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December 2002

In This Issue Commodore’s Comments

Commodore’s It has been a long standing tradition at
Comments……………Page 1 the EYC that the Commodore edits and
2002 Highlights………Page 2 publishes the Eagle’s Cry. It is a big
task to clearly and yet concisely
In The Spotlight……...Page 3 communicate the things that need to be
First Mates Corner..…Page 4 communicated, thank the many who do
so much, and recognize those who have
Activities & Lessons….Page 5
achieved so much. Fortunately, I
Race & Regatta……....Page 6 inherited a big black binder containing
Boats and Motors…….Page 9 previous examples for me to pattern
from. What I discovered is that over the
years, the content has stayed much the
same with variations in author style and
presentation. Given that, I decided to
make my own mark on the publication
by introducing a new style of my own.
Officers and Directors of the Ephraim Yacht Club 2002-2003 My hope is to deliver the same great
John Peterson (Commodore)………..…2005
George Carey (Vice Commodore)…......2004
content that is part of our longstanding
Suzanne Lisle (Rear Commodore)……..2003
Diane Taillon (Secretary)……….……...2003
tradition in a format that is easy to read.
Paul Pillat (Treasurer)………….……....2004
Bill Calkins…………………….…….…2003
Hopefully, I’ve succeeded at that but as
Barbara Hambleton…………….…….…2003
Debby Heidler………………….………2004
always, I appreciate your feedback on
David Sauter……………………………2004
Brud Sturgis…………………….……....2005
improvements as we go on. Read on for
Maxwell Robinette…………….……….2005
Ryan Malmgren……………….………..2005
the highlights of our 97th season and best
The Eagle’s Cry is published periodically by the Ephraim Yacht
wishes to all for peace in the coming
Club, P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI 54211. For all questions
regarding this correspondence, e-mail us at or
visit our website at

Copy write 2002 by Ephraim Yacht Club. Photocopying,

reproduction or quotation is strictly prohibited without the express
John Peterson
written consent of the publisher. Commodore
2002 Highlights that was well attended by a wide variety
By: John Peterson of people interested in improving their
(Editors note: the following is a
summary of the oral report that was George Carey revamped the “Power
given at the 2002 EYC Annual Meeting) Squadron” by fitting a new tube for the
large inflatable “Uffda” as well as
The Ephraim Yacht Club had a very replacing the outboards on both boats.
good year in 2002. The year started with
the completion of an extensive The EYC is more than just sailing. In
clubhouse remodeling project lead by fact, we have more members who
the team of Bill Calkins, Arv Munson participate in tennis, bridge and social
and Bud Weaver. This project was made events than we have active in all of the
possible in large part by the generosity sailing programs combined. Continuing
of Jack and Ruth McCoy and family. to meet the needs of these groups is vital
to our success.
Our Code of Conduct was created and
implemented giving our juniors written We continue to be sound financially. In
guidelines by which to conduct 2002, we had record revenues as
themselves and the staff some authority significantly impacted by the increase in
for initiating disciplinary action. As a group lessons. We have a strong
result, we had the best behaved group of positive cash flow from operations and
young sailors that we’ve ever had are following significantly better
according to Larry Lewis. accounting procedures thanks to Paul
Pillat our Treasurer, who is also a CPA.
The junior lesson program had a record
numbers of participation with over 50 All of the above has lead to the addition
kids in session C. of 20 new family members! We have a
great atmosphere. People see us and
Thanks in large part to the efforts of want to join in on the fun.
Larry Lewis, we had many active adults
learning to sail. Larry encouraged The Ephraim Yacht Club is also facing
eighteen ladies to participate in a total of some challenges. We need to continue
seven boats in what Larry Lewis coined to build individual ownership of our fleet
as the first annual NEWFOR regatta boats. This will be a challenge as we
(N.E. Wisconsin. Female. Only. Regatta) have limited space in which to do so.
We also need space so that we can
For the first time ever, we had “junior” provide for our ever increasing lesson
staff members. These younger staff programs particularly during bad
members were instrumental in both day weather.
to day operations as well as instruction
for beginner and intermediate students. We must continue towards receiving and
Jason Brown and JP Pillat both did implementing 501C(3) status so that we
outstanding jobs in these new roles. can encourage gifting to the club. This
status has been delayed due to a need to
Ryan Malmgren, winner of the last two
Ephraim Regattas, gave a racing seminar
completely overhaul accounting methods three gentlemen and thanks to Bud for
that were previously used. his years of service!

