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Ephraim, Wisconsin
From the Commodore
Summer 2005 and the 100th Ephraim
November 2005 Regatta are now history. What a wonderful
celebration! But hold on, 2006 marks the
100th anniversary of the EYC and a terrific
In This Issue schedule of special events. In addition to the
Commodore’s 101st Regatta and all normal Club activities
Comments……………Page 1 we’re adding a 100th Anniversary Banquet
on July 22 and a Boat Parade and Fleet
2006 Fleet Parade……Page 2 Review on July 29, 2006. So mark your
EYC Regatta…........…Page 2 calendars, volunteer to help with these
special events, and contact Don Nelson for
District Race Synopsis Page 5 the Banquet and Weed Vail for the Boat
Race Results..………...Page 7 Parade.
Youth Education...…...Page 7
I’d like to thank George Carey, past
First Mate’s Report.....Page 8 commodore, for his tireless leadership and
Women’s Regatta……Page 9 dedication in a very busy year. George was
always on the spot with a helping hand.
Bridge………………...Page 9
Junior Activities…….Page 11 Sailing lessons in 2005 took on a special
meaning as over 200 of all ages had a
Officers and Directors of the
chance to experience the thrill of warm
Ephraim Yacht Club
wind, full sails and the beauty of Eagle
2005-2006 Harbor. Thanks to Skipper Harsch and his
Max Robinette (Commodore) staff for a great year! Hugh Haggerty has
Dave Sauter (Vice Commodore) been appointed Director for 2006 as Skipper
George Carey (Rear Commodore)
Diane Taillon (Secretary) furthers his law career.
Paul Pillat (Treasurer)
Kirk Brown Major progress has been made on the Dock
Barbara Hambleton
Suzanne Lisle extension with the final engineering
Ryan Malmgren drawings and application to the DNR in
Scott Pearson process. We are moving forward with a high
George Reynolds
Brud Sturgis degree of confidence that this major project
The Eagle’s Cry is published periodically by the Ephraim
Yacht Club, P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI 54211. For all
is now becoming a reality. Thanks again to
questions regarding this correspondence, e-mail us at George Carey, Bill Hoag and Dave Sauter or visit our website at
for their ever patient efforts to keep this
Copyright 2005 by Ephraim Yacht Club. Photocopying,
reproduction or quotation is strictly prohibited without the project on track.
express written consent of the publisher.

John Peterson will be leaving the Board this will be awarded to the best dressed boats in
year. Thanks for all your fine contributions the sail and power categories.
as Commodore and Board member. We all
wish you the best with your new There will be a small ($15.00) entrance fee
responsibility as 101st Race Committee to help defray expenses, and, of course, any
Chairman. A special thanks to Frank and contributions will be helpful.
Sally Heidler for 30 years as Race More information will be coming later, but
Committee Chairs. if you have any questions and/or comments,
please write: Malcolm Vail, 999 James St.,
Congratulations and welcome to Kirk Geneva, IL 60134, or call: 630-232-2734.
Brown, newly elected to the EYC Board.
Kirk, Karen, Jason and Julian are well 100TH EPHRAIM REGATTA
known sailors and we look forward to Kirk’s Sallie Heidler
participation in our meetings.
EYC’s 100th Regatta was quite a delightful
Max Robinette, Commodore experience, especially since the EYC has the
longest-running continuous regatta on the
entire Great Lakes, and in addition it was the
NOW HEAR THIS! largest Flying Scot regatta in over 30 years.
With over 50 boats registered (which
TO ALL EYC MEMBERS including included the Mid West District
sailors, power boaters, land lubbers, staff, Championships) this was a definite
families and friends… challenge for our expert Race Committee.
We were guided by the visiting “PRO”
The date? July 29, 2006! (Principle Race Officer) and numerous
Protest Judges who decided that the racers
On that date, the EYC will celebrate its 100th should be divided into 2 groups,
birthday by presenting, for the entertainment Championship and Challenger. We were
of all, a special Boat Parade and Fleet blessed with good winds and weather all
Review. Participants will include any and three days.
