily I ask the Cord for faith equal to the tasks that lie .ahead.

If we think in numbers, the church here .is,,growing slowly.

There are only four

members besides Pat and me, with a. promise of two -transfers within the :next. txTO weeks.

Small as we are,.; thojigh, we are making quite an inpact on Montego Bay. Wherever I go . people tell me they" have seen cur ad in the papers, or they havei heard about us-from

friends, or they have heard about us through other activities. to make the church Icnown in ways other than just its services.

I feel "it is .in^jortsmt This we are tiying to

do- not only to make ourselves known, but also because we feel the church has other functions in rthe community besides just having services on Sunday, etc, - For this reason

I became a member of the Montego Bay Citizens' Association, and on Apr^ 3rd, was elected Public ^lations Officer, On March 2iith we bought 2 gallons if ice cream, .Pat baked a
bunch of cookies, and we took these to the Mama Hall Children's Home., There are 2?

children there, April' iHh we took 1,0: pounds of cheese and 100 buns to the infirmary,,
and p pounds of cheese and buns to the Children's Home, Bun and cheese is traditional

here at Easter, We are tiying to teach the church to be a giving churchy I look forirord to the day when the church will be involved in many phases of Jamaican life; the

inpact of the message of Christ will he felt by our people and Christianity will be
'-ion in action-

i \

On Easter Sund^ we had a 6 AM sunrise service^

Afterward Pat prepared breakfast

at our home for eveiyone. At our regular morning worship service ifte had a special offering to bugr hymnals. We only have four that match, and at present are using some we borrowed in Kingston, Our offering came to ^0, plus $2k,given to us ty Bro. Earl Hobson in Kingston^ We will soon order our books from Christian St^dard, Our average offering is per Sunday which we put into a savings account, Ihis is the beginning of our building fund. We hope to be able to buy land and build in 3-5 years.

attend church* Apparently no one from the Church of Christ ever vacations in Jamaica, or those who do, do not attend church. However, on April 7th lae were both surprized and happy to have Paula Bray sndi Ju<^ Ogletree in our service from Long Island, New York, They are both members of the Church of Christ there, Dixie Crownover, vacation-' ^g with them, was sick and unable to attend church. All three went with us to "the infirmaiy to take the buns and cheese, and sang a medley of-songs to the patients. This was enjoyed veiy much. If ever you come to visit Jamaica, remember there is-a Chnnch
of Christ in Montego Bay, "

I have placed leaflets announcing our services in almost all the hotels and guest houses in Montego chiefly for any tourists coming to the island t^o might wish to

Beginning April 7th Pat began aaking bulletins for services eadh Sund^. Ihis takes a lot of work artd time as we cannot afford commercial bulletin covers, and do not ha,ve a mimeograph"machine. Therefore, she does the art work, types each one s^^.atel3-v-^d looks up her own material for them. She would veiy much appreciate your including your church bulletins when you write usj she isn*t veiy aftistic and needs
all the ideas she can get, (smile)

Our most sincere thanks to everyone who'sent boxes tb the St. James Hospital, piey have been so very much appreciated. If you have not received an acknowledgement from the hospital - be patient. They get behind sometimes. We how have another pro

been agandoned so do not bring much with them when they dome to the home.' They can also use tqys. If any of you want to help them, send to: Mama Hall Children's Home, c/o Miss Edna Hariy, Anchovy P.O., St, James, Jamaica, West indies. As with things for the hospital, send used articles, and value them as if bought at a rummage sale.
In our last newsletter we asked you to letus know some of the things you would lil^c us to T-jrite about. We have not received any reply to this so we are assuming that vou
are enjoying what we write. If not, say so.

of clothing for children ages 1-10, Most of these children are either orphans or have

ject for you, The-Mama Hall Children's Home we mentioned before is veiy much in need

we have had to face. When we dontt have the money we need, Pat and I can tell each other to have faith, but it doesn't help much to tell a bj?^ to '^ave faith,"

roads of our lives. Vie are praying earnestOy for the Lord's guidance, Mamr of you have children! how many of you have had to see your children ciy because you did not have eiren 12^ to buy a pint of milk for them. This is one of the most difficult things
Too maj^y times the rent is due5 the owner comes to ask for it and I have to tell ^^ jiist don't have it," He doesn't imderstand too much about faith
Repairmen don't like the word faith.

and our physical needs. Our physical needs are suffering badly, e are at the cross

I ^ sure you are all concerned about the growth djS the church, our spiritual growth,

As much as we hate to appeal for funds, it ih necessaiy to do so to keep going, men we left the U,S, we had a monthly commitment of But, we tinisted the Lord,

either. Mien we have had to have repairs done we have not had the money to pay for

w^ting, we were forced to go to the bank to borrow the money, as the car was to be placed in storage at a rate of ;|p26/day. We borrowed /hOO ($960) to p^ the duty and ^surance. Customs had given us an estimate of ^00 3uty and this is what we had asked However, when they made their final evaluation, they set duty at 1^90. Now that we have the car, if we don't get the mcn^ from somewhere, we will lose It as we are not going to be able to keep up with the bank payments.
in our bedrooms. Whatever we cannot hang on hangars is stacked in piles. We also have no living room furniture. Our only places to sit are ouir dining room chairs and some laim chairs (these were cheapest to buy). Often when people cane here to study, thev
have to sit on the floor. " -v ^ ^

We made an appeal for.funds to pay customs bo we could have our "car. After

Our house has tjeiy little furniture. We have no dressers, chests of drawers, etc.,

filled, Some of you that are planning to support us in the future, why not begin not-r? 0 praying the:b within five years the church here will be able to psy us a fulltiae

to be able to. Ihe minister's image must be above reproachj he must be able to meet his commitments. But we cannbt meet ours. Many promises were made to us that were not ful

continue. But, unless we receive more support than we are now getting, we are not going

We are just getting started; the church shows definite signs of growth. We must

will fe abl to support some other work with the funds now sent to ui,

month is

W !l@i a

and that leaves us nothing in case of emergency, r(^airs, insurance, etc.

e^iadtment of |600 - NOWI

!Ihe veiy minirnum we <5an live on per

You will notice in our financial report that our groceiy izdll is high - this is due to the high cost of food in Jamaica, In Minneapolis we could live well on per month)

here our groceiy bill is ft 00 per month and it just covers the essentialsj we buy nothing
extra. You will also notice that many amounts seem irregular, and not even dollars^ this is because we use the sterling system, which Pat -will explain in her part of the


Since mary have been interested in our financial statement, we will publish

it fromjhow on,


Steven Cunningham, Frazee, Minn, Jocfy- Arnold,. Minneapolis, Minn.


Rental of house

M/M Herbert Hoffer, Bemidji, Minn.

