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Ephraim, WI

November 2004 Commodore’s Comments

In This Issue It’s hard to believe another season at
Commodore’s EYC has gone into the history books.
Comments……………Page 1 Speaking of history, how about 100
seasons going into the history books!
EYC Centennials…….Page 2 Preparations for next years 100th Regatta
News Flash...……….. Page 2 are well under way. And, don’t forget
the celebration of our Clubs 100th
First Mates….. . ……..Page 5 Anniversary in 2006. Since the year
Lessons…..…………...Page 6 1906 saw the first Regatta, the 100th
Regatta actually occurs a year before the
Boats & Motors……...Page 7
Club’s anniversary. The activities for
Pier Improvements…..Page 7 2005 are highlighted in this issue. Our
Scholarship Fund……Page 8 co-chair persons, Nancy Claypool and
Don Nelson, are working hard to get
everything ready for your enjoyment.
Officers and Directors of the Ephraim Yacht Club
YOU can participate by contacting them
George Carey (Commodore)
and ask to help out. In conjunction with
Max Robinnette (Vice Commodore) the 100th activities we are also hosting
John Peterson (Rear Commodore)
Diane Taillon (Secretary)
the Midwest District Flying Scot
Paul Pillat (Treasurer) Championship to be held the same week-
Suzanne Lisle
Barbara Hambleton
end as the 100th Ephraim Regatta. Ryan
David Sauter Malmgren is chairing this event and will
Brud Sturgis
Ryan Malmgren
also need your help. This of course adds
George Reynolds double duty for Frank and Sallie Heidler
Scott Pearson as they prepare for these big events.
The Eagle’s Cry is published periodically by the Ephraim Yacht
Club, P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI 54211. For all questions
They have been our Race Committee
regarding this correspondence, e-mail us at or
visit our website at
Chairs for 28 or so years. That’s
Copyright 2004 by Ephraim Yacht Club. Photocopying, reproduction commitment!! The rumor is they will
or quotation is strictly prohibited without the express written consent
of the publisher.
retire after next year and many memories
of past glories on the race course will committee liaison for the Flying Scot
become part of the true or not so true Midwest District portion of our regatta.
scuttlebutt around EYC. Other Not only do we want to have a great
happenings are in the wind, so read on event for our club members, but a great
and discover, “what’s up”. event for visiting sailors and guests.
Plan on having FUN and clear your
Sadly, we report the premature deaths of calendars now for the weekend of
Donald Klein and William Weborg. Both August 5-7, 2005.
loved boating, and played together at
As you've also read, in addition
the Ephraim beach when they were
young boys. Our loving thoughts and to sailing, we're planning on resurrecting
sympathy are with these families. If you some other activities that were held
are aware of other EYC members who during the Ephraim Regatta which do
have passed away, please contact me for not involve sailboats. These include the
inclusion in future issues. baby beauty contest, a kayak race, and
other water activities. There will be
NEWS FLASH something for everyone -- whether
you're a participant or a spectator.
Just this minute I heard from our
Besides all the usual club
treasurer, Paul Pillat. We have, at long
last, received 501c3 status from the IRS! responsibilities for the annual regatta, we
This will allow tax deductible will need additional volunteers for this
contributions to the club. If you have event. There will be a special mailing
questions regarding gifts for this that will go out detailing the activities
calendar year, please contact Paul to that are shaping up and the various jobs
discuss tax issues. for which you can sign up. Please note:
Thank you for all your hard work, Paul. you and your friends are welcome to
sign up for more than one! Volunteering
George V. Carey is a great way to get to know other club
Commodore members as well as get to know our
visiting sailors. Let's really show off the
Ephraim Yacht Club and it's hospitality
EYC Centennials…they
to the village of Ephraim, Door County,
are coming!! and our visiting sailors and dignitaries.
By: Nancy Claypool
Be on the look out for the mailing in
You've been hearing about it and early 2005. Volunteers can be sailors,
now the time has come. Next summer non-sailors, adults and children.
will be the Ephraim Yacht Club's
100th Regatta! As an added bonus, the We are also looking for vintage
club will also be hosting the Flying Scot EYC Regatta memorabilia -- programs,
Midwest District Championship in posters, photos, T-shirts, and the like. If
conjunction with our regatta. Ryan you have anything you might be willing
Malmgren has volunteered to be the to lend to put on display or to allow us to