Finally, we must work toward being an EYC Dedicates New Flagstaff

even better service to the community so By: John Peterson
that we can be involved in such things as
the Village of Ephraim Sesquicentennial During the 97th Ephraim Regatta held
celebration in 2003 and increasing our this year, a new flagstaff decked out in
local membership to create a “year its full glory of flags was dedicated to
round” continuity. the memory of Ruth McCoy, a long time
Treasurer and a mainstay for many years
at the EYC. Her husband Jack was at
EYC Attracts New Members the event and spoke on behalf of the
By: John Peterson McCoy family who together had the
vision for the improvements and made
In my opening comments of the Spring them possible through the memorials
2002 issue, I wrote about our diversity given in Ruth’s name.
and our many programs and challenged
the membership to introduce newcomers In addition to the flagstaff, the
to the club. Respond you did! Since improvements included the replacement
that time, we have added 20 new family of the rot damaged structural members,
members. Our social events were very siding and fascia, as well as new
well attended with the Commodore’s windows, carpeting and lighting. Great
Party up significantly from the previous Northern Construction performed the
year. Our junior sailing program had a renovations under the watchful eye of
record 50 juniors receiving sailing the Building Restoration Committee.
instruction during the weeks of July 15th-
26th. We welcome all our new members
and look forward to your continued
involvement! Furniture Campaign Kickoff
By: Suzanne Lisle

A challenge grant has been offered by a

New Board Members Elected member to be used to replace our very
By: John Peterson
old, tired and broken furniture in the
During the 2002 Annual Meeting held in “living room” area of the clubhouse.
August, the membership elected Max The estimated cost of this project is
Robinette and Ryan Malmgren to the $6000.00. The member will match all
EYC Board of Directors. Max and Ryan contributions up to $1000.00, so we are
were both elected to three year terms by hereby inviting you share in the project
filling the positions of retiring board by sending donations to the club address
member Bud Weaver and the vacancy (P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI 54211)
created by the resignation of Holly earmarked “FURNITURE”. It is the
Hanselman in September of 2001. Brud next important step in finishing our
Sturgis was re-elected to a second three clubhouse restoration, and would be a
year term. Congratulations to these real tribute to our membership if we
could secure the funds via donation and
have the furniture in place for the Regatta Lunch
beginning of the season. Our committee for the Regatta Lunch
was Catherine Sturgis and Di Taillon.
First Mates They organized all the food and drinks
Submitted By: Deanna Peterson (Committee Chair)
supplied for the whole weekend. You
Thanks to everyone for helping make all can ask us; it certainly is appreciated to
of our summer social events a huge have complimentary early morning
success. Not only do the First Mates coffee and orange juice when racing or
provide the leadership needed, but we working the regatta. Suzanne Lisle
sure have fun! We were excited to see organized the EYC t-shirts this year, and
such a large turnout for all the events. with the help of all the volunteers to
work at the tables, everything ran
The First Mates meet twice for coffee smoothly.
and planning during the summer. The
gatherings are open to all, and it is not a Ladies Potluck
formal “structure”. Special note to The Ladies Potluck dinner was chaired
newcomers – please come!! It is a great this year by Gretchen Meillinger, Sallie
way to get to know your fellow Club Heidler, Margaret Graham and Leslie
members. Harsch. Thank you for planning this
beautiful evening! It started outside with
All of the events are staffed and planned cocktails and appetizers, followed by a
by volunteers and we are very thankful delicious spread of food in our newly-
for the people who donated their time remodeled building. One of the
this year. highlights of the evening was the
entertainment provided by magicians
Champagne Opening Social Stafford Taillon and Hans Emanualson.
Thanks to the Beadell’s and Di Taillon We all had a great time and can’t thank
for planning the Champagne Opening the committee and entertainment enough
Social again. They have been on this for all their hard work.
committee for several years and should
be commended for their hard work. Commodore’s Cocktail Party
The Commodore’s Cocktail Party is
Ice Cream Social always a sure sign that the season will be
soon coming to a close. Thanks to
Our hats off to Cheryl Chase, who again Susan Reynolds-Smith, Joan Balistreri,
chaired this event. The Ice Cream Social Judy Harmon and Deanna Peterson for
is always a great time to get together organizing this beautiful event. We
with family and friends to enjoy the always have a large number of members
delicious ice cream. This year we had so come to this party. Thank you to all our
many people attend that there wasn’t volunteers as we couldn’t have done it
very much leftover for the sailing without you.
students to enjoy on a hot day.
scheduled and recruited this hard
Bridge working team.
By: Suzanne Lisle

