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March 2006
In This Issue From the Commodore
J ust thinking ab out the rich tr a ditions, fond
me m o ries and endless hours of fun th at me mbership
Commodore’s in the EYC h ave me ant to so m a ny me mbe rs over the
last 100 yea rs. It o ccu r red to me that a fe w o f the
Comments………..……Page 1 m aj o r benefits a re w o rth mentioning.

100th Anniversary……. Page 2 • C hild re n a n d a d ult sailing lesso ns
f ro m ce rtifie d instructors using
EYC Book & Poster.… Page 3 colle g e c e rtifie d boats.
Plans for 101st Regatta Page 4 • A nn ual re g atta and daily rac es
Membership………….. Page 4 • Use of clu b boats whe n availa ble.
Endowment……………Page 4 • Social Eve nts: O pe nin g pa rty,
sailin g trips, ice cre am social, cook
Fleet Report……....…...Page 5 outs, brid g e lessons & g ro u ps,
Sailing Scholarships…. Page 5 pic nics, brat fest, a yea r e n d
cocktail pa rty, child re n’s activities &
Vanguard CFJ’s............Page 6 a g re at plac e to me et frie n ds at
Junior Activities….……Insert suns et.
• Use of ove r 2 0 0 othe r yac ht clu b
2006 Schedule……….... Insert facilities thro u g h Yac htin g Clu b o f
Officers and Directors of the Ame rica.
Ephraim Yacht Club • Wet, dry slips & a lau nc h c ra ne
2005-2006 available at club dock.
Max Robinette (Commodore) • Ve ry reaso na ble me m be rs hip fe es &
Dave Sauter (Vice Commodore) a mem be rs hip dire ctory.
George Carey (Rear Commodore)
Diane Taillon (Secretary) • A plac e to meet & kno w t he g re atest
Paul Pillat (Treasurer) pe o ple in Doo r Co u nty.
Kirk Brown
Barbara Hambleton • I n a d dition, this yea r we will ad d 8
Suzanne Lisle ( ne w to us,) Va n g ua r d C lu b Flying
Ryan Malmgren J u nio rs, CFJ’s, to our club fle et.
Scott Pearson
George Reynolds • S p e cial eve nts; Boat pa ra de & a
Brud Sturgis 1 0 0 t h A n nive rsa ry Ba nq u et!
The Eagle’s Cry is published periodically by the Ephraim Yacht Club, P.O. With all these pluses, please encou r a ge
Box 331, Ephraim, WI 54211. For all questions regarding this you r f riends to join EYC, p a rticipate
correspondence, e-mail us at or visit our website at a nd t a ke adv a nt age o f all the a ctivities.

Copyright 2006 by Ephraim Yacht Club. Photocopying, reproduction or
quotation is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the
Max Robinette, Commodore

