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Mr /Mrs- Xloy.d M arr i-s

Box ^'66


Mrs, Edith Dailey 23O8 Michelle Lane

Greensboro, N.C,

Montego Bay Jamaica, West Indies


Dear Christian Friends, 1973 has been a wonderful year for our Lord in many ways. How we Praise the sweet Saviour! for

blessing this work in such a great way! This financial report is to show you what YOU have done for Him by sharing your worldly goods. God has multiplied these gifts many times over as we have seen Him bless the work with precious
souls who have been reborn. This has resulted from being able to spread the Gospel more effectively due to YOUR prayers and Y-QUR gifts! How God must love each of you for carrying out His Great

Commission in this way. Let us continue to labor together for Hira in 197^- This year, and in fact, this very hour and day draws us closer to Jesus* return. So let us do as Paul says in Philippians 3sl3-l^s "Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind,
and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." V/hat greater return can one get for his money than to help bring redemption to lost souls!

138,00 Bal, on Hand I2/31/72

632.00 January 653.10 February
309.30 March'

$4,502,00 Salary for 12 months

1,002,98 Community Services Center 119.28 Mailing and paper for

856.20 April
328,55 May

35^.12 June 238,61 July ^67.30 August 563-. 92 September

521.20 238.30

M.55 Books, Subscriptions and

Service Charges

26,00 National Missionary



October "November December

$5691.81 Total Expenses for 1973

$51 752j61 Total Income

$51 691,81 Total Expenses

60:80 Bal. on Hand 12/31/73

4f4i"K-^f4?sixty dollars of our Balance on Hand is money specified to be used towards the pruchase of church land. The money used for the Community Services Center was money that had been specifically designated for that project, as was the case of the Land Fund money. If you have any questions about this report, please feel free to write me. It has been a very rich blessing to me to be able to serve our Lord and you in this way. If you have any suggestions, I would welcome them. Praising Jesus! Edith,

. - 1
/ :




-M/MIilay4- -M-orris..
Box ^66


Mrs. Edith- Dailey

2308 r/;ichelle Lane Greensboro, N.C.

Montego Bay Jamaica, West Indies FEBRUARY, 197^1-


Greetings in the name of Christ:

What a year 1973 was for us!

What a wonder

ful God we serve! In 1973 we had I9 additions to the Church by baptism, plus 2 members by transfer. B'jy young men are calling; vice; they are responsible for the Monday night Bible Study and
Friday night youth meetings. '
As a Jamaican Christian Minister, I am not interested in

As we look back, we see so much to be thankful for.

they preach sometimes; they are responsible for the communion ser *

building a mission station, I am interested in building a strong self-supporting congregation. This takes time and too many of our
people refuse to tithe or to sacrifice for the Lord's work. Ho^/ever, we are making strides. The Bible teaches that we are to be

social and religious. Taking care of the total man is not an easy job for me. It involves speaking against the payment of low wages
by employers; seeing that every child is given a fair chance in school; speaking out agains:l: the dishonest politician. In work-

concerned about the total man.

That means education, economics,

in^r with our children, one has to realize that there is really no home life or family life. Reaching them for Christ is not an easy task. It is not just enough to baptize the child and say now he is a Christian, the Lord will provide for Him. It means years
of hard work, prayers, and reconciliation with God and with parents.
Many of our parents cannot afford the clothing or the bus fares

for the child to be in church every Lord's Day. It is difficult to even reach many of our adults.

They do not

read and therefore, there is not an effort to read the Bible, much

less obey it.

It has taken me over 2 years to get some of the

Christians to attend church regularly and to be on time.

have succeeded to the point that all our services begin on time.
If one is present, I begin, So much of our work deals with reteaching. We must be willing to lay a solid foundation. We need the help of God's people everywhere to buy our church property. If we

wait until the Montego Bay Church Of Christ members have enough money of their own, there will be no land to buy. We need J$20,000. t.p buy this property. We have $3,000. of our own. Can
you help us with the rest? After the purchase, we would farm it so that it would be a money making venture and could earn money which would be put towards our building fund. I thank you all for taking such good care of us during 1973, and especially at Christmas. I was able to buy the children a T.V. set and we were able to buy each other presents. We shared with others and were able to assist many families with a Christmas basket so that at least they would have a good Christmas dinner. Community Services Center's helping the needy is now a viable project. In another two weeks our kitchen will be in operation. Food will be sold at cost, or given to the poor, or given to childrenwhose parents cannot afford limch, or it will be given to the man or woman leaving prison who is trying to find himself again.