The EYC Bridge Group enjoyed a full Lessons

season beginning on the opening day of By: David Sauter/John Peterson
the Club and ending well into the fall
long after the other events of the club The EYC sailing training programs were
had wrapped up. Judy Walch organized again a great success in 2002. Many
the intermediate lesson group and a new thanks to all the instructors and students
“true beginners” group was also formed. who helped keep the program
These popular programs will continue educational and FUN! Faced with the
next summer. Regular bridge sessions challenge of record numbers of students
were held on Mondays at 12:00 p.m., in lessons, our staff really rose to the
chaired by Priscilla Apfelbach and Jay challenge this past summer. Sarah Lisle
Hellyer. Bridge was also offered on again led the staff this year with the
Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m., chaired by Eloise assistance of Andrew Sauter Sargent,
Hanselman and Romayne Neumann. Jason Brown, J.P. Pillat, Larry Lewis,
Steve Sauter and Betsy Hoag.

Junior Activities Session A had twenty students this year

By: Suzanne Lisle compared to only twelve last year.
Session B was down slightly year over
Wednesday evenings were again busy at year with thirty five students this year
the Clubhouse and surrounding locations compared to forty one last year. Session
as our Juniors met to enjoy social time. C had a record fifty two students
The season kicked off with a barbecue at enrolled as compared to thirty seven last
the club followed by mini golf at the Red year and session D had thirty six as
putter. JoEllen Stollenwerk chaired the compared to thirty eight to 2001.
opener. Chairs Max and Lindy
Robinette brought the charm of good As a result of the program, we have six
weather for the sailing picnic. Kay new recipients of junior skipper awards.
Eatough had our scavenger hunters Congratulations!
traversing the village for obscure items
with the payoff of ice cream at the end Junior Skippers
of the evening. Ruth Sauter led the • Sam Dominik
group to a performance at American • Ashley Edwards
Folklore and Debby Heidler planned the • Carolyn Edwards
group beach picnic. Betsy Aardsvold • Kelly Ferguson
coordinated the progressive dinner at • Karl Nosbisch
three locations to wrap up the juniors’ • Matt Smith
season. Based on the large number of
participants, it’s obvious our young We are busily working on continuing to
people have a good time together on fine tune certain aspects of the program.
terra firma as well as the water. Many The checklists were a big help in
thanks go to the individual event tracking the students progress and
chairmen and to Bud Weaver who making sure they succeeded at their “on
the water” skills as well as their written 2. JP Pillat 55 pts
ones. The written tests are going through 3. Jason Brown 58 pts
another overhaul this winter to keep
them even more in line with the Tuesday/ Friday Sunfish Series B
knowledge needed in the waters of Eagle 1. Woody Heidler 40 pts
Harbor. The adult program was a 2. Allison Chase 43 pts
success as we look forward to helping 3. Stafford Taillon 43 pts
members of all ages learn how to sail!
Saturday Flying Scot Series
Don't forget to pre-register in the spring 1. Mike Faugust 63 pts
for the 2003 season as it helps us staff 2. John Peterson 88 pts
accordingly. 3. Paul Newton 95 pts

