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TJ Cawley’s Philosophy Reaps Huge Benefits for Morrisville
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Give a Little, Get Back a Lot
To that end, Cawley is also vice chair of the Morrisville Public Safety Advisory Committee, a member of the Morrisville Residents Active in Improving the Environment Committee, the Weatherstone Elementary PTA, Capital Area Friends of Transit, Cary Spruce Adopt-A-Spot Program, Sierra Club, ImagineCary, and the Morrisville Citizen Survey Panel. He enjoys coaching recreational sports and also recently participated in shaving his head and raising funds for St. Baldrick’s, a foundation dedicated to funding research to find a cure for childhood cancer. Born in Larchmont, NY, Cawley earned his undergraduate business degree from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, lived in Europe briefly after graduation, competed in Ultimate Frisbee national and world championships over the years, travelled the globe, and found himself continually drawn back to the quality of life right here in the Triangle. “There is no better place to live and raise a family than Morrisville,” said Cawley. Cawley’s family includes wife, Kathy, director in the finance organization at Verizon, whom he met at the University of Virginia. “She is the

Give a little, you get back a lot. Lucky for those who live in Morrisville, that is the life’s philosophy of Preston Grande resident TJ Cawley. Cawley, a retired businessman, dedicated father and community volunteer, touched the lives of many Morrisville residents through his work as the volunteer coordinator for the recent East Meets West Festival. “When you help yourself, the benefits end with you; but when you help others, the benefits grow and spread outward to benefit the entire community,” said Cawley. “It is especially rewarding to be part of such a solid team finding, discussing, and implementing ways to empower others and have them help others in turn.”

smartest, sweetest person I know and my best friend,” said Cawley. He is also the proud father to daughter Katie (age 16), who will represent North Carolina in the in the PTA Reflections Program for dance choreography; Shannon (almost 10), who enjoys playing piano, reading voraciously, is the media liaison on the Weatherstone student council and excels at soccer; and Ryan (age 7) who enjoys participating in Y Guides and is a triple sports threat playing soccer, baseball, and basketball. “Spending time with and creating a nurturing environment for our children has been and continues to be the greatest job in the world,” said Cawley.

There is no better place to live and raise a family than Morrisville.
TJ Cawley Morrisville resident

TJ Cawley Profile
AGE: 47 RESIDENCE: Morrisville (Preston Grande) FAMILY: Wife (Kathy); three children: Katie (16), Shannon (10), Ryan (7). INTERESTS: Biking, ultimate frisbee, racquetball, town government, coaching soccer, baseball and basketball ORGANIZATIONS: Town of Morrisville, Morrisville Innovation Foundation (East Meets West Festival), Weatherstone Elementary School PTA.

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