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Forwarding Agent: Judy Baker
5420 Hunter

Field Address:

Lloyd and Audrey Morris

Box 466

Raytown, MO 64133

Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies

Lloyd, Audrey, Mary Beth,
April, 1978

Linda-Kay, and Jomo

Thousands of Christians in the United States especially those concerned with the work of the Church of
Christ/Christian Churches are concerned about political developments in Jamaica. There is reason to be concerned

by all of us, however,let me reassure one and all that God is still on His throne. As Jamaicans wedonot agree with
all that the Government does, but we feel that through continued fasting and prayer God will answer our prayers.

Weare all experiencing a great revival among our churches. People are still seeking after the things of the Lord,
and we need to be reassured that you, our brothers and sisters, are praying for us.

The Montego Bay Church of Christ has shown signs of growth since our return from the States. Our attendance ranges from thirty-eight to fifty-one, with an average offering of $80.00 for the month of January. We are now having Teacher-Preacher Training Programs on Sunday nights. It is important for our young adults to be taught
to teach and preach the Word of God effectively. Our Bible Study group meets on Tuesday and our Youth Group
meets on Thursday.

We are having a special fasting service on Good Friday, March 24, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. On this day we are taking up a special paper offering to help the needy. Our special Evangelistic meeting will be held from April 16 to 21. Brother C. A. Morris, Minister of the Guy's Hill Church of Christ will be our guest speaker. We ask that you
remember all our church activities in your prayers.

Over the past few years we have been trying to pay off the amount outstanding on the Church property. Those of you who have visited our church have seen the need for our own premises. We cannot construct any permanent structure because so many organizations use the building. If our church is to really grow we must have our own
building. I am convinced that if the Lord tarries our congregation will not always be a mission church. We are

asking every Christian to prayerfully help us in paying off our church property. The outstanding debt is $6,500. Can we challenge you to help us in paying off this debt this year? When this is done we can then begin to make
plans for building a house of worship.
The Montego Bay Church of Christ is one of the few churches in Jamaica that is concerned with the total development of people. We are not only concerned about their souls, but also their total welfare. We want to thank

you all for your generous support in this area over the years. The Government has also given us assistance and we have been able to institute joint Church of Christ/Government projects.
The following pictures gives you an insight into our work in Montego Bay:

Congregation standing outside for this group picture.

The Church at worship. On thisSunday wehad 51 people atworshtp and

our offering was $198. We had two of our friends. Frank and Lucille White from Princeton, Illinois visiting with us. Frank was immersed into
Christ on January 8, before he returned to the States.

Weoperate a Community Services Centre. Thisis a selfsupportingcentre. Hereboysandgirlsare

taught skills in dressmaking, tailoring, radio technicians. We also operate a cook shop, meals are
served at a reasonable cost to the poor. The prices range from 75C to SI .50.



9; 00 10; AM. 7: PM.




ALL EmtNG sikvm


-..7 ACRES


This is our Church sign -- it is visible from the road, so you should have no
trouble finding our place of worship.

This is the building where the school is located. We are paying a rental of
S200 monthly. We charge each student $28. however we have students whose parents cannot afford to pay the fees, so thay are given a scholarship. The fees collected are used to pay the statf. buy STQCR'snd"
repair equipment. We now have 22 full time students.

The struggle has just begun. We ask for your continued prayerful support. We also invite you to visit us in
Jamaica. Thanks for standing behind us. May the Lord Bless you all real good.
Yours in Christ, Lloyd, Audrey, Mary Beth, Linda-Kay & Jomo Morris

BOX 177


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.TOR HORIZONS 733 4/15/78




Lloyd 'and Audrey Morris, missioned ]j


In Jamaica, gave the following repor^

3 on conditions in Jamaica in their mort


recent newsletter.

They also told aliout



the condition of the church in Monte^^o

Bay, where they live and work.



"Thousands of Christians in the uAited

States, especially thise Interested in

the work of the churches of Christ aAd


ehristian churches in Jamaica, are |

conceded about political developments.
There is reason for concern by all ot




However, let me reassure one anA all

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that God is s t i l l on His throne,

Thou^K toe \incw nor

Jiainicano wo do not agree with all that

the government does, ItBt we feel that

through continued fasting and prayer|God

will answer our prayers.

20 21

"We are all experiencing a great

revival among our churches.

People kre

still seeking after the things of thk

need to be reassured that


youj our brothers and sisters, are

praying for us.

2h 25

"The Montego Bay Church of Christ| has

shown signs of growth. Our attendance ranges from 38 to 51, with an average


offering of $80 for the month of Janjuary.