all sailboats and power boats that expect to
be in the Ephraim area at that time. One hiccup occurred when we lost one boat
only to find the skipper had changed boat
The Parade will be similar to other Venetian number and division. The matter was
Nights except…this will occur during the resolved, but this brings back memories of a
daytime, and will be held off Ephraim’s regatta years ago when we started back-to-
Anderson Dock. It will feature – in addition back Saturday morning races with all
to the Parade— a blessing of the fleet, a real registered boats starting. As we finished the
(but much shortened) sailboat race, spectator first race, one boat was missing, which is a
stands for guests, judges and dignitaries, and Recording Secretary’s nightmare. We began
perhaps a live band and appropriate food the 2nd race one boat short, but finished with
and beverage concessions, pending permits. all boats accounted for??? Seems that one
While this Review is a celebration of our boat went to Nicolet for a picnic lunch
100th Anniversary, the main idea is for because the day was so nice!!
everybody to have fun! Each entrant will be
expected to dress his or her ship in any way The efficient and loyal Race Committee
they wish, so long as it is in the spirit of together for many years was composed of
good sportsmanship. Appropriate prizes Frank Heidler—Chairman; Sallie Heidler—
Recording Secretary; Max Robinette—Boat
Captain; Lindy Robinette—Flags; Mike was with the number of juniors who raced in
Lisle—Anchor Man and Fusilier; Suzanne the regatta.)
Lisle—Assistant Recording Secretary; Weed
Vail—Spar Judge; Mary Johnson—Time; But they weren’t the only ones who
plus John Archibald—PRO. were impressed. I’ve spoken to at least
three-quarters of the people who traveled to
All in all, the 2005 EYC 100th Ephraim attend our regatta, and every single one of
Regatta was successful, and enjoyed by both them had good things to say about their
participants and spectators. experience in Ephraim. Here are just a
couple snippets I have received in person or
EPHRAIM 100th REGATTA by email:
“It was a wonderful regatta. Thank you.”
(Walt Barniskis, FSSA Midwest Governor)
‘We felt so welcome. The EYC people
were wonderful. Thank you! (Karen Gillen,
‘Fantastic time. Great job. Can’t wait to
come back. (Willi Liddicoat, Madison)
‘ It was great. No, it was REALLY great.
In fact… (long pause)… I think it is
probably THE best regatta I’ve ever
attended.” (Frank Gerry, Lake Delavan -- a
prolific, compulsive, national regatta circuit
& Flying Scot Midwest traveler who means what he says).
District Championships
Sometimes it seemed that the folks from out
Co-chairs: Nancy Claypool, Don Nelson, of town were a little bit surprised that we
and Ryan Malmgren were able to pull it off so well. Even more
surprising, some people from within our
The 100th Annual Ephraim Regatta with the own club seemed as impressed as the out-of-
Flying Scot Midwest District Championship towners! Here are a few of their comments:
was one for the record books…literally. We “Wow.” (Guy Bush Jr.)
had an all-time District attendance record of “Awesome.” (Andrew Reynolds)
fifty-four boats. Fully half of those boats “Are we good, or are we good?” (Dave
were from out of town. (This may also have Sauter)
been an EYC regatta record for one class of "Just great for a little yacht club with only
boats.) Bill Ross, president of the Flying four parking places!" (Susan Reynolds
Scot Sailing Association, personally Smith)
congratulated EYC on having successfully “This is one of the best things we’ve ever
hosted fifteen more boats than the 2005 done at EYC…ever!” (Joani Lewis)
Nationals in Houston. Flying Scot “No. It IS the best thing. Ever.” (Larry
boatbuilder, Harry Carpenter, was so Lewis)
impressed with EYC hospitality and our
venue that he and Karen plan to return next It worked for many reasons involving
summer. (Harry and Karen spoke very everything from good luck to super pre-
kindly of the EYC folks and said they had regatta planning and marketing (read: Nancy
never been treated so well and “felt like Claypool), good skill, super weather, super
royalty”. At the awards ceremony, he also race committee work, super on-the-water
made special mention of how impressed he
boat support, and the “supers” go on and Saturday morning, after volunteers assisted
on.... The 100th Regatta added special with launching and towing racers to the race
events and included a revival of regatta area, the Registration Tent again became a
activities from yesteryear. It was non-stop. hotbed of activity. The junior set started
registering for the Baby Beauty Contest,
Regatta Friday started out bright and early Swimming Races and other activities that
with lots of activity around the Registration were revived from yesteryear. (The
Tent where sailors picked up their Ephraim Regatta historically offered
registration packets. These included activities for those who were not on the
specially commissioned regatta mementos water that could be viewed from the shore.)
such as the 100th EYC regatta mugs. At There were lots of prizes for the participants
10:00 a.m., Harry Carpenter gave a and winners.
