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-P&K CnRisi

.MJHE FIELP_!_^_ Mr. Lloyd Morris

Box ^66 Montego Bay


IVirs. Edith Dailey 2308 Michelle Lane Greensboro, N^C.

Jamaica, West Indies

Dear Christian Friends,


victories for Him! How thankful we all should be to Him for the many ways He has blessed His work in Montego Bay.

Once again the Lord has led us through the year with many great

We cna't begin to tell you just how much we love and appreciate each of you. We realize that many of you have given and continue to give sacrificially and we are confident that you, especially, will have your needs met as you see to spiritual things first. ^

will just have the faith to ask knowing our petitions will be heard. In comparison to the financial statement of 1973 you will note that the giving to the Lord's work this year has made possible a greater outreach through Community Services Center which is now paying... for itself? it has provided down-payment for Church land which is vitally needed and which will be due in total in Junei and for the help and outreach to many needy Jamaican families both spiritually and physically. There are two full time Bible college students here
because of your help as well as two others who are planning towards

We ask that you please pray for the "work" on a daily basis, inis is the PWER that "moves the engine'.' Much can be accomplished if we -

Bible college in the near future.


60,80 Bal. on Hand 12/31/73

678.73 January
390,35 February

$i|-, 050.00 Salary for 12 months

52-4.52 Community Services Center 2,481.40 Church Land Fund
441.55 Mailing, Newsletter materials and Newsboc.Klets

5-8^.0^ April
^-^^3.00 ^29.03 493.50 1,612,95

336.72 March

May June July August

300,00 Sponsorship to O.B.C. for

Theresa Hurd

226.96 Miscellaneous, Songbouks,

clothes, etc-

555.30 September 636,07 October

1,527.^0 November
875.00 December

$8,024,43 Total Expenses for 197^

$8,521,89 Total Income

$8,024.43 Total Expenses

$ 497.46 Bal, on Hand 12/31/7^ VJe realize that each day and hour we live draws us nearer to the
return of our wonderful Lord, and so we must do as Paul says in

Philippians 3:13-14, "Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended but this one thing I do, forgetting these things v/hich are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before. I press toward the
mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus,"

We praise

and thank God for YOU, our co-laborers , whom He works

through to accomplish His great commission!


',* '




At ChRist




Mr, Lloyd Morris....

Box ^66

Mrs. Edith Dailey" mt

2308 Michelle Lane Greensboro, K.C.

Montego Bay
Jamaica, West Indies



Not only did I My trip to the States was just "beautifull The rest was good meet my old friends again, but I made new ones for me and just getting away from Jamaica at the time I did was a

Right now I am feeling on top of the world because I have got things together and I am on the go again. I am more than happy with the way things are going. Vife have new adult faces in

Church every Lord's Day. Our Sunday School is growing (but' I believe this is because camp time is coming up - happens every year.) And
our teachers are taking more time to prepare themselves. Steve Egli is now my right hand man like George Haden was, and he is doing a
great job. Our Bible study on Wednesday nights is growing. We have a

better attendance than when we were meeting in our church building, Last week we had 12 for Bible Study. I am having discussions with a graduate of our Uni'O'ersity. Ghe is now reading
"The Church of Christ" by Phillips. worker? another has been each Sunday, I can feel a few students attending must praise the LordJ I to our many friends. the Center.
the students.

