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The Eagle’s Cry


OCTOBER 2003 Commodore’s Corner
Having the benefit of John Peterson’s
In This Issue
excellent layout for the Eagle’s Cry, I
Commodore’s will venture into my first issue hoping
Corner………..……... Page 1 the result will be equally pleasing and
Junior Activities…….. Page 2 informative. And give John your hearty
appreciation for a job well done as
Education…………….. Page 2 Commodore the next time you see him.
Staff Directors Report. Page 3 This fall issue will deal primarily with
the events of our ever growing number
Roving Reporter…… Page 4 of young members and their activities
98th Ephraim Regatta...Page 6 for 2003. Making these events a success
takes dedication, love of kids, and in
Bylaw Clarification… Page 9 many instances, perseverance. It also
Clubhouse Notes…….. Page 9 takes great kids and in this case we have
First Mate’s News…….Page 10 a lot to be grateful for. Those working
directly with our youth and contributing
Bridge…………………Page 10 to this success were: Sarah Lisle, Larry
Lewis, Malcolm “Skipper” Harsch,
Officers and Directors of the Ephraim Yacht Club 2003-2004 Travis Lyon, Jason Brown, J.P. Pillat,
George Carey (Commodore) Christian Pillat, Hugh Haggerty, Debby
Max Robinette (Vice Commodore)
John Peterson (Rear Commodore)
Diane Taillon (Secretary)
Heidler, Suzanne Lisle, Rich Hall, Diane
Paul Pillat (Treasurer) Taillon, John & Deanna Peterson, Tricia
Barbara Hambleton
Debby Heidler
David Sauter
Tuemminello, Vicki Bowers, Anne
Brud Sturgis Crowe, Karen Brown, David Sauter, and
Suzanne Lisle
Ryan Malmgren
George Reynolds
182 students and their MOMS! Take
pleasure in the following articles. One
The Eagle’s Cry is published periodically by the Ephraim Yacht
Club, P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI 54211. For all questions
regarding this correspondence, e-mail us at
look at the EYC summer calendar tells
or visit our website at us of the huge role our First Mates
Copyright 2003 by Ephraim Yacht Club. Photocopying,
reproduction or quotation is strictly prohibited without the express
play in the life of our Club. Please thank
written consent of the publisher. Deanna Peterson for a great job putting

these events together with her wonderful main meal at Sturgis and THEN, dessert
band of volunteers. More on them later. and Dancing at Crowe’s? How does this
all happen? Ask Allison Huey! She’s
Finally, your roving reporter, Larry cool.
Lewis, has some “ event news” for you. August 6
After all that? Its time to chill out at the
George V Carey, Commodore clubhouse for a movie and dessert. 25 of
our best attended.
EYC/Jr. Activities
By Debby Heidler
Explorers (age 8 and younger)
June 18
Hike to Peninsula State Park with 15 in The Explorers (kids who are too young
attendance. Debby Heidler and John for the sailing program) finally have
Peterson chaired the event. some involvement in EYC, now that a
June 25 program has been devised expressly for
BYO sack dinner at The Red Putter with them. The co-chairs this summer were
25 in attendance. Red Putter, “Bob” said Debby Heidler and Deanna Peterson.
the EYC kids were the most well They met four times, and enjoyed the
behaved group they had all summer! following outings:
July2 1. Orientation at EYC, to meet the
Water Olympics, Greased watermelon, staff and see the facilities
Football and the ever-popular S’mores. 2. A Beach Picnic
38 kids in attendance. Fun chaired by 3. Hands On Gallery, where they
Debby Heidler. painted ceramics
July 9 4. Trip to The Farm
Beach Picnics at Lakeside Beach in All those who participated had great fun,
Jacksonport plus sand castle contest. 31 and met many new friends.
attended. Our thanks to Tricia
Tuemminello and Vicki Bowers for Ephraim Sesquicentennial
chairing this event. By George Carey
July 16
47 attended the always-popular EYC was privileged to participate in this
“Scavenger Hunt”, chaired by Anne wonderful celebration of Ephraim’s
Crowe. 150th birthday. Through the efforts of
Credit 2 full bags of food from the 1st many EYC members, the Club
Baptist Church of Sister Bay. sponsored a traditional “Venetian Night”
July 24 parade of exquisitely decorated boats, in
EYC is not without culture! How about an early evening parade around Ephraim
30 kids attending “ Much Ado About Harbor. Despite an early evening storm,
Nothing” at the Door Shakespeare complete with rain, thunder and lighting,
Theater. Thanks, Karen Brown, for to each boat’s credit, they hung in there
chairing this event. and put on a good show! The Club
July 30 produced eight boats for the parade.
Are you hungry? Join 45 kids for a Later I learned that this was the most
Progressive Dinner: How about boats of several parades held in the area.
appetizers and games at Heidler’s, the Our hats are off to those brave skippers,