"standing room only" Flying Scot boat
rigging seminar at the Municipal Launching
Ramp. Even experienced sailors picked up
new tips. Meanwhile, back at the club, the
apparel tent and the regatta raffle desk
opened. Business was brisk. So brisk that
the specially designed 100th apparel sold out
before the end of the weekend. By noon,
with tents, banners and flags flying, people
converged on the club in ever increasing
numbers with excitement starting to build.

Friday afternoon, sailors had to make
choices-- race in the practice race, race in
the single handed race or attend a seminar Racers ate their fabulous EYC box lunches
on the racing rules of sailing given by Mike on the water while spectators gathered
Posey, US Sailing Senior Judge. Decisions, around Eagle Harbor. Some people climbed
decisions. No sooner than this was finished, the tower to get a better view; some went
sailors, members and regatta volunteers met out on the water to spectate; while others
at the club at 4:30 p.m. for the Welcome held impromptu regatta watching parties
Reception. The highlight was the arrival of from homes along the northern shore and
Janet Baxter, President of US Sailing, who bluffs of Ephraim.
cleared her busy schedule to make a special
trip to Ephraim on the occasion of its 100th In the late afternoon after a full day of
regatta. After giving an interview to the racing, sailors headed in to get ready for the
Door County Advocate and being welcomed 30th Bratfest. The Bratfest crew had
by regatta co-chairs and Commodore prepared for a record number of attendees.
George Carey, she congratulated EYC on its They were not disappointed. Over 500
historic event. There was no shortage of people attended! There was ample parking,
members and juniors who gathered around additional seating under a large white tent,
to meet her. The Welcome Reception would plus the best ever brats, corn and beer.
have gone on for hours except for the fact Guests were spotted who had not been to the
that it was time to move on to the 7:30 p.m. Ephraim Regatta in over 25 years. As the
seating of the fish boil at the Old Post evening wore on, racers and non-racers alike
Office. One hundred people attended the mingled, watching the slide show of regatta
fish boil -- a first for many of our visitors. photos on the big screen.

Sunday, the races concluded. A parade of with one another within their respective
raffle prizes were awarded, followed by an fleets.)
extended awards ceremony that not only
awarded trophies to the sailors but offered Race 1 (Sat. -- 10:30am):
prizes in special 100th regatta categories. The race committee set an “A” course –
which entailed crossing a start line near the
But what really made this all so special and northeastern corner of Eagle Harbor heading
what really made it all work comes down to upwind to a buoy just west of Horseshoe
one word: VOLUNTEERS. When boats Island and then back downwind (with
started rolling in -- as early as the colorful spinnakers flying) to the original
Wednesday before the regatta -- EYC start area buoy and then back up to finish off
volunteers (and some out-of-town volunteers of Horseshoe (three race “legs” in all).
too) started coming out of the woodwork, Ryan and Kimber Malmgren held off
stepping forward to help and assist in ways Madison’s Tim Devries and Eric Riley in a
large and small. And it continued all fierce tacking duel at the finish to win the
weekend long. So many (at last count there first race of the Championship Division.
were 155), that a list would be impossible Meanwhile, Jonathan Thomas and Joani
because there would inevitably be terrible Lewis finished first with JP Pillat and Jillian
omissions. Brown close on their heels in the Challenger
So let me put it this way:
THANK YOU EYC REGATTA Race 2 (Sat. -- 12:30pm): By now the
VOLUNTEERS. YOU MADE IT winds had grown a bit to 8-12 knots;
POSSIBLE AND YOU MADE IT because of this, the race committee smartly
HAPPEN!! IT WAS AN EVENT TO decided to set a larger “C” course -- which
REMEMBER! involved an additional trip up to the
Horseshoe buoy and back downwind (five
“legs” in all). The winds were a bit shiftier
2005: 100th Regatta/Midwest
in this race – varying as much as 15 degrees
District Race Synopsis out of the west. Ryan and Kimber again
Ryan Malmgren found themselves in a tough tacking duel on
the last leg -- this time trading tacks with
Saturday, August 6th EYC’s Jason and Kirk Brown. It was a
What a sight it was to see: 54 boats either close finish, with the Malmgrens just
sailing out from the EYC or being towed out nipping the Browns at the line. Jay and Ted
and dropped in deep water from the Ephraim Lott followed in 3rd. This time it was Mary
city ramp (25 boats stayed at the fire-house Sullivan’s turn to pull off a victory on her
parking area) at 9 a.m. boat “Stormalong” in the Challenger group -
It all started with a very faint, teasing - with her brother Joe and sister Maggie
northeasterly wind which died by 9:15. At crewing. JP and Jillian showed consistency
9:30 wind began to trickle in from the west with another second place finish.
