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Company Profile:
Secugenius Security Solutions is a Student Entrepreneurial Company started by 2 Social Student Entrepreneurs in 2010 with an aim to make our country Cyber Crime Free. We at SECUGENIUS are headquartered at Ludhiana, the Manchester of Punjab. The main activities of Secugenius Security Solutions are providing training in Information Security and various professional courses. Secugenius Security Solutions is an organization which believes in inventing and implementing new ideas to influence the technological minds of the youngsters Looking at the number of Cyber Crimes since last many years, We at Secugenius Security Solutions provides training on Ethical hacking & Cyber Security to students, IT Professionals, Bank Employees, Police officials. Secugenius conducts workshops in all parts of the country in various Colleges/institutions for the benefit of the students & making them aware of the latest trends in technological era of the Computer age. We believe in spreading knowledge to all the youngsters & growing minds of the nation so that they could serve the nation with perfect skill-sets in the field of Cyber Crime Investigation & Forensic Sciences Secugenius provides various security solutions to its clients by securing their websites from cyber attacks. We provide training to college students, graduates and professionals in various fields. Education is delivered to students through two modes i.e. Regular mode and Distance mode which are available as short term and long term courses. In the workshops conducted by Secugenius, participants can claim to be trained by the highly experienced & skilled corporate trainers from different parts of the nation. We believe in making the base of students to be as strong as possible. All the modules have been designed in order to provide students with specialized knowledge by specialized trainers. This library was furnished, managed and funded by the Founders and Directors of Secugenius Er. Harpreet Khattar & Er. Kshitij Adhlakha . The overall resource person for the content of the series of this Digital Library is Er. Chetan Soni - Sr. Security Specialist, Secugenius Security Solutions.

This Online Digital Library has been initiated as a free resource & permanent resource on specialization basis for every student of Team Secugenius.

Send Mail from BT Linux with SSMTP and MUTT

Product ID No: SG/ODL/13021 Founder & Director: Harpreet Khattar & Kshitij Adhlakha Resource Person: Chetan Soni
Secugenius Security Solutions SCO-13A, Model Town Extn, Near Krishna Mandir, Ludhiana-141002, Punjab India, ,

What is SSMTP & MUTT?

SSMTP is a simple MTA (Message Transfer Agent) to send off mail from a Linux system to a mail hub. For a mail hub will use a Gmail account. SSMTP can send emails by itself or you can install mutt (it's another simple MTA). Always it's a good idea to configure your server to notify you with some cronjobs for errors instead of not doing it at all and just checking logs by yourself. Step 1 Open Your Terminal and install SSMTP package by typing this command, root@bt:~# apt-get install ssmtp

Step 2 Now its time to configure the ssmtp, so to configure this, open configuration file of ssmtp by typing this command, root@bt:~# vi /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf

Step 3 Now Change the following fields, Syntax root=<Your Gmail ID> Example

Step 4 Syntax mailhub=<SMTP Address:SMTP Port No> Example

Step 5 Edit your hostname, hostname=bt

Step 6 At the End of the file Add these lines(One Per Line) Syntax AuthUser=<Your Gmail Username> AuthPass=<Your Gmail Password> useSTARTTLS=yes

Step 7 Now Open your terminal and type these lines to send the mail, root@bt:~# ssmtp Subject:Testing <Blank Line> Hello Hi Guys <Press Enter> <Press Enter> <Press Enter> <Press Enter> <Press Enter>

To Send Mail Press CTRL+D

You can also send mails from predefined .txt file by typing this command. root@bt:~# ssmtp < message.txt

<Your Message must be in Standard Format>

Step 8 Mutt is a sophisticated email client for Linux terminal. It supports MIME, GPG, PGP and threading. To Install Mutt, type this command in your terminal, root@bt:~# apt-get install mutt

Step 9 To send a mail by using mutt, type this command in your terminal,
root@bt:~# echo test | mutt s Your-Subject

Step 10 You can also send command output via Email from mutt by typing this command,
whois | mutt s Whois-Report

To Check Who Rebooted Your machine,

root@bt:~# last |grep reboot | mutt s Rebootinfo

To Check whos Currently logged in, root@bt:~# w |mutt s Whois-currently-loggedin