Down the rabbit hole we go….

I am watching Doris Kearns Goodwin, Presidential Scholar; discuss Iran and Obama with Joe Scarboro this morning. Unfortunately, she is part of the problem, in comparing Obama to Lincoln. Hardly. Obama is no Lincoln. Instead of "Opposites" in his cabinet, as she asserts, he is surrounded by CFR people, including Geithner and Zbigniew. There is simply no comparison, as Alex Jones outlined somewhat in The Obama Deception. Obama took more money from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley by far than did McCain. They say that, since Obama admitted that we overthrew Mossadeq in Iran in 1953 (never using the term "CIA"), that this is a great step forward in US disclosure. Then Joe mentions the Shah, whom we put in (along with his feared Secret Police, the Savak, who were brutal). Also, as a result (and maybe our plan also), in came the Ayatollah. They are saying we are the "new" America. Really? The America that is prosecuting a wider war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, about which the "progressive" left wing media is mostly, mute, because of the election of Barack Obama. We remember when there was a Left in this country, when LBJ was hated as much as Nixon for the Vietnam War. Now we have Obama deified, though war is raging. There is now Obama worship among the Left, who are no longer left. That is what has changed, indeed, been engineered. Women and children are dying, and most people do not give a shit, just worrying about their checking accounts. THAT is what has changed. Obama is almost a deity in the managed, controlled press. Now, Obama and Zbigniew, followed by the controlled press are ready to demonize the 911truth movement, and that has already started. Zbigniew, the person who controls

Obama from the Trilateral Commission/CFR (Peter was right about that) has, on National Television, equated 911Truthers to Holocaust Deniers. Then Glen Beck said it, and everyone else will pile on. Oh, really? Am I, being Jewish, a Holocaust Denier? No, I am not. This could not be more serious. Rosanne Barr a few months ago said we should not talk about 911 anymore. Just about all the hosts on Air America and KPFK are unabashed supporters of Obama. The left and the anti-war movement have been eviscerated. Did you know that Bob Woodward is Naval Intelligence? That is a very important piece of information.... especially in relation to how controlled the press is right now. ALL military analysts on all the networks were suspended a few years ago because they were connected to or shills for the Pentagon in the run-up and the execution period of the Iraq War. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!! The goal of the National Security State is to squelch and control ALL social movements and groups...that is why we have such trouble gaining traction. We remember how the CIA divided Blacks and Jews in the Sixties, invaded and destroyed the Black Panthers, and harassed ALL anti-war groups. It is only worse today. Please know that NPR is compromised, and they are working on the remainder. There is a reason that Bill Moyer's Producer demanded that Frank Dorrel remove the 22-minute clip of The Secret Government from his DVD, and why that DVD cannot be purchased anywhere, and will not be re-shown anywhere. Pressure from above..... Please read this link on Operation Mockingbird, and keep in mind, control of the Media is much greater now, and extends to Progressive Media, either by direct control, or by making certain topics off limits (think "black budget", CFR, Morgan Stanley, etc...).


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