photograph for promotional materials, articles. We are pleased to announce
let us know. that Sue Volkmann has agreed to chair
For those of you who are in our 100th banquet and Suzanne Lisle has
contact with former EYC members who agreed to chair our silent auction, both of
may not be active or live out-of-state, which will be held the same evening at
please let them know about our 100th so Maxwelton Braes. Weed Vail has
that they can save the date. We'd love to already agreed to chair our boat parade
have a reunion of some of our regatta with costumes from yesteryear! People
participants and champions from are excited. So, there's more that will be
yesteryear. happening with our 100th anniversary.
Again, please contact Don or Nancy
All suggestions, comments, and with suggestions or to volunteer.
volunteers are welcome. Get in touch Thanks!
with either or both of our 100th co-
chairmen -- Nancy Claypool and Don Regatta Special
From Flying Scot, Inc.
Harry Carpenter, the builder of Flying
Nancy Claypool
Scots, has committed to come to our
Home: (504) 899-0935
100th regatta next year. As most of you
Home E-mail:
know, the Flying Scot is one of the most
Work: (504) 593-0875
versatile day sailor/racing boats on the
Work E-mail:
market and is a Sailing Hall of Fame
design. In conjunction with our 100th
regatta, Harry has offered free delivery
Don Nelson
for any new Flying Scot for our regatta.
Home Until January 5th: (517) 263-
The standard delivery charge to the Door
Peninsula would be $650. If you are
Florida Until April 15th: (321) 431-
interested in ordering a new boat, he
advises that it would be best to order the
Home Until June 15th: (517) 263-5192
boat this fall and take advantage of the
Door County After June 15th: (920)
2004 price. The increase for 2005 is
likely to be around 5%. Flying Scot,
Inc. is also offering $500 in free
accessories this fall. Ryan Malmgren
has just ordered a new Flying Scot and
100th Anniversary of EYC
we look forward to the addition of new
The regatta next year will kick off the boats to our fleet. There's lots of
start of our 100th year which will be information on the Flying Scot, Inc.
celebrated with the 100th anniversary of website about the boat, a new boat order
our club in the summer of 2006. We are form and boat checklist. For further
planning a number of activities that have information, contact Harry Carpenter
been detailed in previous Eagle's Cry

and ask him about the Ephraim Regatta another report from Deep Float in time
Special. for our winter issue.

Harry Carpenter Midwest Districts
Flying Scot, Inc. By: Ryan Malmgren
157 Cemetery Street
Deer Park, MD 21550 You heard right: we will be hosting the
1-800-864-7208 Midwestern Districts in conjunction with the 100th Regatta! Although there is a lot
to be done in preparation for this event –
Attention All Past and Present we anticipate an outstanding regatta.
The additional boats coming from out of
Scot Owners:
town (drawn by the combination of
events) will only enhance our 100th
If you, a family member or friend are a regatta celebration. However, given the
Flying Scot owner, we would like that size and scope of this undertaking there
boat to participate in our 100th regatta. will be an increased need for volunteers
Our very own EYC Deep Throat (also on all levels. We will need power boats
known as Deep Float) has reported that on the water for safety and Scot towing –
some of our fleet members have boats as well as people on the dock to assist
that are flying below the radar with the details that are so important to
somewhere in Door County -- stored in hosting an event like this. If you will be
barns, garages, or back yards. Our EYC able to give time as a volunteer at the
100th regatta is a great reason to get 100th regatta, please let me or Nancy
these boats out of mothballs and back Claypool know (email is best) – so we
into commission! Oh -- so you won't be can put you on our volunteer list.
racing? Well, how about considering Ryan Malmgren
loaning your boat to a qualified club Email:
member to race in the regatta? What Phone: 608/255-4287
about returning alumni who would Nancy Claypool
welcome the opportunity to get back out Email:
in a Scot for old time's sake? Get the Phone: 504/251-3926
idea? Let's break the record for the
number of boats on the starting line on 100th Regatta Commemorative Sails
Saturday, August 6, 2005. There are By: Ryan Malmgren
qualified boat yards in Door County and
elsewhere, including Flying Scot, Inc, My Mad Sails have been getting a lot of
the builder, which can assist you in attention lately. I’ve received a bunch of
fixing up any Flying Scot over the sail orders, and have gone into
winter. Stay in touch with our EYC production on a modest scale. I’ll be
100th chairs, Nancy Claypool and Don offering a special 100th commemorative
Nelson, if you have any sightings, learn edition of my sails (to EYC members
of or need any information. We will get only) which will have a special EYC
100th logo (still in the design phase).

