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#107 B.S. Aquino Drive

Bacolod City
(034) 433-0245

O FF IC I AL N EW SL ETT E R O F HL M C en tr a l
Lot 19 & 20 Blk. 50 Sta. Clara Drive
& San Gregorio Ave
Sta. Clara Subd. (034) 7090131 — HLLC
M a r c h 8 , 2 0 0 9 issue
What’s Inside …
• March 1 Attendance and
Giving STATS is committed
—page 2 to glorify Jesus and
• From Pastor JR … column Advance His Kingdom
—page 2 by Winning People,
Bonding Believers,
• Growth Opportunities Raising Disciples
FOR YOU! and Sending Leaders.
Conferences / Events
—page 2 OUR DREAMS ...
• Special REQUEST  To Welcome 12,000 people into
our Community by the year 2010.
from Pastor JR  To have a His Life Facility and
—see page 3 building that will accommodate
• SITE Feature: HLM CEBU hundreds of people every week.
 To have many Christian Schools
—page 3 attending to the development of
• MARCH Calendar our children and neighbours.
—page 3  To raise up pastors, teachers,
evangelists and missionaries to
• Sermon Guide of Pastor Jonas “LGLP” be sent to plant His Life
—page 4 churches and youth groups
Loving God Loving People around the world!

Today ... SERIES at Cinema 4  An Encounter and Prayer

Mountain for Weekend Camps,
Retreats, Encounters and Prayer
Is the Kick Off of a NEW Series at “WANTED” Summits for power in ministry and
revival. A facility for other
YX [Youth Xtreme, 930am —Cinema New Series for the Youth at churches can use.
5]. For Campus Students.
It is called “WANTED”. This NEW Cinema 5 SOME
Series is far different from this FRIENDLY
negative kind of being “wanted”! “BFF” REMINDERS
“Wanted” here means someone wants Best Friends  Youth YX
you desperately because you are valu- At Cinema 5 today.
able to Him. Lately there came a Forever Series  Children Church
at Cinema 6 Lobby.
strong leading in my heart which the for His Lambs
Lord has confirmed in many ways for
the past 2 weeks …” by Trixie. Kids Church
at Cinema 6 lobby
Have you discovered the PURPOSE God has for YOU ?
"You are here to KNOW Him and have LIFE in its FULLNESS"
1) Recognize that you are a SINNER and need a personal relationship with God.
2) Never trust in what you can do to earn the gift of SALVATION Christ has for you.
3) Come under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and SUBMIT to all His ways.
4) Ask for His grace for you to SERVE and follow and obey Him for the rest of your life.
Check these in the Bible if you are serious in wanting a relationship with God, thus fulfill the PURPOSE He has for you:
Romans 3:23; 6:23; 10:9 and 13; Gospel of John 1:12 and 3:3 & 7; Gospel of Luke 14:26 & 27 (by JR, 97)

Pastor FOR You!
TEXT 09182817910
Plunge! Seminars and Conferences
PLUNGE! ... PARTNERSHIP Seminar at His Life
I’m exctied to call people to serve and Saturday, March 14, 2009
give their best to the service of God this 1pm, SweetGreens Restaurant along Lacson Street
month, particularly in Iloilo City [that’s OPEN TO ALL!
this afternoon — please pray for me].
Then next Week in Metro Manila, as it
coincides with their Kick Off on Loving
His Life Kids Workers Conference
Coming soon!
God and Loving People. I will show There will be a training using the Kids in a Box Curriculum and related Kids Program to
them our pictures here back home for prepare the Kids Church for a great Summer of FUN, Activities and Growth. DVBS is
connection and unity. On March 22, I coming again! The Daily Vacation Bible School for ALL [kids] ages!
will have a Saturday schedule with our PRAY TO BE A WORKER and VOLUNTEER!
HLM Sagay congregation. They are
growing under the ministry of Pastor MYX — in Cagayan de Oro Conference
Jonas and Clooney Cubing. And will be
in Cebu on March 28. Thanks LORD!
Missions in Youth Xtreme! April 6 to April 20—Cagayan de Oro City.
This includes hands-on missions training and church strengthening of our HLM
SMALL GROUPS Cagayan church there in Mindanao. A team up of Cebu and Bacolod
PLUNGE! congregations will be formed. You have to raise at least 4,000 pesos for this
Our Loving God Loving Series will be a Missions Trip (this will go to your transportation and pocket money).
success if we get everyone in a Small Your food and lodging for two weeks are already covered by the YX TEAM.
Group! Why? Coz RELATIONSHIPS Side trip to Marawi [overnight included]. Hands on Ecube sharing and
are always to be extended to people. One2One Follow ups will happen, Preaching and Testimony events and Daily
We learn love not by reading a book but Sessions on the study of Missions and Campus Work.
by being together with people. Small
Groups just do not happen … it has to
be prayed for, intentionally created and
Survior Guimaras 2009
started. Praise the LORD for I am Tribo Camp to the Xtreme! May 25 to 30 — Guimaras, Alubijud Resort.
seeing a renewal in Small Group The perfect 2009 Camp Training, Equipping and Empowering this summer!
Leadership lately. Our LTS will For only 2,500 pesos (this covers the entire package). Subsidy of 1000 per
graduate close to 40 Small Group camper is a must for each sending site. Each student raises personally 1,500.
Leaders by March 19. Whoa!
Graduation Time is in the air!
Congratulations to our students! …
Holy Week is coming … this is the best
time to Evangelize! I thank the LORD
that my Family is with me in all of
these :-) Trixie is leading the biggest
YX Tribo Camp this year. Trina is in a
poster picture with the YX on Missions.
While Josh is praying and getting more
involved. Thank you LORD!
The GOAL of the VISION
“Every Believer A Leader and
Every Leader A Leader
of Leaders” — jr here

