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G&M Model having a Prime Power output of 625KVA/500KW,380volt, 3phase,50hz,1500rpm comprising MAN D2842LE301 Heat Exchanger cooled marine engine close coupled to a STAMFORD HCM 634G single bearing Marine AC alternator.


ENGINE TECHNICAL DATA Number of cylinder Cylinder arrangement Cycle Induction system Cooling system 12 Vee Formed 4-stroke Turbocharged/Intercooled Heat exchanger cooling

Cooling System Heat Exchanger cooled Sea Water pump Thermostatically controlled cooling system Expansion Tank Fresh water pump Low coolant level sensor Governor and Fuel System Electronic speed governor to ISO 8528 G3 Duel Skinned Fuel piping with leak monitor Fuel inlet connection Fuel return connection Fuel shutoff valve - 24Volt - energise to run Duplex fuel filter Intake and Exhaust System Water cooled exhaust manifold Water cooled turbocharger Dry exhaust outlet Stainless Steel exhaust bellows Spark Arrestor exhaust silencer Dry air cleaner Lubricating System Flat bottomed cast iron sump Closed engine breather Lub oil cooler Duplex oil filter Sump pump

Primary Starting 24volt/ 6.6kw starting motor 28volt/55amp charge alternator Electric start from ship supplied 24v DC supply Gauge senders for the following comprising of Oil Pressure WaterTemperature Switches comprising of Lubricating low oil pressure. High water temperature. Engine supplied with Lloyds certificate Engine supplied with EIAPP certificate

ALTERNATOR TECHNICAL DATA Stamford HCM 634G Single bearing AC brushless, self-exciting, self-regulating, synchronous, air cooled alternator. Automatic Voltage Regulator giving regulation within +1% Drip proof and screen protected to IP 23 Class 'H' insulation with Class 'F' temperature rise The alternator will accept an overload of 110% for 1 hour in any 12 hour period and 150% for 30seconds after reaching stable temperature. Alternator complete with : Anti-condensation heater Quadrature droop kit Thermistor probes (Alarm/Shutdown) Alternator supplied with Lloyds certificate

GENERATING SET BASEFRAME/ANTI-VIBRATION MOUNTS The engine / alternator will be close coupled via a single bearing disc coupling and mounted onto a steel base rails incorporating a drip tray. Marine grade spring type anti-vibration mounts for fitting to the underside of the baseframe.

FACTORY TEST Full testing will be carried out at 25%, 50%, 75% 100% and 110 % load and all alarm and shutdown systems will be functionally checked in the presence of a Lloyds Surveyor. The complete generating set will be supplied with the appropriate Lloyds Certificate.

The generating set will be painted in a Paint System with a Top Coat to RAL 9016.

CONTROL PANEL A G&M d-SMART control panel will be mounted on the generating set. The standard functions on the G&M d-SMART Full Class Marine control panel are : The full class control system is housed in a painted mild steel IP65 enclosure with hinged door or lid. Mounting is either (horizontal) alternator top mounting (via rubber A/V mounts) or remote (vertical) wall mounting to suit customer specific requirements. The full class control system is managed by a microprocessor controller c/w backlit LCD operator interface and control pushbuttons. The controller handles operational control, alarms and shutdowns for the generator set. From the local control panel the following functions are available on the microprocessor controller: o Start generator. o Stop generator. o Mode select. o Horn/fault reset. o Full interrogation of the controller menus on the LCD interface. Additionally to the microprocessor controller the control panel facia includes the following: o Emergency stop pushbutton with shroud. o Local/remote access key switch. o 80dBa @ 0.1m audible alarm sounder.

Shutdown Events: Digital input for low lubricating oil pressure (not on emergency sets). Digital input for high coolant temperature (not on emergency sets). Digital input for emergency stop. Mag Pickup Input for overspeed & underspeed shutdown. Any other user configured shutdown inputs. Any shutdown event will activate the common shutdown telemetry V.F.C.

Alarms: Battery volts out of limits. Start failure. Stop failure. Pick-up failure. Analogue input monitoring for low lubricating oil pressure. Analogue input monitoring for high lubricating oil temperature. Analogue input monitoring for low coolant pressure. Analogue input monitoring for high coolant temperature. Any other user configured alarm inputs. Any alarm event will activate the common alarm telemetry V.F.C.

Analogue Data Displayed on Controller LCD: Engine R.P.M. viewable via LCD graphic gauge with value text. All configured hardwired analogue inputs viewable via bar graph indicators with value text. Analogue information from the engine ECM viewable via bar graph indicators with value text. Battery volts viewable via bar graph indicators with value text.

Statistics Displayed On Controller LCD: Hours Run. Number of successful starts. Number of un-successful starts. Time remaining to service requirement.

Miscellaneous Information Displayed on Controller LCD: Digital I/O points status (input/output channel on/off status). Alarm Lists. Engine Basic Settings / Alarm Parameters.

Telemetry Signals (Volt Free Changeover Contacts): Common Shutdown. Common Alarm. Emergency Stop Activated (Shutdown). Remote Klaxon / Common Alarm 2. Engine Running. Ready For Remote Start. DC Supply Failure.

Engine ECM Canbus (J1939): Optional canbus connection (J1939) for communication to engine ECM.

Remote Operation & Monitoring: Digital inputs for remote start, remote stop, & remote acknowledge. Remote signals should be pulsed (1 Second Minimum) N/O volt free contacts. Digital input for remote emergency stop, signal should be held N/C healthy, open to stop volt free contact. Optional Modbus connection via RS232 (max 10m) for remote control and system monitoring of the d-SMART control system. Note: The range can be extended to 1000m by the use of an optional RS232 to RS485 converter. G&M will provide Modbus registers, Modbus manual section and the contact details of the controller manufacturer technical support line to assist in the Modbus integration with clients monitoring system

DOCUMENTATION Generating Set Supplied with Quantity 3 Hard Copies of the following documentation packs: Operators / Maintenance Manual Spare Parts Manual Schematic/Wiring Diagrams Certificate of Origin MAN Engine Inspection Certificate endorsed by Lloyds Stamford Alternator Inspection Certificate endorsed by Lloyds Factory Load Test Certificate Certificate endorsed by Lloyds Torsional Vibration Calculation endorsed by Lloyds EIAPP Certificate inclusive of MARPOL ANNEX VI TIER II endorsed by Lloyds Warranty Certificate detailing warranty 18 months from date of despatch or 12 months from date of commissioning, whichever is the sooner.