She has come to church for

the first time", I am praying that her brothers and sisters will ask more questions. One member is also studying with a Peace-Core
bringing a number of friends to Church a new approach to our outreach here. I have from Cornwall College. You see why I am happy that my thoughts can be expressed

The Lord is opening the doors for religious discussion at

Last week we had a very encouraging discussion with
I was able to find out that none went to Chiirch, Not

only am I inviting them to worship with us, but they want to hear the reasons why one should attend Church, Interest is there. Keep on praying for us. The Center is doing well. P/lany friends are writing "asking me what our needs are. It will take some time before I can reply to the many letters so I am using the newsletter jto say that we do not need any more Simday School literatures however, I can use all the children's books and magazines such as Sports, Time, Life, Ebony, Black Stars, Jet, Reader's Digest, National Geographic, and hard cover books

paperback books, etc. I am collecting and distributing books to our Institutions for juveniles. It is my belief that if young people
are to see the need for a Saviour, they must read. I c^ also use Bibles, but Modern translations, They are' easier ito read and
also easier to understand,

Please continue to pray for us here as we try to labor for

the cause of Jesus

. I.-;

7 ' -1 ,




fioR. CnRisi



Mr lloyd Mgrria.Box 466 Montego Bay Jamaica, West Indies MAY, 1975

-IVlrsEdith..Dailey _ 2308 Michelle Lane

Greensboro, N.C,


The Lord has been blessing life in marvellous ways and I am happy to be a useful servant. We had over 100 people attending . our Good Friday Service, I think every member, including the children,

brought a friend with them.

The singing was just beautiful and the

participation was lOOfo! After the service, we had a fellowship. The adults brought buns and cheese and the children brought the drinks. Easter Sunday was a day of very rich fellowship. We are intro ducing into our Services more Jamaican songs - songs to thfe Reggae beat. The tunes are simple, yet the words are meaningful to our people. These can be sung with or without a piano.
For our Bible Study", we are meeting from house to house each' month, Steve Egli leads our Bible Study on the book of Revelation and one can feel the Holy Spirit at work. Those who attend are

reading their Bibles and we are just having a great time in the Church!^
I am now reaching out to the University and High SchobX studeritsV '

^and I am finding this a very rewarding experience. So far we have added one University graduate to our membership and I am studying with two more. One is Linda Kay*s teacher and the other
is from England.

^Brother James, from our congregation, became engaged to Miss

Martin. She is a prospect and I am setting up a study time table for her. Wha^t is so encouraging for me is to watch my young people growing up in the church and to see how active they are. We are having specials every Sunday morning from them also.
Community Services Center is now fully self-supporting and the young people are all helping themselves. The cook shop is still' providing inexpensive meals and yet it shows a profit. Although we have religious discussions going from time to time, we are unable

to get past the Rastafarian doctrine.

won an important battle for the Lord,

Please continue to pray for

If we can r.ake a break-through with these boys, we would have

We are preparing for summer camp and I am promotional secretary again. For the summer I am having a group of musicians from Min
nesota Bible College for about 21 days. Then in October, we are hosting James Oliver Lyttle from California. He is a religious

I am working on a special project at Hilltop Approved School

for Boys, Conditions ar just terrible but I am getting together concerned citizen^ of Montego Bay to go there one Saturday each
month. We are now making table tennis tables for the boys. I
can also use all of the Ladies Magazines that are sent to me.

Please continue to remember our work and the Land Fund in your prayers and distribution of gifts. May our Great God richly
bless you for this I

' ; .




, ,


fion Cn/iist

cr mi; Fields ivir, Lloyd Morris Box 466 Montego Bay Jamaica, West Indies JUNE,1975


Mrs. Edith Dailey 2308 Michelle Lane Greensboro, N.C.


garbage bins around town, we went to Negril and had a great time!
Beth and Kay are good swimmers so I got my yearly work-out.


Greetings to each of you!

