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Forwarding Agent: Judy Prada
6420 Hunter Field Address:

Lloyd and Audrey Morris

Box 466

Raytown, MO 64133

Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies

January, 1980

The Lloyd Morris Family

lives, guiding our crisis situation into heavenly visions ofhappiness, and so we praise the Lord for leading us and lying us down beside rivers which have calmed our souls.

members ofourcongregation prayed like they never prayed before, yet we sawthehand ofGod guiding our

The year 1979 was a very challenging year. We hadour rough moments, we hadour times ofanxiety and the

Political and economic crisis situations can affect one's spiritual life; our lives are no exception. As Jamaica moves from oneeconomic crisis to another, I seesome Christians herecomplaining and have even become bitter. On the other hand, I have seen other Christians still praisingthe Lord and seeing dailythat

the promises ofthe Lord are true. Let us all continue to praise the Lord for His goodness.

easy to feel disappointed. The church family in Montego Bay seems to be increasing and decreasing on a monthly basis as some ofour members move ontothe University, college ormove toanew areawhere thejob opportunities are better. However, the Lord always sends someone at such a time to strengthen us. During the year 1979 we had many Christians from the United States who worshipped with us and we received
tremendous encouragement from them.

When oneworks hard in the service ofthe Lord andthe expected and projected resultsarenotseen, then it is

Testament Prophets provided a source ofstrengthand encouragement for us. Thetimes in which theylived and in which we are now living havegreatsimilarities. In numbers we aresmall, butourgiving, dedication
and closeness is second to none.

My sermons during 1979 were geared to the strengthening and challenging of Christians. The Old

and therefore, we are really an international family. When Christians meet, there issomuch tosharethat we
talk into the wee hours of the morning.

We share our home with many Christians from Jamaica and the United States. Our homeis always open

I have been thinking back over the years on all of you who have supported us. It is your faithful commitment that has kept us doing the many things wc do for the Lord in Montego Bay. It is the Ladies

and I can continue to break new ground fortheLord's business. We need your fmancial support ona monthly

Missionary circles, the men's fellowships, the Sunday school classes, the individual friends that have been our regular support. We live from day to day. We are asking churches towrite us into their budgets so thatyou

My family hasbeen asource ofstrength insupporting me allthe way. Sometimes Ispend many hours away from home; I amnotable tovisit theParentTeachers' Association Meetings for thechildren as Iwould like to, but Audrey is always fitting in; besides being homemaker, mother, wife, breadwinner, counsellor, Bible School teacher, she is also teaching ourTuesday evening Bible study. I amnow teaching a college course at
the Hopefield Church of Christ in Kingston on Wednesday evenings. The Community School ofCosmetology had its third graduationexercises on November 25,1979. Twenty-

eight students received their diplomas. It was agreatoccasion for allofus. The school now hasitsown gowns (blue) so we have reached maturity. The school has been taking care ofall its fmancial obligations.
informed on our work, therefore we say a "big thank you" to her.

One never realizes the amount of workthat is involved in being a Forwarding Agent. Judy has kept you

We havegiven a lotofthought to ourfinancial needs. We have been praying about them andthe answer that came to usthrough ourprayers is "shareit". We do realize that you cannotknow ofourneeds unless we
share them with you.

years and from the mileage you do reaUze that it hasbeen on the road alot. It isnow costing much more than
we can afford for upkeep because it is time for parts to be replaced.
quoted are in U.S. dollars.
Lada Mazda $ 7,000 $ 8,888

In 1973 we bought a Cortina car which has now done over 106,000 miles. It has given good service over the
We did an investigation into the costfor a new car, therefore let meshare the prices withyou. All figures

Ford Cortina
Datsun (smallest) Honda (smallest)

$14,444 (In 1973 I had paid $2,000 for this car.)

$ 9,444 $12,222

willlast at least anothersix or seven years. However, to do this we needyourfinancial assistance, sohereis
the list with costs:

Looking at thecost ofa new carandreplacing our carwith new parts, thedecision was repair andtheparte
exhaust pipe (muffler) parts for engine
labour 4 tires

$ 102.00 791.00
277.00 248.00

parts for gear box

labour starter

210.00 41.00

regulator rectifyer repairing body of car {parts and labour) electrical repairs
reflector total

36.00 30.00 750.00 43.00

54.00 $3,984.00

We are still in need of $3,000 to complete payment on our church property.