^1 themembers of the Chapel Rock Christian Church who sent dishes,

a long time to reach you because they were sent by Surface Mail to
cut down on cost.

To our many friends who have sent us clothing, S.S, literature, or money, (Please send all funds to our Forwarding Agent), and to

richest blessings be yours and we Thank You! from the bottom of our hearts, I have written to you all, but some letters will take

knives, cups, and saucers, etc., for the Center, may God's

and sweets were given to the children by Mrs. Virginia Mitchell. In December, we held our Christmas Retreat. Forty-five of us were resident, while we had a total of 60 people attending the lectures. We had a great time of fellowship and many decisions
were taken.

On Dec. 23, I973, the Granville Bible Club held its Christmas program and prize giving. Seventy-five children attended. Gifts \

were in attendance.

did a wonderful j.ob telling the Christmas message.

Qur local church had it^ Christmas program and the children
On January 6th the church had its first
had lots of food left over.

Many parents
We all

a gift of food.

fellowship of the year,

This was an experience for all of us because the

lilach child and adult was asked to bring

response was so great.

enjoyed ourselves.

We would like to have every church member receive a copy.

you write and let us know how many you will net^d foi-

As soon as possible a picture newsletter will be sent out. This hopefully, will give you a pictorial view of our work.


close, Please cont.inue to keep this work utmost in your prayers. We praise God for the failihfulness of so many of you, concerning
this specific work for Himl

so we can print enough copies? Once .again my friends, it is time to draw this letter to a



. .X'


- - V


V -'n . ;


3232 Yanceyville Street

Greensboro, N.C.
A 'iff.

Nonprofit Org, U.S. Postage


Greensboro, N.C, Permit ^iO. 297


lOw (?1
<41 c)9

nwtres^ SftU




M/M Lloyd Morris

Box ^66

Montego Bay Jamaica, West Indies

IVirs. Edith Dailey 2308 Michelle Lane Greensboro, 1n,c.

MY, 197^

rnany kindnesses to all His children. In spite of ourselves, in spite of our failures, in spite of our struggles, He still
loves and cares for us.

Greetings from warm Jamaical

I praise the Lord for His

within me, I feel like giving up and that the struggles are too

What a wonderful God we serveJ Sometimes well, here I am with all the struggles going on

struggles, yet we can find real strength in the power of Christ ^d in God's people. I am convinced that God is real and the only
time we can go wrong is when we take our eyes off Jesus and
decide to go it alone.

hard for me, yet I am able to find strength and comfort in the Bible, in the many letters I receive form our Christian brothers and sisters, and the wonderful love of God. All of us have our

Ofi Monday, April 29, the Montego Bay Church of Christ bought, yes, bought! ^2 acres of land to house the Lord's building! The price was ^1^,000. plus $2,000. more for the transfer taxes, taxes, lai^ers fees, and for fencing in the property. In American dollars was quoted, it was $20,000 We finally closed the deal at $1^,000 :^5.000 down owW a balance of $9,000. .The Church paid 1,400. and we borrowed $3,000. THE BALANCE OF $9,000. HAS TO AUGUST 311 197^, OR THE OWNER HAS THE OPTION TO SELL THE +? Looking at how things went, we are firmly convinced that God had His hand on the transaction. V/e are convinced that God s people everywhere will respond to this need which is so very important to the on-going and up-building of His Kingdom.
this IS ^>17,000, If you will remember; the last time this figure

Our Father is exhibiting His marvelous power in Montego Bayl

tt assistance of every of raised. God. By This J^aith is we the believe that before August 31, the money child will be time
to put our Faith and Trust and money to work!

homes. The church property is located in one section of. Irwin ajid the Government is building a bridge to link both Irwins, making ' a total population of about 5?000. There is only one church in Testament Churches. Please be in much prayer and thought for this important matte^". May God continue to bless
each of you real good.

and occupied. In the same area, Hatton's Worldwide Developers are building one thousand new homes, plus a cold storage and Shopping -Center. Four miles away the Govermment is building""" three hundred and fifty homes. They will eventually build 3,500

Let's look at the tremendous potential for growths Bordering the property is Irwindale Housing Development with 4o homes built

working on it. Our printers are very slow and to date we are still waiting for a cost estimation and a "dummy" copy from them so that we can go.^ead with the job. Please bear with us. We hope to
have this in your hands as soon as possible.

