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Group Report Proposal
The negative influence of electronic games on children from 6 to 12 years old has been continuously researched and proven to have a long term effect once the young adults grow up into adults. Such negative influences are violence, profanity and sexual innuendos. Mayo and Nairns (2009) came up with some shocking statistics such as the average time spent in front of a screen is 5 hours and 18 minutes a day. Besides that, they described it as a “techno-trend” where 90% of children have their own television set where 60% of children are between the ages of five to six years old. Furthermore, more than 20% have their own personal computers and gaming console. The game of year 2008 encourages the player to shoot cops, steal cars, solicit and murder hookers, crash the car, visit strip clubs and use profanities in every sentence said Hourigan(2008) while according to Howe (1999) the violent content in computer and video games have prompted the introduction of a bill in Pennsylvania that would prohibit children’s access to those games.

Research for the topic would be done through primary, secondary and also desktop research because the issue is universal, prevalent and a worrying social issue as there has been reported deaths when the older siblings re-enacted electronic game moves on their baby brothers or sisters. The campaign uses the slogan: “Life is NOT Digital, Just be you” to because life is different in reality and there no such a thing as a reset option to bring a person back to life. The objectives of the campaign are to encourage children to pursue other alternatives such as playing in the playground or educational games. Besides that, it also aims to persuade parents and young adults to monitor and encourage a healthier lifestyle involving more human interactivity and nature. The target audience would be the parents and adults that have responsibilities to bring up the younger generation. The key message is to prevent aggressive behaviour developing among 6-12 year old children from the influence of electronic games. The strategy is to invoke a threat among parents as well as their children of fear of the outcome that players of these games will use violence as a mean of settling a conflict in the future or be involved in crimes. We hope to encourage better ratings such as the ones used for movies so that minors would not be able to purchase them. Another strategy is to have compliance for the developers like the cigarette companies where they have to advertise the effects of their products. Secondly, the media, primary media would be the local television channel and secondary would be the internet and game magazines because local television channels are the most accessible to both children and parents thus television covers both the primary and secondary audience. Parents are our main

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target audience in this campaign as they possess the buying power for the children where else children are seen as the one with the spending power. Other than that, the internet proves to be a portal of information to gamers especially those that are looking for cheats, walkthroughs or price listing for games for free, whereas the game magazine which is also for information specifically, it requires the prospects to buy them upon their interest and capability. Game magazine are prioritize to be lower than the internet due to as a targeted channel. Running a campaign or workshop within primary schools would be the least of my option although it’s more to a targeted audience. We have already broken down the task for each member into compilation of report, research of the report, typing of the report, outline of the report, presentation of the report, preparation of PowerPoint and presentation of the report. We hope to co-operate with the government bodies such as the Housing and Family Department, Information Department, Health Department and nonprofit organization such as P.S. The Children (Protect and Save the Children Association of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur) since it’s a social issue that can be framed into a public service announcement. The estimate budget of MYR 1 million will be used to cover the research and advertising for four months on different mediums such as radio, television, print media as well as new media. Besides that, other miscellaneous cost will be for the administrative side to cover the transportation, extra staff, equipments and miscellaneous. Lastly, the campaign will involve a lot of research to ensure maximum compliance with the stakeholders. The campaign would want to measure the positive effects of the campaign especially with the introduction of the rating system as well as a more positive attitude. Page | 3

REFERENCES Hourigan, B. (2008) The moral code of Grand Theft Auto IV, Institute of Public Affairs, July 2008; 60, 3. Howe, J. (1999) The great video game shoot-out, The Village Voice, May 1999; 44,18. Grand Theft Auto, (accessed on 21st March, 2009) The Family Organization, (accessed on 20th March, 2009) Video Games, (accessed on 22nd March, 2009) Mayo, E. and Nairns, A. (2009) Consumer Kids: How Big Business is Grooming our Kids for Profit, Constable.

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