Mssionary Society, Nevis, Minn, Church of Christ, Liscomb, Iowa Mrs, Iloyd Hankey, Ford City, Pa, University Church of Christ, I^ls, Bob Bosshart, Truman, Minn, I'trs, "Peregrine, Pierre, S, Dakota Mjoe^Crpj-mo^r, Long Island, N, Y, Vemon Norris, Cogswell, N, Dakota Youth Group, Truman, Minn. Jucfy Estes, Kimball, NegraSka Les Milan, Mexico, Missomiii Missionaiy Circle, Pierre, S, Dak, Church of Christ, Green Bay, Wise, Don Dewar, Minneapolis, Minn,

Rental of church bldg. -


Car gas and upkeep'

Newspaper Advertizing Repairs Tithes and Offerings
Utilities Bank Loan for car


60 '
10 10

- ft 08. 21*. 93.63 33.9? 1.18 I18. 39.60 38.60 17.80 6.69




23. 15 25


$ S511.30

Y ou will notice that our expenses are again more, than our income. We have been able to live this way because we had some money saved up when we cpme to Jamaica, Along with that, I received a check from ny former enplcyer for insurance money I had paid in,
and Pat was refunded the retirement moncfy she had paid in at work. However, this has

had to be used, instead of put into savings as we had hoped. We are now do^m to where the only source of income we have is what we receive from our supporters,.
The Lord is -moving greatly5 please continue to remember us in your prsyers, Msy

the Lord bless you all.

In Christ,

Dear Friends,

have really had no major events, -good or bad, since jnou last heard from us. ^th_ .^irls are growing like weeds. I'laiy Beth doesn't seem to put on much-weight, but^is -certainly growing taller. It seems tha| overnight her dresses are too shorfor her. She is really becoming "Momny's little helper" - sometimes. When I am hanging out clothes, she loves to hand me the clothespln as I need them, and she th^s she is really doing something when she helps me sweep the verandah. She is getting to be a

Once again, greetings from the "other (better?) half." We are all fine, and

pretty good little errand-runner about the house, but eveiy once in a while she ge s
detoured and gets into more trouble than she helps,

clothes that Maiy Beth wore at one year. She is such a good baty, I sometimes org

chance to wear-them the second time. She is Just now three months old and is wear^g
she is here. We all have a lot of fun with her as she is now old enough to play, ana just grins eveiytime someone looks at her.

Kav is growing so fast - it seems she is in and out of clothes before she has a

lately, so we just put the back seat down in our VW, and make a bed for them, usually leave around AM and they sleep most of the way there,

Both girls are good travelers. e have had to go to Kingston a couple of tljnes

I don't know if aiy of you get aiy Jamaican news in the papers or over the ra^o, but Jamaica is having a severe drought. There has been veiy little rate since last ^

Julv and all over the island strict water regulations are in force. Luclcily, Mon e,.,o -^'as one of tlie last olaces to get them, but a few weeks ago they were imposed n-,-;.:-::. : -to po into -ro -I'x crcv/^r: ic sM'd see evsij'W-iiX'

M >-0'

brora. aere is not a green blade of grass aiywhere, and the trees and shrubs are now turning brown. The water is looked off there from 6 PM to 6 AM each night to try to conserve. Yesterdajr afternoon we had the first rain in Montogo Bay since early in
March - we got about 3/8 of an inch,

J^aica. When we arrived last Hovember my passport was stamped for six months, and exemption from the 3^gration laws since licyd is a Jamaican citizen, but had heajJd nothing. Amrway, I wfn ha^^tn r""! for an ext&ugion of ir^r visa. 19^9. At that time Will have to reapply
4.u,x notixred fromhere manyis ofdifferent your letters not aware of the fact that our monetary system from that the you U.S. are Instead of dollars and

fhis past Tuesd^ we had to make a trip into Kingston so I could remain in

have learned it fairOy well - probably because I have had no choice. lou are .11 ;f^s-table money situation in the World, and probably remember last winter
^iis ms accomS accounts for\hrS^^ for the difference Shortly in the afterward amount of the our Jamaican rent - pound from $130 was per alsomonth devalued, to

cents, we use poimds, shillings, and pence. It sounds difficult at first, but I

shUlMg IS now worth 12^, so 8shillings and^^t, pence make HouL; aer^^r20 The


Tins makes it easy to convert from one to the nthpr-

"otte. At present, our pence or pennies have the sane

-it. 6/. or:-,..^.":-ss.

amount^(app^oi^l!5?/^llSr&Ue^rmf^ h ^substancisa

ee^'e^Af pi-'tir,.?


you live for

As always,

our Lord be with you as


I have begun teaching a class at the Northwestern Business Institute. It is consisting of proper dressf proper manners, and office management for the secretarial students. This class is taught twice a week, for one-half hour each time. I receive no fee for teaching, but am doing* i't as a community service. The course lasts for eleven weeks, and although it has only been
in progress for two weekSj I can see its effectiveness.

From May 27th to June 7, Brother Carlton Mullings and I went on a preaching and inspection' tour of our churches. We visited twenty-four, spoke in nine, and had four baptisms. At one of our services three young girls came to make their confessions and requests to be baptized. We were staying 25 miles away^ so got up early the next morning and drove backj picked up several people and drove to Alligator Pond. As we were making ready, a young lady who had come along., said, "not three will be baptized this morning, but four. I want to be a Christian too, " The power of the Lord is work lag here; all we need are more dedicated men of God in
our pulpits.

Many of our churches are in need of repairs; many should be relocated, and many are in need of ministers. We need a fulltime evangelist on the field. On July 2 we held our half yearly ^Ijiilirii^ter's Fellowship meeting and made a report of our findings. We are planning a four^day . Men's Seminar, which will not only be for fellowship, but teaching of the Word of God, Things
are moving in Jamaica. Remember us in your prayers.

Brother Denzil Holness is back home after graduating from Minnesota Bible College in June. Within the next five years we should have five or six more young men returning home. This will not only encourage our young men to enter the ministry, but will encourage our churches to work harder for the Lord. We have many young men coming up in our churches. If they all became ministers, our pulpits will not go vv-anting for ministers. Our work may not become totally indigenous overnight, but hopefully it will be soon. I pray the Lord will let me
live to see i;his dream fulfilled.

We would like very much to thank you wonderful Christians who responded to the appeal made in our last newsletter. It sertaii ly helps strengthen one's faith, knowing the Lord will care for His own. We certainly hope this response will continue, and that we will not have to make auch an appeal again. Right nov^ besides our daily living expenses, our most pressing problems are are the money we owe in loans. We have a monthly payment of $71.81 to pay the University National Bank in Minneapolis. This was borrowed to help us get moved to Jamaica, We began the payments in June, as the first $500 of this loan was paid by Minnesota Bible College. The other loan was for paying duty ca the car, and the payments are $48. 00. At present we still
owe a total of $1600. on both loans.

We wo'jid also like to say "thank you" for printing and mailing the newsletter.
us of a big expense each time the n.e vsletter is published.

