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MORI DociO: 1451843
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· t-1EMORA.'lDUM FOR: Deputy Pi rector for Opera.tlons·
__ .;f'/XJ-7-:$
n ? ·1973 /
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J. fh c
: Joint CIA/USAID Terrorist
Investigations Course 17 (Engl-ish language)
CI Staff's-Projectj I

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.. ........ . \.
1. This effort is a Joint program
f or· foreign police/securi ty personnel. The initial phase
:· · of the training will be at the .
Pfil,ce CIPAJ, •. n. c. durl.ilg the re-rfod
2-27 April The· following subject is covered
in this phase of the
collection nnd preservation o_f evidenc;e, rcc9rds, files.
and reporting, of information on terrorist
groups and· tJ1ei r acti vi tios. a student soPina r devote,d:.
to discussions on terrorist and .9ther.tiost1le
clltfen.try exisflng ·-rn · t'!lofr · r.espective ettt:-
Tbis phaso of the training is e;oncluded by a two day
et-ricnt.a tion hy the Bollili Sqwtd d:f the Dade Corinty
DepartRent in Florida.
nasc of this training will be conducted
'durin!! lfJ· April - 25
ec n1c1ans ut1 1ze
• The objective of
develop individua-l studen-t tec..;nical cnpability
is tically conduct ihvostigations into known oT
i'ncidcnts of sabotage/terrorist bombings· By:
a .. Providing trainees with basic ·in ·tbo
uses of comli!ercinl and milit:try demolitions attd
incen-diaries as. they may be. apj)_lied in terrorism
and indus trial sabotage operations. ·" ·
b. the traineos to cogmcrcially available
materials· and home laboratory tcdmiqu.es. like.ly _
to be used in the_·c:anufacture of •explosives and
incendiaries by terrorists or saboteurs.
...... -
- 2" ..
c. Pallliliaridng t'he trdn.ees ¥i th the concept
of target analysis and operational planning
that a saboteur or•tprrorist enploy.
d. booby tranping
Cev!ccs anl toclmiqnes gi vinjt practi'cal
experience tti th toth ganufacturo'l and
imprt;\'vi'sod devi·ces actual fabricntion.
Eaphasizo the necessity o£ alertness for
detecting and counteTlng bopby"traP.s ·placed
by or
o .. Conducting field exercises to give
each trainee the opportunity for detecting
• and various and
•incendiary devices likely to be used by
terrorists or saboteurs, letter
bombs. packages, attacho cases, etc.
f. Conducting investip.ative field
exercises of explosive incidents to alert
the tratnco to tho need for and manner in
which to colloct, i dentify,. and prescTVe
legally adaisablo evidence lor

" ; \

. . 3. The pTOgrali Jhovide'S the tt'aine.as dth aple.
opportunity to develop basic faniliarity and use. proficiently ·
handling. and 3pplying tbe various
oxplosivo .chargos . incendiary afents, terrorist ·
and sabotago te&b.uiqucs . l:SAID, Intorna'tl"on·al Police
.KcadOm}• (I PI\) "'has rccci vod· reports frol!\ foreer foretr.n ..
ty personnel wllo participated in the .program
indicating that they called upcm t o ·utilize tltc skills
they acquired through this training in 'the handling of
explosive devices in respective coun:ry· Att:C>ed is
a lot:t:cT f rom a participa-nt in TIC 16 J
stating tha·t he deacti vo.tcd a lcttcroabovJ.cc "ntcti t>tas
sent to 1 inj .- . j .· ·
4. Subject course will have 26 paiticipants from ten
(10) foreign countries. (9) ar& finance<! by AlD.
cightr(&) by CIA nnd nine (9) by thoir own
MORI DociD: l451843
' .
- 3 -
. '·-: I "
S. Separate end of course will be prepared by •
USAID and CIA, TSD personnel/
I .
I •
3ames Angleton
CountcT ln'tolligence Staff
• . .
... .... -
· :,' :.·•·:o]:ti oi war· it may become necessary to ex!'iltrate by clandestine
personnel. who for one reason or another find themselves
behind enem;Y It is a part of th.e United states Government's
war planning responsibility to prepare E.Vasion and Escape Lines and
sUpporting Reception Centers within and without probable theatres of
operations as a part of unconventional warfare in suport of the general
overall war plans. The representatives of the United States Government,
therefore, request the permission ot the GoYemment of the Gramd Dtlcey
ot Luxembourg to be p1aced in liaison with proper LuxEmbourg govel"'llllental
authorities tor the purpose ot jointly p1anning, preparing and establishing
Eo.sion and Escape Lines and supporting Reception Centers in the Grand
Duchy of
On a bipart,ite (Luxembourg-Unit ed states) basis
Ae 'lo plan, prepare, establish and devel.ep in peacetiae
sensitive assets whieh will assist in the iaplementation
of the wartime assignment or the Luxembourg uneomventional
warfare section.
B. To make possible the rapid redeploymeat ot all needed
operational personnel to the wartime Allied Base and to
evacuate certain designated LuxEmbourg persennel. with
dependents to intermediate satebaven t or mYement to the
United states. ·
Specific Tasks:
. To t'ulf'ill the aoove mission, it will be necessary tor a joint
.t,uxembourg-United states comittee to be charged with the !'unction ot
'l.,_ · · . , in detail certain specific tasks.
i' }.. Personnel-
'I' 1. To recruit and train in specialized fields
.' · • :.:. evacuable erganizers.
: 2. To recruit and train group chiefs, assistant
group chiefs, W/T operators and reserves to form
the cadres of designated reseaux.
B. Training-
To train evacu&Qle organizers and staybehind personnel
in eaqh special field along jointly agreed methods
and procEdures or clandestine operations. Specialized courses
in the United States can be made available. Also United states
training aids- films and equipnent- for training in Luxembourg
can be placed at the disposal of the Luxembourg
. .

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