RADIO PROGRAMME Our radio programme is gaining a footholdin WesternJamaica. The station and ourradio audience likethe programme. Theprogramme is onthe air everySundayat 6:00 p.m. -PrimeTime. Thereare52Sundaysin the
year and it costs us $13.50 per broadcast.

responsibility. However, precious souls are involved as wemove into the final stages ofdiscussion forthe
establishment of a Bible College. We must continue to teach our people especially now that there is a great need to know and utilize the teachings of Christ. Wemust keep the Christian flag high. This is not the time for

Plans are underway for Retreat (April 3-7) 1980. No matter how we cut the budget, wecannot help but have a large deficit. Weare trying to make it possible for everyone to attend and yet we must accept our financial

looking back; we must continue to moveforward with the Word of God. It must be preachedin everycomer. We are asking you to assist us in two ways in order to offset our projected deficit.
1. We need $1,500.00 now.

2. We need someone to supply $490 to pay the fare for one of our speakers from Christ In Youth, Tulsa,


If you have the following magazines in your homes and youare willingto part with them, pleasesend them
to us:

Family Circle
Glamour Seventeen

Woman's Day Vogue Vogue Patterns

Butterick Sewing World

Weare always trying to improve our newsletter. Wetry to make them informative; we try to reflect what's happening in our country and so it is important for us to have some kind of feedback.
We would like to receive a note from all who receive our newsletter telling us:
a_jJiat_dQjiyiH-likejabjout it?

b. things of interest that you would like to see us write about. We are trying to see if our newsletter is being read and if you are interested in what we are doing. We
will personally reply to everyone.

I know 1980 is going to be a challenging year for all of us. We must rememberat all timesthat Godis still in
control of His world. Thanks a million for all your love, prayers and financial assistance in 1979. May the Lord bless you always. /

The Morris Family

Mission Services Box 177

Non Profit Org. U.S. Postage


Kempton, IN 46049

Kempton, IN.
Permit #4


Forwarding Agent: Field Address:

Mrs. Melba Langseth

Route 3, Box 234

Lloyd and Audrey Morris

Box 466 i'"

Worthington, MN 56187 Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies

May-June, 1980 SPECIAL

The Lloyd Morris Family

"Trust in theLord, and dogood; soshall thoudwell in the land, and verily thou shalt befed. Delightthyself
also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." Psalms 37:3-4

Psalm 37 has been a source of strength to my family and me becauseof the tremendous pressures being
placed on the Jamaican people at this time. We are no different than the people of that era in which Psalm 37 is

.referring. We, as Christians, all share the same heritage, whatever time or era, we speak the same language. The Godofthe universe and the Godof our lives is still at worktoday. Therefore,in spite ofinflation, in spite of political and social tension, we have so much to be thankful for that we have every reason to praise the Lord. Once again the Lord blessed our efforts ~ Retreat 1980 (April 3-7, 1980) was a crowning glory to our
Christian experience. Our theme was:
"Knowing the Christian as.the whole man".
Phil. 2:13

This theme is important to the development of the Jamaican work as we begin to reach out to what Christ has

in store for the future of our churches. The Committee felt that it was important for the young peopleto know
where we are coming from historically and the need for total development of a family life which is essential to
becoming a good Christian.

Eleven churches participated in this programme and there were one hundred and forty adults and twenty
children in attendance.

Our speakers were:

Dr. Howard Hayes -- The Restoration Movement Brother Larry Green - Working With Youth Brother Ernest Bernard -- The Christian Family
Sister Delores Malcolm - The Christian Home.

There are really no easy answers to the critical problems facing our churches. It is not enough to have intelligent people in our congregation - what is important is how we create the right climate for that intelligent Christian to grow in Christian maturity; how we, as ministers of the gospel, impart to them our
own culture, opinions, or the Word of God.

