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Technical Project Engineer-DUB000FB Description 1 TASKS, DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1.

1 General The TPE is the technical representative in the Service Team for his/her defined units. He is responsible for the provision of all technical deliverables and support in the outage prepar ation, outage execution and customer support processes. The TPE utilises technical and strategical support from the TFM in the Product C entre as well as the PSC framework (for details refer to DoW HTCZ601715). The TPE is responsible for the complete plant scope. If the TPE can not handle p arts of the plant scope by himself, he is responsible to get the required support according DoW The TPE adheres to the MSM and Global Gate Review processes. After having collected a minimum of 5 years of experience or equivalent in posit ion and proved high ability to work according best practice as Technical Project Execution Engineer ( TPE), a promotion to a higher seniority as Technical Project Execution Manager (TPM) is possible. 1.2 Outage Preparation The TPE is responsible to prepare and document all technical outage activities ( see 1.3). For nonstandard outage scope, if not assigned to a service upgrade project, the TFM in the Produ ct Centre provides additional support. Create outage strategy and forecast within Service Team Create and maintain the TPE cockpit Participate in kick off meetings Organize technical kick off meeting Definition of the part scope (including installation material) according to proj ect strategy and PC standards Support offer/ordering process Definition of recommended scope to be offered based on PC recommendation Technical presentation of recommended scope to customer Preparation and maintenance of FSI list Definition of unit specific assessment scope Briefing of Field Service Personnel Preparation of adjustment boundary conditions Compile all necessary technical documentation 1.3 Outage Execution The TPE is responsible to co-ordinate all technical support in the outage execut ion phase. Participate in site kick-off meetings as required Facilitate and provide support via PSC network and TFM. The TPE may become qualified to perform assessment and rotor alignment roles Approve technical recommendations and additional work orders (with PMO/CSM) Site request and support for part identification 1.4 Outage closeout The TPE is responsible to lead all technical closeout and feedback activities: Participate in debriefings and feedback meetings Identify and document open items. Prepare and implement resolution plan Provide product feedback (customer, service team, field service) to Product Cent re

Review eFSRs and quality documentation including parts replacement protocols Update as-maintained configuration Prepare technical customer documentation Request O&M manual and IPL/IPC update Organize technical close out meetings 1.5 Additional Tasks Maintain unit overview (risks, configuration, operation history) Collect site issues and feedbacks and make available to Product Centre Perform regular technical outage meetings Support OSIP tasks Supplier support for new and reconditioned parts Reconditioning process support (for local workshops) Regular project progress reporting 1.6 General Tasks & Responsibilities The general tasks and responsibilities for this function are: Conducting all business activities according to Alstom's Code of Ethics Acting according to the relevant environment, health & safety rules Working according to processes and rules defined in the Management System Contributing to the improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of processes Reporting to the supervisor regularly and specifically in case of exceptional or EHS incidents Qualifications 2 REQUIREMENTS FOR THE FUNCTION E= Essential D= Desirable 2.1 Education, Training, Qualifications E: BS / MS degree in mechanical / electrical engineering or equivalent E: Fluent English, any other language is an asset E: MS Office D: SAP, APC-RPDM, Project Tool Suite D: Project Management Training 2.2 Experience and Work-Related Skills E: Experience with one - or more systems of Power Plants (minimum 3 years) E: Experience in Project Management with interdisciplinary teams E: Proven analytical and problem solving skills E: Team Mind E: Flexibility E: Willingness to learn and self-study E: Ability to work independently E: Presentation skills E: Negotiation skills E: Ability to accept feedback and learn from them. E: Knowledge of standard EHS rules D: Work Experience in a Field Service Organisation (preferably Power Plants) D: Interpersonal and Social Skills D: Ability to work openminded on new and unconventional ideas to achieve the best solutions 2.3 Other requirements E: Self motivated E: Diligent work ethic E: Basic commercial understanding E: Trustworthy, reliable and loyal E: Customer-oriented E: Ability to manage stress and work under pressure Job Product Devmt Management Primary LocationAE-DU-Dubai

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