So. after I did my Lobor Day project - distributing painted

WJay 23rd was a public holiday (Labor


Have you ever stopped to think of the reasons why the United States is such a great country? It is a wealthy country and its people are the most generous, but I believe that the United States is great because
of its human resources. The people of the United States have used "rhese resources to create superior agricultural products, a great

educational system where every child can receive an education, there-by fitting himself for life. Because of your educational program, you have created a wealth of knowledge and a surplus of teachers and technicians
in every field.

personal human resources. -We in Jamaica could use your experience. Not as missionaries, but as Christian workers. Jamaica is short of

The churches of Christ in the U.S., are blessed with a wealth 01

work with the Church of Christ in that community whereyou are teaching.

government teaching in one of our schools for 2 years cr more, then


As a Christian teacher you could volunteer to work with our

Not only would you be greatly rewarded by your travelling experience but you would be of great service to the work of the Lord. Are you a social worker, a musician (can you play the pianio well and read music), are you a teacher, or a registered nurse? Then the Lord needs you in T-iontego Bay! Are you a vocational teacher, a car mechanic, a homeeconomics teacher? Then the Lord needs you in Montego

Bay! Are you retired and would like to be useful to people who need your help? '^hen seriously consider coming to Jamaica. Jamaica is not all a dreamer's paradise, Thereare hard cold facts that you have to
face. Realities will look you in the face, malnutrition, lack of clothing, large families that are just too poor to live. But I
firm believer that the Church, through its
has the answer.

Christian teachers, still

In September of this year a teachers college will be opened at Granville (3 miles from Montego Bay) with 300 students. This means that 300 new faces will be moving in. This an excellent opportunity for the Montego Bay Church of Christ to witness among these students.

In reaching these students for the Lord the Word could be spread all
over Jamaica. Whereever' they teach, a church would be started.
service to the Lord's work here. What are your plans for the Lord.^

making contacts with the college for September.

You can be of great

I am

My thanks to our many friends v7ho have sent us clothing, magazines, books, and church papers. I appreciate your thoughtfulness very much. I realize that much work has gone into these projects; the Lord will continue to bless you all because many young people and families have benifited from your gifts. We cannot measure clothing sent in terms
of dollars and cents.

It has to be measured in terms of the families

^ ^

needs in mind and in your petitions bt^x-ore our Lord.

bless you each real good^

To pay for church land we still need $8,69170.

My thanks to you all.

IVlay the Lord

Please keep these


received SP 2 3 1975

Mr. Lloyd Iviorris "

Box ^66



--"tirH-^dith Dailey
2308 B'lichellG Lane

Montego Bay

Jamaica, West Indies

AUGUST, 1975

Greensboro, M,C.


Greetings from the land of sunshine I V/hen one thinks of Jamiaca as a developing country, one rePiTit^^Gs imTTif^diRtfily tlie many social and economina.! problem::; facing us as a nation,. In the 8 years that aspirations. If you are not educated, your chance of making a success of your life is almost nil. Young people grow up to be 12-15 years old and girls, especially, at that tender age, are becoming mothers.
Because of the lack of maturity, these young mothers become frustrated
I have been back home , I have seen a steady decline in human

and this is passed on to their children. These children grow up with no experience of a home life, having children, and its just an endless
cycle. The situation is getting worse everyday and the major crimes

are committed by these disinherited youth.

cycle, but the job is a big one.

The government, the Church

and many organizations are trying to break the back of this endless Over the years you and I have been partners in rehabilitating . Jamaican delinquent youth and from our small beginning, we have grown

into a large scale operation.

I need your help again to experiment

with Hill Top Approved School, a maximum security school 69 miles from Montego Bay, Hill Top has over 100 boys. These are considered
to be the worst offenders in our society. Ages 13-18. Since March of this year I have been working with the boys one Saturday each month, I have also made a public appeal to our

citizens for help and our people have given generously. I collected enough lumber to build 6 table tennis boards, collected football and

cricket gear, collected over Hill Top,

reading books, comics, and magazines

for the school, I was instrumental in collecting 'p^OO.OO to wire one of their v/orkshops. I have just planned a general working day for

Seventy citizens are going there to build table tennis

boards, have a picnic with and for the boys. The whole idea is that vihen the boys return home they will have a friend waiting for them,
I am convinced that the Lord has the answer to all the violence that
v/e now have in Jamaica.