This relieves

To all of our friends, have a .lap.^y - mmer

as yo;. labor for Him.

and come and s b e with you

Yours ill Cl^^st,

July 6, 1968
Dear Friends.

Lloyd Morris

It hardly seems possible that ivv'v. liuiiLhs have ^-a-ised since the last newsletter was put out,

but it certainly has. Those tw .

so I have been told.

s iiave beca extremely warm ones, ^ven for Jamaica,

It makes one really appreciate the beach and the

The temperature ia Morxtego Bay has been close to 90 , on one side or

the other nearly every day.

Thankfully,, most oi th.e nights are faily cool, and we usually have

a breeze so it isn't really too uncomfortable.

sea when we have a chance to go.

The otivere drar.;,h. v*hich we mentioned last time is still gripping much of the island, although some Xcirts'hav -) /.ad fain. We are among the lucky; it has rained nearly every afternoon in Montego .Bay ji ce ve last le. We can use every drop we get, but at least things here are
nice Ziio ;;rcerv again.

Both May Beth and Kay are fine, after a somewhat hectic May. While we were writing the last newsletter, we noticed both girls seemed a bit "droopy" but didn't think much about it. As it turned out, both were beginning L^ood cases of gastroenteritis. Mary Beth was better after only

about four days and a loss of a

a week to get over it.

>Qi.;le pounds, but Kay was a very sick little gal, and took over

Both Lloyd and I have been getting oar share of practice changing tires lately. It seems we hardly leave the house without at least c: e flat. Part of it we can contribute to the rough and bumpy roads in some places, bui. roost ef it is because the car sat so long in one place in the hot sun. It looks like we are goi.-^ i.c have to invest in a complete set of tires SOON, or we
will have spent that much on patches.


Brother Albert Thompson is minister to the Constant Ofring Church of Christ in Kingston, He is married and
in the church, he makes frequent visits to the other

the father of three fine daughters. Besides his ministry

churches in the island, and has held several meetings in

the United States.

.0^. \

During his childhood years Brother Thompson attended

the E-warton Church of Christ, where he became a Chris tian at the age of 17. In 1952 he was enrolled in the

uated with a Bachelor of Sacred Literature Degree. He was valedictorian of his class. Before .bec-oming the minister of the Constant Spring Church in 1958, Brother
Thompson was assistant minister there under Brother Woodrow ir hillips and Brotte r Donald Fream -- at diffrent times.

Jamaica Bible Seminary (since closed)

and was grad

Brother Thompson's family, as well as himself, is active in the church. Sister Thompson and their oldest

daughter are both Sunday School teachers. Along with his busy schedule as a minister. Brother Thompson
works for the Jamaica Pullic Service which is the

island's electrical company.

To Our Many Friends,

Christian Greetings. It seems hard to believe that this is the month of July, eight months since
we arrived in Jamaica, The saying is true -- "Time waits for no man. "

Although we feel at times the work is going slowly, we now have sixteen children regularly attending Bible School, and have had as m'any as eight adults. None of these children's parents attend, so we are hoping to possibly win them through their children. Others see our signs and
come to inquire about the church. Those who attend regularly are beginning to bring friends. For the past six Sundays I have been preaching a series of sermons on the new birth; it has generated much interest. After listening to the fourth sermon, one young lady came to me and

said, "You know, Mr. Morris, I was accepted as a member of my church, but I was not baptized, I cannot understand how my minister never taught baptism to me. " This girl will be leaving for
England in two months to study nursing. I am hoping to baptize her soon.

As we are sometirr es forgetful about the problems and consequences of sin, I would like to relate

Right off she told me, "My life is a mess and you cannot do anything to help me. I am too far gone; I am going to kill myself. " It was a bit takken back as this was my first encounter with such a.frank outburst, and at first thought she was joking. It did not take long, however, to realize that she was most serious. She felt she was unloved and unwanted, but was afraid of
the social ostracism her parents would face if she took such drastic action.

an incident. Cuite some time ago as I was out calling one day, I was introduced to a young lady.

^ This girl was a member of the church choir where she attended, a high school graduate, business
school graduate and a secretary for one of the largest business places in town. But. . . she was

ohe came regularly to Bible Study and worship services, and little by little we could see a change in her as she seemed to come out of herself. Occasionally she even initiated the conver
sation rather than waiting to be spoien to as before.

I would not have been surprised. But we kept on praying for her, and I kept studying with her.

a thing, and said even less. I studied with her for several months. Many times I left her feeling she had not heard a word I had said. If I had gotten a message the next day saying she was dead

not a Christian. One day Jr at and I decided to invite her to dinner. She came, but she hardly ate

thing to be done she is the first volunteer. Shortly before her conversion she began dating a

vitality and has a bubbling personality. She is still faithful to every service and if there is some

Isn't the Lord wonderful! On May IZth she accepted Christ. She has now become a girl full of

young fellow, and on July 3rd they were married (I was the best man). Surely this illustrates the power of the lord more than all the sermons, studying or talking could do! I now find that many places I call have heard of the Church of Christ through this girl.

Financial Statement


Rent , . 133,00

St, Clair River Drive Church of Christ

Algonac, Michigan
Church of. Christ, Cogswell, N.D=


Groceries Car - Gas and upkeep

86. 93 38. 12

Vernon NorriS}, Cogswell, N,D

Les Milan, Mexico, Mo,


Repairs Church
Utilities Bank - Loan for Car Doctor Bills

.2. 40 . 28. 80
8.22 48, 00 21.34

C'^arles Bryant> Sac City, Iowa.

. . . . 20.00
. . 5,00 20.00

^.W, McNamara. Minneapolis, Minn. . 20.00

Christian Church; DeKalb. Mo.. . . .

Church of Christ. Fairmontj Minn, Ben Smifhj Fairmontj Minn

University National Bank . . . . 77. 10



Youth Group &tDVBS. DeKalb, Mo. . . . 40.00 Ernel Henry, Norfoik, 12.00

583": 80

Church of Christ. Pleasantvillej la.. ,


M/M Clyde Christiansen, Brewster. Min.10.00 M/M E, Peregrine, Pierre,, S.D, , . . .10.00 M/M D. Shepherd & Sherri, Terre Haute 11. 00

M/M H, Hoffer, Bemidji. Minn, . . 10.00

Church of Christy Yorktown, 111. . . . . . . . 42. 10

UniVo Church of Christ. Minneapolis 44. 50 Missionary Society^ Liscomb. Iowa. , . 35.00 Missionary Society, Nevis, Minn 10.00
Church df'Christ, Nevis, Minn 20.00

Mrs. Lottie Briggs, Rochester- Minn...


M/M A. R,' James, Grand Rapids. Minn..