_We have promised you a pictorial newsletter and we are still


Land Fund*as a burden upon your heart.

von to a3.1ow the Lord to lay our

YOUR responp^ may make the

difference in August when the total mua t be "jjaidf Let us not be guilty of saying, "be ye warmed and fed", or

in relation to this partioulnr situation, "may God bles's you in

this effort but I can't." If ever we needed you as our partners for getting God's work done, it is NOW. I just praise God and thank Him for all He is doing through each of you who is really
concerned and willing to do whatever might need to be done in

order that His work can progress and that He might be glorified in an even greater way in Montego Bay, Keep on Keeping on!


- \-'

Si.):--! ;

' -'>

. /

_ r r.-i

: d
i I '

'7,, :
-.V" . .


i. f-A-.vK

k 'l


\v ... ..


\ .



3232 Yanceyville Street

Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage


Greensboro, N,C. 27^05

Greensboro, N.C. Permit No, 297






ORK Of Tli(



A verdant lushness

OF THE INDIES JAMAICA: GEM which to pursue easy gold

the landscape and the

tradewinds blow refreshingly to ketTh^.slandste^,peratu^

slave plantation system ""d ' within 50 years, most of the ou, pleasure-loving Arawaks 'ound o. o balmy B2-88 degrees through disease and -e^ork the fahrenheit in beautiful Jama ca, Spaniards stepped up the
histary af slaves

j Peru, DArii Thev Mexico and mey began the


third largest of the Caribbean Isles^ importation from Africa. The island is also rich in history, a Then. in 1665, Ohv^
banana plantations and the aa^ and within five years claimed the
Cromwell's British forces

when swashbuckling pirates rode Te seven seas piUogmg and

island for the British crown.

about IBO miles saufh

The seat of governmental Wj"' BrHons power soon shifted fmm Spamsh

systems flourished under the

The plantation and slave

Tow to Kingston, whe.e it has remained, and today Kmgston .s o bustling city, with harbours one of and the world's best natural
huge skyscrapers.

giving the island a secondary reputation of being name -the land of wood and water
perhaps it was Chr.stophe Columbus who gave Jamaica h name, when he discovered 'he land in 1494. He saw Arawak Indians
when he first landed o''
island's narrow northcoast
district named Discovery
commemorate tne

In 1692. Port Royal had the

. . .

irort- i:t-f:^o:e^'yl
most of Port Royal disappeared.



Britain ruled Jamaica for over

"""ome time after

years, until she 9^ official settlement was estalished 300 on he northcoast, malar.o .s so.d independence on August 6, 196i. Jamaica has a to hove driven the settlers ot Sevilla Nuevo across the 'sland approaching two milliori. Ninety percent of the population is colored n:r:..".:.s ,he island chiefly as a base from

The Spanish drowsed away m Chinese and East Indians makmg Jamaica for about 150 years, using up the total.

?black or mixed), with whites,


I am sure that you will agree we live In a fast changing world. Though the ageless message of God must remain unchanged, the nethods of proclaiming it must be constantly adapted to the needs of rhe people. The people of Jamaica have their own unique needs. There is an old proverb which states: "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; ...if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for life!" We are being used of the Lord in a ministry which is teaching the Jamaican to fish, spiritually and physically. The goal of our multi-facited ministry is to establish a congregotion of Christians that will be both self-supporting, financially, and active in evangelism. Such a congregation must be built upon a solid foundation of doctrine and it
must be sensitive to the needs of the community. One can hardly show

compassion for a man's soul and, at the same time, ignore the needs of
his body. As the Lord, Himself, said, it does little good to say to the hungry, 'be fed.' Thus, our ministry is to the 'total' man; spiritually, physically,

emotionally. And, through this concept of loving concern, many have already been led to our Lord. It is my hope thot you will look at this booklet and consider this ministry prayerfully,...that, with your help, we may fulfill the
commission of our Lord here in the Montego Bay area.