As of January, 1976, Lord willing, members of rry congregation are planning to go to Hill Top two Sunday evenings each month to hold
services with the boys. I am asking the Ocho Rios Chvirch to hoi . Bible Study once each week with the boys.

1, 100 Bibles , Old and New Testaments sent to Hill Top,


These will

remain at the school all the time. One set of Bible Commentaries - Research needs to be. done in the

Bible and the boys need tools to work with.

3, Religious books of all kinds to be sent.


They need a good library.


Clothing used or nev^ for boys ages 12-19 yrs.

underpants, shoes.
behind for those coming in.

When the boys leave, these will be left


Shirts, pants, socks,

5. 200 Bath towels and 200 wash rags,

Please send the items

USED, PLEASE. These will remain.

Mr. H. Lindsay, Superintendent HillTop Approved School

Bamboo P.O. St, Ann JaiT^-ioa. -'est Indies




Is there someone reading this letter who could come to Jamaica

for two months to assist in the construction of this building?

Skilled help will assist in putting up this much needed building. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOVH' Hill Top needs a skilled carpenter, a
skilled welder, a skilled motor mechanic. Are you looking for a place to serve? Then Hill Top gives you the answer. I know there are
skilled tradesmen who' are members of our churches. Maybe you are


Encourage your church to'send you as their missionary to

Hill Top for 2 years.

May the Lord bless you a,11 as you consider these needs.. Some have aske,d how much is owed on the church property. The need stands at $8,317.00. As you know there are many needs. Perhaps youcan surely find some avenue of service to serve the Lord through . ^ at least one of these needs. May the Lord's will be done in your ^

' -L




W: ^ ~





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' V'TV-




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3232 Yanceyville Street Greensboro,. N.C. 27^05

Greensboro, N.C. Permit Mo. 297

' d to -


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At CHUlst



Mr. Lioyd Morris

Box ^66 .

Montego Bay Jamaica, West Indies


Mrs. Edith Dailey 2308 Michelle Lane

Greensboro, N.C,

SEPTEBffiER, 1975

Greetings, my friends! Ever since return to Jamaica, I have spoken of three main thingss Establishing a Church of Christ

in Montego B^ys Establishing a Jamaican Service Gamipj Establishing a Training College. You will agree that if the Churches in Jamaica are to continue growing, a trained leadership is vital. We have talked about a college for years, but we have not moved from the talking stages. Now that we are having more and more young people added to the Church, the need becomes more evident and urgent. Besides i^y work in Montego Bay, I am mow discussing, seriously, ways and means of 'establishing a Training Institute, meeting two or three
evenings for the first year.

Looking at our teachers, we now have: Bros. Donald Morrisgraduate of Minnesota Bible'College and Union Theological Seminarys
Carlton Mullings- of Alberta Bible College and Milligan College;

Vincent Graham- Ozar^-t Bible College;

Lushington Bogle-


Bible College and Ozark Bible Collegej Clive Holness- Atlanta Christian College; Lloyd Morris- Minnesota Bible College; Albert Thompson- Jamaica Bible Seminary; Calvin Baker- Lincoln Christian College. I believe that it is vital for us to have a Christian Education Department. V/ith this in mind, we are sending Marjorie Richards to Minnesota Bible College to prepare herself for the future. I am asking Christians everywhere to assist I'lajorie. Your financial
contributions may be sent to;
Jamaica Student Fund

Minnesota Bible College 920 Mayowood Rd., S.W. Rochester, Minnesota 55901

F^^LL NAMEj Mar.jorie Elaine Richards

BIRTHDAYS S-eptember 25, 195^
Sunday School teacher. Primary Class CHURCH ACTIVITIES:

Organizer of the Junior Bible Club

Youth Fellowship Member Teacher in Youth Camps


Central Branch, All Age School (63-69) got a

free place to enter Technical School

St.', Andrews TechnicdlSchool (69-73) Perfect at this school for t the year (72-73) Jamaica School Certificate examination - Gained passes in Maths, English Language, Spanish, Biology, Civics, Nutrition and
Cookery, and General Science,

Took the Royal Society of Arts Examination (72) Gained passes in

Maths, English Language, and Spanish

Took General Certificate Education "0'* Level, London (73) and gained passes in Fiaths, English Language, and Biology
Minnesota Bible College has given Marjorie free tuition and board, but the truth us, it is not really free, someone is paying
for it. So your contributions will make it a little easier for the College to take care of its other financial commitments.