3. 00

Keystone'Class, Worthington, Minn. . . . . .10. 00 Keith Po^-eli. Minneapolis; Minn.. . . .10,00 Steve Cunningham, Frazee, Minn 10.00

M/M Neil-Cunningham. Fi'azee, Minn.. .10.00

Thomas Huhnerkich, Nevis, M;..n. . . , 10, OQ Mrg, J.H.Lage Jr., Hampton, Iowa. . 10.00

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Total 489. 10

Central Christian Church 511_ West Jefferson Street Rockford, Illinois 61103
"Morris Newsletter"

Non-l'rofit Org,


9 1958

Rockford, Illinois Permit no. 1587

/ LU , YVv(i>
3 Cc

we are not sure what.

Most of June found rne in the doctor's office as I had a severe allergic reaction to spmething
It seems to be the detergent I was using, but after six week? of treat

over itj so it may. well be that we haven't found the cause yetr

ment,. rewashing everything we own in plain water, and changing detergents, I 4m stiU not

erials, such as construction paper, flannelgraph materials^ craypns, etc, I have a very lively and interesting Sunday School class of 15 little boys and 1 little girl (besides Mary 3eth>
and they love to do handwork and heat stories-

I have a project for any of you that are interested, I Very much nee4 handcraft ideas and mat

^ your saammer and the vacations it brings. that although most jobsenjoying allow for vacation in the summer, the Lord's work Pleape doesn't.rem^R))>er Pon't forget
to remember Him in the summer as well as other timesIn Him,

So We can use all the Christian Standards and Lookouts anyonS can send*
MAY Expenditures


Keith Powell, Mpls., Minn


Rent, . . . . . c . . r

^Ninety & Nine class, Worthinglo n, Minn, . M/M Don Shepherd, Terre Haute^ Ind
Judy Blocher, Ackron, Ind,
*Church of Christ., Nevis Minn,, , . Jody Arnoldc

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Car - gas and upkeep

Church, . . . .



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'J^WtitUies..... c...
Bank - loan on the car. . . . . . .

M/M Herbert Hoffer, Bemidji. Minn, r . , r . M/M Bruce Burdick, Madison, Wis. ...... M/M David DeFor. ,, Rockford, 111 .
*Judy Estes, Kimball, Minn-..,,,....,...

^Missionary Society, Nevis, Minn,.. ^Church of Christy Cogswell, N. D. ...... . *Vernon Norris, Cogswell, N.D.

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109 35

Insurance payment on piano, , c

I .'

103. 65

M/M Lubbert DeVries, Lack City, Iowa, .

Missionary Society; Liscomb. Iowa,.,.., M/M Lorenson^ Marshalltown. Iowa.

5 . 00
25.00 25, 00

M/ML, C. Rodgers, MplSo, Minn........ ^University Chur ch of Christ} Mpls. , Minn, M/M Eldred Shupe, Claiiion. Iowa..
*Youth Group^ Truman, Minn.

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10. 00

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37.00 20. 00

M/M Terry Denney, Ohaha, Neb, *M/M Les Milan, Mexico^, Missouri. .....
Women's Circle, Brookings, S, Dak Steve Cunningham, Frazee, Minn ^Women's Group, Pierre^ S. Dak,.., Mrs, Wm. Ellwanter^^ Pierre, S. Dak. . , . o. ^Senior Youth Groi:i^y Liscomb. Iowa. . . =- . *First Christian Church, Green Bay., Wis,

20.00 1 3, 00 15.00
20.00 5.00 1,00 5.00 20,00

M/M Doug Dykstra, Lincoln, 111,

Missionary Cirle. Yorktown, 111. .........

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M/M Dennis Yourig, Lincoln, 111, no.......


20, 00
$ 786 . 94



*Pledged monthly supporters

*Six months electric bill that had not been sent to us included^

October 109 I968

Dear Friends in Christ9
Greetings from the island of many strikes. There has hardly been a time this summer

when we haven^t had at least one profession or the other on strike# Besides the usual strikes in the laboring groups5, the firemen, policemen^ doctors5 public service workers, and street cleaners have had their go at it These are particularly noticed when they are not
working9 and left the island rather chaotic part of the time. "While we were without policemen^ we had the Jamaica Defense Force insteado Finally things are a bit back to normal. Per haps a little excitement is good for us

and greeno Even Kingston has had.a bit, of rain - all of it at once a few days ago. became river beds and many people were stranded for a time.

We are having fairly regular rainfall now especially in Montego Bay, so things are nice The roads

Along the line of excitementt, Montego Bay has had its shareo We had two bad fires right in the center:of town - Charles Square. Two square blocks were burned to the ground in fires

that caused $25^00,000 damageo

Oiir old courthouse which was built in the 18th century was

one of the buildings burned, as i-rell as the straw market, several restaurants, and other

businesses. ITiere were more i*han 100 stalls in the market, all oxmed by the very poor, whose o^y source of income was insured so their loss was even greater than it seems at first. Jamaica, as you know is an agricultural countryo For centuries we have produced many tons of sugar e Now^ however many of the factories are complaining that they are operating at a losso A commission was set up and the report was made that the factories close to one

and educationsil aspect of life is being clearly defined You can see that the churches re

another should merge,, while all should mechanize. Some of the factories have ceased to oper ate altogether This is causing great hardships and the government is seeking other means to solve the problem The church is caught up in the middle so its role in the social, economic

sponsibility is great^ and that more churches and more teaching on this subject is badly needed In tlas light we are trying to ^ve the church in Montego Bay not only a religious outlook-and influence5 but also a social one Although things are moving more slowly than we

anticipated9 ike are gaining ground On August 1st I was asked to give the opening prayer at a political dinner honoring one of the outstanding men in the parish. This gave me an oppor

tunity to meet many people ^ as well as making the name of the church known.
We/now have an average of 20-25 children in our Sunday School and from 5-l2 aduItTbr morning worship None of the parents of these children are attending church so, besides hav ing a golden opportunity to win these souls for Christy we have a fulltime job of disciplining and keeping our servi.ces from turning into bedlam The church now has 10^1- ($250) in the

building fund This may not seem like much to you, but for us it represents a very good start* Our calling program is beginning to show results^ but not good enough Please keep us in
your prayers as we have great hopes for the Montego Bay Church of Christ - that it will soon be able to be self-supporting

know that when we decided to settle in Montegc Bay, is a tourist area But, since we are here9 we mean nent basis Pat and I have had to live from day to future at all. We just feel we cant continue this to us that were not fulfilled, but we are trying to
ing to do something positive about it

The cost of living in Montego Bay is much higher than that of Minnesota We did not

things W0uld be so expensive, al"tiiough it to see that a church is here on a perma day, unable to make any plans for the way any longer Maijy promiees were mAde

not be discouraged Instead we are try

For example 9 our rent was due on August 9th y but xt was August 30th before we had any money with which to pay it What a feeling when the landlady came over! Imagine trying to explain faith to her However 9 I'decided to borrow the money from my father, and was on dqt way to his home T/jhen I rolled the car twice in the rain. The car was badly damaged ard my head was knocked around a good deal I am OK, but still feel rough. I am thankful that I
am alive.

resort9 but we feel there is no other wayo I have taken a job with the govei*nment as proba tion officer of St James Because the pay for nurses is so low here, and Pat would have to pay income tax to two governments^ she has gone back to Minnesota for a short while (we hope) to work and pay off our debts. She left on September l6th, and will begin work at Cass Lake Minnesota on September 30th. The children are with her. If any of you would like her to pre sent the Jamaican work to your church or group, you may contact her Mrs, Pat Morris
^ Mr Herbert Hoffer Route # 3 Bemidji, Minn 566OI

As I saidp though, we are doing something positive about the situation.

