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Devon Ke Dev Mahadev

Apr.16, 2013 Story so far.... Mahadev creates more Mahadev's from his hair locks. Hearing the sound of the damroo, Apasmarg becomes powerless. Nataraja is created from Mahadev's hair locks who tells Apasmarg Nataraja: Demon of forgetfulness! you remembered that you are dance but you forgot that I am king of dance, Nataraja, myself. Nataraja dances and subdues Apasmarg. Narayan, Devrishi Narad and Brahma Dev appear there to meet Mahadeva as Nataraja. Mahadev tells them that he is aware of Jalandhar's plans. There insecure Indra becomes concerned. Now ahead.... Dadhichi: Lord! it is our privilege that we will see you in the form of Nataraja and now Mata can begin the third part without any obstructions, without any difficulties Mahadev: but the future to come will bring various kinds of complexities along with it, Rishi Dadhichi. It is possible that in order to raise above the difficult situations, I may need your assistance. It is possible that for the welfare of this world you may have to make a big sacrifice. Dadhichi: whenever you need me to sacrifice, I am ever ready my Lord! This life become of some use to you, what can be of more pride for me, my Lord! Jalandhar: any demon who is weak in the body or mind should not be in the front because such soldiers will get overpowered easily and with this the confidence of the demigods will increase and the confidence of our army will fall. Only the strongest demons will be in the front and they will attack the army of the demigods in such a way that their army will tremble with fear. After that we.... Vrinda: this room is for your cure and rest; there is no space here for discussion on strategy of war tactics. Demon: how dare you speak with King of Demons in such a way? You are forgetting your limits. Ask him for forgiveness. Come on! Jalandhar: do not forget that you are speaking with Princess Vrinda. I am her guest. And today if your King is alive then it is only because of her. The responsibility of my health is on her that is why she has complete rights to instruct me. In future, all of you will address Princess Vrinda with respect. Go! it is time for me to rest. Vrinda! remember that I am a king. Maybe not for you. But for my subjectse, my army and my colleagues. It is not appropriate for you to talk to me in this manner in front of them. I am grateful that with your healing you have given me a new life; but just as I respect you as a physician, in the same way you too should respect me as a king.

Vrinda: you are right. But what is even more pleasurable and amazing is the fact that you have spoken what you needed to say without getting angry or agitated. To keep oneself calm and collected and say what you need to say is proof of the fact that the poison is out of your system now and very soon you will be completely healthy. Jalandhar: this is my physician's miracle. Leave me alone for sometime, I wish to rest Parvati: Guruji! today during meditation I saw something which I have never seen before and also I felt as if I know child yogi Gunesh from before. Guruji, by treading on the path shown by you, I have begun to experience fulfillment Aadiyogi: It is not correct to consider such a hasty and trivial experience as proof of success, woman. Tomorrow early morning we will begin working on our new task Parvati: yes! Guruji! Ganesh: father, you have suppressed Apasmarg, is it not? Aadiyogi: yes, son! Ganesh: then why has mother not recollected her memories? Aadiyogi: they will, son; for sure they will return. Apasmarg was just a distraction. Parvati needs to complete the all the eight parts of ashtanga yoga. Only then will she experience all her energies. Will will remember son! You do not worry. Jalandhar: the statue of a God in Hell? Who worships him? Vrinda: I do! Narayan is my favorite God. Jalandhar: I have placed a ban on worshipping of any Gods. No demon has the permission to worship any God Vrinda: how can you put a ban on anyone's faith? Jalandhar: this faith has become a curse for the demons, repeatedly Vrinda: but I need to worship it; this is my personal decision. And I have full right to do so too. The feeling of trust comes from the heart, it cannot be enforced by any rule Jalandhar: but the Demigods have been traitors to the demons. They cannot be worthy of faith of any demon because they are not worthy of it. And those who worship them are not worthy of being called as demons Vrinda: the devotion for Narayan does not make one a god or demon; they are known as Narayan devotees only and nothing else. Narayan does not cheat on his devotees. He

always protects them. If you were in my place then you would have experience of this devotion Jalandhar: and if you were in my place then you would have experience of that hatred which is worthy for these gods Vrinda: where are you going?

