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May 2007

In This Issue
From the Commodore .................................................... 1 From the Commodore
From the Director ........................................................... 2 In February 2007, winter finally arrived just as the Dock
Extension Project started. Initial preparations involved
NEW Position to Keep the Club Ship Shape................ 2
cutting through more than 39 inches of ice with blowing,
Clubhouse Getting an Upgrade! .................................... 2 drifting snow and wind chills below zero! It’s hard to
believe that, in a few short months, the sailing class will
Volunteer Opportunities ................................................ 2 be taking their initial swim test in the same area. The
Dock Extension Project is on plan and we are looking
First Mates ...................................................................... 3 forward to a wonderful, safe season as a result. We are
planning to be able to launch and recover boats from both
Education ........................................................................ 3 sides of the dock in 2007. Please remember to save the
evening of June 23, 2007 for the Opening Social and
Scholarships Available................................................... 4 Dock christening.
Junior Activities ............................................................. 4 The dock widening and clubhouse renovations will occur
after the proper permits are obtained from the Village, the
Additions to the Fleet..................................................... 4 Historic Preservation Committee and the Wisconsin
DNR. We hope to start these projects in the fall of 2007.
Racing Schedule Changes.............................................. 4
Rest assured we will not interfere with the EYC Summer
Summer Bridge............................................................... 4 Activities. I’d like to thank Quinn Brennan and Bill Hoag
for all their special efforts keeping these projects “on
Village of Ephraim ......................................................... 5 track” during these long winter months!

EYC Recreational Sailing Program .............................. 5 You will notice a few changes in the Summer Schedule
for 2007. We are starting the sailing classes a week later
History in the Making .................................................... 5 to allow more children to attend and have warmer water
in the Bay. The Bridge schedule has also been adjusted.
Boat Parade Results ....................................................... 5
Summer is just around the corner and I look forward to
Cool EYC Gear for 2007 ............................................... 6 seeing all of you!

Membership/Internet/Lifts/Housing Needed................ 6

Project Expanded - We Need More! ............................. 8

EYC Officers & Directors 2006-2007
Max Robinette (Commodore)
David Sauter (Vice Commodore)
George Carey (Rear Commodore)
Marsella Fults (Secretary)
Paul Pillat (Treasurer)
Kirk Brown
Quinn Brennan
Nancy Claypool
Ryan Malmgren
Scott Pearson
Photo by Quinn Brennan
George Reynolds
Brud Sturgis
©2006 Ephraim Yacht Club
P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI 1
Eagle’s Cry – May 2007

From the Director • Replace all electrical that was not recently
With the summer rapidly approaching, the EYC 2007 • Re-side the entire clubhouse with a no
Staff eagerly awaits another successful season. Much has maintenance Weatherboard 25 year siding
been done behind the scenes to prepare for lessons this • Enclose the entire area under the porch and
season. We are excited to have many new and returning completely renovate the lower level
instructors. The entire EYC Staff looks forward to • Epoxy seal the concrete floor in the lower level
facilitating a safe and fun learning environment in Eagle • Reconfigure the Instructor Office
Harbor. • Add a special closet for EYC merchandise
• Bring all outside decking, stairs and walkways
up to code
NEW Position to Keep the Club • Add air-conditioning in upper level
and Fleet in Ship Shape
DAVID SAUTER This combined with all the dock enhancements will really
The staff and many members have suggested over the help to solidify our facilities for a great many years.
years to assess how we maintain the fleet and our
facilities. So, we all put on our thinking caps and decided
to hire a dedicated position for this season. The Facilities
and Equipment Manager is responsible for proactive and
daily maintenance of all our stuff!

We are excited to welcome Drew Witteborg in this
position for 2007. He came highly recommended with
excellent experience for the role. He and his wife Mary
are Door County Residents and also own and operate The
Town Square Market in Baileys Harbor. Mary is a
teacher at Gibraltar and they have two children. Join us in
welcoming Drew to the team!

Our goal is to keep the club in top “ship” shape all season
long. Please direct any suggestions on how to accomplish
this to David Sauter.

Clubhouse Getting an Upgrade!

