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Three questions q that t his book answer rs What does d the world w look like throug gh the lens s of Google e? How is s Google's s ubiquity affecting a th he product tion and disseminati ion of knowledge? How has h the cor rporation altered a the rules and practices that gover rn other compa anies, institutions an nd governm ments? Why is Google un nique? ot like anyt thing else It is no We are e choosing g to use it. Not forced or seduc ced Why Go oogle is a black b box? ? Most of o us are not n users of o Google. We W are its contents We un nderstand very v little how h much informatio on about o ourselves w we are givi ing up to Google. We W are an uncompens sated resou urce Googl le has show wn a stron ng lack of interest in public rela ations. It does not ca are Google is becoming so pow werful that it will have e an alterin ng and twis sted effect t on how we e view the world w Googl le can be frustrating because it t is comple etely inscr rutable Googl le should not n have th he "Univers sal Library y" under its s sole control. That i is a mistak ke The he ead of Goo ogle has di ivine aspir rations (be ecoming Go od), and th hat is enou ugh argum ment to take e a closer look at his s company y

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