In advance, I thank you for your help on behalf of our Lord. Lloyd Morris



9 (U <>



fSlAI r.--w

mx'-nK^ evw <u /kwpc ajvn.


nii>Mi^< 352-264. ssij-so"/


Lloyd, Pot, Marybeth and Linda Kay Morris


The Montego Bay Church of Christ meets upstairs in this building in the heart of downtown Montego Boy.

The Montego Bay Church of Christ has certainly made itself known in the community. By
comparison with other churches here, we are small in number, but

we ore growing as the Lord opens

doors for us. Because we live in the 'Tourist

Capital of the Caribbean', the economy of our community is largely dependent on tourism.
Even the time of our services is

Preaching the Word!

Brother Rose (left) and Brother Rhynie serve Communion.

Sister Marcia Guier brings a special. She is o high school student and plans to study law.


affected. For example, our morning services are held early so that our people who work at the large hotels con be at their jobs by 11:30 or 12:00 O'clock. One of the pressing needs of the congregation is o meeting place of Its own. About
$20,000.00 Jamaican ore needed

quite large for our Jamaican people who work for meager wages and barely manage to eek out a living. For that reason it is hoped that others will help. The future of this work is very promising in this community and,
in time, the influence of these

to purchase a 4V2 acre tract of

land and erect a modest church

Christians may even be carried throughout the world because of

the contact with the visitors who come to our shores.

building. Such a sum of money is

Brother Rhynie teaches Sister Haden's closs.


Pat Morris teaching.

Lloyd Morris teaching his class.

Yvonne Campbell (right) and her Soturday Bible Club.

George, Margaret and Connie Gay Haden from Lexington, Kentucky. George works in Montego Boy. They
both teach in the Bible School.


Sister Morcia Coats is a student

ot Mtnessota Bible College.

Cornwall College student. Junior Dougall, brings a special. We pray that he will soon be a music major ot Minnesota Bible College.

The Community Services Center at 3 Dome Street and some of the instructors and young people who attend the center.
Victor Smith teaches appliance repair.

These girls are taught to crochet.


Sewing machine donated by

churches in the U.S.A.

Tailors ot the center.

Admiring one of the dresses mode at the center.

Miss WinnHred Scordett

(dressnioking instructor)
models the clothes.


Many of the people in our community are unskilled, unedu cated and unemployed. Some of the young people, out of
frustration, turn to crime and

mischief to occupy their idle

hours. Others steal to eat.

In order to demonstrate the love of Christ and minister to the

spiritual needs of the 'whole

man,' a Community Services

Center was opened in conjunction with the Probation Department. Here, skilled young instructors work to support themselves and simultaneously teach their skills. Many young people find self-respect, pride in themselves and their abilities, and a new hope for the future. No longer belligerent and mistrusting, their gratitude can be directed to our Lord who has made it possible.

Linda Thompson and Janet Williams, member of the Hanging Rock Christian Church, present dishes given bymembers
of their congregation.


Chef Herbert Rose prepares meals for the needy school children. The large pot holds 14 gallons.

Mr. Nori Dadlani (center) and Mr. B.D. Dadlam present Lloyd with pots and pans needed for cooking.

Too many Jamaicans go to bed hungry. Too many children must

stay home from school because

there is not enough money to feed


All of the young people who come to the center are fed daily. We also try to provide meals for


Barbara Preston's doss at the cotfege.

The volunteer teaching staff at the Community College

school children, so that they will

be able to get an education. Meals are provided for those who are released from prison until they
can find work. We do not feed the

Lloyd directs. This provides an opportunity for even the very poor to further their education and, one day, break the cycle of

lozy who will not work, only the


Though we operate on a shoe string, the Lord has always provided for us.
Over 200 students now attend

the Community College project

The ability of the people in the community to seek and hold better jobs will not only affect their own living standards, it will have a great bearing upon their ability to make the Montego Bay Church of Christ self-supporting.