and eventually grew to 5-8 knots by 10:00. Race 3 (Sat. -- 2:30pm): The winds
The 54 boats were split into two fleets: a remained out of the west on average for this
“Championship” fleet of 30 of the top race, but had become a bit flukier – with
sailors and a “Challenger” fleet of the next shifts back and fourth that didn’t ever seem
tier of 24 boats. (The Championship fleet to last for more than a couple minutes in any
always started 5 minutes before the one direction. The wind speed had also
Challengers, and participants only compete dropped back to a somewhat light 5-8 knots.
There were plenty of areas where the wind
was particularly light – especially on the streaks of foam were beginning to appear.
“right” – or northerly – side of the course as Given the stronger winds, the race
the boats headed toward the buoy near committee set a longer five-legged “C”
Horseshoe. Among the boats in the course. Behind Harry Carpenter in the
Championship fleet that skillfully “played overall standings by several points, the
the shifts” on the favored left side of the Malmgrens started this race aggressively by
course was Maryland’s Harry Carpenter and jumping off the left side of the starting line
his wife Karen. (Harry is the sole builder of in a somewhat risky “pin-end” start. The
the Flying Scot and a former FSSA National strategy seemed to be paying off as they led
champion). He pulled out the win by a for 3 of the 5 legs. However, as the wind
comfortable margin over the ever-tenacious continued to increase, the heavier boats
Jason and Kirk Brown. The Challenger began to shine. Eventually, Minnesota’s
Division’s Mike Sullivan and Pat Swan Larry Klick took the lead, followed by a
sailed their boat “Sweetie Pie” to victory determined Jay and Ted Lott (Jay and Ted
over the consistently fast Mary Sullivan and were very consistent all through the regatta -
company (no relation to Mike) in this race. - never finishing lower than 6th). The three
The 54 boats sailed back to their respective boats finished in that order. Meanwhile,
mooring areas following race 3 around 4 Mary Sullivan worked her way to 1st and
p.m. All were in good spirits following a held on in the blustery conditions over the
beautiful day of sailing in Eagle Harbor. ever-present Pillat and Brown. (JP and
Jillian were extremely consistent -- never
Race 4 (Sun. -- 10am): The winds started finishing lower than 3rd; see scores).
stronger and came out of the Southwest on Overall, Harry Carpenter managed to pull
Sunday – averaging 8-12 knots for race one. off the win in the very tight Championship
This time the race committee set the course standings (amazingly, only 2 points
starting line near the northeastern corner of separated Carpenter, Lott, Malmgren, and
Eagle Harbor. The upwind buoy was set DeVries for overall line honors -- see final
under the shadows of Peninsula State Park results). JP Pillat and Jillian Brown took the
bluff. Folks on the tower were really treated win in the Challenger Division (10 points) --
to a spectacle as all 54 boats charged with Mary Sullivan finishing second overall
upwind. Championship sailor Harry with 16 points (see results).
Carpenter again showed his consistent
sailing skills as he worked up the left side of
the three-legged “A” course. He led from
wire to wire, followed by EYC instructor
Hugh Haggerty. Crewing for Hugh was the
young, eager, and very able duo of Matt
Smith and Isak Peterson. Meanwhile in the
Challenger Division, it was JP and Jillian’s
turn to lead the parade of Challenger boats
around the course as they sailed “T-Bone” to
victory. EYC sailing instructor Sarah Lisle It was an exhilarating end to a weekend of
followed close behind in 2nd with her brother some of the finest sailing conditions to be
Mike and Nicole Reisdorf crewing aboard found anywhere. But good sailing
“White Whale”. conditions don’t mean much without good
race committee work. And the race
Race 5 (Sun – 11:45): By now the winds committee work for this entire regatta was
had increased to a healthy 15-20 knots (still absolutely outstanding. It is an
out of the Southwest). Spray and slight extraordinarily difficult thing to manage this
many boats in a venue like this -- but this 3 Woody Heidler
group made it seem almost effortless. Many JY Series B, 2 boats, 6 races:
thanks to Frank and Sallie Heidler and their
loyal crew for the excellent job they did 1 Andy Hambleton
managing this enormous fleet. What a way 2 Kirsten Aarsvold
to celebrate their 30th regatta race committee Sunfish Regatta, 7 boats, 5 races:
swan song! And thanks also to Lal Burridge 1 Allison Chase
and John Peterson for fine mark setting 2 Skip Heidler
work, and to the judges and crew under the 3 Woody Heidler
leadership of John Archibald, our guest US
Division Championship, 30 boats, 5 races:
Sailing Principal Race Officer.
