Machine-room-less Freight Elevator

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A smooth ride to handle fragile loads. you need an elevator that is designed specifically for moving freight. Wide doors that maximize the usage of space in the car. Leveling accuracy for easy loading and unloading.To move freight. hotels. shopping malls. That means a powerful hoisting machine. 2 . The powerful and high-performance KONE TranSys™ freight elevator solution is ideal for a multitude of demanding vertical freight transportation tasks in a variety of buildings: supermarkets. warehouses. The new KONE TranSys™ freight elevator brings all of the advantages of machine-room-less elevator technology to the higher range of freight elevators. Durability to cope with rough treatment. industrial plants and offices. airports. hospitals. you need an elevator that’s built for freight To move freight.

3 . compared with a conventional hydraulic drive. Moving up to 2000kg is no problem for this workhorse. This powerful machine also reduces electricity consumption. It incorporates the highly reliable and eco-efficient KONE EcoDisc® hoisting machine for exceptional power and performance.The power to lift 2000 kg The KONE TranSys™ freight elevator solution is based on the KONE MonoSpace® platform.

safer elevator installation processes Up to 30m3 extra building space that can be used  more profitably. The V3F variable frequency drive prevents current peaks and ensures excellent stopping accuracy. high performance The KONE TranSys™ freight elevator solution provides reliable operation.Outstanding power and performance Exceptionally space-efficient The KONE TranSys™ freight elevator needs no machine-room at all. 4 . Reliable. This means: • • • • Easier positioning of the elevator in the building Reduced building construction time and costs More efficient. outstanding traffic performance and a smooth ride. The ride quality is the result of the motor’s low rotational speeds. making it easier and safer to load and unload.

With a maximum load capacity of 2000kg. it can meet virtually every freight transportation requirement in a variety of building types. 5 . gearless construction of the KONE EcoDisc® hoist reduces wear. smooth running to protect fragile loads and ±5mm leveling accuracy to make loading and unloading easier. KONE EcoDisc® is also compact and eco-efficient – it consumes half as much electricity as a conventional hydraulic machine.No oil and low energy usage The low friction. reducing fire risk and environmental impact. And no oil is required. the KONE TranSys™ freight elevator solution features quiet operation. Easy loading and unloading Powered by the gearless KONE EcoDisc® machine. so it increases the reliability and durability of the machine. Wide load range The KONE TranSys™ freight elevator solution is available in different car sizes to transport freight of various sizes and loads.

The car is finished in stainless or powder-painted steel. A second car operating panel is optional and combined with a 400mm minimum floor-to-floor distance to suit the throughcar application. travel No. of floors Control Group size Hoisting machine Doors Car door height Code compliance 1600. max. EN81-1:1998 6 .5 m/s 23 m 2 to 7. Main specifications Load capacity Speed Max. fluorescent lighting. 2000 kg 0. protected by buffer rails. 12 for TTC Down or full collective Simplex or duplex Gearless KONE EcoDisc® Automatic center opening 2100 cm EU directive 95/16.Special design The KONE TranSys™ cars and doors are built for the job. and equipped with direct.

Further door area protection includes a curtain of light.000 starts/year Thermal losses (kW) Oil requirements (L) Noise (dBA)* Machine room (m2) * Measured 1m from machine.Extra-wide doors The KONE TranSys™ elevator is equipped with full-width.400 5. which retract fully for the easy movement of passengers and goods. center opening doors. Superior performance. The strong double skin door panels are finished in stainless.9 0 Less than 55 0 7 .6 28 112 S/D 63 10.5 6 18 16 5800 1. compared with conventional hydraulic drive Load 2000 kg Speed (m/s) Motor power (kW) Starting current (AMP) Main fuse size (AMP) Power consumption (kWh) > 100. Conventional hydraulic 0.8 240 Typically 70 6 Gearless KONE Transys™ 0. powder-painted steel or zinc coated steel.

A wide choice of durable interior materials Car operating panel (COP) 225 225 225 Car height Car height KDS 50 KDS 290 Car height KDS 300 8 Full height COP Brushed stainless steel faceplate .

Hall indicator (HI) 310 Hall lantern (HL) 122 119 KDS 50 122 KDS 50 Landing call station (LCS) 98 Landing call station with indicator (LCI) 100 159 260 360 397 KDS 50 Ceiling KDS 50 Simplex Note: For full landing signalization offering please see detailed signalization marketing brochures or contact our sales person. KDS 50 Duplex LF 1 CL91 Car buffer rails Handrail BR1 Steel BR1 Wood HR61 Round silver brushed Wall material Painted Steel Brushed Stainless Steel Textured steel PP18* Linen Brown PP20* Wool Gray ST4* Silver TS2 Flemish Linen * Available for Car door and Landing door Floor material Rubber Zinc coated steel RC7 Black Coin Pattern FE-1 Tear Plate 9 .