Volunteer Opportunities
As the club grows, the opportunities grow for members to
put their special talents to use for all. Following are
volunteer leadership positions we are looking to fill in
It is exciting to announce that the Board approved 2007. If you are interested or have questions, please
implementation of the plans of some major clubhouse contact David Sauter at 920-217-5851.
renovations. After an assessment of the existing structure,
Club Photo Historian: Responsible for collecting,
it was determined that major repairs are needed. After
cataloging and posting EYC photos to the
discussing the lesson program and activities needs, we
website using a simple Flickr account. Ideal volunteer
decided on the following repairs & enhancements:
will have a passion for digital photography and a desire to
collect and post historical photos.
Eagle’s Cry – May 2007

Eagles Cry Publisher: Organize, edit and publish the Don’t forget, the special Opening Social and Dock
Eagles Cry twice a year (October and April). Ideal christening Party on June 23, to kick off the season. Look
candidate will work with the Commodore and committee forward to seeing all of you!
Chairperson to assemble, edit and publish the Eagle’s
Cry. Education
Dockside Blog Reporter: This person will write updates DAVID SAUTER
and collect/edit/publish updates from others for the EYC 2007 brings some exciting enhancements to the education
Dockside BLOG. We need a reporter to keep those programs. We will now have a full lesson schedule in the
members not able to be at the EYC all summer up to date mornings and afternoons. The naming of groups has
on what has and is happening. Their work will also act as changed a little, sorry for any confusion but we feel this
a new historical record for the EYC. will be easier in years to come.

Teen Activities Organizer: We are looking to organize • The Intro program available to children that have
special events for our members ages 15-19ish. It is our completed first grade is now called “Sailing
hope to plan from two to four events per summer. Event Camp” and available in the mornings and
ideas include: Movie Night at Club, Red Putter tourney, afternoons.
Sailing Treasure Hunt, etc. • Regular Junior Lessons available to children that
have completed second grade are now called
Explorers Activities Organizer: We are looking to levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 rather than Beg, Int & Adv.
organize special events for our members ages four to These lessons are available in the mornings &
eight. It is our hope to plan two to four events per afternoons.
summer. Event Ideas: Beach Day, Dock Games, EYC • ART – Advanced Racing Tactics is moved to the
birthday party, etc. mornings when our wind tends to be a bit
stronger and more consistent.
If you have questions or are interested in helping with any • ADULT group lessons are now available, with a
of these opportunities, please contact David Sauter. limited number of spaces, in each session in the

Please get your sign-up forms in soon to get the spot you
want and to help us with Instructor scheduling. As the
program grows, we need more and more Instructors so
pre-registration is imperative.

For those new to our programs, we work hard to balance
the teaching of sailing techniques and tactics with the
building of a life long love of the sport. It is a tricky
balance between teaching and fun but the Instructors work
hard to maintain it.

Photo by Quinn Brennan

First Mates
CALLING ALL FIRST MATES: Another exciting year
at EYC is about to begin! Please mark your calendars and
be sure to attend the First Mates Coffee on June 18, 2007
at 9:30am at the Club House. There will be time to “catch
up” and then we will be busy planning all the wonderful
events for the summer. So bring your calendars and lets
help make 2007 the best season ever.
Photo by David Sauter

Eagle’s Cry – May 2007

Scholarships Available In order to cycle out our older motors, we have these for
KIRK BROWN sale: a 15hp Four Stroke Yamaha pull start and a 35hp
The EYC now has scholarships available to those who Mercury. If anyone is interested in a purchase, please
wish to participate in sailing lessons but need some help email George Carey
to do so. Anyone interested in a scholarship should
contact Dan Engelke at 920-854-4468. Racing Schedule Changes
We hope this program will continue to grow and we invite RYAN MALMGREN
full-time Door County residents to get involved at the All racers be aware that, in order to accommodate the
EYC! growing lesson program, we have scheduled all racing to
occur in the evenings and weekends.
Junior Activities The general schedule is:
Mondays at 5:30 – Flying Scot Series
WHO: Kids Ages 9 and Up
This includes sailors and non-sailors, visiting Tuesdays at 5:30 – Optimists Series
grandchildren, houseguests, friends and
neighbors. Thursdays at 5:30 – Flying Junior Series (FS Fun)

WHAT: Awesome Summer Activities Saturdays at 9:30 – Flying Scot Series
Fun, food and friends.
Saturdays at 1:30 – Optimist Series
WHEN: Dates to be Announced
Sundays at 1:30 – Flying Junior Series
Usually Wednesday evenings. Kids are welcome
to come to any or all events. Check the bulletin
board at the EYC for sign up sheets and more

WHERE: Places to be Announced
We have a lot of fun ideas in mind at various
locations around Door County but we are always
open to suggestions. We usually carpool from
the EYC. Again, check the bulletin board for

WHY: For Kids to Get Together for Summer Fun!

