Robin Land: Fix Graphics Corruption in MS Live Messenger

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Robin Land
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Fix Graphics Corruption in MS Live Messenger

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Fix Graphics Corruption in MS Live Messenger
I have recently had problems with graphics corruption within Live Messenger, the computer concerned is running Vista x86 and has SIS Mirage 3 graphics. The solution I found is to disable graphic acceleration, but as usual microsoft make us jump through hoops for this. The procedure is found here: Google does a fine job of translating it, however here is my version: 1: Start regedit by typing "regedit" in the start menu:

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hit enter, and click continue on the warnings you receive. 2. Navigate to the following key:


so that it is disabled for us too. cards that need graphic acceleration disabled. Click the newly created key. Whilst keeping regedit open. value 1 Options. give it the name 106 4. go to device manager (right click "My Computer". under "property" select "Hardware ID's". right click. click "manage". see below DeviceId. value 1 VendorId.html 26-06-2012 . and go to the "details" tab. then "device manager"). and select New -> Key. in my case 106. see below 5. 3. You will see that there are lots of subkeys. Find your video card under "Display Adapters" double click Land: Fix Graphics Corruption in MS Live Messenger Página 2 de 4 HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows Live \ UX \ HwBlockList \ 0 \ 0 this key contains details of incompatible video cards. within that key we are going to create new DWORD's with the following names and values: • • • • Flags. it should look something like this: http://robin. We are going to add our card to the we are going to create a new one with a number that doesn't exist.

just delete the keys you created. Not working on 6950 video card here 9 August 2011 03:09 Anonymous said. 6.html 26-06-2012 ... Restart your computer. Go back to regedit and enter the vendor and device ids into the DWORDS you created Land: Fix Graphics Corruption in MS Live Messenger Página 3 de 4 We are looking for our Vendor ID and Device and try Live Messenger without the corruption.. it should now look something like this: 6. http://robin.. Uninstall is simple.blackstone-family. in this case 1039 and 6351 respectively. Posted byRobinat12:04 2 comments: Anonymous said.

uk/2011/05/ Land: Fix Graphics Corruption in MS Live Messenger Página 4 de 4 same issue with amd 6970 18 October 2011 01:05 Post a Comment Home Subscribe to:Post Comments (Atom) Older Post http://robin.html 26-06-2012 .blackstone-family.

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