The Honorable Florizel Glasspole, Governor General of Jamoico/ presented Lloyd with a Badge of Honor on October 14, 1973, for meritorious service with the Probation Department.

The influence of our work has

been felt even as far away as

Kingston, the capitol of Jamaica and seat of our government. The
Governor General, the Prime





government leaders have taken

note of the work here in Montego Bay. This has provided many

Vi 1

Lloyd (far right) in a conference with the Prime Minister of Jamaica, the Honorable Michael Manley, at the head toble. At his right the Honorable Howord Cooke, minister of Pensions.


thrill it was to witness to this man

opportunities to witness for For exomple, Senator Paul Miller arranged a meeting
between Brother Morris and a businessman who was interested

about Jesus Christ! And, how

interested he was! He could see what a difference Christ can make in a life. We have been able to witness

in the Community Services Center, hoping to begin a similar work in Kingston. This man was a former gang leader and crime figure. He had been in numerous gang wars
and had been shot twice. What a

here, in our community, throughout Jamaica and unto the uttermost parts of the world. Certainly, this is identical with the plan of Christ, and He has richly
blessed us.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Lloyd works for the Jamaican government as a

Probation Officer. He earns his

.^^own living and does not use

American funds for this purpose. In addition, he and his family
drive an older cor, live in a rented

Jamaican house and dress very modestly. They are living

^^ccording to Jamaican standards... (?not according to American


Lloyd's father, C.A. Morris, and sister, Suzy, on her wedding day. Lloyd's father
ministers to four Churches of Christ.

Our goal is a self-supporting work, but that is not yet possible,
it will take time. However, we
Christ this need will become more

urgent. The project will require

about 20,CX)0 Jamaican dollars. 2. We need funds to increase the

have made much progress toward that goal.

In the meantime, we do hove

outreach of the Community Services Center. We not only need

about 1,500 Jamaican dollars for

needs. Most pressing of these needs are: 1. Funds to purchase land and build a permonent home for the Montego Boy Church of
Christ. As more and more come to

our kitchen operation, we need

funds to remodel and equip the

center so that we can accommo

date more young people and provide more equipment for them


to work with. We ore planning to being keeping the center open until about midnight to provide wholesome recreation and guid ance so that the young people will
not be left out on the streets to be involved in mischief or be






Jamaican dollars.

We need your prayers and your financial help. The Lord is at work here, and His Name is being praised among our people. Surely
the expense is modest in comparison to the returns. We shall continue to press on for conversions to Christ, changed lives and joyous expectation of His coming again!





about 4,000 Jamaican dollars

(with much of the work being done by the young peopla themselves), furniture and equip


A* ChrisZ

: h



M/M Lloyd. Morris

Box 466 Montego Bay
Jamaica , West Indies

Mrs, Edith" Dailey" 2308 Michelle Lane

Greensboro, N.C#


JUNE, 1974

Greetings from the Friendly City! Things here are looking good. The Center is commanding more and more respect from the community, in that we are receiving more support in feeding the children, although the center is always in debt, because every day prices go sky high. What is so frustrating is that the basic

foodstuffs are going higher and higher.

children daily.

We are feeding over 400

I am pleased that so many of the children who

are eating at the Center were successful in passingtheir

government examination. They will enter High School in September of this year. I am now in the process of trying to receive help
from the Government for these children clothing, book allowance, and boarding fees.

The Center is meeting such a need in the community that it suprises even me. Boys from all over Montego Bay congregate there. We have a big religious discussion going on everyday - Christianity
'and Rastafarianism, So many of the boys velieve that Emperor

Haile Solassai of Ethiopia is a god, that they worship him. Anyway the discussions are healthy and they are.carried on in a
friendly manner. The Church is also growing spiritually. There have been no

additions since the beginning of the year, but we have many visitors
each Lord's Day. We had a Faith-Promise for camp. Our goal was $200.00 We raised $192,00! And many of our members were absent, so we should exceed our goal of $200,00, Please remember the work here as you petition our . God through your daily prayers. And may He bless each of you real good!

I will, Lord willing, soon be leaving on a one week mission tour which will take me through Jamaica, Haiti, and Puerto Rico, I will be visiting the work in Montego Bay and with Llojad and Pat
for about 2 days. While there, hopefully, I can get some new

slides of the Community Services Center and the new Church property
which we are in the process of buying.