HOW: Parent Volunteers
Chaperones and drivers are always needed to Photo by Ruth Sauter
help keep these events fun and safe. Watch the
bulletin board for sign up opportunities or call Summer Bridge
Debby Heidler or Allison Huey. SUZANNE LISLE
As the season gets rolling, don’t forget about Bridge. We
Additions to the Fleet have a fun schedule planned for this summer. For more
information, contact Suzanne Lisle.
Last season saw exciting additions to our boats. We
rounded out our new strategy with the addition of the FJ
fleet and added the ramp for launch and retrieval. This
season we plan on enhancing our safety (power) boat fleet
to better accommodate the change in teaching methods.
We are experimenting to discover the optimal Instructor
boat for lessons and the safest practices and equipment.
The plan is to add at least one safety boat and possibly
some additional Opti’s.
Eagle’s Cry – May 2007

Village of Ephraim History in the Making
GEORGE CAREY Celebrating One Hundred Years
I have had the privilege of being the EYC Village Liaison GEORGE & LINDA CAREY
Chair for the last several years. I feel our relationship Linda and I thank all of you who have purchased the EYC
with the Village of Ephraim is currently at a very high History Book. All of the proceeds go to our sailing
level. Over the past few years, with all the various issues programs. Just as we enjoy reading about the past events
surrounding the dock extension, the 100th Anniversary of the Club, it is exciting to be in the here and now of
celebrations and larger than usual Regatta, I am pleased to EYC history. We are of course talking about the new
report everyone is not only still speaking with one dock extension becoming a reality this very moment.
another, but we have made some good friends in the You, the membership, are a terrific bunch and all your
process. Paul Burton has served as Village President for support and enthusiasm will be celebrated this coming
two terms and will not seek another term. Paul has helped June at our Opening social. This is the living history that
us in many ways to achieve our goals and we thank him each of us can be proud to be a part of as the Club
for his service to the community. John Cox was recently embarks on its next one hundred years. On the count of
elected President and will do an excellent job. We look three, pat yourselves on the back.
forward to working with him. Also elected to a board
position is Jane Olson. I have known Jane for several
years and she will be an excellent addition to the board. Boat Parade Results
My time of being Village Liaison will end this coming A quick recap of the Boat Parade results:
August. I am excited that our Club secretary, Marsella
Fults, will take over the liaison job. If you know Sail:
Marsella, you know the chair will be in great hands. 1. Flight from Bob Davis
Marsella knows many of the Village officers personally 2. Viva from Vail & Kingsford
and is a terrific asset to EYC. Thanks for allowing me to 3. Cavale from Gilling
serve on your behalf. Power:
1. Little Bit from Taillon
2. Tootsie Roll from Harsch
Introducing the EYC Recreational 3. Lilly of the Lake from Harlan
Sailing Program!
JOHN PETERSON All participants: UffDa, EYC FS & FJ’s, Cosign X,
Are you new to sailing or perhaps have never sailed Annabelle Lee, Tootsie Roll, Viva, Free Spirit, Absolute
before? Would you like to get more time on the water Necessity, Little Bit, Flight, Wambli, Lilly, Attitude
with an experienced sailor? Are you interested in sailing Adjustment, Cavale, Door Dream, Old Sailor Home and
on larger boats? Are you the owner of a boat that you’d Virgo. Again a hearty thanks to all participants and to the
like to sail more often if only you could find some organizer, Malcolm “Weed” Vail!
enthusiastic crew? If so, grab your PFD and some food
and drink because this program is for you!

Throughout the summer, there will be a sign up sheet
posted at the clubhouse for those interested in this
program. In addition to various impromptu activities, we
are planning to schedule one or two events such as a
Chambers Island Rendezvous, Fred and Fuzzy’s Dinner
or perhaps even a moonlight cruise.

If you have suggestions regarding this program, we’d love
to hear from you! We’d also like to hear from boat
owners and experienced sailors who’d be willing to
participate as mentors. If you have an interest, please
contact me at or 414-540-2355
(Milwaukee) or 920-421-1385 (D.C.)

Photo by David Sauter

Eagle’s Cry – May 2007

Cool EYC Gear for 2007
Don’t miss this years assortment of Tees, Hooded
Sweatshirts, Polos, Totes, Caps and more. Sport your
EYC pride with the all new artwork. This year’s Regatta
shirt is sure to be a hit! You can order preseason or catch
me on the dock. See you this summer.