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.TOR HORIZONS 733 4/15/78




We are now having teacher and preach^





training programs on Sunday nights. %ible ^ T A study group meets on Tuesday and our^outh
group meets on Thursday."



Montego Bay church during a recent service,

guests from the U.S. that day.

Frank and Lucille While were welcome

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Field Address:

Lloyd, Audrey, Mary Beth,
Linda-Kay, and Jomo

Lloyd and Audrey Morris

Box 466

Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies

June, 1978

As we struggle with the realities of life in J amaica we are called upon by families to discuss the Christian way of life because more and more, people are coming to realize that truly Christ is the answer to their every need. There are some preachers of the gospel who are saying that Jamaica as a nation must develop the socialist man-provide for him educationally, economically, socially - housing, shelter, job and all crimes will cease. What short sightedness - without Christ in the lives of people they become wicked and careless. We must develop a spiritual being. With Christ controlling our lives we will be able to live with ourselves. "Seek ye first the kingdom ofGod and His righteousness and all things will be added unto you."
However, thousands of Christians here are by their lives showing that Christ is still on His throne and He is the

King of our lives. The church is alive here. The church is growing as more and more ofour young people are coming to realize that Jesus is real. The struggle is on and we need your prayers. In the developing countries like Jamaica, negative political situations affect the work of the church. As bus and car fares increase, as the cost of living goes into orbit and salaries remain low, people especially parents, find it
difficult to attend all the services of the church.

The Jamaican dollar was devalued by fifteen per cent and before the year is out it will be devalued again by another fifteen per cent. Gasoline now costs three dollars per gallon. Basic supplies are out ofthe reach ofthe poor. Many people depend on us for some form of assistance, clothing, paying medical bills, paying camp fees, transporting to conventions, so now, more than ever we need your continued prayerful support. To attend a

meeting in Kingston which is 250 miles away the cost is now fifty dollars. Please pray for us as we labor in Montego

We are now involved in a Ministry of Christian Service at the Fairfield Medical Clinic. This is a cancer clinic where Laetril and other medicines are used. I am finding my ministry there a rewarding one. People from all over the United States and Canada are here. I am learning and sharing with our many firiends. Providing words of
comfort from the word of God is such a rewarding experience. The word of God removes fears from the lives of

people. I see so many Christians who are sharing their experience of love with those who do not know Christ. I feel very humble yet excited because "though I walk through the shadow of death I fear no evil".
As I visit the rooms I notice that there are no devotional materials around. We need about fifty Devotional Guides but I would ask that they be sent ahead of time so that the Devotional Thoughts be followed as the dates arrive. The books MUST be new. So as not to receive more than is needed please write to our forwarding agent stating how many you will be sending so when we have the amount we can stop all others. If you have books ofcomfort, or books on "accepting God's Will for our lives", I would appreciate receiving some. I have to read a lot to understand how to deal with the problems of the sick. They are manifold. Services are held at Fairfield on Sunday and Wednesday afternoons, and I am always on call.

^ ki- ^'"
-i i'*

Many of you have known my parents through letters, while others have known them through visiting Jamaica, so, for those who have never seen my parents will now through a short biography and photograph:
Brother C. A. Morris was bom on November 7,1909. He became a Christian under the ministry of Brother Luke D. Elliot. On

becoming a Christian he resigned from teaching and entered

Seminary in 1945. After graduating he was ordained to the ministry and began his first pastorate at Ewarton Church of Christ. During his many years of ministry he ministered to churches in St. Mary. While there he established the Albion Mountain and Carlton Churches of Christ; in St. Catherine he established the Guys Hill, Merryland Churches ofChrist and also assisted in reorganizing other churches. Mrs. Murdell May Morris was bom November 17, 1911 in Panama of Jamaican parents. She returned to Jamaica where
she met and married brother Morris. She has stood by him

through thick and thin. She supported her husband in all his
work for the Lord. Brother and Sister Morris are the parents of

seven children, three sons are in the Christian ministry: Lloyd, Donald, and Fernando. All children are professional people,
married with their own families.

Brother and Sister Morris can be contacted at: P.O. Box 22,

Guys Hill, St. Catherine, Jamaica W. L

We invite you all to visit with us. May the Lord bless you. On behalf of all our friends we say congratulations to Judy who is
now Mrs. John Prada.

Lloyd, Audrey, Mary Beth, Linda-Kay & Jomo Morris

Mission Services Box 177

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Kempton, IN 46049

Kempton, IN.
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Forwarding Agent: Judy Prada
5420 Hunter Field Address:

I Wmi'^

Llovd and Audrey Morris.