Sunday Sunfish Series

Fleet Race Results 1. Skip Heidler 7 pts
By: John Peterson 2. Woody Heidler 19 pts
3. Allison Chase 21 pts
The weekly Flying Scot, Sunfish and
JY15 races were well attended this year Fyr Bal Regatta
and were competitive for all of the 1. Dave Sauter (Stephanie Smith) 4
sailors involved. The results of each _ pts
series were as follows: 2. Sarah Lisle (Jason Brown) 7 _
Monday/ Thursday JY 15 Series A 3. Andrew Sauter-Sargent (Alexis
1. Allison Chase 10 pts Sauter) 11pts
2. Woody Heidler 13 pts
3. Matt Smith/ Nick Weborg 22 pts Sunfish Regatta
1. Christian Pillat 7 pts
2. JP Pillat 13 pts
Monday/ Thursday Flying Scot Series A 3. Woody Heidler 19 pts
1. Christian Pillat 4 pts
2. Susan Reynolds-Smith 7 pts
3. JP Pillat 9 pts EYC’s “NEWFOR” Regatta a
Hugh Success
Tuesday/ Friday Sunfish Series A By: Larry Lewis
1. Allison Chase 24 pts
2. Woody Heidler 50 pts Perfect conditions greeted nineteen
3. Catherine Hambleton 53 pts women who competed in the first annual
NEWFOR on July 29. The winds were
Monday/ Thursday JY 15 Series B light to moderate from due north making
1. Stafford Taillon 5 pts the double windward leeward courses an
2. Tom Sublewski 11 pts opportunity for lots of tactical sailing.
3. Lindsay Scattergood 16 pts
In the end it was the veteran team of
Nancy and Carol Claypool who
Monday/ Thursday Flying Scot Series B dominated the field, winning all three
1. Stafford Taillon 55 pts
races. The Claypools did not win all the 1. Nancy Claypool 3 pts
starts, but they headed to the right side 2 Donna Scattergood 6 pts
of the course on all the beats, picking up 3 Sarah Lisle 11 pts
a little shift and a little more wind to
lead at each weather mark. Donna 97th Ephraim Regatta
Scattergood dogged the Claypools in By: John Peterson
every race, finishing second overall.
For the second consecutive year, EYC’s
EYC Director, Sarah Lisle, sailed well own Ryan Malmgren skippering with
off the wind and with one jibe to the wife and crew Kimber took top honors at
shore in the last race caught Susan the 96th Ephraim Regatta. The week
Reynolds Smith and finished third before the event, Malmgren gave an on-
overall. Smith, disqualified in race 2 for shore racing clinic to EYC members and
a tacking too close infraction, finished continued to “school” his opponents the
fourth, narrowly ahead of Christine following week winning two of the five
Bridenhagen. Diane Taillon in races including the Vail Cup. Seventeen
her first ever race, finished sixth, in fact Flying Scots competed during the two
leading the third race for a while after a day event that featured light and
perfect pin end start. extremely shifty winds.

Veteran Nan Zimdars Hoseley improved The Malmgrens also took home the
in each race and finished seventh. She Wisconsin Cup as the highest place
had been a dominant winner in Ephraim finishers of the first three races and, of
when she was growing up and vows to course, repeated as the winners of the
return to her earlier form. Pedar E. Knudson for being the highest
placing wife/husband team.
The quality of sailing was excellent and
the large spectator fleet composed of Jason Brown, an EYC Instructor with his
husbands and followers of the Dad Kirk Brown clinched the Sturgis
competitors was impressed. Trophy for the highest place finish for
skippers eighteen and under. In
(editors note: This regatta started as a addition, Jason won the Sauter Trophy
“grass roots” idea conceptualized and as the winner of the first race on Sunday.
organized mid-season by several of
Larry’s students. This event is clearly It is interesting to note that the top three
demonstrative of the rapid growth and places in the regatta this year were
interest in sailing by many of our women husband and wife teams who at last
members. I’m excited by this event and report anyway were still speaking to
look forward to the challenge of each other!
continuing to meet the needs of this
growing group at the club) More than a dozen loyal EYC members
come forward each year to make the
regatta run smoothly. In addition to
Chairpersons, Frank and Sally Heidler,
Suzanne Lisle, Don Polzin, George and
Results Jean Reynolds, Mary Johnson, Lal
Burridge and Guy Bush also worked communications and kept on top of
hard to make the regatta a success. everything. Klein and Claypool families
hosted the evening, while the
Overall Standings: Commodore, John Peterson kept in
touch. We thank everyone who attended
1) Ryan Malmgren (EYC) and encouraged us, and appreciate the
Kimber Malmgren positive response from our membership.

