The Gray Room Method

I want to make it clear; first of all, that I believe the things I am about to share with you wholeheartedly. I say this so that if you adapt the principles in this book you will feel less alone than I. Believe me, people will look at you funny sometimes and you will question whether or not any of this is true, because others can’t see it. At those times remember first, that you aren’t the first person to feel that way. The greats: Edison, Eisenstein, and most other great inventors and thinkers have all felt the same way. Secondly, remember the principles you will learn in this book. They may not make sense as you read them, but once you understand them they will change your life forever. You will realize that your loneliness is a figment of your imagination created by you, projected by you, and believed by you. And I might add, fixable by you. Remember that your mind and your agency to use it is God’s greatest gift to the world. Remember that it can create whatever you want it to. Remember that it is controlled by your subconscious and that anytime thoughts are projected on its screen the subconscious is choosing the film. If you change the man

-how to deal with bothersome people and unpleasant experiencesexperiencesBy: Keith Clark
First Edition 9/20/07 Second Edition 6/11/09


behind the projector you automatically change the film. How do you do that? Wait and see. Lastly, I commend you for picking up this book. That, in itself is worthy of admiration. You desire to heal yourself. I know that much about you already. You can heal yourself and you will. My desire is to give you the information necessary to make your healing as easy as thinking. After all, you are what you think you are, or more accurately, you are what your subconscious feels you are. Thanks for reading. I love you, Keith

I Love You Isn’t it funny how life takes your own thoughts and then turns them against you? My purpose in writing this part first, was to weed out the people that wouldn’t want the knowledge this book has to offer. I was going to do that by proving that people, closed-minded, would always stunt their own growth, and that the open-minded individual would never go to far by being too open-minded. The other day I was condemning closedminded people and my wife, whom I adore, was trying to make a point, pleading their case. I absolutely refused to listen to her. I didn’t want to believe what she was saying. Then I caught myself. I was being closedminded about the idea of being open-minded. Oliver Wendell Homes said: “The mind of man, stretched to a new level, will never return to its original dimension.” Perhaps this is why we fear the unexplored truth, the not so understood theory. Maybe somewhere deep down, we fear that we’ll never be the same again. And we'd be right. I am warning you that the methods in this book will change your life.



You will never be the same or look at things the same again if you read it, and believe it. You will come away with habits and resources needed to resolve any challenge, change any behavior, heal yourself, and even change others behaviors without even talking to them. What is this? It isn't voodoo or black magic. It is a simple process that people have forgotten how to apply. It is a thing called love. Keep an open mind And an open heart And your mind And your heart Will grow Into what you Want to be And you will have Everything you want to have These truths will be self-evident That you are capable of love And thus capable Of everything else

The Things You Look At Change The Gray Room Method is a psychological tool of power that has its basis in a not so easy to understand science, quantum science to be exact. Quantum science is one of the… wait, sit down, I promise I won’t try to confuse you so early in the book. If you’ll hang in there, I’d like to tell you a story: There was once a little boy who wanted to buy a watch. He would visit the store every day and drool over the shiny timepiece in the corner window. Alas, he didn’t have enough money to buy the watch so every day he would simply look at it. One day his father noticed the eager anticipation in the boys face as they passed the store window, and so he bought the watch for his son. The watches new owner was proud and happy as he strolled down the street with his new treasure shining in the sun. Days passed and soon the boy would forget to wear his watch. Months passed and the boy couldn’t even remember



where he had placed it, what’s more he really didn’t care. What made the watch lose its value? Was it that his father, and not himself, had bought it? Was it that he didn’t wear it every day? I would suggest that it was simply not worth as much to him over the course of time. The watch didn’t change at all, but the way the boy looked at it did. The worth of the watch was reality to the boy and the reality of its worth was only in his head. “When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.” So what is reality? I submit to you, that it is only what you decide it is, and that decision is made your mind. Let me be personal for a moment. I am a newly married, young, “knowit-all” who pretends to have it all figured out. I remember feeling this smart during my first marriage, which ended in divorce; obviously I didn’t have it all figured out. I do have something now that I didn’t then, however, and that’s the gray room method. Let me show you how it has helped me. When I am confused about my relationship with my wife I go to a room in my mind. It is a gray room. The attic in my brain, you might