We need to launch out with great faith and boldness in this

effort. God works through us, and often, we harness His Holy Spirit through our weak faith, our selfishness, or our laziness to put forth

the necessary effort,- ^

Let us band together for His glory that all Jamaica will know that God is mighty and powerful and that great things can be accomplished through Him! You may not be able to "GO", but God has siorely blessed you so that you can assist in making an anchor for Christ in Montego Bay by means of purchasing a permanent site
for His Church to meet. What a tribute to Jesus and to Christianity

that Jamaicans could say, they don't even krtow us, or even live ihere and yet they care evough to see that we hear about Jesus. HOW BIG IS YOUR GOD? Do you really believe God can do it? August is the deadline and our Land Fund Balance stands at $265,00.

. V V




^v- mm'-'


r. . - --



Mr./Mrs. Lloyd Morris

Box ^66

Montego Bay Jamaica, West Indies

Mrs, Edith Dailey 2308 Michelle Lane Greensboro, N.C,

274G7 OCTOBER, 197^

After "being away for six weeks, I am finally cleaning my desk

of all letters. ful for.

It really pays to be a Christian, we have so much to be thank

The Lord has blessed our lives and for this and many

It has been a very busy and rewarding summer.

came to camp with one goal in mindj To glorify the Lord Jesus . Christ as Saviour and Lord! One could see and feel the oneness of

pation by our churches 1 financial contributions made, and the commitment to the future growth of our churches by our young people. Every camper, counsellor, teacher and all members of the staff

think this was the best camp we have ever had in terms of partici

other gifts, we say thanks!

This year we had 3 weeks of camp.^ I

everyone and it is my hope and prayer that these blessings will be

^ //-u

people at work. They were .involved in the planning of camp and when they arrived at Dinthill, the same spirit of enthusiasmwas seen
and felt. x.

felt in all our churches.

My greatest delight was to see our young


For the three weeks of camp, we had 180 campers, 66 members 01

Our missionary offering was $87*00. We wrote to the government seeking 25 acres of land for a camp and we believe that they will give us the land. We are praying that in 197^, we will be camping
on our own camp site.

dedicated their lives for full time specialized Christian Service.

Eight campers were baptized into Christ and 20 campers^

our clothing, and on the l4th we left Jamaica on the ship, Starward
for Nassau and Miami.
"liner that takes over 1,000 people weekly on a Caribbean cruise to

We came home from camp on the lOth of August.

We washed all

expenses paid by the Jamaica Tourist Board,

We were on the Starward for one week, all

The Starward is a tourist

Miami, Haiti, Port Antonio, Montego Bay, and Nassau in the Bahamas. Our responsibility was to promote Jamaica! I think we did a good job, Mas^y Beth and Linda Kay were the talk of the boat, every one
wanted to take them home. They had a ball! Pat knows about
Jamaica as much as I, so we really sold Jamaica.

delegate from my Kiwanis Club.


I was sent to Toronto, Canada from the 8-12 of September as a

of the Montego Bay Club for 1975 in October.

I^will be installed as President

^ r.4.

I was appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Parish of St.

This means that I can sign all documents, government^
I will sit in judge
x ^

ment in the Petty Sessions Court. This is really an honor for our churches for it signifies- that we, as a church, are being recognized
by the government.

or otherwise and I am also a Lay Magistrate.

as I had hoped they would. However, my,trust is in the Lord and I

our Land Fund, we will have more than enough to pay for the land

My brothers and sisters are not responding to the Land Fund

know that the funds will be supplied. If each of our friends who receive oxir newsletter would make a contribution of $20.00 each to

and also to pay the lawyers fees and all goveamment stamp duty. To date the total amoimt contributed through persons such as your

the efforts being made here to honor and glorify Jesus.'

still "be paid, Won't you unite with us in this effort for Christ? We continue to ask for your continued prayers for us aj^d for

self stands at $ 1, 738.90.

This leaves a little over $ 7,000,00 to


N -V .

. .


. f,.
. ' -' r-,

, "



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\- -"s'
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r V...