It is our last

For the time being she does not know just how many of thesie engagements whe wiU be able to take, as she will have to fit them into her work schedule. However, she does have sljdes, etc
with her#

We would like to thank Miss Mary Milan and her youth group of Mexico, Missouri for taking
time out to make dolls and quilts for the children*s home here# They were so excited idien these were received# Thanks also, to all who are sending Bible Sijhool literature- it is need

ed! We are now recruiting young people to help us with our DVBS and camp programs for 1969 If interested, please contact meo May the Lord bless you allo
Yours in Christ,

Lloyd Morris
Dear Christian Friendsg

This time I am greeting you from northern Minnesota.

A year ago I would never have be

lieved that I would become so acclimated to Jamaica that I 'trould freeze at ^9, but that is exactly true. I left Montego Bay at a little past noon on Sei>tember l6th, at 92, and arriv ed in Minneapolis at 9FM at ^9 What a change!!
Ify trip back was made without incident, and fortunately for me, both girls were good little travelers. We only changed planes once - in Miami, and actually spent only five hours
in the air^. ,

Most of you are probably wondering about a question that has been put t^ me frequently

"Jamaican" I had become until I got hetre, and felt funny dri-^ng on the ri^t side of the road, having prices of things told to me in dollars, and ha^ng people notice a difference in
my speech. For about the first six months in Jamaica, whenever I looked at the price of any thing I-had to convert to dollars in ny mind. Since being back,. I have caught myself several

since Xfff retiu*n - whv did I pick this time of year? But, as Lloyd mentioned, this trip was not a jueasiire cruise, and we really did not have much choice. I did not realizejust how

times looking at a price tag and converting to sterling.

" able we 'Stt^~^aiitix-'*we~arerinrt into-~a different"situati-om~-

I gue^s we dbn*t rpalize how adapt^ ^

I felt I just would never become used to the differences, and Wj^d never truly feel at home
and all its beauty, friendly people, and especially my Sunc^^ St^pol children.

At first thete were times idien, although Jamaica is very ^^Apierxcan^

in m^ny aspects,

there, Nowj however^ I find myself extremely lonesome for Jaa^ca (apid possilbly my husband)
The children and I are laiying with my parents d-uririg^our'siay here, so-the girls are

beccaning acquainted with their ^andparents on this side of the Caribbean; they see Grandpa
and Grandma Morris fairly often. Although Mary Beth misses her daddy very much, she certain
ly enjoys the cows, chickens, dogs and cats.

The next newsletter will be the Christmas edition, so. please do not think you haven't

gotten yours if you dont receive one between now and then. As .always, please do remember us in your prayers, especially during this time of separation, a^d pray that it be the
Lord's will for us to ba a family agian. In His service, ^

Pat Morris



Youth Group.) TinmanM.nnesotao.c c< $ lOoOO 5oOO Vernon Morris, Cogswell^ North Dakota.o 10.00 Church of Christ, Cogswells North Dako 17.60 SCRD Church of Christ., Algonac. Micho 10.00 Youth Groupo Pleasantville o lowao.. 10.00 Women*'s Co-ancilp Truman.* Minnesotao 10 c 00 M/M Herbert Hoffer, Bemidji^, Minnesotao 10.00 Missionary circle9 .Pi,erej, South Dakota ?OcOO MrSo Donald Moore $ Mpls^^ Minnesota. c lOoOO M/M An Jconesp Cohasset^ MLnnesota. oo 0 36.00 Bible School Fairmont5 Minnesota,o0o 5c00 Enid Wesxon, Washingtonj, D >C,ooooooo. o 10.00 Tr-jilight Circle# Redwood Falls, Minn.#. lOoOO Senior Ycuthf Liscombj, Iowacooooooeo 10c 00 Keystone Class, Worthington^ 13o00 Les Milan^ Mexico^ Missourioo.coo.oo. 25.00 Uni'versity Church cf Christy Mplso^Minn 10 c 00 M/M E. Peregrine, Pierre5, South Dakota 9.60 F riends ooc<icooenooooooocoooeooeoooooo lOoOO Missionary Society, Ne"vis<, Minnesota, o. 10.00 Tom Hulrmerkoch, Nevis5 Minnesota, lo d O C O O 6

'^ent.c..cccccoccooc.c..cccc $ 108.00 Grocerieso o.ccccoccocccccc.... 9996

Car gas and upkeepoo<.cccc

News{>apers oeo.ooeco...



HepairSo oooo6oo<coocc..
ChUrcho coco.ccooocccc.cececc. Utilities.ceooococcccc.

35*92 23. ^8.00 18.23

Bank Loan for Dr. and Medicinecco**.



$ 276.20
income tax refund
090 0c00000000000c00e



$ i^27o50


$ 581.61

Carolyn Wilson;, Terre Haute, Indianac.o Missionary Society^ Faribaultf, Minnoco. Church of Christy Green Bay9 Wisconsino SCRD Church cf Christy Algonac5 Michooo M/M Heriry Curtis, Bostor, Massachusetts Les Miian<,|, Keith Powell, llinneapolis,) Minnesota 00
Mrst Heiico Beekmano.cooooooowcoooooooco

lOoOO 20.00



12c 00 20.00 loOO lOoOO 2O0OO lOoOO 2O0OO 10.00 lOoOO

Groceries...coocooooococ... Car gas and upkeepocoecoe*. Newspapers 0.ccoe090o'6ooo.eoo

Advertizingo ocooocoooacoc. Repairsc..co9 00ooooo. Church. <,o.o..caooeos)eo*o UtilitieSoccooocoocooocoooo
Bank loan for

136c4l 70.85 le97

3.20 1 20
38.82 8.23 ^<>00 77^

Tom Huiinerkoohg Ne'vi-s^ Minnesotao000000 Mr So Kai Kelley Kent^ Tamarackn, Minn.ooc

Dr. and lledicinecooeo>*o

Keystone Class5 Worthington.; Minhoooooc M/M Terry Deriney<v OmahaNebraskko. oc o.