5m/s Max. load kg 1600 1600 2000 2000 Car size mm 1400 x 2400 1400 x 2400 1500 x 2700 1500 x 2700 Car type SEC TTC SEC TTC Shaft width mm 2350 2350 2500 2500 Shaft depth mm 2800 2950 3100 3250 Door width mm 1400 1400 1500 1500 10 . rated speed 0.Planning Guide SH= 3900 mm BB TL mm WD Door cutout height PH= 1450 mm Car interior height Door height 2300 2100 2180 DD MAP ONLY TOPMOST FLOOR FW1 LL LR WW FW2 Shaft plan Shaft dimensions Elevators for freight. maximum travel 23m.

low piority. doors open. including ventilation and light Black font: Standard built in features Blue font: Optional features 11 . lights off Priority operation Priority at landings. doors closed Intensive down peak Intensive two way peak Intensive up peak Bypass load function 3. indication Out of service switch at landing. one phase for lighting Through type car Door open with extended time Out of service switch in car. automatic Elevator position synchronising. doors open Fire detection. reopen devices inoperative in closed doors. not loosing data in power failure Disturbance alarm Traffic supervision display. automatic. Security Features Anti-burglary LOC E LOC O LOL E LOL O FRE Locking of car calls. mechanically Locking of car calls. PASSENGER COMFORT FEATURES Entering and exiting ACL B NUD S DCB DCB I DOB O DOB OI QCC SRC RNC REO O FCC LCC SPB BP CCB OCL A OCV A OCV AF LWD CLS O Accurate Relevelling. doors closed Parking at secondary floor. normally open Door open button with indicator Quick close from new car call Curtain of light Reopen by landing call False Car Call Cancelling Landing Call Cross Coupling Stuck push button supervision Car Calls Backwards Operation of car light Operation of car ventilation. Information Features Information to passengers at landing CPI EO/LO GOL ETD LCL LAL DB ACU F CCL CPI CO CRB C DIA C OLF C CPI PS SCN N DAL GP TSD ES LIL AM LIL AMB KONE E-LINK™ Car position indicator at entrance floor/landings. manual switch. automatic Operation of car ventilation. all floors. terminal floor. car Landing calls disconnect 5. doors closed Parking at main floor. in supervision room Lift link. nominal speed Car emergency light. without limitations. loudspeaker with interface for announcement device Car call registered light Car position indicator in car. alarm. to main floor.Control System Features 1. doors closed. reopen devices inoperative in closed doors. separate open limit Door opening prevention switch in Maintenance Access Panel Emergency stop switch in well. mechanical lock Door zone indication. at landing Landing call registered light Lanterns at landing. reopen devices operate normally Fast recall Precautions for special emergencies Operation during stand-by power and recovery from power break Priority services and service modes for special use Means of emergency communication Parking of free cars Other safety features and maintenance Real-time adaptation to prevailing traffic 2. mode signals Lift link. position binary Elevator Monitoring and command system 4. car roof buttons with extra run buttons Safety gear contact Tension weight switch of overspeed governor. one switch Emergency stop switch on car roof Overspeed governor Overspeed governor test Service Drive. reopen devices operate normally Locking of landing calls. mechanically Locking of landing calls. at deceleration points. doors open Fireman’s drive Emergency battery drive. switch on if no DIR Interface. using car call buttons as indicators Parking at pre-defined floor. lights on. Control Features Adaptation to building BMV R CLF C MAF C MAS C FCS L TTC CTS DOE B OSS COI OSS LC PRC K PRL LA/LO ATS C PAD C PAM C PAS C IDP ITP IUP BLF Braking method of V3F-drive Car light fuse and car light main switch Main fuses control panel Main switch in control panel Failure current switch. dot matrix Car call registered buzzer Direction arrows in car Car overload function Car position indicator in maintenance access panel Start counter. separate light Emergency battery supply with supervision Emergency power drive. doors closed. Doors Open Nudging Service. shortened time by counting stops Door close button Door close button with indicator Door open button. extra run button to enable Emergency exit contact in car Drive time supervision Locking of automatic car door. whole building. drive buttons up and down. number of starts. all car calls/ one car call Attendant service. also landing calls Car door contact Car door limit switches. switch to turn off Load Weighing Device Car Light Supervision Information to passengers in car Information in Maintenance Access Panel Protection against inconvenience caused by misuse Traveling comfort. dot matrix Acoustic device for arrival. SAFETY FEATURES Rescue and failure detection COD MOP TC PDD N RDF RC EEC C DTS LOA M DZI N FID BO FID SO FRD EBD A LPS TN CEL S EBS S EPD MCF ABE C ABE M ISE F ISE N BOF CCM A CDC CDL O DOP EMH O EMR OSG C OST T SED WSR SGE TWS C LCD Correction drive feature Motor Protection Phase failure detection Recall drive. alarm. full service Alarm bell under/top of car Alarm bell at main floor Five-way intercom system Net intercom system Buttons to operate car doors for service purposes Car calls from machine room. with LEDs. no buzzer Fire detection.

com This publication is for general informational purposes only and we reserve the right at any time to alter the product design and specifications. merchantability. KONE employs on average 35. KONE MonoSpace ®. quality or shall be interpreted as a term or condition of any purchase agreement for the products or services contained in this publication. Our commitment to customers is present in all KONE solutions. This makes us a reliable partner throughout the life cycle of the building. We are fast.kone. KONE Corporation www. Dedicated to People Flow ™. No statement contained in this publication shall be construed as a warranty or condition. as to any product. We challenge the conventional wisdom of the industry. and KONE InnoTrack™. You can experience these innovations in architectural landmarks such as Capital City in Moscow. We support our customers every step of the way. manufacturing and installation to maintenance and modernization. KONE MaxiSpace™. KONE ®. its fitness for any particular purpose.KONE provides innovative and eco-efficient solutions for elevators. expressed or implied. and we have a well-deserved reputation as a technology leader. Copyright © 2012 KONE Corporation. 7476 . with such innovations as KONE MonoSpace® KONE MaxiSpace™. Hongqiao Transport Hub in Shanghai. from design. escalators and automatic building doors. Minor differences between printed and actual colors may exist. KONE is a global leader in helping our customers manage the smooth flow of people and goods throughout their buildings. KONE InnoTrack™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of KONE Corporation. KONE MiniSpace™ KONE EcoDisc®. North LaSalle in Chicago and Tour First in Paris. flexible.000 dedicated experts to serve you globally and locally in over 50 countries.