Those of you who have visited our Churches here, must have
realized the lack of Biblical training. We are now making efforts
V/hile they are in

to train our Sunday School teachers, Elders, Deacons, Ministers, and Evangelists. V^e are hoping that the time will come when ALL of
our Church leaders will "be educated in Jamaica.

training, our Churches will benefit from them.

Your financial assistance in educating Karjorie is your investment in the future training of our Jamaican Ministers. the U.S.A. for all the help you have given to us. is, "Thank Y6u" in the name of Christ.

in Jamaica, will never be able to repay our brothers and sisters in

All we can say




T '

! / /
). ..


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' ;

^ V

. ;


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' j-

fnwrm^ BtiU






B'lr, Lloyd Morris-

Box ^66 "


Montego Bay Jamaica, West Indies


-Mr-s-. Kay Hoist Route #3 Pierre, South Dakota 57501

Greetings at the wonderful Christmas season! 1975 was partially a year of frustration and grief for me. But the Lord in His wisdom took care of my frustrations. Without any warning He sent into my life, Audrey Marcia Bygrave. So on the 6th of September, 1975 Audrey "became Mrs- Audrey t'lorris* We are a family unit again. Linda Kay
"beautiful Christian woman who loves the Lord,
is involved in the life of the Church.

and Mary Beth now have a mother and I now have a helpmate.

University of the West Indies, reading for her Degree, in Economics,

While a student at the


She is a

she was a member of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship.

Christmas is just aroun^ the corner, and as I think of the reason for Christmas, I want to try and give a very simple reason why
Christ means' so much to me.

Christians in the U.S.A. have helped people from all over the world. Some of us have been fortunate to study in the States. We^ have been able to attend some of the finest colleges and universities.

in the U.S.A. ChristiaBS, not knowing other Christians and hearing, of a need, took care of these needs financially and with much prayer. Christians have bridged the gaps that governments and politicians have been unable to bridge. Christ coming to earth, bringing life and

peace to a sin sick world, gave us a new Hope.

This is Christmas to me.

once a

A time of reflection, a time of sharing,

year, but everytime a sinner is brought to knowledge of Jesus Christ. The Christmas story reminds me that we are made in the image of God, with a mind to think,, with a heart to serve, with a desire to help everyone. The Christians in America have exemplified the^
We will have our differences, we will not be able to agree even
^ _ no ^ r,

Christmas comes

Christmas message in a forceful way I Everytime we lift a helping hand to the needy, everytime we lift a helping hand to the friendless, I see the message of Christ coming alive. This is Christmas to me!

upon important issues, but when it comes to the Bible, the clarity is
there for all to see.

"Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious ^ against the workers of iniquity. Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently
because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass."

Christmas reminds me of the words of David in Psalm 37ilr

for hiiQi

Fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way,

in the Lord." No matter what the .difficulties are, let us continue to send the Christmas message to the #orld. To you, w brothers and sisters in the Lord, my family joins with me in wishing your family a very Happy Christmas and a Blessed New Yearl

The words of interest to me are, "Fret not thyself" and 'Rest

birthday we can celebrate! Thank you for allowing me to get to know vou through your letters and gifts for the Lord's work in Montego Bay. Please send all of ,your January gifts to the new forwarding agent,
The address is as follows! " Mrs. Kay Hoist Route #3


PRAISE GOD! that we have a wonderful Saviour whose


Pierre, South Dakota 57501