which include; John and Deanna recall, Mrs. Reynolds (Jean) served in
Peterson, Max Robinette, Chris this capacity several years ago. It’s great
Bungner, Mike and Suzanne Lisle, John to have a family member on board again.
Cox and the Ephraim fireboat with Returning to the board are Diane
George Carey and Scott Weborg as Taillon, Barbara Hambleton, and
crew, Weed and Betty Vail, Charley Suzanne Lisle. We also want to thank
Green and Charley Schult. our outgoing member, Bill Calkins, for
his faithful service to EYC.
By Sarah Lisle
By David Sauter, Chair
2003 was a summer of high enthusiasm,
with great improvements made to the
Wow! What a year for EYC and of
fleets and the clubhouse, high lesson
course it all happens with some terrific
enrollment and super participation in the
people on our staff and all the
yacht club’s many events.
Thank you Larry Lewis, for nurturing
EYC really had a great staff this year.
our adult sailing program to new levels.
Larry Lewis, Jason Brown and JP Pillat
Also, Larry, thanks for helping integrate
returned this year plus we were fortunate
the new Optimist beginning boat into our
to have new members; Skip Harsch,
lesson program. Hats off to Jack McCoy
Travis Lyon, Christian Pillat and Hugh
for steering the club in this direction.
Haggery. I also want to thank the
The Opti is the International standard
exceptional group of volunteers. Without
now for beginners. More will be done
you the staff would not be able to
this winter to further our knowledge in
perform its job.
the use of these boats. We are all
pleased with the growing number of
Another record in enrollment numbers
students from the surrounding Ephraim
greeted 2003. Session A: 31 students,
area and their parents’ involvement as
Session B: 50 students, Session C: 56
well. Our newly renovated club facilities
students, Session D: 45 students, totaling
have certainly added to the success of
182! For the year 2002: 143 students.
our programs, so thanks again to all who
For 2001: 128 students. Our lesson
worked so hard on this project. Going
programs are a terrific way to get kids
forward, we have some challenges to
involved with the club, building sailing
address. We have a growing program
skills and interacting through teamwork
and limited space. Some creative ideas
with their fellow students. This gives
are being discussed. Some increase in
EYC an excellent opportunity to foster
water levels will help. So all of you with
and further develop interest for the
water level expertise please get busy!
We were able to replace two old and
unsafe Scots this year with newer ones,
New Board Member Elected
By: George Carey plus the addition of 3 new Optimist
trainers gave us a well-rounded fleet.
Please welcome George Reynolds as The Opti’s filled a need by helping our
your new board member. As you may younger beginning sailors gain