IN REMEMBRANCE do have a reservation cap based on the room
capacity, so please reserve promptly when your
We would like to remember those folks connected to Ephraim
who have recently passed away, including: invitation is received.
Bob Asmuth
Betty Byfield
Nancy Claypool and Don Nelson
Janet Chomeau
Warren Davis, Jr. EYC 100th Anniversary Co-Chairs
John Neumann
As we move into the culmination of our club’s
Max Robinette, Commodore 100th year, we are pleased at the ongoing
excitement that has been generated since we kicked
THE EYC CENTENNIAL off our centennial year last year with our “still
BANQUET & AUCTION being talked about” 100th regatta. As expected,
Suzanne Lisle dedicated and hard working club members have
been and are continuing to work tirelessly to make
will definitely be a highlight this summer. The the 2006 portion of our 100th season a great
village will be marked with banners celebrating our success. Much of this work started several years
milestone, the Ephraim Historical Foundation will ago with the foresight and planning by former
feature an EYC exhibit, our history will be Commodore George Carey. The hours of research
published, and we will enjoy looking back to honor
our past as we simultaneously look ahead to a Remember to save Saturday, July
bright future. 22nd on your calendar for the the 100th
Plans are well under way for the 100th Anniversary Anniversary Gala at Maxwelton
Gala to be held on July 22, 2006 at Maxwelton Braes, featuring an auction, cocktails,
Braes. It will feature a cocktail buffet, raffle, silent buffet and raffle!
auction, and the first introduction of our published
history. and writing that he and Linda have devoted to the
history of the club has culminated in a book for all
Invitations and reservation cards will be mailed in of us to share. We all owe them a great deal of
June to your summer addresses (as provided by gratitude for their efforts in bringing this to fruition.
members with your annual dues statement). It
would be very helpful if members would verify that Sue Volkmann and Prilla Beadell are leading the
your summer address is complete with any P.O. charge of our Centennial Banquet that will be held
box information. Each summer we have mail that on Saturday, July 22, 2006 at Maxwelton Braes.
cannot be delivered to some of the summer You won't want to miss this. We hope that you will
addresses, not because of incorrect street numbers, make every effort to be part of a very memorable
but rather due to a lack of mail receptacles. Please event that will include a trip down memory lane as
help us by reviewing your current directory listing we all experience a retrospective look at the club's
or the new one upon receipt. Any updates can be history. In addition, Suzanne Lisle is chairing our
directed to Membership chairman, Barb first ever EYC silent auction that will be held that
Hambleton. evening in conjunction with the banquet. She and
Many thanks to the members who have already her committee are working hard on gathering a
generously donated treasures of time, talent, and wide array of fabulous items that will serve as a
wonderful gifts for the auction. We are truly special 100th anniversary fundraiser for the club.
grateful. It is not too late to contribute items, and See the article on the Centennial Banquet and
we still are actively soliciting donations. Our hope Auction for more details.
is to raise a significant sum to help make reality the
ambitious plans your board of directors has set
We hope you will mark July 22 on your calendar
and plan to support and enjoy the celebration. We
Next, mark your calendar for Saturday, July 29th.
Weed Vail and his committee have been working Linda and I are also looking for volunteers to be on
for over a year on the boat parade. This will be a our EYC history committee to begin archiving and
special "reviewing of the fleet" that will take place organizing all the papers and documents that have
off of Anderson's Dock. This is a huge undertaking been accumulated over these 100 years. If you have
that will be open to the entire Village of Ephraim a bent for history, and some organizational skills,
and will be marketed to boaters all across the Green give us a call.
Bay and Lake Michigan areas. You won't want to To help celebrate our 100th anniversary Bob Bentley
miss what is going to be a great sight in Eagle has painted a very colorful and creative painting
Harbor of boats "dressed" for the reviewing stand. . titled “Sailors Delight….EYC 100th birthday
In addition, we are working on some special 100th celebration”. We are sure all will enjoy this painting
year commemorative items. Among those is an as it depicts all of the fun times our members have
excellent painting by Bob Bentley entitled “Sailors had through the years. It is a true birthday
Delight….EYC 100th birthday party”. This painting
will be available as a poster, signed prints, and note
cards. Also Susan Reynolds Smith has planned
some excellent 100th anniversary items for sale.
Many new friendships were made last year as we
started working on new 100th year activities. We
look forward to having all of our club members
participate in our new anniversary events.

Celebrating One Hundred Years

This painting will be available as an EYC poster for
sale this summer. The cost will be about $20.00
each. Also, it will available from Bob Bentley as a
fine artist print numbered and signed by Bob.
THE EPHRAIM YACHT CLUB The Planning Committee for the 100th anniversary
George & Linda Carey would like to take this opportunity to thank Bob for
his generosity in allowing in allowing the EYC to
The history of EYC will be available in book print the posters and note cards of his painting. All
form by July 22, 2006. If you have not yet monies received will help support EYC projects.
ordered your copy, please send your orders to
George & Linda Carey at the Ephraim Address
shown in your directory after May 20. The
member discount price is $13.45 including tax. If
you are unable to pick up your copy this
summer, arrangements can be made for
Here you will find the anecdotes and fact, the
history and the legend, plus dozens of great
spirit of a regatta means that we are able to attract
and compete with visiting sailors from around our
district and beyond year after year. This will be the
committee’s #1 goal.
Over the next few months, we will again be calling
on the many volunteers who helped last year.
Please feel free to contact Ryan
(, Nancy Claypool
( or myself
( with your interest or

