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Veox FnJ.end6, In ClitUst,

It hoAfity A2-eP)A p9AA-^ti^e thaX 1970 and hat^ o^ 1971 have pa&^ed, but I'm 6uAe coe oAe att happy to be oKound to 4ee. the second kat^ oij 797^. h/hat tt holds tn ^tohe (on, u^, no one knom, homvefL, let oa not io^get that God knom, TfUs yeax 1971 Xm a oJuxcJiaZ one (on. the

which will ai(ect us (on. the n.e^t o( oua lives. In (act, VOUK SUPrOKT, LBTTBRS, AW

MonAU (amZly In Montego Bay,

Be(oA.e veAy long we a/ie going to have to make a decision

QfC Uovmben. 4, 1967 weJk/i/Uved In Jamaica with a pledged monthly ^appont o( $35, We
ageyU, Tlowevefi, It was not until oveK a yean.
- be(oAe coming and a^ten, oA/Uvlng - to jsecwie a (onwa/idlng


and M-w. Vavld VeVon, de

cided to "take (U on" - In addition to thAee mall children, Ma, VeJ^oA'^ (ulltlme mlnl6t/iy and graduate 6tadie^ at Lincoln ChAistlan SmlnoAy,

and me 04 mmbefis. Aa you will necall ( ouA eakly Aeponjts, T icd no^t o( my catting
the money to pay the duty as-se^s^ed on It, Thene we/ie times du/Ung those eanly months, that we could not (Ind 12^ to buy mltk (oA MaAy Bethl I walked 3 and one halfmlles those months downtown to begin my catting because J didn't have the 6^ (oA bus (aAethen a(teA catting alt day I would walk home because I didn't have the boa (oAe home,

Two weeks a(teA oAAlvlng, we establUhed the Montego Bay ChuAch o( ChAlMt, with only Vat
on (oot; at (, ouA caA had not oAAlved (Aom the U.S. - when IX did, we did not have

We had no living Aoom (uAnltuAe oA bedAoom (uAnltoAe othen than a bed - oua clothes wen.e stacked In piles, We weAe boAely able^to keep the n,ent paid so that we had a place to .

As the months went by, suppont fluctuated so that we almost managed to keep going, but not quite. We (Inatty neached a decision late In the swmeA o{, 196% that I would seek a job outside the mlnlstAy and Vat would AetuAn to the ti,S. to woAk so that we could get back on oua (eet. We had hoped that this situation would be tempoAaAy, as the woAk In Montego Bay veny much needs someone to won,k (uttCvTie, HoweveA, Vat was In the U.S. (oA eX%kt months and I am still In the pAobatlon woAk, VuAlng the time Vat was abAoad, we managed to get most o( oua debts paid off, and she was able to puAchase the bus with the help o( youA suppont. About thAee months a(ten coming back she also took a job as an accountant and, with ouA combined satoAleyS ptus an avenage

monthly suppont o( $200, we managed to keep oua heads above waten, until tost summeA.
Then, with ^he combination o( $800 bus AepalA bill and Vat's having to Aeslgn hen. job, things began to go (Aom bad to woAse and have continued to the present. The preceding (ew panagAaphs sound pAetty gAlm - as though things have alt been bad. Not so at alt, TheAe oAe many good times and we enjoy woAklng with the chanch hene. We also (eet that the Aough times have heZped us appreciate the timers when things aAe betten and, even moAe, have tAemendously strengthened oua (alth In the LoAd, HoweveA, we have come to the conctuslon that we cannot continue this way. We know that the Lord wilt al= ways pnovlde oua needs [although not always ouA wants) but It Is a bit dlflcutt to con vince the landlond of that when the Aent Is due, and overdue, or the bank when the loan payment Is due, or overdue, or the school when the tuition Is due, Vor this reason, aft er much prayer and many hours o( discussion and thinking we are leaving the decision con cerning OUA (uture up to you, our partnens In the work here In Montego Bay.
Since the chuAch was established here In Montego Bay, we have had ten new members by baptAoMf^^, tke^e, three have been baptised since the beginning

a3\ 2^c/o( our tnansfeAS and ^ome o( our conveAts have left ^ IkH. MufUtiy~ So us with on ly a (ew baptized believeAS, however, we feel that "oua kids" are moving In tke Aight direction. Our attendance for Sunday School and worship Is staying at about 90 at the present time, '' ^

o/ thi^ oAj young people who began coming to Sunday School and pol?^ ti:ey want to become ChAlstlans, Mone o( ouA new Chnlst-

Merrilfvtne Church of Christ Lloyd Morris newsletter

7071 Broadway Merrillville, Tnd. 46410 .

Non-Profit organization U.S. Postaae PAID

Permit #78 Crown Point, Ind.
Addres?^ Correction-


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% ^JlLaaX^xj Az/zV-OCjuo
_ ,

^^hkAJio^ EhJL

/W.n'/l(\!/i 450-^9 .

,, , ^heckeo yncljimed Refused

Moved, Left no address No pos^cfrfce state, Do such not rem^iil i;i [nisinenwe:.-!'