1 Harry Carpenter
EYC 2005 RACE RESULTS: 2. John Lott
3. Ryan Malmgren
Flying Scot Series, 17 boats, 21 races:
Division Challenger, 24 boats, 5 races:
1 Dan Engelke
2 Hugh Haggerty 1 JP Pillat
3 Jonathan Thomas 2 Mary Sullivan
3 Jonathon Thomas
Flying Scot Series A, 12 boats, 12 races:
1 Hugh Haggerty SUMMER 2005 EDUCATION
2 Dan Engelke PROGRAMS
3 Jonathan Thomas David Sauter
Flying Scot Series B, 16 boats, 21 races: Our youth lesson program had another very
1 Hugh Haggerty successful year. We taught over 330 student
2 Jonathan Thomas sessions this summer. This is a tremendous
3 Jason Brown increase from days gone by. The fact that
Richie Hall Junior Regatta, 5 boats, 3 races: we can manage this many kids and provide
such a high level of instruction balanced
1 Matt Smith with fun is a testament to our stellar
2 Isak Peterson instructors.
3 Murphy Zingsheim
Optimist Regatta, 12 boats, 4 races: The afternoon Opti intro program continued
1 Stephan Peterson successfully this summer. What a great
2 Isak Peterson thing to be able to bring the kids in as such a
3 Phil Morley young age. We also added a new program,
ART or Advanced Racing Tactics. We had
Optimist Series A, 18 boats, 11 races:
limited but spirited participation. It is a
1 Woody Heidler geared towards students who desire to take
2 Isak Peterson their racing skills to the next level. We
3 Stephan Peterson encourage parents and students who have
Optimist Series B, 8 boats, 16 races: completed or are completing the Advanced
1 Isak Peterson training to strongly consider ART for 2006.
2 Stephan Peterson
3 Woody Heidler Our adult and private lessons also
experienced growth and some fun trips to
Optimist Sunday Series, 4 boats, 7 races: Fred & Fuzzys. No member of any age
1 Stephan Peterson should feel that they do not have a way to
2 Isak Peterson
learn the fine sport of sailing. Thanx to During the two days of our 100th Annual
Sarah Lisle for heading up this effort. Regatta, the breakfast and lunch was
We continue to experience success and handled with aplomb by Nancy Pillat. The
make changes to meet the desires of orange juice, donuts, muffins, watermelon
members, watch the spring Eagles Cry for segments, and coffee were complimentary to
what is in store for 2006. sailors each morning. Because of the huge
number of boats (over 50) in the regatta
FIRST MATES REPORT fleet, a different arrangement was required
Linda Carey for lunch this year. No lunch break was
planned for sailors between the races.
In this memorable year of the 100th Regatta, Therefore, many women helped to prepare
the First Mates were even busier than usual. and bag 135 lunches for the sailors and race
As always, we began with a First Mate’s committee before 8:15 a.m. each day, a real
Coffee, where we renewed friendships, and feat! Other lunches were sold at noon. The
cemented our plans for all the exciting sailors gave a hearty “thumbs-up” to the
events that were upcoming. lunches themselves, as well as to the ease of
having them ready so early in the morning.