We are looking forward to an exciting 100th
Anniversary Season! Please send in your
membership forms ASAP so I can get you properly
PLANS BEGIN FOR 101st processed. Also, please send your address changes
EYC REGATTA to me on the back of the red remittance form or
John Peterson email me at I look forward
to seeing you this summer!
Plans are already well underway for the 101st
edition of the longest running, continuous regatta Barb Hambleton
on the Great Lakes to be held on August 4th, 5th and Membership Chair
6th. While last year’s 100th Regatta and Midwest
Districts will admittedly be a tough act to follow,
we know that together with our outstanding group
of dedicated volunteers, we’re capable of pulling
off just about anything!
This year’s Regatta Committee will again be
chaired by Ryan Malmgren along with Nancy
Claypool providing support for publicity. As the
new Race Committee Chair, I have the unenviable
challenge of filling Frank and Sally Heidler’s shoes
in a capacity that they performed with tireless
dedication for more than 30 years.
As a committee, we plan to build on the momentum
that was started last year particularly as it pertains
to the facilitation of our out of town guests. As a EYC has established an Endowment Fund
yacht club, we must always be mindful that the true that is managed and administered by the
Door County Community Foundation, Inc.
(DCCF). For those of you not familiar with
its mission, the DCCF focuses on enhancing
the quality of life in Door County by
perpetually serving the needs of the
community, and, encouraging the continued
and expanded philanthropic activities of its

SAILING SCHOLARSHIPS Greetings from New Director
Kirk Brown
I hope winter is going well for all of you, and I am
EYC sailing program scholarships will be made looking forward to a successful Summer 2006. It is
available for this upcoming season. a privilege to be the new Director, and I am excited
A scholarship fund has been set up by an EYC to have an excellent staff to work with. We will do
member family for the express purpose of seeking everything we can to make 2006 the greatest
greater involvement by the youth of the greater summer yet.
Ephraim community through sailing lessons. This
is intended to be an ongoing program for years to See you all this summer,
come and should help our organization become Hugh Haggerty
more integrated with the surrounding community.
Dan Engelke has agreed to lead the development Ryan Malmgren
and promotion of this program. Along with Joani
Lewis, a 6 person committee will be named, Flying Scot fleet:
primarily made up of members who are year round While last year was a banner growth year for the
residents. A quorum of 3 will be necessary to EYC Flying Scot fleet (we added 5 new boat
conduct the business of the committee. owners to our fold) – this year looks to be a banner
The EYC board has agreed in concept to the upgrade year. Examples: Jay Lott is upgrading to
following: a brand new boat – recently ordered from Harry
Carpenter. He is hoping to take delivery before the
Scholarship will cover the membership fee Midwestern Districts in Madison (June 9th-11th) .
(student: $35) and $100 towards each session fee Brud Sturgis is upgrading to a practically new boat
($210). (only used a few times). Brud is also donating his
8 scholarships will be offered this season. other boat to our EYC fleet. It has been
Scholarships will be limited based on availability at painstakingly refurbished with all of the bells and
the time of selection (approx 5/15/06). whistles -- and will set a new standard for our club
Gibraltar School and the home schooled network boats. Thanks Brud!
are expected to help distribute and promote the
Scholarship. (Only full time residents of Door Flying Junior fleet:
County are eligible). Yes, that is right – a brand new fleet of eight Flying
Juniors for our EYC students and members. Scott
Scholarships will be awarded based upon the Pearson deserves credit for locating this bunch of
criteria determined by the scholarship committee great boats. FJ’s are becoming one of the most
and will conform to all legal and logical rules popular boats for sailing instruction and
pertaining to non discrimination. competitive racing at High School and College
programs across the nation (surpassing the
venerable Vanguard 420 in popularity). These
boats offer many advantages for kids who are ready
to move up from the Optis or for folks who just
want to go for a casual daysail, or practice racing
techniques. Here are just a few advantages that
Flying Juniors have over the JY15s: they are more
durable, repairable, launchable, maneuverable,
affordable (at least when purchased in groups),
stable, forgiving, have more one-design boatspeed
parity, and maintain a strong resale value.