^ \JJlX ^

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Insufficient address

The, chuAcJt bpiigfit 5Q hymnats^ uuXh mnney the, membe/u -'Lcu^eof tkem&eJtve^, i^om StandoAd

FubtlikinQ*. We have ohLzady AtoAted a chuAch JtCbAoAy avid Ke.czntty placed ouA lin^t
Vn/i the pa&^ two "ejoiA^ the, ^ontego B^y ch"Ach hdi 6e,nt the loAne^t
mmben. oi ^'unln/L ca'^peA^ to snmmeA camp,

book o^deAi, We have, at the, moment, 6toppe,d u&tng pAepnlnted Sunday School titeAa-

tuAe., and ate now using titeAotuAe. gzoAed ^o oun Jamaican med6 - (mitten and lllfi6-

t/tated by ?nt,

W" pay ^ monthly fe,ntnl o^ ^25 in/i tho chuAch pAem-f^e^. We pf'lnt and malZ out 140 cop-t'e^ oi ouh. chiJi*Lch bulletin cach weefe, mostly people whoaAe. not attending chufich^ Be/ildes these, iHty oAe used wtekZy In seAvlces, Postage alone. foA. thes^ Is $4,20 ipeA week, plus the cost oi the papeA and Ink,

Besides the wo^k hen,e In ^ontego Bay, we have been busy oveji the past thAee yeaAS as the secAetMAy oy the ChuAch o^ Christ t-Ur^UteA's fellowship. This gAoup c{ men woAk^

talent {^oh. jLeade^ti^p

oujl simmeA coivp,

v2Ay fiaAd .towoAd uU^u^-a^^

oat JcmdZ'cdK''m^n, Ou*l b-i^gest and. continuing project Is

We aAe

o(. Ch\Jj,t Iyl Jamaica, aiul to make use o^ the

it began l}i 1969 vjlth one week aiul In 1910 we had two weeks.

planning ioA lioo weeks again tkts sume^i,

In Montego Bay,

Thesl3fr^edlus-l6 a b-'t.c.eft-4>u>t-o.< idiat the cfiuAch has done and doing. Although we ^aue^imfeecf. as koAd as we ca;i, we have baAely scratched the SixA^ace oi the pd. te,ntlal
We would to dig deepzA,

VoufLS I In ChAljbt, '

Vpjoa hxlejnds,

loyd ^.ovits

wenliieJt. beioAe ChAUtinzb iiwci the Neio VeaA, JanuoAy was ^ofi the most paAt lovely,.. It
at night io^i blmikets.

Canada," 1 can^t saif that., but J'm going to make you all envious - gfieetlngs {Aonwa'Liv, sun drenched Jamaica, Although we had an unusuaity long penJjod o( cold (6U-7CO)

A iej/j weeks ago X>teeecvecf a lette/i which began, "Gn,eetlngs ptcm ^'losty, snowcovejted

has been wa/im eyiough now io^ .the beach, ^Jo-i those who hwje t^ime to go, and cool enough

13, She welched In at 7 3/4 poimds, blv.e eyes wkicfi oAe now b^Wn"^dma coveAlng o^
b-tack hail on heA hiad, ,9he Is veAy like K'aKy Beth, both lyi tooIts anrf tejnpe/i.ament,
which means sk&^J^ks like heA daddu.

we wpAe awaitiyig the aA.filval oi ouA %oy^h-. October, ThenJCa^i^,^,^g^^^ved - hlovetmbei

TheAe Is no ml^ta.klnq who ouA c,Ms betom to,

How many oi you ^ejmrtbeA a new6letXeA In late 1967 whuich saJjd tfiat we weAe expecting ouA boy In eoAly 196S? Then Oun. last new6lette>L mentioned the jjact that

ezpecAoll^y WaJiy isezh Am'ka/iXa.,

thAllZZed .tUtle glfil as since UoAy Beth's blithiLay, ^he has o^ten asked when It would
be heA tuAn,

We celebrated Kay's blithday with a "bl'iiday cake wl^ matches on It," She was a most

MaAy Beth, October 27, 196^: Kac/, februoJu/ 5, 196^KaAla, Novpj^be/t 13, 1970,

Tncldentl.y, ^o^i the many oi you wfio have wAltten asking when oufi blAthdays

The ^on.rl^ iamlZy spent a ^alAly quuLet, although talkative CiuUstmas with Lloyd's poA-

ents. His slsteA, Mae, and a brotheA, Van, who aAe both studying In the U,S, , were home so we spent a good mny houju In conveAsatlon, It Ixad been 2And a half years s^itice we had see,n Hae, Susie, who >iA a student nuue at the UinlveAsl;ty of the We^st Irde^, wa^ also home. Besides the enjoyable time the adults had, UoAy Beth and Kay had a wild time chasing the chickens all around the cfard, T doubt If they wilt ever lay
eggs again, Umlle]

Although Lloyd nor I likes to to whJXe the type of leXter he hjis had to tvr.Cte this time,
I t has become

for those (TS^trmnxjf xnixr^the shopping In your fajrUlies, Many Items you shop for on on
Ccmpa/r-e our prices with the ones you pay In the United States,


I think 2 did tlvis once before, bu;t I'm going to do It again


the List,

Vtouf-, cggA

One loaf five pounds

One dozen One dozen

$ .31
,63 ,S4 ,48 ,30 ,30 .42 ,U ,1S 1,12



One^ quavt T'M-pounds

One dozen

^otaotes Rice Cake f Ux


One pouiui ' One pouml Betty Crocker Angel food

T have chosen almost exchisljety thliigs thaX are m.xde heAe, Anything Importe/i -Is al
most ti/xice the stamped anount by the Americaii mayi'^fzcturers,

I'm ovut of room so I'll