Also, I will donate 10% of the cost of by Deanna and John Peterson, in spite of
any EYC sail orders back to the club to the VERY chilly weather. Many
help support our racing program. If you members came to partake of a few
are interested in some new Scot sails for calories, prior to going off to watch
the 100th, please contact me at fireworks…most of us wearing heavy or clothing. Thanks to all who brought -- and I will toppings for Sundaes, and special thanks
send you pricing information and try to to Steve Sauter, for donating the ice
answer any questions you may have. cream!
(note: my new website is currently under
construction and should be up and July 15 saw our celebration of Founders
running soon: Day. Joani Lewis ordered the cake, and
everyone who attended brought their
own meat to cook on the grill, and
First Mates delicious food to share. This little party
By: Linda Carey has become a nice tradition, and we have
it whether there are races held on that
The women of the Ephraim Yacht Club evening or not.
have again enjoyed a wonderful summer,
full of camaraderie and beautifully The First Mates’ Potluck Dinner on
accomplished events. Boating is only July 21st was again chaired by Susan
one of the nice things that go on at the Reynolds-Smith, Ann Crowe, and Gayle
club…relishing our friendships Crummer. We thank them heartily for
throughout the summer gets a very big another memorable evening. They had a
rating as well. great rapport with the weatherman, who
sent a sunny afternoon and clear
Of course, we began the season at the evening, with terrific Ephraim
end of June with our Champagne temperatures (not too hot…not too
Opening Social. It was wonderfully cold…just right!) Besides enjoying
organized by Prilla Beadell, who delicious food, and great conversation,
managed to have everything in place we played a hilarious game and I think
even though she herself was out of town! the laughter may have been heard all the
Thank you Prilla, and we thank all the way to Wilson’s!
members who helped with greeting,
nametags, and “pouring”, and all who The Regatta Lunch was chaired by
brought wonderful Hors d’ouevres to Nancy Pillat this year, and she re-
enjoy. Thanks also to Di Taillon, who instituted the sale of sandwiches on
saw that the finish of the evening went Sunday, as well as Saturday. We heard
perfectly, as well. quite a few comments that this was
appreciated. She had lots of ladies to
July Fourth was an ice cream day…in help her with the sales and handing out
temperature, as well as in the food we of food, for both lunches and the
enjoyed. Our Ice Cream Social proved continental breakfasts. Thank you
to be a fun event, thanks to being chaired Nancy, and all volunteers.