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V- - ' 1



v., v'
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,r. n
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. / ''

: -l


-:e,5 I


GREENSBORO GHURCH OF CHRIST 3232 Yanceyville Street Greensboro, N.C, 27^05

Nonprofit Org, U.S. Postage


Greensboro, N.C. Permit No, 297

=v -.

"A ^








Mr. Lloyd Morris

Box ^66

Mrs. Edith Dailey 2308 Michelle Lane

Greensboro, N.C.

Montego Bay Jamaica, West Indies


OCTOBER 30, 197-^

Dear Christian Friends and Co-Laborers, I am sorry to have to write this letter and tell you that Pat Morris died October 25, with terminal cancer. Her funeral was held this past Tuesday, October 29. I am sure this will come as a shock to many of you even though to some of us it was not a sudden thing, Pat had been suffering for about a year but had asked that I not mention this in
the newsletters. Since this was her wish, I did not.

Lloyd and the children; Mary Beth and Kay, especially need your continued prayers, your interest, and your financial support at this time. The Lord's work must go on as usual and those of us who have lost loved ones know the special strength, (both physical and spiritual) one needs to see him through the coming days and months ahead. Our Lord will provide this and all other blessings if we ask Him in behalf of Lloyd and the girls and the Lord's work in
Montego Bay,

I would like to suggest that any of you who would wish to show your concern to the family, do so in the form of a memorial gift to the Church Land Fund, I'm sure Pat would have approved as this is such a matter of great need and importance in Montego Bay. Also, in this way, her death can be a tool to further God's Kingdom here
on earth.

I know Lloyd will appreciate your cards and notes but please do not expect individual replies as I'm sure his days are so full of extra duties already that there will ]3e no extra time for
c orrespondence,

In one of his latest letters he was getting up at 4t30 A.M, to

catch up on his letter-writing. The Lord has blessed the work in this city in a great way and will continue to do so. Let us be mindful on a daily basis of our need to pray for the C^iristians there and especially the Morris family. It is so wonderful to know that you, our Christian family, care and are willing to share with us the burdens as well as the joys of this life here.

Praising our Jesus!



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<7; firrtfiicfi

A* CnRist



Hr. Lloyd" ihorris

Box 466

r;rs. Edith Dailey 2308 Ij-ichelle Lane

Greensboro, I\,C,

Montego Bay Jamaica, West Indies

KOVt.BER, 197^

Greetings in the name of Christ! Thank you so very much for your letters of comfortj it was so nice of you to write and
I appreciated i t so much, Pat*s funeral was a Christian affair.

Death is victory for the Christian so we praised the Lord.

has been good to us and I can be thankful, Vi'e had over 6OO


friends in attendance. Instead of flowers, a memorial ',ift was taken at the door of the church. This went to the Cancer Society and the Cornwall Regional Hospital which deals with learning
disabilities in children. Over $50000 Jamaican dollars were given. A member of the i ontep^o 3iay community described Fat thus* "She was always ready to p;ive a hand. She was willinp;,

hardworkin,^ and had a deep interest in people. She was jovial, concerned and had an outstandinfi spirit which took everything in its stride, She was an excellent orr^anizer and was so active,
one wonders when she had time to rest,"

As a Minister's wife, Pat lived for the Church.

She was

pianist and Sunday School teacher in the iNontego Bay

C hurch of

Christ and was involved in all areas of the Churches of Christ in

Jamaica as Camp l\urse and teacher as well as Seminar leader. Before her illness she was workin/^: on literature to be used in
Vacation Bible Schools in the Churches of Christ, Pat was an

accomplished secretary, de^signer, cook, mother and wife/ There is no doubi that she was an outstanding exampleto all young women#
In departing she has left a legacy. Her strength of character,
strong convictions, courage, willingness, are but a few of these.

The children and I will be in lemidji, i.inn., from Decemberl5

to the first week in January '75 I am spending. Christmas with the Hoffer's and then I would like to visit and speak to a few of our supporting churches. Churches that are interested, please w itd directly to me so I can arrange a schedule. We have so many blessings to be thankful for and you our

Christian family are a very special one for which we give our i Lord thanks! May He continue to bless you real good? ' - "T'
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