2) Michael Fagust (EYC) After paying all of the known bills, $650
Jennifer Faugust in profit was given to the club treasurer.
In all, 43 doz. ears of corn and 512 brats
3) John Peterson (EYC) were consumed!
Deanna Peterson

4) Tim Devries (Madison) Rich Hall Junior Regatta

Chuck Hoasting By: Larry Lewis

5) Tim Sugar (Madison) Sailing in windy conditions which could

Hugh Sugar have brought a cancellation, six boats
Sarah Lott with twenty four juniors raced for the
Hall trophy on August 11. It was a day
In The News: which proved the quality of the EYC
EYC’s Ryan and Kimber Malmgren junior fleet. A huge southwesterly made
finished 2nd in 2002 Midwest District even getting rigged and to the course
Regatta held in September at Carlyle very difficult. The committee moved the
Sailing Association near St. Louis. The course over into the lee of the Peninsula
regatta was held as part of CSA’s Park bluff which helped bring the
annual “Whale of a Sail”. breeze down from 25 to 15-18.
Christian Pillat did not even bother using
a chute in the first race of five
Bratfest races as he won the start and held on to
Reprinted from Bill Klein’s report to the membership at the
2002 Annual Meeting hold off his rapidly closing
brother, JP, and that was the story of the
We celebrated the 27th Bratfest with 331 whole regatta. Christian won all
members and friends in attendance. five races, but every one was
Eleven volunteer First Mates arrived on competitive.
Friday to cook brats, work on food prep,
napkins and other tasks vital for Sat. JP held on to finish second while
night. The sailing staff joined to move Stafford Taillon finished third.
grills, tables, furniture and anything else. Rich Hall was present and handed out
We are very proud of the staff that helps the awards to the winners.
us! You must be too! Sally and Joe
Schoendorf and the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Junior Regatta
Club provided four half-barrels-one 1. Christian Pillat 5 pts
large key to the financial success. Rosie 2. Matt Smith 13 pts
Klein managed orders, details and 3. JP Pillat 16 pts
Boats and Motors WANTED: Energetic sailing minded
By: George Carey staff for the 2003 season. If interested,
please contact:
Our powerboat fleet was up and running
for the whole 2002 season. What a John Peterson
relief! Our thanks go out to the staff for 9000 N. Pelham Pkwy.
doing a great job taking care of our new
Milwaukee, WI 53217
motors. Jason Brown kept track of the
service requirements and we all 414-352-3678
appreciate his good work.
For the 2003 season, it was our belief
that two of our Scots, Malcolm and
Peppermint, were not up to EYC
standards for safe use. These two boats
have been retired from EYC and have
found a nice home with Andy Sargent
and will be used for a youth boat
reconstruction-training program. EYC
has therefore, replaced these boats with
two nice used Scots that came to our
attention from the excellent work of Lal
Burridge. You may recall that it was Lal
who brought “ Fern” to EYC a few years
ago. The two Scots will be #2611 and
#3506. They are in very good condition
and should service our needs quite well.
Lal and I will bring these boats up to
Ephraim in May so Mrs. Burridge can
get them off her patio in St. Louis.
John Peterson
9000 N. Pelham Pkwy.
Milwaukee, WI 53217

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