Following the annual regatta, we now with sailors from Sturgeon Bay, with
have the EYC Ladies Regatta. This terrific results. More is planned for next
was the third year for this event, chaired year. Our regular lesson program
by Donna Scattergood. Thank you provided instruction to 204 kids. This
Donna, for all your care in seeing that included another first time offering, that
this race would go smoothly. A being the introduction of the Learn to
postponement was necessary, because Sail program for first timers. The class
the wind speed on the designated day took place three afternoons per week.
was about 25 knots! Although there is The kids enjoyed it and so did the
no formal organization for the instructors. The staff responded well to
refreshments afterwards, all are invited these many challenges throughout the
to bring a nibble and some wine to share. summer. They will all be veterans for
It is loads of fun to watch the joy that the sure next year.
lady sailors derive from this event, and I
recommend that you all consider A major part of our program, of course,
spending some time on the bleachers is the many racing opportunities offered
next summer. to the kids as well as the adults.
Following are lists of the various events
The final party was the Commodore’s and the sailors who participated, as
Cocktail Party, chaired by Susan provided by George Carey, Skipper
Reynolds-Smith. It was again held at Harsch, Matt Smith, & Woody Heidler.
Bay Ridge Golf Course, and the
Trenchards took care of many details, Saturday Flying Scot Series
for which we are grateful. Thank you 1. Pillat’s T-Bone
Susan, for a great job of organization, 2. The Brown Family
and thank you to the volunteer wine 3. The Lewis’s and Abigail Harlan
pourers, entry greeters / cashiers, and all
members who provided a delectable Flying Scot “A” Series
array of appetizers. We all hate to say 1. Hugh Haggerty
good bye to one another, and to summer, 2. Lewis & Harlan
but the schedule for 2005 is already 3. The Browns
being considered, so we will look
forward to another delightful season. Flying Scot “B” Series
1. Christian Pillat
Lessons & Racing 2. Hugh Haggerty
By: David Sauter 3. The Browns
The 2004 season was a challenge for our
Optimist Series
club and staff as well. The adoption of
1. Alden Crowe
the Optimist Sailing Dinghy as our club
2. Stephan Peterson
trainer and youth racer has been a great
3. Isak Peterson
success. The ‘funny looking little boat”
has caught on and the kids are loving it.
EYC sponsored the first Opti Regatta,

JY-15’s have construction during our regular
1. Carter Crowe boating season.
2. Matt Smith
3. Alden Crowe I want to thank two members in
particular, outside the Board, who have
Richie Hall Junior Regatta contributed their time and talent to this
1. Jillian & Jason Brown project and other matters as they have
2. Woody Heidler, Amanda Steele, evolved throughout the year. These two
Forest Gmitro men are, Collin Dahl and Bill Hoag. I
3. Stafford Taillon & Matt also want to thank Chuck Pearson, Lou
Christofferson Kahn, Mike Lisle, Eric Johnson & Dick
Christenson for their contributions in
Optimist Regatta keeping this Commodore going. In
1. Matt Smith addition, I want to add my thanks to the
2. Opti Sailor (Milwaukee) owners of the Ephraim Yacht Harbor for
3. Isak Peterson their good spirits in getting this project
Sunfish Regatta
1. Allison Chase Boats and Motors
2. Skip Heidler By: George Reynolds
3. Woody Heidler
All of our equipment made it through the
season with flying colors, some more
Pier Improvements colorful than others, however. The two
By: George Carey newest outboards are doing great. The
older one has more usefulness in its
Your Board has been very busy this last
future, but we need to plan ahead here.
year working towards the realization of
And speaking of planning ahead, the
extending our dock to create a safer
Scot fleet will need some plasma pretty
boating opportunity for our students and
soon. Part of the fund raising program
members. You have already received a
will go towards speeding up our boat
packet asking for your help in supporting
rotations and possibly replacing the JY
this endeavor. If you have not done so
15 fleet with the favorite collegiate boat,
already, please return your pledge card
the 420. This would give us three great
and be part of our exciting addition.
classes of boats for student and member
There will be a beautiful plaque created
usage: the Scot, the 420 and the
to honor all our contributors! At this
writing the approvals needed from the
three co-applicants, The Village of
It has been the practice for many years
Ephraim, The Ephraim Yacht Club and
that EYC members, who are qualified,
the Ephraim Yacht Harbor, have been
may have free use of club boats. We
circulated for attachment to the DNR
have found that, on several occasions,
permit request. Once this approval is
there has been damage done to our boats,
received, construction can start. It is the
without the club being compensated for
desire of all parties, however, not to