confidence and experience on the water. 1. Hugh Haggerty 22.5 pts
The Sunfish and JYs were used for 2. Tom Sublewski 71 pts
intermediate students to work on boat 3. Jason Brown 78.5 pts
handling skills, and for the advanced
students to work on their racing skills. Tuesday/ Friday Sunfish Series B
While four fleets of boats may seem like 1. Woody Heidler .75 pts
a lot, I feel that each fleet serves a 2. Libby Hambleton 2 pts
different purpose and should be 3. Alec Thomas 4 pts
maintained. By having a greater variety
of boats, as well as reliable motorboats, Saturday Flying Scot
the instructors were able to meet the 1. Larry Lewis 48.75 pts
needs of our students. 2. Mike Faugust 72 pts
On a final note, I want to thank everyone 3. Jason Brown 111 pts
for making this an incredible season for
the club. I hope the growth and Sunday Sunfish
enthusiasm continues. I have greatly 1. Walker Fults 7.5 pts
enjoyed my six years working at the 2. Elliott Crowe 8.75 pts
yacht club and would like to thank all of 3. Carter Crowe 8.75 pts
the EYC members personally for making
it such a special experience for me. Congratulations to our new junior
Please enjoy the following race results. skippers:
All our kids were special this year.
Junior Skippers:
Ephraim Yacht Club 1. Jillian Brown
Series Race Results 2003 2. Carter Crowe
3. Elliott Crowe
Monday/ Thursday JY 15 Series A 4. Woody Heidler
1. Hugh Haggerty 5.5 pts
2. Woody Heidler 7 pts All of the events are staffed and planned
3. Stafford Taillon 8 pts by volunteers and we are very thankful
for the people who donated their time
Monday/ Thursday Flying Scot Series A this year.
1. Hugh Haggerty 12.25 pts
2. Christian Pillat 40.5 pts Roving Reporter
3. Jason Brown 51 pts By Larry Lewis

Tuesday/ Friday Sunfish Series A EPHRAIM YACHT CLUB LADIES
1. Matt Smith 2.75 pts REGATTA: Or affectionately called
2. Walker Fults 2.75 pts NEWFOR by myself. The afternoon of
3. Ali Scattergood 7 pts August 6 started slowly, very slowly in
fact. Threatening clouds to the North
Monday/ Thursday JY 15 Series A and winds that might almost have been
NO RACES considered drifting, greeted the seven
Flying Scots and their crews. The
Monday/Thursday Flying Scot Series B Claypool girls had it to themselves in the
first race, starting and staying first, as
was their wont in the inaugural of this

event in 2002. But off to the West black August 10 saw the “Home Team”
clouds began to appear, and with them (Stafford Taillon & Matt Christofferson)
came some black water! All of a sudden come through with the gold, but the
the competition became fierce. The last “New Trier Team” (The Browns) was
race finished with boats planing under breathing down their throats at the end.
Spinnaker. Four boats were overlapped The Peachtree Boys (The Pillats)
and planing at the finish just behind the decided that school back in Atlanta took
Claypool kids. priority.

In the end the results were the same, Stafford and Matt of Ephraim sailed a
three bullets for Nancy and Carol. Susan very consistent 1-2-2 to edge Jillian and
Smith, and Joani Lewis, in their boat, Jason Brown, who went the wrong way
actually led at the first mark, showing in race one but then found their speed
the Claypools a boat’s stern for the first and won the last two races finishing
time in two years! The Smith/ Lewis second overall. Christian Pillat and
boat had finish numbers of 2-2-3 to take brother J.P., last year’s top two finishers,
a second place. They very narrowly were enjoying 100-degree weather in
squeaked ahead of EYC Director, Sarah Atlanta, considered to be a desirable
Lisle, Debby Heidler and Liz Soblewski. atmosphere for study.
Their finishes were 4-3-2.
Winds were light from the north and the
Former Director, Sarah Lott, showed the planned 5 races were shortened to 3.
spirit of this Regatta, taking a crew of For a while it looked as though it was
five to the starting line including her going to be a real dogfight between
young cousins. Christine Bridenhagen Stafford and Carter Crowe with crew,
made it a family affair, sailing with Justin Puicis, having numbers of 2-3-4
Deanna Peterson, and her daughter to take third place. Woody Heidler with
Heidi. Heidi, heretofore a non-sailor, Isak Peterson and Lindsey Steele took a
vowed to come back after a nice 3-4-3, but with good starts in the last two
experience. Nan Zimdars Hoesly with races, the Browns were back in the hunt.
Carol Meiners Bolinger & Gail Sleeting,
& Leslie Vail Harsch with Peggy Sturgis Richie Hall was on hand to help run the
Lott and Prilla Larsen Beadell, Regatta and of course present the Richie
skippered boats with skill and the Hall Trophy to the winner.
wisdom of experience, but could not
beat the whippersnappers. They all vow Matt Smith, Walker Fults and Justin
to be in the money next year. The Puicis won a new award, sponsored by
women say they are sailing for fun, and Bob Davis, for Seamanship. The prize is
indeed they seemed to have been having given to the crew that best exemplifies
a great time, but at home some husbands the proper care and respect for our boats
have reported hearing mutterings, such and equipment. More about this in the
as “We are going to beat those spring letter.
Claypool’s next year”.
THE RICHIE HALL JUNIOR Lori Pothast and Kelly Mazeski stepped
REGATTA off their Scot, with fists raised in