say. To me it represents my subconscious, and if I am having a hard time understanding my wife she is usually in the room. When I feel fine the room is empty. I then go through the exercises that I will explain later in this book, and she disappears from my gray room. What am I getting at here? The result is an apparent change in her. What, you say. How does it change her? Well it doesn’t exactly, but it changes me, and to me, she has changed. That may not make sense at all but it is a definition of reality I will help you understand as we go. If you want to stop reading now please do so because the things you are about to learn will alter your thinking forever and you will never view your life the same again. If you are still reading then good, and prepare to be amazed. Roots and Trees The Gray Room Method was inspired by a book called “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale. I was awe struck as I read it, and it immediately began to change my brain patterns. It was shortly there after, that the gray room



became a part of my life. “Zero Limits” talks about the power of the phrases “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, and thank you.” You will hear these words quite often in this book. It has been asked: if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound? Well according to quantum physics if a tree falls in the woods and there is no one is there to hear it, there’s no tree, and there’s no woods. You see, what you get is what you think you get. Now how many of you wouldn’t want more I love you’s, I’m sorry’s, please forgive me’s and thank you’s. I would. To find out how keep reading. I’m Sorry Now that you’ve been introduced to some basic phrases used in the gray room, how about an overview of the events that occur there. Remember that your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between thinking and acting. To your deepest darkest parts, all the events in the gray room are reality… so hang on! One day, at work, I was really upset with the attitudes of my co-workers. There was cussing

and swearing going on between many of the employees. These were frustrated individuals, and cussing is one of my pet peeves. I was upset too because of the bad environment. I finished my work, and left as quickly as possible. Later that night I was still upset and realized that, according to the “gray room,” all that had happened earlier was coming from ME, and it was still inside me or else I wouldn’t be thinking about it still. I decided to close my eyes and picture the gray room in my mind. Sure enough, there in my head were all the people at work bickering and complaining, and there I was too, trying to quiet them all down. This scene was reality to my subconscious. It might be interesting to note, that it has been proven scientifically that your subconscious does not always communicate with your conscious. Results of this are shown in an explosion of anger, or “the buttons” that people push. Those pet peeves that just tick us off, they're all already there in the subconscious they just don’t come out until the conscious calls for them. Oh, and by the way, the subconscious is much stronger than the conscious. Some



even refer to the subconscious as our spirit and the conscious, our body. So there I was with a bunch of people fighting in my head and me trying to keep order in the classroom. Here’s what happened next. I turned my back toward the others and looked up to God. I told him that I was responsible for all the people in my gray room. This didn’t make complete sense to me because they were really at the workplace, but they were in my head so I accepted responsibility for everything in my head and then said these powerful phrases: “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you,” as I looked toward heaven. I asked His forgiveness for their mistakes. What happened next was truly a miracle. One by one the people in the room began to disappear and all thoughts of the incident at work vanished from my mind. I began to use this method many times a day, and the changes at work and in other areas of my life began to be astounding. No more cussing, hardly at all, and the employees were more friendly and inviting. In fact two of them are dating now!

Is all this just chance? Maybe…who cares! Is it worth a try? Here is some more Insight. Remember how I said that, in my gray room, I had turned my back toward the angry crowd and accepted responsibility for them being upset. That may seem like a new concept to a lot of people so let me explain. We have been raised to believe that some things are our fault and some things are other people’s faults. How many times were you told as a kid, “oh it’s not your fault” that “that kid was mean to you” or “it’s not your fault that that person was upset?” That is how a lot of people have been programmed to think while growing up. The truth is, we cannot change something we are not responsible for. Not taking responsibility for something is placing the blame on someone else. When did any good come from blaming others? Now by saying you’re responsible, it doesn’t mean that you are at fault, you are merely “response-able,” you are able to respond to the situation at hand. Claiming responsibility before God, for the problems of others, will not only clear the