More Birthdays — March 23 is Sister Joyce Yee’s B-day (we failed to include it last week) PAGE 2
This week’s HIS LIFE
SITE central
His Life CEBU

Nbz!J!sfrvftu!! VIP Meetings:
zpvs!hjgut! March 11, 18, 25
--- all Wednesdays of the month at
gps!uif!!! 5:30pm, HLM Center.
gpmmpxjoh@! This is for all Small Group Pastors
I am personally endorsing Site address: and Servant Leaders.
2nd Floor Golden Peak Hotel,
these “good grounds” for you Gorordo Avenue , Cebu City
to sow a seed. I believe in
Email address: MARCH 19 (Thu) 
what God is doing through HIS LIFE MINISTRIES LTS
these ministries — pastor JR :-)
Multiply site: 6th Graduation DAY!
• HLLC needs your Plus AWARDS Night &
Recognition of SOL Students.
extra, for our Mobile numbers:
Teachers. Your gifts today 09197993864
for HLLC will be for the 09178679484 MARCH 22 (Sun) 
salaries of our excellent Administration: Chinkee Tan SEMINAR with
teachers and workers. Please Rocky Parcon all Pastors and Workers at
indicate it on the envelope
Celebration: HLM. “Effective Ministry”.
when you give. 5pm Sundays
NEED: 60 thousand Sunday 1pm at Bar 21.
LTS schedule:
• Pastor Raymond and Coming Soon!
MARCH 27 (Fri) 
Ellen Jamora’s trip to Dreams:
HLLC's Moving Up
Singapore. I am helping • By the Grace of God we will open
Exercise at Saltimboca
raise their support to go to this multi-sites services within Cebu
G12 International Conference. Province Function Room, Lacson St.
Please entertain them when • We will have our own office and [aka GRADUATION of HLLC]
they come to you this week. Worship Center
Prayer requests:
• SOW a seed for our • That everyone in our church will Call Conferences
HLM FACILITY at truly love God & love people with a
Schedules with
desire to reach lost souls
the Sta. Clara LOTE.
We will transfer to our own
• God will raise godly leaders for us to
disciple more people
Pastor JR 
lote na by June 2009! Are you March 8—HLM Iloilo
• That God will continue to pour out
excited? Our Lease contract at his provision in our Church March 15—HLM Manila
North Drive will end on May March 21—HLM Sagay
• That God will provide us a
2009. Light Structure only to LAPTOP. March 25—HLM Bacolod
start. NEED: 500 thousand
“70 Congregations in 2010” MEN, WOMEN, YX & KIDS composes a Congregation PAGE 3
Word of God
Guide Notes for March 8, 2009 (HLM Central) with Pastor Jonas Cubing
The Bible

LOVE as JESUS Loves You John 13:34

This Teaching outline may be used in your Small Group Meetings.
Make sure to have Application Questions for everybody to apply God’s Word. “A new command
I give you:
We love people like ourselves, and often consider those who are different as being unworthy of Love one another.
God’s love. “But God loves even the people we think least deserve it.” Jesus left a command to As I have loved
His disciples for us to follow. you, so you must
A very simple command, very easy to say and think about. love one
How do we express our love to one another?
• By giving some material things & gifts
• By spending time

By continuous/regular communication
By making ourselves happy Uif!
• By satisfying ourselves with what we do qspdftt!
• Self centeredness…
Self Centeredness… WJTJPO!
• Is our natural modus operandi – it is the point we return to when we are at our rawest. bu!!!!!!!!!!!
It comes out when we are under pressure – it is there deep in our nature. Ijt!Mjgf!
• I want my way – and I want it now, it says I will say what I want when I want. It says don’t
put me out. I want my comfort even if it is at your expense. It says I am the person who
matters most. I don’t care what happens to you so long as I am ok. And that attitude is there
in all of us waiting to pounce.
How To Love One Another In Souls

Three Ways.
1. New F__________________ Believers
While we must still love our neighbor, we are told to have a more intentional focus on our love,
directed toward “one another” not just our neighbor. This intensity requires an active
participation of deliberate love instead of merely “not disliking” someone.
2. New S______________________ Disciples
Loves others as we love ourselves was difficult enough. Jesus calls us to love others just as he
has loved us. The selfless, sacrificial, and unlimited love that Jesus has for each of us is the
model of the love we are expected to pour out to oth-
ers. SEND
3. New R_______________
As the world and especially the Christian
community are infused with the love of
Jesus Christ through us, a lost world of sinners
searching for the truth will know that Jesus is
real, and that he is welcoming all of us 11pm to 12midnight Mondays to Satur-
back to him. days 53rd EDITION — pastor jr

C a n y ou HO ST a Sm a ll G r o up in yo ur H o m e ? TE X T 09228721230 PAGE 4