triumph: “Mom Power”, they cried, after Hogwarts Express, the current Flying
braving a 20-25 knot Nor’easter, Scot Midwest District champion
screaming back and forth across Eagle prevailed over a fleet of 19 boats in five
Harbor in only their 2nd lesson!! races. The 98th annual regatta, hailed as
Joani Balistreri called her son in Alaska the oldest continuous annual regatta in
after ghosting in from a the United States, was sailed over
sunset/moonlight cruise to Fred and Saturday and Sunday, August 2-3, 2003.
Fuzzy’s. “This was one of the best The Malmgrens, of Madison/Sister Bay,
experiences of my life,” she told took the Vail Cup as winner of the first
Michael. race and the Wisconsin Cup, for being in
Abagail Harlan waited for three hours first place after the first three races.
for the lessons in front of her to conclude They also were awarded the Hanselman
so she could sail across the harbor in a trophy as the winner of the last race and
lot more wind than she had ever seen the Peder Knudson trophy for the highest
before. She wants to cancel camp plans placing husband and wife team.
next year and sail in Eagle Harbor.
Allie Dearborn went home and told her Jay Lott, of Saukville, with his brother,
grandparents she wants to teach at EYC Ted, of Ephraim, took second place
when she is old enough. overall and were also awarded the
Charlie Sauter trophy as the winners of
A feature of the program was the late the first race on Sunday. The husband
afternoon lesson outings conducted by and wife team of Mike and Jennifer
myself (Larry), Rich Hall, Donna Faugust of Green Bay took third. Fourth
Scattergood, Sarah Lisle and Travis place went to Hugh Haggerty of Dallas,
Lyon. Trips to Fred and Fuzzy are Texas/Fish Creek, a sophomore at Texas
frequently ended with a tow back, but A&M University, Galveston, racing with
with gorgeous weather with deep pink crew, Woody Heidler, Hinsdale,
sunsets and full, rising moons. Illinois/Sister Bay, age 11, and Matt
Smith of Kansas City, Missouri /
A trip to Chambers Island is being Ephraim, age 12. Fifth place was taken
planned with the participants being “ on by the former sailing instructor team of
call” when the Chambers Island Day Jon Beadell, skipper, and Mike Koenig,
gets the green light from a nice steady crew, who joined forces to compete. Jon
southerly. is currently working at the Smithsonian
Lab in Washington, D.C. while pursuing
Lessons are available every day at the his doctorate in biology; Mike is
club with a sign up sheet posted every entering his third year of law school at
two weeks. Come enjoy with us! Duke University.
The Sturgis trophy, for the highest
ranking junior sailor, age 18 and under,
98th Ephraim Regatta Results went, for the second year in a row, to
By Nancy Claypool
Jason Brown, age 17, of Wilmette,
It was a “three-peat” for Ryan Malmgren Illinois/Sister Bay. Jason’s crew was
and his wife and crew, Kimber, winning Lindsay Scattergood, age 15, of Green
the Ephraim Regatta for the third year in Bay/Sister Bay, and his father, Kirk
a row. Sailing Flying Scot 2922, Brown.