M/M Herbert Hoffer^ Bemidji;, Minnesotao

Senior Youth, Liscomb, lowaoooooccoccoo Steve Cunningham.j, Joplin^ Missourioocis. 5cOO High School Classp DeKalb?, 10.00 Church of Christy Green Bay. Wise, 20.00 Church of Christ.) Nevis $ Minnesota, 20.00 t. 0 o o o Church of ChristCogswell.^ North Dak, 10.00 Youth Gropug Pleasantville^ Iowa.o oc oo. 10.00 TOTAL $ 265o86
>0 o 0 c o o
-c o


$ 458.i|.5

M/M David Karg,, MplSo, Minrio

Large box of
* Church building rent as yet unpaid for past two months c

Carnation Instant

n oV

Dear Brothers in Christ,

Over the ye^s the phurch has seen missionaries cane and go,

Mar^y reasons were

given for their leaving, but one reason that stands out above the others was, "the J^aicans ^e hard to. get along i^th| they tell you one thing and mean anotherj you could never unde^tand theanj they, are like a starapple leaf with one side brown;,and the other green." All of us have human failings. It was never s4id that the missipn^ies could not get along with one another, or that some were not receiving enough live on, or that th^ made raai^r of1the Jamaican men what th^ were ly paying higher salaries to
those who supported their particular programs, or that-there were immoral practices among some. The latter was said in private, but that which was done ty the (Jamaicans

was said both in public and in private.

in a bad light in the United States.

so doing, the-Jamaicans were alw^s placed

-..t:.; The past, is the past but. histoiy, it seems, always r^e4ts itse;Lf. Mainy of ;the /

ful in their endeavors for the*simpl4 reasons that -they qjpke up j^bcnit the. ^rganizatioi
tions would be accepted. Bat, ,this was not to be. So it is evident that talking, will
not change the past and present situation.. (It is said .that. Jamaicsjns tallc but do ; nothing.) Bat, perhaps>putting.progrm s into operation that are 3^ ty Jamaicans them
selves will. As is explained below, this iwill not exclude help b7 the brothers; in. the 'United States, , ,

Jamaican men. tried their best to ,change some of the conditions#

They were, not .success-* -

and programs that were in existence, hoping that ty speaking ig), some of their , sugges

yMar^r of our brothers from America and even Jamsdcans themselves fe^ that we idJJL
never be capable of. running our own affairsto put it bluntly, some. Jamaicans were-

given positions of leadership but failed. But this does not mean all rJamaicans w511 fail, sBveiyone has to make a start for himself sometimej 'weiifill,have to go through serious birth pains, I ssy with all assurance that--we can if we want to .dp it,- J f_ pur people are taught to give of themselves .or are madei.^ p^t of the Ijotal; operation of the

church life, I know for a fact that the members will, re^ond, generously to,.aiiy. wortl^jr

The missionaries' job is to work themselves out of a ^|ob. For ex:ap5)ie,,ia,;pissionacy builds a congregation^ when it is capable of talcing care of itself, he moves on and :establishes a ni^ congregation, . A .missipnaiy should:, encpur^e de^cate^ young:men to enter the Christian ministiyo The missionary is fco be an. exanple not oEjly^rtp those who support him, but .als9 to those, i^th whom he is wprking. jA>.iTiissipnaiy iS rto teach the

churches vto develope leaders, paid b,y the local coi3gregation;.a^d tq no longer M depend ent upon'Chilstians abroad .; Thd missionaryiio't encourage total ^^ndenqy- on
outside helpj this h^ set a. bad precedent. Sad to say, this method is used to keep some Jamadcan ministers "in linSo" If they do hpt .support the cscase of afmissippaiy , their suppprt is npt guaranteed,
Ih the. past the responsibilities were upon the shoulders of the missionaries,

(This was ^understandable to soirie c^rbent.) However, now .that \ie have qualified men .-Efo
; are willing, to. s^^ the,responsibilities, which are many, wty don't the Mssionaries
How will the Jamaican-men ever relinquish some of their authority to the Jaimaican men?

leaEn to direct their own affairs when th^ are k^t out the planning circle of things?
The Jamaican.chuLTches must be though difficult it is, to help their sister churches. Some churches are helping but they are too feif. This will only be driven home to our

.churches when the present supply is di^ed ^" Several churches are twenty years old, with .over lOQ'M^bers .and yet-have never helped^iJo build another congregation. How can we
allow sueh'-.a situation to continue?

, . I believe one hundred per cent in summer camps,

I widh I could support the one

that is now in existence.

It is not run really^ to help the Jamaican children, but for,

<he-pers.0ns^^l03y "0f pne--man^ The manager~:of the camp wrote to the: United .States askijng

for .^000 for sijramer caip.

paid ly the manner, I would also like, to, Icnow hos^ maiiy chilj^en J^rjg%ypiir#jgpngregation
Tito thousand dollars is rqughly 800, which, is a lot of money, I am not saying that it does not take 800 or more to ruit three weeks of cau^), bat I think in all fairness to
the ministers, since the manager has nothing to hide, a con5)lete breaHdown of how much money it took to run the cair^) and how it was spent should be sent out,
The attitude of mary of the Jamaican leadei^s and the misd onaries it this: since

that childly can travel to cainp, i woixld like eve]y miniser who receives this letter to send, and tell me how maty of their children that went to caii^), had their camp fees

The letter alsO; stated that transportation is provided so

received free scholarships to attend camp, and how many were transported there free,

the njon^ is not given ty Jamaicans, no one should account to us. The amount of money the missionary gets for his living-link support is his private business, but the servicc link is ngt his private business. This should .be made puijlic when asked. It was stated

in the Jamaican p5)er that $00 was spent on caii|)^ I am interested in how this money ijrs


spent. It also stated that oyer /700 was spent on new chiirch buildings 5 I am also inter ested !in,.fin<^n^-out hox-j much each church received and who they were.
Since it has been s^d time; and time again, tsr the American brethren, that the reason for the existing ccinditions is that the-!Jamaicans tdk and do nothing to help themselves, all Jam^dcaii Christiaris sheuld unite to change this opinion. For a start I am suggesting
the following;.

(1). Theoperatioil of a Christian service camp tgr the Jamaican churches (2) inie planning and operation of a.Daily Vacation Bible School in all our churches
in the summer months,

(3) Evangelistic services in air churches -

Regarding the cau^, .let it be made clear that we are not conpeting with the present camp for the Jamaican churche.s have noth^g to do ^th it, except sending their children,

Vfe-^wooid^i^^mniehd canp duiring-August, 1969# Plans have to begin NOW for this; we can't wait until next July, Eveiy church woQEG.d be asked to contribute financially
and wdJih material gobdsj for exan^jle, eggs, meatj potatoes^ bananas, ejbc. All the cooks, teachers, and all persons of the can^ would-be Christians, I would like to emphasize that ^11 counselors MUST BE Christianst ^ou say it can't be done? Mary of us are saying, "Yes, it can be dnaetl'.' If God be for us, who can be against us? It is painfiO. that vre have to establish another camp while one/alreacfy" exists, but since we as a.people have no ssy in the planning of the existing camp, we have no choice. We have investigated three

possible carfpsites, and have been assured that all three, if desired, will be given to
us. One of these sites has everything - kitchens, cooking utensils, beds for sleeping

150, more classrooms than will be needed, and is. centrally located. This letter will be sent to every leading person in our churches where it is hoped it will be shared with those of the congregation. Fellow Christians, then, think aboiiit these things and let us know yaur ideas and opinions, Stairt saving yoTor pounds to lay the foundation for the camp run "ty Jamaicans, Let us all pray for rain^so that when we ask Bro, English of the
Ewarton Church cf Christ for oranges to feed bur campers, his trees will be burdened down them* (smile) If a certain church is asked to give something they will give

it gladly. Remember, all .the help will b^ Troluntary and I know all our Cliristiais will
be anxious to help, . .