problem from your mind, but in most cases it will clear the problem all together. The story is told of Abigail, in the Old Testament. Abigail was the wife of a man who refused the outcast David, and his men, when David needed food and supplies badly. Upon rejection of supplies David and his men rode to destroy and take, by force, what they couldn’t receive. Then Abigail came foreword. She stopped in the sand and told David how sorry she was for the way that they felt. She claimed responsibility for her husbands’ greed and by so doing turned away destruction from her own house. Now Abigail could have told her husband, “ya know what, this is all your fault and you’re gonna have to stand up like a man defend me.” She could have said that, and let David and his men destroy all she owned. But she was smarter than that. She swallowed some pride and pretended that it was all her fault. The result was peace and safety for everyone involved. Now, the reality of all this hits, when you begin to take responsibility for other peoples actions, and you’ll find that you really do have something inside, that is the same as them. For example:

There’s a story about a man named Bill. This same story is re-told in many people’s lives multiple times: Bill once saw a woman, and her married, male friend, outside a gym. They were playing basketball together, just the two of them. This infuriated Bill. He was a married man and thought he knew what was good and bad behavior for a married man. He heard the male friend say to the woman that he was married. He talked to this lady like he had known her for some time, and saw her alone quite often. What did Bill do? He started hanging out with the same lady to protect her from her married friend. Surely an observant, upstanding man like him could protect her from the harm that adultery would cause her and her friend. Bill ended up committing adultery with the woman himself. If you’ll look closely Bill condemned to hell the very thing that was inside himself. He hated something outwardly that He already possessed.



Now, if Bill knew then, that whole scenario would have turned out differently. What would he have done? Well, hopefully he would have recognized that by condemning someone outwardly, that he needed to change that same thing inside himself. Our outer life experience often tells us, in subtle ways, what is going on in our inner life experience. That may not make sense, but hang on the book isn’t over yet. This brings me to the next part of the book, that will try to describe to you what you will feel when your “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you” has been accepted by God and the people or situations disappear from your gray room. Releasing and Religion A sigh might be the easiest way to explain releasing. When you sigh you exhale but you also feel relief and completion. Usually after the sigh your brain switches thoughts and you no longer think about whatever it is you were thinking about. This is what it’s like to complete the gray room method on a particular problem. The apology is accepted by the Divine and you can no longer think about the problems you were facing. The people in your room will disappear.

Sometimes not everyone will disappear from your room and in such cases it is good to ask the person, in your mind, why he or she is still there. They will usually respond with something relevant to how you feel about the person, such as, I hate so and so, or I feel this way, the same way that you feel, or, you hurt me. The gray room method can then be applied again with just this individual and you. When I first began “clearing” my room this way, I would sit at a desk in the room away from the people I was trying to clear for. This felt comfortable because I was behind something and I felt like nobody could hurt me. This sounds crazy, I know, this is all in your head, but some thoughts are painful and I wanted protection. Later, in my daily clearing, I realized that I wasn’t accepting enough responsibility by hiding behind my desk and I felt like I could speed things up by standing right by the person, or people, that I was clearing. As time went on I would even bring another me in the room, if I had an issue with myself, in the situation I was clearing. Granted this sounds crazy, a little gray room inside my head where two me’s, a bunch of people, and I’m saying “I love you, I’m sorry,



please forgive me, thank you” to an unseen God, for having them in my head. All I can say is, it works! I don’t know all the reasons why. Maybe it’s because God is love. God is forgiveness. God is gratitude. Maybe it’s because the universe can’t stand seeing someone taking responsibility for somebody else’s mistakes. I don’t know, and I don’t care, I do it anyway. I have to put a religious adage here. Sometimes I will add, “in the name of Jesus Christ amen” on the end of “I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” This may seem unusual but doing something in the name of someone, who you feel has more power than you, seems to “force the download” you might say. Try it and see how it works. Certainly the most powerful part of all this is taking responsibility for others, because they’re really your own problems, and then tell God, I love you...etc. I know I’ve talked a lot about taking responsibility but there really is a part of us in everything we experience in life. Quantum science is proving every day that you get what you are looking for. We create our own reality. We create our own world as we live. There really is no “in here” or “out there.” On top of all this, we really don't think about things we don't love.