The regatta started off Saturday, August should be doing differently. Peterson
2nd with lifting fog and no wind. By the has skippered in numerous past regattas
time of the skipper’s meeting, there was with his wife, Deanna, as crew. She
a slight breeze. With the light wind, enjoyed hearing how he, for a change,
racers were anxious to get into starting had to jump through hoops to do all the
positions with undisturbed air. Because crew work she usually performs, and
a significant number of aggressive racers was still told by Isak that he’d forgotten
were over the starting line at the start of to raise the centerboard on the
races two and three, the Race Committee downwind leg of the course.
declared a general recall for both starts The Malmgrens took a second, first and
and restarted the races. Racers, who second on Saturday. The Lotts took a
always have an explanation as to why first, third, and fourth. The Faugusts
they didn’t place as well as they would took a fourth, second and first. With the
have liked, could be heard up and down Malmgrens in first place through the first
the dock at the end of the day talking three races, Lott said that he was in
about what great starts they had before possible contention for first place after
being called back for a general recall. Saturday and was hoping for windier
Racers who had a light-weight crew conditions on Sunday. To do so, he
were at a distinct advantage Saturday. needed to win the last two races and
Skippers must declare their crew have one boat between him and the
members with the Race Committee Malmgrens.
before the start of the first race and may However, not to be totally consumed
not change crew during a regatta. Based with racing, Jay picked up his girlfriend,
on the constantly changing wind Heather Cardwell, of Watertown, on
conditions in Eagle Harbor, it can be a Saturday after racing, to take her to the
toss-up as to whether to race with light, traditional bratfest and corn roast hosted
medium or heavy crew. Once you for the sailors by Bill and Rosie Klein of
decide, there are no substitutions. Larry Fish Creek. On the way, Jay told her
Lewis, sailing with his wife Joani as that he wanted to climb the tower in
crew, outperformed many on Saturday Peninsula State Park. She wasn’t
with his new racing sails in the light air. particularly interested, but using the ruse
As Larry said, “They were great in that he wanted to go to the top to get
getting you out of tight places.” some pictures of them, he persisted and
Isak Peterson, age 11, of Sister Bay, was she relented. Armed with a backpack
the youngest skipper. He told his father, containing what she thought was just a
Commodore John Peterson, the week camera, they made the climb. When
before the regatta that he’d like to race. they got to the top observation deck, he
Having just sold their 1960’s Flying Scot asked one of the bystanders to take their
number 888, with the idea of looking for picture. Then, moving over to a corner
a newer one, the Commodore worked of the deck, he asked her to marry him.
quickly to rustle up a boat from his When she said, “yes”, he presented her
sister, Christine Bridenhagen. Isak did a with a diamond ring and pulled out a
commendable job skippering. With his bottle of champagne. Lott popped the
father as crew, this light-weight cork and served everyone on the deck.
twosome easily passed other boats who After toasting, they again posed for the
looked over and wondered what they

“after” pictures to the delight of the he wanted to turn the basement into a
onlookers. Back to the racing. sail loft which needs a parquet floor on
which to spread out, cut and sew sails!
On Sunday, the Race Committee
postponed the races for about an hour Hugh Haggerty who placed fourth in his
because of no wind. At the first sight of first Ephraim Regatta said that he
breeze, the boats were directed to get out concentrated on sailing his own race. He
on the water. By the time the racers got came up with his plan before or during
out to the course, the wind had steadily each starting sequence and tried to
picked up and was close to 15 miles an determine where the wind was coming
hour. This made a number of racers from. He started on the favored end of
very happy. Lott won the first race the starting line and knew where he
Sunday and could have conceivably wanted to go after the start. He said that
gotten a first overall as planned, but in he monitored his plan and stuck with it.
the second race, the last race of the Missing on the water this year were the
series, he fouled a boat in a legendary Sauter brothers, Steve and
port/starboard right-of-way situation. Dave, heavy wind specialists, who took
He was on port tack and was required to a pass on racing when they assessed that
keep clear of a starboard tack boat. He the wind might not get over 8 miles an
steered to duck below it, but didn’t clear hour on Saturday. Also missing was
it and touched boat 2611. To exonerate Paul Newton, of Green Bay, a past
himself, he was required to do a 720 winner. He was in New York and was
(two 360 degree turns as a penalty). He unable to come at the last minute. He
had now fallen back to sixth place asked the Faugusts to sail his boat,
because of his “bad duck”, but worked to Vatican Smoke, and called to find out
finish in third place. The Malmgrens that they finished in a very respectable
who again placed second and first on third place.
Sunday were able to clinch first place in
the regatta. The regatta had something for everyone
including plenty of “woulda, coulda,
Malmgren said that there was a great shouldas”. There’s always next year.
field of competitors. His strategy was to Everyone has a year to practice and tune
start well and play the wind shifts. He up for the 99th regatta that will be held
also attributed his success to “awesome” on the first weekend in August in 2004.
crew work. Kimber made no mistakes.
Malmgren also raced with brand new
sails he designed and made. After MAKING IT ALL HAPPEN
working in a sail loft in Seattle a number
of years ago, Malmgren decided that he Coming through, as the Champs that
wanted to make sails to his own they are, are Frank and Sallie Heidler
specifications. They were recently and their wonderful race committee.
measured in at the Midwest district This years group included veterans
championship and met all the class Weed Vail, Mary Johnson, Mike and
requirements. Kimber said that, when Suzanne Lisle, Lindy and Max Robinette
they were fixing up the basement in their on the new committee boat owned by
house in Madison, she thought it was Allen Meilinger. Lal Burridge and Guy
just wonderful that he wanted a nice Bush set the marks again. Arv Munson
parquet floor. Little did she know that served as safety officer with Bob Davis