Concerning Daily Vacation Bible School: when schools are out in Jamaica maiy of oarr

childi^ hav^ iio place^1;p~^ ^d nothihg t(J~d0i' Bie ;summer of~T96ii. proved-tcr-me-4iew
successful the Vacatioii Bible School can be in helping a churchy Only a few of our churches

are, however, having Bible School yearly,

I. think it would be nice if churches a few

miles would meet in the central lovatdsBR'^'^d have one big daily vacatiai Bible school, and for the churches further apart to have their own, A Daily Vacation Bible School

class is like a Sunday School, except that, the class sessions are longer and the school
lasts a week or two. It can facilitate everyone bjr bd. ng held in the day, afternoon, or

evening. If we have a teaching program for teachers about how to ooerate a Daily Vacation in 1969, then lay 1970 every church will be able to hold its own Bible School without out

side help. We can receive trained help from abroad to help us get started#

But we would

have to contact the colleges and churches from this year, lliese young people or adults would come under the auspices of the Ministers' Fel3iawship.and they would live in the community in li^ich they ^e working - just like the people who live there. If you are
interested in this program let us know ai d we will get the ball rolling#
From time to time ministers' have said that th^ would like to heai* a different voice,

Mary of our churches are in need of reviving,. Th^ why can't we plan an evangelistic meeting for three dsys or a x^eek in some of our churches? We can ask ministers here who
are free and ministers from abroad to hold meetings for us. If you would like meetings

to be held in your coi^regaticsa in ^the months of June, JtOy, and August, let us know,

a good thing and a bad thing. If the constitution .is changed and if carried out by the monbers of the trust as it ought to be, it'can be an excellent thing, Hie trust was set op hy mission^es. No Jamaican had arything to do with the witiiig of .the. constitution. It was set up to ensure that properties bought by missionary funds
it shows that the missioriaries had no trust in the Jamaican men. Not only did thqy not

Trust, and I am included# Let me eij^iain my position. The Jamaic^ Christiai Trust is

I know of many ministers who are "not in favor with all of the Jamaican Christian

would be secured, because some of our churches were stolen. But, in setting up the trust
ask their help in writing the constitution, but if there are seven members on the trusty an issue come up, and six vote.yes with one no - the majority does not carry. This waa
done because the Americans knew that l^ere wa^ld be more Jamaicans on the trust eventucilly

methods5 I am saying that we are all Christian and we have to trTist one another. In such an organization the majority must rule. The .original function of the trust is simply to
hold properiy, but the trust is not even fulfilling this function properly. To make matters worse, it is acting illegally. Members of the trust, if I am wrong, please correct me. According to the laws of the trust a regular meeting is to be held once a

and they wanted to protect then^elves,

I am not trying to discuss the right or wrong

year where all the leading men of tb^ churches are to be invited to discuss what is

\* V

being done and what should be done. Do you know that this meeting is not held regularly and is only done so when certain individuals ask that it be held# Hie trust is now, ^ effect, the "overseer" or "superinflendent" for the churches of Christ in Jamaica# T^iis is not the function of the trust. In other words, if something is to be planned, such^ as the Denbigh RaUy, these seven men will nominate only fehose in complete agreement with
tijcir aims and objects.
voice should be heard.

The person or persons who raise questions from time to time are
It is wrong it should be corrected. If it is right, its sugges- ^

not invited because these seven men are the ones who invite individuals iveiy year.

This system is bad and it should be changed. VJhen someone raises a dissenting voice that
tions should be heeded.
as it is.

For these reasons, I cannot support the Jamaica Christian Trust

Tlie members of the trust are elected by other members of the trust for life.

Here again, the system is faulty.

Tlie only way one gets off the trust is to resign, leave the Church of Christ, or die. He is still a member for life.

It does not matter how inconpetent a member might be^ii

The members if

or how unable he is to cany out his work.

of the t37ust should be elected for a term - two years, three years, five years, etc.

I^jhen the time comes for re-elcction, the members of the congregations should "jrote.
a man does not do a good job he can be taken off.
The churches do not Icnoif what the trust is for.

The trusteed, never tell the members

of the congregations what is going onj the business of the trust is private.

Some of the

active members of the trust told me bluntly that they would not place their own property in it so something must be wrong. How can this be? Eveiy Christian who is concerned about the churches* growth should write to members of the trust that the constitution should be and must be changed. If I am unfair in makeing this suggestion, let me know. But if you think that these suggestions are valid let the members of the trust ki ow. Mary of you Christies oii your own homes, your own businesses; many o you serve in dif ferent organizations! mariy of ycsa have groim children that yoi^ have educated. If you will not tolerate such actican in your business, yoiir home, or in the orgainizations you
are involved in, wly shiould you tolerate this in the church?

Before I close, I would like to add this note.

If the Jamaican members of the trust

believe With aH their heart that they have -^e^confidence of the missionaries they shdiild ask that the position of treasure of the tinst be given to one fif them. I will also add that instead of accepting the incon^lete financial report from the treasurer, a de tailed financial report be asked for. I woild like to receive a copy. This is not be cause I~distrust aryonei it is si!75)ly because the Americans tiiat support the Jamaicans are hard-working people, people I have come to love and people ^o sacrifice to help thb work here. Therefore, I feel a better system of bookkeeping should be developed, a busi nesslike s5)proach should be talcen to t' e di'^>ensing and receiving of funds, and monsy

should be given only to those who are worthy of help, not given to mn a popularity contest, Sometiraes the unpopular course is the only course to take in order to bring unity out of discord. The Jamaican churches have stretched their arms out for help too long, and we have made no efforts to help ourselves. We have been afraid to see that justice be done. Let us resolve from this dcy forward to stand up and be counted with those who are willing to speak the truth at all coat. Let us remember that we are first Christians, then Jsjnaicans, Americans, or Canadians. Any money cor.iing from abroad is coming only from brothers and sisters in Christ. I hope the time will come in the ne^ future that we will not receive, but t]iat we will give to our brothers and sisters in
Christ wherever they are found,

"When the question was asked ty our Lord, "who is tl^y neighbor?", many thought that neighbor meant someone living nearly. But the Lord made it clear that one's neighbor caji bo ansa-Jhere people are foi nd. I am praying that the day will come when all the churches
of Christ iji Jamaica will catch, a vision by sending missionaries to our sister islands.