The classes were designed to challenge our minds to think, to reflect on the Word of God, and to open our
minds to the tremendous power that lies within us -- if only we would grasp it. I saw hearts and minds reaching out to acknowledge the power of Christ.

You might be asking yourself why is Retreat so important to Christians here -- there are many reasons.
Jamaica has many natural beauties and God has blessed our nation with a people who have a wonderful sense of humour; however, it is a hard country to live in for many of our people. Inflation is rampant all over the world and here in Jamaica, it is also very present; prices and the cost of living have skyrocketed to such an extent that many people cannot easily spend their hard-earned cash on a weekend away from home. There are too many unpaid bills and so a vacation away from home is a rare thing.

If God's people are to fully realize the benefit of the Christian life, if we are to see faith in action, then we must come together for study, relaxation and fellowship. Retreat offers all these things and more. A holiday from the ordinary bustle of everyday living, not expensive (therefore allowing everyone to attend), no expenses to worry about for the time being - Retreat enables the Christian to relax -- no rush - to put aside everything else, to share in the glory and happiness of God and to be in unity with one another and the Lord. There are not many chances for Christians and non-Christians to view each other and learn from one another in a relaxed atmosphere, therefore, Retreat is the ideal place; this is especially important because it brings about the opportunity for other congregations to join in fellowship and love.
At Retreat we were able to look at some new avenues ofChristian witnessing. Where does the Holy Spirit fit

Dr. Howard H

in all these plans? Well, it was the Holy Spirit who guided us in seeing all the possibilities of greater service for
the Lord. Those who were at Retreat were saying that they wanted more of this type of fellowship, to meet more often and to realize the need for more growth in our personal lives. We beseech you, our friends in Christ,
to remember us in your prayers.

Planting New Testament Churches in Jamaica is not an easy task but with the caliber of Christians growing up in our churches, we have a bright future. Young people can be challenged for the Lord - what we do with them today will determine what they do

The Christians here need Retreat as a time of reflection on our lives; it is a time of being at peace with God. It is a time of spiritual renewal. Let God be praised.


The 1980 Easter Retreat is over but I hope that its "riches in Christ Jesus " will continue to inspire and bless all who participated in it, and through them may be imparted to many others. For me it was "the experience ofa life-time", and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to become acquainted and enjoy fellowship with
some of you Jamaican people.

Isn't Christian brotherhood wonderful? How grateful we ought to be that God has provided the means for uniting all mankind in one great family! That means is his own great all-embracing loue: "Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us that we should be called sons of God; and such we are", (I John 3:1). And when love of that same quality is "shed abroad from our hearts" it binds us together in
brotherhood and unity.

. .. "Let us not grow weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap, if we do not lose heart" (Gal. 6:9). You have some problems, as we all do, but nothing too great to be resolved by dedication, determination, love and sincere endeavour. "Our God is able", in his strength and under his guidance we are also able. Let us all together resolve to "rise up and build".
Dr. Howard Hayes

Retreat 1980 was great! To me it was another wonderful experience with some of the Jamaican Christians. The days we shared together in fellowship were most rewarding. The classes and lessons were spiritually uplifting and just plain enjoyable. The most lasting impression this year's Retreat left on me is the joy and optimism which these Christians had in a time when their very faith was being tested. This has caused me to understand with more meaning what James 2:2 is saying. These are "dread times" for the people of Jamaica. Political uncertainty, economic depression and social unrest across the island create a climate which tests the faith of every Christian. With these pressures in the society, I am amazed how steadfast and hopeful they are.
Ernest Bernard

Teachers: (left to right)

The messages that were preached and the devotions that were given inspired my heart so that I felt real close to Christ. I pray that the retreat will continue to be on an annual basis so that we will be able to reach out more
in unity one with the other.

/es and his class.

Sister Oelores Malcolm and her class.

Brother Ernest Bernard and his class.

a of a long weekend when God's people can come together to praise and worship the Lord r is a great idea. In the Churches of Christ there is not much coming together to meet and
er and for young people to get together.

)od break from the routine of the household and as a young wife I had time to relax; thisl


This is my first visit to a retreat of the Church of Christ. I must say I enjoyed it immensely. The fellowship in devotions, classes and services have really helped me tremendously. I have had spiritualproblems and I have

found answers that were really baffling me. I believe that I am now a better person.