The first all-club event is always our annual Many thanks to Nancy, and to all her
Champagne Opening Social. Thank you volunteers.
to Prilla Beadell, who was again the
chairperson for this much-anticipated party. About a dozen people arrived at Rosie and
We gathered to drink a toast to another Bill Klein’s home on the Friday before
wonderful summer at EYC. Everyone had a regatta, to assist in the Brat Fest
delightful time, and the weatherman preparations for this great party. The staff
cooperated by producing a lovely sunset. also helped, by coming over one afternoon
to get out all the tables and chairs and other
Unlike last year’s terribly cold evening, we paraphernalia needed. Thanks to you all.
had a splendid night this summer for our Ice
Cream Social on the Fourth of July
weekend. Our chairmen Deanna and John
Peterson gave us a calorie-filled good
time…in large part due to the generosity of
Steve Sauter, who donated the ice cream!
We thank you all.

The Founders Day Cookout is always fun--
Thanks to Joani Lewis for getting it together
and ordering the wonderful birthday cake.

Deanna Peterson chaired the Ladies
Potluck Dinner in July, along with Allison
Huey and other helpers. We had a terrific Two extra events were brought back this
turnout of about 55 women, all of whom year, especially for the 100th regatta. They
brought delicious food to share, and all of were the Baby Beauty Contest, with Mary
whom had a grand time. We enjoyed a quiz Rotheray as chairman, and the Swimming
on EYC history, and yachting terms. The Races & other Water Events, chaired by
winners took home a centerpiece, anchored Gretchen Meilinger. Both women and their
by a 100th Ephraim Regatta mug. Many helpers made these events go off like
thanks for a wonderful evening. clockwork. Thank you so much for all your
work and enthusiasm. The many adorable too, to Joanie Lewis for securing trophies,
little children paraded around while we all race committee for running the races, EYC
watched with happy smiles, and the staff for making racing clinics available,
delighted laughter and cheering of the older Linda Carey for sign up, and to both George
children during their races was a joy to hear. and Linda Carey for their support!

Many thanks to Donna Scattergood, who We hope to increase our "flock of gulls"
served as chairman for the fourth annual (fleet participation) for our 5th annual
Ladies Regatta. This event grows each regatta! Come out and sail! There are many
year, and more women and girls seem eager opportunities to learn and or refine your
to participate. Donna loves the camaraderie skills via private or group lessons, racing
of this race, and you will see her report clinics and social sails to Fred and Fuzzy's.
elsewhere in this issue. Create your own memorable salty tales in
The Commodore’s Cocktail Party at Bay
Stay tuned for specifics from next year's
Ridge Golf Course was very successful,
committee. And please....let me know ASAP
thanks to Anne and Dick Van de Ven, who
if you'd like to join the women's regatta
chaired the event. We also thank Diane and
committee, or simply want to contribute a
Peter Trenchard for taking care of all the
few suggestions!
“production details”. Everyone brought
delicious Hors d’ouevres to share, and good Until then, wishing you smooth sailing!
conversations were enjoyed by all. There is
often a bittersweet feeling on this evening,
because it signals the end of summer. It’s BRIDGE
not too early to begin thinking of the good The summer bridge groups at the Yacht
times we will all have together next summer, Club this year again included both lessons
as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the and open play. Instruction was provided by
Ephraim Yacht Club. I look forward to Norma Hammerberg on Tuesday and
seeing all of you at all the events! Thursday afternoons with full enrollment of
40 people between the two days. Lessons
EYC WOMEN’S REGATTA are open to men and women.
Donna Scattergood
Ahoy! An intrepid fleet of women sailors The Monday group met for lunch followed
persevered through two postponements to by play at 1:00 p.m. Tuesday open play was
participate in the fourth annual women's held in the morning. Both groups wish to
regatta at EYC. The seven Scots were remind everyone that no advance signup is
rewarded for their tenacity with a required for these times.
challenging and fun 3 race series replete
with spotty winds but gale force enthusiasm. Couple’s Bridge, Anyone?
Regatta results were as follows: FIRST: This year, if there is enough interest, a
Carol Claypool (#3994) with crew Nancy couple’s bridge group is being considered.