VJill this ever be? Maybe it will not happen in ny lifetine or yoirs, but if the Lord tarries, I hope this vision will never die, and that this dream vjill not only be a drc.,:;:::
!3(ut a reality. ' ^

If you have the burden of the Lord's work in Jamaica in your heart, join with me tliose who are burdened with the growth of the church, as a united people whose only pur pose is to do all things to please the Lord. May the Lord bless you in your work forllii.

lour brother in Christ,

HcyQ S. Morris


-968 CHRISTMAS 1968


Forwarding Agents

Mr. and Mrs. Dave DeFor 511 W Jefferson

LLc^d Morris
P.Oc Box ^66

Rockford, 111.


Montego Bay Jcnaica,W0st Indes

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the name of Christ,

and rejoicing.

one ysar, but it is so. This year has been a time of trials, disappointments, hard work,
I ma more than happy that X returned home.

It is hard to believe that we have been in Jamaica over

I have been ablg^to meet with

my fellow-laborers, rejoice with them, and endure hardships with them, w/^have been able
a beacon.

to encourage our ministers to accept the responsibilities that are our^n making the church

In Montego Bay the church has grown from my wife and me to seven ^inore members, plus forty children. We bought our own song books last spring for one hundred and twenty dollars. Our ^giving averages twsntZistH0-^"'|'17^ per Sunday jind the church has taken up a number of mission

School students are now inviting their friends to attem^th them and children who knew

department. Our first project was to buy two scluiol-^rts for a school boy who did not attend school for a number of weeks because IrfrTparentsVould not afford to buy him a school ^rt. We are now supplying a family of eleven on a we^ly basis with all kinds of baby food. The father is an alcoholic and is unable to hold ste^e^^ployment. Because of no support the children are suffering from malnutrition. We h^ped a number of students to attend ^hool regularly by paying in advance to the school so t/at they can have a hot lunch daily. The church has been able to place three students in th^Montego Bay Technical High School so, disappointed at the small adult attenjiance, we have a number of high school children in attendance and we are grateful to the Lo^GE^ His many blessings. Our Bible

ary projectSo

Mrs, Loma lyke, a member of our congregation, is the treasurer of the mission

nothing about coloring and who could not express themselves in drawing simple things, are now able to do so. Visiting with the parents, I hear nothing but good report to give on the growth of their children in learning and behavior. Even school attendance has improved in
some classes,

Th^church is having its share of publicity and is becoming better known. I have kept busy
^ofe0r 31st I was chairman of the graduation exercises of the Montego Bay Technical School;
and November 26th I spoke at Mt, Alvemia High School. On December 19th the church will
engagements, along with ir^y regular church work and probation work. On Oct

Teachers Association; November ?Oth I spoke for the Peoples Progressive Harvest Festival,

^ funeral; November l^thSchool; I had aNovember funeral 16th in the andSt, spoke to the ^TA of the Montego Bay Junior Secondary I afternoon spoke to the James

have ityirize-giving and party,

to enter. It is because we have never been in a-position to encourage our better educated 2 young people into Christian service. Having some of our young people -in yniir> horn? f^'^r /
o -ministry; it would also help ^nem to see that - young people in other countries have basically the same problems and, though

l^^*;_Vi^re now recruiting young people from colleges and churches in the USifc to work mth us in Daily Vacation Bible School, camp programs,, and evangelistic serviceso They will be living and working with our ministers and we are hoping that this will encourage some of our young people here to remain with the church and enter the fulltime Christian ministry, instead of becoming discouraged and going elsewhere. While our friends from abroad are coming here, having some of our young people visiting with you would be a treraencknis help to us. Our young people here feel that the Christian ministry is the last thing for them

being laid by the Church of Christ Ministers* Fellowship for the summer of

summer would help them to see the real meaning of

they may have no interest in the fulltime ministry, yet, upon leaving high school or college

they would remain loyal to Christ and His church.

our Lord Jesus was bom. It is a festive season and the spirit of giving is evident. It is + which u- he f world wars, hatred, prejudices, and man with God his fellow-man that has. To forgets us, as Christians, Christmas is more real shares as we five thanks for
is why America is great,

This is the time of the year which is known traditionally as ChristmastiriB, the time when
sending His son to die for us that we might be redeemed,

technolopcal advances^ but because the Christians are id.lling to SHARE with others - this

Ameri-GA-4:s-grQa-t-QtJbftr,.aiv.!* mi- -i-hg.

To ctir manor friends whom we have knoxm personally, aiiU to those we have known only through
let'Gurs, may we take this medium to thank you all for all the help you have given to us. Every effort made to help us put a gem into your heavenly crown.
Please pray ttet -wife and children may be back in Jamaica soon. friends a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.
Yours in Christ,

We do wish all our

Greetings to all of you,

First off, I hope all of you have a hapRjr and blessed Christmas. Again, this letter comes

from Minnesota.

What a joy it will be to be able to again write from Jamaica!

I'm afraid I can't tell you too much about the work from up here, but from letters from Lloyd, it sounds like ray Sunday School class has just about doubled. I am recmiting Sunday School teachers, as I doubt ability to handle ^2 children in church. Is any
one interested?

Ify work here in the hospital is going real well. It is a real experience, as I have never worked in a small hospital before this one. It is also especially interesting from this


It is an, Indian hospital, serving only Chippewa Indians of this area.

I have not

only learned ingrch aSout ~1incis" of nursing I was not previously used to and familiar with,
but have also learned about the Indian people.

Both Mary Beth and Kay seem to have adjusted well to life on a farm.. Mary Beth has not completed her day until she has been to the barn to see the cows, plaved with the puppy, and chased the cats, Kay isn*t particularly impressed with animals yet; her attention at present is on learning to walk. She goes well around the furniture, but hasn't gotten the courage to let go yet, I don't know if I will be able to keep up viith both of them when she does, (smile)
I will cut this short by saying I hope very much to be writing to you very soon from Jamaica. It will be a happy day wieh we are once more a family. MERRY CHRISTMAS 1!
In Him,


**And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and
truth; we have beheld his glory, glory as of the only Son from
the Father." John 1:1^

This passage is the testimony of the Gospel of John honoring the birth of Jesus. John is feeling the ever presense of God as he walks among us. Thousands of Montego Bay people have never experienced this presence because '-h-jy have never heard of Him.
Yet how can they bear without our concern.

This Christmas let's celebrate the birth, of Christ by helping to bring the Gospel to Jamaica, Then they too can taste the sveet presence that only Jesus can bring.

ked a few mi

e i at left Ja le idea.

ast Sep

ery liappy ab

This is our rhildrfin's Sunday ScJjooI

.-lass i.j6!ftjre it had grown so much.

Mrs. Alac Brccker from Pierre, South

Dakota, who visited us while on vacation
in Jamaica.