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Software Release Note

Nokia Authentication Server Release 4.0

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1. SOFTWARE RELEASE INFORMATION Product: Software version: 2. CHANGES COMPARED TO PREVIOUS RELEASE Nokia AS 4.0 is the initial release on the new platform. The following are the key features supported by Nokia AS Full functional RADIUS server RADIUS proxy EAP-SIM OTP (over SMS) Standards based RADIUS accounting GTP interface to Nokia Charging Gateway 3. SOFTWARE PACKAGES REQUIRED BY AS 4.0 Solaris Packages required by AS4.0: Solaris8 Installed from the CD (2/04) Latest PatchCluster is recommended, Minimum level 5/04. No supplementary SW required, but can be installed on a need basis, eg: o o DiskSuite for mirroring. Solaris8 documentation libgcc-3.3-sol8-sparc-local gcc-small-3.3.2-sol8-sparc-local eg. openSSH (+ openssl, zlib)
Nokia Authentication Server 4.0

gtp_agent requires following packages o o

Any other sw may be installed on a need basis o

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