'cal. This /.s the sort of meeting necessary for Christian growth, so we can meet and 'ained spiritually and emotionally. I hope Retreat will go on so that Christians can meet y with each other.
Great! Wholesome! Just right for young Christians both in age and fellowship. One of the guests at the hotel who attended our Sunday morning service commented to me that we seem to be trying to develop love and unity amongst each other. I think we are winning the battle against the evil one.

rnest Bernard, Delores Malcolm, Howard Hayes, and Larry Green.

Brother Larry Green and his class.

CAR FUND Maybe you have thought about assisting me to repair my car so that it can be road worthy, but you have said "I am sure the needs have been met, therefore, my financial support is not needed". My brothers and sisters, we need your support. The need is $3,000.00; the amount raised is $800.00. Will you help today?

The message of Christ is being preached throughout the Western Parishes of Jamaica. We have increased

our radio time to ten (10) minutes. The cost is $25.00 or $1,300 for fifty-two (52) Sundays. Will you help us in
presenting the Message of Christ? We need to hear from you today.

FORWARDING AGENT Sister Judy Prada, with her husband, John, have served our work as forwarding agents since 1977.Judy
has worked beyond the call of duty in getting our work before you, and We are so grateful to her.

As Judy leaves us, we say thanks to her for her Christian service rendered to us. Thanks Judy and John.
May the Lord continue to bless you both as you continue your Christian service.

Because of our financial needs, I visited with a few of our churches (April 16 -May 18,1980). Over the years we have tried to increase our financial support to $600 monthly, but with the tremendous inflation being experienced by us, we just found it impossible to continue with our hand to mouth existence. We have had a very hard time raising the monthly support of $600. Our needs are still critical and so we covet your prayers
and we also seek your financial support which is most needed at this time.

We would like to thank the following churches for allowing me to speak: Southside Christian Church Worthington and Clarion Churches of Christ

Grainvalley Christian Church

Shawnee Christian Church
Truman Church of Christ

Miami Shores Church of Christ, and

Bemidji Church of Christ

Thanks to our many friends who have supported us over the years. We truly appreciate your assistance. Now more than ever we need your support as we go through severe financial crises due to the inflation which is affecting us.

We ask you to pray with us as God speaks to your heart. We will all try to see that we will give that little extra to lighten the burden here in Jamaica.
Prayer requests:

1. let us pray to God for the safe release of those hostages held in Iran. God is still in control of his world and he will respond to the prayers of the Christian if we ask him to; 2. pray for Jamaica as we prepare for elections sometime this year. The Lord's will will be done that political crises which affect our lives be settled so that we will become one nation again;

3. pray for all the senior citizens in our churches who have had to give up their homes and are now in senior citizens' homes. They need our letters, cards, visits; they must know that each of us,
-their sisters and brothers in Christ, care for them;

4. pray for our churches that against great odds are giving generously to support missionaries
around the world. We praise the Lord for this steadfastness and dedication;

5. pray for America that as a nation she might remain free and that all Christians and men of goodwill will remain free and that as a strong nation she will assist in the developing countries
of the world to help the people remain truly free.
The Morris Family

- "
c .

S( <2 6

Thanks Judy! Judy Prada

t- 1 . ^


m ^
o o

Forwarding Agent: Field Address:

Mrs. Melba Langseth

Route 3, Box 234

Lloyd and Audrey Morris

Box 466

Worthington, MN 56187 Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies

November, 1980

The Lloyd Morris Family

is a time when all fightingceaseseven temporarily so that the light ofthe world is glorified. Soyou see, Christ
mas is the story of forgiveness and love.
the United States.

time ofyearbecause mankind theworld over recognizes itas a time ofpeace, a time offorgiveness for everyone. It
Thinking about Christmas 1thought I would share"Christmas in Jamaica" with you, my friends in Christin

Here we are at this most beautiful time of the year celebrating Christmas 1980. I am always happy for this

thegood spirit oftheseason. From the beginning ofNovember themerchants begin todecorate their stores and gear themselves toward the coming ofChristmas. All the new clothing, the toys, the Christmas decorations are
brought out and put on display.