Flying Scot Sailing Association (FSSA) NEW VANGUARD CFJs
EYC Flying Scot Fleet 44 added 15 new members ACQUIRED FROM
to the ranks of the FSSA last year (most joined up
during registration at the Regatta). This was the
single largest increase of members from any Scot We are very excited to announce that the club
fleet in the US last year. Joining the FSSA is a has acquired (8) eight Vanguard Club Flying
way of showing support to the Scot class. The Juniors (CFJ's) from the United States Coast Guard
FSSA helps maintain the strength of the class by Academy in New London Connecticut. The CFJ is
organizing national regattas and seminars, sailed by more collegiate sailing teams than any
implementing rigorous class rules in keeping with other double-handed sailboat and should be
the “One-Design” principle, creating a network for a complementary addition to our existing fleets.
Scot sailors and enthusiasts through their carefully The CFJ is popular as a junior trainer and will serve
maintained website… and, perhaps most as a platform to teach racing tactics once students
importantly, the FSSA publishes and distributes the advance from the Optimist class. The CFJ is
magazine “Scots ‘N Water” to its members. Many a tough, agile performer, characterized by quick
wonderful articles pertaining to all facets of Scot tacking and acceleration. In addition, the CFJ
sailing can be found in this publication -- covering has large buoyancy tanks ensure that the CFJ is
diverse topics like Scot cruising, racing tips from both self rescuing and safe. Finally, by purchasing
the experts, handy maintenance tricks, essays, and the CFJ's from the Coast Guard Academy, the boats
even poems. Poems you say? Well, if you will be fitted with the highest quality rub-rail
received the most recent issue, turn to page 6 -- system offered by Vanguard sailboats reducing
where you will find a full page dedicated to EYC wear and tear on the boats.
member Isak Peterson’s poem, “The Art of
Navigation”. (For those of you who haven’t In concert with the addition of these new sailboats,
received this issue, you should find a copy of Isak’s Dave Sauter is implementing an Advanced Racing
poem in this Eagle’s Cry.) Tactics (ART) curriculum to ensure we get
Please note that you do NOT have to be a Scot maximum benefit from our investment. It is our
owner to support the class through FSSA belief that with this new fleet and ART program,
membership. Anyone can join. You can join by our club will be able to offer a youth racing
going to, or contact me and I’ll send you a program competitive with any in the country.
membership form. This way you’ll be sure not to
The entire board of directors wants to thank you for
miss Isak’s next poem!
making this new fleet possible through your
membership and participation in the Ephraim Yacht
JY15 fleet:
Club's instructional programs. As you might
Needless to say… it is for sale – as a fleet, or one
imagine, the addition of a new junior/collegiate
boat at a time. Any takers? Would make fine
racing fleet comes at significant expense. Any
“beach boats”. Make an offer! If interested,
members wishing to make a direct contribution to
please contact me. Email:
offset the expense of the new fleet, please contact
ph: 608/225-4287
Scott Pearson directly at (630) 677-6385.
Additionally, as the JY's will be retired, any
Scot for sale: Jay Lott’s boat “Reindeer”. This boat
members interested in purchasing one or
may be old and a bit scarred… but it is a proven
more boats, please call Scott at the same number.
winner. Just won the Midwestern Districts last
year! It would be great to keep it in the EYC fold.
All in all, the 2005 EYC 100th Ephraim Regatta was
If interested, contact Jay. Email:
successful, and enjoyed by both participants and

Visit the
Anderson Barn
History Center
Yacht Club
100th Anniversary
Exhibit Reception
Free Admission & Refreshments
4-5:30 p.m.
Sat., June 24th before the
Club Opening Reception