Memorial Gifts & Tributes
Please remember to keep the EYC in mind.

The annual membership renewal mailing went out on
Photo by David Sauter
March 9th. Everyone should have received their
membership renewal statement along with the other
bridge, anniversary book, clothing, and sailing lesson Wireless Internet
flyers. If you did not receive these, please contact me or DAVID SAUTER
check EYC's website. Well some can and some can’t get high speed Internet in
Door County. But, now our members will be able to log
Based on requests, we are trying to include more on to the Internet wirelessly at the EYC. We are planning
information in our directory for the use of our members. on installing this and a computer for the Instructors to
In addition, EYC is making a concerted effort to move in monitor weather and keep the race scores on. Just come
the direction of communicating electronically when down with your wireless laptop and ask for the password!
possible, especially for last minute breaking news and
notices. We have asked everyone this year to update all
their information, including e-mail addresses.
Looking for Boat Lifts
Membership in EYC is an incredible value. Besides The club is growing the safety boat fleet and seeks to
having access to our club and its facilities, members have store them on lifts (shore stations) in the wet slips. If you
access to top notch sailing instruction, racing, and terrific have an unused lift that needs a good home, please
social events. Your membership stretches even farther consider the EYC.
because EYC is also a member of the Yachting Clubs of
America ("YCA"). This membership offers reciprocal Housing Needed for Instructors
membership rights at over 200 yacht clubs. For those of DAVID SAUTER
you who know someone who would like to have access to As the EYC’s programs grow, we are seeking Instructors
these clubs, why not recommend that they join the from out of the area. This brings the challenge of housing
Ephraim Yacht Club for a mere pittance compared to the them for the summer. If you have room please consider
initiation and annual dues required by most other clubs hosting one of our Instructors for the season. They are
that would qualify for reciprocal privileges? This is a gracious college students with a love of sailing, needing a
win/win situation. EYC will benefit from the increase in little space to lay their head and a friendly family to share
membership dues, and the new members will be able to their summer with. For more information please contact
have access to other clubs for extremely reasonable dues. David Sauter at 920-217-5851
We are also trying to work on new membership cards that
will have the YCA information on them so that you will
have it readily available as you travel.

Please make sure that you are current on your dues so that
you can be included in the 2007 Membership Directory
and please keep me informed of any address changes.

Thanks to all the many members who have been so
patient with me as I’m learning this job and checking on
Eagle’s Cry – May 2007

EYC Schedule: 2007 & Tentative 2008
2007 Tentative
Date Day Time Event 2008
26-May Sat 9:00 a.m. Spring Clean-Up 31-May
26-May Sat 12:00 p.m. Spring Board Meeting 31-May

2-Jun Sat 9:00 a.m. Club Opens 1-Jun
4-Jun Mon 12:00 p.m. Start Monday Ladies Bridge 2-Jun
12-Jun Tue 9:30 a.m. Begin Intermediate Bridge Lessons 10-Jun
12-Jun Tue 4:00 p.m. Begin Couples Bridge 10-Jun
14-Jun Thu 1:00 p.m. Begin Advanced Bridge Lessons 12-Jun
16-Jun Sat 9:30 a.m. Fyr Ball Regatta 21-Jun
16-Jun Sat 6:00 p.m. Fyr Ball Cookout 21-Jun
17-Jun Sun 1:30 p.m. Start FJ Racing Series - Wkend 22-Jun
18-Jun Mon 9:00 a.m. Start Lessons Session A 16-Jun
18-Jun Mon 9:30 a.m. First Mates Coffee #1 16-Jun
18-Jun Mon 5:30 p.m. Start FS Racing Series - Wkday 16-Jun
19-Jun Tue 5:30 p.m. Start Opti Racing Series - Wkday 17-Jun
20-Jun Wed TBD Start Junior Activities 18-Jun
21-Jun Thu 5:30 p.m. Start FJ Racing Series (FS Fun) - Wkday 19-Jun
23-Jun Sat 9:30 a.m. Start FS Racing Series - Wkend 21-Jun
23-Jun Sat 1:30 p.m. Start Opti Racing Series - Wkend 21-Jun
23-Jun Sat 6:00 p.m. Opening Social & Dock christening (bring hors d'oeuvres) 21-Jun