the cost of repairs. This problem will place finishers, also hailed from
receive attention at next year’s Board Madison. Christian Pillat, 15, of Egg
meeting and any changes in the usage of Harbor and Roswell, GA, finished
these boats will be announced in the fourth, and Jason Brown, 18, of Little
spring Eagle’s Cry. Sister Bay and Wilmette, IL, was fifth.
Race conditions could best be
Scholarship Fund Announced described as challenging. The wind was
By Diane Taillon either pushing the Flying Scots to their
limits, or abandoning them entirely. The
EYC is in the process of formalizing a
wind was blowing 20 to 25 knots out of
sailing scholarship to be given from time
the north on Saturday morning. Most
to time to deserving, up and coming,
sailors were focusing on how not to
young sailors. We wish to thank Bill
break equipment or capsize. In fact, one
Hoag for getting this project off the
of the first boats out to the start of the
ground with a wonderful donation in
first race returned to the dock after
memory of his father, Mr. William E.
breaking a boom!
“Red” Hoag. The fund will be called the
In keeping with its fickle nature,
“Red Fund”. Other donations were
the wind that kept sailors on their toes
received from Katherine Sturgis, and
for two morning races evaporated by
Anne West to help spearhead the project.
lunchtime. Some racers had to be towed
Our thanks to these far-seeing members.
to the starting area after lunch, and they
If you would like to donate to this fund,
were nearly 20 minutes into the race
please contact me and we can discuss the
before a few boats drifted across the
ways to do this. At this writing, the Club
starting line. With no one even near the
has just learned that the IRS has granted
first mark after an hour, the EYC race
us 501c3 status which allows you to give
committee abandoned racing for the day.
tax deductible gifts to the club. The
The winds picked up again
fund will identify deserving youths.
Sunday morning, out of the southeast.
Between the upwind race tactics coming
99th Ephraim Regatta into play and the myriad of spinnakers
By Nancy Claypool
ballooning across Eagle Harbor on the
Defending champions Ryan downwind legs, the Ephraim Regatta’s
Malmgren and his wife and crew, final race day was an exciting one.
Kimber, took home top honors at the In an interesting footnote,
99th annual Ephraim Regatta. DeVries learned prior to the first race
The Malmgrens, of Sister Bay that a husband-and-wife team had
and Madison, WI, won all four races in withdrawn from competition due to the
the competitive Flying Scot fleet. rough conditions. Rather than leave
(Ordinarily there are five races in the anyone on the dock who wanted to race,
regatta, but wind conditions, or the lack DeVries asked the husband to come
thereof, called for one race to be aboard his boat as crew—an action that
cancelled.) might have contributed to his second-
Tim DeVries and Mark Van place finish, yet one that also
Egeren, the regatta’s second and third exemplified the spirit of fellowship for

which the Ephraim Regatta has always 2004 Junior Activities
been known. By Debby Heidler

At the awards ceremony,
DeVries acknowledged that this year’s Yet again, the EYC Junior Activities
regatta was an opportunity for sailors to were great fun this past summer.
test their skills, their boats, and their Average attendance was around 40 at all
gear in heavy air. If taking on extra events! Activities, for youth age 9 and
crew had affected his boat’s up, were held every Wednesday and
performance, he didn’t seem to mind. included the following: dinner at the
“This has been awesome,” he said. “We club and miniature golf at the Red
had a great time. This regatta always Putter, concert in the park in Sister Bay,
feels like coming home.” dinner and a movie at the EYC,
American Folklore Theatre, the
BRAT FEST Scavenger Hunt and the Progressive
By Linda Carey Dinner. Weather hampered some of our
plans, but we made the best of it.
What would regatta weekend be without Sincere thanks go out to Skip Harsch
the Klein’s wonderful Bratfest! They and the EYC Staff, and the many parent
have hosted it for so many years, that it volunteers, all who made the events
has become a treasured tradition. Racers possible, and my job very easy!
who come from out-of-town have been
heard to inquire as to whether there will This spring, we’ll be looking for input,
be the annual brat party, so we members from both youth and parents, regarding
aren’t the only ones who love this event. activities for the 2005 season. Plans are
This year had another large attendance, currently being made to schedule an
with very little food leftover. The Kleins event at the Peninsula Art School!
very kindly donate the proceeds to the Contact me by phone, 630-655-2548, or
club at the annual meeting, and we thank email I would
them very much…not just for the greatly appreciate any and all ideas for
contribution to the treasury, but mostly next summer!
for giving us an evening of such great


Please welcome Scott Pearson as your
new Board member. Scott has a super
wife, Duska, and three future sailors,
Annika, Gretchen & Ingrid. Scott will be
a great addition.