Box 466

Raytown, MO 64133

Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies Lloyd, Audrey, Mary Beth,

September, 1978

Linda-Kay, and Jomo

Some months ago I read an article captioned with these words:

"Nothing Is So Powerful As An Idea Whose Time Has Come"

From the beginning of time God has been speaking to his children telling them that the world will always be ripe for speading and teaching the work of God. However I believe that special periods of time have been more
conducive for the teaching of the Word of God and looking at the signs of time, in the Caribbean and Jamaica in

particular the time has come when Christians everywhere must now make every effort under the guidance of the Lord to evangelize Jamaica for Christ. Oh yes, we are making our individual impact but the Churches of Christ in
Jamaica must have a "unified concerted effort". We should be having tent meetings, gospel crusades, door to door

calling, radio and television programs, tract ministry all over Jamaica. People are hungry for the gospel. I believe
that the harsh economic realities and the spiritual bankruptcy of the larger churches are forcing more and more Jamaicans to seek the truth of God's word. Prayerfully I suggest the above for the study and consideration of my
brothers and sisters in the United States.

Let me deal specifically with Montego Bay. Montego Bay and its environs has 70,000 people. We have been working here for 10 years and we have reached a saturation point. We have witnessed to hundreds of people, they
visit our church from time to time but they keep saying one thing --"Mr. Morris, I appreciate your effort for the Lord,

you teach the truth, we love the friendliness of your people, but your building". You see many friendly organizations use the building that we use for our services, a bar is operated downstairs, parties are held on Saturday nights and so every Sunday morning I have to go and have the building cleaned and prepare for worship.
Sometimes it takes me two hours to clean up the building and grounds.

Some three years ago we bought 4'/^ acres of land for $15,000 to erect our building. With the dedication of Christians abroad and here we paid off $9,000. Our monthly payment to the Jamaica N ational Building Society is $159.00. We have no trouble paying this amount but we are asking every Christian who beUeves in planting a

strong New Testament Church in Montego Bay to work with us. We now need $6,000to complete payment for the land, assistance to build a church building dedicated to the glory of God.

We were greatly blessed when Brother Clifford Schaub, former missionary to the Congo and former editor of
HORIZONS visited with us. He saw Montego Bay first hand and he agreed that we will never grow, we will always

be a mission station as long as we do not have a building from which to reach out to the community.
We are therefore asking you to share the month of October, 1978 as "Jamaica For Christ Land Fund". Suggestions made here are being practiced in our congregation. 1. We are asking every family who receive our newsletter to donate $100.00 to the land and building

2. We are asking all individuals to contribute $25.00. 3. We are suggesting that during the month of October which is designated as "Jamaica for Christ Land Fund Month" that every Monday at noon we donate our lunch money to the fund. Ifyou eat, then give a similar amount to the fund, if you eat at home then assess the cost of lunch and donate that amount, if you are on a diet then designate an amount.

We are appealing to you, our brothers and sisters, to work with us in building a house of worship here in Montego Bay for Christ. Every Christian here is giving sacrificially to the Lord. As you prepare your budget, would you
write us as a family in your budget. We need your continued prayers and financial support. We are still averaging $300 monthly support, we can get by on $600 monthly. We would like to continue assisting the many families that depend on us for some form of assistance.
We would like to thank the Blanchard Church of Christ for supplying us with new Sunday School literature over

these many years. If the Lord has been blessing you abundantly why not share your blessings with us in Montego
IBiy] "

Jamaica needs Christ. Will you continue to help so that the message will be heard all over Jamaica? Yes, I know you will - our thanks to you all.
May the Lord bless you real good, Lloyd, Audrey, Marybeth, Linda-Kay & Jomo Morris

Mission Services
Box 177

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Kempton, IN 46049

Kempton, IN.
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Forwarding Agent:
Judy Prada
5420 Hunter
Field Address:

Lloyd Audrey, Mary Beth,
Linda-Kay, and Jomo

Lloyd and Audrey Morris

Box 466

Raytown, MO 64133

Montego Bay Jamaica, West Indies

November, 1978

The greatest blessing that came our way this summer was a letter from Roger Sumers of the Clarion Church informing us that the J.O.Y. Sunday School class was taking up the challenge to send Mariel Betts to visit us. Immediately we became excited because this class was the first to take up our challenge of last summer to send
someone to see first hand what was being done for the Lord in Montego Bay.
Mrs. Betts visited with us for one week and what a blessing we all received by her presence. The spirit ofGod led

us into many areas of service. We are encouraging other churches to send someone to visit with us and from this experience our newsletters and our slide presentation will be more meaningful to you. Your visit also changes our busy pace and provides for us a time of fellowship. We are happy to inform you that the church has been given the opportunity to present a five minute radio

program on J.B.C. Sundays at 6:00 p.m. Thisprogram willreach listeners in WesternJamaica. Wepraise Godthat
we have been given the opportunity to reach a wider cross section of people through this radio ministry.
As I write to you about our radio program I am reminded of I John 4:4
"Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world."