Jalandhar: the fact that I have not burnt down this palace to ashes is proof of the fact that Indra's poison is completely out of my body. I am healthy. And where my enemies are worshipped, I cannot stay there even for a moment. Parvati: Gunesh! my restlessness is increasing. I do not know what task Guruji is going to assign today Ganesh: whatever task he gives you, you will surely complete it Parvati: Pranaam Guruji! Aadiyogi: take a seat, Woman! Woman!I did not ask you to sit, take a seat. I did not ask you to stand, either. I said have a seat Ganesh: father, what is this you are doing? Even I cannot understand this? Aadiyogi: shut your eyes, woman. Look inside yourself and tell, woman ; Are you firm? Are you completely happy, woman? Parvati: no! Aadiyogi: open your eyes! whenever you are doing something in life, when it is firm, when you are happy; then it is a seat. To know oneself, it is very important woman, that we try out different kinds of seats. Should we begin? Now, touch the feet. Not mine! Yours! Forget that you need to stretch your body. THink you need to stretch your mind, the more oyu stretch your thoughts, your body will open up equally, as well Ganesh: yes1 Yes! Mother. Like this! Aadiyogi: Look at this tree! These trees are also like us - alive! They too are born and die. But their life is unselfish, firm and patient. Now focus your attention on this tree, woman. Now, without losing your focus, pick up your heel and stand on one leg. Become one with that tree, woman and when you think you have become with the tree then without losing your firmness, shut your eyes. Keep on practicing, woman and practice till such time when you can complete this task without opening your eyes, without losing your firmness and without breaking your focus with the tree. Come along, Gunesh!

Mahadev: I told you, Princess! Neither your Guru is going to be able to do anything, and neither you Parvati: how did you come here, again? Mahadev: I received information that a strange looking egret was standing on one leg and meditating over here; so I came along to see it Parvati: go away from here. My Guruji has asked me to concentrate on my mind Mahadev: standing on one foot and focusing on the mind - what kind of yoga is this? Prior to this you had cooked food and served everyone as well - what kind of yoga was that? Have you come closer to your truth with that, Princess Dwasta: Vritrasur, your brother Trishira is not at fault in this. He is lost in devotion for BrahmaDev. This penance was about to be completed, but Indra became insecure that if Trishara's penance is successful thenhe may ask Brahmadev, for Indradev's seat. That is why first he sent nymphs. But in front of your brother's, Trishiraa's strong promise his greed remained unmoved. In the end, Indra killed your brother very mercilessly, by beheading him Vritrasura: why are we going to the palace, father? we should be going to Indralok, to avenge my brother's murderer and behead that unlawful Indra Dwasta: No! Vritrasur! you cannot go to Indralok. Battle between the demigods and demons is to begin shortly. Join hands with King of Demons, Jalandhar and participate in this fight Vritrasura: i do not want to join hands with any Jalandhar, father. Indra is the murderer of my brother and I will take revenge on him Mahadev: I am telling oyu even now there is time, Princess; find another Guru

Parvati: Instead of commenting on me and my GUruji why can't you find some other objective for your life? Mahadev: my objective was your right, Devi. But if you wish to roam aimlessly, then do so. Keep practicing, but remember you will not gain anything from this. I am so proud of you, Parvati, but look at my helplessness. Even though I want to but can't say anything to you. You will need to rise above your memory loss. Parvati I can wait for you till infinity but this battle between the Demigods and demons will not stop. THis Shiva needs Adishakti, male needs the nature and I need my Parvati In tomorrow's episode:

Aadiyogi: come Gunesh! Let us begin the next step of Parvati's task. Now you can open your eyes. You need to learn something from this lotus flower. Now shut your eyes and become one with the mountain Vrinda: what you are doing with me, as per you the demigods have been doing the same with the demons since eons