and Don Polzin heading up the protest Honorary: May be elected by the
committee. All have agreed to return in Board of Directors for one year. They
2004, according to Sallie. pay no dues or fees and have no vote.

It should be noted that junior members
THE BRAT FEST can upgrade to become Family members
By: George Carey, Commodore when they become 25 and not pay the
Hands down, the Brat Fest is the club’s initiation fee, if they do so at the time of
most popular event, attracting over 350 their 25th birthday. (Parents – what a
members and guests every year: twenty- great gift to pay the first year’s dues for
eight to be exact! The Klein family has your child so their access to full use of
certainly earned our most heartfelt the club can continue). If there is a gap
thanks for all they do for EYC. between the junior member’s 25th
birthday (which terminates their junior
membership) and their becoming a
EYC BYLAW CLARIFICATION family member, the waiver of the
By: Suzanne Lisle initiation fee no longer applies.

On occasion, there is some confusion as CLUBHOUSE NOTES
By: Suzanne Lisle
to membership categories at the club, so
the following is offered for clarification.
The new trophy case and storage
Family membership: ($100.00) is cabinetry were admired by all from
offered to an individual and his/her whom we heard comments this summer.
spouse. It includes a voting It was a pleasure to see our trophies well
membership, full use of boats and full displayed along with the narratives that
participation in all the social events of George Carey created, providing the
the club. background of some things we had seen
for years but whose history we had not
Junior membership: This includes realized. If you didn’t visit the upstairs
those under the age of 25, unmarried, of the clubhouse this summer, be sure to
who are children of Family, Life, or do so next summer.
Honorary members. Junior members The new furnishings were similarly well
pay no dues or fees and have no vote. received and enjoyed by all that used
them. We are particularly grateful for
Life membership: Same as Family the challenge grant provided by an
except for life. (Note: not currently anonymous donor, and extend thanks to
offered, but was offered in the 1980’s, all who contributed in response to the
and those members pay only the house challenge. The navy, white and red
and dock assessment, not dues). nautical appearance nicely complements
the work done by the restoration
Student membership ($35.00) is committee.
offered for those children wishing to A second anonymous donor came forth
take lessons but whose parents are not with new banquet tables this summer to
club members. They have no vote. replace the old and unwieldy wooden
ones. There wasn’t an event chairman
(or staff member) who was not grateful