God in his own time has always opened doors for His work to grow. No man, or no power on earth will ever be able to conquer or overcome the power of the gospel. As of September 3, we are on the air (F.M.) for five minutes. Our

program is called "Reflections." Wearepraying that the station will allow us at least fifteen minutes ofradio time. We praise the Lord for these five minutes. You can all share in this program by: (1) Sending us inspirational poems, gems, thought for the day, or words of wisdom.
(2) Please remember our family and work in your prayers.

Wesay thanks to all our brothers and sisters who have stood by us over these many years. Your labors of love and
sacrificial giving will be rewarded by our Heavenly Father.
The Morris Family


Mrs. Mariel Betts
Clarion, Iowa August 6-13, 1978
I left Iowa early the morning of August 6 and landed in Montego Bay, Jamaica in the afternoon. Our world isn't so big when we fly.

Jamaica is a mountainous country. Everywhere you look you can see a mountain. The roads are built through the mountains. Their main highways are comparable to our secondary county roads. Not as many cars as in the United States -- people can't afford them. Because of the salty air the body of a car has to be redone often and serviced every month. Gas is $3.00 a gallon and other car parts are as high. The government in J amaica is just 16 years old, and is basically the same as ours but we have much more freedom.


come if it weren't for the bar. It is rented for Sundays -


Thursday nights. Bible study is held in one member's home on Tuesday

church IS trying to pay for the land this year. Ifany of Lloyd's supporters would like to help on this'it would be
greatly appreciated. It would save them considerable interest.

"/ Saturday so they have Sunday bchool and Church. They have bought 4'/2 acres ofuncleared land for the Monteeonights Bav Chiirrh

peop?e"^ of

church people have achance Iwould recommend you go over to Jamaica and visit Lloyd and his

May God Bless You.

Mission Services
Box 177

Non Profit Org. U.S. Postage


Kempton, IN 46049

Kempton, IN.
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Forwarding Agent: Judy Prada
5420 Hunter Field Address:

Lloyd and Audrey Morris

Box 466

Raytown, MO 64133

Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies

December, 1978

The Lloyd Morris Family

If Jesus came to your house today, Would you open the door at once and let him come inside? Or would you run around and tidy up before opening the door wide? If he asked to stay for a day or two Would you frown and say 7 suppose so' or would you gladly accept him as long as he wants to stay? Would you have to hide your books and put the Bible where it
should have been

Or could he read your books and see the Bible there as well. If your friends dropped in, could you introduce them to Him, or would you beg them to run away and call another day? Could you take him to your favorite spots and let Him join in your fun or would you have to stay at home and wish for the days to be done Would you stumble for words to say a grace at meals or forget to read your Bible and pray before you go to bed? Would you have to be careful about the words and slang you use
and ask the children to be careful too or can you speak freely and enter into conversations with Him.

Could you take him as a permanent member of the family

or can't you wait for the day to go by and his visit to end?

As we make preparations for the Christmas season, we must think seriously about Jesus, and the preparations that we

should, or have made for him as a permanent member in our lives. Wewill be making long lists for Christmas shopping for presents, new drapes and all the other things that are a part of Christmas. But how many of us have added a present on
our list for Jesus?

I am sure lots of us have forgotten this most important person. Yet he is willing to forget if you are willing to submit yourself to him. Yes my brothers and sisters, your present for Jesus is not an expensive one, although it is a precious one'yourself. Give Jesus total control of your heart and life today.
"Behold, I stand at the door and knock.

If any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in to him and sup with
him and he with me." Rev. 3:20

We are wishing our many friends a Blessed Christmas filled with Christian concern for those who do not know the Saviour such a precious Saviour.

Lloyd and Audrey wish to announce that God has given them the precious gift of another son. He is Andre Stephen Alexander. He was born on the 28th of October. He weighed seven pounds.

May the Lord Bless you real good.

Audrey, Andre, Lloyd, Jomo, Mary Beth, Linda-Kay Morris

Andre Stephen Alexander Morris

e have seen kis star

- in fhe east, ana ore


come +0 luorsllip kim.


Mission Services
Box 177

Non Profit Org. U.S. Postage


Kempton, IN 46049

Kempton, IN.
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