Claypool; SECOND: Donna Scattergood They will meet on Tuesday evening from 4-
(#4150) with crew Ali Scattergood and Gail 7 with the opportunity to go out for dinner
Sleeting; THIRD: Kelsey Mazeski (#769) after bridge. We would like to formulate a
with crew Joanie Lewis and Kelly Mazeski. list of couples, any two people who might be
Hats off to the on-shore supporting crew interested in playing; therefore, if you think
who cheered on the sailors and met them you would like to participate please e-mail
afterwards with "rations and rum!" Thanks, Donna Nelson at

George Carey
Plans are well under way for the 100th
Anniversary Gala to be held on July 22, At this writing your dock committee has
2006. The evening event will be held at been busy, and we are pleased to report
Maxwelton Braes and include cocktails, a some progress. As you know, our plan is to
buffet dinner and fundraising auction. have a 100 X 20 ft. extension to the existing
Separate mailings will announce details, but dock. This extension would angle off to the
be sure to plan on being in Door County for southwest of the current dock and provide us
the special event. The 100th anniversary is a with much needed protection from west and
rare chance to celebrate our past and look to northwest winds. The extension would
our future. Save the date and plan on being further provide temporary dockage on the
present. north side in a south wind.

ANNIVERSARY AUCTION To date we have received permission to go
Suzanne Lisle forward from our Yacht Harbor neighbors
and have now received the approval of the
Remember--the celebration of the founding Village of Ephraim Coastal Management
of EYC will be marked by more special Committee. On October 10th, the plans were
events in our anniversary year of 2006. approved by the Village Board. After this
process is completed the plans will go
The evening events will include a silent before the Wisconsin DNR for their
auction fundraiser; if you have not already approval. In the mean time we have made
done so, please consider items, services, and some wave studies and preliminary
activity opportunities that could be donated engineering studies to go with the plans to
or procured. We are in the process of DNR. This has all taken some time to
accepting offers from members. Please let prepare, so when you see your committee
Suzanne Lisle know of any items or ideas members, Max Robinette, Dave Sauter and
you may have for this segment of our Bill Hoag; give them a good pat on the back.
celebration. If successful, we hope to resume our fund
raising campaign in the near future.
George Carey
Linda and I have been busy getting your
Clubs centenary book together. We want to The 2005 summer was another good year
thank all of you who have sent us your relative to the club-owned equipment. The
contributions. Our goal is to have the book three outboards performed without fail.
available for you by mid July, in time for There are times during the summer when
the 100th Anniversary dinner, which you our staff is called upon to rescue non EYC
will learn all about in the spring letter. The boats in trouble and it’s nice to know our
price of the book will be discounted to motors are ready when needed.
members and their families. The plan now
is to have the purchase information Your club made good use of the six Scot’s,
included in the late winter dues and sign six JY-15’s, and six Optimists. The Opti
up packet. Celebrating the 100th fleet will be expanded to eight boats next
Anniversary of the EYC will be a lot of fun. year with a replacement program going
Summer 2006 will be one to remember. forward for the JY fleet. The Board’s

decision is to replace the JY with the 420.
This beautiful little boat is the collegiate
boat of choice in the country now. Below,
two of our staff members, J.P. Pillat and
Debby Heidler
Jason Brown, take it for a spin.

First and foremost, none of the events would
have been successful had it not been for the
support of the EYC staff and numerous
parent volunteers—thank you!
New to us all was our first event held at
North Haven in Fish Creek on June 22nd.
The 40+ in attendance enjoyed a good
dinner and had fun playing tennis,
volleyball, basketball and swimming in both
the indoor and outdoor pools. There was
something for everyone! Thank you to
Nancy and Mike Konecny for organizing
and hosting the successful event. We’ve
EYC 30th Annual Bratfest already reserved the facility for the same
Bratfest 2005 was held in conjunction with day next year! Also, the Progressive Dinner
the 100th EYC Regatta. A record turnout of was changed to the Kids’ Pot Luck this year.
512 people ate 796 brats, 70 dozen ears of Due to the large number of kids who attend
corn, 96 gallons of Michelob and 600 cans the events, it was difficult to find homes to
of soda. Wow! host the different courses. It is my opinion
that it is a lot to ask anyone to host 50 or
We’d like to thank Rosie, Bill and the Klein more kids for anything! The Pot Luck
family for hosting another outstanding worked well however, and the kids had fun.
event. Thanks to all the volunteers for the
hard work and dedication to make this such Events included the following:
a huge success.
June 29—Bring your own dinner & mini
golf at the Red Putter
July 6 – AFT (Thank you Ruth Sauter!)
July 13 – Scavenger Hunt & Ice Cream
(Thank you Tricia Tuminello!)
July 19 – Fun at White Fish Dunes State
Park & bring your own dinner
July 27 – Kids Pot Luck (included
swimming off the dock, Bingo and painting
old Scot sails)
No event was held the last week of Session
D due to the 100th Regatta