to have the new and more manageable
tables on hand for all of the summer The Ladies of EYC had another busy
activities. Our next task for the and event-filled year. Thanks to having
clubhouse will be to cull some of the Deanna Peterson at the helm, and to the
tired card tables and chairs and look for willingness of everyone to help, all went
a better means to store chairs when not smoothly. We were all happy to see so
in use. (If you have seen small racks to many familiar faces, and equally happy
contain or hold 12 chairs, please share to greet many new ones. We are anxious
the information). for all new members to know that they
are most welcome to join us.
BRIDGE Each year we know that we will be
By Suzanne Lisle
organizing six events: the Champagne
Opening Social, the Ice Cream Social,
The two periods of open play on the Founder’s Day Potluck, the First
Monday afternoons and Tuesday Mate’s Potluck Dinner, the Regatta
mornings were well attended this year. Lunch, and the Commodore’s Cocktail
The Monday group continued to have Party. Following is a quick summary of
lunch at the club before playing. The each.
Tuesday group began with coffee
followed by playing. Both groups want The Champagne Opening Social was
to encourage members to participate in held on Saturday, June 28th, on a
either of those times again next year. gloomy, rainy, chilly evening. None of
Pre-registration is not necessary and all those three adjectives had anything to do
are welcome. The attractive furnishings with the event itself, as it was well
and beautiful new storage for supplies attended, everyone was eager to greet
were well received and appreciated by old friends again, delicious appetizers
the members. were produced, and a good time was had
Bridge lessons again proved to be a very by all. Our thanks to Prilla Beadell and
popular offering. Our instructor, Norma Di Taillon for arranging a great party,
Hammerberg, returned this season to and thanks to the helpful men who took
lead both levels of instruction. An over the job of pouring.
advanced beginner class continued from
the previous summer with an enrollment Sunshine and pleasant temperatures
of 16 and the intermediate class was full greeted all who came to the Ice Cream
with 24 students. Due to the high Social on the Fourth of July. We are
interest in these classes, we want to grateful to Barbara Kahn and Gail and
remind you to watch for the mailing in Nick Anderson for taking care of this
February for next year’s enrollment event. No extra calories were consumed
forms and return them promptly if you by the addition of thick toppings on the
wish to participate in classes. The dishes of ice cream, even when seconds
students continued to meet after the six were served! This year there was some
weeks of scheduled instruction for ice cream left over, and the kids
further practice hands based on the text certainly enjoyed polishing it off after
lessons. sailing lessons.
First Mate’s News
Submitted by Linda Carey

July 17th was another beautiful day, a Reynolds Smith and Joani Lewis. They
perfect time to gather to celebrate had lots of help, from the ladies who
Founder’s Day. A terrific potluck manned the “ticket tables” to the men
supper and cookout was held during and who poured the wine, to all of the
after the Thursday evening races, and a members who provided such delectable
large number of folks participated. appetizers. An absolutely glorious day
Thank you, Joani Lewis, for organizing didn’t hurt either!
the party. The evening was well
concluded with the big anniversary cake T-Shirts haven’t always been a part of
and a gorgeous sunset. the First Mate’s responsibility, but this
year was an exception. Because of her
A really large number of women turned knowledge and expertise in the garment
out for the annual First Mate’s Potluck area, Susan Reynolds Smith offered to
Dinner on Tuesday, July 22nd. The order and sell the Regatta T-Shirts,
evening was beautifully arranged by and………….to design and order
Susan Reynolds Smith, Anne Crowe, numerous other types of EYC T-shirts,
and Gayle Crummer. As usual, the food caps, totes bags, and fleece vests and
was outstanding. The appetizers were jackets. Susan sold these throughout the
served downstairs, and we all went summer, usually from the back of her
upstairs for the dinner. During the meal, car! This became a major fund-raiser
delightful musical selections were for EYC. The entire club has benefited
provided by junior members, Matt Smith from this venture, as Susan turned over
and Carter Crowe. We all enjoyed their profits of about $4000.00 to the
presentation, and appreciate their treasurer! Hurrah for new ideas and for
willingness to perform for us. energetic people to carry them through.
Thank you Susan!
August 2nd brought the start of the 98th
Annual Regatta, and it was also the day Congratulations EYC Members.
to provide the Regatta Lunch. We You’re the greatest! And have been
extend thanks to Megan Thomas and her for 97 consecutive years. Keep up the
committee for taking care of obtaining good work. More in the spring issue.
all the food, and for staffing the tables to
sell it to the hot and tired sailors, plus
others who were around to enjoy the

The Commodore’s Cocktail Party is a
delightful event, both happy and sad. It
is happy because it concludes a great
week of fun on the water, and sad
because it seems to signal the end of
summer. We again held the party at the
Bay Ridge Golf Course, and we thank
the Trenchards for providing such a
wonderful setting. The evening was
under the able direction of Susan

George V Carey, Commodore
P O Box 438
Ephraim, WI 54211


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