1-Jul Sun 7:00 p.m. Ice Cream Social (bring a topping) 6-Jul
2-Jul Mon 9:00 a.m. Start Lessons Session B 30-Jun
4-Jul Wed TBD Junior Activity 2-Jul
7-Jul Sat 6:30 p.m. Dock Extension Celebration & Founders Day Cookout 10-Jul
8-Jul Sun 9:30 a.m. Optimist & Sunfish Regatta 6-Jul
9-Jul Mon 9:30 a.m. First Mates Coffee #2 7-Jul
11-Jul Wed TBD Junior Activity 9-Jul
16-Jul Mon 9:00 a.m. Start Lessons Session C 14-Jul
18-Jul Wed 6:00 p.m. First Mates Pot Luck 16-Jul
25-Jul Wed TBD Junior Activity 23-Jul
29-Jul Sun 8:45 a.m. Ritchie Hall Junior Regatta 27-Jul
30-Jul Mon 9:00 a.m. Start Lessons Session D 28-Jul

1-Aug Wed 1:00 p.m. Ladies Regatta (Warm up & additional dates posted at Club) 30-Jul
1-Aug Wed TBD Junior Activity 30-Jul
4-Aug Sat 9:00 a.m. 102nd Ephraim Regatta 2-Aug
4-Aug Sat 6:00 p.m. Brat Fest 2-Aug
5-Aug Sun 8:30 a.m. 102nd Ephraim Regatta 3-Aug
11-Aug Sat 9:30 a.m. Final Series Race FS 9-Aug
11-Aug Sat 1:00 p.m. Annual Membership Meeting 9-Aug
11-Aug Sat 1:30 p.m. Awards & Junior Awards Ceremony 9-Aug
11-Aug Sat 2:00 p.m. Board of Directors Meeting 9-Aug
11-Aug Sat 6:00 p.m. Commodore's Cocktail Party (Bay Ridge Golf Course) 9-Aug

18-Sep Tues Ladies Bridge Concludes 16-Sep
30-Sep Sun Club Closes for the Season 28-Sep
Adult and Private Lessons Available. Contact Staff Director.
Eagle’s Cry – May 2007

PROJECT EXPANDED have a chance to, in one fell swoop, solidify the
physical plant of EYC for the next 40-50 years.
BILL HOAG Please help EYC, the Membership, your kids, and
To those of you who visited EYC since March 1: yourselves by contributing. To those of you who
NO! You are not imagining a dock extension! You have already contributed, thank you, but we need
are seeing the efforts of many individuals being more. To those of you who haven't, please do. We
realized in the form of steel, rocks, and concrete. need your help. Pledges, contributions, stock
transfers, et al., can be made to EYC c/o P.O. Box
Construction and dredging are on schedule, and our 264, Ephraim, WI. Also, please take note of EYC's
projected completion date of May is on target. We 501(c)(3) designation. Thanks for your help.
appear to be on budget. Many thanks to those of
you who helped make this important addition a

As part of the current project, the end of the existing
dock will be improved, for several reasons: wear
and tear, attachment to extension, addition of a
second crane, and, most importantly, Phase 2 of
EYC's efforts to improve the existing facility. (See

Once the dock addition was finalized, several far-
sighted EYC members met to determine how to
further improve the facility. Two important
decisions were made:
Photo by David Sauter
1) Widen and improve the existing dock to provide
more access, safety, and boat storage. By widening The Eagle’s Cry is published periodically by the
the dock to include the rip-rap area on the north, this Ephraim Yacht Club, P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI
improvement can be accomplished at a cost of 54211. For all questions regarding this
roughly $15,000-20,000. Applications for Village correspondence, e-mail us at
and DNR permits are underway. or visit our website at

2) Clubhouse Renovation: It is time to bring this Copyright Ephraim Yacht Club, Inc.
facility into the 21st century. Thanks to the efforts
of a committee led by board member Quinn
Brennan, plans have been drawn to maintain
architectural integrity, provide structural integrity,
allow handicap access, re-side, improve utilities, add
air-conditioning, and completely renovate the lower
level. The Village Board has already given their
blessing, and appropriate meetings are underway.
The cost will be about $80,000.

Both projects would begin immediately after the
2007 season "IF" we can solicit your help to raise

"Oh no, not again, you say". My answer is: Other
than a $40,000 fund raiser that occurred over 20
years ago, there have been no major improvements
to this facility during most of our lifetimes! We now

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