That means that if we think we hate something and we think about it a lot, somewhere deep down, we may not hate it, we may love it. Too many of us love the things that are hurting us. I used to believe differently however. I was working construction in my early 20’s and thought the best way I could rid the world from evil was to go to war. I enlisted during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and went to Baghdad. I did far from any good for myself and as a result limited my capacity to help others even more. I can say I gained experience however, that would help me understand others in the future. That is my one consolation for wasted time when I could have been improving myself, bringing myself to a higher level and then overflowing to the rest of the world. Again, there is no “in here” or “out there.” Everything we experience is a reflection of ourselves. The sooner we can accept that the sooner we can start to make changes. I know this probably seems overwhelming to read, let alone practice but, if you did practice the gray room method, what would be the benefits? I’ll tell you what it’s done for me. It’s helped me understand and thrive in a wonderful relationship with my wife, I’ve seen physical



healing in me and in her from using it, I’ve seen worry, anxiety and fear, disappear, I’ve healed my mind from anger, grief and pain. Going to the gray room and taking responsibility for what I see there has changed my life. I must admit that all of this alternative healing stuff began when I started believing in Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT. EFT uses acupressure points on the body to release negative emotion by realigning the energy patterns in your body. While using EFT, I experienced my first clearing (releasing), and from then on I knew what it felt like to let negative energy go from my body. I mention this here because while applying the gray room method you may have to adjust your delivery a little bit in order to release. You will learn what to adjust next. Now that you’ve learned, or at least, listened to all this talk, let me share what sort of scenarios your brain is going to experience as you apply these principles. There are doubtless hundreds of ways to visualize the gray room, and to clear it. I want to share some of the ways that have worked for me.

Obviously if your negative emotion or experience involves a lot of people then bring them all into the room. If it only involves one person then just bring one into the room, but what about experiences that were just bad experiences? This is when it gets interesting. If you want to clear for an experience that is in the future, or in the past for that matter, it is a good idea to play a movie of that experience in your gray room. I have a fear right now that every evening of my life will be like this evening. My wife is tired from work and is on the couch watching TV. I don’t like TV so I am on the computer writing this. I feel like we have hardly talked all day. So my biggest fear right now is that this will continue on every night of my life. If you think about many of the issues we get upset over you will notice that often we are upset because we think it will go on forever, when in reality it's probably a one time thing. Let me finish walking you through this. I am going to my gray room and I am bringing a huge plasma screen TV into the room and I am playing a movie of me, and my wife, fighting because we never spend any time together because she is always watching TV. This of course hasn’t happened but by taking care of it now it will decrease the chances of it



ever happening. In fact it will probably never happen because I will have already released it. So now that I am watching this movie in front of God, in my gray room. I look up and say to Him, “I am responsible. It is my fault she watches so much TV.” There are times in my life when all I did in my spare time was watch TV and I haven’t cleared for them (see I found what it was in me that created this bad experience). I am responsible God, and I am sorry. I don’t want it to be this way. (I’m going to look deeper now and clear from when I used to be addicted to TV. So I’m bringing in another TV. This one is playing a movie of me watching TV. So there are two screens in the gray room one showing her and one showing me, both of us watching TV. Now I turn to God and say: “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen” Let me mention one last thing about visualizing. Money issues are common among people who are willing to try anything, including The Gray Room. Here are some things that have worked for me. First of all, money issues are a result of your issues. In other words the issue isn't with the money it’s with you. What I’ve done in the past, and what

I’ll talk about more in the future, is going to the extreme that you fear. In other words if you are worried because you fear you won’t have enough money in the future, or even tomorrow, go there today. For example: I have always had this worry that I would end up a hobo, completely broke. I’ve gone there in my mind, pictured it and took the hobo into the gray room with me. Him and I (both being representatives of me) stood before Deity and I apologized for him. “Heavenly Father I created this poor hobo in my mind. He is the sum of all my fears about poverty. If I didn’t have a poverty mindset he would not be here. I accept responsibility for him and for my fear of poverty that created him. I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” Maybe that sounds like the strangest visualization process you’ve ever heard of, but listen to this one: I was recovering from feeling controlled by my ex-wife, and I knew that the reason I felt controlled was that she still had a piece of my heart. I went to the gray room with my heart. Yes I actually visualized my heart walking in