Christmas in Jamaica, Hke most other countries,is filled with gaiety, laughter and peace whichcharacterize

restoftheyear, unlike some countries which experience snowfall at thistime andhave what isknown as a 'white
Christmas'. We in Jamaica enjoy the sunny climate, but thereis a difference the nightsarecooler and we say that it's the Christmas breeze. ^

Even nature tells us that Christmas is on its way. During the Christmas season, Jamaica is as sunny as the



MaryBeth and Linda Kay


usually a band and everyone dances and enjoy themselves.

Christmas music and carols can be heard everywhere. In some

neighborhoods loud speakers are placed on the roofs of houses so that the songs can be heard in the entire neighborhood. The news media, especially the radio, plays a very important part in broadcasting to the nation the meaning of Christmas. This is truly
a time for reflection and forgiveness. Christmas is a very happy

One of the most spectacular events in the whole Christmas

season is the "Watch Night Services" which occur both on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve here we find that all the churches are filled. The atmosphere is very vibrant and the singing

is a glorious expression of one's faith in God because of the beauty

of the voices with the depth of expression.

The whole story of Christmas has been so uniquely created that it summons us to worship and not only us, but nature also as she

prepares herself to receive the proclaimed Messiah and each year

recalls the event. Most Jamaicans are God-fearing people. They

are deeply religious and highly respect Christmas as the birthday

of Christ. On Christmas morning all the churches are usually filled

to capacity with everyone all dressed in their best to celebrate the

Andrae and Jomo

birth ofour Lord. Everyone is more receptive at this time. If we care to be honest with ourselves, we will agree that there is truly a spirit within the brotherhood of man that subdues us to love, unity and

peace. This spirit is embodied in Christmas. Only through Christ can we be totally united.
On Christmas morning many Jamaicans go to "Christmas Market". This caters mainly to the children because it is at this time that last minute gifts can be bought at the public market place, which usually begins
about 5:00 a.m. and ends at 11:00 a.m.

Christmas day is really a time to be with the whole family. There is the joy of opening gifts and of the whole family coming together to share the Christmas dinner, mainly a time of get-togethers a peaceful and restful

Although we have mentioned certain aspects of Christmas in Jamaica, in truth and in fact it is not really very different from Christmas anywhere else in the world. Christmas is truly a joyful time, a time to give praise to the Lord, a time to be happy and rejoice.
With all the Christmas festivities, we cannot forget the words found in Luke 1:30-31: "And the angel said unto her,
Fear not Mary:

for thou hast found favour with God.

And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son,
and shalt call his name Jesus".

As I think of the words of Luke, I am reminded of the words of Charles Wells:

"Men always have hope of a better world when they see the miracle of Christmas. All the selfishness, bitterness and hatred pause, and for a day surrender to the sweet charm of a little Divine Prince who cast his spell over the earth two thousand years ago, a spell that has not been broken, a charm that has increased to become a spiritual dominion stretching
around the earth and from pole to pole. Thus we can always know that men could live with

goodwill and understanding for each other, because one day in each year the little Divine Prince of Peace still compels them to do it". Oh yes, my brothers and sisters, Christ's coming to earth has brought all tongues and races of people together in a bond of peace, fellowship and love. This is Christmas the peace that flows from my heart to yours and yours to mine. It is a beautiful sense of belonging we love each other not because we are forced to do so, but
because we are Christians.

To all of you, our friends, we wish you all a blessed Christmas and all the best that comes from the Lord for 1981. We love you and say thanks to you for caring and sharing.
The Morris Family Lloyd, Audrey, MaryBeth, Linda Kay,
Jomo and Andrae

Today we introduce to you by means of a photograph our Forwarding Agent and her
husband Brother and Sister

Rodney and Melba Langseth. They are beautiful Christians and we praise the Lord for their
encouragement and dedication of

so many hours spent in keeping

you informed of the Lord's work

in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We love them and I know you will



Mission Services
Box 177

Non Profil Org.

U.S. Postage

Kempton. IN 46049

Kempton, IN.
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