next to me, and I took responsibility for the way my heart was acting, and went through the rest of the procedure. You may be asking yourself “can gray room healing be used for evil purposes?” I don’t believe it can. You can go to the gray room for the wrong reasons or for issues that don’t exist but it has never made matters worse for me. I don’t think the phrase I love you can produce a bad outcome, no matter what you are saying “I love you” about. Please Forgive Me Maybe you've read the scripture “I the Lord will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men.” The Divine, and the divine in all of us require us, to forgive. What is forgiveness? Letting go. Letting go of the pain, the anger and the hurt. Sound tough? Yeah it can be if you don't have all the right tools. What are the tools? The things that help you clear the anger, the pain, the hurt and sorrow. EFT, The Gray Room Method, and others have been the vehicles that drove me to the clear place. Why? Because they have practically forced my body and soul to let go and live.

Letting go of negative emotion never hurt anybody. When I was 21 I joined the US Army, and for the first time in my life I learned how to hate. I felt justified in my anger because I was treated poorly and taught that it was a good motivator. The problem was, once taught to anger, how was I to be untaught? I wasn't, until my anger drove me deep into the negative abyss called suicidal depression. It was anger that started it. Anger, judgment, pride, all unhealthy feelings and beliefs. The methods I have been discussing with you saved me from hell on earth, the hell I would have created inside myself. Forgiveness of oneself is perhaps the toughest act of all. To realize and remember that you are still a human being worth being loved, when anger and poor choices have turned you against yourself. Lets practice performing the gray room method right now for “how you feel about yourself.” Try this: Go to the gray room, as you are now, and stand before God with another you that represents all the bad you have done in the past. This should be a minus entity or the dark side of you. Stand side by side and try to feel love for the “you” that was past. This may be hard. Just do your best.



This doesn't have to be perfect. Now look up at God and tell Him you are there with the minus entity. Tell him that you want to let it go. You want to let the minus entity go to another place, and you want to be free from all the feelings he possesses. Now say to God: I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, and I'll add “in the name of Jesus Christ amen.” Stay focused on the room now and watch the minus entity leave. Remember when you are clear your room will be empty, when your room isn't empty, there is more to clear. Try asking the people or situations in your room why they are there and see if they respond with a reason. If you clear all the reasons, they will leave. Lots of pastors preach forgiveness but few people know what that means or what it feels like to forgive. Letting the emotion go is the best definition I have found. Some religions teach that focusing on the past is a sin, that we can only live by memory or inspiration. I believe that when we are totally clear, when all the negative emotion is gone, the past won't hurt and it will not be necessary for the subconscious to bring up the memories.

Forgiving and forgetting will happen simultaneously. Thank You The first thing that comes to mind when I hear of ingratitude is: “And in nothing doth man offend God, or against none is his wrath kindled, save those who confess not his hand in all things...” Obviously the Creator would like to be thanked for the Creation. Another scripture that comes to mind is the parable of the talents. In short the person who did more with their talents got more, and the person who did nothing with their talents got them taken away. The same lesson applies to gratitude. If we aren't thankful for what we have, then we might lose it. Taking things for granted is a perfect example of forgetting to be thankful. I once heard the story of a chemist who had an extremely beautiful wife: His wife was physically perfect; accept for one small spot on the side of her nose. The husband hardly noticed this at first, but after they'd been married a



while he couldn't quit thinking about it. It bothered him so, that he set his whole mind on ridding her of the spot. Being a chemist he devised a potion that he believed would work in getting ride of the flaw. He urged her to use it daily and soon it worked. The spot was gone, but an infection occurred in her body as a result of the chemicals and it eventually took her life. I preface this section with these remarks because I have yet to teach you the most powerful way to practice The Gray Room Method. You will find, as you begin practicing the gray room that you will have plenty of emotion to clear. Then after a while of using it you may start working with issues that are not extremely heart wrenching, like stray thoughts or whimsical feelings. If you don't get clear right away on some of the more simple issues it may be because they're already clear, but you need to be more thankful for the thoughts and ideas. In such cases and in all cases where you want to shorten the gray room process you can use the following:

Go to the gray room and simply stand before God and say, “I love you, thank you.” I used to walk around all day repeating the 4 phrases in my head. Then I realized that if I was just grateful for what I had, the first two phrases worked terrific and I had less problems that needed the full four. I want you to know that the gray room can become a habit and you will start to use it without knowing if you do it enough. Let the I love you, thank you become your predominate habit. You can't go wrong if you are constantly loving and thanking, on a conscious and a subconscious level. “God is Love” so the scriptures say. What is love? It could mean different things to different people, but the definition I want you to understand from this book is that real love is energy being created by the heart and projected to everyone else. It is energy that is created in the heart, or given to the heart from outside sources. It is compassion, or letting go of this energy, so that it may flow to others freely. So hopefully by now you are thinking, “I got it! I can do the gray room method and eliminate all my doubt's, fears, worries, clean my soul



and change my life! I hope so. I know it's been a lot to take in. This method came to me only last year and very few people know about it and use it. My mom, who is an energetic healer, uses it with her clients, I use it, and the people I've taught it to use it. It is my sincere wish that it reaches around the globe and changes millions. Now that your mind is full let me fill it with even more. The ultimate and even faster way of releasing negative energy. This one is so intense that I suggest you skip it if everything else in this book has been hard for you to perform. It is based on a science found in this true story: When I was in kindergarten the neighbor boys disliked me. When walking home from the bus each day they would joke and tease and make fun of my prim and proper ways (I was raised very different than most kids). One day they went so far as to threaten throwing rocks at me. “Go ahead and throw,” I yelled back, “you can't hit me.” They did throw and they hit me. I ran into the house crying.

Later that night my mom made a batch of cookies and she suggested we take them to the neighbor boy’s house that had thrown the rocks. I was okay with this and we went across the street. The little boy’s dad answered the door and when we told him why we brought the cookies he was very upset with his son. I was never bothered by that boy again. Now I know that story might seem silly but I have pondered the message. Then one day a theory begin to form in my mind. “Love the evil and let it go.” To me it is the ultimate form of the gray room method. Love the evil and let it go, is based on the premise that truly loving something, note, I said truly, is never bad. By loving evil it has to leave. Now I know some of you are thinking: “oh, love evil, I won't love evil.” Listen to what you are saying, really. You can't love evil? You can want evil, you can lust after evil, you can obsess over evil, but you can't love it, truly love it and not have it leave. Love and evil cannot exist in the same place at the same time. How is this a healing method? Let's say you are worried that you won't be able to speak clearly to an audience you are about to teach.



This fear of public speaking causes you a lot of nervousness because you are afraid you will mess your speech up and they will laugh at you. Go in your mind to the extreme of this fear like we talked about earlier. Go to the speech giving, in your mind, and watch yourself mess it up, and listen to all the people laugh at you. Now stop. Feel that feeling. See, you have it. There it is, that feeling is the bully across the street. Love it. Project love from your heart into that feeling and watch it melt. When done properly you should feel the release we talked about earlier. The whole image and thought may leave your mind. You may sigh. If done correctly it will be gone. If you went to the extreme negative end, in your future, like we did in the speech contest, and we clear for the negative outcome you are afraid of, and we clear it, and it's gone, will the negative outcome you were afraid of happen? Remember you already cleared for it. Your subconscious thinks it's already happened and you've already released it and let it go. In my experience I've found that if the subconscious doesn't think it's going to happen, it won't. Think how powerful this is. All these people in the world living in fear; fear of this, fear of that.

What if this, what is that? What if they all went, in their minds, to the future and cleared for that horrible outcome they are dreading? At a minimal, at a minimal, there would be peace in those people’s hearts until the awful thing happened. But I would venture to guess that many of those fears would never happen, or it would turn out better than they expected because their subconscious wouldn't allow otherwise. Statistics prove that most of our fears don't happen anyway. Wouldn't it be nice to know they wouldn't? As I close this book I sincerely wish the best for each one of you. It is love that will stand the test of time, which will heal the broken heart and mind. It is love that will heal our homes, our nation, and our world. Projecting love onto the evil will make it depart. Remember go to the extreme and then, let it go. I love you, Keith